“Unstoppable”: Why I Write

Edmund Connelly

Few readers have likely noticed, but my contributions to this site have fallen dramatically this year. The reason is simple: I’ve been convinced by the likes of Alex Kurtagic, Harold Covington et al. that merely tap-tap-tapping on computer keys accomplishes little. Worse, I know I’m guilty of what they both disparage: writing negatively about our situation. On top of that, I have nowhere near the skill or imagination needed to construct a useful new “myth” for our people a la the peerless Michael O’Meara. Result: I’ve stopped writing.

Still, I do continue to teach students how to read a film, but of course I do not do so openly from a White Nationalist position, nor did I mention the role of Jews as a hostile elite. I also write academically on film, so it’s not like I have writer’s block.

In fact, for some years now, I’ve been focused on the films of two chosen Black actors, Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington. I’ve argued that the anti-White structure (erected by Jews) in Hollywood has demanded the creation of model Black men to “teach” the population that such characters are the norm in our new multicultural society.


A while back, writing in The Occidental Quarterly, I discussed in Understanding Hollywood: Racial Role Reversals the concept of these “numinous Negroes.” The term describes not just leaders and heroes. Rather, such Blacks are also paragons of wisdom — moral and spiritual exemplars, and Morgan Freeman is Hollywood’s favorite actor for numinous Negro roles. Ever since his breakthrough as chauffeur Hoke Colburn in Driving Miss Daisy (1989), Freeman has consistently been cast as a man of rare intelligence, sensitivity, and moral grounding, usually paired with younger Whites who admire him for his superior wisdom and seek his guidance.

Denzel Washington has been cast in similar roles for someone almost two decades younger. The consistency and longevity of these “reel” characters convince me that it is all part of a conscious propaganda effort at further knocking down White men, using Blacks as proxies. In that sense, it’s an old story.

My TOQ Hollywood essay appeared in the Summer 2009 issue, preceding two new Washington films by a year. In 2010 his film Book of Eli appeared, followed by one I was really looking forward to, Unstoppable. (See movie trailer here.)

When I was finally able to watch Unstoppable on DVD earlier this year, I was stunned at how perfectly it fit my previous discussions on numinous Negro films. While this time it lacked the normal Denzel Washington lessons about the evils of ongoing White racism, it did have that Washington standard: the replacement of White power with Black power. And isn’t power what it’s all about when it comes to the multicultural project?

I used this film in three different classes this semester, so it is still very fresh in my mind. And each time I watch these carefully choreographed scenes, I’m more and more impressed by the insidious craft that went into this propaganda picture.

Finally, I’m reading to write about Unstoppable because last week I was fortunate enough to read Trevor Lynch’s short essay Why I Write on Greg Johnson’s Counter-Currents site. It was more than enough to convince me to get this review done.

Lynch is a concise writer, asking, “Why do I write movie and television reviews from a White Nationalist perspective? It’s complicated.”

By way of explanation, he writes:

By integrating so many art forms, film can communicate more, and more deeply, to more people, than any single art form. (The same is true of television. The screen is just smaller.) . . .

Second, I write because movies are a force. They are the greatest tool ever invented for shaping people’s ideas and imaginations. In the right hands, they can be a force for good. In the wrong hands, they are a force for evil. Unfortunately, the film industry in the United States and Europe is overwhelmingly controlled by an alien and hostile people, the Jews.

Jews use movies as a tool to promote ideas and values that are destructive of my race and civilization: race-mixing and multiculturalism, White guilt and self-hatred, feminism and emasculation, the valorization of Jews and non-Whites, etc. Film reviews are one way that I can fight back.

He further explains that because “the film, television, and advertising industries comprise a vast number of highly intelligent, creative individuals with many billions of dollars of capital at their disposal, with which they create a 24/7 matrix of genocidal anti-White propaganda,” we White Nationalists cannot compete.

Fortunately, there is one obvious way to combat this: “We can teach our people to see through the propaganda.” And that sums up my own motive for writing so much about film.

Lynch shows that “we can negate the propaganda churned out by legions of enemies with billions in capital. This is asymmetrical cultural warfare at its best. Our power is limited only by our readership.”

By illustrating the general principles of anti-White propaganda, we can teach readers how to decode propaganda in general. This, Lynch writes, has two profound effects:

  • Whenever a brainwashed person is exposed to propaganda, it reinforces the establishment message. However, when we teach people to see through propaganda, then each new exposure reinforces our message instead. Imagine a young man who stumbles across one of my reviews because he is reading up on a movie he wants to see. He might like my interpretation or hate it. He might even reject my claims about the propaganda content of the film. But if he is bright, he will carry away a template for viewing other films, and he will begin to see the same patterns again and again. Gradually, the establishment’s power over his mind will fade, and the nagging little voice of Trevor Lynch will get louder and louder.
  • When people learn to see through anti-White propaganda, they are often shocked by its omnipresence. It is one thing to see propaganda here and there. It is another thing to see it everywhere. Even I am still shocked when I visit friends who have cable. The anti-White message is everywhere: in every cooking program, every cute animal show, every house makeover program. You can’t escape it, and that’s no accident. When you see the omnipresence of the lie, you have a concrete experience of the system’s totalitarian nature and genocidal intent. [emphasis added]

Now let’s see how this is done in Unstoppable.

This is a modern story about the hardscrabble world of railroading in central Pennsylvania, whose coal-filled mountains originally prompted the birth of rail in America. Home to such illustrious railroads as the Lehigh Valley, the Erie, the Lackawanna, and most of all the Pennsy (Pennsylvania Railroad), this region was a world of steam, iron, steel, and hard men. Hard White men.

You can forget about all the talk in today’s modern classrooms of “White male privilege,” for the vast majority of this mixed ethnicity of White men worked long, hard hours in dangerous conditions. My own great-grandfather worked six-day weeks, sometimes twelve hours a day in honest toil. That is how life was then.

Unstoppable, of course, is a modern Hollywood suspense thriller, so it has no need for the White past. Unlike, say, Crimson Tide (1995), in which Washington’s character competes for control of a nuclear ballistic missile submarine with a White captain played by Gene Hackman, Unstoppable is more in the mode of the buddy film, which in recent multicultural years has most often been shown as the Black-White buddy cop film. (Think 48 Hrs., the Lethal Weapon series, Beverly Hills Cop, etc.)

On second thought, perhaps the buddy film is the wrong category. Because Washington’s Frank Barnes plays mentor to young White male Will Colson (Chris Pine), we should more properly call it a “numinous Black mentor” film. Morgan Freeman has more typically been assigned this role in film, as The Shawshank Redemption (with Tim Robbins), Se7en (Brad Pitt), The Sum of All Fears (Ben Affleck) and two Batman films attest. His 2007 film with Jack Nicholson, The Bucket List, likely fits this genre as well.

Unstoppable sets up this Black mentor-White student relationship early on, as Barnes stresses to Colson that he’s been working on the railroad for twenty-eight years, versus a few months for the White rookie. Throughout the film, Barnes commands — and teaches.

In practice, this kind of Black mentor film is probably very useful in creating subtle assumptions in the minds of the audience about the “natural” role of Black men — intelligent, experienced, caring . . . and superior. (For example, while Colson’s domestic situation is a shambles, Barnes’s family life is the picture of domestic bliss.)

Still, as Barnes and Colson throw themselves into the task of stopping a runaway freight train, they equally show bravery and determination. My students correctly noted that the message here is that Black and White can work productively and peacefully together—under the wise leadership of a Black man.

One annoying tidbit — because it is so counterfactual yet so common in Hollywood fare — is that Barnes is a math whiz, able to calculate in his head railcar lengths and distances on the track. Young Colson is merely puzzled by all that mental wattage.

Something missing from this film, however, which is really a Denzel Washington staple, is an embedded lecture about White racism. I would estimate that upward of seventy-five percent of his films feature this theme, often with the subtlety of an anvil being dropped on your head. In Unstoppable, however, it is a post-racism world, a world that works.

Saying it is post-racism, however, is not to say race plays no role, for in fact there are ongoing secondary stories where race is the point — and White men come out on the losing end.

Ethan Suplee as Dewey the engineer

First, early in the film we see Hollywood’s go-to moronic White fat man, Ethan Suplee, shown as dim-witted, lazy engineer “Dewey.” Assigned to move a freight train in the yard, he hobbles aboard and gets it moving. When he notices that a switch ahead is out of position, he sets the safety brake and prepares to get out and move the switch himself. Back on the ground his partner discourages him, but Dewey insists.

Once out of the cab, the engine kicks into full throttle on its own accord, and Dewey is faced with the task of chasing it down, re-boarding, and taking back control of the empty train. Because he’s so fat and out of shape, he can barely keep up with the slow-moving train and falls face first into the stone ballast alongside the train. Now they have a “coaster” on their hands.

More needs to be said about obese actor Ethan Suplee. Hollywood seems to love using this blob to create the image of the stupid fat White Everyman. For instance, from 2005-2009 he played Randall “Randy” Dew Hickey, younger brother to Earl on the hit TV series My Name Is Earl. Wiki says that Randy “is thought to be very dimwitted and simple, bordering on mild mental retardation.”

Ethan Suplee as Skinhead in "American History X"

A far earlier incarnation of the dumb fat man came in the powerful 1998 neo-Nazi film American History X. Here Suplee was cast not only as a fat White imbecile, but as a fat White skinhead neo-Nazi imbecile with tattoos and an unquenchable hatred for non-Whites. Not a very appealing character.

Two years later he appeared with Denzel Washington in one of the most manipulative anti-White films I have ever seen, Remember the Titans. Directed by Boaz Yakin and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, both Jews, this film is a straightforward replacement film. That is, the main White characters are replaced by Blacks and all turns out for the better. The White coach is replaced by Washington’s character (and learns to be happy about it), the White quarterback Gary is replaced (and is later shown in a Christ-like pose symbolically celebrating this new team), and another White player even asks the coach to replace him with a Black player in the middle of the big game.

How Suplee and his bulk are used in Titans is instructive. The script repeatedly shows him as overtly stupid and always contrasts that to Black smarts. For instance, when they go to football camp in Gettysburg, PA (Yes, this is used to ruminate on the racism surrounding the Civil War. And yes, they went to camp in school buses, which is used to educate us on the necessity of 1970’s busing) Suplee the fat lineman is asked by Washington’s coach character what his future plans are. College?  No, the lineman answers, “I’m no brainiac like the Rev.” Jerry “Rev” Harris, we see, is Black.

Ethan Suplee as Moronic White guy, with the brilliant Black character

In any case, the Black coach offers to tutor the fat White lineman. Later, there is even a scene where the lineman himself blurts out that he’s “nothing but no-good White trash.” Not to worry, as “Rev” Harris the Black genius will also tutor him. Are we starting to get the point?

Finally, two years later, Suplee again appeared with Washington, this time in a minor role as a stupid security guard at a hospital in the tear jerker (for Blacks as victims) John Q. Thus, including Unstoppable, Suplee has been thrice used as a moronic fat White man, all the better to accentuate Denzel Washington’s tall muscular figure and scripted brain power.

The most pronounced propaganda message in Unstoppable, however, comes with the character of Connie Hooper (Rosario Dawson), who I thought was Black until I looked her up in Wikipedia. In Unstoppable she improbably plays a yardmaster and predictably berates Dewey and his partner when the train “gets away” from them. “It’s a train, Dewey, not a chipmunk.”

Rosario Dawson as Connie Hooper

The real scripted message, though, comes with this sassy New York City girl’s confrontation with her supervisor, Oscar Galvin, an overweight, overbearing White guy. Repeatedly, his plans to stop the train fail and nearly lead to disaster, while Hooper’s plans would have worked.

Further blaming White men, we see a scene at a railroad crossing in a small Pennsylvania town. The policeman competently directing traffic is Black. The man driving a dump truck that is about to hit a horse trailer next to the tracks is, none to my surprise, White. He was fiddling with the radio trying to get a better country and western station when his truck rams the horse trailer, which of course ends up on the track and gets demolished by the runaway train.

One final anti-White male comment comes when a decision must be made at railroad headquarters about what to do with the rogue train. In the boardroom the camera pans a sea of White male faces, save for one Black sitting at the corner. These men clearly value dollars over lives, as the dialogue shows, and the camera duly zooms in on White (non-Jewish) men, including a foursome out enjoying an afternoon round of golf while Armageddon awaits.

Despite this, the film is not consistently anti-White male. After all, Will Colson, the young conductor, is White. In addition, a knowledgeable inspector who happens to be at the railroad yard is White, as is Ned Oldham, a welder who performs heroically. Even more heroic are two would-be rescuers, one of whom gives his life. He is Judd Stewart and drives two engines that are meant to couple to the runaway train and slowly brake it. The other is a young Marine who attempts to drop from a helicopter to stop the train and is seriously injured in his attempt.

Thus, the movie shows heroics from both Black and White. The point, however, is that only Whites are associated with bad things, as noted above. In other words, if it’s bad, it’s White. This may seem to be an insignificant point, but when viewed in the larger context of the multicultural project to dispossess White men, it becomes important.

Finally, as the credits role at the end of the film, loud music sung by Black women covers the resolution of each character’s future. Barnes and Colson do well, as does the Hispanic woman Connie who, the subtitle tells us, has replaced the White Oscar Galvin as VP of Train Operations. Finally, we see Suplee’s fat character looking up from the gravel: “Dewey is currently working in the fast food industry.”

Unstoppable is an easy film to decode. Consider sharing this article with friends or family who realize that something is going on but are not yet race-wise about it. The movie is entertaining, but can also be used as a training tool — but not as Hollywood intended.

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96 Comments to "“Unstoppable”: Why I Write"

  1. Anglo Saxon's Gravatar Anglo Saxon
    September 6, 2011 - 2:04 pm | Permalink


    … but arguments usually only work when they are come from the right kind of person, ie someone who is trusted.

    Yes indeed, and after your subversive performances in TOO’s comments pages during 2011, there are few left who would trust you.

  2. Someday's Gravatar Someday
    September 6, 2011 - 1:37 pm | Permalink


    Re. Exponential growth, people are most easily persuaded within a social grouping where the one trying to persuade has things in common with the person they’re trying to convince, and a reputation as a serious person. Someone can repeat the arguments that convinced them but arguments usually only work when they are come from the right kind of person, ie someone who is trusted.

  3. Bohemainh's Gravatar Bohemainh
    August 25, 2011 - 10:42 am | Permalink

    Let’s make our own movies! stop whining, bitching about the jewish hollywood production stream of filth. Many people have already given up on tv and moved to Youtube for nightly fun.

  4. Rehmat's Gravatar Rehmat
    August 24, 2011 - 9:03 pm | Permalink
  5. phil white's Gravatar phil white
    August 24, 2011 - 11:24 am | Permalink


    We must use the web, to go on more main stream sites and slowly expose the anti-white agenda to people.
    On the street we can talk to people. I had out business cards with mildly pro-white web sites to the average white waitress or sales person.
    Thirdly we need to form communities.
    I don’t like the heavy emphasis on potential future violence, but the fourth thing on our list should be to get every 18 year old to enlist for army combat training, just in case.

  6. James's Gravatar James
    August 24, 2011 - 1:32 am | Permalink

    I am white, but i don’t buy into this crap…there is nothing wrong with preserving white culture, but putting others down to make ourselves higher is foolish…i work for the Federal Government, and I have seen Dumb African Americans, as well as Dumb White Americans… along the same lines, I have seen highly educated African Americans and Highly Educated White Americans. Reading some of these comments feels like I stepped into a time machine to the 50’s or 60’s…we have evolve if we want to survive.

  7. sylvie's Gravatar sylvie
    August 23, 2011 - 7:42 pm | Permalink

    “The intellectuals in our movement can write, so instead of writing articles that achieve nothing, why not write some scripts and film them on weekends?”

    Great idea!

    And, hey, while we’re at it, why don’t those of us, who are not busy writing movie scripts – or are not ‘intellectuals’ – set up some TV stations meanwhile, to get the WN movies in the air ?

    Who said internet activity is useless ?

  8. Sandman's Gravatar Sandman
    August 23, 2011 - 7:05 pm | Permalink

    @South Jersey, Yes, I agree with what you are saying. They don’t actually create any weakness in Whites with their hatred and lies just the distorted perception of it. And yes, Jews are our acknowledged enemies. It’s just that they do a lot of lying about alleged injustices aginst them instead of our actual behaviour towards them. But yes, I see what you mean. They can’t create actual weakness in us unless we let them. They’re all about illusions and of course lies.

  9. Thomas Mallon's Gravatar Thomas Mallon
    August 23, 2011 - 9:37 am | Permalink

    @Franklin Ryckaert: An alternative moral entertainment industry distributed via DVD’s through social networks is a very worthy idea.

  10. Thomas Mallon's Gravatar Thomas Mallon
    August 23, 2011 - 9:34 am | Permalink

    @Rehmat: @Rehmat writes, “Amzaing! You believe Biden who is not only works for Jewish but even his son is married to a Jewish woman!!”

    Rehmat, I have no respect for Biden whatsoever, whatever his Jewish connections, real or not. I quoted his statement about not knowing what an American is as underscoring what is often asserted here, and his acknowledgment that there is for him a happy a plan to reduce Americans of European descent to create a permanent underclass to replace a decimated Middle Class.

  11. Luke's Gravatar Luke
    August 23, 2011 - 8:19 am | Permalink

    @Rod Mckenzie: I will second what brother McKenzie has said, because I also stopped going to movies when this type of role-reversal began to occur. I used to have a Blockbuster membership, and I remember going into the store near me and roaming up and down the isles, looking for a movie that didn’t have one or more black faces on the cover of the DVD or VHS tape – and 9 times out of 10, I’d wind up leaving the store empty-handed. Something else I noticed, that I’d wager brother McKenzie also observed – is the front-cover coupling of black ‘lead’ actors and pretty, White female co-stars.

    Rest assured, my white male hands did not touch a single movie that depicted that vile and disgusting garbage.

    This is the Achilles heel of our jewish enemies in Hollywood, people. Granted, these hate-filled, anti-white creatures are willing to blow 20 or 30 million dollars on a race-mixing movie that flops at the box office – whereupon they probably write off their losses on their income tax returns. But, its my gut instinct that they cannot crank out flops forever without it eventually hitting them where it hurts most, i.e., in their wallets. After all, look at the financial trouble that Blockbuster got into, as well as scores of other once well-known video rental store outlets.

    By the way, that Blockbuster store that I used to be a member of? It went out of business, and now, whenever I drive by, I glance over at it – still empty, and chuckle to myself.

  12. William's Gravatar William
    August 23, 2011 - 7:44 am | Permalink

    @Jarvis Dingle-Daden:
    “So white consumers of Judaic film productions need to have the content broken down for them prior to viewing ? Because the inference here seems to be that they tend to possess the intellectual capacity of a 13 year old ”

    I think that is the situation, the damage is done in the early teen years and it takes a decade or more to reject the conditioning of the idiot box. I didn’t fully free myself till I got hold of Culture of Critique.

    I was watching a documentary on the relative reasoning capabillity of chimpanzees versus children (about 7 yo). In one experiment the chimp and the child had to follow a sequence of 6 or more actions on a box-puzzle to retrieve out of it a reward that was inside. The actions were quite complicated (pulling and turning leavers, touching parts of the box before finally pulling open a drawer to retrieve the bannana or sweet) .

    When the box was replaced with transparent plexiglass material the chimps immediatly saw that the preceding actions were unneccessary and directly openened the draw. The children continued the unneccessary actions.

    Although one might assume the chimps were more intelligent than the children the researchers concluded that humans, unique among animals, go into a trusting learning state to receive knowlege from adults.

    I think this is the problem: our children are in a ‘trusting/learning’ state but receive their teaching’ from the dominant Jewish scriptwriters and producers or counter cultural fellow travellors . These people don’t love our children, at best they are indifferent and in fact most are clearly malevolant

    In high schools we are taught how to ‘analyse’ the theme of a say a novel or play but the techniques are limited or are latter done from the view of politically correct deconstruction (ethno marxist) point of view rather than from a truely objective or White perspective. In those teen years emotional reactions have been taught; shame or revulsion learned from the holohype documentaries or movies or stereotypes of the Klu klux Klan etc. The child has logic but he or she knows there are things he may not think or say. He or she knows she must conform to peers. She may litterally wake up in shame for being White. This is what has been incalcated into White children.

    Yet many of us do somehow break free.

    By explicitly providing a ‘review’ by analysing and highlighting the anti-white narrative in a specific move and the ineventaible historical distortions. By exposing the techniques the innate skepticism is reinforced. It take logics and thought to to get to a state of cognitive dissonance.

    The anti white techniques of hollywood are actually quite crude, the problem is that too many of us TRUST the media like we do (litterally) mothers milk.

  13. Franklin Ryckaert's Gravatar Franklin Ryckaert
    August 23, 2011 - 6:10 am | Permalink

    You could start making sit-coms that are very low budget.Basically all you need is a sitting-room and some actors.And those actors don’t need salaries as big as that of a Charlie Sheen.Show an average White American family that is pretty dysfunctional.Then the father converts to a positive pro-White, traditionalist life style and the whole family changes for the better.The daughter rejects the advances of a black boy,the son changes from a whigger to an upstanding White boy etc.That is very suggestive.You could also have them discover step by step all the lies that we already see through.
    You could sell the films on the internet as DVD’s that can be down-loaded for a reasonable price.No need for (Jewish) distributors.Then advertise your films as an alternative to the usual Hollywood trash.(perhaps also on the internet).
    All you need is some enthousiastic idealists with some skills.No big money, no big organization.Entirely doable.

  14. William's Gravatar William
    August 23, 2011 - 5:48 am | Permalink


    In terms of ‘writing negatively’ about a situation pertainining to White Nationalism. First I think it is neccessary for us to “dwell in possibbillity”, that kind of person simply is more likely to succede than one that is dwelling in hopelessness all the time. When one dwells in hoplessness one doesn’t prepare for or seek out potential opportuntities. Secondly I think looking at our situation in purely negative vs positive terms is not helpfull. One looks at a fact or situation for what it is and then evaluates the best course of action from there. Yes one can set a target in time and then evaluate whether one achieved that milestone but every failure in not a loss of the final objective. All is not lost untill we give up on ourselves. We should also ‘motivate’ each other somewhat. We need fun and passion as well as objectivity without too much escapisim. Jews in fact create sophisticated abstract semantic worlds and then set about realising them with a series of actions.

  15. William's Gravatar William
    August 23, 2011 - 5:33 am | Permalink

    Much of the so called ‘gentile’ non Jewish elite seems to be related in some way by marriage to a Jew. This in itself changes things dramatically: for instance Ivanka Trump, daughter of a potential President of the USA recently converted. In July 2009, after studying with Rabbi Elie Weinstock from the Modern Orthodox Ramaz School, Trump converted to Judaism and took the name Yael.

    On October 25, 2009, Trump married Jared Kushner in an Orthodox judaism marriage ceremony. Jared Kushner’s father Charles Kushner owns Kushner Properties and Jared shares in the ownership. Jared Kushner is also the owner of The New York Observer, Bedminster, New Jersey. On July 17, 2011, Trump gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Arabella Rose

  16. Richard IV's Gravatar Richard IV
    August 23, 2011 - 4:24 am | Permalink

    @Edmund Connelly
    Has anyone considered making pro-white movies?

    By pro white I don’t mean conspiracy movies, just movies that point out the obvious, that anti-racist is a code word for anti-white and what they want is white genocide.

    The intellectuals in our movement can write, so instead of writing articles that achieve nothing, why not write some scripts and film them on weekends?

    Everyone on pro white website whine about anti-white propaganda in movies, so why not give them the alternative they are so clearly asking for? And surely there would be lots of pro whites interested in making low or zero budget movies?

    Writing reviews is good and all, but all you are doing is reacting to the enemy and defending. If you want to win, you have to go on the offensive and movies as you have just pointed out, are the best way to do it.

  17. August 23, 2011 - 2:40 am | Permalink

    Did you know Unstoppable is based on a true story? Unstoppable is based on the CSX 8888 incident, the runaway train stopped by White men, not anyone resembling Denzel Washington, nor a train master resembling Rosario Dawson. Here’s a photo of the real train master, Jon Hosfeld..
    . http://tinyurl.com/2er6k4z …Jon Hosfeld, was able to run alongside at a road crossing just south of Kenton, pull himself aboard Engine 8888, and stop it.

    The fact that they took acclaim and credit due a humble White man and gave it to a trumped up Black character makes this particular Hollywood Judenprop all the more despicable.

  18. Richard IV's Gravatar Richard IV
    August 23, 2011 - 2:00 am | Permalink


    For the most part, what most intellectuals are doing on the web is ineffective, because we do not have white nationalist republics yet.

    Of course the answer is not to withdraw from the web, that is exactly what our enemies want. The answer is to seek out what works and start using it against our enemies on their territory. How many of our so called”intellectuals” can honesty say they have done that?

  19. Harumphty_Dumpty's Gravatar Harumphty_Dumpty
    August 23, 2011 - 1:27 am | Permalink


    You wrote:

    “I think we do need to have a system of movie reviews that analyse, in realtime (ie as they are realeased), movies from a White perspective…People are interested in movies (and TV series) and will google them we can get a little in.”

    A GREAT idea…I hope KM sees this idea.

  20. Harumphty_Dumpty's Gravatar Harumphty_Dumpty
    August 23, 2011 - 1:06 am | Permalink

    @Jason Speaks:

    Exponential growth:

    If I persuade two people to white racial views this year, and they each persuade two people to those views the next year, and so on, then after 5 years only about 30 new white racialists a year are being produced as the result of my two initial successes.

    And after 10 years, only a little over 1000 new white racialists per year are being produced by my two initial successes.

    But at the end of 10 more years, my initial successes will result in over a million new white racialists being produced in a single year. (And in 10 more years, in well over a billion newly enlightened in a single year.)

  21. Bon of Babble's Gravatar Bon of Babble
    August 23, 2011 - 12:42 am | Permalink

    Wonderful article Mr. Connelly!! Very important to point out especially how Whites are portrayed as bumbling fools, losers, morons and idiots in need of rescue by wise, virtuous blacks! I am SICK OF IT!! SICK of White history distorted and re-written.

    Did you know Unstoppable is based on a true story?

    Unstoppable is based on the CSX 8888 incident, the runaway train stopped by White men, not anyone resembling Denzel Washington, nor a train master resembling Rosario Dawson.

    Here’s a photo of the real train master, Jon Hosfeld, see if you can spot any resemblance to Rosario Dawson. I couldn’t:


    CSX trainmaster, Jon Hosfeld, was able to run alongside at a road crossing just south of Kenton, pull himself aboard Engine 8888, and stop it.

    Another movie multi-culted by Hollyweird, White history assigned to non-Whites who do not have the brains to stop a run a way train, let alone design and build one.


    PS: Please don’t stay away so long! We miss your much-needed voice of sanity.

  22. Jarvis Dingle-Daden's Gravatar Jarvis Dingle-Daden
    August 23, 2011 - 12:29 am | Permalink

    Perhaps some pro-European activist could come up with: Idiots Guide to Deciphering, Interpreting and Ultimately Rejecting Judeo-Marxist Propaganda on Film and in Print.

  23. john sumner's Gravatar john sumner
    August 23, 2011 - 12:18 am | Permalink

    @sylvie: continued…

    I do not feel entirely comfortable writing disparaging things about my own people and country. I have come to sites like this because I want to support those who do not want to see this nation become an official member of the Third World, nor a Jewish/Zionist/Bolshevik terror state. But I think we have to ask ourselves questions that may truly be very difficult to deal with. For instance: What does this country have to feel proud of, especially since the end of WW2?

    Sometimes, it is extremely hard to forgive what we did to Germany, not once, but twice. The last time around, our greatest ally was The Soviet Union, the most murderous and sadistic regime of the time by far, and its army of rapists. Not only was Germany literally flattened, and millions of innocent civilians purposefully killed (hundreds of thousands burned alive) and displaced; afterwards, we forced that country to endure outrageous lies, slander and manufactured guilt that will never end, apparently.

    And all of this is even more difficult to take when we recognize that FDR, one of our greatest heroes, and his administration could not manage to get the country out of The Depression without warmongering and going to war, in spite of the tremendous resources we had. Hitler and the National Socialists were able to create a very strong economy with far less, and in a much more desperate situation– and, contrary to our beloved myths, rearmament was not even a principle driving factor behind this ‘miracle.’

    Being the only major industrialized country that survived that war with an unscathed homeland, we owned the world. What have we done with this massive fortune? Four decades of relative prosperity for our people, and three that have been about as stable as Charlie Sheen– and a world that, by and large, hates our guts for good reason? I am sorry, but that is nothing to be proud of.

  24. Bear's Gravatar Bear
    August 22, 2011 - 11:48 pm | Permalink

    @Sam Davidson:

    There are printed guidlines for scriptwriters, casting directors, broadcasters etc for the presentation of minorities in a politically correct positive way. I would say most movies and TV series will conform, sometimes just to get government of network funding assistance.

    This is not just thousands of film and television professionals somehow sychronising with the zeitgeist.

    I found this interesting article on discrimination against Whites in the British Film and Television Industry.


  25. Bear's Gravatar Bear
    August 22, 2011 - 11:35 pm | Permalink

    I think your comments at the Persian Jewish Community are worthwhile. The problem with commenting on White Website blogs is that it is a case of preaching to the converted. Commenting here lets us develop new ideas and arguments, lets us try them out and reinforces our identity. How do we reach and radicalise the average Joe and Joelene?

  26. south jersy's Gravatar south jersy
    August 22, 2011 - 10:43 pm | Permalink

    “Creating weakness in your percieved enemy through the mass media is pretty vile and genocidal.” Not to get too technical, but I think you should have said: “Creating percieved weakness in your enemy…”I only mention it because I’d like to believe that these propoganda techniques are not creating legitimate weakness among our people, just the “perception” that we are weak. Also, we are not jewboy’s “percieved” enemy. We are their acknowledged enemy. I’m sure you didn’t mean for it to sound the way that it did, but that’s how I read it. Regards.

  27. Sam Davidson's Gravatar Sam Davidson
    August 22, 2011 - 10:40 pm | Permalink

    A very good idea would for be a series of articles or essays to be put together detailing how much brainwashing the average person experiences because of Jewish media sources… One could easily find enough material to put together a book of essays on the topic… The introductory essay should consist of an exposition of what ethnic group controls the media, followed by what images they present about race.

    I don’t watch TV. Since everyone else does, I occasionally catch glimpses of what passes for “entertainment.” Like Mr. Connelly, I inevitably noticed how slanted the media is. I watched a movie the other day with Russell Crowe about a man whose wife was convicted of murder. The husband, played by Crowe, plans to break her out of prison. Both are white. The head cop who tries to stop them is black. Reality check – how many black males are in prison compared to white females? Looking back over the years of film and television I’ve watched, it’s scary how every single program seems to give the same bizarro-world image of reality. Blacks are smart, good, clean, law-abiding. Whites are stupid, pathological, violent, etc. Another film I saw recently was about a terrorist bombing. Guess what ethnicity the terrorist was. Arab? Nope. The terrorist was White. The scientist trying to stop the terrorist attack was…. African-American! A genius of quantum theory! Ridiculous…

  28. Greg's Gravatar Greg
    August 22, 2011 - 10:25 pm | Permalink

    Man, I was just remembering the days when I maybe 12 or 13, I used to see Ethan Suplee as Frankie “the enforcer” on Boy Meets World. Those were simpler days, when I didn’t think much about the social and racial disintegration of the U.S. Also, Topanga was hot, I don’t care what anyone says.

    Connelly’s comment on how “Hollywood seems to love using this blob to create the image of the stupid fat White Everyman,” made me spit my cereal out with laughter.

  29. john sumner's Gravatar john sumner
    August 22, 2011 - 8:55 pm | Permalink

    @sylvie: Sylvie, I am sincerely impressed with what you have written here, and I agree with much of it.

    Thank you.

  30. Anon2's Gravatar Anon2
    August 22, 2011 - 8:40 pm | Permalink

    @Julian Curtis Lee wrote: I agree that by analyzing the propaganda content in this media Whites can become canny about it, seeing it immediately. My kids can now see it.

    Julian Lee,

    I would be very interested in learning of specific anecdotes of this “analysis” with your kids or others or of specific didactic observations of media content that might be generalizable so that others of us might use them in educating people.

  31. sylvie's Gravatar sylvie
    August 22, 2011 - 8:12 pm | Permalink

    Showing the stupidity of White Americans is not really a distorsion of facts. Or do you know any other historical example of a once great nation fighting two World Wars with the net result to get enslaved – financially, politically and culturally – by a hostile 2% minority, for which they fought the wars ?

    That the Jews are openly ridiculing such White Americans is understandable and deserves some sympathy. But insult is added to injury when White American stupidity is contrasted to black numinousness.

    Coming back to the movies, it would be interesting to compare the Hollywood propaganda showing white inferiority to the UFA propaganda showing Jewish greed. “Jud Suess” and “Die Rothschilds”, for example.

    At least two points can be made:
    – historical facts vs fiction
    The cited German films are based on historical facts. The Jew “Süß” Oppenheimer (an ancestor of the atomic bomb Oppenheimer?) lent money to a corrupt German Duke and got in turn the rigth to collect tax on roads. The role of the Rothschilds on both sides of the war against Napoleon is well-known, too.

    On the other hand, in order to exhibit black superiority Hollywood had to resort to ridiculous fiction, they could not find any credible example from reality.

    – Hollywood needs protection
    Whereas Hollywood churns out thousands of “Holocaust” and anti-white propaganda, as far as I know, you are not allowed to see the above mentioned UfA movies. Only in small circles and with previous “didactic introduction”, i.e. prior brainwashing.

    And of course, a third point must be mentioned:

    Like their American, British and French cousins, Germans could not prevent getting enslaved by Jewish Ethnic Networking, but at least they fought against it …

  32. Whiteawake's Gravatar Whiteawake
    August 22, 2011 - 7:41 pm | Permalink

    The most frustrating thing about this whole business for me is the lack of conviction and courage I see in so many whites. I’m not talking about major things which would consume or wreck someone’s life, but the little day to day things which could so easily be done. Things like not allowing children to ape ‘ape’ clothing and racket (music?). Like allowing them unfettered feeding on jew-black propaganda on tv. Like accepting race-mixing in situations they could easily avoid. Like shunning people who do race-mixing. One can avoid black-owned and jew owned business. One can vocally punish people who sling around this big word “racism”, and similar anti-white comments. I was very disappointed to have an MD I know recently tell me he wouldn’t go on pro-white sites because he’d be pegged as a “terrorist”; but that he “talked to people”. He also told me the ‘flash mobs’ were just people getting together to dance. I don’t have to tell you where he gets his ‘news’.

    Generally I’ve there’s a difference in the families who wind up with mulatto grandchildren and those who don’t. The latter don’t preach racial separation; they routinely practice it, and they punish deviations. The former make excuses for why they can’t do things and basically accept everything.

  33. Rehmat's Gravatar Rehmat
    August 22, 2011 - 7:33 pm | Permalink

    @Thomas Mallon:
    Amzaing! You believe Biden who is not only works for Jewish but even his son is married to a Jewish woman!!

  34. Thomas Mallon's Gravatar Thomas Mallon
    August 22, 2011 - 6:54 pm | Permalink

    The real issue I think is too often ignored: The West needs en masse immigration in order to create a permanent underclass to compensate for our decimated Middle Class. This underclass (it is hoped) which replaces the Middle Class will not dare demand collective bargaining, a living wage, home ownership, etc., etc. All the wealth is being redistributed to the top 1%.

  35. August 22, 2011 - 6:33 pm | Permalink

    It really is disgusting how obvious is the anti-White European agenda in the media the tribe is foisting on us. They have become very bold and in-your-face about it. After all, Israel has many nukes and Jews now effectively control the government that White Americans created.

    But it just goes to show, and it should not be forgotten, what they decided to do with their power once they were permitted to have that power.

    I agree that by analyzing the propaganda content in this media Whites can become canny about it, seeing it immediately. My kids can now see it.

    I also agree that once known, the tribal propaganda becomes, instead, continuous instruction about the originators and their minds. It turns back on them, it points back to them. That’s why White writers like Mr. Connelly who expose and deconstruct their propaganda are doing a work of critical importance right now. And how can a storyteller, anyway, who hates the people he tells stories to not finally be exposed?

    We can also point back to older media — particular movies, etc. — from the times we had control of our own ethnic identity and self image. Meanwhile, we should start aggressively creating our own, even on amateur scales, that counters their propaganda both overtly and covertly. A great many anonymous White activists are already doing this on places like YouTube, often with the crudest means and skills and the most inchoate talent, but with spirit and intention. Fight them with creativity, fight them with music, fight them with spirit, fight them with racial love. Have faith that’ll speak more to White minds than the cynical, manipulative spirit permeating these Jewish-produced movies. It becomes especially obvious when they see the sort of images and media pro-Whites instead produce. The contrast becomes obvious; two worldviews and views dispositions toward Whites become clear.

    I have put my first oar into our necessary anti-propaganda battle with my first installment of “White People Are Cool.”

    Making pro-White media grappling back against their creations is fun. Anybody can do it. Your videos and art can spread anywhere. There is something about sincerity and intention that will make even the crudest of your creations reach the hearts of Whites. The YouTube poster “Original Savage Chick” has influenced Whites in many White nations just by making a few heartfelt transmissions from her laptop using the cheapest onboard webcam and microphone. Whites in other countries such as Iceland are actually repeating her videos in their own languages. By comparison, many Whites will look at this continual Hollywood social engineering and see the strategy of it, sense the mendacity, feel its a aggression, and feel its spiritual void from their own instinctual White point-of-view. When a White creates media and fights for his people, his spirit speaks. What is the “spirit” that speaks to Whites through the scenes, dialogue, and noise of movies like “Unstoppable”? Will a storyteller who actually hates the children he tells stories to continue to attract them and draw them near?

    The Great War has been a war of the mind, so when you do it it’s definitely fighting for your people. Make lists of good movies of the past, and make new ones of your own, in all forms.

  36. August 22, 2011 - 3:39 pm | Permalink

    Good review!

    I have two issues:
    1) Writing negatively about the situation is appropriate, because we have nothing but negative situations. Those who see salvation behind every situation, no matter how picayune, are callow. Their views are hackeneyed. Rhodesia went the way of the dodo, as did South Africa, yet they were both surrounded and deluged by negritude. Who, better than they, to resist and hold out? Since they didn’t, why should America be any different with its mestizos and Europe with its negroidal North Africans? How about we pray for that “deus ex machina”?

    2) Nonetheless, I don’t believe in giving up. I still want to thumb my nose and flatulate in my enemy’s general direction. This movie that you reviewed has an impact. Why don’t leaders of the WN movement band together and set-up a movie studio and start churning-out movies of a WN bent? Nothing else is going to work, gentlemen. Movies are powerful tools of subversion. Let us iuse this ubiquitous genre to change hearts.

  37. Thomas Mallon's Gravatar Thomas Mallon
    August 22, 2011 - 1:46 pm | Permalink

    Remarks by Vice President Biden on U.S.-China Relations: “It’s hard to define what an American is. Shortly, 50 percent of the American population — less than 50 percent will be of European stock. So we are the most — we are an incredibly heterogeneous nation. That’s part of our strength. That’s part of the boundless capacity of the American people. But it’s also because of the enduring strength of our political and economic system and the way we educate our children, a system that welcomes immigrants from across the globe who enrich our national fabric and revitalize our diverse multi-ethnic society. And I would point out, we are still the destination where most people in the world seek to come. People usually don’t seek to come to a nation in decline.” —-http://iipdigital.usembassy.gov/st/english/texttrans/2011/08/20110821131809su0.2135279.html#axzz1VmAAsnbj

  38. Mickey Meadows's Gravatar Mickey Meadows
    August 22, 2011 - 1:14 pm | Permalink

    @Joe Webb:

    What else can you do? First off, you have just offered an either-or suggestion that on the one hand suggests Internet activism is good AND DOES NOT need to be improved, and that on the other hand the only alternative is to pick up a gun. Everything about this statement is false, and with respect bad memes for whites to hear.

    In my comment above I agreed activism was good, period. But I also suggested ways that it can be bad, as the author of the piece also mentioned. I then also mentioned ways it can be made better, but then also left a special message to those of us who can DO MORE, that we have to face up and step up.

    What more can be done? Are you serious? Did the forces ranged against us defeat us with just a lot of noise and activism? No…they used collective action to also take ownership and control of the major instruments of public influence in our societies.

    You might think we can’t take it back. But you’d be wrong. What we might not be able to do is imagine precisely how something could come about. But that’s always true of any major free market oriented shift. Even the best genius of 1985 could not have explained how or believe possible, the major innovations of the last 30 years. Even if he’d glimpsed it in a time machine. So why would we expect to be able to understand how we, as a collective, are going to take it back?

    But we’re going to. One way to start understanding what you need to do is by imagining it done. See it done. We’re there, we did it, we took it all back. Now start imagining what would have needed to happen for that to have been possible? You won’t be able to imagine it all…but you’ll get some of the big stuff, and then from that some of the littler stuff. Go as little as you can. That’s where you’ll find ideas for how you could be part of it.

    Not violence, never. That’s never going to work in the kind of situation we’re now in. I’m not saying it never works, I’m saying it never will work in the situation we’re now in.

  39. Joe Webb's Gravatar Joe Webb
    August 22, 2011 - 12:08 pm | Permalink

    internet activism is useful. period. what else can you do, pick up a gun like Breivik?

    Europe is rapidly turning. An article in the Jew York Times last week had a Dutch social scientist stating that “multiculturalism” is now a dirty word for ordinary folks. Elections will turn the tide, nothing else, and internet helps some. J

  40. Mickey Meadows's Gravatar Mickey Meadows
    August 22, 2011 - 9:17 am | Permalink

    I too have struggled with the issue of internet activism. On the one hand it’s a great opportunity because many whites who are too afraid, or situationally unable, to reveal their identities can make a difference anonymously on the Internet. That’s gotta be good.
    But on the other hand, just like the Internet provides a pale imitatioin of a social life, say, on Facebook, it can also be a pale imitation of doing one’s ‘bit’. Facebook Life is a great way for some people to look in the mirror and say, I’m not a social recluse who barely leaves the house…oh no..I am on Facebook. WN Internet Life is a good way for some people to say, I’m not a man who woke up oneday and realized for sure, for sure, that his own people and the societies his ancesters built over hundreds and thousands of years, are to be purposfully destroyed within the lifetime of my children, by nothing other than a hatred and wish for genocide. But I’m not doing nuthin, I’m COMMENTING on INTERNET sites.

    But here’s the problem. Both positions are true. It is better for a social recluse to be on Facebook. It is better than nothing for a WN to be out there commenting if that is the best he can do. Sometimes it is the best a person can do. A paraplegic on Facebook cannot do more. A guy that married a Jewish lady before realizing the truth, cannot do more. A guy who will lose his job and put his family on the streets if he says what he knows in public, cannot do more.

    But then there are all the people in the grey area. The people who would find it uncomfortable to do more. The people who would have to do some reorganizing of their lives to more. Maybe moving to a different location to do more. Maybe get a different job or go self-employed to do more. People who would have to make some sacrifices for sure, but who COULD do it. What is the impact of the Internet Activist option for them? Well, for some of them, the impact is this: I don’t have to do those things because I can make a different on the INTERNET anonymously.

    Our people and culture will be destroyed in our lifetimes, but I don’t have to make any sacrifices. I can tell myself I’m good, I’m better than the mugs and fools and intellectually dissonant sellouts. Because I COMMENT on Internet sites.

    All of these factors and more need to be taken account of when trying to understand whether Internet Activism is good or bad for the whites. None necessarily trump the other. There is no moral conclusion coming further down this comment. So what is the solution that is best for the whites?

    Part of the solution I offer is to point out that Internet Activism can at least be made the most effective that it can be. If you need to be anonymous, then the least you can do is start to work out a strategy for internet activism that MULTIDIMENSIONALLY helps the whites. Not just whites now, but whites in 10 years from now. What will they be facing? What can you do to change the odds for those whites in 10 or 20 years?

    An example. Many of the best, most effective, most harmful, strategies used by our enemies against us, started out in smallish philosophical, political or social ideology movements. The movements were sometimes radical, sometimes Left, sometimes Right, sometimes humanist, sometimes popperian, whatever. On the face of it the movements often CELEBRATED the achievements of the West. But always, always, in the details, slipped into all the great stuff that so many white men would believe, do believe in, was a potent poison that was GOOD for them, and bad for the whites.

    What did all those activisms have in common? At some level in order to be destructive for whites, there had to be a denial of human nature. Because to accept human nature was to lay them open to criticism, and us open to realization that, actually, this philosophy is going to work out really bad for my children and grandchildren.

    However, this denial of human nature was also always the seed, for the philosophy, of its own failure and destruction. And that failure would come, eventually. But that didn’t matter to our enemies. Just so long as the damage to whites had already been done. And just so long as ANOTHER philosophy was ready and primed to take its place, that would carry the banner forward and do more harm to whites.

    So I ask you, fellow WN who haven’t yet been able to stomach something stronger than the Internet. Do you think that strategy used by our enemies has changed at all? No, it hasn’t changed. Nothing has changed. So out there on the Internet, right now, are baby philosophies and ideologies and social movements. They can be recognized by all the characteristics I have mentioned and maybe some more than you can think of. Right now most of them are small and weak and not particularly successful. Most of them will never move beyond that. But some of them will, some of them will grow and eventually take off. And guess what, one of them will be that philosophy that steps in, in 10 or 20 years, that relieves an earlier discredited movement, to carry the banner of….OUR DESTRUCTION….forward. And by that time, in that moment, it will be too powerful and too widely supported for our brethren to fight it.

    So INTERNET ACTIVIST. If you really are unable to step up in the physical world. If doing so would destroy your family or bring unbearable suffering to people you love. If Internet Activism is really all that you can give. Then do it good. Do it the best you can with all you can give. Use your creativity. Use your time. Find those little embryonic movements that are small today, and be undermined today, but maybe will tomorrow be indominatble. Don’t troll them. Infiltrate and undermine them. Or if you like, troll them, but do it good. Win their trust and respect FIRST and THEN troll them where it will undermine them the most. Criticism only hurts when it comes from those we trust and respect.

    So just do it.

    But to those of you – and this group includes me my friends – who could do more. Who could make those sacrifices and take that pain, but who just hasn’t had the backbone or has been too lazy to make the next steps. Don’t fool yourself. To myself, don’t fool yourself. You’re not better than the sheep and intellectually dissonant and silent ones. You are worse. You are worse. Because you’ve SEEN IT. You know the truth. You know what’s going to happen and you know what the suffering will be for your grandchildren who will never know the security and stability that you enjoyed.

    You and me. We’re worse. That’s what we need to start facing up to.

  41. August 22, 2011 - 9:01 am | Permalink

    “Even I am still shocked when I visit friends who have cable. The anti-White message is everywhere: in every cooking program, every cute animal show, every house makeover program. ”

    I’ve pointed this out on my blog over and over, but I still get a kick out of seeing it. The ‘home’ shows are the best. Week after week, night after night, two-parent Negro families, with enough income to either [1] remodel their large, suburban home or [2] need help with all their ‘clutter.’ Deliberate? Of course. Making up barely 10% of the population, and “victim” of all kinds of race-based poverty and unemployment, how else can you account for this?

    Close second: the smiling, Gap-attired gay couples. How many of them are there in the real world? And how many in Missouri?

  42. Rehmat's Gravatar Rehmat
    August 22, 2011 - 8:09 am | Permalink

    The Jewish dominated Hollywood has the habit of demonizing non-Jews, i.e. Blacks, Whites, Arabs and these days Muslims to cover Israeli crimes. However, there a rare cases of a Jew filmaker pulling the rug under the Jewish cult.

    Toronto singer and songwriter David Hein’s play “My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding“ is one of those rare cases. It searches answers to the key debate within Jewish communities in the West and Israel about what makes one Jewish – born to a Jewish mother or practicing Jewish religion.


  43. Jason Speaks's Gravatar Jason Speaks
    August 22, 2011 - 4:22 am | Permalink

    @Gabor: Are you in Hungary by any chance? If so, I am curious what people there think about race issues. Are they free to discuss them? Also curious what they thought of their period under the Soviet sphere of influence.

  44. Gabor's Gravatar Gabor
    August 22, 2011 - 4:00 am | Permalink


    The donation of $10/month from 900 readers would raise The Occidental Observer $1 million per year.

    Only if there were well over 100 months per year… :) I won’t donate too much to this site, I have Hungarian causes. Although I’m thinking that even I should send some money here, because the US changing would have large beneficial effects for Hungary as well.

  45. Bear's Gravatar Bear
    August 22, 2011 - 3:55 am | Permalink

    I think it’s important that we write, this is a critical part of building and maintaining the ideological infrastructure.

    The main thing at this point is to be more than just a keyboard warrior but to donate. We need millions of dollars yet its clear that to few of us donate far to little.

    We probably don’t now how to raise funds. The donation of $10/month from 900 readers would raise The Occidental Observer $1 million per year. Immagine what Proff MacDonald could build with that! The reality is that we will need hundreds of millions of dollars to promote the White cause. We need the kind of sums normally associated with African aid, church or synagogue donations. People must realise that without at least this sacrifice nothing can or will happen. Money is important. We must get the ball rolling, we must start to spread the message professionally, raise funds professionally and build and build upon that. Like the Jews we must have groups of Whites meeting to manipulate Wikiepedia and we must have out own unadulterated sources of history and information. We must be able to character assasinate people en masse as they now do to us.

    With money we can coduct legal challenges, undertake carefull research, provide professional websits that are analysed by focus groups for their effect. We can buy and build bomb proof centers to hold meetings and conduct research. We can make Whites aware of our peril (most aren’t) and we can develop infrastructure and carears independant of boycotts. The attack on Jared Taylor work as a Japanese Translator is a case in point.

    I’m setting up automatic regular donations to several suitable websites right now.

  46. Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
    August 22, 2011 - 3:51 am | Permalink

    Here’s another case of Morgan Freeman subverting the norm:
    A black hit-man with a conscience, who gets off scot-free. Naturally his white co-conspirators get what’s coming to them.

    In Se7en, it’s the Morgan Freeman character as moral compass, the voice of moderation. The Pitt character is all impulsiveness and vengeance. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114369/

    One could go on and on.

  47. Gabor's Gravatar Gabor
    August 22, 2011 - 2:59 am | Permalink

    @Franklin Ryckaert: The situation for the Estonians and Latvians was beyond hopeless. Latvia still has a 40% non-Latvian population (mostly Russians), and Estonia maybe 30%. (Before the Soviet occupation the numbers were well below 10%.) The solution? They stripped them of their voting rights.

  48. Heather Blue's Gravatar Heather Blue
    August 22, 2011 - 2:53 am | Permalink

    Perhaps, we could think of TOO as the “Occidental School for Subversion Rebellion.”
    The Jews have their so-called Frankfurt school for social “reform” (subversion), ours would be rebellion against subversion. After all, the Jews have done a good job subverting every element of white culture. Let’s call it by its name – subversion – and counter it with our own methodology. We must develop strategies on how to carry out a successful rebellion. The possibilities are endless. Young, smart adults would immediately be drawn to it. They are ready for an Idea, a nucleus around which they can pour their brains and talent, zeal and energy.

    The time has come for an American rebellion.

  49. Alan's Gravatar Alan
    August 22, 2011 - 2:52 am | Permalink

    One thing you left out Mr Connelly is who is the target audience?
    I saw the Hurt Locker the other day . I found the film annoying and they had a similar theme . Dutiful blackman rebellious hillbilly , with some other confused none sense and sensational shots , I pushed eject . We can assume the director has not been to war .

    I don’t think there much we can do for the ignorant hillbillies . I live in a town full of them and they deliberately choose to be this way . They do not want anything to remind them of their low status dead end job , but should we really feel sorry for people who have given up ? People who have no ambition in life except to be like H Simpson ? Tradesmen etc have their lot and they seem , not unhappy , to spend there life dreaming about the new boat or car . To sit infront of TV and be told who they are and what to think . The reality is it is a Brave New World , where it becomes pointless to offer the ignorant more information than can be useful or enlightening. These corporations really should hand out Soma to their employees.

  50. Franklin Ryckaert's Gravatar Franklin Ryckaert
    August 22, 2011 - 1:21 am | Permalink


    The situations in the SU and the US are not comparible.In the SU there was only a question of a system.In the US there is the question of a system and a population (already 100 million non-Whites). That’s the big difference.

  51. Aquilax's Gravatar Aquilax
    August 21, 2011 - 11:57 pm | Permalink


    Personally I’ve come up with the conclusion that the success of Jews in the western world is due to the fact that they use emotions and intimidation much more than logic to persuade and influence people.

  52. Junghans's Gravatar Junghans
    August 21, 2011 - 11:54 pm | Permalink

    Keep on ‘writing’ Ed, every word really does count. These types of Jewish produced films are a large part of the psychological war being waged against White people. Normalizing the abnormal by racial role reversals is part & parcel of how foolish White movie junkies are intellectually emasculated. Culture distortion, pure & simple.

  53. Aquilax's Gravatar Aquilax
    August 21, 2011 - 11:54 pm | Permalink

    @John hearns:

    The problem I think is not that people are not “awaken” enough (for example, a pan-european survey showed that all european countries see immigration as a negative element in society, I mean all of them and with a result of over 50% for each country). The main problem is that people have absolutely no space, no place, no opportunity to make a change against the multicultural regime we live in.

    They have nationalist parties, and even there, they still have to fight against the multicultural regime (for example in France, you always have many documentaries passing on TV when elections approach, is it a tactic to bash the Front National or just a coincidence?).

  54. Henry's Gravatar Henry
    August 21, 2011 - 11:49 pm | Permalink

    We simply need to ethnically and racially network like the Jews do to take back the media. We need to make a new Hollywood, a pro-White Hollywood. We can do this. If the Jews can pull all of this off, and believe me, I’ve argued with them; they aren’t that smart; if they can pull all this off, why can’t we take over the media entirely? We can do this. We can expose them for what they are. They’re on the defense. I imagine most Whites today feel the hatred directed at them in pop-culture. I think if we put content out there that is pro-White and truthful with plenty of sources to back it up, then we will see a flood of Whites buying up the content.

  55. Aquilax's Gravatar Aquilax
    August 21, 2011 - 11:46 pm | Permalink

    We need another post on the subject of “evil” gangs in movies that are almost always 100% white. For example, in the movie The Matrix you have a very diverse team of “good” people led by Keanu Reeves and his mentor Laurence Fishburne (and others in the team) against the “evil” people that are the agents : an all white team of bad people.

    The last 2 minutes of the movie sum up the universalist, anti-white, pro-diversity ideology (in my own words) : “you are affraid of change, I don’t know how this is gonna end but I will show you how the new world will begin. I will show people the things you hate : a world without you, a world without rules or borders, a world where everything is possible.”

  56. Bear's Gravatar Bear
    August 21, 2011 - 11:31 pm | Permalink

    One of the sad things about the deconstructionist anti-White hate and subversivness of Hollywood Jewish produced, scripted, directed and then positively critiqued (by them) movies is how BAD and shallow most of the movies actually are and how unsatisfied they leave one feeling.

    When they actually do make a good film its a often a knockoff of a French film. These films leave one ashen mouthed after experiencing the venom directed at Europeans, a bit like Jewish “comedy” often more nasty and vulgar than cleverly funny.

    It is rare to find a film one is left without a nagging sense of illease. The characters are often one dimensional and invariably developed to push some kind of incongerous ‘progressive’ agenda rather than to examin the human condition or to stereoptype or demonise some aspect of White culture.

    I was suprised to find myself enjoying the film “The Tourist” Starring Johhny Depp and Angalina Jolee (the latter who I find hideious as a personality). When I carefully checked the scripting, direction and production it turns out to have all been by the German Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. There was little politicall correct in the film, maybe the villainous head of the Russian Mafia Reginald Shaw (the Jewish looking Steven Berkoff) was characterised as being “English” for obvious reasons.

    I think we do need to have a system of movie reviews that analyse, in realtime (ie as they are realeased), movies from a White perspective. The review must be high brow and not come across as hatefull and ethnocentric but as critical and objective. People are interested in movies (and TV series) and will google them we can get a little in. It will be hard work but in terms of bang for the buck it may generate traffic and donations beyond anything else as well as making the hostile Jewish agenda embarrasinly open.

  57. Rehmat's Gravatar Rehmat
    August 21, 2011 - 11:31 pm | Permalink

    Here is a confession from Itzik Gottesman that his mother-in-law was a Jewish spy – Mr. Edmund can use for a possible future movie.


  58. Greg's Gravatar Greg
    August 21, 2011 - 10:37 pm | Permalink


    We are not only in a race against demographic shifts, but we are also in a race against dysgenic Whites easily swayed by the media outbreeding other high IQ Whites who have ethnic interests in mind. I don’t think we’re at the point where we cannot be saved, but it is going to take a lot more than what we have.

    A good start is joining http://www.American3p.org

    I think Connelly is a great writer and I have forwarded some of his articles to family members. One of family member, after reading quite a bit of this site, has since jumped on to our team. Others agree but are less reluctant to take action or join a party like American 3P, but I think with time that will change. The written word still has an effect, and that it is a starting point.

  59. John hearns's Gravatar John hearns
    August 21, 2011 - 10:27 pm | Permalink

    And BTW ,
    Obama is basically just another jewish hollywood constructed black character .

  60. John hearns's Gravatar John hearns
    August 21, 2011 - 10:20 pm | Permalink

    I have heard , a few times, from people who are not in to WN , say something along the lines of :
    ” What’s up with the blacks ? On tv and movies it is so fake that they play the doctor or scientist or the smart guy ”

    It is so obvious that regular folks are getting it .

  61. Whiteawake's Gravatar Whiteawake
    August 21, 2011 - 9:18 pm | Permalink

    Good article laying out the facts; nothing to disagree with.

    My own approach is to completely avoid movies and anything connected with them; I don’t normally even read critical articles like this, though there was a time when I did. I really feel just pointing out a thing or two to the movie viewer when I come across one is a good strategy. If someone knows blacks and has a reasonable intelligence it doesn’t take much to get the message across. If someone can’t or won’t learn we don’t need them.

  62. Hengist's Gravatar Hengist
    August 21, 2011 - 8:37 pm | Permalink

    Edmund connelly is making the classic mistake of thinking that White blockheads can be won over by logic and reason; but they can’t, for it is their inate stupidity and gullibility that makes them blockheads, to begin with.

  63. fender's Gravatar fender
    August 21, 2011 - 8:09 pm | Permalink

    There are much better examples than Unstoppable to point out.

    Land of the Dead- a black zombie is the leader of the zombie army because he is the smartest and most evolved, and the first to realize how to handle firearms.

    2012- possibly the most annoyingly PC movie ever; literally every white character apart from John Cusack is cowardly, conniving, and greedy, and every non-white character is noble, honest, altruistic, and intelligent. Most of the whites are also killed off horribly on-screen, like a blonde, who didn’t even do anything wrong, who’s left to drown to death in the last 10 minutes. Also, humanity is saved by Africa, which is the only continent left standing at the end.

    The Day After Tomorrow- another inane disaster film from superhack Roland Emmerich. A black teenage side character is the president of the chess club, math club, and electronics club. lol.

    The magic of filmmaking.

  64. Jarvis Dingle-Daden's Gravatar Jarvis Dingle-Daden
    August 21, 2011 - 7:48 pm | Permalink

    Granted, having Afro characters portrayed on film as federal judges; FBI supervisors; Ph.D. throwing down computer science wizards; leading microbiologists; translators from Mandarin etc. to a white audience may seem like an utterly laughable load of shyte.
    Whereas Judaic cultural trend setters would call that ‘re-enforcing positive imagery for the African-American community @ large’.
    BTW, Edmund has completely left out Will Smith whose gallant characters tend to selflessly combat all manner of evil forces and in the process save large masses of bewildered, happles whites.

  65. Lancashire lad's Gravatar Lancashire lad
    August 21, 2011 - 7:03 pm | Permalink

    My feeling on the wise black characters in American films is a bit different. It seems to be that it arises from a sense of white high culture having lost contact with primal values, particularly of family. Even the author of this article says he doesn’t speak from a white nationalist position, which is where his heart is, and that is typical of a lot of higher education in the UK and probably the USA too. The wise black characters represent the white heart against the confused Jewish-jewified head. White culture has never been ashamed to borrow – Christianity from the Jews, algebra from the Arabs. I’m not saying that the situation is good as it stands, but different roles for different races is not wholly against a race-realist agenda.

  66. Petronius's Gravatar Petronius
    August 21, 2011 - 6:43 pm | Permalink

    Nothing sucks more than this obnoxious “numinous negro” stereotype… it already did for me before Mr. Connelly enlightened me.

    When all this started (probably with Sidney Poitier) it felt like a well-meaning, generous move on the side of the movies. As a White person you could watch it and feel good about yourself. So enlightened, just and tolerant. Almost like Whites liberally flattering Blacks and admitting the “good” and “righteous” Blacks.

    But things unfortunately never seem to stop here. First you aim for tolerance, then equality, then privilige, then tables are turned. More and more of these Black characters cropped up, and by now, as racial ratios in the US begin to shift, it already feels like a counter-attack. I have enough of even seeing the posters with a White and Black dude teaming up, with the Black dude getting more and in the center.

    Once thy attacked “White supremacy” in the name of attacking any “supremacy”, and by now they are simply replacing it with “Black suprecmacy”. And some Whites still feel so comfortable and secure that they think they are being generous and open minded if they like Denzel Washington’s screen personas. They still havent realized how power relations have shifted. Some try to convince themselves that it is all about individuals, never about race, and “Unstoppable” might be just a film about individuals. But the way these are cast, always general assumptions are being made. Then a DWashington character is not just an individual negro who happens to be intelligent, straight and “wise”, he IS supposed to represent his race, even if the movie doesnt obviously say it. These casting decisions are anything but colorblind, but to make them work more effectively, people are being made to think they are colorblind.
    Lefties knew about these things when they attacked the “meta-ideology” of the movies before their own meta-ideology took over.

    “My students correctly noted that the message here is that Black and White can work productively and peacefully together—under the wise leadership of a Black man.”

    I really wonder how DO they constantly get away with that upside-down-world they show… At least they agree that “supremacy” is not necessarily a bad thing if the “supremacists” are, well, the supreme and superior people. Supreme and superior people can even afford to be nice to those that aren’t. Those might even benefit. But it seems that with Blacks even “wise White leadership” don’t work.

    Well, Rudyard Kipling, you and your imperial Brits of yesterday too thought you were being generous while carrying your “White Man’s burden”, working hard to educate the, I’ll put it politely, “less advanced” races. It turns out you were wrong, it is of no use. They are hopeless. Nature not nurture. Let them mind their business as we mind ours… if anybody needs “luminous negroes” to “wisely” lead, it is certainly not the Whites, but the Blacks themselves. Unfortunately for them it seems those rare specimens only appear in Hollywood movies.

    So let’s cut the Denzel Washington crap, if anybody wants to see negroes in cinema, why not set for a more usefull mission (another one), and see Denzel kick the asses of some Chris Rock style “niggers”, and serve THEM as a role model or whatever… just leave us alone, will you?

  67. Jason Speaks's Gravatar Jason Speaks
    August 21, 2011 - 6:39 pm | Permalink

    @mari: All companies feel compelled to do some PC stuff these days, but when they push it that hard, I take it as a sell signal. Washington Mutual used to have these smart aleck anti-White male commercials all the time (if you read between the lines). They of course, basically went bankrupt. When they go that far, that means their leadership is off in la-la land and/or totally corrupt.

    In my darker moments, I often wonder how one of these nice liberal White females would feel about being dumped in the middle of a black neighborhood. I wonder if deep down, she would feel that she was surrounded by eager helpers?

  68. Jason Speaks's Gravatar Jason Speaks
    August 21, 2011 - 6:33 pm | Permalink

    @mari: I wouldn’t say internet activism is useless; you are probably doing more good than you realize. We are just in the very early stages of reversing the bad ideas we were all taught in school. I think it is way too early to think we could actually affect an election just yet.

    I think of it like a Petri dish that has bacteria growing. In the beginning, it is a tiny spot. And even as it grows at an exponential rate, it appears small. Then suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, the whole dish is covered. So in the beginning, even exponential growth appears negligible if the base you start with is small.

    We are still small, but I see more and more of our ideas and websites popping up all over the place. This lays a foundation for real world activity outside the internet.

  69. Jason Speaks's Gravatar Jason Speaks
    August 21, 2011 - 6:24 pm | Permalink

    @Gabor: No I have not seen The Last King of Scotland, I will look for it. I would say the main thing I liked about Apes was the importance it put on genes. It also interesting how the lead chimp, Caesar, gains power and leads the other apes. It is not primarily through fear or violence, but intelligence and cooperation.

    There seemed to be quite a few blacks in the theater, which I found amusing. When I saw 300 (the Spartan movie) there were also a lot of brothers there, and they seemed to love it, even though the main bad guy Xerxes was played by a black character and most of the bad guys were rather dark.

  70. Gabor's Gravatar Gabor
    August 21, 2011 - 6:23 pm | Permalink

    @mari: The Soviet Union came down almost without a drop of blood. (A few people did die, to be sure, and there were victims in the faraway republics as well, starting civil wars, etc. But nothing compared to the size of the empire, or the size of its armed forces, which were considerable even in 1991.) So I don’t think there’s no peaceful end to all this.

  71. mari's Gravatar mari
    August 21, 2011 - 6:18 pm | Permalink

    I live near a huge hospital and medical center. It has buses and vans for both patients and staff running all over the neighborhood. They have always had big logos and signs advertising the medical center.

    About a month ago the hospital added pictures to the sides of all those vans and buses. A picture of a black male medic of some kind taking care of a White woman and her White child.

    Couple years ago the supermarkets that have little pharmacies expanded and tried to take over the business of the big drugstore chains. They put up billboards all over town. It was a handsome black male pharmacist giving meds to a beautiful distressed White mother and her sick White baby.

    I haven’t gone to that supermarked chain since I saw that first billboard.

  72. mari's Gravatar mari
    August 21, 2011 - 6:12 pm | Permalink

    I agree that internet activism and all White activism is useless. Look at the Obama election. Despite all the White readers of sites like amren, vdare, stormfront etc Obama won.

    I blog on every White website I can find. I post every article I can find about black on White crime and affirmative action on White websites.

    I live in a Persian Jewish neighborhood. I never cease to tell them that their children will not get into good colleges because they are White. I never cease telling the Persian Jewish med students I see at work that they will be turned down for prestigious internships and residencies because they are White.

    I have a lot of effect on this Persian Jewish community of maybe 30,000. I don’t live near Aremenians, Russians, Israelis or Arabs. If I did I would tell them the same thing;
    because they are White they are ineligible for government jobs, college scholarships and many jobs.

    As a historian, I don’t see any peaceful resolution to the discrimination against and future genocide of Whites.

    I like the Persian Jews because they have the same attitude towards blacks, black on White crime and affirmative action as do posters on Occidental Observer.

    Basically, I do what I can.

    Realistically, the only things Whites can do to insure our survival are completely illegal. We can’t commit crimes, so we are doomed.

  73. Gabor's Gravatar Gabor
    August 21, 2011 - 6:10 pm | Permalink

    @Jason Speaks: Actually, against real chimpanzees I would probably prefer blacks. Just as against real aliens I would prefer gorillas or even amoebae.

  74. Sandman's Gravatar Sandman
    August 21, 2011 - 6:08 pm | Permalink

    First off, Edmund Connelly was missed this past year. His work is always great. Two things here. First, I agree that the anti-White narrative has become the accepted norm (in tv land) because nobody but the Jews has any say in the matter. A quick anecdote are two tv commercials where the young White males appear to have lipstick on. I kid you not, one commercial for an acne product shows a White teen so feminized you’d swear that he had on red lipstick. Another commercial shows a boy’s own sister applying it to her little brother as the big punchline. I’ll give you all three guesses as to who dreamed up this stuff as well as the “metro-sexual” stlye or androgany as a style. Creating weakness in your percieved enemy through the mass media is pretty vile and genocidal. But these images are just what Jews want to happen. We are stronger than this and can overcome the lies. Second, I agree with Edmund that if Whites don’t organize something outside of cyberland, it won’t be enough to survive. People just talking about “our people rising up etc.” won’t be enough. Every other race meets openly. Look at Jews. They meet in our capital in buildings with huge Israeli flags and they videotape the meetings at times. So why can’t people of White European background do something like this? No legal reason. There might be organizational problems, but don’t believe there’s some legal reason.

  75. Gabor's Gravatar Gabor
    August 21, 2011 - 5:58 pm | Permalink

    @Jason Speaks: Anyway, the chimpanzee with the AK47 “trailer” was a good internet meme, and, well… it kinda reinforced some stereotypes of blacks.

    Have you seen The Last King of Scotland? I am thinking about watching that one as well (on DVD), because one of my friends mentioned it was very difficult to draw politically correct conclusions from it.

  76. Jason Speaks's Gravatar Jason Speaks
    August 21, 2011 - 5:46 pm | Permalink

    @Gabor: I don’t want to oversell it though. It has the usual multicultural couple in the lead. It’s just that it had some themes that cut against the grain, if you know what to look for.

  77. Rod Mckenzie's Gravatar Rod Mckenzie
    August 21, 2011 - 5:40 pm | Permalink

    When movies started to show negroes in heroic roles that used to be filled by white actors such as Clint Eastwood, I stopped going to movies almost completely. I see about one or two movies a year at most and only if they are documentaries or extremely good foreign films. I refuse to see a negro in a role for which he isn’t suited. In those roles he looks like a buffoon to me, an extremely poor imitation of a white character. When I was still a teenager, I started to see through this propaganda. I could see that negroes were simply not in real life as they are portrayed in the movies. If I could see through this nonsensical portrayal of negroes as Police Chiefs and Rocket Scientists, I think any reasonably intelligent person of European stock can see this also. The movies simply don’t portray negroes in reality. You can see the real negro everywhere around you. The characterizations that Denzil Washington and Morgan Freeman appear in are as much fantasy as the magic in the Harry Potter movies.

  78. Gabor's Gravatar Gabor
    August 21, 2011 - 5:11 pm | Permalink

    @Gabor: In this new postmodern age people love to be individuals. Now it is impossible, so everybody ends up using the same mass-produced items and clichés to express their individuality. It doesn’t hurt to point that out.

  79. Gabor's Gravatar Gabor
    August 21, 2011 - 5:03 pm | Permalink

    @Anon2: I don’t know. Hey, I’m just a commenter. :)

    But I think it doesn’t hurt if we tell our friends when talking about a specific movie, “well, again the multicult/black heroes and blue-eyed blond villains… it’s such a cliché”.

  80. Anon2's Gravatar Anon2
    August 21, 2011 - 4:44 pm | Permalink


    It’s enough to point out the ubiquity of propaganda.

    Okay, but how specifically do you do this? How do you describe the “propaganda,” what characteristics do you give it, so that they are then able to recognize it on their own?

  81. Gabor's Gravatar Gabor
    August 21, 2011 - 4:35 pm | Permalink

    @Jason Speaks: I rarely go to movie theaters, but it sounds like it might be worth this time.

  82. Gabor's Gravatar Gabor
    August 21, 2011 - 4:16 pm | Permalink

    @Jarvis Dingle-Daden: No, you don’t need to break down all content before showing. It’s enough to point out the ubiquity of propaganda. Once they recognize this, they will see that everywhere on their own. But because of our mental equipment while indoctrinated we might not see obvious things, because our brains simply dismiss information not fitting into our worldview. And people are indoctrinated indeed.

  83. Jason Speaks's Gravatar Jason Speaks
    August 21, 2011 - 4:04 pm | Permalink

    Excellent review. By the way, I would be interested in seeing a review of Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It is rather interesting in that it doesn’t seem to follow the usual script. I am not spoiling anything here when I mention that:

    1. The smart monkeys get light eyes as they become more intelligent, flecks of green.

    2. The enhanced IQ comes from changing the biology of the apes, not their culture. The change is transmitted via genes.

    3. Many of the bad guys (in fact, the main “bad buy”) is black.

    I may be reading too much into it, but I would curious what other pro-White readers think of the movie. I would recommend seeing it.

  84. Jarvis Dingle-Daden's Gravatar Jarvis Dingle-Daden
    August 21, 2011 - 3:59 pm | Permalink

    So white consumers of Judaic film productions need to have the content broken down for them prior to viewing ? Because the inference here seems to be that they tend to possess the intellectual capacity of a 13 year old and therefore liable to absorb the corrosive message inserted in the movie by its kosher creators.
    Talking of mental grasp of 13 year olds, is that really much worse than what the millions of white males in their 30s and 40s and 50s do by sustaining billionaire Jewish sports team owners via patronizing their venues; purchasing merchandise; driving TV ratings ?
    The ultimate aim of which is to be able to capture the moment when having adroitly handled a spinning object their favorite sweaty gorilla finally scores.

    P.S. Was there ever a time when Judaic cinematic products aimed @ a largely non-Jew audience were free from propaganda (ghosts of Sergei Eisenstein) ?
    I mean, EVER ?

  85. Gabor's Gravatar Gabor
    August 21, 2011 - 3:21 pm | Permalink

    That was a great article.

  86. Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
    August 21, 2011 - 2:41 pm | Permalink

    @Greg Johnson: IMDB has some information about her father, who appears to have been nominally white (he is described as Irish and Redskin). Whether he was a “credit” to the white race, let alone the human race, is an open question.

    Rather more to the central point of Edmund Connelly’s preditably excellent article, I also learned from IMDB that Dawson was one of the stars of Kids, (1995), one of the most viciously anti-white films ever made. All unaware of its subject or even its existence, I saw it on New York City’s principal PBS station not long after its theatrical release. Though I have seldom been so revolted or angered by anything our degenerate masters have produced for the degradation of the society that has made them rich, I count seeing this film as an important event in my own belated coming to enlightenment. (Its showing persuaded me, inter alia, to think of PBS with as much contempt as I had already acquired for the major broadcast networks and cable’s many porn channels.) The deliberate imposition of black moral and sexual degeneracy onto a group of white kids showed me decisively that the rulers of the movie and TV world no longer had even the slightest worry that there might be a price to pay for exhibiting their vicious race hatred for all to see. Indeed, I afterwards learned that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting spent a hefty sum of money—largely American taxpayers’ money—to acquire the film and distribute it to as many PBS stations as each locality’s Jews felt could get away with showing it.

    Have you ever written about Kids, Professor Connelly? I’d be glad to hear or read your comments on that evil film if you have.

  87. European's Gravatar European
    August 21, 2011 - 2:40 pm | Permalink

    As with any kind of “ABUSE” keep writing, keep talking, keep educating, make people aware and analyze to show up the subtle abuses in film, tv, at work and everyday life. I do it, I teach my son and tell him: Even if you can not do anything with this information right now, someday you will need it and know, and have it readyly available for your understanding of the world and people around you, as they will affect you. Never, Never give up, for as long as you have breath… you have a cause!!! White…, what a beautiful color of people if we let our white attributes shine as well.

  88. August 21, 2011 - 1:18 pm | Permalink

    Rosario Dawson is part black. From the looks of her, I would say about one fourth. According to Wikipedia, “Her mother, Isabel Celeste, is a writer and singer of Puerto Rican and Afro-Cuban descent.” “Afro-Cuban” could be entirely Black, and most Puerto Ricans, especially those in New York (where Dawson was born), have some African ancestry. Nothing is said about her father’s race.

  89. Cary's Gravatar Cary
    August 21, 2011 - 12:45 pm | Permalink

    Edmund, what you are talking about is the Anti-White Narrative.

    See http://www.resistingdefamation.org

  90. Someday's Gravatar Someday
    August 21, 2011 - 12:29 pm | Permalink

    Excellent article. The fact that Suplee has appeared in so many major movies is particularly telling.

    When writers speculate, as Harold Covington does, in a relentlessly upbeat way about an imagined past future where nationalism achieved massive success by certain methods, they get quite a lot of negative feedback and don’t like it. A relentlessly upbeat view of what is possible strikes a chord with many people, but it’s a chord that it does not derive from actual experience – it comes from Hollywood movies where evil systems are overthrown with relative ease. Hollywood portrays total fantasy where basic realities do not apply, one example I’ve mentioned before is the use of a ‘martial arts’ myth to allow the good guy to KO multiple assailants without suffering so much as a chipped tooth, people (even martial artists) come to believe that myth reflects a real-world reality.

    The consumers of Hollywood’s product have their sense of reality warped about more than just race; there is a general eroding of the audience’s sense of practicality. The movie hero can only be a hero by getting things done and looking good doing it, something which is not so easy to do in real life with its manifold difficulties.

    Writers who are upbeat about a certain scheme or future scenario in relation to prospects for nationalism should not try and close down less favorable evaluations of it by bemoaning those who “write negatively about our situation”. When you stop listening to others you are liable to fall victim to your own fantasies.

    (“perfectly it fit” ?)

  91. john sumner's Gravatar john sumner
    August 21, 2011 - 12:24 pm | Permalink

    This is yet another outstanding article by Mr. Connelly. I hope he continues to write about movies for decades to come.

    This particular film has an added layer of meaning for me. It takes place in Pennsylvania, a state that I have a great deal of affection for, and it was largely filmed there, in places like Bradford, Uniontown and Tyrone. Some of these towns and cities are still trying to hold on and function well. Thanks in no small measure to the strong German and other significant Central European traits and influences, some of these efforts are succeeding. There remains much to admire, but the disintigration of these places is incredibly sad, and there is no good reason for it, especially considering the resources of the region.

    Not only have these good people and places been screwed by our economic leaders; they are continuously being degraded by the shameless lords of Hollywood.

    Thank goodness for Mr. Connelly.

  92. Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
    August 21, 2011 - 12:09 pm | Permalink

    A welcome return, indeed. I find myself both appalled at much of Hollywood’s output, but unprepared to cut myself off from film, one of my great loves. More reviews, please.

  93. Gray Prince's Gravatar Gray Prince
    August 21, 2011 - 11:51 am | Permalink

    I like Professor Connelly’s writing too, but I understand his position. I just really like film studies in general. When people (whatever they will eventually look like) are discussing this period ages and ages hence, surely film will be seen as the topical art form of the age and other media, such as books, will only be regarded in what capacity they contributed to film, with the possible exception of certain novel genres, such as scifi/fantasy, which may properly be regarded as offspring of the 19th century. I would like to know what film journals the author publishes his more socially acceptable articles in?

    I have a pitch for a new film, inspired by Terrence Malic’s Tree of Life: An hour long stream of consciuos film depicting a white guy continuously savagely beating and hurling racial slurs at a black guy who holds a doctorate in mathematics. That ought to be good enough for at least several Oscar nominations, wouldn’t you think?

  94. Anon2's Gravatar Anon2
    August 21, 2011 - 11:28 am | Permalink

    Whenever a brainwashed person is exposed to propaganda, it reinforces the establishment message. However, when we teach people to see through propaganda, then each new exposure reinforces our message instead.

    Very true. How to teach this?

    Can someone here offer a concise, persuasive message to give people? Perhaps a mere paragraph in length that lays out the landscape in a way that would make sense to people?:

  95. Luke's Gravatar Luke
    August 21, 2011 - 11:23 am | Permalink

    It was a sheer joy to see Edmund Connelly post an article again! This one was one of his all-time best efforts! Incredible job, Edmund.

    Connelly has the kind of insight and ability to analyze and dissect the enemy propaganda that really has no equal anywhere else in the pro-white community. I urge Mr. Connelly to not lose hope and to continue to write material and especially continue with his movie reviews, because as he says, the movies and his pro-white review of them are extremely effective tools to use to help awaken and educate White European people.

  96. iboTTs's Gravatar iboTTs
    August 21, 2011 - 11:02 am | Permalink

    I don’t really get why people are against internet activism? The way I see it, this is the BEST way to reach the people. And if all you writers stop writing, then how’s anyone going to get the information, or inspiration?

    If TOO wasn’t online then I would still be living in ignorance. But now that I’m aware I’m getting ready to distribute BNP leaflets around my city. So what’s the big deal?

    The web is thee mass communication tool, and just deciding to stop using it, seems crazy to me.

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