Eric Paulson: Nine Reasons for an Ingathering

Eric Paulson

After a series of defeats and setbacks spanning over half a century the perennial question asked by White racialists is, what is to be done? [1] This essay is an updated answer to that question.

Any plan of action must take stock of the present situation. We must deal with the fact that as a collective, conscious entity European Americans have last control of all the institutions of society — government at all levels and branches, mass media, schools, and churches. Given the political, social, and most of all demographic changes of the past fifty years it is very unlikely we will ever again enjoy the racial-cultural hegemony in North America our people took for granted in the past. Thus the idea of a largely segregated, biracial society, always an unstable and never completely satisfactory arrangement, has now been and should remain discarded.


Premised upon the above statements the idea of a partition of North America along racial lines has garnered favor among White racialists. This idea was proposed as far back as the early twentieth century.[2] It has gained traction especially since the publication of Wilmot Robertson’s Enthnostate (Howard Allen ,1992). Secession, the fraternal twin of partition, has also won a following among small groups of fundamentalist Christians, libertarians, and ecologists. The partition of North America could, of course, only come about within the context of the most profound political and social change imaginable.

Despite some rumblings from the Tea Party, our society is not yet in a revolutionary mode, though we may be entering a pre-Revolutionary period. Life in America has become increasingly constrained and unnatural, but a majority of European Americans have adapted and continue to prosper.[3] The result of losing control to hostile elites is, however, a regime dedicated to the destruction of us as a people. Unless explicitly threatened, these elites are not, as a general rule, dedicated to our destruction as individuals. As individuals most Whites still live lives of health, comfort, and convenience undreamed of a century ago.

This, in a nutshell, is our present conundrum. The system has slated European Americans for minority status within a generation, yet the vast majority of Whites are too cowed, sated, or bemused to offer anything more than token resistance. As Michael O’Meara and others have noted, those who are alarmed by declining White political and cultural influence will usually look no further than the authority of the Bible and the Constitution as a means of rescue. We need to accept the above factors as given for the near term.

At first glance the situation seems terminal. Fortunately the system has its own serious problems. The greatest of these appears to be economic, but current foreign policy is also problematic. In a classic example of imperial overreach the elites of the globalist empire have become addicted to mammon and to power. As with most addicts, our elites will not change their behavior until their system has run off the rails. There is a general realization that the current economic downturn is both quantitatively and qualitatively different from previous post-war recessions. The system is not on the verge of collapse. The regime will probably be able to patch and repair for another decade or so, but the present economic dislocation is at least the beginning of the final chapter for the existing world order.

Once the central government is bankrupt or forced into extreme austerity it will no longer be able to pay its clients and minions and both its physical and psychological authority over Middle America will break down. This does not mean the entire social order will collapse, but out of necessity political control and economic activity will devolve to more local and regional entities. Given our federalist past, the states are the most likely recipients of much of this default authority

At this point the above scenario sounds similar to many rightwing analyses: The system will collapse. Racially conscious Whites will then rise up and take over the government and other major institutions. This assessment of our predicament is half correct. There is very little real rebellion left in White America, and by their own efforts alone, revolutionaries are rarely able to topple the system in power. The main problem with the above beliefs is that it can breed complacency, inaction, or despair — none of which is justified.

The present system will fall as all empires throughout history have fallen. But as many hardheaded members of our cause have pointed out, we cannot know the time and the exact circumstances of the system’s demise. It is entirely possible that the present regime will collapse only after it has completed its task of destroying White America as a nation. Another possibility is that revolutionary change could bring about a situation even more harmful to our people then the current system.

These two factors — that time is running out and that when the inevitable fall comes it may not benefit us — define the tasks required of racial nationalists. First, we need to buy time to insure that the integrity of our racial/cultural community will outlast the empire. Second, we need to be in position to take advantage of the situation when the system stumbles. The window of opportunity may be brief.

There is only one strategy that can accomplish the goals of both preserving and positioning our people — an ingathering of Whites on a mass scale to those areas of North America that are still overwhelmingly European American.

This is certainly not an entirely new plan. Richard Butler had his Ten-percent Solution back in the 1980s. He envisioned the five states (ten percent of 50) in the northwest quadrant of the US as a homeland for American Whites. Harold Covington has since reduced the area down to three and one-third states for his Northwest Imperative. His compact area is to facilitate the formation of a revolutionary organization capable of fighting a war of independence as described in his Northwest Quartet novels. Another idea for White communities is that of Pioneer Little Europe (PLE). Apparently this plan involves forming separate ethnic communities without having a racial-exclusive state.

Without advocating any specific plan, this writer strongly supports the strategy of a European-American Ingathering (E-AI). Such a strategy envisions hundreds of thousands of European Americans voluntarily relocating from Sun Belt and mid-latitude urban areas to overwhelmingly Whites towns and small cities farther north. European Americans living in states with large non-White populations should relocate to states with at least 75 percent non-Hispanic White population as of 2010.[4]

Once relocated Whites should integrate themselves into their new communities by becoming as civically engaged as possible. They must not isolate themselves in remote cabins or armed compounds. White racialists should be among the people who are active in local government, run for a school board seat, join the local sportsmen club and historical society.[5]

What are the immediate and midterm advantages of such a migration plan? I count nine; two of the most important benefits have already been touched upon. [1] Whites moving into still predominately Whites areas will tend to keep those areas White. As employment and housing opportunities become available they will likely go to other White persons. [2] By becoming civically active, racially conscious Whites will be in positions to take advantage of any weakness shown by the center. Once circumstances have thrust authority upon the hinterlands it is hoped that European Americans have enough intestinal fortitude to defend what is theirs.

[3] This plan builds on the naturally occurring phenomenon of White flight. During the 1950s and 60s White flight was to the suburbs. Today and in the future White flight will be interstate as White Californians move the Pacific Northwest and East Coast urbanites move to northern New England.

[4] The E-AI requires no organization or coordination above the familial level. A combination of the kook factor, general paranoia, lack of strong leadership, and establishment hostility has made organizing an effective White organization difficult to say the least.[6] [5] The E-AI will avoid ideological conflicts and can be largely covert or entirely covert if an individual so chooses. Folks are moving for elbow room, clean air, lower cost of living, etc., but certainly not for any explicitly racial considerations.

[6] White migrants will actually receive the benefits noted in reason #5. Nothing can improve the quality of life more quickly and to a greater extent than moving from a heavily non-White area to an overwhelmingly White area. Daily interactions at the supermarket, post office, and filling station are likely to be more pleasant and efficient in a White society. We’re not talking utopia here. Not every White person is friendly and capable, just as not every non-White is surly and inept. But homogeneous White communities tend to be more harmonious and better-organized places.

[7] White nationalists claim that their goal is a separate homeland for European Americans. Yet incredibly, most such advocates choose — yes, voluntarily decide — to live in states and regions with large non-White populations! I do not question the sincerity of such individuals, some of whom are valued friends and comrades. But I would ask them: How can anyone outside our cause take us seriously if we are not willing to live our beliefs? As devoted Christians put it, you must live your faith. If we want a separate White homeland then we should be willing to begin creating such a state to the extent that it is presently within our power to do so. If we are unwilling to walk the walk as well as talk the talk, our critics will be able to say: “White racists don’t really want a White society. They’d be bored in a white-bread world. They simply want to be in a position to dominate and exploit other peoples.” If White racialists want to live authentic lives, they need to be members of a White society to the degree that it is legally possible.

[8] With the US single-member districts, winner-takes-all election system, only by concentrating our numbers can we have a realistic chance of electoral success. While it is true that we’ll never be able to simply vote our way to victory, election campaigns can be effective in raising issues and developing networks. Electoral politics must be part of the mix, one element in a formula for success.

[9] By relocating White Americans will be involved in propaganda of the deed, in this case a nonviolent deed. As the old adage goes, actions speak louder than words. Actions affect the doer as well as the observer. White racialists often and correctly say there are no candidates worth voting for. Well, vote with your feet.

Three main criticisms of the E-AI idea are anticipated: one, it is just another retreat; two, if European Americans move, non-Whites will simply follow them; three, there are many predominately White areas in Blue States populated by liberals and leftists.

It should be noted that retreating is not necessarily cowardly. Sometimes it is a needed tactic as part of a larger overall strategy. Certainly it is better to retreat than to be overrun and annihilated. Persons who make the retreat criticism often claim their goal is to take back every square foot of the country. The problem with the take-it-all-back strategy is that it is simply unachievable.[7] Persons who hold this belief, while they may be earnest, are delusional. Perhaps the reality of having lost their country is so painful that they are in deep denial. Perhaps they live in an overwhelmingly White area and have not traveled widely within the US. Any plan of action must take into account the over 100 million non-Whites presently living in America.

The second criticism has some validity. Safe, prosperous White communities attract non-Whites, and because freedom of association has been denied us, there is no legal way to exclude them. But as stated above, Whites moving into already predominately White areas will likely keep them White. Plus, while we believe in good order and the rule of law, communities with sizable numbers of racial conscious Whites are apt to be less congenial to non-Whites than more diverse communities.

As for too many liberals in predominately White communities – race trumps ideology. It is better to live next door to a family of Nordic liberals than a conservative mestizo family. People can change their politics, but not their race. It is our job to change their politics.

The largest obstacle to an E-AI is that moving is inconvenient, if not downright difficult and expensive too. But I would ask: Are we the same race that began as steppe herders and horsemen and went on a volkswanderung that conquered the world? Does the blood of those who braved the North Atlantic in small ships and those who trekked 2000 miles along the Oregon Trail still flow in our veins?

We are now nearing the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century. It should be clear to all White racialists that the old republic has been dead now for many years. The time for denial is over. The time for mere theorizing is over. It is now time to begin to create something to replace the corrupt and perverted globalist empire. We cannot wait for a sign from heaven or a leader on a white horse. The E-AI will not begin with a stirring declaration or tolling bells. It will begin with a quiet decision by thousands of White individuals and families that they want to begin making a new America. What should be clear to all of our people is manifest to only a few. So it is incumbent on those few racially conscious Whites to lead the way through actions as well as the written and spoken word.

Eric Paulson is a pen name for a writer living in an overwhelmingly White part of America.


[1] What is to be Done? is, of course, the title of Lenin’s 1902 pamphlet outlining a strategy that proved successful during the upheaval of the Russian Revolution.

[2]In both The Passing of the Great Race and The Conquest of a Continent Madison Grant suggested leaving the lower Mississippi valley and Gulf coast to Blacks. Ironically, American communists of the 1930s advocated a similar solution to the US race problem.

[3] Most affluent Whites believe the brunt of race-based preferences has fallen on the White working and lower-middle classes. The internet writer/researcher “Yggdrasil” has found evidence that affirmative action has had a strong negative impact on middle and upper-middle Whites as well.

[4] Some astute demographer might point out that there are counties in Mississippi with higher White percentages than some counties in Minnesota. Counties, however, are creations of the states and have no independent power of their own, and they are too small an arena for racial separatism.

[5] To state the obvious, if a person presents himself as the know-it-all new guy, he will not find a warm reception. Get involved right away, but spend a few years doing more listening than talking.

[6] I do not minimize the importance of organization. The unaffiliated individual is always relatively powerless, and there is no example from history of leaderless resistance achieving anything substantial. The E-AI plan, however, does not require an organization. It would be ideal for White racialists to join and influence mainstream organizations to the extent they are able as well as be involved in more explicitly racial groups.

[7] The E-AI strategy applies only to North America. In Europe, the cradle of our race, the indigenous population must stand, fight, and take back every square meter of their homelands.

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28 Comments to "Eric Paulson: Nine Reasons for an Ingathering"

  1. Shameless Canuck's Gravatar Shameless Canuck
    November 8, 2011 - 12:42 pm | Permalink

    Canada also suffers from the onslaught of 3rd world immigration, but it’s still a county comprised of an 84% WHITE population vs. the U.S. at 63% WHITE non-hispanic within a nation of 310 million people!

    California alone, exceeds Canada’s entire population by about 3 million people; and that state has dropped to 40 percent NON-Hispanic WHITE figure. So any future notion of a White revival for California is not likely achievable, despite having great year-round weather.

    And, if you think all those illegal migrants confine themselves to southern states, not so! Read HERE.

    So, Canada may be another option to consider. British Columbia & Alberta in the west, and especially the 95% White populated eastern provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are good locales for re-settlement.

  2. Clytemnestra's Gravatar Clytemnestra
    October 15, 2011 - 5:09 pm | Permalink


    “Do the same for 1951. 1952, 1953 etc and animate them together and you will see a clear pictorial representation of violent ethnic cleansing conducted by stealth. They used desegregation and mass immigration to create this violence and then used media control to suppress the truth so the majority population didn’t react to what was happening.”

    While I am not blind to what has been going on, I am not as pessimistic as you are Wandrin.

    Those who would genocide us in our own country have been thwarted by the Internet; they no longer have full media control. Moreover, though they don’t explicitly say so, angry Whites are taking their revenge by ending their subscriptions to all print media (which is why newspapers and news magazines are folding all over the country) and why the MSM networks are hemorrhaging red. The blinders are coming off whether the elite likes it or not.

    I notice a slow, subtle sea change in MSM reporting tactics. I think even the dullest knives in the drawer see the absurdity of their hysterical anti-White “Sounds like s/he made a racial/ethnic slur … Oh, clutch the pearls” reporting when Whites are getting stomped to death by Negro flash mobs in real time, in graphic detail all over Youtube on the Internet.

    The beauty of this is that the vast majority of these flash mob attacks are occurring in trendy, affluent DWL (Disingenuous White Liberal) areas to Whites who have paid a hefty premium to AVOID the joys of diversity while still enjoying the amenities of life in a big metropolitan area. IOW, folks this is happening to the “wrong” kind of White people. No one gave a damn when it was poor, working class Whites being fed to the rainbow horde.

    You may not see Sieg-Heiling Whites goose-stepping all over hell’s half acre in their klan robes or dressed as Neo-Nazis, but there is a mounting anger that is slowly converging from every direction of the political spectrum of Whites that has an implicit anti-Jewish feel to it.

    Conservative Whites have always despised liberals not knowing that they are disproportionately Jewish, but leftist Whites loathe Israel (can’t get any more Jewish than that) and there is a growing hostility to the antics of Wall Street and their finance (crony) capitalism which has gutted this country from all sides.

    In one of her essays, the late Negro conservative, Elizabeth Wright warned that American Negros have the most to lose if White Americans not only lose majority status but are marginalized politically by Asians and Hispanics who suffer no racial guilt over or feel any responsibility for black slavery. Many Asians and Arabs have also been attacked by Negro flash mobs and Hispanics have fought back by racially cleansing Negros from places like Watts and Compton.

    I submit that the same holds true for the Jews, because not only do they not feel any guilt over or feel any responsibility for the alleged Jewish holocaust, they are racially and ethnically cohesive enough to mount a real challenge to Jewish control. Mohammed’s prophecy about the entire world on a deadly Jew Hunt seems more likely to me now with all these groups forced together (and maybe comparing notes) than if they were all isolated into their own enclaves back where they belong.

    Creative, focused Whites do not have to rumble in the street with Non-Whites … yet. They must make a point to bypass the anti-White system as much as possible rather than be victimized by it. Moreover, by doing so, they can more effectively destroy this vampire system which needs new infusion of productive White people to keep it running.

    Starve the Beast. Money saved is worse twice what you earn. You can live more on less by pursuing the simple life where you do not mortgage a high-tax lifestyle by limiting the size of your families. Let “the others” finance a bunch of worthless bling junk on credit and then let the bankers try to collect it!

    It’s imperative that any White who can move beyond the range of certain regions The Day The EBT Card stops working. Mind you, it is better for Whites if that day comes sooner than later. However, in spite of their best efforts to hold that day off until Whites are too small or old in number to defend themselves, the greed of financial capitalists are hastening that day. But the best thing to do is stake out safe ground far away from the action and let the parasites consume each other.

    The best thing for racially aware Whites to do is to AFF (Affordable Family Formation) space. IMO, such space would be dying White communities that cannot afford to provide social services, thus offering no amenities whatsoever to parasitical non-Whites to suck up. This tax system is designed to force Whites to pay for non-Whites to breed like cockroaches on Viagra unless racially aware Whites focus on paying for children of their own. The idea is to have enough children to not pay any taxes into the system and, better yet, take advantage of any EITC benefits. That way, Whites can stake out curb space in various small cities with some sort of basic infrastructure and fan out.

    Racially aware Whites need to copy the strategy of Non-White immigrant families by actively pursuing family businesses. If Indians can purchase convenience stores and hotels and hire nothing but their relatives or family friends, so can Whites. That is the only way to keep the federal govt from forcing you to hire a hostile, alien workforce of Non-Whites.

    Racially aware Whites with no paper trail can run for offices and achieve the numbers to make sure that predominantly White states have strict e-verify measures with draconian fines for people who knowingly house and hire illegal aliens. They can put in small state budgets backed up by balanced budget amendments which would make expansive welfare programs impossible.

    Last but not least, White Nationalists must find a way to make it a matter of principle for Whites NOT to hire non-Whites, because it reeks of White Supremacism to have dark-skinned servants do your landscaping, watch your children, clean your homes, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum.

    The day wealthy White liberals make a point of only hiring other Whites to do manual labor and brag about what a great principled statement they are making to their children by not exploiting poor people of color will be a victory to us.

  3. March 3, 2011 - 11:05 am | Permalink

    Anyone reading this article would get the false impression that Pioneer Little Europe activists already hold a common view beyond the ingathering process itself. But if that is true, then why are PLEs open to every pro-White spin? The best thing to do is to read the prospectus yourself, as there’s no shortage of well meaning friends who accidentally devalue it without really understanding that our opponents succeeded by taking up EXACTLY these time tested principles.

  4. me's Gravatar me
    November 17, 2010 - 6:15 pm | Permalink

    This article makes a lot of sense to me.

    Re: wandrin’s post

    Slow genocide is implemented by urban planners through section 8 housing. They relocate low-income inner city blacks and mestizos to suburban white areas so inner city slum areas can be developed into upscale realestate. Another step is implemented through lightrail projects. Expensive light rail projects are forced through regardless of public input. As light rail runs from city centers out to the suburbs, all along the way they build low-income housing to move blacks and browns in.

    Wandrin is correct. White genocide is planned and implemented by committees meeting in high rise urban offices and just a matter of time till it reaches critical mass.

  5. BM Muscles's Gravatar BM Muscles
    November 9, 2010 - 2:07 am | Permalink

    Chechar, there’s no reason why organized whites won’t be able to take back California or the rest of continent. None. All we need is the final collapse of the jew system now in place. And it’s happening. Wish it were faster, but that’s the way it goes. Sure, a lot of the cowardly whites will be hurt or killed, same for the whites in denial, the whites who choose to give up, say things are hopeless. It’s going to be harsh and bloody in the early going. And don’t kid yourself, it’s coming. But for the rest, those who regain their drive, their ‘inner-whiteness’, because of the situation, taking back what’s rightfully theirs will be done. It won’t be easy. But it won’t be stopped either. So man up or run away. Someplace far, like Algeria perhaps. Or maybe you’re just an agent. As in provocateur.

  6. Doc Holliday's Gravatar Doc Holliday
    November 8, 2010 - 6:03 pm | Permalink

    california’s scenic beauties are one thing, but has anyone given any serious consideration to what will become of our major deep sea ports, and Caucasian access to them, on the west coast once we abandon california (and oregon/washington) to the mexicans and, by proxy, the chinese? i guess black, brown and yellow no-go-zones will only become issues if they inconvenience oprah, the nfl, the nba, whore house harry, or seiu.

  7. Charlotta Genscher's Gravatar Charlotta Genscher
    November 5, 2010 - 8:27 pm | Permalink

    For people not willing or able to move, may I suggest carving out islands of white culture. Use the charter school system to establish schools focused on classical studies like Latin and Ancient Greek. Also, establish schools focusing on technology, the area in which European-derived peoples excel. It is relatively inexpensive, is not explicitly racial, and it will subtly promote ciltural identity.

  8. James's Gravatar James
    November 5, 2010 - 12:49 pm | Permalink

    “Separate or die” sums it best. While emotional based attachments to a geographical area because of its beauty or history are very strong, don’t let them cloud your thinking. And, most importantly, no matter what you do, produce children where ever you live!

  9. Wandrin's Gravatar Wandrin
    November 4, 2010 - 10:40 pm | Permalink

    “Unless explicitly threatened, these elites are not, as a general rule, dedicated to our destruction as individuals.”

    Yes they are. They’re just doing it one neighborhood at a time.

    Take a map of Detroit in 1950 divided into neighborhoods with a red dot on each one where the combined total of stabbings, shootings, rapes and murders were above a certain threshold. The dots would be on the black neighborhoods *and* all the white neighborhoods adjacent.

    Do the same for 1951. 1952, 1953 etc and animate them together and you will see a clear pictorial representation of violent ethnic cleansing conducted by stealth. They used desegregation and mass immigration to create this violence and then used media control to suppress the truth so the majority population didn’t react to what was happening.

    People talk about cities like Detroit and about the non-white crime rate but they don’t put them together over time.

    If you took that animated map of Detroit of time and totaled up all the white victims of mugging, stabbing, shooting, rape and murder you’d have mostly unconscious violent ethnic cleansing committed by non-whites. However if you step back and include the people who consciously and deliberately created that situation and consciously and deliberately used media dominance to cover up the consequences of what they were doing then you have attempted genocide.

    It’s been going on since the end of WWII. Attempted genocide – plain and simple.

  10. November 4, 2010 - 9:57 pm | Permalink

    However at this point to move would be to abandon the nicer parts of the country – like southern California.

    This is just the reason we need to leave. It makes you soft. Moving to New England for the last three years was the best thing in the world for me.

    I’m saving up some money back home in California, and then I’m headed to Idaho to build a house.

  11. Rascasse's Gravatar Rascasse
    November 4, 2010 - 7:25 pm | Permalink

    From a European perspective: Some white people in Northern America are slowly but surely realising that their fate is to become a minority in their “own country”. But, wait a minute, how about America’s original indigenous people. The white people definitely stole their land by seducing, cheating and killing them. Is it time for a divine payback? Well, there exist a very intricate well working payback system, it’s called Karma. Has that anything to do with the current state of changes? I do think so. A lot of white people in North America seem to experience the same kind of trauma as the Indians did and still do. But, who were and who are the leaders and controllers of the white people in Northern America? They were and are the Ashkenazi psychopathic banksters and their crypto companions. For the white people in the US, to free themselves from their bad Karma, caused by a glorified genocide of the indigenous people, they have to find and elect better leaders, or, as the essay suggest, act without leaders. Better no front man at all than to be led by the devil in disguise of a pied piper.


  12. Eumaeus's Gravatar Eumaeus
    November 3, 2010 - 9:44 pm | Permalink

    And the big question for any relo plan is why. If you have connections and networks and opportunities in place locally why walk away. Hey why not go live at Robert Millars trailer park. I’ll pass.

    Don’t give anything good up for fiction. Harvest your opportunities and grow strong where u r. Meet locally Johnson makes good suggestion there.

  13. Eumaeus's Gravatar Eumaeus
    November 3, 2010 - 9:37 pm | Permalink

    PLEs are a good concept.
    This article
    States a good concept “eai”. Lots of
    Good constructive
    Specific and attainable things to increase
    WP not decrease it via self marginalization.

    HACs NW migration is not anything more
    Than fiction. Stupid fantasy for kids too lazy to do the hard work of peaceful white community organizing Stop promoting this fool Covington. He slandered pierce, metzger, duke, and many others. He did the work of the lying splc. And yet his brother told the splc that HAC is a diagnosed with serious mental illness. Time now to put him on ignore.

  14. November 3, 2010 - 9:26 pm | Permalink

    Or you can contact me at:

  15. November 3, 2010 - 9:25 pm | Permalink

    Karen, contact me through Facebook. There is a face to face community of people in the Bay Area that is growing, and I am not referring to the Bay Area National Anarchists.

  16. Karen's Gravatar Karen
    November 3, 2010 - 8:05 pm | Permalink

    Eric, thank you for the article; this is such an important subject. I agree that the southeast and southwest are probably beyond saving; we would waste too many lives trying to hang on there.

    However, I think we should fight for northern California -including San Francisco! OK, there may not be a lot of support politically among the SF locals, but there is more than you would guess. We’ve experienced multiculturalism up close and very few San Francisco parents put their kids in the public schools. The City is still about 49% white; the 30% that are Chinese are not fighters. (Greg- I live here for a lot of the same reasons you do!)

    Northern California is one of the most beautiful places on earth with a great climate, and there are lots of white people living here. It’s “attached” to the Pacific northwest, an extension of Oregon, in a way. When order breaks down, the state boundaries may not be that important. If too many whites leave this area, it is lost for sure. I realize the battles will be ugly and the outcome unpredictable, but it’s worth a shot. I’m willing to fight for it!

    • FWM's Gravatar FWM
      November 3, 2010 - 10:41 pm | Permalink

      “I’m willing to fight for it!”

      You failed to divine the purpose of the article. Of course you are willing to fight for yourself, as are most whites – as individuals (esp. against other whites, cf. Eumaeus, below). What you won’t see is whites fighting for their own ethnicity, unlike every other ethnic group in this country. This is why, short of an empire calamity, whites are finished as a viable and influential group in this country.
      Why don’t you email Harold Covington or PLE extraordinaire April Gaede and ask them what are the chances of them sending members of their extended family down to the land of Pelosi/Sidewalk Sodomy, when the SHTF.
      Before anything, whites (even those ostensibly on our side) need to wake up and look at the history of WN.
      Please don’t take my comment personally, as I know oodles of whites who feel as you do. In fact, after you reconsider and if you successfully flee The Land of the Apes, I’ll even help you and your family get started. No “I told you so,” either, as it wouldn’t be proper to do to family. Mike

  17. Tom's Gravatar Tom
    November 3, 2010 - 6:08 pm | Permalink

    It’s called escapism. LOL.

    My experience is that the first thing White flight folks do when they move to a rural or semi-rural area is to push to raise local taxes. They miss the services that they had in the metro area, and now want them in the country.

    Then White flighters have to have their minority cleaning lady, their illegal alien gardner, and their Asian doctor too. Why did they move in the first place?

    The biggest bullshit tale that White flighters tell is, “the we moved here for the schools” fairy tale. Yeah right. It had nothing to do with the blacks, browns Asians etc. kicking the shit out of your kids, or wanting to date your daughters, or ruining your property value. LOL. :)

    Please, spare us folks out in the country.

  18. Dan's Gravatar Dan
    November 3, 2010 - 4:59 pm | Permalink

    I can see the wisdom of desiring to associate with one’s one kind. However at this point to move would be to abandon the nicer parts of the country – like southern California. But that area is increasngly lost to discord and strife I live in a southeastern Colorado town that I call a border town. It is about fifty fifty Mexican American and European American. I can see this balance is a drag for both sides.

    Readjustment and realignment would be a good thing, but it will not come easily. I visied my daughter in Minneapolis a few weeks ago. I recall walking thrugh that airport thirty years ago and I felt I was in a different country – so many people were blonde. This time I was shocked at how many people of African and Indian descent I saw that far north. My daughter and son in law think diversity is neat and they prefer it. They have yet to learn how American sensibiity is crumbling under multicultural fractures. She went through an Ivy League school, and we know how undiversified the top three jobs are at those eight schools – 21 of 24 are Jewish or the wives of Jewish grand poobahs.

    • Sean's Gravatar Sean
      November 4, 2010 - 1:14 am | Permalink

      As all of us knowledgable and aware folk already know it is the jew ball behind the massive non white immigration into places like little Minnie. I predict that as life becomes more unbearable under the zionists mammon masters, white people will be shocked out of our complaceny and finally use our genetic gifts to take back what our forbears founded. Once the white race withdrawals its sponsorship of the khazars and there mottled rabble the rats will quickly degenerate back to what nature obviously intended them to be.

  19. James's Gravatar James
    November 3, 2010 - 4:57 pm | Permalink

    “The second criticism has some validity. Safe, prosperous White communities attract non-Whites, and because freedom of association has been denied us, there is no legal way to exclude them.”

    There is a legal recourse. Social awkwardness. Making their lives uncomfortable might serve as well as any illegal method of intimidation. Don’t invite them to social gatherings, skip ahead of them in queues, don’t let them in when they want to change lanes in traffic. Be “inept and surly” serving them in shops. Stare at them with some hostility in cafes and bars. Deliberately ignore them when they want service in cafes and bars. Play country and western music on the radio and nascar on the sports channels.

    These are tactics they use against us all the time when they colonise an area.

  20. November 3, 2010 - 4:56 pm | Permalink

    Justin Huber: You are in denial. The country is gone. Far gone. Ask me: a guy who’s presently is living in a neighborhood with thousands upon thousands of brown Mexicans. Read Separate or Die by Richard McCulloch.

    Eric Paulson: Many thanks for this article: perhaps the most important article that has ever appeared in OO (incidentally, the longest entry in my blog is titled “What can be done?”).

    It happens that I’m reading Covington’s The Brigade. It’s so engrossing that even before finishing it I’ve already ordered the other three books of the Northwest Quartet. The painting you (or the editor) chose at the top for this article reminds me what I wrote about John Winthrop in a very brief review of Michael O’Meara’s Toward the White Republic.

    I believe that O’Meara is right: Harold Covington provides the vision as no other recent work to reach, through his novels, those who can’t be reached through mere intellectual argumentation.

    • Justin Huber's Gravatar Justin Huber
      November 4, 2010 - 3:06 pm | Permalink

      Hi Chechar, I’m not in denial. I know that California is overrun with all sorts of non-whites. I just think it would be a shame to “let it go” so to speak. However, as a people/movement it is probably beyond our means right now to do what it would take to reclaim the state. I give you credit though for hanging in there though and not retreating. I’ll look into the book you recommended.

  21. Burgermeister's Gravatar Burgermeister
    November 3, 2010 - 4:50 pm | Permalink

    Eric, your overall strategy is the correct one. “We” have already lost many parts of the country and are never going to get them back. Not to mention that we are incresingly finding “our” laws being only applied to us. And to add insult to injury , it is mostly OUR money they are spending to obliterate us. My current strategy is to milk the Blue States and Cities for everything I can get while quietly moving our base of operations to just such a place as you have described. We are three years into our plan and half-way there. We need to realise that we live in occupied America and act accordingly. Good article.

  22. Justin Huber's Gravatar Justin Huber
    November 3, 2010 - 3:39 pm | Permalink

    I didn’t read all of the article above, but I think it would be act of criminal stupidity to abandon any part of the contiguous United States. If anything, we should do whatever it takes to “reconquer” a state like California. It’s scenic beauty alone almost demands it.

  23. November 3, 2010 - 1:46 pm | Permalink

    Nine reasons I live in a dark blue city on the dark blue West Coast:

    (1) This is where my friends and family are.
    (2) This is where I have access to the glories of European art: painting, sculpture, drama, opera, symphonic and chamber music, etc.
    (3) This is where I have access to the best medical care.
    (4) This is where I have access to the best food.
    (5) This is where the best climate is. I feel best in a dry, mild climate where I do not need air conditioning or central heating.
    (6) As a scholar, I need access to large university research libraries.
    (7) As an activist, I need easy access to a large international airport.
    (8) As an activist, I need to understand how white consciousness will change as we slip into minority status. Well, on the Left Coast, America’s future is now.
    (9) This is one of the most beautiful areas of the United States, and that is good for the soul.

    • Justin Huber's Gravatar Justin Huber
      November 4, 2010 - 12:10 am | Permalink

      Greg, I read part of your article on separatism vs. supremacy on C.C. the other day, and this is where I think an attitude of supremacy needs to be applied. Unfortunately, we don’t have the means in which to fight a battle to keep these areas. At least not with the system of government that is currently in place.

    • James McKenna's Gravatar James McKenna
      November 4, 2010 - 3:30 am | Permalink

      Well I think a city on the West Coast is fine if you don’t have a family and kids. The ingathering makes sense for normal families with kids since they need the wholesome environment.

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