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The Malicious Smearing of a Psychological Pioneer

Review of The Cattell Controversy: Race, Science and Ideology, by William H. Tucker; University of Illinois Press, 2009. During his twilight years of retirement, Raymond Bernard Cattell had achieved what few social scientists could ever dream of attaining. The American Psychological Association (APA) nominated the highly respected psychologist, author, and co-author of 500 research papers and […]

A Fresh Look at a Disgraceful Episode: James Scott’s The Attack on the Liberty

Forty-two years ago today the USS Liberty, a U.S. spy ship sailing in international waters north of the Sinai Peninsula, sustained a series of aerial and torpedo attacks by Israeli defense forces. Thirty-four U.S. servicemen died and 171 crew members were injured in the relentless assault. The details of the extensive damage, suffering, and horrific destruction, including the valiant efforts to […]

A Tale of Two Disasters (in Black and White): New Orleans vs. Fargo

While watching the evening news the other night and seeing the heroic efforts of Fargo, ND citizens working together to halt the rising flood waters of the Red River and contain the damage to their community, the reaction on the part of this community seemed vastly divergent from the community reaction of New Orleans during […]

Top 100 Least Racially Diverse Cities (population 5,000+)

Looking for that ideal community? One that is demographically compatible and overwhelmingly homogeneous in racial and ethnic composition? An area free of “diversity” and the endemic problems one encounters in a racially mixed or heavily nonwhite urban metropolis? Now prospective homeowners have several options for finding those monochromatic enclaves. Money magazine features the “best places […]