The Migrant Rape Epidemic in Germany and the Descent into Madness

Dr. Lasha Darkmoon

QUOS DEUS VULT PERDERE PRIUS DEMENTAT — “Whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.”



“Merkel is at the risk of an imminent mental breakdown and now represents a danger to Germany.” — Hans-Joachim Maaz, top German psychiatrist and best-selling author

The staggering number of sex crimes committed in a single month in Germany (July 2016) by non-White immigrants will give us an idea of the scale of this problem on an annual basis. Never before in peacetime have the women of any single nation been sexually assaulted and raped on such an industrial scale. Females of all ages, from toddlers to women in their late seventies, are included in the grim statistics. Most of the victims are young rather than old; and their assailants, who are of all ages, are almost invariably single men who are described coyly in official documents as “Southerners”, or, more audaciously, as  “dark-skinned foreigners”.

Allow me to insert at this point the first of three lists of sex crimes committed by immigrants to Germany in the single month of July 2016. The three dates are randomly chosen at regular ten-day intervals: July 1, July 10, and July 20. This will give you a pretty good idea of what is going on in Germany nowadays.

First, then, the details for July 1, 2016.

July 1, 2016:  A 25-year-old migrant from Pakistan sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl in a public square in Perleberg. A “southern guy” (südländischer Typ) sexually assaulted a young woman in Nürnberg. A “dark-skinned” man (dunkelhäutig) groped a 15-year-old girl in Magdeburg. A 34-year-old migrant exposed himself to passersby in Oldenburg. A man speaking “broken German” sexually assaulted a 20-year-old woman in Ibbenbüren.

Police were searching for a “southern looking man” (südländisch aussehende Mann) who assaulted a 73-year-old man walking his dog in Sindelfingen. The migrant came up behind the elderly man, grabbed his crotch and demanded to have sex with him. The elderly man tried to get away by getting into his parked car, but the migrant jumped into the passenger seat and again demanded sex. The migrant ran away when a passerby walking her three dogs approached the parked car.

Meanwhile, a 32-year-old migrant from Afghanistan photographed two girls, age 12 and 14, who were swimming in the Iller River in Illertissen. As they got out of the water, the man offered to pay them for sex.

(See Appendix, here)

The sexual assault on a 73-year-old German pensioner by a male asylum seeker is not only highly exceptional but probably unprecedented in the annals of German history. Attractive little boys often feature as objects of migrant sexual ardor, especially in swimming pools, but wrinkled and tottering old timers in their seventies?—this simply has to be a first. Something perhaps for the Guinness Book of World Records or Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

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—  §  —

The claim that all these rapist hordes from faraway places are desperate “refugees” can be dismissed out of hand as arrant nonsense. Desperate fugitives fleeing persecution in their own lands don’t repay their new hosts by raping their hosts’ womenfolk as soon as they arrive in their new European El Dorado, while begging for asylum at the same time. The idea is self-contradictory. Absurd. These are invaders, pure and simple.

Whether the incoming swarms from the Third World are “Muslims” or not is commonly thought to be irrelevant, at least by the presstitutes of the mainstream media. Not only are ridiculous efforts being made to suppress the ethnic origin of the criminals—too much candor is seen as “racist”—but disingenous attempts are sometimes made to give the impression that the criminals could be white. (See here)

It needs to be pointed out in the interests of accuracy that these migrants for the most part come from countries where Islam is the official religion, i.e., Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and various African countries. Most good Muslims would obviously like to disown these bad Muslims, claiming they are either bogus Muslims or Muslims only in name. But it becomes exceedingly hard to sustain this argument if the same people who are responsible for the plethora of sex crimes listed in this article (and carefully documented in police reports) are also regular mosque attendees, observe Ramadan, read the Qur’an, forbid pork, praise sharia law, insist on their women being veiled, and shout “Allahu Akbar!” at moments of high tension.

According to a recent Gatestone Institute Report, sexual prowlers from foreign lands can now be found lurking in almost every corner. No German is safe from attack in the new multicultural madhouse.

During the month of July 2016, hundreds of German women and children were sexually assaulted by migrants The youngest victim was nine; the oldest, 79. Attacks occurred at beaches, bike trails, cemeteries, discotheques, grocery stores, music festivals, parking garages, playgrounds, schools, shopping malls, taxis, public transportation (buses, trams, intercity express trains and subways), public parks, public squares, public swimming pools and public restrooms. Predators are lurking everywhere; safety [is found] nowhere.Germany’s Migrant Rape Crisis Spirals out of Control: Suppression of data about migrant rapes is ‘Germany-wide phenomenon.’” by Soeren Kern (August 9, 2016)

These crimes can be neatly classified, beginning with the relatively mild and continuing along a spectrum of escalating severity to the most injurious. Here are some of the indignities to which European women are now being subjected by sexually out-of-control migrants who should never have been let into Europe in the first place. I have identified 17 main categories, though more probably exist:

(1) Low-level sexual harassment, e.g., unwelcome propositions, unsolicited attentions, attempts to “get fresh”. (2) Rude staring at women in trains, waiting rooms etc. (3) Rude finger gestures, obscene tongue thrusting, offensive noises. (4) Bottom pinching. (5) Verbal abuse accompanied by obscenities. (See Appendix, July 23: “We will f**k you, lady!”). (6) Photographing women up their skirts with cell phones. (7) Indecent exposure. (8) Indecent exposure accompanied by masturbation. (9) Groping women. (10) Multiple groping of women by gangs of migrants working in teams. Known as taharrush attacks. (taharrush gamea = “group harassment” in Arabic; taharrush gamea el-ginsy = group sexual harassment). Such attacks have been launched against Western women in Egypt, Germany, Sweden and elsewhere. (* See Note on taharrush attacks below). (11) Forcible fellatio. (12) Sexual assaults with violence, stopping short of rape. (13) Getting women drunk  or spiking their drinks in bars with the date rape drug Rohypnol, preliminary to raping them while unconscious. (14) Simple rape, without unnecessary violence, to which a woman will submit passively rather than risk disfigurement and death. (15) Violent rape with grievous bodily harm. (16) Gang rape. (17) Rape or gang rape followed by murder.

* Note on taharrush attacks.  A Swedish police report on the taharrush phenomenon has this to say:

In at least ten cases, a lone girl, sometimes around 14-16 years old, sometimes 25-30, was surrounded by several men (from 5-6 up to a large number). In these cases, some of the men held the girl down, while others groped her breasts and body, and in one case some of the men photographed the attack.

In some cases, the perpetrators unbuttoned the girl’s pants and tried—in some cases succeeded—to pull them down before help arrived. There were also cases where several girls who were part of a group were attacked at the same time by a large gang.

A few suspects have been identified. Those identified are citizens of Afghanistan, Eritrea and Somalia. All investigations into cases in Stockholm and Kalmar from 2014 and 2015 were dropped due to lack of evidence or problems with identifying suspects.



This German girl was viciously attacked and disfigured on New Year’s Eve at Stuttgart. She needed surgical treatment. According to her father, her attackers were immigrants. (See here for further details about taharrush, the “rape game” played across Europe by Third World migrants).

—  §  —   

Germany’s migrant rape epidemic received one of its earliest reports in September 2015, and again in March 2016. The problem has now spread to cities and towns in all 16 of Germany’s federal states. After factoring in family reunifications, the actual number of migrants could exceed 10 million soon, it has been predicted, and some believe that “Germany’s Muslim population is on track to nearly quadruple to an astonishing 20 million by 2020.”

Is this “scare politics”? Possibly.

N24 television news reports reveal that up to 50 per cent of the asylum seekers arriving in Germany have gone into hiding and their whereabouts are unknown by German authorities. What does this mean? It means there are a lot of illegal immigrants in Germany who have evaded the official statistics. They fuel Germany’s black economy and contribute to much of its crime. Amazingly, 300 newcomers arrive in Germany every hour.

List of Migrant Sex Crimes in Germany, 10 July 2016:

A 19-year-old asylum seeker from Pakistan sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl at a public swimming pool in Mörfelden-Walldorf. He was arrested and released. A 17-year-old migrant sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl at a public swimming pool in Hamm. A “southerner” or “African” (südländisch, afrikanisch) man sexually assaulted a 24-year-old woman at a public swimming pool in Babenhausen. A 27-year-old migrant from Afghanistan sexually assaulted two 13-year-old girls at a public swimming pool in Rinteln. Two males aged 16 and 21 sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl at a public swimming pool in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. A “dark-skinned” (dunklen Teint) man sexually assaulted a 37-year-old woman at a public swimming pool in Dachau.

Two migrants from Iran sexually assaulted three women in downtown Munich. A 28-year-old Syrian asylum seeker exposed himself to a 48-year-old woman in Schweinfurt. A group of migrants from North Africa harassed several women in downtown Flensburg. When a passerby stepped in to help the women, the migrants used an electroshock weapon to incapacitate him.

Two “foreigners” sexually assaulted two women in downtown Chemnitz. The attack led to a street fight between non-Germans and Germans, several of whom were injured. Police arrested a 19-year-old migrant from Libya for assaulting one of the women. After questioning, he was set free. A Turkish taxi driver attempted to rape an intoxicated 26-year-old female passenger in Heidelberg. A man “presumably of foreign origin” (vermutlich ausländischer Herkunft) groped a young girl in Hammelburg.

(See Appendix, here)

And that’s only a small selection of migrant sex crimes committed in Germany on one day: July 10, 2016. Since most sex crimes go unreported, the number of migrant sex crimes actually committed in Germany (and elsewhere in Europe) on an annual basis must be truly staggering.


THE RAPE OF EUROPE“Do Not Go Outdoors Alone!”

Right-wing Polish magazine W Sieci was slammed for its controversial ‘Islamic Rape of Europe’ cover. Picture: Janek Skarzynski; Source: AFP

—  §  —

Here is a Muslim on a YouTube video. Listen to his rant. You’ll be hearing more talk like this soon. He’s not going to kill us quickly and violently with bombs and box cutters, he’s going to kill us slowly and non-violently with birth rates!

“I am telling you honestly, Islam will come to Germany, whether you like it or not. Your daughter will wear a headscarf (hijab). Your son will wear a beard. Okay. And your daughter will marry a bearded man.

We are reproducing faster and faster. You Germans are not getting any children. In the best case, you get two children. We make seven to eight children. Okay, mate? And then we take four wives each, we have 22 children!  Maybe you Germans have one child and a dog, huh? And that’s it!

Listen, mate. This is not our fault, it’s your fault. You exploited our countries, colonized our countries.

And so Allah (blessed be his name), Almighty God will make it so that we will conquer you. Not with war, here in Germany, but with birth rates, first and foremost!  Secondly, we will marry your daughters! And your daughter will wear a Muslim headscarf!

That’s how it is, mate! Now you can get really mad! I can already see the hate in your eyes!”

If you have time, check out this 4-minute video of a young African bragging about how he and other Black immigrants are going to conquer Europe and impregnate every beautiful White woman they can. “We are taking Europe from the Europeans and they are too stupid to fight back,” he gloats. (0.30). “They are going to pay us to conquer them and take their land.” (1.20). He adds with a smile, “What I look forward to most is the destruction of European womanhood.” (1.30).

Talking of the “destruction of European womanhood,” take a quick look at this 1-minute video clip. This will give you an insight into the unimaginable depravities to which German women are now being exposed after the invasion of the migrant body snatchers. Here is a migrant boasting in broken German about the gang rape of a young girl on a bunk bed, a virgin, seven of them jumping her at once. English subtitles:

“Adim switched off the light and f****d her. (0.14) … She cried after that, she couldn’t go any longer. (0.45) … And we, like pigs we spit on her. Sperm and dirt all over her. We really got milked. (0.47) … DUDE, it was a virgin! And we DESTROYED her with seven guys, dude. (0.57).

And so it seems we’re  all on board now for a new Europe in which the inhabitants of Africa (population 1.2 billion) will be given every opportunity to relocate to Europe and interbreed with the White women they encounter there, mass-producing in the process a long assembly line of babies that are neither Black nor White but some intermediate shade of color. Add to this multicultural brew the seething masses of Asia (4.4 billion) and the pullulating Muslim populations of the world  (1.6 billion), and then wave placards saying “Refugees Welcome!” and “Welcome Lovely Humans!”—and what do you have?

Answer: Hell on earth.

I don’t think Orwell foresaw this multicultural superstate. This is something new. All we can be sure of is that this Eurostan—the new European superstate now in the making—will be a multicultural dystopia rife with race wars, gang rapes, cheap foreign labor, widespread unemployment for the dispossessed White minority, bullying bosses, cowed workers, overflowing prisons, fatcat lawyers, psychotic politicians, police state surveillance, fabricated news items, false flag attacks, demoralized families, dysfunctional children, schools for morons, mass suicides, manufactured diseases, promoted perversions, drug addiction, gambling, prostitution, pornography, serial killers on the rampage, and nonstop mindless entertainment for the zombified masses.

It will be a dog-eat-dog world of unimaginable cruelty. A nightmare horrorshow that neither Dante nor Hieronymus Bosch ever anticipated in their wildest dreams. If you’re White and dispossessed in this New Dystopia, you’re a dead man walking. Get ready for the Abolition of the White race.

List of Migrant Sex Crimes committed in Germany: July 20, 2016

A group of men with “Arab roots” (arabischstämmig) sexually assaulted five girls, aged 10 to 14, at a public swimming pool in Kirchheim. The men, all between the ages of 20 and 30, groped the girls and tore off the tops and bottoms of their swimming suits. Mayor Angelika Matt-Heidecker, who said she was “horrified” by the assaults, revealed that she had given the migrants permanent pool passes, free of charge. Local citizens are required to pay €90 ($100) for the same pass.

A “dark skinned” man (dunkelhäutigen Mann) raped a 49-year-old woman in Oldenburg. A man “presumably originating from abroad” (mutmaßlich aus dem Ausland stammende Mann) attempted to assault a 17-year-old girl on a bus in Bietigheim-Bissingen. Police say a search for the perpetrator has been “unsuccessful.” Three migrants from Afghanistan sexually assaulted at least eight women at a public swimming pool in Mönchengladbach. A 52-year-old migrant from Afghanistan sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl at a public swimming pool in Marklohe. A group of “Black Africans” (Schwarzafrikaner) sexually assaulted several women at a public swimming pool in Lörrach.

A 31-year-old asylum seeker from Syria was arrested for sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl in Regensburg. Four “southern looking” (südländischem Aussehen) men assaulted a woman in Varel. A “Pakistani-looking” man sexually assaulted a 23-year-old woman at a grocery store in Lüneburg. A 34-year-old migrant from Iran sexually assaulted a 20-year-old woman on the subway in Munich. A 44-year-old migrant from Sudan sexually assaulted three children between the ages of 13 and 17 at a youth center in Aurich. (See Appendix, here)

I find this catalogue of crimes overwhelming. I have to ask myself: is Angela Merkel raving mad to throw open the gates of Germany to these unruly savages from the Third World? Are the German people themselves suffering from some kind of collective psychosis that compels them to welcome their own race killers with open arms? It would seem so.


God help the world if this collective insanity that has infected the Europeans should make its way across the Atlantic and bring America to its knees.


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86 Comments to "The Migrant Rape Epidemic in Germany and the Descent into Madness"

  1. AntiYuppie's Gravatar AntiYuppie
    September 5, 2016 - 8:05 pm | Permalink

    I recently spoke to 4-5 different Germans/Austrians about this, mostly “professional” yuppie types. Some live in Germany (Munich), some in Austria (Vienna), some in the US but often travel back. Not a single one had anything bad to say about migrants or frau Merkel’s policies. According to them, this is not a problem at all, Germany needs immigrants to fill the demographic vacuum, migrants will pay their old-age pensions etc. They basically parroted the regime party line, but sounded sincere, like they actually believed in what they were saying. A few years ago I had a similar experience when – at a dinner I tried to – ever so blandly and politely – have a more nuanced discussion about WWII (i.e. not black & white, but very dark grey and very light grey). The result was – I was never again invited to dinner.
    What can I say – Americans did a fantastic job in brainwashing an entire nation after WWII.

    • Sir Toby's Gravatar Sir Toby
      September 7, 2016 - 4:20 pm | Permalink

      What can I say – Americans did a fantastic job in brainwashing an entire nation after WWII.

      So what else must happen to make you understand: There is NO Germany anymore. And there are NO Germans any longer! They all passed away in 1945. All you can REALLY find there today ist a creature you created after you won the war. And what you can see in what you still call ‘Germany’ or ‘Germans’ is what you’ll get in a not so far future. But let me ask you a question: What is your (Angloamericans) benefit at last??? I tried to find an answer for this question for decades – but … I always failed. Unfortunately. Perhaps you can give me a sufficient explanation.

      • PPight1931's Gravatar PPight1931
        September 8, 2016 - 12:03 pm | Permalink
        Merkel muss weg! – Julia

      • Richard Edmonds's Gravatar Richard Edmonds
        September 10, 2016 - 11:23 am | Permalink

        Dr. Lasha Darkmoon asks, ” is Angela Merkel raving mad to throw open the gates of Germany to these unruly savages from the Third World ? Are the German people themselves suffering from some kind of collective psychosis that compels them to welcome their own race killers with open arms ? It would seem so.”

        Sir Toby asks ” What benefit did the Anglo-Americans derive from the two World Wars ?” No benefit at all. The madness currently taking place in Germany will soon engulf Britain and the USA, that’s for sure.

        The question should be put to the political class of the USA and Britain: What possible benefit was there for any of us in Roosevelt’s and Churchill’s war-mongering in the late 1930s ? Was not one fratricidal war, the First, not enough ? Did millions more white men have to die in a Second World War ?

        That the Germans give every sign of being insane, is not surprising: twice the whole White world has attacked them and beaten them into submission. To this day, Germany is officially declared to be the Enemy State by the United Nations Organisation, as set up in the summer of 1945 by the victorious Allies [USA, Soviet Union, G.B.].

        Did you know that Germany is STILL, even today, declared the “enemy of the world”, as per the UNO ?

  2. Betty's Gravatar Betty
    September 5, 2016 - 3:44 pm | Permalink

    I never heard of the Hooten Plan until this article. I knew of Kalergi’s plan. European/Caucasian Christian peoples
    are in cross-hairs (look at the Iraqi/Syrian Christian situation).
    The AfD party did not do as well in elections but Mad Mommy Merkel (MMM) is spooked and blathering about stopping immigration and starting repatriations. The Donald’s polling numbers look good. But the globalists are not going down without a fight. Nicholas Sarkozy (metisage obligatoire) is back. Paul Krugman’s Sept. 5 column is worried about Trump. Mexican president Nieto is angry and worried because if Trump wins and the wall gets built, he and the Mexican elites will have to deal with the problems in their country and the problems of their repatriated people.
    Next, the RCC. In Germany, many RCCers are leaving the church, depriving the mostly homo German clergy of
    their lucrative income (gays love their bling). I bet they are talking to MMM and this could be another reason for her schizo positions. However, pope Frannie just established a special office for migration and he will be involved in it. The USA RCC is also worried. On a recent RCC cable show
    EWTN The Journey Home – the host Marcus Grodi was talking about trying to convert more people in the USA to the RCC. They know that when the illegals go there will a huge reduction in the RCC. The USA bishops wanted the RCC illegals because they were going to show Americans how to be Catholic. This madness has to be stopped. Do not give money to the RCC, no Third World volunteering or donations. Wikileaks released documents that George Soros has infiltrated the RCC and is trying to change its positions. Pope Frannie just added taking care of the environment to works of mercy. If you pollute, just confess and your penance will probably be to pick up some rubbish on the street (Obama just signed the climate treaty-interesting). No more preaching about the 7 deadly sins or how to fight jihad. This 50 Shades of Grey pope is not black and white about RCC absolutes, but is relativistic when it will help advance the New World Over.

    King of the cucks Glen Beck announced he will fight the racist and evil alt-right and said immigration is not the problem. Good signs in that the left is worried about Trump, but so is the right. But, it is the cucks that cause the most problems. I read a comment on some
    website “cucks can’t even stop pervert trans men from using girls’ bathrooms. The CCC male. Commentator Franklin Ryckaert suggested a link for podcast about “entryism.” It was very interesting, but as much direct action as possible is better. People are not watching most Hollywood movies. The Colin Kapernick affair will destroy the black-dominated sports industry even more. The Zioevangier cuck preacher Perry Stone is losing money and will have to talk his program off tv stations. Putting the pressure on the RCC/Zioevangizers is starting to have an effect.
    Cucks and gentile libertards will join forces to defeat the nationalist movements. The Orthodox
    church does not have these problems. Eastern Europe is fine. It is the West – the Vatican, Germany, France that are the problems.

    Focus on IQ and evolution in discussing politics. Present facts about how many problems will be solved when low IQ blacks/Asians are removed. Focus on destroying the monstrous “noble lie” of the equality of men.

  3. Karen T's Gravatar Karen T
    September 5, 2016 - 11:45 am | Permalink

    The Fraser Institute Report states immigrants cost the federal government $23 billion annually imposing on Canadian taxpayers a huge fiscal burden, and that the newcomers pay half as much in taxes as “regular” (a polite way of saying White?) Canadians while absorbing the same value of government services, costing taxpayers roughly $6,051 per immigrant. Also, there are the personal irritations such as long waiting lists for surgery, traffic congestion, destruction of once nice neighbourhoods and the environment. The Great White North is no more. According to the last census taken in 2011 we have 1,567,400 East Asians, mainly from India and Pakistan, 1,324,700 Chinese, and 945,700 Blacks mainly from Haiti, Jamaica and Somalia. It’s impacted every aspect of our lives and we White Canadians are becoming 2nd rate citizens…..

  4. John's Gravatar John
    September 5, 2016 - 9:45 am | Permalink

    I have been in conflict with our new, transformed society for years now. I have been in fights and verbal confrontations with bugaboos and leftists and lowlife whites in general and have been called into the associate Dean’s office and had many visits from the police over these confrontations and I have been banned from too many web sites to count including Quora for pointing out things as factual as BOJS homicide stats. I have resisted the racial and cultural transformation of our society and most of my fellow whites have not so in a way the majority of Germans deserve what they are now getting. Yesterday, they had another regional election in Germany and the AfD only got about 20 percent of the vote. The majority of Germans are fools plain and simple. The whites who did not go along to get along are the only ones who don’t deserve what is now happening to them.

  5. Armor's Gravatar Armor
    September 4, 2016 - 6:52 pm | Permalink

    Found on David Duke’s website: “37,460 White women and girls were raped by Black men in the United States in 2005. That is more than 100 White women raped by Blacks every day. In contrast, the government figures show that there are almost no rapes by White men against Black women.”

    This makes me think that the situation in the USA is probably worse than in Germany. I don’t understand what’s going on in German swimming pools, but it seems absurd that the North African Arabs who rape girls in Germany would be so much more aggressive than the North African Arabs who live in France in much greater numbers.

    I think we need to find out what is the non-White percentage of the population in every country. That would show better than interracial crime stats what White countries are the deepest in trouble.

  6. September 4, 2016 - 6:15 pm | Permalink

    This can only be accomplished if the architects of the destruction of western civilization are also deported to their true home Israel.

    • John's Gravatar John
      September 5, 2016 - 1:41 pm | Permalink

      I agree. Simple and EFFECTIVE and FAIR considering Israel only grants Israeli nationality to Jews. Deport them ALL and let God sort them out to paraphrase a different expression.

  7. buckle's Gravatar buckle
    September 4, 2016 - 12:32 pm | Permalink

    It doesn’t require the services of a WN to understand that the present policy towards Russia is madness. The best option for America is to secure its own border and withdraw its troops from Germany. It is in the best interests of Germany to either secure a pact with Russia or dissolve itself. In its present state it will simply attract the attention of the lunatic fringe of France and “team GB” who retain a pathological hatred towards the Germanic tribes.

  8. September 4, 2016 - 11:39 am | Permalink

    What a tour de force of the hellhole that Germany has become! Sweden is very similar and in this case I can supplement the horror story with some statistics:

    Immigrants in Sweden rape 16.4 times more than swedes relative to head count.

    In 2015 immigrants in Sweden made up 29.6 % of the population, and committed 87.3 % of the rapes.

  9. Bramble's Gravatar Bramble
    September 4, 2016 - 8:53 am | Permalink

    “Never before in peacetime have the women of any single nation been sexually assaulted and raped on such an industrial scale”, and the rape of a 73-year-old pensioner was “probably unprecedented in the annals of German history”. Shockingly, neither of these two claims are true, as Lasha Darkmoon herself knows, because she edited J.A. Sexton’s powerful review of the book “Hellstorm” by Thomas Goodrich, describing the horrific PEACETIME gang rapes of German women and children of all ages, carried out by Mongol & Tartar recruits to the Russian Army, a sadistic orgy ruthlessly encouraged and supervised by Jewish Bolshevik officers. See Sexton’s excellent review “Hellstorm: The Rape and Mass Murder of German Women AFTER WWII” on the Veterans Today website, November 26, 2014. These and today’s Muslim atrocities against Germany appear to be yet another example of Endless, Depraved Jewish Revenge, getting others to carry it out for them. Even the current war against Syria can be traced back to Hebrew revenge against ancient Assyria, and it seems that bloodthirsty, limitless, sadistic revenge is a fundamental feature of Hebrew culture and tradition, a genocidal Old Testament revenge that is NEVER satisfied until every last descendant of the “enemies” have been tortured and exterminated off the face of the Earth.

    • September 4, 2016 - 1:43 pm | Permalink

      @ Bramble

      I have already explained all this in a long comment below. The contemporary atrocities I have been dealing with are sex crimes committed in PEACE TIME. I made that crystal clear. The sex crimes YOU are referring to, however, are atrocities committed in WAR time. The two sets of crimes cannot be compared.

      The sex crimes (mass rapes) you refer to occurred mostly between 1944 and 1947, the period covered by Thomas Goodrich in his book, Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany (1944-1947).

      I have explained that these were war time atrocities, not peace time atrocities, even though the war ended officially in 1945.

      What took place in Germany after the war had officially ended was in many ways as bad, if not worse, than what went on during the war — though that may be hard to imagine. Several million Germans died AFTER the war was over, and German women were being raped by Allied forces (mostly by Stalin’s Red Army) in huge numbers in 1946 and 1947 and even in later years.

      Though you may think this was “peace time”, many would disagree. This was a continuation of the war after peace had been officially declared.

      Scroll down to my comment explaining all this in detail, giving several grisly quotes.

      Lasha Darkmoon
      September 3, 2016 – 2:55 am | Permalink

      @ Regret Left

      I’m glad you brought this subject up. You are correct. Nothing can possibly equal the monstrous cruelties inflicted on German women in the final years of WWII and its aftermath. Over 2 million women were raped. Women of all ages, from little children to old women in their eighties. Nuns were raped in their convents, geriatrics were raped in hospitals. Children had their heads bashed out against walls, in the presence of their mothers.

      ETC . . . ETC . . . ETC . . .

      Scroll down and continue reading here:

      Lasha Darkmoon (In reply to Regret Left):
      September 3, 2016 – 2:55 am | Permalink

      • Bramble's Gravatar Bramble
        September 5, 2016 - 9:26 am | Permalink

        Don’t try this deliberate obfuscation with me. THE WAR ENDED IN 1945. These gang rapes were committed in PEACETIME, and you ought to give the original author J.A. Sexton the proper credit for his/her work, instead of slowly absorbing it, amoeba-like, and sticking your own name on it. Soon Sexton’s name will be quietly dropped altogether, no doubt, like Alfred Vail’s name was dropped by the more powerful Samuel Morse, who took Vail’s Code and named it “Morse Code”.

  10. Paul Shelton's Gravatar Paul Shelton
    September 3, 2016 - 3:19 pm | Permalink

    It’s funny Lasha describes sexually assaulting an old timer as an anomaly. Blacks frequently rape old white ladies here in the U.S.A. In one case I read about, the woman was ninety-one!

    • September 3, 2016 - 4:30 pm | Permalink

      Yes, of course you’re right. Old women get raped quite a lot in America, especially by young blacks. I guess I wouldn’t have found this particular case an “anomaly” if it had been a man-on-woman rape. Nor would I have found it anomalous if it had been an older man raping an attractive young boy. What I found exceptional about this particular case was that the victim was a 73-year-old German pensioner (male) who was doing his best to evade the clutches of a young asylum seeker of the same sex.

      The incident definitely has something bizarre about it:

      Police were searching for a “southern looking man” (südländisch aussehende Mann) who assaulted a 73-year-old man walking his dog in Sindelfingen. The migrant came up behind the elderly man, grabbed his crotch and demanded to have sex with him. The elderly man tried to get away by getting into his parked car, but the migrant jumped into the passenger seat and again demanded sex. The migrant ran away when a passerby walking her three dogs approached the parked car.

      To my mind, that’s a bit weird.

  11. buckle's Gravatar buckle
    September 3, 2016 - 12:02 pm | Permalink

    The crisis is nothing compared to what happened in 1945-1946 when Germany was occupied by the allies and the Soviets. Then the violation stats went through the roof. One estimate puts the figure at 100,000 in Berlin alone.

    German unification was an error and needs to be reversed. East Germany should break away from the West and look to its former friends in Eastern Europe. Similarly, the Western territories need to be broken up using Hungary and Austria as their role models.

    • Floda's Gravatar Floda
      September 3, 2016 - 11:28 pm | Permalink

      I’ll make a prediction: Trump will win the US Presidential election in spite of the hostile US media and begins to remove Illegals on day one. After a few months it becomes widely understood, instead of the estimated 11 Million illegals, the actual number is closer to 50 Million.

      Trumps ‘Border force’ agency, together with welfare denial and other administrative measures soon begins to see over a million leaving monthly. The US Military uses Gun Boat diplomacy to convince reluctant Central and South American nations that accepting their nationals as returnees is very much in their best interests.

      Meanwhile the ‘Trump Wall’ is taking shape and the entire country is cheering Trump on as the man of the hour. Web sites begin keeping account of the numbers leaving America and one year into his first term sees over 10 million undocumented people gone.

      Europeans, seeing how America is so effectively cleansing itself, turn to their Nationalist Politicians. Le Pen is elected as the French President, Merkel is removed and quietly placed into an insane asylum. Gert Wilders is in office in Holland. Britain and France have pledged to use their Navies to patrol the Med and forcibly TURN BACK the boats in the manner of the AUSTRALIAN model, where it has been a great success for several years.

      President Trump and Vladimir Putin have reached an agreement to jointly use US and Russian Military to set up safe areas in each African nation to which Europe’s ‘migrants’ nationals can be repatriated. Cost of maintaining these is provided 50% by Germany the balance by each country according to the numbers of ‘migrants’ it has sent there.

      At the end of his first term President Trump’s great wall is finished and America no longer looks and feels like a third World country. Changes to NAFTA have brought back manufacturing and Jobs as has America’s rebuilding of Roads Bridges and infrastructure every where. In European countries from which millions have departed, people wake in fright, as if from a bad dream.

      • September 4, 2016 - 11:39 am | Permalink

        Hello Floda, your prediction is a clear and positive plan. This plan is very simple and all its goals can be achieved. The means to achieve this are well known and they are tested in history several times, with good success. From now on, since you have given this simple and important plan, we can work step by step in order to fulfill this plan. —
        Today there has been a regional election in Germany, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. 21% for the AfD und 3% for the NPD, together that is 24% for two “Germany-loving-parties”. This number is growing. So Germany´s citizens are waking up, slowly, but more and more.

      • JM's Gravatar JM
        September 4, 2016 - 11:19 pm | Permalink

        That’s the kind of optimism we need! It’s not misplaced. I was viewing a video by Kevin MacDonald – only a few years’ old – addressing a Danish (?) audience in which he said that he was very pessimistic about the future of the US and that if action was to come it would have to be by the Europeans. What a difference a year or two makes! Now the US is in the lead.

    • John's Gravatar John
      September 5, 2016 - 1:51 pm | Permalink

      Buckle, you spouted nonsense. East and West Germans are one people divided after the war. The ethnic Germans and Austrians are also one people divided by a different, earlier war.

  12. September 3, 2016 - 6:25 am | Permalink

    Lasha. Good piece, although we all know that the root causes of this social pathology lie far deeper. Chancellor Angela Merkel is part of collective German neurosis imposed by the Allies in the aftermath of 1945. German ethno-masochist behavior, i.e., holier than the pope mimicry (aka more Jew-friendly than Jews are to themselves) by the German elites, must be closely cloned by other European states. All European peoples had their big share of “baaad Naazis”—hence they must now de-demonize themselves by adopting polices of open-door political promiscuousness. The current self-perceptions and self-projections of Afro-Asian-Levantine migrants storming into Germany is a predictable response to Germany’s decades- long self-denial and her culture of guilt (“Schuldkultur”) imposed by the American re-educators in the aftermath of WWII. Too much time has been wasted on rehashing the Soviet savagery in occupied parts of Germany and elsewhere in Europe, yet sophisticated methods of mind altering, carried out by the American professors and their Jewish colleagues after 1945 are rarely analyzed in full. Even a migrant with very low IQ and prone to criminal behavior knows vaguely how the burden of history incapacitates Germans; hence, he can judicially get away with a crime for which in his country of origin he would be shot on the spot.

    • Sylvie's Gravatar Sylvie
      September 4, 2016 - 4:54 pm | Permalink

      It cannot be emphasized enough that the “Allies” – essentially Jews backed by US military authority – implemented the biggest brainwashing program ever forced upon to a defeated country.
      It began in 1945 with “denazification”, which among others removed 40% of all German university professors, replacing them with medium and low level scientists. All school books of the NS area were “burnt” (prohibited). All media outlets required allied licenses, which, of course, selected the most anti-German journalists (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Spiegel, Zeit,…), and so on.

      When this was finished the US unleashed their Frankfurt School Jews: Marcuse, Adorno, Horkheimer and the gang. They finished denazification with “critical theories” about German character and rise of nazism and are at the base of the leftist takeover of practically all German parties, especially the “Greens” (e.g. “street fighter” and later foreign minister Joschka Fischer).

      This was so effective that some of the Green’s deputy luminaries could declare openly that they were not unhappy if Germany ceased to exist.

      • Armor's Gravatar Armor
        September 4, 2016 - 7:13 pm | Permalink

        “the biggest brainwashing program ever”

        It’s more or less the same in other White countries. I think the Jewish dictatorship relies much less on brainwashing than on intimidation, censorship and direct force. Merkel has used her police-backed authority to open the borders. She didn’t ask the Germans for their opinion. She knows they would have said NEIN. They are only half-brainwashed.

        For example, no one believes the Frankfurt School theories. That kind of rubbish is only useful to fill the void left by the censorship of real European elites. At the same time, the censorship makes it very difficult for people to organize a resistance movement.

        • Michael Adkins's Gravatar Michael Adkins
          September 5, 2016 - 1:42 pm | Permalink


          “censorship makes it very difficult for people to organize a resistance movement.”

          And a good example of censorship is the speed with which the Southern Poverty Law Center attacked the “White Lives Matter Movement” hear in the United States. It seems any attempt (right or wrong) by Europeans to show unity is immediately suppressed by a supposed authority figure NGO or the corporate media.

      • the real T's Gravatar the real T
        September 4, 2016 - 11:12 pm | Permalink

        “The US unleashed the Frankfurt School on the Germans?” Germany unleashed them on us. The Frankfurt school was German Jews. ..from Frankfurt, Germany. Not American jews. Thus “The Frankfurt School” doesn’t mean Frankfort, Kentucky.

        • John's Gravatar John
          September 5, 2016 - 1:56 pm | Permalink

          They weren’t in Germany during the war, now were they? They were in America and calling the shots as Lindbergh understood and Patton learned.

  13. Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
    September 3, 2016 - 1:23 am | Permalink

    (((Gatestone Institute)))! John Bolton, Chairman; Nina Rosenwald, President; HQ, New York. Adjust for echoes.

  14. Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
    September 2, 2016 - 10:32 pm | Permalink

    Outside of government-sponsored myth-making, killing with a box-cutter is going to be quite a difficult exercise (death of a thousand cuts comes to mind). Allahu Akbar! doesn’t override physical reality.

  15. Fenria's Gravatar Fenria
    September 2, 2016 - 9:00 pm | Permalink

    This is an agenda, and we all know whose agenda this is. This is not some chance event; the product of bad or uninformed choices. This was MEANT to happen. It was planned. It was executed. It has been talked about in hushed tones in the universities and annals of power all over the west for decades now. These muslims are the smoke, but the fire is, once again, those who cannot be named, and all of this simply so that white people can never again have the power to kick them out. My confusion is simply concerning how much of this disaster our people will take until they openly revolt. IF they openly revolt. How can a once great people just sleepwalk through their own destruction? It boggles the mind.

  16. Gaylord Retclyffe's Gravatar Gaylord Retclyffe
    September 2, 2016 - 5:59 pm | Permalink

    This war against Germany has now lasted two years more than the Hundred Years’ War of the 14/15 centuries. In 1918 the Second Reich was dismantled, large swaths of land forcibly ceded to the “victors”, millions of Germans placed under foreign rule. But the “soul” of the nation was still intact. That was murdered by 1945, accompanied by massive territorial annexation, brutal expulsion, wholesale slaughter and rape of countless people. Now it’s a soulless and landless rump state, at the mercy of those who always wanted it destroyed, and here I mean the Anglo rulers of the world who cannot and will not tolerate any power in their league. Amazingly, even this “soulless and landless” rump state rallied one last time to become, even in its miserably reduced state, a formidable power based on the residue of character, virtue, skill, and discipline. That could not stand. Decades of Anglo occupation and brainwashing have produced a servile, mindless populace all too eager to swallow a Burger King and be entertained by Donald Duck, not to mention the totally alien celebration of Hallowe’en and the introduction of master’s and bachelor’s degrees in the universities which, for hundreds of years, had magister and baccalaureate degrees in an education system which was the envy of the world. Now the final trumpet has sounded: after land and soul there remains one thing to be destroyed: the genetic substance (Kaufmann’s “dream” of sterilizing all Germans). After the mass rape by Mongolian hordes in the aftermath of WW II comes the mass assault by Africans and Asians. Now finally Germany and the rest of Europe will become to look like England and the USA: a hodgepodge of population fragments with no history, no culture, no purpose. Trained like docile puppy mutts, Germans will gladly imitate everything the Anglo masters prescribe. There will be no German resistance to self-imposed suicide unless and until White people in the USA rise up and claim their heritage. Maybe, but only maybe, then a few will follow the pioneer thoughts of Horst Mahler, Sylvia Stolz, and many others who, for the sake of the well-being of the whole world, will lead a revolution that will sweep away the viral infection that threatens Western civilization of which Germany is the linchpin. If the heart of Europe stops beating, the patient will be dead. If the land of Hegel, Bach, and Dürer is run by Nigerians and Afghans, the result will be predictable. God have mercy on us all!

    • Lewis Abels's Gravatar Lewis Abels
      September 3, 2016 - 7:23 am | Permalink

      Loved your post! The problem is the white people in this USA are more mindless and stupid. They are more interested in football or dancing with the stars than what’s happening to the white people around the world. The resistance must and will come from Germany. History has shown that the Germans will only take so much.

      • Gaylord Retclyffe's Gravatar Gaylord Retclyffe
        September 3, 2016 - 9:44 pm | Permalink

        Thank you for your insightful comment, Mindlessness and stupidity may be evenly spread across the spectrum of the White race. That’s true. But there is one huge difference between the German and the American people: the latter do not suffer from a “Schuldkultur” (Sunic). Neither the genocidal policies directed at Native Americans nor hundreds of years of slavery have altered fundamentally the American psyche. There would be no real outcry if Whites in the US claimed their birthright. They are still the majority, the land is vast and provides sufficient shelter, arms are plentiful. All this dwarfs the potential of an emasculated, unarmed, crammed people whose very outcry would be censured as the revenant spirit of, you know what era. Today’s Germans are given more to imitation than to initiative. If the US leads, they might follow and prove valiant allies. Bye for now, I need to go back to a little Wagner to dispel my Weltschmerz!

      • VivatEuropa's Gravatar VivatEuropa
        September 3, 2016 - 11:42 pm | Permalink

        I agree. Germans should not, and, I think, do not, look to the self-important U.S. for inspiration and direction. In fact, a good first step for Germans would be to declare their independence from Washington-Hollywood-Tel-Aviv.

    • Barkingmad's Gravatar Barkingmad
      September 3, 2016 - 9:16 am | Permalink

      You have a magnificent way with words. None of this should surprise us, though. It’s the swing of the pendulum. The higher you fly, the deeper you crash, etc. If this trajectory is interruptable, it will only be through the direct intervention of God himself.

    • Christine's Gravatar Christine
      September 3, 2016 - 11:27 am | Permalink

      As an Austrian living in the US, Gaylord, I have to agree with you. I know a German woman living here in a Southern State who is very successful by promoting ” Global Education” and transgender persons in University settings. One of the ironies I have come across is a German Dept. promoting a German Classic Literature course with not ONE German, or even a native German speaker among the featured works. Would it surprise you that the chairperson of the department is a nice, pretty Jewish woman who is well liked by everyone.

      The German people are not conscious of the greatness of their own culture in part because it has been replaced by the garbage coming out of Hollywood polluting the imagination; minds are polluted by “Cultural Marxism” in the schools and universities. Moral character is perverted by lack of high ideals, honest discipline, hard work, in addition to the now cultural norms of dozens of gender identities.

      • Gaylord Retclyffe's Gravatar Gaylord Retclyffe
        September 3, 2016 - 10:03 pm | Permalink

        Goodness, Christine, I DO know! After some decades of teaching in the American college system, I think I have seen it all. I have witnessed a Jewish lady as professor of the New Testament, from Vanderbilt, who took off her red high heels before every class and lectured future clergy on Jesus. Now, that’s a feat! BTW, whatever I said above about US leadership in the uprising of the White people should be modified by giving kudos to Austria. The illegal dismantling of the German Reich after 1945 could actually be a boon for all Germans. Austria has a better chance of starting a rebellion than its Northern neighbor. There is still more character there, more gumption, a more credible fighting spirit. Being smaller it does not seem to attract the negative press directed at the obvious target. The FPÖ may very well lead. Wherever we are in the diaspora we love our people and are willing to give it our all.

    • Michael Adkins's Gravatar Michael Adkins
      September 3, 2016 - 4:31 pm | Permalink


      By bring Muslims to Europe the Jewish and Christian communities are growing their businesses and promoting the dominance of their Abramhamic religion.

      Our task is motivate German males so we can grow our genetics.

      • Bramble's Gravatar Bramble
        September 4, 2016 - 9:09 am | Permalink

        Gosh, that’s a new approach, Michael Adkins! Christians targeted and trampled underfoot in every western country, totally dominated by “The Tribe” in every aspect of western society, who are opening the Gates of the West to Third World Invaders for their genocidal Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, and what is your view? That Christians are somehow in cahoots with The Tribe in deliberately destroying themselves? Only deluded Zionist Christians have the wool pulled over their eyes — “useful idiots” for the Invaders. There is no such thing as “Judeo-Christianity”, because Christianity begins with Christ & the New Testament, Christ & the New Covenant. The Old Testament is Judaism, plain & simple, and the Talmud Tribe have been using Muslims to wipe out whole Christian countries since they first CREATED ISLAM to be their Proxy Army. So please don’t lump the victims in with their destroyers.

        • Michael Adkins's Gravatar Michael Adkins
          September 5, 2016 - 6:59 am | Permalink

          I believe Mr. Berg’s remarks reflects (for the most part) my opinion about religion.

          Franz Berg commented on Monotheism vs. Polytheism.

          in response to kmacd33:

          This piece below was first published in Chronicles (A Magazine of American Culture), April 1996. Can we still conceive of the revival of pagan sensibility in an age so profoundly saturated by Judeo-Christian monotheism and so ardently adhering to the tenets of liberal democracy? In popular parlance the very word “paganism” may incite some to […]

          A relatively simple paradox to resolve: Simply allow filial piety and pride in the ancestors. Then we are there! In more exact terminology there is no Judeo-Christian European heritage and religion. It is a fiction, a Semitic construct.

          The answer is simplicity itself. The secularist left (i.e., Neo-Liberal Austrian Marxism) is not channelling Judeo-Christianity at all. They are simply channelling historic old-fashinoed age-old Judaism; they are apostates and traitors against the European world who have exchanged historic Indo-European Christianity for historic Semite Judaism. This is the plain meaning of the contemporary Marxist consensus.

          In actual history there is no distinctly defineable European Pagan or Christian heritage. They are different perspectives on the same thing. They are our historic Nordic Romanity, the Pan-European heritage that comes to us from ancient North-Central Italy through the Latin language and the Germanic Runes. Our entire European heritage derives from there, including both our Nordic Roman Paganism and our Nordic Roman Christianity, and the both of which were carefully formed and launched from the Imperial Court of Caesar Augustus in the Augustan Golden Age and the City of Rome. Then our Nordic Roman Pan-European Pagan Christian religion (i. e., Pagan Roman Catholicism) was clarified further by the Emperors Vespasian, Constantine and the subsequent great Emperors of the Nordic Roman or European world.

          Think Nordic Rome. That is the key to unlocking the European enigma. Ask any Semite, any Muslim or Jew and they will reveal the truth to us: the reality of historic European Christianity is nothing but pure unadulterated European Paganism. As the Semites endlessly remind us, European Christians are Pagans and the European Pagans are the actual historic Christians. They are one and the same. All we need do is take pride in who we are and have always been: Trinitarians of the White Indo-European Triune God, Pagans and Christians indivisibly the same. To invent a non-existent division between them is to contradict the Semites while playing carelessly into their most crafty schemes.

          Our ancestral religion is the religion of Homeros, Virgil, Dante, Wagner and Don Miguel Serrano, the religion of historic Aryan Kristianity, aristocratic Catholic Romanism, Esoteric Hitlersim. Pan-European National Socialism. The actual and true Triune Pagan-Christian religion of our White European past, present and future.

          Historic Christians are not literal monotheists/Unitarians but dynamic polytheists/Trinitarians who believe in Kristos, the Triune God of the Infinite. We don’t believe in the Semite Unitarianism of the One God. We believe in the multi-faceted Infinity of Many Gods: This is the omnipotent and incomparable Noble Truth that will never die.

    • John's Gravatar John
      September 5, 2016 - 1:59 pm | Permalink

      Anglo masters? Like Greenspan, Bernanke and Yellen?

      These two percent are the masters – here it is straight from a Jew web site:

  17. JadeL's Gravatar JadeL
    September 2, 2016 - 5:37 pm | Permalink

    There is research suggesting that kids exposed to domestic violence are more prone to sexually aberrant behavior. Perhaps these attacks are a predictable outcome of admitting many young males who have been exposed to wartime violence.

    On the other hand, as a young woman, I traveled alone in Morocco. The sexual harassment was frightening.

    I guess these attacks are the result of an unfortunate intersection between a misogynistic culture and psychological damage due to war.

    • Sgt. Pepper's Gravatar Sgt. Pepper
      September 2, 2016 - 9:16 pm | Permalink

      It has more to do with genetics than anything else. They are born with high “emotional intensity”. (They also have low I.Q., which doesn’t help.)

      • Jack Highlands's Gravatar Jack Highlands
        September 3, 2016 - 11:23 am | Permalink

        I like your phrase “emotional intensity.”

        In minor medical procedures, from shots to sutures, it’s easy to see that the most direct descendants of Neolithic farmers, from Portugal to Iran and from Greece to Tunisia, exhibit more people who get all fearful, pained and dramatic than other ethnic groups, whether Northern Europeans, Amerindians, Blacks, South Asians or East Asians.

        Of course, most Mediterraneans and Middle Easterners tolerate these procedures well, but of the grown adults who don’t, a surprising number are from these two groups.

        Interestingly, these are the same areas that produce soccer teams given more than others to scripted falls for referee consumption.

        They have an unfortunate intersection of low masculinity (unlike Blacks), low trust and low docility (unlike Asians). But even that does not fully explain why they are wimpier than Hindus and mestizos, for Arabs, wimpier even than their Pakistani co-religionists.

        PS: To Mediterrranean Whites: I accept that you are White Europeans and we are bound together in this struggle. Northerners can definitely use many of your characteristics, such as your experience with and general skepticism about Jews. Overall, you have far more in common with us than with Arabs. But on this issue of emotional intensity I have noticed what I write of above.

  18. Jeff's Gravatar Jeff
    September 2, 2016 - 3:44 pm | Permalink

    What I see on a daily basis is not immigrants attacking German women, but rather the other way round: German women with jungle, sand dune fever impatiently looking for dark meat with an easily predictable outcome: They end up breeding half castes and then they proudly, shamelessly go around displaying their mongrel progeny.

    They will have to be purged, the Stalin way.

    • Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
      September 3, 2016 - 4:50 pm | Permalink

      Having gone at all Russians hammer and tongs, Jeff now demonstrates his evenhandedness by doing much the same for German women. Presumably he has some spleen left over for German men, too.

      He might save readers some time by providing a short list of white peoples, nations, or individuals—other than he himself and his fellow Internet tough guys—whom he doesn’t despise.

  19. T's Gravatar T
    September 2, 2016 - 2:25 pm | Permalink

    Merkel’s heritage is Catholic/Lutheran, as I recall.

    • Floda's Gravatar Floda
      September 2, 2016 - 4:49 pm | Permalink

      Wrong: I researched this and it turns out Merkels mother, ‘Ein Polnishe Judin aus Galicien’. She even looks Polish to me.

    • T. J.'s Gravatar T. J.
      September 2, 2016 - 5:14 pm | Permalink

      What is her genetic heritage?

  20. Vlad's Gravatar Vlad
    September 2, 2016 - 1:32 pm | Permalink

    The YouTube video of the black kid discredits this piece a little as it’s obvious that he is reading from a script, it’s a fake. Good work on the rest of the article though.

    • September 3, 2016 - 1:05 am | Permalink

      @ Vlad

      The YouTube video of the black kid discredits this piece a little as it’s obvious that he is reading from a script, it’s a fake.

      You could be right. But why should the use of a script, cue cards, or a teleprompter invalidate a message? What’s wrong with an aide-memoire?

    • John's Gravatar John
      September 5, 2016 - 2:09 pm | Permalink

      Yeah, he looked like he was reading a script somebody gave him.

  21. PaleoAtlantid's Gravatar PaleoAtlantid
    September 2, 2016 - 1:19 pm | Permalink

    We are witnessing the Kalergi Plan on steroids. But the unfolding horror in Europe and particularly in Germany would seem to indicate jews and their allies are in a rush to kill us off before the tide of history turns against them. With the benefit of hindsight we can only now understand why the Cold War ended so abruptly and almost inexplicably. It ended so as to facilitate a greater plan of destruction which Communism was either intentionally or unintentionally hampering.

  22. September 2, 2016 - 11:54 am | Permalink

    Hallo, Caryn Goddard.
    The German folk may be destroyed/extincted within a few years. That is possible. The same is possible for all white folks, maybe some decades later. We whites should live together and defend our life bases together. Each folk and each member of a folk can add a part to the common task of surviving. — Germany sees some great dangers in the present and in the near future (mass influx of non-whites and also many are born here, even since generations). — But also we Germans are alive and we know a lot of necessary things for our survival. But we Germans can not do this alone. In case that we woult try to do the necessary things alone, than we would be smashed like in the years 1939-1945. — It would be much better if we white folks would work together. — All European countries are small in comparison to the USA (only Russia is very large). But if you put all of them together, the number ist 500 Million heads or more. You should not give up a single one of all this countries. “Together we stand”.
    (My text above refers to the first comment)

    • Floda's Gravatar Floda
      September 3, 2016 - 11:56 pm | Permalink


      After WW2 was won by Jews, they dominated not just Russia, but Germany as well then gradually took over the USA. But in 1989 they lost control of the USSR then after Yeltsin was replaced by Comrade Putin Jews lost their hegemony over Russia.

      What we are seeing today is the fight out in the open. They want ethnic Germans ‘total kaput’ by interbreeding, so the more young blacks and Muslims, the merrier. I believe the election of Trump may change everything, but it is our last chance because they won’t stop until we stop them.

  23. Donald McRonald's Gravatar Donald McRonald
    September 2, 2016 - 11:11 am | Permalink

    I would love to see figures pertaining to the number of Middle Easterners and Africans (i.e.: all non-white “Germans”) who have government positions. It seems that they likely have an influential presence in government. At present, Muslims ( sons of Turkish “guest workers”) comprise 6o% of the Wehrmacht (army), a considerable ARMED force, and most Germans are unarmed. If the Wehrmacht were called upon to quell social unrest in Muslim enclaves, who would they side with? If nothing changes for the positive, Germany will officially become a satellite state of the new Islamic Caliphate.

  24. September 2, 2016 - 9:32 am | Permalink

    “…is Angela Merkel raving mad to throw open the gates of Germany to these unruly savages from the Third World? Are the German people themselves suffering from some kind of collective psychosis…”
    Sigh. How many times has it got to be repeated? Merkel is a Jew and is doing what Kissinger, Soros, endless Rabbi lunatics, etc WANT. They WANT white countries destroyed. They are psychopaths. It isn’t a puzzle. It’s what they WANT.

    • Aitch's Gravatar Aitch
      September 3, 2016 - 7:15 am | Permalink

      BBC TV provided a platform yesterday (2 September) for a couple of rabbis – a fat male and an ugly female – who claimed to represent an organisation called ‘Citizens UK’, whose website states: “We work with people who want to transform the world, from what it is to what they believe it should be.” This impudent pair were insisting that the English, the Scots and the Welsh have a moral duty to allow into Britain the thousands of ‘unaccompanied’ African children who’ve somehow managed to cross the Mediterranean and the European land mass under their own steam and are now massed at Calais.

    • Lewis Abels's Gravatar Lewis Abels
      September 3, 2016 - 7:32 am | Permalink

      It’s what they want, and it.s what they got. We allowed these psychopaths to run the world. We elect them, watch there movies and tv shows. This is our fault.

    • Alicia's Gravatar Alicia
      September 3, 2016 - 9:19 am | Permalink

      Angela Merkel’s paternal grand-father, Ludvig Kazmierczak, changed his Polish surname to the more Germanic, Kasner, in 1930. Not quite surprisingly Poland was -despite the “famous” Pogroms and ditto “Polish anti-Semitism” – regarded as Europe’s Paradiso Judeaorum.

    • Bramble's Gravatar Bramble
      September 4, 2016 - 9:31 am | Permalink

      @Rerevisionist, you are right, and it really is surprising that so many alternative researchers keep blithely ignoring the plain truth staring them in the face. It does seem necessary to keep repeating it until they get it through their heads. You and Alicia and others on here are right that Merkel is only pretending to be Christian, just like the new British PM, whose mother was also of The Tribe. It makes you wonder whether there are ANY non-Tribal heads of any governments anywhere in the world. Even nutters like the North Korean dictator are reported to have Tribal links, or at least Tribal financial backers paying his military to keep the poor serfs from booting him out. Just like Mugabe, whose thugs are funded by British taxpayers, against their will.

  25. Franklin Ryckaert's Gravatar Franklin Ryckaert
    September 2, 2016 - 9:07 am | Permalink

    Nationalist parties that advocate not only a complete halt to all immigration but also repatriation of all foreigners (even if they are already second or third generation) should try to win the elections and then implement their rigorous agenda. This Muslim invasion with its sexual assaults is only a foretaste of what will happen when the population of sub-Sahara Africa will be doubled to TWO BILLION at the end of this century and hundreds of millions of black Africans will try to invade Europe. We should act now or we will be lost for ever.

    BTW, deus vult in the proverb below the title of this article means “God wishes”, not “the gods wish”.

    • September 2, 2016 - 3:29 pm | Permalink

      OFF TOPIC : Does God drive people crazy? Or is this something only the ‘gods’ do?

      @ Franklin Ryckaert

      BTW, deus vult in the proverb below the title of this article means “God wishes”, not “the gods wish”.

      I am aware that “Deus vult” literally means “GOD wishes” and not “The GODS wish”, but the accepted translation for this famous phrase has always been the plural: “The GODS wish” and not “GOD wishes.”

      Wikipedia explains why:

      A prior Latin version is “Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat” (Life of Samuel Johnson, 1791) but this involves God, (presumably the Christian God) not ‘the gods’. An earlier version has Jupiter and can be traced back to the play Antigone by Sophocles.

      My old copy of King’s Classical and Foreign Quotations explains that “Deus” in the original Latin refers to Jupiter, the Roman god, not to the Christian God. A completely wrong impression was therefore given to the modern reader — for this quote only became popular in the 18th century — if this were translated literally as “GOD wishes”, because this falsely suggested that God the Father, the God of the Christians, was driving people crazy in order to destroy them.

      The Christian God doesn’t drive people crazy; the whole idea was heretical. So “DEUS VULT” had to be translated in the plural as “The GODS wish” — in order to suggest that driving people crazy was something only the capricious pagan gods of antiquity were capable of doing, not the nice Christian God.

      When Shakespeare wrote “As flies to wanton boys are we to the GODS, they kill us for their sport”… that was OK, because the pagan gods derived amusement from killing people. Shakespeare would have created outrage if he had substituted the singular noun “GOD” for the plural “GODS”, which would have suggested (shockingly) that God the Father (or even Jesus Christ) got fun out of sadistic cruelty.

      In any case, this phrase has been translated by several others before me as “GODS”, not GOD. So if I am so hopelessly ignorant of Latin, as this erudite commenter appears to be suggesting, then I have many famous predecessors whose Latin is so appalling that they, too, do not know the difference between the singular noun “DEUS” and its plural “DEI”.

      Thus under “QUOS DEUS VULT PERDERE PRIUS DEMENTAT” in Steven’s Book of Quotations (10th edition, 1974), you will see numerous examples given which confirm that my translation (“the gods”) is the correct one.

      Thus Longfellow translates the phrase “QUOS DEUS VULT PERDERE PRIUS DEMENTAT” as: “Whom the GODS would destroy they first make mad” — exactly as I have done. (Masque of Pandora, Pt. vi, l.58)

      Boswell’s Life of Johnson, 1783 (note) translates the same phrase, originally found in Euripides, as “Whom the GODS destroy, they first make mad.”

      The same quote is also found in Sophocles’ Antigone, l. 671, and is rendered: “Whom the GODS intend to make miserable, they lead first into error.”

      Another version, “Those whom the GODS wish to destroy they first make mad” is quoted as a “heathen proverb” in Daniel, a Model for Young Men (1854) by William Anderson Scott (1813–1885).

      — § —

      Apologies to readers for this linguistic diversion, but I more or else expected that someone would sooner or later find fault with my Latin. I first heard this Latin phrase quoted to me as a 13-year-old girl in my Latin class at school. The teacher told us that no one ever quoted this phrase before the 18th century. Suddenly it caught on and became famous.

      King’s Classical and Foreign Quotations confirms this:

      Spite of its spurious Latinity and purely modern origin, this line has secured a reputation and respectability … even in Boswell’s day it had become one of the sayings “which everyone repeats, but nobody knows where to find.” (p. 298)

      In order to convince Mr Ryckaert that I actually do have a degree in Latin and am not faking it, let me translate for him what the Latin OUGHT to be for the English: “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad,” This would be: “QUOS DEI VOLUNT PERDERE, PRIUS DEMENTANT.”

      The Latin is said to be “spurious” because in Classical Latin there is no such word as DEMENTO (‘I make mad’). There is only the adjective demens (insane) and the noun dementia (insanity). The verb “demento”, in other words, appears to be a much later coinage. When it was invented I have no idea, but it was certainly not used by the Ancient Romans.

      • Franklin Ryckaert's Gravatar Franklin Ryckaert
        September 2, 2016 - 4:21 pm | Permalink

        Comprendo et accipio.

        • T. J.'s Gravatar T. J.
          September 2, 2016 - 6:06 pm | Permalink

          Comprendo is Spanish- comprendo means ARREST in Latin

          INTELLIGO is Latin for I understand

          Surely FR is pulling our legs. Good One!

        • Franklin Ryckaert's Gravatar Franklin Ryckaert
          September 2, 2016 - 9:28 pm | Permalink

          Collins Latin-English, English-Latin Dictionary : understand vt.
          intellegere, comprehendere. I chose the second one but overlooked the -he-. It should be comprehendo, but if you choose intellegere, it should be intellego, not intelligo. Now we are quits.

        • Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
          September 3, 2016 - 5:08 pm | Permalink

          Apropos compre(he)ndo and intellego, the still-gold-standard Latin dictionary (Lewis and Short) sides with Mr. Ryckaert in this instance. Both longer and shorter forms of the former word are attested in Cicero, who frequently used it in its many senses, including the transferred (i.e., extended or metaphoric) one of “understand” (i.e., grasp with the intellect).

          Intellego derives the bulk of its citations from Cicero (certainly a point in any word’s favor), who frequently used it and comprehendo synonymically. The sense of intellego not also borne by the other word is “to understand thoroughly, know as a connoisseur.”

      • RegretLeft's Gravatar RegretLeft
        September 2, 2016 - 5:27 pm | Permalink

        thoughtful article (and I enjoyed the latin lesson)
        almost as an aside – re: “rape… of 73 old … unprecedented” –
        no, the mass rape of German women in the Soviet zone after the close of WWII was absolutely horrific – near universal (far worse than Amer troops ) – a rape of a probably near 70 year old woman is recounted in Victor Klemperer’s diaries

        • September 3, 2016 - 2:55 am | Permalink

          @ Regret Left

          I’m glad you brought this subject up. You are correct. Nothing can possibly equal the monstrous cruelties inflicted on German women in the final years of WWII and its aftermath. Over 2 million women were raped. Women of all ages, from little children to old women in their eighties. Nuns were raped in their convents, geriatrics were raped in hospitals. Children had their heads bashed out against walls, in the presence of their mothers.

          Here is what Victor Klemperer (I think it was VK) noted in his Diary:

          The girls, women and nuns were raped incessantly for hours on end, the soldiers standing in queues, the officers at the head of the queues, in front of their victims.

          During the first night many of the nuns and women were raped as many as fifty times.The Russians knocked them down, kicked them, beat them on the head and in the face with the butt-end of their revolvers and rifles.

          The same dreadful scenes were enacted in the hospitals, homes for the aged, and other such institutions. Even nuns who were seventy and eighty years old and were ill and bedridden were raped and ill-treated by these barbarians. (Quoted in Thomas Goodrich’s ‘Hellstorm’, p.84)

          For more on the mass rape of German women by the Red Army and its allies, see:

          What is going on in Germany nowadays is child’s play in comparison. My comment, referring to the current situation in Germany — “Never before in peacetime have the women of any single nation been sexually assaulted and raped on such an industrial scale” — is correct. The situation is indeed unprecedented for PEACETIME.

          What went in Germany in the 1940s was totally different because this was a time of war, not peace. Most of the mass rapes involving two million German women were committed in the 1944-1947 period, a period of official war and non-official war waged after peace had been officially declared.

      • September 2, 2016 - 5:47 pm | Permalink

        I’m amused that Lasha Darkmoon has written virulent expletive-strewn material on nuclear issues, which she clearly knows less than nothing about.

        NB there’s a troll about. Merkel is just another ‘Jew’. Just another ugly Jew, come to think of it.

        A few days ago NewObserverOnline ran a short piece on Kenya, which intents to expel about half a million Somalis. The NOO claims the news is suppressed by the (((media))), presumably because. if Kenya can do it, anyone can.

        • September 3, 2016 - 2:07 am | Permalink

          @ Rerevisionist

          I’m amused that Lasha Darkmoon has written virulent expletive-strewn material on nuclear issues, which she clearly knows less than nothing about.

          I take that as a compliment! :)

          Seriously though, if you are correct in your contention that Merkel is a crypto-Jew, that would certainly explain all her actions. Your argument that Merkel is bad, not mad, would then be beyond dispute.

          Yes, I am aware of all the articles on the internet that maintain that Merkel is a Jew. I’ve read some of these articles. They make some good points. They sound convincing.

          My position is: I am neither agreeing nor disagreeing with these articles. I am not attempting to dismiss them as “conspiracy theories”. I am remaining absolutely neutral. I am claiming the right to agnosticism on this issue.

          I am not contradicting you. I am actually saying: “You could be right about Merkel’s Jewish roots. And if you are right, that would explain everything.”

          We could then say with conviction: “Merkel is bad, not mad.” Or we could even go further and say: “This woman is a psychopath — bad as well as mad.”

      • T. J.'s Gravatar T. J.
        September 2, 2016 - 5:54 pm | Permalink

        Doctor Darkmoon:

        non illegitimi carborundum

        • September 3, 2016 - 1:28 am | Permalink


          Bonum est iniurias oblivisci.

        • Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
          September 3, 2016 - 5:50 pm | Permalink

          Bonum est iniurias oblivisci.

          Pium quoque, Lasha.

      • Barkingmad's Gravatar Barkingmad
        September 3, 2016 - 9:36 am | Permalink

        While my knowledge of Latin isn’t advanced, I do agree with your translation “QUOS DEI VOLUNT PERDERE, PRIUS DEMENTANT.”

        Also, I don’t see any difference, really, between God and “the gods” in this phrase. It all just means the laws of creation, the great Power that controls everything beyond understanding.

      • Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
        September 3, 2016 - 5:35 pm | Permalink

        Dear Lasha,

        It’s also possible that demento is merely a clumsy transcription of the verb dementio, -ire, which is classically attested only in Lucretius, whereas the noun dementia is attested in Cicero, Caesar, Virgil, and Horace as well. The same classical writers also all used the participial adjective demens. The adverb dementer is attested only in Cicero. For me and many others, that’s sufficient pedigree, however.

        If the entire Latin expression were authentically sourceable from the classical period—I quite agree with you that it isn’t, not least because the word order is anything but classical—the alteration to the second verb would be slight, dementiunt, and the departure from correct orthography readily understandable.

        • September 4, 2016 - 6:57 am | Permalink

          Wow, thanks Pierre! Your knowledge of Latin is certainly impressive! I’ve enjoyed this little off-topic diversion and would like to thank the monitor for allowing my rather long-winded response to Franklin Ryckaert.

        • Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
          September 4, 2016 - 11:52 am | Permalink

          You’re welcome, Lasha, but by any reasonable standard my Latin would nowadays be unimpressive to a genuine scholar. Certain things, though, like classical word order, one simply doesn’t forget, certainly not after studying the language and literature for five years in high school and college.

          The true reason I could cite chapter and verse as I did is that my foreign language instructors back then compelled us all to invest in the best dictionaries and grammars available, all of which were well printed and beautifully bound. As I suggested in the first comment, I just went to the shelf and pulled the references down. (I’ve never sold or discarded any language-related volumes and tend to cosset all books, so they handle and read almost as well now as when new fifty-plus years ago.)

      • Sandy's Gravatar Sandy
        September 3, 2016 - 10:18 pm | Permalink

        I wouldn’t say that God drives people crazy but on occasion the Christian Bible describes His people as drunkards. And drunkards do crazy things. And Marx, after he abandoned the Christian faith of his youth in his poem on Hegel wrote:
        “Words I teach all mixed up into a devilish muddle.
        Thus anyone may think just what he choses to think.”

  26. Caryn Goddard's Gravatar Caryn Goddard
    September 2, 2016 - 7:42 am | Permalink

    Germany is hopeless. The Allied victory installed Marxists running all major media and educational facilities. Their white birth rate tells the whole story.

    • Curmudgeon's Gravatar Curmudgeon
      September 2, 2016 - 2:45 pm | Permalink

      The Allied victory didn’t install anything, because it was not a victory for country. It was a victory for International Jewry. It was they that created the conditions for war; planned the war; and had their useful idiots prosecute the war on their behalf. All of the European countries involved in WWII, whether Allies or Axis, have been smashed, and are now completely under the control of the (((Marxists))) who have installed themselves everywhere.

      All I see is an extension, to “White” countries, of Kaufman’s “Germany Must Perish”.

      • Franklin Ryckaert's Gravatar Franklin Ryckaert
        September 2, 2016 - 9:55 pm | Permalink

        No it is rather the HOOTON plan for Germany :

        During World War II, Hooton proposed to eradicate the German people by infiltrating them slowly with masses of non-European male immigrants, thereby breed “war strains” out of them.

        Source : Wikipedia, Earnest Hooton.

        Earnest Hooton was an American anthropologist (1887-1954). I could find no indication that Hooton was Jewish. Hooton is an old English name.

        Kaufman advocated the sterilization of all Germans :

        Germany Must Perish! is a 104-page book written by Theodore Newman Kaufman, which he self-published in 1941 in the United States. The book advocated the genocide through sterilization of all Germans and the territorial dismemberment of Germany.

        Source: Wikipedia, Germany Must Perish!

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