Sunshine Hate: Liberal Responses to the Orlando Vibrancy

As H.P. Lovecraft nearly said, the most risible thing in the world is the inability of the Guardian to correlate its own contents. Like the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the Orlando massacre has been a deeply traumatic event for the Guardian and its readers. An oppressed Muslim has done bad things to people who matter — not worthless “white trash” girls in Rotherham, but precious members of the LGBTQ community.

Vibrant Afghan #1: Omar Mateen

Vibrant Afghan #1: Omar Mateen

How could this happen? How could one liberal pet turn on another like that? In Guardianista hagiology, the LGBTQ community and the Muslim community are even more sacred than the left-wing cartoonists who died at Charlie Hebdo who, after all, were mainly White. But the Guardian already contained a story explaining the behaviour of Omar Mateen, the “Afghan-American” responsible for the massacre in Orlando. Britain too has seen how vigorously Afghan males can vibrate when they put their minds to it, as in the gruesome double murder of two White girls by Ahmad Otak, a refugee from Afghanistan (‘We record all the killing of women by men. You see a pattern’, The Guardian, 8th February 2015)

Vibrant Afghan #2: Ahmad Otak

Vibrant Afghan #2: Ahmad Otak

Otak was armed only with a knife. Imagine what he could have achieved if, like Omar Mateen, he’d been able to get hold of a gun. Mateen was described by his first wife as violent and mentally unstable. In other words, he was a typical Afghan male. Afghanistan is full of clans, blood-feuds and in-breeding. Its culture is summed up by this famous Bedouin saying: “I against my brother; I and my brother against my cousin; I, my brother and my cousin against the world.”

The Guardian article discussing Ahmad Otak has this title: “We record all the killing of women by men. You see a pattern.” In fact, there are many patterns in male violence against women. Liberals resolutely ignore one of the most obvious: the vast over-representation of non-Whites in the murder and rape of White women. Their response to the Orlando massacre proves that there are other obvious patterns that they resolutely ignore. Let’s look at some examples.

Liberal response #1: “It wasn’t about immigration…”

If Omar Mateen had won a Nobel Prize or found a cure for cancer, liberals would have been loudly celebrating his status as the American-born child of immigrants. “See how America benefits from immigration?” they would have crowed. But Mateen didn’t do something positive, so Gary Younge, the Guardian’s chief Black intellectual, had to postulate an extraordinary new biological phenomenon:

Whatever else this is, it’s not about immigration. Omar Mateen, the suspected killer, was born in America. Whatever compelled him to commit such a terrible act cannot be laid at the border of a foreign nation. His hatred was home-grown. (Orlando shooting exposes so many of America’s faultlines, The Guardian, 12th June 2016)

Ignorant haters like Donald Trump might claim that Mateen was only an American citizen because his parents emigrated from Afghanistan. Gary Younge knows better: Omar Mateen would have been born in the US even if his parents had stayed in Afghanistan. His embryo would have materialized from the American air and grown to term thousands of miles from his mother’s womb, nourished by a mysterious process possibly involving quantum nonlocality or Dawkins’s demon.

You and I might not understand how all this would have happened, but that’s because we’re not the chief Black intellectual at the Guardian. That also explains why we can’t understand that the Orlando massacre was entirely “home-grown” and had nothing to do with Mateen’s Afghan genetics, with Afghan culture, or with his religion of Islam. In fact, anyone who raises his connection with Afghanistan is committing a serious sin. Here is Jesse Benn’s response to a USA Today tweet, “Omar Mateen, the shooter, was a U.S. citizen, but some of his family is not.”

So. Fucking. What.

Stop fueling xenophobia, @USATODAY.

— Jesse Benn (@JesseBenn) June 12, 2016
(Ed. note: I can’t retrieve Benn’s tweet because he has blocked me due to a Twitter conversation we had about the communist affiliations of his grandmother, Hedi Stadlen in an article written by Francis Carr Begbie, “Beneath the mask of the Human Rights industry: Prominent British Jews Advocate Increases in Refugees.” Begbie’s article is entirely accurate.)

Jesse Benn is Jewish and supports violence against Trump rallies.  Do his relatives in Israel take the same attitude to vibrant enrichment? Not at all: Israel builds high-tech fences to keep Afghans and other Third-World “predators” away from its Jewish citizens.

Liberal response #2: “It wasn’t about Islam…”

Liberals were horrified by Trump’s “inflammatory tweets linking the crime to Islam.” In the truest and deepest sense, Islam wasn’t involved at all:

“I will also not call this ‘radical Islamic terrorism’, no matter how hard the right pushes that phrase on me,” wrote Rick Bettan, a New York City attorney who worked on the legal team that successfully argued that California’s Proposition 8 anti-same-sex marriage case was unconstitutional. “It is not ‘Islamic’. It is a perversion of Islam. It is people acting in the name of Islam who do not practice that religion as millions and millions of peaceful people do.” (World stands in solidarity with Orlando’s LGBT community as a city weeps, The Guardian, 13th June 2016)

Anti-Trump Muslima

“Trump is a hater!”: A Muslima exploits White xenophilia at an anti-Trump rally in New York: Trump would “destroy the idea of America”

But if Omar Mateen’s actions were a “perversion” of Islam, why have Muslims not taken to the streets to demonstrate their horror at his actions? Why did Muslims not hasten to join the vigils held by the “LGBTQ community” around the world? Omar Mateen’s father explained why when he said this: “God will punish those involved in homosexuality,” because it is “not an issue that humans should deal with.” But he’s not living in a Muslim country. “Mainstream” Muslims don’t disagree with homosexuals being killed: they disagree with homosexuals being killed without due process. After all, homosexuals are regularly executed in devout Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, and 52% of Muslims in Britain think homosexuality should be illegal.

Liberal response #3: “Trump, Christians and rednecks-with-guns were really to blame…”

If Islam and immigration had nothing to do with Omar Mateen’s vibrancy, what were the real causes? It’s obvious: it was White Christian men like Donald Trump. They’re spewing Islamophobia and homophobia and clinging bitterly to their guns:

Trump’s rise is proof that religious and sexual bigotry still flourishes in America. Without gun control, there will be more atrocities like that in Orlando. (You can’t get rid of hate. But you can take away people’s ability to act on it, The Guardian, 13th June 2016)

The evidence shows that alienating an entire religious community, as Donald Trump has done, will make us less safe. … According to my research, this is the recipe for making American Muslims feel disenfranchised and discriminated against. We are actually planting the seeds for radicalization and essentially helping Isis recruit by fueling the narrative that the west is anti-Islam. (I’ve studied radicalization — and Islamophobia often plants the seed, The Guardian, 13th June 2016)

“He wasn’t just hearing these messages from a faraway terrorist organisation,” [Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign] said. “He was hearing it from politicians and from radical anti-LGBT extremists right here in our own country. Every time we see legislation that puts a target on the back of LGBT people. Every time we hear a preacher that spews hate from the pulpit. Every time a county clerk says that acknowledging our relationships violates her ‘religious beliefs’. That is deeply ingrained in the hate and the bigotry that motivates such tragedy in this country and together that’s what we must defeat.” (‘Revolting tragedy’: LGBT rights group condemns attack at Orlando nightclub, The Guardian, 13th June 2016)

Like all liberals, LGBTQ “activists” pride themselves on their intelligence and sophistication. But it doesn’t occur to any of them to note that, although Christians vastly outnumber Muslims in the US, Christians pose far less of a threat to gays. So what will happen as the Muslim community in America inexorably grows as a result of liberal immigration policies? The threat to gays will obviously get bigger.

But LGBTQ activists belong to the suicide cult of liberalism, so they support mass immigration by Muslims and demonize Donald Trump, who would be far better for gays as president than the execrable Hillary Clinton. If Hillary is such a friend of the LGBTQ community, why does she accept huge sums of money from Saudi Arabia, where (as already noted) gays are regularly executed? Why does she pretend that such hate-filled homophobia has nothing to do with Islam?

Liberal response #4: “The poor Jews were there first…”

The neo-conservative Nick Cohen, by contrast, is in no doubt that Islam was to blame for the Orlando massacre. Gays are the “new Jews,” you see: a vulnerable minority abandoned to the Islamist wolves by hypocritical liberals who won’t join Nick’s humanist crusade against religious bigotry:

Religions, to use Dawkinesque language, are pre-scientific memes, and their DNA carries the hatreds and blood-lusts of their time. Their authority has to be destroyed, so that they can no longer authorise murder. The battles against textual authority can be won. British Christianity is no longer oppressive, not because of any virtue in the creed, but because generations of liberals have destroyed its authority to authorise brutality. (“Homophobia is now met with the same silence given to anti-Semitism”, The Spectator, 13th June 2016)

So that was the cunning plan of Nick and his fellow neo-cons: first allow millions of anti-Semitic, homophobic and misogynist Muslims into the West, then “destroy the authority” of their religion so that they turned into pro-Semitic, gay-friendly feminists. After all, it only took a few centuries to de-fang Christianity.

Alas, the cunning plan hasn’t worked. But don’t put the blame on Nick and his life-long support for Muslim immigration. Letting millions of Muslims into the West should have created a progressive paradise by now, but how was he to foresee the spinelessness of his fellow progressives? They didn’t want to join his humanist crusade:

The point I want to make after Orlando, however, is [that] destroying authority is a hard struggle that most people do not wish to join. … Most people do not want the trouble. They shy away, and look for the exit. Hardly anyone has noticed, but as gay people become targets, not just conservatives but the pseudo-left is giving signs it wants to abandon them, as it has already abandoned Jews and Muslim liberals. (“Homophobia is now met with the same silence given to anti-Semitism”)

If “destroying authority” is such a “hard struggle,” you might wonder whether it was a good idea to let all those Muslims enter the West. Weren’t we setting ourselves up for failure? Understandably, Nick doesn’t address this question. Nor does he name the first and largest group abandoned by the “pseudo-left.” It wasn’t Jews, who are Britain’s wealthiest group and well able to insulate themselves from non-White vibrancy, but the White working-class. They have borne the brunt of non-White vibrancy: the countless murders, rapes, beatings and robberies carried out by Muslims, Blacks and other Third-Worlders, plus the massive transfer to non-Whites of taxes paid by the White working-class, the under-cutting of their wages, the loss of their traditional jobs and the destruction of their traditional homes in places like the East End of London.

Like Jonathan Freedland, Nick Cohen is a middle-class Jewish intellectual and doesn’t care what happens to the White working-class. He supported the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to “liberate” ordinary people there, women in particular, but he doesn’t discuss Muslim vibrancy in Rotherham and Oxford. In short, he is himself an excellent example of the “pseudo-left” he excoriates. After all, the Labour party was founded to defend the working-class, not gays or Jews (the clue’s in the name, Nick).

Liberal response #5: Gays go nuclear…

The hate-scientist Greg Cochran has claimed that “homosexual men are nature’s Petri dishes.” Many other vile homophobes doubtless agree with him that gays are much better at inventing exotic new medical conditions than at fighting their real enemies. But Islamic State must be trembling in their suicide-vests at the LGBQT community’s response to the Orlando massacre. Gays in London have struck back with a Simon-and-Garfunkel song and some communal chanting:

In London, thousands poured into Old Compton Street in the capital’s traditional gay area to express solidarity from across the Atlantic — a show of support that many in the LGBT in the US will doubtless find touching, even surprising. The London Gay Men’s Chorus gathered at the heart of the throng and sang a version of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge over Troubled Waters”[,] followed by the [crowd] chanting: ‘We’re here, we’re queer, we will not live in fear.’ (Donald Trump seizes on Orlando tragedy to remake his case for curbing US immigration, The Independent, 14th June 2016 and World unites in tribute to victims of the Orlando nightclub massacre, The Daily Mail, 13th June 2016)

Spot the Muslim: LGBTQ mourners in London

Spot the Muslim: LGBTQ mourners in London

Someone visiting Old Compton noticed that there was not one, not one Muslim Community Leader (or any other publicly, politically, identifiable, Muslim). Not one. Neither Owen Jones nor Jeremy Corbyn for all their intensive investment platforming alongside Islamist homophobes could not get a single ‘Muslim Community Spokesperson’ to express a single word of solidarity to London’s grieving LGBT community today.

Elsewhere, other members of the LGBTQ community have gone for the nuclear option — hashtags on Twitter:

As vigils for the victims were held around the world, social media users rallied online with the hashtag #GaysBreaktheInternet, which began trending worldwide on Twitter along with #PrayforOrlando. (Orlando shooting: world pays tribute to victims with vigils and rainbow flags, The Guardian, 14th June)

Liberal response #6: “Just Say Po-Mo!”

The LGBTQ community has also unleashed its most fearsome war-hounds: queer post-modern academics like João Florêncio, Lecturer in History of Modern and Contemporary Art and Visual Culture at the University of Exeter:

Let us, however, call the tragic event for what it was: an attack on Orlando’s queer Latinx club night at queer nightclub Pulse. Regardless of the allegiances the shooter might have pledged, this was, without a shadow of a doubt, a queerphobic attack. … As philosopher Judith Butler has noted, “[the] differential distribution of public grieving is a political issue of enormous significance”. It is for this reason that today — in the aftermath of the mass shooting — we must reiterate the queerness of our dead brothers and sisters and refuse to have their lives strategically turned into disembodied, undifferentiated and abstract “human” lives in the name of the “War on Terror”. Only when we do this will we be able to stress that the difference that made those bodies targets in Orlando is the same difference that makes queer people look over our shoulders and fear for our lives on an almost daily basis no matter where we are in the world. (Let’s not get confused about this: Orlando was a queerphobic attack, The New Statesman, 13th June 2016)

Islamic State or Illinois: it makes little difference, because queerphobia is a deadly threat to queer bodies on a global basis. Or so João Florêncio claims. But then he’s a narcissistic liberal gas-bag. Islamic State won’t be trembling in their suicide-vests but laughing at how liberals have responded to the Orlando massacre. If João Florêncio, Nick Cohen and Gary Younge are the best the West has to offer, the battle is already over.

The poisonous fruit of liberalism

Fortunately, Florêncio, Cohen and Younge aren’t the best of the West. They and their fellow liberals are on the way out. Trump’s rise isn’t “proof that religious and sexual bigotry still flourishes in America,” but proof that more and more people are seeing through the lies and deceit of liberals. The Orlando massacre is yet another poisonous fruit of their ideology. Liberalism doesn’t create a progressive paradise but a violent dystopia. White trash girls in Rotherham learned that decades ago. Now gays in Orlando have learned it too. As the Roman poet Horace nearly said: “You can’t ignore reality when it takes a bite out of your arse.”

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