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In Russia, Ten Years in Jail for “Extremist” Speech

Editor’s note: Below is short article by Igor Artemov, chairman of the Russian All-National Union (RONS). The view of Vladimir Putin presented by Artemov contrasts sharply with the previous featured article, by Robert Bonomo. There is no doubt that the Western media harps on restrictions on free speech in Russia directed against Pussy Riot and […]


Russian political prisoners in the Russian Federation

Edited and translated by Roman Frolov When reporting about the problem of political prisoners in Russia, mass media in Russia and abroad almost exclusively focus on Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the late Sergei Magnitsky and the “prisoners of May 6, 2012”. This creates an impression that the list of victims of political persecutions in Russia is limited […]


Putin’s view of Russia’s national future. Migration policy and residence registration

This article was translated by Roman Frolov who also translated Artemov’s “Russians in Russia: A state within a state” for TOO. Frolov comments: Igor Artemov is one of the oldest and the best reputed Russian  nationalist. His organization, the Russian All-National Union (RONS), was proscribed last year, and Artemov himself is on the run because he is wanted […]


Russians in Russia: The State within the State

Translated by Roman Frolov No one in the Russian National political movement—or just anyone for whom his Russian identity is not simply a matter of fact but a defining aspect of his life, beliefs, and actions—should harbor any illusions regarding the corrupt, grotesquely hypocritical, bureaucratic and police-state nature of the modern state authority and ideology […]