Decline of Whites

Mapping the Rising Tide


Something I have written about time and time again is the issue of White demographic decline in the United States. There are a myriad of reasons for this, but before anyone can even get to why, they need to take stock of what is actually happening and assess the damage. And to get there in the first place, they have to care about it. Without racial consciousness, the entire project of White nationalism is lost.

One motivation that is often pathologized and viewed as a neurotic or weak is fear. How fear is understood varies. One could take a cautious person, or someone with a low time preference, or someone who believes in stability over risk, and belittle them as frightened and fearful. But fear is powerful, because it is the desire to avoid, for lack of a better phrase, bad outcomes. Is there an outcome worse than extinction?

The reason I harp so much on the demographic question is because I don’t want my descendants to have fight their last stand in the woods of Vermont.

Well, that’s a silly thing to say, isn’t it? What are you even talking about? Last stand? What, you think you’re going to get wiped out? Just because America is becoming a non-white majority society doesn’t mean you are being exterminated. I mean sure, you’ll be outnumbered and deprived of political and socio-economic power, but like, what are you, a racist?  That’s just a reflection of our global and diverse world. And sure, you are already hated for being a heterosexual White male oppressor and people who feel this way politically are poised to be permanently in power within a few decades, but like, too bad. You’re just afraid. Also muh Indians.

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Paul Krugman on the glorious coming demise of White political power

In this 2014 interview (beginning ~6:00) Paul Krugman, commenting on the “craziness” of American politics, says (more or less verbatim): A lot of the craziness comes from cultural/ethnic issues—rural White Americans who feel they are losing their country, and they are right. They are losing their country. In the end, the power they now have will go away, but it’s a very difficult and dangerous time until then. The future is represented by Mayor Bill DeBlasio of New York, “but Ted Cruz of Texas is still out there.”

This I think sums up elite/left opinion in America (after all, Krugman writes for the New York Times) and the West generally. The bad old days are nearly behind us with people like Bill De Blasio and his mixed-race family firmly ensconced in positions of power and presiding over super-diverse New York City. They are the wave of the future. The road ahead will be manageable, although dangerous and difficult. The key to the non-crazy future as envisioned by Krugman is to lessen White power. (Another example: Joe Klein writing in Time that it is necessary to import millions of non-Whites as a cure for “our poisonous biracial era.”) Read more

Latest Demographic Data for 2013

“We have an aging white America.  They are not making babies. They are dying. The explosion is in our own [Hispanic] population. … I love it.  They are shitting in their pants with fear. I love it.”  Professor José Ángel Gutiérrez, University of Texas.

Someone hand Mr. Gutiérrezz a clean pair of undies.  It’s his turn.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has just published “Births: Final Data for 2013.”  The implications of this data are enormous, and there are no clear cut winners or losers. It is worth the time of White Nationalists to understand the figures, and to respond by prioritizing our political efforts into channels that prove most effective.

In 2013, every ethnic category (White, Hispanic, Black, Asian and Pacific Islander, and Native American) had a falling Total Fertility Rate (TFR). Remember that a TFR of 2.1 is necessary for replacement, and a higher number is necessary to replace groups with higher death rates. The staff at the CDC, no doubt to remain politically correct, use the 2.1 replacement figure for all racial groups, including Blacks and Hispanics. Read more

The Myth of Jewish Population Decline

In my recent commentary on the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, I mentioned the remarkable achievement of Jewry in co-opting the entire affair to their favour. The attacks, which were clearly a symptom of disastrous immigration and foreign policies (thereby victimizing the native Europeans), were redrawn as an allegory which offered a lesson to Europe on how it should treat its Jews, and the need to tackle what is imagined to be Europe’s ‘anti-Semitism problem.’ Victimized Europe became the aggressor. The immigration-facilitating (and free speech annihilating) Jews became the victim.

The success of the Jewish effort came as a surprise to many of us in White advocacy who, in the initial aftermath of the attack, may well have expected it to have been a net benefit to our cause. The contributing factors of the attack seemed to us so very clear and the implications of unchecked immigration so indisputably negative. And yet, while we rushed to the conclusion that the French National Front would now be a sure bet for the next elections, organized Jewry quietly but successfully hijacked the narrative and suffocated the native European reaction in its infancy. Looking at the situation now, Charlie Hebdo, as a galvanizing cause for European peoples, rights and freedoms, is dead in the water.

The narrative of Jewish victimhood in this instance is, of course, an inversion (one is tempted to say perversion) of the true state of affairs. In much the same way, while senile Europe continues to undergo its slow demographic death, new narratives are emerging which claim that it is European Jewry that is dying, and that ‘evil’ Europe is to blame for this imaginary state of affairs. This new complaint of Jewry has also provided the harping Hebrews with an opportunity to regurgitate rebukes to Europe on the seemingly inexhaustible ‘lessons’ of the Holocaust. Apparently, because of the number of Jewish casualties during World War II, Europe is now duty-bound to maintain a high and consistent Jewish population. Suzanne Vega at Jewish news site JPUpdates writes:

Many thought that the world had learned from the Holocaust and hopefully it would be the last time we saw a major decline in Jewish populations, but in just the last few years we have seen a dramatic dwindling of the Jewish community throughout Europe. With a new wave of anti-Semitism and hate crimes in Europe, especially France and the UK, it has become extremely dangerous for Jews to live in peace, leaving many considering fleeing to Israel.

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Bad News Propaganda: And then some Good News

Bad news is dangerous to one’s health, and even worse for one’s politics. Our Jewish elites spin propaganda that minimizes damage to their own in-group cohesion while simultaneously pumping out a steady stream of pessimistic demographic “news” to the White majority in the United States.

Demographic prediction is particularly useful for propaganda.  It is either an elixir of hope that energizes a base population into effective action, or a poison that kills hope and drains life and motivation from individuals.

Our elites deploy demographic bad news to persuade Whites that the contest for power is over: to lay down our arms, remain silent and acquiesce to their removal from the professions, from leading intuitions: from remunerative jobs and from national culture.  Increasingly Whites are told through a myriad of channels: obey or pay the consequences.

Never mind that the Ashkenazi birthrate is well below replacement, or that only the Orthodox among Jews have a high birthrate — indeed that the Jewish Orthodox appear to sport a significantly lower IQ and are not likely to sustain Jewish elite dominance. The frenzy of concern about Jewish demographic decline (and the angst over Orthodox dominance) suddenly ceased in Jewish publications across the board in the early 2000s. It would appear that bad news about Jewish demographic decline is Bad for the Jews.

Meanwhile many Whites in the United States have absorbed the toxic pessimism of demographic decline so intricately constructed by our elites.  It is easy to understand why.  First, the “news” we get is pre-selected, pre-digested, and vomited up daily for our consumption in news sites, movies, newspapers and blared from speakers in grocery stores, gas stations and coffee shops.  Second, many White nationalists use demographic data to shock our fellow Whites into action, by pointing out the litany of atrocities committed against us on a daily basis.  Who among us are not shocked at the blasphemy of aliens overrunning our sacred temples, deforming out institutions of higher learning, and degrading our national symbols?  Obviously we must speak out.

But predicting the imminent demise of our people in order to “wake up” our base is a mistake. Read more

The Africanization of France: Medical data suggests one-third French births are non-White


Map of percentage of newborns screened for sickle-cell disease, overwhelmingly of Arab, Black, Turkish and Indian descent. In 2006 these made up 27% of newborns, rising to 34.44% in 2012.


I take bold claims from alternative media with a grain of salt. So when the popular French racialist blog Fdesouche (short for “ethnic French”) claimed that around 34.44% of newborns in France in 2012 were non-White, I did not think much of it, supposing this figure was much too high to be realistic. 

I decided to reconsider however when I came across a shockingly bad article in Le Monde supposingly “debunking” Fdesouche’s claim under the patronizing title “Sickle-cell anemia, the genetic disease which is exciting the far-right.” The “rebuttal” is a long collection of sophistic arguments and non-sequiturs*, none of which address Fdesouche’s data purporting to show that demographic change and de-Europeanization in France are rapidly occurring on a massive scale, what the French call le Grand Remplacement or “the Great Displacement.” 

Admittedly, it is very hard to get a handle on the rate of demographic change in France given the lack of official ethnic statistics (I have attempted to provide some sense of the ethnic situation in France with statistics on first- and second-generation immigrantswe know that while ethnic Europeans rapidly converge economically/educationally to the French average, Blacks and Maghrebis do not, and that first-generation North Africans have a relatively high birth rate). We know that Pew forecasts that the United States will have a non-White majority by the 2040s and an Oxford professor has estimated that native Britons will become a minority in their own country by the 2060s. Very obviously France, with a comparable immigration history since World War II, could be on a similar timeline.  Read more

The Amnesty/ Immigration Surge And Senator Schumer’s War Against “White Anglo-Saxons”

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Senator Chuck Schumer, one of the notorious Eight Banditos, gave a revealing speech to the Center for American Progress about the Tea Party  the other day. Conservatism Inc. types like  Bill O’Reillycriticized Schumer’s remarkably blatant call for the IRS to be used against the Tea Party. But more important was Schumer’s equally blatant acknowledgement of the ethnic agenda behind post-1965 immigration policy—and behind the implacable drive for some form of Amnesty/ Immigration Surge, which the House GOP Leadership appears to endorse this week.

Basically, according to Schumer, Tea Partiers are afraid of change. He drew an analogy with the Temperance Movement of the 1920s as a reaction to the changes wrought by the last 1880–1924 immigration Great Wave:

This reaction against social and cultural changes isn’t new to us. Edward Shils, a professor from the University of Chicago, wrote about the Temperance Movement identifying that it was about much more than abolishing liquor.  In the 1880s the U.S. was a rural country and people were on farms and small towns living a clean, God-fearing life. By 1920, America had been urbanized and diversified because of manufacturing, immigration, and so many other forces.

And the cities were a totally different way of life with slums, bars and dance clubs, emerging suburbs and country clubs.  Prohibition was not simply about abolishing alcohol; it was an attempt by rural Americans to pull their country back to a Jeffersonian agricultural ideal that was being rapidly replaced by a new cultural and economic order.

Today, we see the Tea Party doing much of the same thing. Tea Party adherents see an America that’s not reflective of themselves, and the America they have known, and they just don’t like it. [Emphases added throughout].

The reference to Edward Shils is revealing: Shils, a member of the New York Intellectuals—a Jewish intellectual movement reviewed in Chapter 6 of my book The Culture of Critique—was a leading theorist of the idea that attempts by majorities to resist the increase in the power and influence of other groups are contrary to the democratic process. A defining feature of the New York Intellectuals was their hostile reinterpretation of Populism, the anti-elite insurrectionary movement of the 1890s. Read more