The Jewish War on White Australia: The Anti-Defamation Commission and “Click Against Hate,” Part 1 of 4

Brenton Sanderson

The Australian Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) is the Australian equivalent of America’s Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Both organizations fall under the umbrella of B’nai B’rith International which holds NGO status at the United Nations. The stated mission of the ADC is to make Australia “a better place” by fighting “anti-Semitism and all forms of racism” and combatting “the defamation of the Jewish people and Israel.” Describing itself as a “harm prevention charity,” the ADC claims to be dedicated to “promoting tolerance, justice and multiculturalism.” But despite its pious pretentions to universal benevolence, the ADC, like countless other Jewish activist organizations around the world, exists to promote the ethnic interests of Jews. The “harm” this organization is determined to prevent is any harm to these perceived interests.

Regarding the plethora of Jewish activist organizations in the United States, the Jewish academic and journalist Adam Garfinkle has observed:

The main mass-membership advocacy organizations of American Jewry — B’nai B’rith and its Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee, the Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds, the National Conference of Jewish Federations, and the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations (a kind of steering group for the major organizations), to mention only a few — are not religious organizations but ethnic ones. It is not necessary to have any Jewish religious affiliation to be a member in good standing in these organizations, and their leaderships are composed mainly of people who are not religious or Jewishly learned Jews.

We need not go into foundational texts and statements of purpose on the question of origins, for the answer is simple enough: organizations like B’nai B’rith and the American Jewish Committee were created to lobby for particular Jewish interests. … In time, these and most other Jewish organizations became explicitly or implicitly Zionist, and thereafter existed to one degree or another to support, first, a Jewish home in Palestine, and then, after 1948, the security and prosperity of the State of Israel. In other words, all these organizations have depended, and still depend, on the validity of their serving parochial Jewish ethnic interests that are simultaneously distinct from the broader American interest but not related directly to religion. [Emphasis added][1]

Contrary to the propaganda put out by the ADC for non-Jewish consumption, the interests of Jews are not the same as those of the broader Australian community, particularly the White Australian community. While the ADC — whose motto is “Promoting Diversity” — pretends that all conflicting group interests can be reconciled through “education” and “mutual understanding,” the interests of different racial and religious groups are often fundamentally opposed and irreconcilable. The group evolutionary interests of White Australians are absolutely harmed by the mass importation of non-Whites into the country — compounded by ideological commitments by state and federal governments to “diversity” and “multiculturalism.”

Results from the 2016 Australian Census recently revealed that, for the first time, the country is receiving more migrants from Asia than Europe. In the past five years, China and India have been the largest sources of migrants, with China, India, the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia now accounting for more foreign-born residents than the traditional sources of England, New Zealand and mainland Europe. In response to these figures, Melbourne’s thankfully failing Cultural Marxist newspaper The Age exulted that “Australia has reached a welcome tipping point.” Noting it had become “unrecognizable from the country portrayed in the 1966 census,” it celebrated the fact that Australia is now “more Asian, less Christian and more openly gay.”


The Daily Telegraph observed that “the incredible boom in Asian migration has changed the face of Sydney,” noting that in the past 25 years the percentage of overseas-born residents from China has risen “an incredible 500 per cent” to now make up 4.7 per cent of Sydney’s 4.8 million people, overtaking those born in England (3.1 percent). The latest census results also revealed the Muslim population of Australia has jumped 77 per cent in a decade to more than 600,000. The Australian noted that “If current trends continue, a majority Christian nation will almost certainly no longer exist come the next census in five years. Muslims and Hindus in Australia are themselves powered by immigration which has seen the share of Australians born overseas jump to a third.”

The question of why White Australians should welcome this rapid dilution of their genetic line and associated decline in political and cultural influence, is ignored, aside from the usual vague assurances that Australia’s “prosperity” is “fuelled by our changing cultural and ethnic make-up,” which has “enriched Australia economically and socially.” Ann Coulter once noted how if this sort of drastic change were legally imposed on any group other than Whites “it would be called genocide. Yet Whites are called racists merely for mentioning the fact that current immigration law is intentionally designed to reduce their percentage in the population.”

Reaching this demographic tipping point is the desired culmination of the Jewish-led abandonment of the White Australia policy. The former national editor of the Australian Jewish News, Dan Goldberg, proudly acknowledged that “Jews were instrumental in leading the crusade against the White Australia policy, a series of laws from 1901 to 1973 that restricted non-White immigration to Australia.” Australia’s current immigration and refugee policies, left unchecked, will ensure White Australians are progressively replaced in the country their ancestors created by groups with higher fertility and often an abiding antipathy to the founding stock. Whites are already minorities in several suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney and face declining living standards as crime grows exponentially, housing affordability deteriorates, infrastructure is strained, and taxes rise to fund burgeoning public spending directed disproportionately to migrants and refugees from the Middle East and Africa. Meanwhile, non-White groups that are economically self-sufficient, like the Chinese, increasingly dominate the best schools and universities, jeopardizing White Australians’ access to professional employment opportunities. They have also pushed home ownership out of reach for millions through buying up Australian real estate.

The ADC only recognizes that group interests can be irreconcilable when it comes to the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians. Here their ostensible commitment to “inclusion,” “diversity” and “multiculturalism” gives way to hardnosed biological realism, and the virtues of a “two-state solution” are trumpeted. This is disingenuous posturing, of course, because the ADC fully supports the ongoing expansion of Israeli settlements which will ensure that a “two-state solution” can never be achieved. The problem with Israel adopting the diverse, multicultural approach to nation-building so zealously advocated by the ADC for Australia (and the entire West) is that while it may sound “simple and fair,” it is actually “code for the destruction of Israel and its replacement with a majority Palestinian state.” The ADC insists that “It is naïve and dangerous to believe such a situation will not occur if Israel is taken over by a growing Palestinian population.” The organization has never condemned Israel’s Jews-only immigration policy as “racist” or “bigoted.”

…except in Israel

Instead, the ADC fiercely defends the ethno-nationalist state of Israel, and responds indignantly to all criticisms of the Israeli government, regardless of how merited. The organization is unabashedly committed to ensuring that Israel becomes more ethnically Jewish with each census. Its pro-Israel bias is so extreme that even the Jewish lawyer Michael Brull was moved to note that “The ADC is not an anti-racist group. It is a group that aims to peddle Israeli propaganda. Presumably, the think they might lose some of their credibility if they called themselves the ‘Pro-Defamation Commission That Supports the Israeli Government in Whatever it Does and Thinks Anyone Who Disagrees Exhibits Prejudice and Causes Anti-Semitism.’”

The ADC certainly cannot be accused of duel loyalty. When Israel was caught in 2010 using faked Australian passports to conduct covert operations around the world (including the assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud Al Mabhouh), then Australian Foreign Minister, Stephen Smith, observed that “we do not regard these actions as the actions of a friend.” The ADC, in its singular refusal to condemn Israel’s actions (which seriously endangered all Australian passport-holders), tacitly pledged its undivided and unconditional allegiance to the Jewish state.

One of the faked Australian passports Israel used to assassinate Mahmoud Al Mabhouh in 2010

One searches in vain through the assorted propaganda on the ADC’s website for any acknowledgement that Israel was founded on terrorism and ethnic cleansing in which Palestinians were killed or violently driven from land they occupied for millennia to make way for Jewish settlers, or that Israel’s immigration policy openly discriminates against non-Jews, or that Israel bans marriage between Jews and non-Jews (which is subject to a two-year prison term), or that Israel has a two-tier political and legal system akin to the old South African apartheid. Instead one finds a statement defending Zionism as the “belief that Jewish people, like all other peoples, have the right to self-determination in a country of their own.” The mendacity of this statement should be clear to anyone. The ADC and other Jewish activist organizations in Australia, the United States, and throughout the West absolutely deny the right of White people anywhere to self-determination.

Every year the chairman of the ADC, Dvir Abramovich, hails the anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel. Despite it having one of the lowest asylum-seeker acceptance rates in the world, he extols the “Jewish state” for “putting out the welcome mat to refugees, traumatized survivors and victims of anti-Semitism” and for being “a thriving, free and tolerant state” that “comprises a multitude of ethnic and religious groups whose cultural and artistic diversity add to the country’s spirituality and creativity.” He naturally declines to mention that this diverse “multitude” are all Jews. He also neglects to mention that Israel’s treatment of African and other non-Jewish refugees is far from “welcoming” or “tolerant.” As the New York Times reported in 2015:

Israel’s policy toward African asylum seekers is to pressure them to self-deport or, as the former interior minister Eli Yishai put it, to “make their lives miserable” until they give up and let the government deport them. … A law passed in 2013 requires male African asylum seekers already in Israel to be detained automatically and indefinitely in the open detention center, Holov, in the Negev desert. The detainees are allowed to wander the desert between three obligatory check-ins every day, and they must remain in Holov overnight. If they miss a check-in, they can be transferred to the nearby prison. Their only alternative is to accept a sum of $3,500 to return to their country of origin, or a third country, usually Uganda or Rwanda, often without proper documentation to stay. … Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once warned that the arrival of African people poses a demographic risk to Israel: “If we don’t stop their entry, the problem that currently stands at 60,000 could grow to 600,000, and that threatens our existence as a Jewish and democratic state.”

Abramovich recently joined the chorus of Jewish leaders (and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) decrying the attempt by a democratically-elected President of the United States to restrict travel from six Muslim-majority nations. He endorsed a plea by Commonwealth Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, for President Trump to stop discriminating against people on the basis of nationality and religion. Executive Council of Australian Jewry leaders Anton Block and Peter Wertheim chimed in, saying they deplored any policies or remarks that “preference native-born citizens to naturalized migrants,” claiming that “such rhetoric or policy is self-defeating and harmful.” Colin Rubinstein, the executive director the Australia Israel Jewish Affairs Council called Trump’s policy “morally unacceptable and counterproductive.” Yet all of these individuals fully support the Israeli government’s decision to block all Syrian refugees, and Wertheim is more than happy to preference his own ethnic group in Israel, slamming as a “disgraceful falsehood” any claim that Jews displaced Palestinians from their land on the basis that Jews “are indigenous to the Holy Land.”

As always, these Jewish activists play ethnic hardball when it comes to Israel, but sanctimoniously deny the irreconcilability of the competing interests of the various ethnic and religious groups that now make up Western nations.

ADC Chairman Dvir Abramovich

Given the ADC’s fervent advocacy for Israel, despite that nation’s harshly-restrictive policies toward African and all other non-Jewish migrants and refugees, Abramovich’s (and the ADC’s) sanctimonious words about the virtues of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” are exposed for what they are: a rhetorical mask for ethnic aggression against White Australians. The ADC promotes pluralism and diversity and encourages the dissolution of the racial and ethnic identification of White Australians, while encouraging Jews to maintain precisely the kind of intense group solidarity they decry as immoral in Whites. Activist Jews have initiated and led movements that have discredited the traditional foundations of Western society: patriotism, the Christian basis for morality, social homogeneity, and sexual restraint. At the same time, within their own communities, they have supported the very institutions they have attacked in Western societies.

Of course, calling them out for their obvious hypocrisy only prompts hysterical cries of “anti-Semitism.”

ADC media-monitoring and propaganda in Australian schools

One of the ways that ethnic groups compete is through controlling what goes into the minds of their competitors. That is why Jews always seek to control the media and entertainment industries — so they can fill the heads of their ethnic rivals with maladaptive ideas that harm them and which, as a result, help Jews to thrive. Prior to the unmediated peer-to-peer communication offered by the internet, all mainstream political discourse passed through a Jewish media filter (or at least a media filter subservient to Jewish interests). Jews are the only people that, except for the internet, control the flow of information throughout the West, and have a profound need to do so. When Jewish motivations and behavior become widely known, anti-Jewish sentiment inevitably rises.

Jews are not majority shareholders in the two largest media companies in Australia, Fairfax and News Limited. Despite this, they have a large journalistic presence at both organizations, and both companies syndicate material from Jewish-controlled and left-leaning media companies. Fairfax syndicates content from the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Reuters (headed by President and Editor-in-Chief Stephen J. Adler), while News Limited syndicates content from the Associated Press (headed by Chairman Steven R. Swartz). Both media companies also provide a regular public platform for the various leaders of Australia’s Jewish activist organizations, including Dvir Abramovich, Colin Rubinstein, Vic Alhadeff, Peter Wertheim, and Mark Liebler.

The ADC assiduously monitors the Australian media, attacking those who stray outside the bounds of Jewish-approved speech in criticizing Israel, multiculturalism, or blaspheming against “the Holocaust.” It lodges formal complaints to employers if an insufficiently penitent response (i.e. an abject apology) is not forthcoming. Such an apology was recently obtained from federal MP George Christensen after the ADC attacked him for appearing on the Alt-Right podcast The Dingoes. Satisfied with Christensen’s apparent repentance, ADC chairman Dvir Abramovich declared that he was “heartened that Mr Christensen has finally owned up to the fact that his appearance on the Dingoes Podcast was a mistake that only legitimized racist rhetoric, and his apology sounds sincere.”

Another important part of the Jewish matrix of power in Australia is the media infrastructure created by the multimillionaire property developer and publisher Morris (Morrie) Schwartz. This Jewish media mogul, who migrated to Australia from Hungary via Israel, is the proprietor behind Black Inc. publishing, the left-wing journals The Monthly and Quarterly Essay (which have been called “the most powerful left-wing voices in Australia”), and The Saturday Paper. Schwartz’s various media organs churn out a never ending stream of articles indignantly demanding that Australia dramatically increase its refugee intake and end the off-shore processing of asylum-seekers.

Conspicuously absent from these same media organs, however, is any discussion (let alone critique) of Israel’s brutal treatment of the Palestinians, or its unaccommodating policies toward all non-Jewish refugees and asylum-seekers. The slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza in 2014 went totally unreported across Schwartz’s media empire. One commentator observed that while the Schwartz publications are full of articles about “indigenous rights, climate change, [and] asylum-seeker policy” they were “shamefully silent” when it came to “Israel’s assault on the Palestinians.” A former editor and staff writer at The Monthly explained that when working under

Morrie Schwartz at Black Inc. or The Monthly, you work very closely with the publisher and things do get spiked and you have raving rows about what goes through and what doesn’t and there are certain glass walls set by the publisher that you can’t go outside of and … one of those is Palestine. I mean it’s seen as a left-wing publication, but the publisher is very right-wing on Israel. … And he’s very much to the, you know, Benjamin Netanyahu end of politics. So you can’t touch it: just don’t touch it. It’s a glass wall.     

In her profile of Schwartz for The Australian, journalist Kate Legge noted that “everyone says Schwartz responds viscerally” to all issues concerning Israel. She quotes his close friend, the Jewish academic Robert Manne, who pointed out that “Loyalty to the idea of a Jewish homeland is very important to him.” Former editor of The Monthly, Peter Craven, observed that: “He’s very one-eyed on these sort of things. I once said to [his wife] Anna that I was going to see [the Wagner opera] Tristan and Isolde and she said, “Peter. I won’t even buy German goods.” Schwartz’s sister-in-law, Carol Schwartz, was recently appointed to the board of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Organized Jewry also exerts leverage on Australian journalists through the Australia Israel Cultural Exchange (AICE) program, launched in 2002 by Benjamin Netanyahu at the instigation of the Australian Jewish property developer and fervent Zionist Albert Dadon. Related by marriage to Morrie Schwartz, Dadon was former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s “most trusted kitchen cabinet advisor on Israel.” The AICE arranges and funds trips to Israel for politicians, senior journalists, trade union leaders and other important decision-makers. The journalists involved (which have included News Limited journalists Greg Sheridan, Andrew Bolt, Rita Panahi, and Janet Albrechtsen) are lavished with hospitality in Israel and intensively propagandized by the Zionist establishment there. The goal is to foster a sense of obligation and loyalty to Israel which is, in turn, reflected in these journalists’ strict adherence to a pro-Jewish and pro-Zionist line. The only real “exchange” involved with this program is journalists trading their intellectual integrity for the strategically-bestowed hospitality of organized Jewry. Lawyer and journalist Greg Barns noted the obvious parallels between the old Soviet Union and the Israel Lobby in their courting of Western journalists:

Back in the days when the hammer and sickle flew proudly, the Soviet Union would spend big dollars on paying for journalists, academics and diplomats to see for themselves the “workers’ paradise.” It was part of a long term and relentless strategy by the Communists to win the propaganda war against the West. Today the heirs and successors of those Soviet-sympathising journalists head to Israel. … The Israelis have clearly learnt a thing or two from the Soviets. They understand how important it is to roll out the red carpet for the media, by offering them carefully choreographed trips to Israel and in return ensure that their spin on events is planted in the minds of the Western media.

The Israelis also know that they have the upper hand in this game, because the impoverished Palestinians will not be able to outdo them when it comes to lavishing hospitality on a willing media. That the Israeli propaganda strategy of handpicking journalists and others to come to Israel works was made abundantly clear when The Australian’s Janet Albrechtsen visited Israel last November as a guest of the Israeli government and the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies. …

Albrechtsen is not alone in being feted by the Israeli propaganda machine. The Sydney Morning Herald’s Paul Sheehan is another. Just as the Soviets carefully selected the journalists they wanted to show around the country, so is the case with the Israelis. The Soviets would go for leftist sympathizers in papers such as the New York Times, The Guardian and other influential mastheads. The Israelis also favour sympathetic writers. Greg Sheridan as recently as May 6 was comforting poor Israel because “second to the US, Israel is the most acute object of the hostility to the West that flourishes in Western intellectual life.” One is tempted to evoke the immortal phrase “useful idiots,” attributed to Lenin, and used against Western journalists who fell for Soviet propaganda in the 1930s, to describe Western journalists who accept paid trips from the Israeli authorities.

It’s not only journalists who are targeted with these elaborate bribery schemes. During the last Australian Parliamentary term (2013-2016), Israel sponsored more foreign trips for members of the House of Representatives than any other country. Former Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr observed in 2014 that Australia’s foreign policy (particularly with regard to the Middle East) was being virtually dictated by organized Jewry. Speaking to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Carr hit out at the “pro-Israel lobby in Melbourne,” saying it wielded “extraordinary influence” on Australia’s foreign policy during his time in Julia Gillard’s cabinet.  As The Guardian reported:

Asked about the comments by the ABC’s 7.30 he said: “Certainly they enjoyed extraordinary influence. I had to resist it and my book tells the story of that resistance. … It needs to be highlighted because I think it reached a very unhealthy level.” Asked how the lobby achieved this influence he said: “I think party donations and a program of giving trips to MPs and journalists to Israel. But that’s not to condemn them. I mean, other interest groups do the same thing. But it needs to be highlighted because I think it reached a very unhealthy level.”

Despite all the foregoing, the advent of the internet has seriously undermined the capacity of Jews to comprehensively regulate public discourse in their own interests. Organized Jewry in Australia has responded to this disturbing development with a multifaceted approach. They have lobbied aggressively for the enactment and extension of Orwellian “hate speech” laws (like the notorious Section 18C of Australia’s Racial Discrimination Act) to counteract “online abuse.” Abramovich claims such laws “are a vital and necessary tool in addressing and countering the unique harm caused by bias-motivated hate speech.” In addition, the ADC has launched various “educational” programs in schools like “Click against Hate,” which is an “early intervention” program for goyish schoolchildren from Years 5 to 10. The program is offered free of charge to schools as a result of funding provided by billionaire Jewish property developer (and ardent Zionist) John Gandel.

John Gandel (center right) and ADC chairman Dvir Abramovich (far right)

Gandel also happens to fund Taglit-Birthright Israel, a program that provides free ten-day tours of Israel for young Jews  who are “currently unaffiliated with the Jewish community and have never visited Israel.” Announcing the funding, Gandel declared that “My family strongly believes in supporting a range of programs that can foster and enhance Jewish continuity and identity, and help develop the future leaders in our community.” The Zionist Federation of Australia thanked Gandel and extoled Taglit-Birthright Israel as “a critically important Israel program” that serves to “engage many young Jewish adults with the powerful connection to Israel, Judaism and other young Jews they meet during and after the program.” Thus, while seeking to increase Jewish ethnocentrism and ethno-nationalism through his funding of Taglit-Birthright Israel, Gandel simultaneously funds “Click Against Hate,” a program specifically designed by the ADC to reduce White ethnocentrism and promote the virtues of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” among Australian schoolchildren.

According to the ADC’s website, “Click Against Hate” teaches  students “to deal with a wide range of issues including: identity theft, invasion of privacy, cyber bullying, incitement, defamation, online dangers, YouTube and Facebook reporting, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism, homophobia, freedom of speech, vilification, obscenity, contempt of court, website reliability, primary and secondary sources.” Under the guise of an educational program designed to promote cyber-safety and pro-social behaviour, “Click Against Hate” pushes a Jewish ethno-political agenda entirely contrary to the interests of the White Australian children involved. It promotes feelings of guilt and shame in White children, and foments grievance among non-White children — encouraging them to join Jews in mounting moral critiques of White Australian society and history. I recently obtained a recording made by a disgruntled student of a “Click Against Hate” session. In the subsequent parts of this article, I provide excerpts from this session together with my observations and comments.

Go to Part 2

[1] Adam Garfinkle, Jewcentricity: why the Jews are praised, blamed, and used to explain just about everything (Hoboken NJ: John Wiley, 2009), 167-68.

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39 Comments to "The Jewish War on White Australia: The Anti-Defamation Commission and “Click Against Hate,” Part 1 of 4"

  1. AceOfLances's Gravatar AceOfLances
    July 18, 2017 - 11:45 am | Permalink

    Why do the Jews want to destroy the White Internation worldwide; haven’t Christian Whites been their best allies and most useful idiots for centuries?
    I don’t understand why they want to destroy our ethnicity and culture; what purpose does it serve them to have our great societies collapse under the pressure of millions of third world hostiles migrating to our nation’s and taking up our scant resources?
    That this is happening and they are orchestrating it is no question, it seems an inarguable fact. I just don’t see their end game. Please, someone put it all together or point to a source that does, why are globalists and Jews so intent on destroying white powerstructures and Christian nations worldwide?
    It’s awful, here in Canada; my very disabled mother receives a cheque for $800 every month, which I must subsidize from my own meager earnings to afford her food and shelter. We are a family of four struggling under so much debt just to have a home and feed our kids, get to work, we lead simple lives, no luxuries at all, we are poor. Meanwhile ‘migrants’ receive more than twice the amount, are not expected to work until they learn English (why would they ever learn it) and only after two years (with plenty of extension)…our nation’s economy is still unrecovered from deep recession, our currency completely debased to provide these social programs to migrants and any other group whose vote they can buy… it’s an ugly situation and the politicians wave the flag and say how good everything is and how much better it will be with ‘more diversity’; our nation was successful before diversity, never since…
    It all makes no sense to me.

    • Bobby's Gravatar Bobby
      July 18, 2017 - 1:20 pm | Permalink

      Canadians dropped the ball, just as badly and about as long ago ( I haven’t studied specific cases like yours,thanks for sharing it)as Americans did. I had realized from several acquaintances, that life in Canada and the U.S. had been pretty similar as far as customs, laws, etc. How strange it is that the two countries are following a parallel course in their disintegration. I could go on with hundreds of specific examples but just don’t have the time or energy now.

    • Franklin Ryckaert's Gravatar Franklin Ryckaert
      July 18, 2017 - 5:36 pm | Permalink

      “…Why do the Jews want to destroy the White Internation worldwide; haven’t Christian Whites been their best allies and most useful idiots for centuries..?”

      In nature there exist parasites and parasitoids. Parasites leave their hosts intact, parasitoids destroy their hosts. Jews belong to the latter kind. Their deepest motives are not rational, but prompted by irrational paranoia.

      • Armor's Gravatar Armor
        July 18, 2017 - 8:44 pm | Permalink

        The Jews as individuals are usually hostile to non-Jews (they can be both friendly and hostile at the same time). I think it is in their genes and their culture. But the decision to destroy White people through race-replacement comes from the top of the organized Jewish community. It is a political (and maybe religious) strategy. It is not entirely determined by nature, instinct and genes. So, you would expect them to be more reasonable.

        • Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
          July 19, 2017 - 1:17 pm | Permalink

          I’m very glad you speak so plainly. The recent flood of chatter about Jewish psychopathy—which sadly shows no signs of abating—is both silly and counterproductive. It serves primarily to reduce the ongoing problem of Jewish perfidy and hatred to the level and category of an intestinal virus or a mealybug infestation in one’s garden.

          What’s more, practicing medicine without a license is bad enough, but practicing psychiatry—i.e., pseudomedicine and pseudoscience—without a license is far, far worse.

          • Sam J.'s Gravatar Sam J.
            July 20, 2017 - 5:14 pm | Permalink

            “…The recent flood of chatter about Jewish psychopathy—which sadly shows no signs of abating—is both silly and counterproductive…”

            Oh s that right? In order to act in our environment we must determine what it is and how it behaves. I submit, and you would have one hell of a time convincing me and many, many, many others differently, that in the long term there is NO substantial difference between the behavior of Jews towards any population the Jews move into and that of a tribe of psychopaths. So even if I’m wrong if you consider the Jews a tribe of psychopaths you have a multi-thousand year proven blueprint for Jews behavior that corresponds to that of a tribe of psychopaths.

            As time goes on more more evidence proves me right. I just saw a new paper today.

            “…Researchers have created a brain implant that stimulates persistent aggression. Winners in social dominance experiments are mice that are not stronger but are just more persistently aggressive…”


            This is a very strong feature of Jews behavior and also psychopaths. There’s now some genetic evidence to prove the Jews are psychoapths.


            “…Low-activity MAOA genes (2R and 3R) are associated with impulsive aggression and psychopathy….”

            “…The population, which has the highest frequency of the combination of the “worrier gene” (low-activity COMT (Met)) and the “warrior gene” (low-activity MAOA), as far as I could ascertain, is the Ashkenazi Jewish population…”

            “…The Hoaxin’ have on average a much higher incidence of both the genes which predispose to paranoia and the genes which predispose to psychopathy and aggression…”

            Jews that are real Jewy looking have a certain look to them. Big hooked nose. Very Neanderthalish with large truck and shorter legs. Slanted forehead (notably where in the brain empathy resides). I think this means something. The Jews have made a huge effort to say that physiology or the form of people bodies, their skulls, their skin color is unimportant. (Remember Stephen Jay Gould who taught lies to decades of schoolchildren about skull volume in “The Mismeasurement of Man)?). A great deal of effort. In many cases when the Jew persist in saying that something is of no importance then it’s likely it’s of major importance. That the morphological traits of animals changes with changes in behavior has been proven to be true. It’s likely that this trait is the same in humans.


            If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. If it acts like a tribe of psychopaths for thousands of years it’s a tribe of psychopaths.

            The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. Even if I’m wrong there is no substantial difference long term between the Jews attitude and those of a tribe of psychopaths so if you assume they are you will gain valuable insight and understand their behavior.

          • AceOfLances's Gravatar AceOfLances
            July 20, 2017 - 9:44 pm | Permalink

            They sure do seem to lack empathy for other peoples (as opposed to white Christianity’s almost singular predisposition towards the welfare of inferior peoples (part of our whole problem).
            They consider themselves above and apart from the ordinary laws of society; this has a name, I know, but I can’t recall, but I know it’s a psychopath thing.
            They lie pathologically to acheive their goals, no matter who gets hurt, and I’m sure there’s a lot of other things relating them to psychopathy.
            I remember reading that many CEOs and banking types are spectrum psychopaths; many are also probably Jews; perhaps this success trait is more a ethnic Jew association than an ethnic white. Which reminds me, there certainly is sense amoung my peers that psychopathy is unique to whites, no doubt an idea pushed by Jewish Psychiatry.
            Again, what do I know; but still, these things seem to be in the zeitgeist, so maybe there something to it; there is probably evidence out there for a scholarly type who knows how to correlate and compile it.

          • Franklin Ryckaert's Gravatar Franklin Ryckaert
            July 20, 2017 - 10:33 pm | Permalink

            @Sam J.

            I think “tribe of psychopaths” is a good description. Criminal and psychopathological tendencies may have been strengthened by centuries of inbreeding and a small founding population in the first place. It has been discovered that Ashkenazi Jews, who constitute 80% of modern Jewry, are the descendants of a group of Jews of only some 330 people who lived 600 to 800 years ago. See : LA Times, Sept 9, 2014 : DNA ties Ashkenazi Jews to group of just 330 people from Middle Ages.

            The high prevalence of first cousin marriages among Jews will have had a dysgenic effect also.

          • T. J.'s Gravatar T. J.
            July 21, 2017 - 11:54 am | Permalink

            Many hold the view that evil is strictly of volition- a willed choice- and
            therefore cannot be based on physiology.

            Take Pierre’s comment and apply to negroes. Their high crime rate is
            “free will choices” and not genetics. Curiously these free-will choices
            happen to bunch up in a certain race. . .must be a coincidence. . .

            One side asserts free will [at least God’s] can do anything- no limits.
            The other asserts that free will violates laws of nature and cannot exist-
            it is illusory.

            Evidence [common sense] says there is free will, combined with genetic limitations/perversions. See for yourself. Hold your breath- using your
            volition- as long as you can. When nature forces you to breathe, biological
            determinism trumps the will.

            btw Psychopaths have amygdalas 17% smaller than do normals.

            Reading Scott Peck’s old book People of the Lie. He is making a
            distinction between psychopathy and malignant narcissism, and claims
            that EVIL is of narcissism rather than psychopathy.


            {That is psychopaths don’t really know what they do is evil- malignant narcissists do know, and spend half their time running away from such knowledge.]

    • July 18, 2017 - 6:01 pm | Permalink

      It’s simple, Jews are psychopathic parasites. Parasites by nature destroy the host organism. In their parasitism, Jews are no different than any other parasite.

      Look at the bloody history of destruction Jews have left in their wake beginning with ancient Egypt. Look how many advanced cultures they have infected and destroyed, e.g. Rome or Portugal. Note, not one of these advanced civilizations or cultures ever returned to its former glory after sinking to the debased cultural status administered by Jews.

      Jews are blind to everything but their own greed and avaricious desires.
      The concept of Israel’s “Samson Option” pretty much says it all, if we can’t have our way, then no one else will either. Anyone thinking Jews will restrain themselves for any reason has absolutely no idea of what or whom they are dealing with.

      Jews made the rules and have long held to them: It’s either them or us, one will not survive. If Jews are not eliminated soon, most assuredly western civilization will be. This is the terrible fact white people refuse to acknowledge and Jews rest in smug comfort knowing this.

      Considering the Jew’s historical track record, I give western civilization and the white race less than a ten percent chance of survival and I think those are generous odds.

    • Sgt. Pepper's Gravatar Sgt. Pepper
      July 19, 2017 - 2:13 am | Permalink

      I concur with Ryckert/Stanton.

      The Jews are paranoid and aggressive (“hyper-ethnocentric”) as a result of genetic selection.

      The Jewish mentality is to dominate the world before, in their minds, the world dominates them. Madness has no “end game.”

    • White Devil's Gravatar White Devil
      July 19, 2017 - 5:02 am | Permalink

      The answer to your question is very simple. First of all it’s easier to influence and control a heterogeneous society. Secondly, the Jewish culture thrives on victim hood and resentment of their enemies. They keep a record of all wrongs against them dating back to Roman times through the inquisition to Hitler’s failed attempt to quell their domination and control of the west. In short, regardless of what they tell you, they hate us and are thrilled at our demise.

    • Rickie's Gravatar Rickie
      July 19, 2017 - 6:32 am | Permalink

      They’re killing us off now because they don’t need us to do the work anymore. Between Third World labor and mechanization, they can do all the work without the aggravation of dealing with uppity Europeans who will compete with them for supremacy. There is a very cozy relationship between Jews and Indians, who are totally content with being second banana. There are Indian-owned stores in New York City, where they have signs hanging in the window saying “Shabbos Goyim”.

    • Karen T's Gravatar Karen T
      July 19, 2017 - 7:45 am | Permalink

      The plan, at least from what I’ve gleaned from thirty some years of study, is to fulfill what they see as their destiny, to inherit the earth, all peoples their slaves. The White race has been the greatest obstacle to this goal. Two world wars resulted not only in over a hundred million White deaths, destruction of Europe and her peoples confidence, WW1 resulted in the British commitment to the establishment of a Jewish ‘homeland’ in Palestine and WW2 to the recognition of the State of Israel. Since the Jewish victory in WW2, White nations are being dismantled through 3rd world immigration and Cultural Marxism while Israel expands. Unless action is taken soon the future will be a grim dystopia.

      • AceOfLances's Gravatar AceOfLances
        July 19, 2017 - 9:35 am | Permalink

        I find it really scary, what’s happening; the hate coming towards us as White Christians is reaching a dangerous level. I think that once they (Jews & 3rd world allies) have enough power, they’ll take everything from us, do what they can to get rid of us. Heck, even our own people talk about the need to get rid of us.
        I’m not an acedemic like you lot, just a woodcutter in rural Canada, wife, two kids (in a school that really does teach them to hate themselves, it’s true, I spend a lot of time ‘unteaching’ them) and we go to Mass three or four times a week, that’s really our only ‘family’. It seems like in just a few years our country has turned openly against us.
        I didn’t realize until the last few articles about them that Jews had SO much influence, and direct it against us. Lately I’ve started speaking to my girls about it; so they are aware. I see it in every TV show, movie, the news, how this web they have spun manipulates us in thinking we are the scourge of the Earth.
        I really don’t know what simple folk like me can do; I’ve no education or merit, but I do know my family has worked very hard for 11 generations to live in this unfertile land with few opportunities; we’ve had to make our own opportunities and sacrifice any luxuries. We are good people though, we give a lot to charity, help folks in our parish, pay taxes, tithes, and support locals. It’s distressing to know that the world and our own people have so turned against us. It’s hard to think of what to do.
        My family has roots in Donbass; we give a lot to aid groups there, while our government supports and trains Ukraine to bomb the very people our family helps. These are good, hard working white Christians that suffer daily mortar attacks, so many orphans; but such hope the orphans have. They make me proud of my heritage, because even with the West against them, they chose freedom and fight an impossible war. They don’t expect help, and are truly appreciate of it.
        We have Muslim ‘migrants’ here, a few families, that are so entitled it turns my stomach; I wonder, how can they come from war zones and expect so much. One family, my friend helps, sends $500 a week back to the middle East; they get so much money from the Protestants and the government! And garages full of food and clothes…eight kids and just had another. It makes me angry that my poor mother cannot even afford rent and food, has to rely on us, after working so hard all of her life, she gets ~$800 a month, while the migrants get that much for each of their kids…I don’t complain though to the government, I just work harder and sacrifice more to help her. Maybe we are our own worst enemies, but I think families with traditional values are required for economies and societies to work; what will happen when we are finally driven out? My wife, God Bless her, pays almost half her salary in income tax alone, plus the sales, gas, now carbon taxes, fees, etc…I read somewhere that in Canada, 79% of income is paid back to the government in taxes and fees by the time the money is gone: into programs that aren’t even for us anymore! If my girls were anything but white, they would get free tuition; instead, we save as much as we can for them…to send them to colleges where they are treated like devils… it’s a crazy world. How can we fight this?
        Thanks for answering my comment, to all who did; I know it probably seems tiring to explain some of this to me, but I am trying to learn as much as I can, read the links folks’ post; this is our future, and thank you for including the not so smart folk like me in your discussions. These are respectful forums, I find. God Bless you all.

        • Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
          July 19, 2017 - 1:04 pm | Permalink

          It seems like in just a few years our country has turned openly against us.”

          It has, my friend. Well spotted!

          I see it in every TV show, movie, the news, how this web they have spun manipulates us in thinking we are the scourge of the Earth.

          Just so. The web is fine-spun indeed, and there is hardly a corner of life where its presence is not to be seen. Look if you will first at this link, then at this one.

          Here the white Christian boy’s intelligence is being belittled in relation to that of a “cool” black female genius’s. Does this correspond with the experience of anyone anywhere and at any time? Hardly. Elsewhere, Christian virtue is mocked and disparaged with reference to that of blacks, Asians, primitive savages from the world over, and even the Jews, whose very name, as we are daily commanded to forget, has for millennia been a byword for criminality, degeneracy, and immorality of all forms.

          I really don’t know what simple folk like me can do.

          I think you’ve made a good start: prayer, attendance at Mass, raising your daughters to be aware and wary of the evil conformist pressures they will face in the larger world. One might do far worse. Many do and have done.

          Otherwise, read, ponder, and as the domestic wisdom of generations past advises, continue exercising your pairs of eyes and ears in due proportion to your one mouth. You may well be correct in considering yourself unlearned, but the smartest and most learned among us are utterly ignorant of fully 95 percent of the corporeal world’s useful knowledge. Learning and wisdom both begin in the humility to grasp how little one knows and, what is more, how much less one understands.

          In conclusion, permit me to offer one practical bit of advice: click on Brenton Sanderson’s name in the column at the right. Then, as time permits, read everything he’s ever written here at TOO.

          • Curmudgeon's Gravatar Curmudgeon
            July 20, 2017 - 6:12 am | Permalink

            On a similar note, my wife is fond of the Australian TV series Janet King, which is magic for a nap in my chair. She is a Crown prosecutor, and it is unclear if she is Jewish. All of the White males are corrupt (in some way) brutes while all of the females are smart and moral. The non-Whites are either “victims” of Whitey or more clever than While males.

        • Sam J.'s Gravatar Sam J.
          July 20, 2017 - 5:21 pm | Permalink

          “…I really don’t know what simple folk like me can do…”

          You’re doing the right thing right now. Tell your kids but make sure that you have them read about the Jews past. Show them the rapeugees and how they are reaping the bounty of your nation. If you just rant at them they will think your just a crazy old Man. Many people comment on how their Fathers told them about the Jews and they didn’t believe them but later realized everything they said was true. Note that even if it doesn’t sink in completely they will be primed. When they see the same things you said were happening themselves they will recognize it for what it is and not be confused. This is of great value.

          • AceOfLances's Gravatar AceOfLances
            July 20, 2017 - 9:33 pm | Permalink

            I actually have been speaking to elder daughter about this yesterday and today; prefacing that what I am telling her is hidden from her in almost all forms of media accept primary sources and members of groups who seek the truth. I told her that what I tell her is not popular and outside of trusted white circles, not disseminated.
            We talked about many things, as we spent the day together, first at the range, then in the woods trimming trees. I explained what I have leanred; Brendan S’ articles’ have been invaluable.
            I realized from another commenter this evening that the Trump Putin alliance has been attacked by the Jewish Internation; and that the current conflict resulting from the coup in Ukraine and subsequent succession of Donbass has been not just an Obama/Clinton/ deep state operation to bolster NATO and further isolate Russia by forcing them into a conflict on behalf of their ethnic peoples; but also a carefully orchestrated campaign probably established by the Jews to instigate another white civil war between Slavs, which have always been particularly bloody and protracted, and has served to impinge any chances for a Euro / American / Russia thaw of tensions. Just a guess, but I believe that probably the West’s turning their back on Russia during WWII and into the cold war was probably also influenced by Jews to keep the Christian world divided into East and West.
            Feel free to correct me! These are senses forming in my mind as I read more and make associations and estimated assumptions. Thank you for the encouragement and advice.

        • Sam J.'s Gravatar Sam J.
          July 20, 2017 - 5:27 pm | Permalink

          I forgot one of the most important things. Don’t lose hope. Always tell your children what’s going on and know that they have been thrown out of every single country they’ve ever been to in any numbers for all their history. Why? Simple, people can only stand psychopaths for so long and they just break. They must go. They’re so evil they must be done away with one way or another. The Jews strategy, someone I think here wrote, is not chess. No they are playing high stakes poker with all their chips in the game on almost every hand. If they lose they are wiped out. Help them lose. This time they will not be able to just move to another country and start over. It is already widely known that they are parasites by the Asians. They’ve worn out their welcome everywhere and with worldwide communication it will be much harder to start over.

    • Walter's Gravatar Walter
      July 20, 2017 - 3:39 am | Permalink

      Because whites historically-speaking, are the only race who can take these psychopaths down- take their power away, destroy them. Expose their lies, hate, mischief, psychopathy. ‘Synagogue of Satan’ is an easily digested though ugly book. It reveals their slow, methodical evil, their diseased thinking. They invented psychotherapy to better understand how to destroy us. We are the last defence between their control of the mongrel race they seek to control. Kalergi Plan helps with understanding too.

  2. peter o's Gravatar peter o
    July 18, 2017 - 12:30 pm | Permalink

    One hell of a read indeed,I think the poor jew victims might be upset….LOL…..the global,wandering…”you know who” have Global Assassins also….New World Order.

  3. Bobby's Gravatar Bobby
    July 18, 2017 - 1:48 pm | Permalink

    Reading the above story and another one on Australia a few months back, brought something to my mind. Many years ago,(early to mid 1960’s) my father was friends with a retired army sergeant named Ray but both my dad and all of his friends simply called him Sarge. He was an interesting man. He essentially spent his military pension, traveling around the world non-stop, by living in a Spartan like manner. Speaking of Spartans, he always had a newspaper wrapped around an iron bar in his old Mercedes Benz, for “protection”. lol The cars trunk contained everything he owned–clothes, accessories, etc. ,very neatly arranged. The point of my post is that the old Sarge in his travels around the world kept in touch with my father, who he was very fond of and sent postcards and all kinds of expensive items to our home and for my mother. I remember one post card and a very expensive set of pillow cases embroidered with pictures of Australian cities on them that really sparked my imagination as a kid of 12 or so at the time. The postcard had a picture of the Australian cruise liner the S.S. Canberra on it. Sarge was doing some of his traveling on this ship at the time. I was very impressed by that ocean liner, which seemed so elegant, a typical creation of the Western World, in other words. Those must have been Australia’s palmy days and I’m sure that it is a world that is now long gone.

  4. Franklin Ryckaert's Gravatar Franklin Ryckaert
    July 18, 2017 - 5:19 pm | Permalink

    “…Of course, calling them out for their obvious hypocrisy only prompts hysterical cries of “anti-Semitism”…”

    And that is entirely justified. Criticizing Jews for their double standard (“ethnocentrism for us, but multiculturalism for you”) is criticizing the very essence of Jewishness. It is exactly this dual morality that enabled the Jews to survive and achieve their extraordinary power over others. As destructive parasites they cannot function otherwise.

    • July 19, 2017 - 2:25 am | Permalink

      Again, Martin Heidegger explains the mechanism thus:
      The Jews, with their marked gift for calculating, live, already for the longest time, according to the principle of race, which is why they are resisting its consistent application with utmost violence.

  5. Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
    July 18, 2017 - 6:32 pm | Permalink

    Albert Dadon’s hiring of Tim Mathieson, hairdresser and partner of the then Prime Minister Gillard, raised eyebrows.

  6. Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
    July 18, 2017 - 6:38 pm | Permalink

    The controversy still rages over Murdoch: Gentile, or crypto-Jew?

  7. Forever guilty's Gravatar Forever guilty
    July 18, 2017 - 7:53 pm | Permalink

    Very informative and horrifying article.

    Biologically speaking we probably can compare nationalism to immune system. It protects body from outside parasites. And Jews probably can be compared to AIDS, they suppress natural body defense and hordes of outside nasty (brown) bugs and germs break in and eat the body inside out. AIDS is also very difficult to rid off.

    Is there a time for White societies to build some defensive or offensive countermeasures?

    • Walter's Gravatar Walter
      July 20, 2017 - 3:50 am | Permalink

      Move to the countryside and start planting?
      I’m trying to think of the greater biological mechanism equivalent to vitamin C in intravenous form…

      church? No..
      Being the white cells… the good bacteria. Seems like a fight is imminent no matter how one frames it.

  8. Andrew Joyce's Gravatar Andrew Joyce
    July 19, 2017 - 3:59 am | Permalink

    I want to thank and congratulate Brenton Sanderson for yet another excellent piece, and to state that I am very much looking forward to the next instalment.

  9. July 19, 2017 - 5:56 am | Permalink
    An Australian-born woman shot by a Somali ‘policeman’ in Minnesota. (Assuming the story isn’t just another jewish media fake).
    Part of the Jewish takeover is to override local laws: think e.g. of ‘Jack the Ripper’ – it occurs to me that the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ mythology must have coincided with declining faith in the British police at the time.

  10. Curmudgeon's Gravatar Curmudgeon
    July 19, 2017 - 7:49 am | Permalink

    “During the last Australian Parliamentary term (2013-2016), Israel sponsored more foreign trips for members of the House of Representatives than any other country.”
    Whether Australia, or any other “Western” nation, my view on these sponsored trips is that the politicians who have accepted them, have in fact, taken a bribe. I have been open in telling local MPs who accept, exactly that. If accepting a free flight on a private plane is “scandalous” and subject to scrutiny, why isn’t an all expenses paid trip to Israel? The real issue is why do our law enforcement agencies not pursue this.

    • Franklin Ryckaert's Gravatar Franklin Ryckaert
      July 19, 2017 - 9:27 am | Permalink

      I suspect it is far worse than only an all-expenses paid trip (which can indeed be considered a bribe). I suspect that such politicians during their stay in an Israeli hotel are fed an aphrodisiac in their drink. On entering their hotel room they will find a naked child in their bed. Their subsequent “activity” will be secretly filmed by which they will be blackmailed to be pro-Israel for the rest of their life. If you find that all too fantastic, remember the case of the Jew Jeffrey Epstein, who did just that with politicians, ex-presidents and even a British prince on his private island. It’s a Jew thing !

      • Armor's Gravatar Armor
        July 19, 2017 - 3:33 pm | Permalink

        On finding a naked child in their hotel room bed, most politicians would immediately talk to the police and to the press. If sexual blackmail by the Jewish lobby was common practice, it’s unavoidable that some people would spill the beans, if only when they know they have only a few months left to live. It would be very counterproductive for the Jews. Things like that may happen, but it cannot be a generalized practice.

        They have to use other methods. I think there is a lot of co-optation and bribery taking place, as well as vetting by Jewish networks. A lot of it happens almost openly but cannot be denounced because of the Jewish quasi-monopoly on the media and the heavy Jewish influence on the justice system. If you go along with the Jewish agenda, you will be supported by the press. If you denounce the Jewish agenda, you will be vilified by the press. You will no longer be able to run as your political party’s official candidate. You may also get threats from the antifa and be sued for hate speech.

        In some places, you may lose your job as soon as you say something semitically incorrect. Your own non-Jewish colleagues will be doing ZOG’s policing. So, there is no need for sexual blackmail.

      • Curmudgeon's Gravatar Curmudgeon
        July 20, 2017 - 6:03 am | Permalink

        Franklin and Armor,
        I believe that there would be much more. I believe that they already know the weaknesses of each politician, and have a customized plan. I believe this to be the case, because not every politician is “invited”.

    • Walter's Gravatar Walter
      July 20, 2017 - 3:53 am | Permalink

      Probably because it’s ‘a job’. People are getting desperate for work. Maybe the way to fight this is by infiltrating the police somehow. I KNOW they see the injustice- ‘Synagogue of Satan’ author, A.C. Hitchcock was a policeman who had absolutely had enough at what he was forced to accept.

  11. delmas's Gravatar delmas
    July 19, 2017 - 8:49 am | Permalink

    This article exposes the problem pretty well. I can’t wait to read the forthcoming parts. But one question: What recourse do white people, white men in particular, have? There seems to be virtually no space the white man can go to, now that Australia will become like the United States. Organizations such as the ADL seem to be pushing the white man into a corner.

    • Walter's Gravatar Walter
      July 20, 2017 - 3:55 am | Permalink

      Take some other white friends in to the corner with you, completely OFFLINE, and start sorting out options. The vaguest whiff of liberalism amongst your group will probably mean certain death or imprisonment sooner or later, so choose wisely.

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