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Review of Roger Schlafly’s “How Einstein Ruined Physics”

How Einstein Ruined Physics Roger Schlafly Dark Buzz, 2011 Was Albert Einstein the smartest man and the greatest scientist who ever lived? Millions believe so. But Roger Schlafly takes a different view, downgrading the rank of the 20th- century’s most revered scientist. Why? Schlafly presents compelling evidence that other leading physicists and mathematicians before and […]

My Smackdown with Anti-White Crusader Tim Wise

A TOO contributor recently brought to my attention to one of those hard Left, Jewish fanatics who wrap themselves in activist virtue as they roam the countryside in search of monsters to destroy. The crusader’s name is Tim Wise. Tim Wise hates racists; but from what I discovered, only one kind of racist. The White kind. To investigate, […]