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Bright White Light: More on White Men Achieving Most and Being Vilified Worst

Why are lighthouses so fascinating? In part, it’s because they’re luminal zoons in liminal zones. And why is Tom Nancollas’ Seashaken Houses: A Lighthouse History from Eddystone to Fastnet (Penguin 2019) such a good read? In part, it’s because it doesn’t use pretentious phrases like “liminal zones” and “luminal zoons.” Instead, it uses clear prose […]

Bright Future for Whites? A Young Sun Is Rising to Shine on the West

“The West is doomed!” “France is finished!” “Britain is over!” I’ve never understood expressions of despair and defeat like those. They’re obviously self-indulgent and harmful things to say, so how could people with any common sense and self-control utter them? Unless those people aren’t what they pretend to be, of course. No genuine friend of […]

The Meaning of “Knife”: Salman Rushdie Pumps His Ego and Helps the Islamic War on Free Speech

Barack Obama was the affirmative-action president. Salman Rushdie is the affirmative-action literary giant. Like Obama, Rushdie didn’t get to the top of his profession thanks to the depth of his talent and power of his intellect. No, he got there thanks to the color of his skin and the leftism of his politics. Separated by […]

Clown-Cults Big and Small: Transgenderism Is Evil But Unimportant Beside Trans-Westernism

The cracks are getting wider in the ugly and evil idol of transgenderism. A report has just been published in Britain pointing out some big flaws in the ideology that governs the “care” offered to confused children and adolescents. It’s added to the doubts increasingly being expressed about translunacy. For example, sixteen-year-olds aren’t allowed to […]