Shock & horror: Anti-Semitism spreads to China

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All right-minded people will be saddened to learn that the growing scourge of anti-Semitism has now spread to China. One Jewish writer says ‘I live in China, and in the last few weeks I’ve been alarmed at the amount of antisemitic propaganda being published by Baidu News. Baidu is China’s equivalent of Google, so it reaches a truly enormous readership, and is state owned.‘ He goes on to cite two reports, one of which essentially denies that the Holocaust  happened, and claims that the number of Jews really killed numbered only in the “tens of thousands.” Another article claims, wait for it, that ‘the Jews themselves have responsibility for the Holocaust for being too greedy and self-interested. The truth is that Hitler never slaughtered the Jews. Hitler broke the financial dragon egg in order to establish the values ​​of labor. He did indeed shoot a few financial oligarchs, but did not massacre the Jews. 
 And a new best-seller called Currency Wars has really set the cat among the pigeons. The book’s author, Song Hongbing, claims that behind world-changing events like the battle of Waterloo, Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, President Kennedy’s assassination, and the deep recession in Asia during the 1990s stood an intricate conspiracy aimed at increasing Jews’ wealth and influence. In fact he claims that almost every defining historical moment has been instigated by Jewish bankers, and mainly the Rothschild family, which Song says dominates the global banking system, including the US Federal Reserve System.

And the Chinese are supposed to be clever. How the hell did they get those crazy ideas? Incidentally the articles and the associated comments provide an insight into the sperg-like amorality of the Chinese mind which assesses profound moral issues like genocide and treason in strictly utilitarian terms. I’d hate to be at the mercy of these guys.

Like the Africans soon will be.

AntiFa Terrorists Immune from Prosecution

AntiFa torch a police car at at Georgia Tech

The extent of the immunity enjoyed by these leftist “anti-racist” thugs is astonishing.

In Atlanta, the “AntiFa” have engaged in repeated criminal acts and not one of them  has ever been prosecuted.

These acts include (skip to the last if you want to get a quick grasp of how bad this situation is):

  1. Repeated violent attacks on Trump rallies including beating up an 80-year-old woman trying to enter the rally venue.

Numerous arrests — after a long period of significant benign police inaction — but no prosecutions.

  1. Parading through the streets without permits while wearing masks in violation of the Anti-Mask law and brandishing AK-47s while the police beamed approvingly. Only action by authorities? Making statements congratulating the AntiFa for being so peaceful and affirming their right to free speech.
  2. Beating a homosexual couple bloody when the AntiFa engaged in a demonstration in the heavily gay Midtown neighborhood demanding that all prisoners be released from the jails as “victims of capitalism.” The AntiFa invaded a coffee shop and took it over. They screamed and chanted and waved their placards.  The two guys drinking their coffee were naive enough to believe you could actually speak with these fanatics.  They expressed their skepticism at the idea that everyone in jail should be released.  The AntiFa response?  Not debate or civic dialogue.  The mob jumped the guys and beat the shit out of them.  At that point the police, who had made no effort to protect the business owner’s rights and had allowed the AntiFa to seize control of the premises and threaten and bully the patrons who were there drinking their coffee and reading their newspapers, did in fact move.  They rescued the two guys and arrested three of the assailants.

Prosecutions? Ha, ha, ha!  Don’t be silly!  All let go under what appears to be a “catch and release” policy.

  1. Placing a death threat up on me saying “Sam Dickson needs to die and we are dedicated to bringing this about.” When I went to the police authorities about this, I was essentially told to get lost and not let the door hit me on the ass as I left. The death threat was kept up for months.
  2. Here’s the Ultimate:

The AntiFa held a demonstration at Georgia Tech against police brutality. (They are under a delusion that law enforcement is against them despite all evidence to the contrary; the cops and FBI are totally on the side of the AntiFa.)

In the course of this demonstration the AntiFa attacked a police car.  They threw a Molotov cocktail into a police car.  The car exploded.  The flames shot over 100 feet into the air.  Fortunately, no cop was in the car.  Three AnfiFa were arrested in the act of torching the car with the Molotov cocktail.

This was 15 months ago.

No prosecutions.

Even as cynical and jaded as I am, I entertained the deluded notion that if you threw a bomb into a police car and destroyed it, something bad would happen to you.

Not if you are AntiFa!

I really wonder:

Just how is it that these terrorists get a pass?

Does someone call up district attorneys and tell them not to touch the AntiFa?

Does Soros do this?

Other powerful members of Jewish communities?

I’d really like to know how this works. We all know what would happen if the people engaged in violence and were what the media presumes to call “White Supremacists.”


A cri de coeur from a nation-wrecker

Originally published: June 2, 2016.

Before I get to the cri de coeur read this:

‘If you occupied what was considered the ideological / moral centre ground in 1965, and went to sleep for 50 years and woke up in 2015 you’d find yourself occupying the ideological /moral ‘far right’. You didn’t have to budge one inch ideologically to find yourself there.  The whizzing sound you heard was the ideological / cultural centre ground zooming over to the Cultural Marxist hard left.

Everything that was considered mainstream, obvious, common sense, logical and moral in 1965 is now considered by our political, academic and media elite to be bigoted, ignorant, hateful, xenophobic, racist, extremist and some form of moral abnormality.

In other words, within the space of 50 years, morality, right, wrong, evil, good, normal, obvious, extreme, sanity, truth, beneficial, dangerous and the instinct for group preservation, has been inverted and stood upside down on its head.

Never before in the entire course of human history has an entire culture, race and civilisation decided to hand over its lands, social capital, heritage and identities to competing and intruding alien cultures without a fight, and even worse, to evolve an ideology that morally justifies and glorifies it as proof of their moral supremacy. 

European man is in a civilisational death dance.’
This brilliant exposition of the West’s predicament appears as a comment by reader Dan O’Connor in The Spectator. Or at least  it did. It’s since been consigned to the ether. The comment was in response to an article by Nick Cohen, plaintively entitled Why I’ve finally given up on the Left. The article and accompanying interview represent a summary of his earlier book What’s Left.  It appears that that ‘left-wing politics had turned rancid’.

Nick Cohen

Oh dear.
And how exactly have they turned rancid?
“The Labour party has just endorsed an apologist for Putin’s imperial aggression; a man who did not just appear on the propaganda channel of Russia, which invades its neighbours and persecutes gays, but also of Iran, whose hangmen actually execute gays. Labour’s new leader sees a moral equivalence between 9/11 and the assassination of bin Laden, and associates with every variety of women-hating, queer-bashing, Jew-baiting jihadi, holocaust denier and 9/11 truther.”
Ah, now a clearer picture emerges. And there’s more…
“The position of the Jews is grimmer still. To be blunt, the new leader of the opposition is ‘friends’ with men who want them dead. One Jewish Labour supporter told me, ‘I feel like a gay man in the Tory party just after they’ve passed Section 28.’ Another described his position as ‘incredibly exposed’. He had ‘come to understand in the last few weeks, quite how shallow the attachment of the left is to principles which I thought defined it.’”
So that’s it….. the perennial question ‘is it good for Jews?‘.

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The blessed life of a Moral Crusader

Originally posted October 3, 2016

Being a Moral Crusader is a great gig in that you get the best of all worlds, public acclaim and a luxurious lifestyle just for self-righteously calling on others to meet the moral standards that you define. Enter Noam Chomsky who according to Wikipedia “in his youth developed a dislike of capitalism (a grotesque catastrophe”) and the selfish pursuit of material advancement”. He laments the increasing inequality resulting from the gutting of finance industry regulation and warns of an “unaccountable and deadly rule by corporations.”  But amazingly he’s managed to become a highly successful capitalist himself, making millions of dollars through adroit management of Brand Chomsky.

Books represent his biggest earner by far. He churns them out on an industrial scale (they’re largely rehashes of earlier speeches and articles) and charges a hefty capitalist price for them.  As he does for his speeches.  If you want him  to deliver The  Selfish Pursuit Of Material Advancement – one of his favourite lectures – your university will first have to fork out for the $15,000 fee plus the cost of First Class travel and a five star hotel that this horny-handed son of the soil insists on.  And should you want to download material from his web site you’ll be met with this stern warning: “Material on this site is copyrighted by Noam Chomsky and/or Noam Chomsky and his collaborators. No material on this site may be reprinted or posted on other web sites without written permission.” Such permission being granted on payment of a hefty fee.
And what about this: Following the 9/11 attacks he discovered that the demand for his learned opinion had, well, exploded. Despite his intense dislike of the “grotesque catastrophe of capitalism” he immediately jacked up his speaking fees by 30%.  Don’t you just love that?  And within weeks he’d churned out another book to exploit the disaster, this one purporting to explain its causes and significance. However on closer inspection (after you’d forked out your $40) you’d have learned that it was – yet again – made up of already published material spliced together with some hastily-written linkage text.
At a speech in Philadelphia entitled “Noam Chomsky: Media and Democracy” he told the audience that “a democracy requires a free, independent, and inquiring media.” After the speech left-wing ‘journalist’ Deborah Bolling tried to get an interview with him. No problem…if the “free, independent, and inquiring” reporter first forked out $35 for the privilege!  Clearly he didn’t have the likes of her in mind when he wrote “The responsibility of the writer as a moral agent is to bring the truth about matters of human significance to an audience that can do something about them.”

And wouldn’t you expect him to invest the resultant fortune in a blind trust or better again in green eco-friendly stocks? Maybe, but unfortunately such companies offer poor returns and high risk. Unlike those for example in the military-industrial complex, Big Pharma or the oil companies. But that’s not an option given that he sees them as exemplifying the “grotesque catastrophe” of predatory capitalism. Oh wait – one quick intellectual somersault later and he’s plunged headlong into their stocks, greatly enriching himself in the process.

And now he strides the intellectual firmament like a colossus, wealthy, feted, admired, a sought-after guest while remaining a champion of the poor and a defender of the environment. The long and happy life of a Moral Crusader.

(More good stuff on Noam here).

Alexander Gauland’ AfD speech deploring the attempt to denigrate German culture

A Brief Look at Jewish Wealth

Throughout history, the power and influence of the Jewish Lobby has been legendary.  This power in turn derives not from political might, nor from popular support, nor from moral rectitude, nor from God.  It is, simply, the power of money.  The wealthy have always held disproportionate influence in their societies, typically to the benefit of individuals or their families.  But when a distinct ethnic minority works more or less collectively, with great wealth behind them then that minority can exercise massively disproportionate power.  This power is amplified by Jewish power deriving from ownership of media in the media age, their position as creators of media content (here, p. lvi), and their influence on elite culture, particularly in the academic world.

Too often, though, one reads fulminations on the “rich Jews” without knowing the history and without any facts or details behind it.  My intent in this short essay is to provide some factual data, and to draw some plausible conclusions.  The situation is, I think, more extreme than many have assumed. Read more

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