The Importance of Columbus Day

James Edwards

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella bid farewell to Columbus for his First Voyage, departure for the New World, August 3, 1492.

Columbus Day has suffered an unprecedented diminution in importance in recent years, at least in the eyes of the arbitors of modern American culture.

Why? Columbus Day celebrates Christopher Columbus, the first European (White person) to come to the Western Hemisphere and make the presence permanent. Columbus Day, in other words, celebrates the advent of the White race in the so-called New World of the Americas. This, of course, is the last thing that the multicultural Left wants celebrated.

Their guiding principal, invented by both Trotsky and the Cultural Marxists at approximately the same time, is best summed up by the late, unlamented Susan Sontag’s famous quote, “The White race is the cancer of human history.” Who wants to celebrate cancer? Consequently, Columbus Day has been transformed from a holiday into an occasion for weeping, wailing, rending of garments and gnashing of teeth by the Left.

We at The Political Cesspool Radio Program, however, beg to differ, and think it’s high time to challenge this modern orthodoxy regarding Columbus and Columbus Day.

Consider, if you will, the Western Hemisphere when Columbus discovered it in 1492. The entire continent is estimated to have sustained only 200,000 people. It was a huge undeveloped wildlife preserve; its population stuck for the most part in the New Stone Age. And despite what the Left would have you believe, it was not populated by peace-loving early environmentalists.


The indigenous inhabitants were bloodthirsty savages living in a state of nature in which life, as Hobbes famously noted, was “nasty, brutish and short.” The highest level of civilization achieved in the Hemisphere by the indigenous was that of the Aztecs, famous for capturing young men from neighboring tribes for ritual sacrifice and ripping their still-beating hearts from their chests.

Where Whites have gone and remained in control, civilization and prosperity have flourished, not only in North America, but all over the world. The only time any nations in sub-Saharan Africa have flourished by modern standards was under White Rule. Rhodesia, once called “the breadbasket of Africa,” became Zimbabwe, the basket case of Africa, when Whites were guilt-tripped into turning over the reins of government to Blacks, the indigenous population of the region. Ditto for South Africa.

The primary beneficiaries of White rule are the non-Whites that live in White dominated counties. Blacks in America, for instance, whipped into an inconsolable frenzy by the Left regarding their imagined mistreatment by Whites, are the only oppressed people in the world who consider themselves impoverished but routinely own and use cars, cell phones, computers, iPads, flat-screen TVs, washing machines, clothes dryers and dishwashers, and live in centrally air-conditioned homes with yards, driveways and carports. They are also provided enough free food by the government that they suffer, when left to their own devices, from morbid obesity.

They apparently don’t travel abroad much, however, because if they did, they’d see how favorably their imagined poverty stacks up to the real poverty suffered by people in El Salvador, Honduras, Peru, Nigeria, Cambodia, or almost any other country without a sizable White population in charge of the government.

In fact, the only way that non-Whites live in a First World environment is when they are fortunate enough to live in a predominately White nation. When they reach critical mass, or gain political control, that nation will assuredly plummet to Third World status.

Places in America that resemble the Third World (Detroit, East St. Louis, Oakland, ect.) almost always have a predominantly non-White population coupled with non-White political leadership.

The most fortunate day in the ancestral history of any American, regardless of race, color or creed, is the day when one of their ancestors boarded a conveyance to America. This is true whether the conveyance was a luxury ocean liner, a jet airplane, or a leaky slave ship. And the reason America still attracts immigrants from all over the world is because America is a White nation, and consequently enjoys a level of prosperity only dreamed of in most of the world. Whites are the key to that prosperity. If the non-Whites of the world knew what was good for them they would nurture and protect Whites like a hothouse flower!

America, however, is at a crossroads. Whites, rather than a hothouse flower, are actually an endangered species (or more correctly, a subspecies) in today’s world, with their numbers and percentage of population diminishing each year. Like many another endangered species, we stop reproducing when our nesting grounds are disturbed.

In America, this disruption occurred when public schools were racially integrated undemocratically, by court decree, beginning with the infamous Brown v. Topeka Board of Education Supreme Court decision in 1954. Rather than throw their children into the veritable Black hole of Calcutta that many public schools have become due to Brown and its progeny, many Whites, simply limited the number of children they had to the number of children they could afford to send to private school. Don’t ever imagine that this result was a coincidence.

That’s why we here at TPC constantly remind our audience that “liberalism is the modern face of evil,” and this includes every aspect and project of modern liberalism – including the supposedly sacrosanct Civil Rights Movement.

Today, more than ever, we all need to ponder the significance of Columbus and Columbus Day, and impress our friends, neighbors, and children of its importance. Columbus Day truly should rank as one of the most important and celebrated holidays of the year. Men like Columbus didn’t endure sufferings, privations, danger and even death so we could, like Esau, trade our inheritance for a mess of liberal, multicultural pottage.

We invite everyone in our audience to make Columbus Day the true occasion for celebration and remembrance that it is!

Originally posted at The Political Cesspool.

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65 Comments to "The Importance of Columbus Day"

  1. Farnham O'Reilly's Gravatar Farnham O'Reilly
    October 13, 2011 - 5:56 pm | Permalink

    @Hooper: All good points! I’m glad we have folks like you!

  2. Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
    October 13, 2011 - 5:53 pm | Permalink

    @Franklin Ryckaert: Good points. Thank you.

  3. Ivan Groznij's Gravatar Ivan Groznij
    October 13, 2011 - 1:20 pm | Permalink

    You know what happenned in Chaco valley – Hopis exterminated one of the last White tribes on North American continent. Those people were not just killed, they were butchered, cooked and eaten. Forensics now know exactely that the bones were cooked in clay pots. It happens every time, when whites become minority. It happenned in N. and S. America and even in remote islands like New Zealand and Easter Island.
    Everywhere you find very old remains of advanced civilisations, you can bet, you will find remains of caucasian (aryan ) people.

  4. Franklin Ryckaert's Gravatar Franklin Ryckaert
    October 13, 2011 - 5:48 am | Permalink

    @Pierre de Craon:
    The reason why mazzel is written with one “z” in the dictionaries you mentioned is that in Hebrew double consonants are never written as such. Only one is written but an “inner dot” is added to indicate double pronunciation.So,yes it is literally right to transcribe only one consonant but since it is doubly pronounced it is not prudent to do so.
    It is the same in Arabic.For example the word for “God” Allah is actually written as “Alah” with a small sign above the “l” to indicate double pronunciation.It is better to write such words as they are pronounced so as to avoid confusion.

  5. Hooper's Gravatar Hooper
    October 13, 2011 - 2:54 am | Permalink

    @Farnham O’Reilly:
    Thanks for your reasonable response. And perhaps I was being caustic — my criticism of the piece in question without providing anything of my own has the air of a hit-and-run attack. And I didn’t mean that at all. I have absolutely no intention of any of my comments coming across as antagonistic or as an ad hominem attack on the author. I will list a few specific concerns, though more from a feeling of duty to substantiate what I had said rather than to continue to push my argument.

    -“The primary beneficiaries of White rule are the non-Whites that live in White dominated counties.” (countries)

    -“Where Whites have gone and remained in control, civilization and prosperity have flourished…” (prosperity has flourished?)

    -“In fact, the only way that non-Whites live in a First World environment is when they are fortunate enough to live in a predominately White nation.” (Japan, Korea?)

    -“They are also provided enough free food by the government that they suffer, when left to their own devices, from morbid obesity.” (gratuitous and not related to the point.)

    -“The most fortunate day in the ancestral history of any American, regardless of race, color or creed, is the day when one of their ancestors boarded a conveyance to America” (as an American ex-pat, I can’t agree with this (staying in Europe would have been fine) — but this is already just personal taste)

  6. Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
    October 13, 2011 - 12:53 am | Permalink

    @Jonathan: The only pre-Columbian you seem to have omitted from your patronizing primer of a catalog was Saint Brendan the Navigator, but perhaps mention of him was meant to be your coup de grâce. (You do know, I trust, that there is a growing body of evidence in support of a transatlantic crossing in the fifth century AD. Even a few Wikipedians concern themselves with things other than social media and anti-Semitism.)

    I think that you understand perfectly well that everyone hereabouts, including me, is utterly familiar with the tidbits of information that you wave about with the enthusiasm of a puppy with a bone. But if you don’t understand that, in world historical terms, those tidbits have as little to do with the exploration and settlement and development of the Western Hemisphere as the Chinese flirtation with gunpowder does with the history of ordnance, then you would be well advised to learn it, now being as good a time as any.

    As Murray Rothbard once put the matter, “Columbus discovered America. Get over it.”

  7. Marcus's Gravatar Marcus
    October 13, 2011 - 12:47 am | Permalink

    Agreed, the tendencies and characteristics of Chinese civilization are in many ways the opposite of those associated with the West: lack of individual rights and less respect for human life in general, authoritarianism, collectivism, clannishness, introversion as a society. Because of that they never developed a real synthesis or any kind of scientific method. One of the most telling episodes of Chinese history IMO is the story of the first emperor of a unified China, Qin Shi Huangdi burying alive 460 scholars and burning their books.

  8. Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
    October 13, 2011 - 12:14 am | Permalink

    Regardless of whose median IQ is higher or lower, if the Macdonald thesis is correct about the archetypal Western character, then the success of the West is also a story about a successful legal structure, one that freed men from the onerous job of having to intimately know and trust the parties with whom they contracted (Chinese and many other business cultures rely more heavily on connections).
    In theory, even if median European intelligence were lower than Chinese intelligence, our other traits could facilitate a more efficient use of interpersonal talent, giving our standard of living an edge.

    October 12, 2011 - 11:59 pm | Permalink

    Cmon Rehmat, its not my fault you blew it! But I’m not mad at you….
    The true triumph of reason is that it enables us to get along with those who do not possess it.

  10. Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
    October 12, 2011 - 11:53 pm | Permalink

    The Economist is a showcase for the intellectual bankruptcy that is neoclassical economics. In a fiat currency regime, prices become distorted, no longer reflecting economic fundamentals but rather the will of the monetary authority. When the Fed grows the money supply directly, or facilitates its growth via the banking system, domestic prices are affected. When the Chinese authorities accumulate a vast store of T-Bonds to stop their currency rising vis-à-vis the dollar, trade flows are modified.

    Comparative advantage works fine under a classical gold standard, but currency manipulation by governments can disable the pricing mechanism, and cause harmful, as distinct from benign offshoring.

    Paper currencies have been accompanied by enormous variability in exchange rates, complicating the manufacturer’s life enormously. Of course, volatility is mother’s milk to the financial industry.

    This is not to make the case for protectionism, which goes nowhere towards addressing the root cause of the malady, but to point out that the Panglossian views that one finds in The Economist are wrong-headed.

  11. Jonathan's Gravatar Jonathan
    October 12, 2011 - 11:49 pm | Permalink

    @Pierre de Craon:
    -So you believe Columbus was the first European to reach the Americas, L’Anse aux Meadows isn’t enough proof? The Maine penny is also regarded as genuine, and there is the matter of the Kensington Runestone.
    -There is ample documentation regarding the blast furnace and gunpowder were being used by the Chinese well before Europeans (over a millennium in the case of the former), eg descriptions of gunpowder weapons in the Chin-Mongol wars
    -I agree that the Europeans utilized the printing press much better than the Chinese did, but that also wasn’t my point. In no way am i praising Chinese civilization (it was an ossified mess by the time it opened up to European influence in the 20th century). However I do find it dishonest to claim there have been no noteworthy technological developments within the “Sinosphere” during its long history as the poster I responded to seemed to imply.

  12. Floda's Gravatar Floda
    October 12, 2011 - 11:20 pm | Permalink

    @massel tov:

    Yes, America is deeply in debt, thanks to your venomous tribe who completely infest the financial system and whose privately owned FED for nearly a century has been printing ‘federal reserve notes’ (Dollars) and has been receiving interest payments on those printed dollars from an unsuspecting population for all those years!

    Without any doubt the biggest fraud in History!

    When America’s last real President, JFK, woke up to this swindle and began issuing US Government Dollars at ZERO interest to the American people, he had his head blown off in front of thousands of spectators. A ‘lone nut’ was blamed, a Jew named, Jacob Rubenstein, conveniently murdered the accused nutter inside a police station just days later. He himself later died in prison of a ‘sudden cancer’ and of course, dead men tell no tales.

    Dr Ron Paul has said openly as POTUS he would get rid of the Fed. I hope someone is watching his back because they would murder him in a heartbeat if he got close.

  13. Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
    October 12, 2011 - 9:11 pm | Permalink

    @Pierre de Craon: Make that “lots of other more or less worthless bits of printed matter. . . .”

  14. Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
    October 12, 2011 - 9:09 pm | Permalink

    @Jonathan: First it’s the Columbus-wasn’t-first nonsense; now it’s the tired old deception-ridden catalog of “proofs” of Chinese genius.

    This is the sort of sneery comment we have come to expect from the soi-disant genius grad students who think that Wikipedia and their fellow Wikipederasts are, uhh, like, too totally cool, as well as from overgrown kids who paid Mom and Dad no heed when they told them repeatedly to believe nothing they read and no more than half what they saw with their own two eyes. Why would you wish to emulate people like these, Jonathan?

    Let’s get down to brass tacks. Not one Chinese “invention” you cite is an open-and-shut case, and the case for most of them involves degrees of prevarication that would embarrass a principled adult. Let’s take “movable type” as a representative example. Repeat after me: Movable type per se is no big deal. In the form that the Chinese developed it, movable type was useful for one thing only: the production of graphic artifacts, playthings of and for the leisured mandarins and their hangers-on. What Gutenberg and the other printers in his shop developed was mechanized movable type—which is a very big deal indeed. It made possible the mass production of books, pamphlets, and lots of other more or less bits of worthless printed matter—and of course the odd worthwhile thing or two, including Newton’s Principia, Goethe’s Faust, and several other things it would profit you to read, Jonathan.

    Are you aware that a single library, Oxford’s Bodleian, has some six thousand books printed between 1453 and 1500 in its collection? Six thousand books still around five hundred and more years after they were produced. Six thousand books in just the one library; not codices or MSS collections on parchment or vellum. Those forms of preservation of the printed word, made obsolete faster than one could say Twitter, were rendered so not by a Chinaman running off a dozen scrolls for his master’s Wednesday tea party but by a guy whose wits and hands mechanized a technology that he and his fellow master printers had worked with all their lives, a mechanization process that literally never occurred to the Chinese.

    I leave it to someone else to spell out how radically wrong about the blast furnace and gunpowder you also are. Even the compass is a far more complex affair than you suggest.

  15. Jarvis Dingle-Daden's Gravatar Jarvis Dingle-Daden
    October 12, 2011 - 8:06 pm | Permalink

    This site seems to have the reliability of Irene ‘Lampshade Survivor’ Zisblatt’s recollection.
    My previous comment fell into the black hole yet again.

  16. Bear's Gravatar Bear
    October 12, 2011 - 8:01 pm | Permalink

    “America” was named after Amerigo Vespucci (March 9, 1454 – February 22, 1512), an Italian explorer, financier, navigator and cartographer who systematically explored and mapped the Americas starting with a voyage that left Spain in May 1497

    The Americas derived their name from the feminized Latin version of his first name.
    (Europeans traditionally often ‘feminising’ continents such as “Africa” and “India”.

    A collegue of Matthias Ringmann( who had published maps derived from Vepuccis work) a Professor Martin Waldseemueller named “America”,( not Amerigo Vespucci).

    Martin Waldseemueller says, in Latin, which herewith in English: “But now these parts have been more extensively explored and another fourth part has been discovered by Americus Vespucius (as will appear in what follows): wherefore I do not see what
    is rightly to hinder us from calling it Amerige, or America—i.e., the land of Americus, after its discoverer, Americus, a man of sagacious mind, since both Europe and Asia have got their names
    from women. Its situation and the manners and customs of its people will be clearly understood from the twice two voyages of Americus, which follow.”

    It is the “Cosmographiae Introductio” (Saint-Dié, 1507) a book published in 1507 to accompany Martin Waldseemüller’s printed globe and
    wall-map (Universalis Cosmographia), which were the first appearance of the name ‘America’. Waldseemüller’s maps and book, along with his
    1513 edition of Ptolemy’s Geography, were very influential and widely copied at the time.

    In other words a pair of Germans at the University of Strasbourg.

    What is notable here is the systematic development of sophisticated form of cartographie, seaworthy ships and navigation techniques . It was technology, organisation and indpendant drive (Chinese buerocracy scuttled its own potential) that allowed europeans to systemically trade and colonise around the globe beyond precendt of any other civilisation. By the time Captain James Cook set foot in Botany Bay Sydney Australia accurate Chronometers allowed lattitude, for the first time in History, to be determined precisely and easily along with an alternative purely celestial technique.

    Previously a combination of severe Nth Altantic weather and hostile Muslim domination of the trade routes to the far east had limited growth of European trade and exploration. Technology soon bypassed the limmits imposed by Islam and the elements while the victories of Don Juan at Lapanto and at also Vienna secured European independance from Middle Eastern domination and the atrophy of that civilisation.

  17. Jonathan's Gravatar Jonathan
    October 12, 2011 - 7:04 pm | Permalink

    “America remains the world’s largest manufacturer. Both America and Japan roughly doubled manufacturing output between 1980 and 2009; nowhere in the G7 has output declined in absolute terms. Lower-end manufacturing has indeed moved to countries like China, with their masses of cheap labour, but it is not obvious why this pattern of comparative advantage should be resisted.

  18. Jonathan's Gravatar Jonathan
    October 12, 2011 - 7:03 pm | Permalink

    @Franklin Ryckaert:
    “They (Asians) are good imitators but bad creators”
    Yeah, that’s why the compass, gunpowder, movable type, toilet paper, crossbow, blast furnace, belt drive, etc. were all invented in China.

    “That the US is
    indebted to them is not because of their higher IQ but because of the greed and selfishness of American entrepeneurs who outsourced manufecture to them.”
    The outsourcing myth is just that, a myth, the US has increased its manufacturing potential (as have Japan and most of Western Europe) these countries just make less of the cheap “nuts and bolts” stuff due to regulations and demograhics.

  19. Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
    October 12, 2011 - 6:28 pm | Permalink

    @Franklin Ryckaert: Actually, it’s in the OED, Merriam Webster’s 11th Collegiate Dictionary, the Random House Dictionary, and the American Heritage Dictionary as mazel tov.

    Curiously, it wasn’t in Merriam Webster’s 10th Collegiate, the previous edition, at all. I guess that someone at the $PLC got to those anti-Semitic supremacists at MW and read them the riot act!

  20. Franklin Ryckaert's Gravatar Franklin Ryckaert
    October 12, 2011 - 5:19 pm | Permalink

    @massel tov:

    …ever heard that the IQ of East Asians (Japan,Korea,China) is significantly higher than that of Caucsians?

    (spelling corrections by me).

    That “significantly higher” is only 3 to 5 points and their IQ Bell curve is narrower than that of Caucasians, meaning they have fewer morons but also fewer geniuses. They are good imitators but bad creators.That the US is
    indebted to them is not because of their higher IQ but because of the greed and selfishness of American entrepeneurs who outsourced manufecture to them.

    BTW “massel tov” is written mazzel tov in case you want to appear as a genuine Jew.Good luck! (=mazzel tov).

  21. Farnham O'Reilly's Gravatar Farnham O'Reilly
    October 12, 2011 - 3:29 pm | Permalink

    @Hooper: Dear Hooper: Are you not perhaps being unduly caustic towards the writer, even though your comments are ostensibly directed towards his writing? I do a bit of writing. And, I shared Mr. Edwards piece with several others whose literary talents are far above those of yours truly. We all agree Mr. Edward’s contribution is timely, well written, thought provoking, fun to read, and relevant. What more do we want?

    Bless your heart, if you truly believe “there are answers to these concerns” then for goodness sakes please share your knowledge by submitting such answers to TOO on “questions related to environmental destruction, artificial boundaries placed by Europeans, diseases, forced Christianization, etc.” I am not being sarcastic; I am sincere. I for one would really like to hear from you.

    NW Best, F.O.

    PS – sorry for any typos or spelling errors; I just got back from a vacation in the mountains and am still trying to find my wastebasket and cram 32 hours into this afternoon.

  22. massel tov's Gravatar massel tov
    October 12, 2011 - 3:26 pm | Permalink

    what a self-delusion.
    TO C H I N A, K O R E A A N D J A P A N !!!
    ever heard that the iq of east asians (japan, korea, china) is significant h i g h e r than that of caucasians?
    by chance?
    i think not….

  23. Ciaran's Gravatar Ciaran
    October 12, 2011 - 2:55 pm | Permalink

    @Hooper: Feck off.

  24. October 12, 2011 - 11:56 am | Permalink

    A splendid summary of the situation. This is riffed on here:

  25. Hooper's Gravatar Hooper
    October 12, 2011 - 10:05 am | Permalink

    While I certainly wholeheartedly endorse the rehabilitation of Columbus Day, I am dismayed by the quality of writing in this piece. In addition to committing a host of stylistic errors (and a spelling error), the author of this piece aims for effect by means of poorly connected, rather clumsy one-liners and hyperbole-laced statements which make no attempt to seriously address any of the reasons presented by the “Left” for banishing Columbus to the ranks of ‘untouchable.’

    Yes, we get it. When whites are in control, things are better. But what about questions related to environmental destruction, artificial boundaries placed by Europeans, diseases, forced Christianization, etc? As an apologist for the West, I happen to believe there are answers to these concerns, but unfortunately Mr. Edwards failed to provide anything resembling a serious treatment of these issues, giving us instead a rather lowbrow pep talk.

  26. Ciaran's Gravatar Ciaran
    October 12, 2011 - 12:26 am | Permalink


  27. Jason Speaks's Gravatar Jason Speaks
    October 12, 2011 - 12:06 am | Permalink

    @Jonathan: But I don’t think you can compare what the Norse did to Columbus in the bigger scheme of things. Of course, the Norse were intrepid explorers who deserve respect for what they did. But it’s not clear that those Norsemen or their descendants ever understood they had set foot on a new continent.

    If Columbus hadn’t come to America, the previous explorers who may have come here would not have ushered in anything new. Thing about that. If it weren’t for Columbus, what difference would it make that some Norsemen came here or any others that stumbled on to this landmass, settled a while, than left. It would mean nothing without Columbus.

  28. Jonathan's Gravatar Jonathan
    October 11, 2011 - 11:42 pm | Permalink

    The article says he was the first to inaugurate a European settlement. Of course the Norse had some short-lived colonies in NE Canada and the first inhabitants may have been Solutreans so he wasn’t the first to get there period..

  29. Jason Speaks's Gravatar Jason Speaks
    October 11, 2011 - 10:09 pm | Permalink

    Columbus was probably not the first White person to find himself on American soil (North America or South America), but in a very important sense, Columbus did discover America. He brought it to the attention of Europe and ushered in an age of unprecedented importance to the Americas. The previous White explorers did not understand what they had found, nor was it understood by anyone later.

    In the case of Columbus, while he didn’t know at first what he had found either, it soon became obvious that a new continent had been found. This inaugurated a new age of discovery, progress and migration to the New World.

    Thanks Chris!

  30. October 11, 2011 - 9:42 pm | Permalink

    See also “Columbus Day Special Indigenous Peoples Day” by Michael Polignano at Counter-Currents.

  31. Jonathan's Gravatar Jonathan
    October 11, 2011 - 7:53 pm | Permalink

    Muslims are no friends of ours, fortunately they aren’t smart enough to be a threat on their own since we don’t fight with spears and shields anymore, even as early as the 1600s when the Ottoman Empire was threatening to conquer Vienna and most of Central Europe with it, most of their cannons and muskets were European-made. They only reason they are a threat now is b/c of our reliance on ME oil (which we discovered) and multicultural policies that let these turds immigrate to our countries.

  32. Rehmat's Gravatar Rehmat
    October 11, 2011 - 5:34 pm | Permalink

    YEA! “Jews were expelled from Europe because the New Testament teaches Christians hatred against Jews,” Abraham Foxman in ‘JEWS & MONEY’.

    How you like the above great lie from your elder brother, dude!!

  33. Rehmat's Gravatar Rehmat
    October 11, 2011 - 5:27 pm | Permalink

    What would you recommend for research? Journals published by ADL, AIPAC, JDL or perhaps Jewish Wikipedia??

  34. Rehmat's Gravatar Rehmat
    October 11, 2011 - 5:24 pm | Permalink

    @Jason Speaks:
    YEP – Muslims do scare the hell out of Whites who love to lick Jewish butts, right dudes!

  35. October 11, 2011 - 4:52 pm | Permalink

    In fact, the only way that non-Whites live in a First World environment is when they are fortunate enough to live in a predominately White nation.


    SE Asia: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, parts of mainland China. Filled with people with higher IQ than Whites, living in better environment than North Americans.

    The author of the second comment fails to mention that these Asian lands are filled with all the life-saving and life-easing technology of whites, such as automobiles, computers, modern hospitals, medicine, aircraft, microwaves, cell phones, and a thousand other things that without would make these Asians’ lives a living hell.

    But one thing is clear: Asians are smart and they are clever. They are poised to seize the world if whites do not clean out the clogged racial sewers of North America and Europe and rebuild both their countries and their race. Beware, then, of too much talk of the past and not enough on steering a sound course for the future.

  36. Lancashire lad's Gravatar Lancashire lad
    October 11, 2011 - 2:44 pm | Permalink

    Quite agree Richard. Here in the UK whites are the “island monkeys” to these chancers.

    October 11, 2011 - 1:48 pm | Permalink

    Rehmat-you have no historical training and this has become painfully obvious. Before you post, do some research concerning the nature of objectivity in regard to a historical narrative. I’m not going to hold your hand on this one.

  38. Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
    October 11, 2011 - 11:50 am | Permalink

    My philosophical anchor is in Lockean original appropriation; he who first transforms some economic resource enjoys exclusive title to it. Through this prism, colonizers who settled and worked a particular area of land are the original appropriators, even if they displaced nomadic peoples. Nomadism implies no transformational relationship with the land resource, and no legitimate title thereto.

    I’m not happy with utilitarian arguments on colonialism. Yes, the indigenous peoples undoubtedly have better life expectancy today than when they were the sole occupants of the continents, but probably the same could be said of Arabs in Israel versus their brethren in other Middle-Eastern countries.

    The Indians who got beads, mirrors and axes for Manhattan got a perfectly fair deal. Many European settlers reached accommodations with the indigenous inhabitants, and this conduct is unexceptionable.

    Those Europeans who initiated force against the natives inspire in me little sympathy, even if the former satisfy pure Lockean criteria for property ownership. It’s a messy tableau, and whilst liberal demonization is wrong-headed and subversive, I don’t feel comfortable with the polar opposite either.

  39. October 11, 2011 - 11:14 am | Permalink

    @Rehmat: Why you use the term Judeo- Christian is beyond me. Christianity is the antithesis of Judaism. It would be as appropriate if you used the term Judeo-Islam rather Islam.

    While there is little doubt that the Jews were the unseen hand behind the French and English colonial expansion, and reaped the rewards, that would not be the case with the Spaniards, nor would there have been any Muslims on board a Columbus ship, unless they had converted.
    As for the fairy tale of 5 minutes to choose to convert, that ranks right up there with hiding in a chimney to escape the ovens at Auschwitz. Your prophet was much kinder, and would allow a day or so to allow for conversion. That is how the once Christian Middle East became Muslim.

    In commenting on many of your posts, if I were to return to the vernacular of my youth my response would simply be: eat shit and die.

  40. Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
    October 11, 2011 - 11:06 am | Permalink

    I’m one of those whose attraction to this site is motivated by a profound dislike for political correctness and curbs on free speech, velvet gloves on iron fists. Hosting comments by both Jewish and Mohammaden boosters serves as a useful learning tool. Sun-tzu, enemies closer, and all that.

  41. Luke's Gravatar Luke
    October 11, 2011 - 8:32 am | Permalink

    I, too, have been noticing and paying extremely close attention to the efforts by some in the ‘White Nationalist or White patriot’ movement to promote the idea that Whites need to partner up with Muslims – and the excuse they always use to justify this is that we share a common enemy, the jews.

    Aside from the obvious wet dream that this would give our ZOG enemy over at the American KGB – i.e., being able to provide to the gullible, jew unwise public a clear connection between the ‘White Nationalist/Pro-White, and White racial realist’ movement (which jews despise and which they are desperately seeking to destroy somehow) and the already successfully demonized Muslim/Islamic ‘enemy’, which would give them the green light to come after anyone who’s white who refuses to say they are ashamed of being white – but, it would also be a suicidal death alliance for any true White Nationalism movement.

    Just as Richard says: Muslims are largely Semitic people, as well. And, Semitic tribes all seem to understand how soft and easily manipulated the average White European on the street can be. Whites have built a nation – or what’s left of it – that no Muslim tribe have ever been able to match or duplicate. They sense that Whites are weakened, which most of us surely are – from 100 years of jewish subversion of our society and endless brainwashing and guilt-tripping of our race. Thus, I am convinced that Muslims and those Whites who’ve they’ve recruited into their circle of influence – are attempting to lure White Nationalists into joining forces with them to help the Muslims fight their jewish problem. But, as Richard clearly states: If and when we are able to solve their jewish problem, Muslims will then turn on Whites – because our nation is the Grand Prize to all Semitic mindsets. Make no mistake: Muslims crave to steal our nation, our birthright, and also our beautiful women – which is an open assault on our genetic seedline.

    An enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.
    Be highly suspicious of Muslims in America, as well as of the Whites who they’ve lured into their circle of influence and who are now trying to push this deadly alliance. These Whites may well not even realize that they’ve been duped into participating in this sinister alliance – and due to the infamous naivete that seems to infect the White European race more than any other race on Earth – they probably don’t realize that they are being taken for a ride. But, nevertheless – we all should be very wary of these naive Whites who promote this notion.

  42. Rehmat's Gravatar Rehmat
    October 11, 2011 - 7:38 am | Permalink

    The religion played a significant part of Judeo-Christian colonization of Americas, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. There are recorded accounts of Roman Catholic priests, who accompanied the Spanish conquistadors into Mexico, Texa, Arizona and California did not like to waste time. As they approached each Indian village they gave the inhabitants no more than five minutes to make the choice between converting to Christianity or being killed.

    In 1763, the British commander-in-chief in Canada, Baron Amherst of Montreal, recommended to Colonel Henry Bouquet to use biological warfare against American Indians: “Could it not be contrived to set the Small Pox among these disaffected tribes of Indians?”

    Zionist Jewish billionaires, such as Rothschild, James Goldsmith (former father-in-law of Imran Khan) including the Jewish National Fund carried out the policy of earlier European colonists – buying the land confiscated illegally by the colonial authorities. For example in 1803, the US acquired 23% of its esisting territory through the ‘Louisiana Purchse’.

  43. Rehmat's Gravatar Rehmat
    October 11, 2011 - 7:34 am | Permalink

    @Pierre de Craon:
    Nyeth. Israeli hasbara pigs are known for being ‘insult-proof’ by their professional training. However, I love to rub their noses in their own rubbish. Right on dude.

  44. Rehmat's Gravatar Rehmat
    October 11, 2011 - 7:31 am | Permalink

    @Jason Speaks:
    But it’s the Middle Easterners wo are fighting the Jews while White hypocrites like you are sucking to Jewish bottoms.

  45. Jarvis Dingle-Daden's Gravatar Jarvis Dingle-Daden
    October 11, 2011 - 5:19 am | Permalink

    When the liberal fairies learn of the Vasco da Gama’s preferred method when it came to dispatching captured Mohammedans, they’d probably go into a massive cardiac arrest.
    BTW, there was another great explorer (read: racist, imperialist, slave trader) named Giovanni Caboto who discovered Canada.
    Wait till the Kumbaya Brigade tries to empty out their pan of marxist vomit on his name now.

  46. Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
    October 11, 2011 - 2:24 am | Permalink

    @Rehmat: Your insults are as surly and predictable as they are unwarranted and as fact-lite as most of your comments. Do work at curbing your tongue and mending your ways. Most of all, stop acting like a stereotypical Muslim/Moslem/Mohammedan.

  47. Jason Speaks's Gravatar Jason Speaks
    October 11, 2011 - 1:36 am | Permalink

    @Fenria: This is totally true. When Mestizos become the majority in a region, the standard of living adjusts to level of Mestizos worldwide. In fact, I think it would be in the interests of many people from Mexico to be for closing up the border in order to ensure their own higher standard of living. This is probably why about 1/3 of Hispanics vote Republican and why more than that support stopping illegal immigration.

    If you’ve ever been around enough “Hispanics”, you start to notice they differentiate among themselves.

  48. C. Jewel's Gravatar C. Jewel
    October 11, 2011 - 1:02 am | Permalink

    @Balthasar: The only reason that E. Asians have a slightly higher average than Whites is because back in the 1970’s some psychiatrists decided to give more weight to visuospatial questions on IQ tests and less weight to verbal reasoning. Asians have copied literally everything that allowed them into the modern world from Whites. And in point of fact their living conditions are still not as good as those of Whites in White countries. How about bringing up the little mentioned facts that point toward a much narrower Standard Deviation in E. Asian’s IQ numbers, accounting for dearth of top end geniuses in their populations. And one should note that SE Asians have lower average IQ scores than Whites.

  49. Tom Lind's Gravatar Tom Lind
    October 11, 2011 - 12:58 am | Permalink

    @Rehmat: Rehmat – If one read the history of American from objective source – he will learn that when Columbus landed in Americana thinking it to be East India – the continent was already inhabitated by 100-150 million people of various colors – White, Brown, Yellow and Black.

    Rehmat has been going farther and farther over the top as more and more readers have decided he is actually a jew. With the above quote, add me to that list of those convinced he just another stooge for the tribe. The big lies just keep getting bigger, and in this case, utterly hilarious in some ways, and that’s a sign that the enemy is weakening. Good.

  50. Fenria's Gravatar Fenria
    October 11, 2011 - 12:15 am | Permalink

    LOL @ nonwhites who think they’re going to be able to maintain the first world style of living in western nations if they become the majority. You fools will find yourselves right back in the squalor of shantytown in under a decade. You know why barrios in the US look just like barrios in Mexico? MEXICANS! Have fun collecting a welfare check when whitey’s not in control anymore!

  51. Old Glory's Gravatar Old Glory
    October 11, 2011 - 12:15 am | Permalink


    I notice you single Rehmat out as someone who should be banned from this site. What about TOO’s jew posters?

  52. Jason Speaks's Gravatar Jason Speaks
    October 10, 2011 - 11:49 pm | Permalink

    @Richard: Our enemies would love to tar us with being “pro-Muslim,” which is easy to do when certain attention-hungry WNs travel to the Middle East and make common cause with Muslims.

    Again true. I know the more strident advocates out there don’t like it, but I feel pretty sure that White Advocacy won’t stand a change until it appeals to the broad White Middle Class. And yes that means those ol’ stuffy “bourgeois” types, who aren’t interested in World Revolution, just saving their own families, culture and nation.

  53. Jason Speaks's Gravatar Jason Speaks
    October 10, 2011 - 11:45 pm | Permalink

    @Richard: Thanks, a fantastic story that illustrates a lot. The basic lesson is that not everyone who hates Jews is our friend or ally. Ultimately, these Middle Eastern guys are pursuing what they see as beneficial to them, namely, the dispossession of White people in their own country. Sure, they will throw in for some Jew-bashing, but that doesn’t mean they will stand shoulder to shoulder with White guys.

  54. Henry's Gravatar Henry
    October 10, 2011 - 11:33 pm | Permalink

    This was in the September 18 issue of Instauration VOL. 5 NO. 10: A Voice from the Old Immigration. One of the bitterest dogmatic pills forced down ideologically defenseless Majority throats is that the minority experience in America was as tough, if not tougher, than the woes and sufferings faced by earlier Northern European settlers. How often have we been loudly or subliminally reminded by a rash of Ellis Island bestsellers that the trials and tribulations of immigrants in New York’s Lower East Side made life in a frontier cabin in Indian country seem positively Elysian.
    Once in a while a fragment of true history is allowed to creep into print and put matters in better focus. Once such appeared in the October 1979 issue of the National Historical Society’s American History Illustrated. Featured was a letter dated August 5, 1782, from a young Alsatian woman in Louisiana to her brother in New Orleans.
    Louisa Cheval quit Strasbourg in May 1782 to follow her brother’s example and emigrate to (then Spanish) Louisiana. With her on the Iittle vessel Etoile du Nord were her year-old-son, her husband and a few other families. The ship –old and poorly provisioned –was skippered by a lush who was often so blotto “the management of the vessel fell to the mate, who was densely ignorant.” “Even worse,” wrote Louisa, “the seas were infested with pirates.”
    A month passed during which they were “more dead than alive.” Fever claimed two children and the mother of one. There was no medicine. One evening, when the captain and three officers were paying their customary homage to the bottle, the passengers were suddenly surrounded by the incompetent mate and six sailors armed to the teeth. “To resist would have been madness; we had to yield. They searched our trunks and took away all that we possessed: they left us nothing, absolutely nothing …. [They then seized the] boats and abandoned us to our fate. When, the next day, the captain appeared on deck quite sober, … he told us, to console us, that we were very near the mouth of the Mississippi, and that within two days we should be at New Orleans.” All that day the male passengers worked in place of the departed crew. When the ship reached the delta in the evening, they were too tired and the captain too anxious to get drunk –to heed Madame Cheval’s plea to keep sailing on up the river.
    After the passengers had bunked in, they were awakened by the war cries of a welcoming party of redskins in canoes, who soon made the callous treatment of the eloping crew seem positively benevolent. The first to be butchered was Monsieur Cheval. It was then the turn of the rest of the male passengers, except one who managed to jump overboard unseen. Louisa Cheval wrote: “One Indian tore my child from me while another fastened my arms behind my back. In response to my cries, to my prayers, the monster who held my son took him by one foot and, swinging him several times around, shattered his head against the wall …. I fainted, no doubt, for on opening my eyes I found I was on land, firmly fastened to a stake. [Two other female passengers] were fastened as I was: [one] was covered with blood and appeared to be dangerously wounded. About day light three Indians came looking for them and took them God knows where!” Madame Cheval was stripped, tied to a stake and left naked in the subtropical sun, but her captors had other things on their minds than sex. They were mainly interested in eating what seemed to be the limbs of a dead child. “Towards evening one of the sub-chiefs approached. .. He set himself to examine me as the butcher examines the lamb he is about to kill; he seemed to find me worthy to be served on the table of the head chief, but as he was hungry and did not wish to wait he drew from its sheath the knife he carried at his belt.” When she awoke she was lying a few paces from the stake on a ground strewn with dead autochthons. Spanish soldiers were milling about. The man who jumped off the ship had reached the safety of the woods and eventually blundered into a Spanish fort.
    The letter Madame Cheval wrote was carried by a Spanish officer to Louisa’s brother, who brought his sister to New Orleans. Remembered as a grief-stricken young woman whose hair had turned white and who walked with a staff, Louisa survived her tragic ordeal by only three years.

  55. Richard's Gravatar Richard
    October 10, 2011 - 10:55 pm | Permalink

    Conclusion: Our enemies would love to tar us with being “pro-Muslim,” which is easy to do when certain attention-hungry WNs travel to the Middle East and make common cause with Muslims. Strategically, this is a huge mistake, as it alienates almost all whites who might otherwise be sympathetic to pro-white ideas. Furthermore, there is no “common cause,” as, outside of dislike of Israel, Muslims would flood and take over Western countries in a heartbeat if they had the means.

    It might not be a bad idea to ban people like Rehmat altogether from commenting at this site. They are more of a liability than an asset.

  56. Richard's Gravatar Richard
    October 10, 2011 - 10:49 pm | Permalink

    I read TOO daily but rarely comment here. TOO is one of my favorite sites; in fact, it may be the best pro-Western political website in existence. I have only been reading such sites for the past year or two, and my road to these beliefs was circuitous. I was largely introduced to such ideas through reading about immigration. (By the way, as others have pointed out, I think the phrase “pro-Western” is a good banner behind which many of us could rally.)

    Anyway, on to my main point. I often read Rehmat’s comments and thought I’d relate a story.

    I occasionally frequented a bar in New England that is owned by some guys from the Middle East. They on the surface are decent guys and at times can be amusingly animated.

    On on visit, the topic of Pat Buchanan came up. I told them I was a fan. And they immediately lighted up. They said they liked Buchanan as well, and we had a long talk about Israeli / Ashkenazi influence in the US. We seemed to get along and I thought, “Wow, these are some interesting guys.”

    Fast forward a couple weeks, and I was in the bar again. But this time the topic of immigration came up, most notably Thomas Friedman’s claim that we need to flood the US with Third World PhDs “to stay competitive.” I told them this wasn’t the case (as much of the technical literature points out, Borjas, Matloff, etc.) but they wouldn’t listen. They insisted that the best thing for the US was to flood it with the Third World. When I pointed out that Friedman is a Jew and being disingenuous, it still didn’t matter. When I told them that Buchanan was against immigration, it didn’t matter. When I told them that mass immigration could drive down their wages, it didn’t matter.

    One more visit to the bar, and their hostility toward white America truly showed through. They portrayed whites as “lazy” and “undeserving” and that the only way the US would be a viable country in the future is if it opens its doors to mass immigration from the Third World.

    I haven’t been back to the bar since nor will I go back. But I took a valuable lesson from these exchanges. Although we might have a common enemy, Westerns and Middle Easterners do not have the same goals, and, despite their anti-Israel rhetoric, these people are easily manipulated into anti-Western positions by handlers in the media. Muslims, in short, are not on our side, nor will they ever be.

    Of course, we shouldn’t be bombing them and we should leave the Middle East entirely, but we shouldn’t let them come to our lands. They should be repatriated back to their home countries.

  57. Rehmat's Gravatar Rehmat
    October 10, 2011 - 9:22 pm | Permalink

    Iranians have topped in scientific research for two years in row.

  58. Rehmat's Gravatar Rehmat
    October 10, 2011 - 9:18 pm | Permalink

    @Pierre de Craon:
    You’re dead right as Abe Foxman. There were no Mohammadans in American before Columbus – but there Berber Muslims protecting your Jewish ancestors from the Crusaders. And not to shock you to death – two of Columbus’ navigators were Spanish Muslims.

  59. Balthasar's Gravatar Balthasar
    October 10, 2011 - 8:41 pm | Permalink

    In fact, the only way that non-Whites live in a First World environment is when they are fortunate enough to live in a predominately White nation.

    SE Asia: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, parts of mainland China. Filled with people with higher IQ than Whites, living in better environment than North Americans.

    But overall an interesting article.

  60. thm's Gravatar thm
    October 10, 2011 - 6:07 pm | Permalink


    If one read the history of American from objective source – he will learn that when Columbus landed in Americana thinking it to be East India – the continent was already inhabitated by 100-150 million people of various colors – White, Brown, Yellow and Black.

    Oh really? Do tell us which “objective sources” claim that. None do.

    While it is difficult to determine exactly how many Natives lived in North America before Columbus,[5] estimates range from a low of 2.1 million (Ubelaker 1976) to 7 million people to (Russell Thornton) to a high of 18 million (Dobyns 1983). [6]

    Thornton, Russell (1990). American Indian holocaust and survival: a population history since 1492. University of Oklahoma Press. pp. 26–32.

    “Microchronology and Demographic Evidence Relating to the Size of Pre-Columbian North American Indian Populations”. Science 16 June 1995: Vol. 268. no. 5217, pp. 1601–1604

  61. Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
    October 10, 2011 - 5:38 pm | Permalink

    @Rehmat: At least there were no Mohammedans, thank goodness!

  62. Rehmat's Gravatar Rehmat
    October 10, 2011 - 5:03 pm | Permalink

    The writer has assumed too many things which has no historical proof. First of all – Christopher Columbus was not the first Whiteman who landed accidently in Americana. Some Irish people had visited some part of the New World before him.

    Second – Both Italians and Portuguese claim Columbus to be native of those countries – but none of those country celebrate Columbus Day.

    If one read the history of American from objective source – he will learn that when Columbus landed in Americana thinking it to be East India – the continent was already inhabitated by 100-150 million people of various colors – White, Brown, Yellow and Black.

    The writer could have said that British convicts were the first White people who landed in Australia in 1788.

    USA has been claimed by different ethnic groups for different reasons. For example Rabbi Posnanski has claimed that the country is the Holy Land promised to Jews by the biblical God.

  63. Jonathan's Gravatar Jonathan
    October 10, 2011 - 4:07 pm | Permalink

    The Americas weren’t really a Eden-like place, you kind of alluded to that, the great prairies were largely created by fires started by the Indians, quoting Denevan:
    “To the contrary, the Indian impact was neither benign nor localized and ephemeral, nor were resources always used in a sound ecological way. The concern here is with the form and magnitude of environmental modification rather than with whether or not Indians lived in harmony with nature with sustainable systems of resource management. Sometimes they did; sometimes they didn’t. What they did was to change their landscape nearly everywhere, not to the extent of post-Colonial Europeans but in important ways that merit attention.”

    “The evidence is convincing. By 1492 Indian activity throughout the Americas had modified forest extent and composition, created and expanded grasslands, and rearranged microrelief via countless artificial earthworks. Agricultural fields were common, as were houses and towns and roads and trails. All of these had local impacts on soil, microclimate, hydrology, and wildlife. This is a large topic, for which this essay offers but an introduction to the issues, misconceptions, and residual problems. The evidence, pieced together from vague ethnohistorical accounts, field surveys, and archaeology, supports the hypothesis that the Indian landscape of 1492 had largely vanished by the mid-eighteenth century, not through a European superimposition, but because of the demise of the native population. The landscape of 1750 was more “pristine” (less humanized) than that of 1492.”

  64. Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
    October 10, 2011 - 4:00 pm | Permalink

    Congratulations to Mr. Edwards for writing as concise, forthright, eloquent, yet still polite an apologia for Columbus and for the celebration of Columbus Day as I have ever been fortunate enough to read.

    I am tickled by one sentence in particular: “The most fortunate day in the ancestral history of any American, regardless of race, color or creed, is the day when one of their ancestors boarded a conveyance to America.” I have no way of knowing whether, when he wrote that sentence, Mr. Edwards had in mind a famous remark of Samuel Johnson to Boswell—”the noblest prospect which a Scotchman ever sees, is the high road that leads him to England!”—but his own sentence certainly doesn’t suffer in the comparison (save, of course, in his naughty resort to their when he should have written his or the more politically acceptable his or her).

  65. October 10, 2011 - 2:04 pm | Permalink

    “Columbus Day celebrates Christopher Columbus, the first European (White person) to come to the Western Hemisphere and make the presence permanent.”

    A slight adjustment to correct this statement would be to add the words “in recorded history” to the end of the sentence. Pre-Columbian art shows whites being sacrificed by Aztecs, who say their culture came from whites. Skeletal remains, including Kennewick man and Spirit Cave man show whites were here permanently at the time the “Indians” came. Some Indian tribes show traces of mitochondrial DNA like that found in ancient European skeletal remains.
    The only conclusion can be that whites were wiped out by the Asian invaders. Could this have been at the time whites were pushing into Asia, thereby pushing them into the Americas?

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