Sunshine Hate: Liberal Responses to the Orlando Vibrancy

Tobias Langdon

As H.P. Lovecraft nearly said, the most risible thing in the world is the inability of the Guardian to correlate its own contents. Like the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the Orlando massacre has been a deeply traumatic event for the Guardian and its readers. An oppressed Muslim has done bad things to people who matter — not worthless “white trash” girls in Rotherham, but precious members of the LGBTQ community.

Vibrant Afghan #1: Omar Mateen

Vibrant Afghan #1: Omar Mateen

How could this happen? How could one liberal pet turn on another like that? In Guardianista hagiology, the LGBTQ community and the Muslim community are even more sacred than the left-wing cartoonists who died at Charlie Hebdo who, after all, were mainly White. But the Guardian already contained a story explaining the behaviour of Omar Mateen, the “Afghan-American” responsible for the massacre in Orlando. Britain too has seen how vigorously Afghan males can vibrate when they put their minds to it, as in the gruesome double murder of two White girls by Ahmad Otak, a refugee from Afghanistan (‘We record all the killing of women by men. You see a pattern’, The Guardian, 8th February 2015)

Vibrant Afghan #2: Ahmad Otak

Vibrant Afghan #2: Ahmad Otak

Otak was armed only with a knife. Imagine what he could have achieved if, like Omar Mateen, he’d been able to get hold of a gun. Mateen was described by his first wife as violent and mentally unstable. In other words, he was a typical Afghan male. Afghanistan is full of clans, blood-feuds and in-breeding. Its culture is summed up by this famous Bedouin saying: “I against my brother; I and my brother against my cousin; I, my brother and my cousin against the world.”

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The Guardian article discussing Ahmad Otak has this title: “We record all the killing of women by men. You see a pattern.” In fact, there are many patterns in male violence against women. Liberals resolutely ignore one of the most obvious: the vast over-representation of non-Whites in the murder and rape of White women. Their response to the Orlando massacre proves that there are other obvious patterns that they resolutely ignore. Let’s look at some examples.

Liberal response #1: “It wasn’t about immigration…”

If Omar Mateen had won a Nobel Prize or found a cure for cancer, liberals would have been loudly celebrating his status as the American-born child of immigrants. “See how America benefits from immigration?” they would have crowed. But Mateen didn’t do something positive, so Gary Younge, the Guardian’s chief Black intellectual, had to postulate an extraordinary new biological phenomenon:

Whatever else this is, it’s not about immigration. Omar Mateen, the suspected killer, was born in America. Whatever compelled him to commit such a terrible act cannot be laid at the border of a foreign nation. His hatred was home-grown. (Orlando shooting exposes so many of America’s faultlines, The Guardian, 12th June 2016)

Ignorant haters like Donald Trump might claim that Mateen was only an American citizen because his parents emigrated from Afghanistan. Gary Younge knows better: Omar Mateen would have been born in the US even if his parents had stayed in Afghanistan. His embryo would have materialized from the American air and grown to term thousands of miles from his mother’s womb, nourished by a mysterious process possibly involving quantum nonlocality or Dawkins’s demon.

You and I might not understand how all this would have happened, but that’s because we’re not the chief Black intellectual at the Guardian. That also explains why we can’t understand that the Orlando massacre was entirely “home-grown” and had nothing to do with Mateen’s Afghan genetics, with Afghan culture, or with his religion of Islam. In fact, anyone who raises his connection with Afghanistan is committing a serious sin. Here is Jesse Benn’s response to a USA Today tweet, “Omar Mateen, the shooter, was a U.S. citizen, but some of his family is not.”

So. Fucking. What.

Stop fueling xenophobia, @USATODAY.

— Jesse Benn (@JesseBenn) June 12, 2016
(Ed. note: I can’t retrieve Benn’s tweet because he has blocked me due to a Twitter conversation we had about the communist affiliations of his grandmother, Hedi Stadlen in an article written by Francis Carr Begbie, “Beneath the mask of the Human Rights industry: Prominent British Jews Advocate Increases in Refugees.” Begbie’s article is entirely accurate.)

Jesse Benn is Jewish and supports violence against Trump rallies.  Do his relatives in Israel take the same attitude to vibrant enrichment? Not at all: Israel builds high-tech fences to keep Afghans and other Third-World “predators” away from its Jewish citizens.

Liberal response #2: “It wasn’t about Islam…”

Liberals were horrified by Trump’s “inflammatory tweets linking the crime to Islam.” In the truest and deepest sense, Islam wasn’t involved at all:

“I will also not call this ‘radical Islamic terrorism’, no matter how hard the right pushes that phrase on me,” wrote Rick Bettan, a New York City attorney who worked on the legal team that successfully argued that California’s Proposition 8 anti-same-sex marriage case was unconstitutional. “It is not ‘Islamic’. It is a perversion of Islam. It is people acting in the name of Islam who do not practice that religion as millions and millions of peaceful people do.” (World stands in solidarity with Orlando’s LGBT community as a city weeps, The Guardian, 13th June 2016)

Anti-Trump Muslima

“Trump is a hater!”: A Muslima exploits White xenophilia at an anti-Trump rally in New York: Trump would “destroy the idea of America”

But if Omar Mateen’s actions were a “perversion” of Islam, why have Muslims not taken to the streets to demonstrate their horror at his actions? Why did Muslims not hasten to join the vigils held by the “LGBTQ community” around the world? Omar Mateen’s father explained why when he said this: “God will punish those involved in homosexuality,” because it is “not an issue that humans should deal with.” But he’s not living in a Muslim country. “Mainstream” Muslims don’t disagree with homosexuals being killed: they disagree with homosexuals being killed without due process. After all, homosexuals are regularly executed in devout Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, and 52% of Muslims in Britain think homosexuality should be illegal.

Liberal response #3: “Trump, Christians and rednecks-with-guns were really to blame…”

If Islam and immigration had nothing to do with Omar Mateen’s vibrancy, what were the real causes? It’s obvious: it was White Christian men like Donald Trump. They’re spewing Islamophobia and homophobia and clinging bitterly to their guns:

Trump’s rise is proof that religious and sexual bigotry still flourishes in America. Without gun control, there will be more atrocities like that in Orlando. (You can’t get rid of hate. But you can take away people’s ability to act on it, The Guardian, 13th June 2016)

The evidence shows that alienating an entire religious community, as Donald Trump has done, will make us less safe. … According to my research, this is the recipe for making American Muslims feel disenfranchised and discriminated against. We are actually planting the seeds for radicalization and essentially helping Isis recruit by fueling the narrative that the west is anti-Islam. (I’ve studied radicalization — and Islamophobia often plants the seed, The Guardian, 13th June 2016)

“He wasn’t just hearing these messages from a faraway terrorist organisation,” [Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign] said. “He was hearing it from politicians and from radical anti-LGBT extremists right here in our own country. Every time we see legislation that puts a target on the back of LGBT people. Every time we hear a preacher that spews hate from the pulpit. Every time a county clerk says that acknowledging our relationships violates her ‘religious beliefs’. That is deeply ingrained in the hate and the bigotry that motivates such tragedy in this country and together that’s what we must defeat.” (‘Revolting tragedy’: LGBT rights group condemns attack at Orlando nightclub, The Guardian, 13th June 2016)

Like all liberals, LGBTQ “activists” pride themselves on their intelligence and sophistication. But it doesn’t occur to any of them to note that, although Christians vastly outnumber Muslims in the US, Christians pose far less of a threat to gays. So what will happen as the Muslim community in America inexorably grows as a result of liberal immigration policies? The threat to gays will obviously get bigger.

But LGBTQ activists belong to the suicide cult of liberalism, so they support mass immigration by Muslims and demonize Donald Trump, who would be far better for gays as president than the execrable Hillary Clinton. If Hillary is such a friend of the LGBTQ community, why does she accept huge sums of money from Saudi Arabia, where (as already noted) gays are regularly executed? Why does she pretend that such hate-filled homophobia has nothing to do with Islam?

Liberal response #4: “The poor Jews were there first…”

The neo-conservative Nick Cohen, by contrast, is in no doubt that Islam was to blame for the Orlando massacre. Gays are the “new Jews,” you see: a vulnerable minority abandoned to the Islamist wolves by hypocritical liberals who won’t join Nick’s humanist crusade against religious bigotry:

Religions, to use Dawkinesque language, are pre-scientific memes, and their DNA carries the hatreds and blood-lusts of their time. Their authority has to be destroyed, so that they can no longer authorise murder. The battles against textual authority can be won. British Christianity is no longer oppressive, not because of any virtue in the creed, but because generations of liberals have destroyed its authority to authorise brutality. (“Homophobia is now met with the same silence given to anti-Semitism”, The Spectator, 13th June 2016)

So that was the cunning plan of Nick and his fellow neo-cons: first allow millions of anti-Semitic, homophobic and misogynist Muslims into the West, then “destroy the authority” of their religion so that they turned into pro-Semitic, gay-friendly feminists. After all, it only took a few centuries to de-fang Christianity.

Alas, the cunning plan hasn’t worked. But don’t put the blame on Nick and his life-long support for Muslim immigration. Letting millions of Muslims into the West should have created a progressive paradise by now, but how was he to foresee the spinelessness of his fellow progressives? They didn’t want to join his humanist crusade:

The point I want to make after Orlando, however, is [that] destroying authority is a hard struggle that most people do not wish to join. … Most people do not want the trouble. They shy away, and look for the exit. Hardly anyone has noticed, but as gay people become targets, not just conservatives but the pseudo-left is giving signs it wants to abandon them, as it has already abandoned Jews and Muslim liberals. (“Homophobia is now met with the same silence given to anti-Semitism”)

If “destroying authority” is such a “hard struggle,” you might wonder whether it was a good idea to let all those Muslims enter the West. Weren’t we setting ourselves up for failure? Understandably, Nick doesn’t address this question. Nor does he name the first and largest group abandoned by the “pseudo-left.” It wasn’t Jews, who are Britain’s wealthiest group and well able to insulate themselves from non-White vibrancy, but the White working-class. They have borne the brunt of non-White vibrancy: the countless murders, rapes, beatings and robberies carried out by Muslims, Blacks and other Third-Worlders, plus the massive transfer to non-Whites of taxes paid by the White working-class, the under-cutting of their wages, the loss of their traditional jobs and the destruction of their traditional homes in places like the East End of London.

Like Jonathan Freedland, Nick Cohen is a middle-class Jewish intellectual and doesn’t care what happens to the White working-class. He supported the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to “liberate” ordinary people there, women in particular, but he doesn’t discuss Muslim vibrancy in Rotherham and Oxford. In short, he is himself an excellent example of the “pseudo-left” he excoriates. After all, the Labour party was founded to defend the working-class, not gays or Jews (the clue’s in the name, Nick).

Liberal response #5: Gays go nuclear…

The hate-scientist Greg Cochran has claimed that “homosexual men are nature’s Petri dishes.” Many other vile homophobes doubtless agree with him that gays are much better at inventing exotic new medical conditions than at fighting their real enemies. But Islamic State must be trembling in their suicide-vests at the LGBQT community’s response to the Orlando massacre. Gays in London have struck back with a Simon-and-Garfunkel song and some communal chanting:

In London, thousands poured into Old Compton Street in the capital’s traditional gay area to express solidarity from across the Atlantic — a show of support that many in the LGBT in the US will doubtless find touching, even surprising. The London Gay Men’s Chorus gathered at the heart of the throng and sang a version of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge over Troubled Waters”[,] followed by the [crowd] chanting: ‘We’re here, we’re queer, we will not live in fear.’ (Donald Trump seizes on Orlando tragedy to remake his case for curbing US immigration, The Independent, 14th June 2016 and World unites in tribute to victims of the Orlando nightclub massacre, The Daily Mail, 13th June 2016)

Spot the Muslim: LGBTQ mourners in London

Spot the Muslim: LGBTQ mourners in London

Someone visiting Old Compton noticed that there was not one, not one Muslim Community Leader (or any other publicly, politically, identifiable, Muslim). Not one. Neither Owen Jones nor Jeremy Corbyn for all their intensive investment platforming alongside Islamist homophobes could not get a single ‘Muslim Community Spokesperson’ to express a single word of solidarity to London’s grieving LGBT community today.

Elsewhere, other members of the LGBTQ community have gone for the nuclear option — hashtags on Twitter:

As vigils for the victims were held around the world, social media users rallied online with the hashtag #GaysBreaktheInternet, which began trending worldwide on Twitter along with #PrayforOrlando. (Orlando shooting: world pays tribute to victims with vigils and rainbow flags, The Guardian, 14th June)

Liberal response #6: “Just Say Po-Mo!”

The LGBTQ community has also unleashed its most fearsome war-hounds: queer post-modern academics like João Florêncio, Lecturer in History of Modern and Contemporary Art and Visual Culture at the University of Exeter:

Let us, however, call the tragic event for what it was: an attack on Orlando’s queer Latinx club night at queer nightclub Pulse. Regardless of the allegiances the shooter might have pledged, this was, without a shadow of a doubt, a queerphobic attack. … As philosopher Judith Butler has noted, “[the] differential distribution of public grieving is a political issue of enormous significance”. It is for this reason that today — in the aftermath of the mass shooting — we must reiterate the queerness of our dead brothers and sisters and refuse to have their lives strategically turned into disembodied, undifferentiated and abstract “human” lives in the name of the “War on Terror”. Only when we do this will we be able to stress that the difference that made those bodies targets in Orlando is the same difference that makes queer people look over our shoulders and fear for our lives on an almost daily basis no matter where we are in the world. (Let’s not get confused about this: Orlando was a queerphobic attack, The New Statesman, 13th June 2016)

Islamic State or Illinois: it makes little difference, because queerphobia is a deadly threat to queer bodies on a global basis. Or so João Florêncio claims. But then he’s a narcissistic liberal gas-bag. Islamic State won’t be trembling in their suicide-vests but laughing at how liberals have responded to the Orlando massacre. If João Florêncio, Nick Cohen and Gary Younge are the best the West has to offer, the battle is already over.

The poisonous fruit of liberalism

Fortunately, Florêncio, Cohen and Younge aren’t the best of the West. They and their fellow liberals are on the way out. Trump’s rise isn’t “proof that religious and sexual bigotry still flourishes in America,” but proof that more and more people are seeing through the lies and deceit of liberals. The Orlando massacre is yet another poisonous fruit of their ideology. Liberalism doesn’t create a progressive paradise but a violent dystopia. White trash girls in Rotherham learned that decades ago. Now gays in Orlando have learned it too. As the Roman poet Horace nearly said: “You can’t ignore reality when it takes a bite out of your arse.”

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63 Comments to "Sunshine Hate: Liberal Responses to the Orlando Vibrancy"

  1. June 23, 2016 - 11:03 pm | Permalink

    oh Goody
    Search: muslim brotherhood in the white house
    Search: la raza supports gun control
    Search: la raza in the White House
    Search: Jews in the whitehouse and Supreme Court

    oh, just take a xanax or have a beer, I’m sure everything will be much better by morning!!

  2. June 23, 2016 - 6:25 pm | Permalink
  3. HK Wills's Gravatar HK Wills
    June 19, 2016 - 5:56 pm | Permalink

    As usual, an excellent TOO piece. My only cavil is the use of the term “homophobic”. Normal, yes normal people, are not afraid of homosexuals, rather they find them disgusting and immoral: both natural and, in evolutionary terms, adaptive responses to the pathological behavior of homosexuals – chosen or not. The neat trick of the left is to call the normal in effect pathological for having a normal response to the truly pathological. This is a common feature of the left: call the right what they are guilty of and leave them with the only the weak retort of, in effect “no you are”. What did Nathan Bedford Forrest say ? “Be there first with the most” ?

  4. Michael Adkins's Gravatar Michael Adkins
    June 19, 2016 - 1:34 pm | Permalink

    “Israel builds high-tech fences to keep Afghans and other Third-World “predators” away from its Jewish citizens.”

    We need “high-tech” genetic fences to protect European citizens in the homeland and our Diasporas.

  5. June 18, 2016 - 8:54 pm | Permalink

    I have nothing to say about the topic, but would like to say that I’ve been reading this site since it first started, and read MacDonald’s work when it was first published (not 18 years ago) – and I agree:

    The comment section is usually 80% garbage.

    I chalk much of this up to two factors:

    1. Deliberate trolling by anti-whites and “Joshua Goldberg” types (Joshua Goldberg is an anti-white Jew and a notorious internet troll that held himself out as a “neo-Nazi” and a “radical Muslim” and an “ISIS supporter” and an “anti-semite” that was actually trying to defame White people, Christians, and Muslims.)

    2. Honestly crazy nuts, like the “anti-semitic” chess champion Bobby Fischer.

    For whatever reason, discussing the Jewish Problem – as MacDonald has courageously done – draws out some truly insane characters.

    IMO, the Jewish Problem is a serious problem for White people. But there is no denying that some people (and some Jewish trolls) are drawn to discussions of that problem for their own reasons. In the case of Jews, to disrupt any criticism of their anti-whiteness, and in the case of non-Jews, for various other reasons.

    MacDonald’s great accomplishment was giving us a language to understand Jewish power without resorting to “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” style conspiracy theories or Catholic superstition.

    Apparently, MacDonald is quite ahead of his time.

    Here’s hoping everyone else catches up.

  6. Betty's Gravatar Betty
    June 18, 2016 - 2:34 pm | Permalink

    To Mari: Again, I ask who, what are you? You complain about commentators who comment about the RCC, Protestants. Yet you claim to be a WN with no religious affiliation. As I have consistently and cogently pointed out, the starting point has to be IQ. The world has been mapped and IQs measured. From there we can deal with religion, the Jewish question, Asians, blacks. I’m wondering if the commentators are bothering you because there is something you are hiding.

  7. royalbrecht's Gravatar royalbrecht
    June 18, 2016 - 2:19 pm | Permalink

    Any way you look at this thing…, Jews win…, in the short term at least.

    1) The “…Sexually Psychotic by Jewish Induction Cohort…” is given loads of sympathy by most violence avoiding Whites across the board, further destabilizing healthy White communities.
    2) Liberal Psychotic Whites by Jewish Induction…, and even some of Our own people…, are outraged “AT ISLAMICS” for perpetrating this violent crime.
    3) The spotlight is taken off Jews for the foreseeable future,
    just as the “…critical mass ball…” was starting to roll into the direction of “…Whites and non-White others…” beginning to notice that,
    “…Yes Virginia, Jews are Criminally Deformed and want to Rule the World…”.
    4) It gives Trump the chance to gain credibility with a wider electorate therefore increasing the chances of his victory.
    But this again is a two edged sword.
    Will Trump use his victory to start a Third World War to the ultimate loss of the USA and the benefit of that “Stolen Illegitimate Criminal Safe Haven “They” have called Israel”,
    or will he actually do the right thing and
    “…Out the Jews behind the Psy-ops…”
    and finally contain the Beast that is World Jewry?
    5) It gives the “Jew Media” something to sell and something to chastise Whites with for the next few weeks. Their fortunes are falling quickly and this kind of “event” is great for business.
    Not to mention, in some respects, this “event” enables Jews to take the focus off an ever present and growing Trump phenomenon…, if indeed Trump is the ” real deal” as many WN/WS seem to believe.

    We just need to listen to Hillary’s “…script…” on this “event” to see if it reads like it was “pre-manufactured”. That would be another nail in the coffin of this “event” being a FF.

    • Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
      June 18, 2016 - 6:10 pm | Permalink

      It’s hard to see Trump as anything but the winner. Hillary’s camp doesn’t need to be “in” on the gig; I can’t see how she’d benefit. Michael Glassner and other Trump intimates have much hands-on experience in (((events))) management.

    • HK Wills's Gravatar HK Wills
      June 19, 2016 - 5:10 pm | Permalink

      It certainly benefits Trump: it bears out the wisdom of his call to temporarily end Muslim immigration to the U.S ( it should be permanent – who needs Muslims in the U.S. in the first place). Yes Mateen was not an immigrant, but his parents were. I wish the right was as effective as the left at creating and repetitiously using catch phrases. Remember Bill Clinton’s “Mend it don’t end it” phrase in response to calls to end affirmative action. What comes to mind in the aftermath of Orlando is “BAN MUSLIMS NOT GUNS” and “END TOXIC DIVERSITY”. The former could be an effective chant at Trump rallies – encouraged be the Donald himself.

  8. Mari's Gravatar Mari
    June 18, 2016 - 11:35 am | Permalink

    I’m no troll. After 18 years plus donations I repeat many of the comments are just insane. I remember one loon who attributed the decline of American Whites to not having lots of children big families

    He suggested the way to remedy this would be to eliminate all social security and private pensions. Then Whites would be forced to have 6 or 7 kids to support them in their old age.

    The lunatic was unaware that school busing, immigration pressure on housing prices and depressing wages
    and most of all affirmative action knocking both the most highly educated and low skilled Whites out of the job market was the cause of low White birth rates

    That’s just one example of a lunatic on this site

    18 years and lots of donations to keep the site going and the comments are as bad as they ever were

    • Hunter's Gravatar Hunter
      June 18, 2016 - 3:36 pm | Permalink

      You are right about the dangerous off short sidedness, especially concerning women and children. I wonder if logic is being taught: white families cannot outbreed an invasion of non-white families off whom distance family will enter the country later.

    • June 22, 2016 - 10:18 pm | Permalink

      I’ve been commenting here at TOO for many years — since long before the TOO website re-design and re-launch.

      I have indeed noticed the Mari moniker before, but the person associated with this moniker carries no authority because too many of her comments are little more than tiresomely childish complaints about TOO, and about other commenters: “insane”, “lunatic”, etc.

      18 years and lots of donations to keep the site going and the comments are as bad as they ever were

      This website did not exist 15 years ago! Let alone 18 years.

      Perhaps ‘Mari’ would like to disclose just what constitutes a “good” comment in her eyes?

  9. Mari's Gravatar Mari
    June 18, 2016 - 12:43 am | Permalink

    (Mod Note: “Mari”, please note that TOO has not been in existence for 18 years. Sometimes comments are deleted in order to save the commenter from public embarrassment.)


    Moderator, I noticed that you deleted my comments about the lunatic comments. 18 years reading TOO and the comments are just embarrassing.

  10. Mari's Gravatar Mari
    June 17, 2016 - 10:54 pm | Permalink

    Karen, gobbler and moderator

    I’ve been reading and donating to TOO for about 18 years. The comments in general are bad. Many commenters are insane. The prevailing motif is inserting their pet peeves and causes after every article no matter how irrevelant
    At one time the comments section was closed for more than a year.

    There was some lunatic who hated Irish Catholics and endlessly spewed hatred of the Irish. There is entirely too much Old Testament garbage posted by fundamentalist Protestants of the lunatic fringe
    And of course lots of lunatic anti Catholicism of the most insane kind

    All in all, the comments are just plain embarrassing

    It would be a good idea to look at amren, conservative treehouse, freerepublic and other sites to learn how to write comments that don’t look like the ravings of lunatics.

    I don’t read the comments after the first few sentences because they wander off into insanity.


    (Mod Note: In some quarters, this would be labeled a “concern troll” comment.)

    • royalbrecht's Gravatar royalbrecht
      June 18, 2016 - 1:24 pm | Permalink

      Mari has a point, but I think there may be more to the, “…ravings of lunatics…”, than he realizes.

      Call me narcissistic if you like, but after almost twenty years of commenting ONLY
      (material resources and skill are the primary impediments as to why I have not published or created a website…, that can not be arbitrarily taken down the moment I transgress into hard core “Jew out-ing”…, of my own)
      I can not help but feel an almost cordial and solidarity-like connection with many of the American and other International leaders of Our people.

      Also, since I have had my name grace the pages of the ADL “hit list” on the “same page” no less as David Duke (something I am immensely proud of)
      and have had replies to some of my literally thousands of comments by almost every White Nationalist leader you can shake a stick at,
      I feel that in some ways that these “…ravings of lunatics…” you speak of almost always seem to “…pop up…” immediately after an extremely poignant comment is made by some of the many excellent commenters on this board.

      So the questions I personally pursue are;
      1) Do the “…ravings of lunatics…” come out of the wood work in abundance IMMEDIATELY AFTER I or anyone else happens to post a rather excellent comment?
      2) Is it usually THE SAME, “…ravings of lunatics…” who make these largely redundant, long winded, and for the most part irrelevant posts?

      The answers that I have come up with to both these questions stemming from my own informal observations are two resounding “…YES-es…”.

      One obvious aim of these so called, “…ravings of lunatics…”, may just be to turn people like you off of the site in boredom or disgust.

      As a moderator, it is a tough call.
      If I were a moderator I would be a lot more critical of the, “…ravings of lunatics…”, but I tend to be the unforgiving and highly martial type and that may not exactly “…be good for business…”.

      • June 20, 2016 - 10:15 pm | Permalink

        Brother @royalbrecht …

        This sudden flurry of indignant posters appear to be mostly female. Here’s another from a little further down this page:

        There was an especially-strong Full Moon on Monday 20th June. Astrologers say that the 2 or 3 days leading up to any Full Moon date is the time when the she-wolves start to howl a little louder, and the feline kittens mew-mew-mew that much longer.

        This particular Full Moon is unusual because it happens to fall into a near perfect Grand Cross aspect with three other very significant planets. A “Grand Cross” is psychologically challenging and thereby very confusing to most people. Even to the best of us.

        Ergo … probably the most abused and over-taxed person these past five days has been the TOO Moderator. :~)

        My guess is that this short phase of mild (concerned troll) insanity will fizzle out and disappear just as fast as it arrived. But first we need to get past the Mercury “Grand Cross” that follows closely the path the Moon has just taken, in order to form the same Grand Cross aspect. Should be “relatively quiet on the Western Front” by the time we reach this next weekend.

        Onwards and forwards men!


        (Mod Note: Anglo Saxon, you have hit the nail on the head. Just before approving your comment I had to deal with a few of “that kind of crazy”. Now I know why.)

    • T. J.'s Gravatar T. J.
      June 19, 2016 - 5:03 pm | Permalink
  11. Lou's Gravatar Lou
    June 17, 2016 - 6:59 pm | Permalink

    Off topic but possibly noteworthy–I was struck by the last name of this ‘child collector’ but news mentions ‘Amish’, uh no.

  12. gubbler chechenova's Gravatar gubbler chechenova
    June 17, 2016 - 5:09 pm | Permalink

    (Mod Note:”Gubbler”, will you PLEASE try to keep the extremely long comments down to a reasonable size! What you write offers much for this site’s readership, but does it have to be SO MUCH in one comment? Please consider your readers here. Shorter comments, on topic, and maybe not repeating the same ideas? We “get it”.)


    What I find is so sickening is the White Conservative outpouring of sympathy for homos and trannies who got mowed down in Orlando.

    I say BRAVO, you go Muslim Omar.

    The Right’s attitude toward Homos is so much like that toward Jews.

    Even though Jews are at the forefront of using blacks and immigrant/Muslim rage & hatred against whites, white rightists are the first ones to shower sympathy on Jews when blacks and Muslims turn on Jews instead of whites.

    Imagine this picture. A Jew gets a pitbull to maul you and your family, and this dog attacks you and your wife and kids… but it suddenly turns around and bites the Jew.
    Shouldn’t you be rejoicing that the Jew has gotten a taste of his own medicine?
    Or would you rush to help the Jew and offer him medicine and protection from the pitbull that he is using against you.

    Jews pushed open borders. Jews promoted PC. Jews spread anti-white hatred. Jews produce stuff like new ROOTS, 12 Yrs A Slave, DJango Unchained, and new Birth of Nation movie calling for anti-white slaughter.
    Jews demand that EU take in more refugees. Even Netanyahu of Israel says EU and US should take in more Muslims. Jews mess up Middle East and North Africa, and then they say white nations must take in Muslims.

    But whenever Muslims act badly in EU or US toward Jews or homos, white rightist shits are the first ones to snuggle up to Jews and Homos and bleat, “ohhhhh, we love you Jews/homos and wanna do everything to protect you from Muslims.”

    If a CUCKSERVATIVE is a so-called Conservative who serves non-whites, a Cock-Servative or Cock-Suckative is a Conservative or Rightist who goes out of his way to express sympathy for homos, the very people who desecrated marriage, who spread homo/tranny propaganda in American schools, who spread decadent/degenerate homo filth all over in ‘gay pride’ parades, who associate rainbow with fecal penetration and genital-mutilation, and call for firing/blacklisting of anyone who won’t kneel at the altar of buggery and degeneracy.

    It is Axiomatic of Western Politics that Jews, Homos, and Negroes are holy & deserve special worship UNCONDITIONALLY. Even in EU, there is some talk of ‘Muslims are bad’, but NOTHING about Jews or blacks or homos. But it’s Jews who changed immigration policy. It is blacks who are worse thugs and criminals than Muslims. It is Homos who worked with Jews to castrate white males and turn Western Culture into ugly kitschy celebration of decadence.

    The True Right must destroy this pseudo-holy-trinity of Jews, homos, and negroes.
    But judging by Rightist, even Alt Rightist, rhetoric following the Orlando shooting, it’s like the Right is hoping for some way to get in touch with the homo community and win their blessing as being homo-friendly. So, even though the Homo community has been working to destroy White America, the Right is hoping to win benediction from homos.
    Homos worked to get Obama elected. Homos pushed PC into every corner of society. Homos served Jews who messed up the Muslim world and displaced all those wandering Muslim men. Homos got so many careers destroyed for not bending over to the “pride” agenda. NY has a law that slaps you with $250,000 fine is you call Bruce Jenner a ‘he’. Homos and trannies even call for men with wigs to use girl’s washroom.

    But when a Muslim attacked homos, the Right acts as if homos are the ultimate red, white, & blue AND that stopping mass immigration is mainly to protect holy homos from Muslims.

    No, the Orlando massacre was fantastic in this sense: Homos got a taste of their own medicine. Homos supported Jews and Obama’s open borders policies to use Muslims against white conservatives, but it blew up in their face. We should be laughing and celebrating, not pandering and groveling to homos whose Gayria is worse than Sharia.

    The truth is Jews, blacks, and Homos do far more damage to white Americans than Muslims do. Muslims don’t control media and academia. They didn’t spread anti-white culture. Jews did. Muslims don’t control Wall Street and Hollywood and fund homo agenda to tune of billions. Muslims don’t control rap industry or porn industry or sports industry. Muslims don’t make TV commercials that denigrate white men. No, Jews and homos do. And Jews and homos have been bringing Muslims to the West in order to use the hammer of Diversity against whites. But when Muslims strike out at Jews and homos, white Rightists can be counted on to express sympathy for the poor poor Jews and homos.

    Imagine if someone takes a knife and starts to stab your family. But suppose he cuts himself in the frenzy. Would you then show him sympathy and offer first aid to help him and heal him? Orlando is a case of homo agenda’s anti-white policy blowing up in homo’s face. We should be laughing and celebrating.

    It is Jews who are hellbent on taking away your guns and making your daughters act like whores and have babies with black men. Muslims aren’t promoting Miley-Cyrus-ism. Jews and Homos are doing that.

    And we should seek a smart alliance with Muslims. No, I’m not calling for Muslim immigration. We should object to it totally and absolutely.

    But white Americans/Europeans and Muslims/Arabs have one thing in common: Their national domains are being smashed by the Jewish-Homo or Jomo Globalist policy.
    This policy has turned Middle East and North Africa into chaos and hellhole.
    And the resultant ‘refugee’ crisis is remaking Europe and even some American communities that are forced to take in all these ‘refugees’.

    Before whites complain about refugees, they need to focus on WHO created them in the first place and who are bringing them to the West. No, it’s not Obama or Hillary or Merkel. They are mere puppets. It is the Jewish Globo-Supremacists and their allies, the homo-imperialists.

    So, just as white nations should be protected from Jomo globo agenda, Muslim/Arab nations should be protected too. No more INVADE and no more INVITE.

    Jomo Policy calls for INVADE into Muslim lands and INVITE into white lands.

    Jomos are making whites hate/fight Muslims when both groups should understand each other and fight the Jomo Globalist scum who are messing up both the Muslim world and White world.

    So, no more of this Gavin McGinnes Cock-servative or Cock-suckative BS.

    Cock-suckatives are more embarrassing that Cuckservatives. Look at McInnes kissing Milo, the fruit ‘conservative’ who takes black homo cocks up his homo arse.

    • Free Thinker's Gravatar Free Thinker
      June 18, 2016 - 9:28 pm | Permalink

      Great rant ! Harsh but In fact largely true . Interesting what happens when someone points out the sine qua nones , the elaborate leftist illusions vanish .
      This is of course what Trump has done but de-sanctifying PC shibboleths he destroyed the whole Leftist agenda . And what’s their reply ? Like all leftist argument it becomes an emotion shouting match where truth and logic have nothing to do with it. We see this with the Clintons’ campaign now . It’s just lying at full tilt cause Trumps hurt their feelings by disabusing their holy Leftist identity !
      To disagree with a PCer is to attack the phoney illusion (usually paid for by tax slaves) of social superiority based on the indoctrinated ideas of fanatical Jewish intellectuals ; the cultural Marxists.

  13. gubbler chechenova's Gravatar gubbler chechenova
    June 17, 2016 - 5:06 pm | Permalink

    Watch this video:

    The crazy German bitch says Germany must take in all these darkies to turn Germany into a ‘super-cultural’ state.

    Super-cultural? What in the hell is that?

    Sweden talks of becoming a Moral Superpower.

    Germany talks of becoming a ‘Supercultural nation.

    Is repressed Swedish Viking aggression seeking outlet through Moral Crusade(though this is more about having the world invade Sweden than vice versa.)

    Is repressed German chauvinism finding an outlet through this idea of Super-Culturalism or Uber-Culturalism? If they can’t invade other nations and build the city of Germania, maybe they can build a Super-Cultural Germany that is a World unto itself.

    Now, just what is a ‘super-cultural state?

    Does diversity lead to super-culturalism? Didn’t USSR try that already? What happened to USSR?

    How did diversity work out for Yugoslavia?

    And how come diverse nations in Latin America, North Africa, and Central Asia are no great shakes?

    I would hardly call them super-anything.

    When Germany was homogeneous, it produced Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Goethe, Brahms, Wagner, Nietzsche, and etc. Those were superb cultural figures.

    What did Peru or Venezuela produce with their supercultural diversity?

  14. Karen T's Gravatar Karen T
    June 17, 2016 - 2:24 pm | Permalink

    (Mod Note: “Karen”, flattery will get you nowhere.)

    @Moderation, you’ve allowed the comment section to be overrun by hasbara and fools, are you simply stupid or did they pay you well? Oh well, another one bites the dust.

    • FKA Max's Gravatar FKA Max
      June 17, 2016 - 5:33 pm | Permalink

      This is off-topic, but I felt compelled to respond.
      I have been commenting here on TOO for almost one (1) year now, and I must say that the moderators have done a great job, and I personally feel like the quality of the comment section, both in terms of civility and content, has majorly and significantly improved. I can still remember, as you can I am sure, regular TOO commenters like the Muslim supremacist Rehmat or the crazy and distracting Jew Melvin Pot…something, who both dragged down and distracted from White European-centered, productive discussions taking place, etc.

      Calling anybody you do not agree with a Hasbara troll or a fool is not a sign of confidence, and is pretty much acting/behaving like passive-aggressive SJWs, who call us names like Nazi, chauvinist, etc., for pointing out alternative views, and facts, figures, and realities, that don’t fit their worldview.

      You are better than that, Karen!

      Not all change is automatically and by default positive and desirable, but neither is change and new blood automatically and by default a negative thing. I personally feel, that TOO is doing great, and the information here resonates with many people, and helps them and educates them. I have learned a ton since I started reading TOO and commenting here!
      Just look at Professor MacDonald’s Twitter followers. Last year at this time, I think he had around 3.500 followers, and now he is fast approaching close to 8.000 followers! He more than doubled his followers in one (1) year! This is real progress and positive change!

      In my opinion, TOO is radiating extremely High Energy :-)

      There is a good video, which I think applies to the situation you find yourself in, Karen:
      Against Traditionalism & Modernism: The Case for Pragmatic Conservatism
      Video Link:

      Published on Jan 5, 2016

      I argue against a few of the excesses of Modernism and Alt-Right Traditionalism in favor of a third way forward.

      • Free Thinker's Gravatar Free Thinker
        June 18, 2016 - 9:47 pm | Permalink

        I have to wonder if Rehmat went off to Syria to get his arse shot off for Al-Cia-Dahh or there latest incarnation.

      • T. J.'s Gravatar T. J.
        June 19, 2016 - 4:11 pm | Permalink

        . . .in favor of a third way forward. . .

        Unicycle on the third rail?

  15. June 17, 2016 - 12:20 pm | Permalink

    The most amusing thing about Orlando Massacre is Muslims vs Homos.

    Globalism is a funny creature. It celebrates both homo-mania(and ‘gay marriage’) and Ramandan. I mean something’s gotta give.

    This is the contradictions of a ‘hyper-power’.

    Amy Chua talks about the GLUE. Or GLOB and GLUE.

    Jews and Glues. That what it comes down to. The KKKrazy Glue.

    It’s like what Amy Chua said of hyper-powers throughout history. They weren’t into equality but they used ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ as imperialist tools to make talents and peoples from all over to serve their institutions and armies.

    So, even as the imperialist overlords kept the power to themselves, they were more-than-willing to hire talent from anywhere and to use different ethnic groups in their armies. The US has become such a hyper-power. Jews and Homos dominate the upper-echelons as Globo-neo-imperialists, but they hire people from around the world in middle-management positions. They replace white workers with Mexican workers.

    They see Asians and ‘Hispanics’ as ideal since both groups have the servile Mongoid gene of ‘model minority’ personality. Mongoids, Asiatic or MesoAmerican, are more likely to serve their masters than seek to gain dominance themselves. Jews and Homos naturally want to lead and rule.

    Mongoids from Asia and Mexico ideally want to serve and follow. PC Asians bitch about being labeled as a ‘model minority’, but their MM personality is really the product of Asian history & culture that stressed harmony, obedience, order, politeness, & cooperation while castigating trouble-making, defiance, assertiveness, and dissent. MM-ism began in Asia before Americans took notice of it among the East Asians.

    Hyper-powerism is essentially imperialist since Diversity is the product of constant migration, invasion, conquest, and uprooting of peoples and cultures. For US to turn into a Hyper-Power, the Jewish and Homo elites had to override the wishes of the white majority and make them submit to the Jew World Order where GLOB or globalist elites recruit and exploit talents and men from all over the world while keeping the real power to themselves.

  16. Punjab Bob Chapati's Gravatar Punjab Bob Chapati
    June 17, 2016 - 6:11 am | Permalink


    I thought it was a typo as in Sandinista until I checked it out.

  17. Europa's Gravatar Europa
    June 17, 2016 - 12:39 am | Permalink

    Well done Mr. Langdon. A good dissection.

    It is not just Muslims but Africans in general don’t like homosexuals and “liberated” European women. Jews in Israel don’t like Africans.

    The “Unholy Alliance” against European Males is highly unstable like a chemical reaction.

    • FKA Max's Gravatar FKA Max
      June 17, 2016 - 10:06 am | Permalink

      Yes, absolutely excellent piece! Thank you, Mr. Langdon!
      I laughed out loud when I read this, brilliant:

      Gary Younge knows better: Omar Mateen would have been born in the US even if his parents had stayed in Afghanistan. His embryo would have materialized from the American air and grown to term thousands of miles from his mother’s womb, nourished by a mysterious process possibly involving quantum nonlocality or Dawkins’s demon.

      You and I might not understand how all this would have happened, but that’s because we’re not the chief Black intellectual at the Guardian. That also explains why we can’t understand that the Orlando massacre was entirely “home-grown” and had nothing to do with Mateen’s Afghan genetics, with Afghan culture, or with his religion of Islam.

      Israelis don’t even like gays that much. According to a 2013 Pew Research survey only 40% of Israelis were accepting of homosexuality:

      The Israel Lobby and Neoco(he)ns always try to appeal to the gay lobby in the USA, because of its growing political power and influence, by stating that Israel is the most gay-friendly state in the Middle East (which is technically true), but compared to the ”evil Nazis” in Germany, where 87% of the population accept homosexuality, this is not exactly progressive and tolerant. See: Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Stabs 6 at a Gay Pride Parade for Second Time, Police Say

  18. gubbler chechenova's Gravatar gubbler chechenova
    June 16, 2016 - 10:54 pm | Permalink

    US wars in the Middle East aren’t good for most Americans, but they’ve been great for Jews. And as the US is controlled by Jews and follows Judeo-centric foreign policy, we have to see US role in the Middle East as a resounding success.

    Have they bankrupted America? It doesn’t matter to Jews since they got the Fed and can print more money for themselves.
    What affects most American doesn’t affect Jews. Shipping job to China, India, or Mexico might be bad for US workers, but most Jews are not of the working class. They are part of the globalist urban class who gain to profit from US corporations reducing cost with easy access to cheaper labor. Just look at Jews in Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Silicon Valley just getting richer.
    Jews are 2% of the population but 43% of the top 1%. It’s like Israel never suffers despite downturns in the US economy. Like Paulie in GOODFELLAS, Israel gets to say, “Fuc* you, pay me.”

    Now, what do Jews fear most in the Middle East? Modern secular Arab and/or Muslim nation-states with capability in science, technology, and economic growth.

    Jews don’t fear ISIS, a bunch of ragtag morons running around with AK-47s and machetes. They do horrible things on the ground, but they pose ZERO threat to Israel and to the US.

    Jews fear men like Saddam Hussein and Assad. Iran is a theocracy, but even the Mullahs have allowed science and engineering. As long as people don’t get too out of line with decadence and sexuality, the Iranian state is live-and-let-live.
    Such nations are capable of developing strong economies and modern weapons systems.

    Since Jews are mostly secular and ‘Liberal’, you would think they would prefer modern secular Arab states to Muslim extremists. Not necessarily.
    After all, it is secular Arab and/or Muslim states that can run a modern economy and even develop missiles and bombs and tanks that might rival the power of Israel.

    It’s like the Cold War. US had more in common with USSR than with Maoist China or Afghan Mujahadeeen or Saudi Arabia.
    USSR after Stalin’s death remained repressive but sort of liberalized into a modern secular state like the US.
    It was committed to modernity and science and technology.

    In contrast, Maoism was into radical lunacy. Saudi Arabia has been run by religious hardliners. And Mujahadeen were extreme religious zealots.

    So, why did US work with them against USSR, a modern secular state?
    Because the modern and secular aspects of USSR allowed it to have tanks, jets, nukes, missiles, and etc.

    Jews don’t care about higher principles. They only think in terms of “Is it good for the Jews?”
    And Jews want the Arab or Muslim nations to be destroyed and fractured beyond repair.

    Long after invasion of Iraq, that nation is still divided. Libya is shattered into various pieces. Syria may never come together again. And in all those nations, the once powerful modern secular regimes have been toppled or crippled, and much of the land is overrun by Road Warrior Muslim anarchists whose violence prevent any kind of order, organization, development. As such, those nations pose zero threat to Israel. Jews love it.

    Jews messed up Ukraine too.
    We have to mention the Jew.
    The Ukraine mess has been bad for Ukrainians and bad for Russians who got hit with all sorts of sanctions. But it has been great for the Jews. Make Slav fight Slav. Make goy fight goy. Cripple resurgent nationalist Russia with all sorts of economic warfare.

    So, before we yammer about Muslims as the aggressors, he needs to mention how they’ve been the main victims.

    How many Americans and Europeans were killed by Muslim terror?
    How many Muslims and Arabs have been killed by Jewish-controlled US imperialism in the Middle East and North Africa?

    Americans killed a lot of Arabs/Muslims with guns and bombs. But worse, US invasion created a power vacuum that was filled by Jihadis, foreign elements, mercenaries, thugs, and opportunists. (I suspect Jewish gangsters looted the Baghdad Archaeology Museum soon after US invasion. It seems to have been coordinated. A lot of that loot are probably in Israel right now as they have Biblical significance.)
    So many Muslims and Arabs have been killed.

    Now, I totally oppose the mass migration of Muslims/Arabs to the EU and US, but why are so many people on the move in the first place? Because of the mayhem and horror unleashed by JEWISH control of foreign policy.

    The media tell us about Muslims killing homos, but why is that happening? When Syria, Iraq, and Libya were ruled by secular rulers, there were no terrorist psychos going around tossing homos from rooftops. And even Christian Arabs lived in peace and harmony with their Muslim neighbors.
    But what happened to all such people as the result of Jewish-controlled foreign policy?

    Muslim terrorism is horrible, but it’s pipsqueak stuff compared to Globalist Terror of the Zionists. Iraq War was an act of terrorism far worse than Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. There was NO justification for US to just destroy a nation that hadn’t attacked the US. It was especially vile after US had killed 100,ooos of women and children through sanctions. Worse, much of Hussein’s power had been aided by the US when Iraq was at war with Iran.

    But we are so amnesiac and only blaming Muslims for all the violence.
    Muslims are stupid, and guys like Omar need their heads examined, but much of Muslim violence is blowback pure and simple.

    When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, it suffered massive blowback. US felt justified in firebombing entire cities and killing over 100,000 in a single night in Tokyo. Just when Japan was about to surrender, US nuked two cities. US calls this the ‘good war’.

    If US was right to act thus in retaliation for Pearl Harbor, then why is it so terrible that Muslims and Arabs are lashing out at the West after what the West has done to Arab/Muslim nations?

    ISIS wouldn’t exist if Obama and Hillary hadn’t taken orders from Jews to mess up Libya and Syria. Gaddafi made peace with West and gave up WMD, but his independent spirit in Africa was too much for the Jewish globalists.
    And Assad had to be fatally weakened or toppled because he was allied with Russia and Iran, two nations Jews hate most.

    Of course, Jews despise the Saudis too(and Saudis hate Jews), but as the saying goes, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. As long as Saudi whores are willing to work with Jews to wreck Iran, Syria, and Russia(by pumping excess oil and lowering oil prices), they get along famously with Jews.

    Anyway, US wars on the Middle East and North Africa have to be counted as terror, or State Terror. US attacked and destroyed nations that had done NOTHING to the US. In the case of Libya and Syria, they didn’t even attack an US ally. Gaddafi and Assad were merely putting down domestic opposition. Ugly as such violence was, it was no worse than Israel raining bombs on Gaza, something that received full blessing from the cucked out US-government.

    Jews own the media and they can lie til the cows come home. They lied about what happened in Ukraine. They lied about Putin as New Hitler brutalizing the homos.
    Jews lied about Sochi Olympics. Jews lied about Russia invading Crimea. Because Jews control media and whore politicians, they can lie all they want. After all, Jews in government and media spread lies to win US public support for the invasion of Iraq.

    Also, we mustn’t see homos as innocents. Decent Americans know that homos are now the co-rulers of the US along with Jews. Jews have anointed homos as their main partners-in-crime.

    So, we now live in a nation where careers are ruined if anyone expresses disdain or distaste over homosexuality. Buchanan was booted from MSNBC for ‘unacceptable’ views due to Jewish and Homo machinations.
    Bakeries and flower shops are destroyed if they believe in Marriage Decency and refuse to believe that homo fecal penetration and tranny penis mutilation have equal value with real sexuality between man and woman. And American schools are filled with homo propaganda filth. Students are told that they better praise homos or else they are suffering from a mental issue called ‘homophobia’.
    SJW’s weaned on homomania will even physically attack those who carry out Moral Disobedience to the sicko Homo Agenda.
    TV shows and advertising are filled with decadent homo and tranny nonsense.
    Homos are cultural terrorists, and Gayria is crazier than Sharia.

    Homos are so grateful for having been chosen as co-rulers of America that they eagerly work with Jews to spread globalist neo-imperialism all over the world.

    The Jew-Homo deal goes as follows: Homos work very hard to help Jews in their Zionist supremacism, and in exchange, Jews favor and bless vain homos over all other groups and fund homo agenda all over the globe. So, everywhere US spreads its tentacles, ‘gay pride’ parade is almost mandatory.

    Indeed, Jews and homos now drape even Christian churches with homo flags and symbolism. As such, homomania is the new faith of the West.

    If you go to most young people today and mock God and Jesus, they will laugh and find it funny. But if you say the slightest critical or mocking thing about holy homos or trannies, they will be triggered into delirium and call the police, FBI, and CIA to report ‘hate’.

    So, this pretense that homos are innocent little lambs is bogus.

    Of course, those homos and trannies at Orlando had nothing to do with foreign policy, but Homo Power has been working with Globalist Jews to advance Zio-American neo-imperialism all over the world.

    What we really need to do is to have Bush II, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Samantha Powers, Victoria Nuland, Hillary, and Obama be tried for Crime Against Humanity.

    After the Cold War, there was such hopes for peace.
    But unfortunately, Jews took total power of US government and have been working with Homos to turn the world upside down, ignite a New Cold War, totally lay Muslim nations to waste, spread the cult of diversity all over(thereby creating more divisions and tensions), uprooting countless Muslims, and then steering those Muslims to invade the West.

    Jews rigged it so that they can never lose no matter what happens.

    If all those Muslims arrive to EU and US and assimilate peacefully, then Jews can promote it as success and push for further non-white immigration that will turn whites minorities in their own homelands.

    But then, even if Muslims turn angry and commit acts of terror in the West, it will help Jews since so many dumb Americans will sympathize with Jews and homos against Muslims. Americans will think, “We sure understand how Israelis feel on a daily basis as they have to deal with these Muslim savages on a daily basis. And we must protect those darling little homos from those nasty Muslims. Gay is the new red, white, and blue.”

    Talking about Muslims, Muslims, and Muslims without taking into account the Jewish and Homo role in the globalist neo-imperialism of the 21st century is most disingenuous. It’s like discussing WWII in Europe without ever mentioning Nazi aggression.

    The Invisible Imperialism of the Jews and Homos must be outed.

    We need to say the Jewish/Homo Emperor wears military uniform and rides a tank.

    We have to stop acting as if Jewish-Homo Power is Invisible Power.

    What is sickening is that Jews and Homos still speak in the context of ‘antisemitism’ and ‘gay rights’ when they are the ones with the Power and Might to oppress and destroy other peoples.

    They are like a bully who punches someone in the face and then complains of his poor little fingers hurt by the punchee’s ‘hateful’ face.

    Homos still bitch about ‘gay rights’ when they have the power to shut down entire cities for homo parades and get people fired for not bending over to the homo agenda.

    Awful people.

    • June 17, 2016 - 8:45 am | Permalink

      Very good summary. I hope you won’t mind if I insert a crit about Japan/Pearl Harbor, and the USA/USSR. You say “When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor …. US felt justified in firebombing entire cities and killing over 100,000 in a single night in Tokyo. etc..” It wasn’t the US. It was Jews running the US back then. It’s why Japan was deliberately provoked, and why, when Pearl Harbor was known to be in progress, the ‘American’ President kept quiet. And similarly with the USSR: Jews running the USSR imported all the technology from the USA and Europe. And they made fortunes from the fake of nuclear weapons – a long-running fraud which they still milk. The USA and USSR were run by Jews, of course in control of the media. I’ve put all this in a long video (‘Lords of the Nukes’ though it’s very long). Apart from this, your analysis seems correct to me – provoke wars, supply wars, destroy societies, commit genocide. ‘Jews’ have evolved to do that. And arguably the genetics can be transplanted by their ‘holy’ books.

    • Free Thinker's Gravatar Free Thinker
      June 18, 2016 - 11:23 pm | Permalink

      Without mentioning the Masonic agenda I don’t believe your getting a complete picture .If Jews had such complete power Israel would have been expanded years ago . Many Jews are Masons ,many are useful idiots and many Just want to be left alone to make a buck and enjoy life .Success unfortunately also come with utility or position , those that step into the public arena through wealth or prestige are liable to be used as milking cows or icons in social games by the Masonic press (not as many believe the Jewish press – though Jews do have inordinate influence and have there own cultural press , they don’t have the finial say eg Palestinian state …It’s the NWO that’s the driving force behind MC .
      Merkles following a Masonic agenda which is why her treachery is accepted by e MSM , where as Belliisconi beaten and hounded out of office .

  19. Free Thinker's Gravatar Free Thinker
    June 16, 2016 - 9:15 pm | Permalink

    Wow , that opening info in the first paragraph tell much .Should be printed on the front page of MSM.
    Separating the PC’er from their religion is like pulling teeth .
    Perhaps good will come of this Olando shooting ; the rictus of the MC corpse as PCer’s slink away into environmentalism .

    • T. J.'s Gravatar T. J.
      June 16, 2016 - 10:05 pm | Permalink


      JCM- jew con-trolled media

      MSM is mighty ambiguous and leaves out too much jewcy information.

  20. gubbler chechenova's Gravatar gubbler chechenova
    June 16, 2016 - 9:15 pm | Permalink

    There was a song by Paul McCartney.

    Give Ireland back to the Irish.

    We should come up with a slogan: Give California back to the Mexicans.

    What we need is a petition to rejoin California to Mexico.

    I think we should go for it.

    GOP should like it since Dems will lose all those electoral votes of Ca that will now be part of Mexico.

    And ‘progressives’ should love it since California will no longer be stolen from Mexico by gringos. It will be part of Mexico again.

    Also, Ca is a ‘progressive’ state that bitches about ‘white privilege’ and etc.

    Well, if Ca is part of Mexico, it will be ruled by wonderful Mexicans, not by evil gringos.

    And since Ca is part of Mexico, Mexicans could go there without legal problems of any kind.

    As for yellows and blacks who bitch about White Rule, they will no longer have to worry since they’ll live under benign brown rule.

    So, we need a proposition to rejoin Ca with Mexico.

    • Greekman's Gravatar Greekman
      June 17, 2016 - 4:35 am | Permalink

      To be fair, the Irish did deserve Ireland back. I disagree with Liberals claiming so because they say things like that only to virtue signal. The Liberal idea of “X taking back Y” is only and only moral posturing. The Irish simply wanted to be able to politically govern themselves, wheres Mexicans wish to take back “land” that now belongs to a sovereign nation (the US). The case of Ireland was unique, and is completely different from the Mexican situation.

      • June 17, 2016 - 8:51 am | Permalink

        Don’t be too sure about Ireland. It’s obvious now that Sinn Fein doesn’t care about Ireland for the Irish: they want mass immigration. I think you’ll find Ireland was another Jew victim: Protestants and Catholics made exploitable mutual targets. ‘Hidden History’ by Docherty & Macgregor considers Ireland was Plan B to start WW1 – some German sold a few old rifles to ‘rebels’ and that would have been used as a ‘casus belli’. The Irish must know they’ve been swindled, but like Americans they are victims of enormous long-term propaganda assaults.

      • gubbler chechenova's Gravatar gubbler chechenova
        June 17, 2016 - 10:03 am | Permalink


        If we call for GIVE CALIFORNIA BACK TO MEXICO, the Gomezers, yellows, blacks, and white progs would be morally and ideologically helpless to reject the proposal.


        Mexican-Americans act so proud and make big noise about how California was stolen from Mexico. Mexicans have the right to come live in Ca because Ca is really part of Mexico. They talk of reconquista.

        So, if given a chance to take it back, they have to take it back. If Mexicans and Mexican-Americans said, “No, senor, we want California to remain in gringo hands”, they would sound like traitors or would be admitting that gringos are better at managing a territory than Mexicans are. It would hurt Mexican pride. It’d be like China refusing to take back Taiwan when offered a chance to do so.

        Because of all the La Raza rage over the yrs about how California is really part of Mexico, Mexicans cannot say NO to the proposal.

        As for yellows, browns, and other pocs(people of color) upon mankind, they are into anti-white PC and spew anti-white hatred 24/7. Yellows are 80% Democrat and call for open borders and laugh about white demise. They say whites suck. Blacks blame everything on whites and this never lets up. And Jewish Democrats love to bash white privilege. Even Jewish privilege is masked behind ‘white privilege’. And cucky white gentiles progs go along with this.

        In other words, whites suck and white privilege must end.

        So, even if they privately want to stay in a California that is part of US(that still has white majority), they would have no moral or ideological defenses against the proposal of returning Ca back to Mexico(like returning Hong Kong back to the Chiners). Given all that they’ve publicly spewed over the years, they MUST support returning Ca back to Mexico.

        If they reject the idea, it would mean they prefer gringos over Gomezers. It would mean they’d rather be ruled by Washington than by Mexico City. They would rather pay taxes to DC than to MC.

        So, you see, the proposition puts them in a bind.

        And it’d be funny as hell to listen to their tortured logic as to… uh… ah… well… why California should remain with US and not rejoin with Mexico.

        It’d be hilarious.

        California is a great beautiful state, but white people lost it already. Jews and homos run it. And it is now majority non-white, and non-whites use its massive electoral votes to help Democrat politicians who push for massive immigration for ALL OF AMERICA to turn every state into a neo-California.

        California is now the cancer of White America.. Return it to Mexico.

        • HK Wills's Gravatar HK Wills
          June 19, 2016 - 5:45 pm | Permalink

          And they will have the votes: California is approximately 40% Mexican and they have the highest birthrate among Californians (2.5 Children per couple last I checked). Many of the state assembly and senate are Mexican. It won’t be long before they move from plurality to majority and their masses clamor for a plebiscite for reunification. Washington, not wanting to lose Mexican votes in the remaining states, will be paralyzed. Some today call it the “lost province of California”.

    • Greekman's Gravatar Greekman
      June 17, 2016 - 4:40 am | Permalink

      Also, Mexicans believe the entire South West belongs to them. Whenever you see them “demonstrating” in those areas, they always always always have Mexican flags and it’s completely intentional. Look up the founding people of “La Raza” and what they believed, it’s quite eye opening. Point being, their numbers have exploded in those areas, and pretty soon, Liberals might get their wish; that the natives get their land “back”. I’m sure the nice, friendly, and moral Mexicans would surely treat the white Liberals as true allies and with the utmost compassion once the “taking back” is accomplished.

  21. June 16, 2016 - 3:55 pm | Permalink

    The art of subversion, though often directed at the powers-that-be, tends to be elitist than populist for it thrives on irony, ambiguity, and deception. Subversion isn’t a direct strike at the system. It is a covert act, and the masses are as likely to be hoodwinked as the powers-that-be even if the subversive act is ostensibly carried out in the name of the People.

    In a way, subversion is a two-front war by the avant-garde that disdains both the traditional/established elites and the vulgar-dumb-bigoted masses with ingrained prejudices. The radical vanguard finds the elites to be greedily guarding their unfair or undeserved privileges. But, the vanguard also finds the masses to be ignorant, prejudiced, and brainwashed by the elites.

    If populism assumes that what most people want constitutes the essence of social-political justice, radicalism assumes that the people don’t know what they want since they’ve been kept in the dark from the real truth and raised as sheeple under the influence of corrupt elites. As Thomas Frank wondered in WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KANSAS?, true radical politics cannot be about what-the-people-want because the people’s hearts-and-minds have been molded by the elites against the people’s own true interests and advantages.

    After all, one reason why communists had a difficult time was not only the repressive violence of the capitalist or ‘reactionary’ elites but the knee-jerk hostility of the masses who’d been indoctrinated by overlord class to see socialists and communists as ‘Godless heathens’ and baby-eating monsters.

    The Alt Right is well-aware of the fact that majority opinion doesn’t necessarily reflect the natural wisdom of the people or what is good for the people. Consider how easily the majority of Americans were won over to the filth of ‘gay marriage’. But did the American people really embrace ‘gay marriage’ on their own or were they fooled into thinking it’s what they want by the elites who control media, academia, law, and the state? If elites can mold mass opinion, then which mass opinion is really of the people and belongs to them?

    Especially when all real cultures & values are dead and have been replaced by fickle fashions of Pop Culture and insipid soma of Political Correctness, opinions and ‘values’ can be changed overnight by the levers of the Cult of the Cool, celebrity-mania, and hype delirium. So, just like the leftist vanguard of yesteryear had to fight a two-front war, the Alternative Right must fight a two-front subversive war against the Globalist Elites and Progot[progressive-bigot] masses whose ideas & values are nothing but poison seeds planted in their minds by Jews, homos, and cuck-traitors. Alt Right needs its own Rules for Radicals.

  22. Chris's Gravatar Chris
    June 16, 2016 - 11:53 am | Permalink

    In summary: Whites need our own country like Israel. I hope I live long enough to see it.

  23. June 16, 2016 - 11:32 am | Permalink

    Rather odd response to an obvious false flag. I suppose non-jews have to learn more about the arts of deception.

    • Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
      June 16, 2016 - 5:07 pm | Permalink

      I agree. Taking the (((media))) at face value in the case of these (((terror events))) is rather counterproductive. Non-Jews will have to come to abhor and distrust the System and its lies if they are to regain control of their destiny.

    • Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
      June 16, 2016 - 9:06 pm | Permalink

      A pinch of salt is in order when many aspects of the (((event))) appear anomalous at best.

    • June 16, 2016 - 10:21 pm | Permalink

      Some shadowy organization, or a constellation of a few of them, has/have certainly mastered the fine art of producing fear-inducing and hate-inducing false flags for international public consumption.

      The bizarre, sudden surge in their quantity (frequency) tells a revealing tale all of its own. Anyone with a shred of common-sense can smell a rat of this size and pungency.

      The Boston Bombing was so transparent it is laughable, as was the Paris nightclub shooting. Now it would appear the Orlando Shooting ranks alongside as another Metro-Goldwin Mayer production.

      Love him or hate him, Henry Makow has been producing some powerful blog posts that totally expose and reject the official narrative of this Orlando Shooting. He has also been Tweeting heavily on this topic. I would strongly recommend you check out his stuff over at and scroll down his recently published list.

      His latest article posits:

      He says sodomizing children is the Illuminati’s “key” to satanic possession and mind control. (Puts “Sex Ed” in new perspective doesn’t it?) He raises the specter that most of our political leaders are in fact mind controlled sodomizers and/or victims of sodomy.

      The key demand is simple: show us the bodies.

      Let us see photographs of the corpses allegedly shot in that Orlando Gay Nightclub by someone carrying a large weapon right past door security and whose magazine contains far less bullets than half the total number killed or wounded.

      • Free Thinker's Gravatar Free Thinker
        June 17, 2016 - 7:51 am | Permalink

        Good comment .Ive been duped again ! I got to thinking this real but the lack of bodies ,ambulances and phone videos pretty much condemns this to the FF category .
        So the Masonic’s have moved to the GLBT (their acronym ) hysteria twist . Polarising the social structure dividing one group against another , they are deliberately bring the West into an uproar , but to what ends ? I contend it’s because they are loosening control of their NWO and need to lock us down before too many people wake up and realise there pulling the strings .

        • Elizabeth's Gravatar Elizabeth
          June 17, 2016 - 7:40 pm | Permalink

          How do false flags do that though? I’m not commenting about this event in particular, but are we to take every political event as a false flag? Is there nothing honest and straightforward anymore? I suppose not.

        • Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
          June 17, 2016 - 11:26 pm | Permalink

          It helps Trump boots-on-the-ground-in-Syria and his Likudnik backers, who perhaps have different objectives to the GOP neocons with respect to US foreign policy. Bear in mind that the real threat feared by Jews is that of restive goyim, not of disorganized and backward Mohammedans (if it were just Arabs running BDS, it would have achieved even less than it has). Watch this space for further restrictions on civil liberties enforced selectively to the detriment of whites. Obviously the LGBT coalition will get more love and nurturing from the authorities.

        • June 18, 2016 - 6:22 am | Permalink

          Elizabeth – part of the aim of Jewish lies is to make people give up. Trolls often say (e.g.) “I suppose you believe the earth is flat, too” in response to (e.g.) something on the 9/11fraud. If you simply give up, they’ve won. Everything has to be examined since Jews are liars in the psychopathy sense. They lie without even thinking about it. And there’s NOTHING NEW about it: you say ‘Is there nothing honest .. any more?’ but you don’t seem to know lies got you into WW2 and WW1, just to name big events. In your entire lifetime there have been no honest media.

        • June 18, 2016 - 9:10 pm | Permalink

          More signs pointing to a hoax. Among others:

          -The internet archives and recordings of emergency and police calls has been scrubbed.

          -A Dr. Cheatham (seriously) goes on 60 Minutes with an easily debunked narrative about “almost daily AR casualties”. Medical staff in press interview looks like they want to crawl back under their slimy rocks. Victim who received five rounds is presented no worse for the wear.

          -Only one open casket funeral revealed, victim looks like a wax figure.

          – Just like at San Bernadino public and press is allowed to rifle through Omar Mateens’ apartment.

          -Actors walk past camera with “injured” and when think are off screen, victim is spotted standing on terra while other laugh and do a jig.

          -Actress helping injured is overheard joking, “What was your favorite subject in school”, then laughing.

          New Nationalist is on this and more:

        • Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
          June 18, 2016 - 11:37 pm | Permalink

          The thesis of the above includes LGBT also being useful to secure intelligence and so strategic advantage for Washington in the international arena, even where cultural marxism struggles to take root.

      • June 17, 2016 - 11:47 pm | Permalink

        @Free Thinker … yes, you are getting it. You are learning to read/anticipate ‘their’ moves and modus operandi.

        Polarising the social structure dividing one group against another , they are deliberately bring the West into an uproar , but to what ends ? I contend it’s because they are loosening control of their NWO and need to lock us down before too many people wake up and realise there pulling the strings.

        The evidence to support such conclusions are fast approaching critical mass.


        @Elizabeth. It all depends on how practised you are at monitoring, assessing, evaluating, and judging the activities and motives of those who think they own you, me, and everyone else … and that God blesses only them … and that only they deserve to inherit the Earth and all that is in it.

        What you MUST clearly understand is that their entire financial system (including all the major banks) effectively collapsed, and became insolvent during 2008.

        Ever since all financial and economic changes made — esp., ZIRP and Quantative Easy (aka Money Printing) — have been motivated by the desperate need to prop up their criminal fiat currency system, using 100% artificial means.

        Meanwhile, the distracted and half-interested public (especially that of the Western world) is suckered into meeting the costs (e.g., loss of jobs and of investment opportunity) of all their conspiratorial efforts.

        False Flags have been around for centuries, and especially since the Spanish-American war. You need to see Social Media, Computer Science, Virtual Reality, and Psychology as one body that is used in tandem to create the False Flag scripts that are then played out with the help of paid “crisis actors” … whose antics are then broadcast to the world via the massive resources at the disposal of our ‘Jew’-owned mass media corporations.

        You have surely seen how realistic murder, bullet wounds, and amputations can be made to look (artificially) in the cinema, on behalf of Hollywood Inc. What’s to stop a Wall Street financed CIA (including America’s Shadow Government with unlimited funding) deploying those same skill-sets for evil ends??

        • June 18, 2016 - 12:52 am | Permalink

          This one of many & great Dave Dees Illustrations ( will help you conceptual the now Trade Marked, American ‘False Flag’ meme:

        • Curmudgeon's Gravatar Curmudgeon
          June 19, 2016 - 1:47 pm | Permalink

          What you are describing is cognitive dissonance – two contradictory facts accepted at the same time. Perhaps Dr. MacDonald could elaborate at some time.
          For me, the cue was Mateen being a queer and connected to ISIS (ISIS itself being a cutout organization of mercenaries). ISIS as presented to us, would, in the blink of an eye, kill a queer that is openly so. Here is Mateen, dancing in a queer club, with men for 2 years and he’s connected to ISIS, who would off him in an instant.

          On another note, while the MSM perverts the real meaning of words, I would prefer it if contributors do not. Words like xenophobia, Islamophobia, and homophobia are meaningless as they are currently used. Phobias are irrational fears. Few if any people have an irrational fear of any of the above, and if anyone is fearful of Islam, given the conduct of large numbers of them, the fear would hardly be irrational. Most of us just don’t want any of the above in our White countries.
          In fairness to Mr. Langdon, it is difficult to say whether his use of the phobias is mis-use or tongue-in-cheek.

  24. June 16, 2016 - 11:19 am | Permalink

    So, Trump has the guts to say ‘radical Muslims’.

    Does he have the courage to say ‘Anglo-Zionist Supremacists’ and ‘Homo-Imperialists’ who destroyed Western borders & immigration policy, subverted Western values and spirituality(by making the worship of homos and trannies to be the new religion), and formulated the foreign policy of destroying secular-modern Arab states and creating a vacuum to be filled by ragtag Jihadis.

    That would be real courage.

    Homo Imperialists are the main allies of the Jews. Look at the Jewish War on Russia over issues of Gay Might.

    Homos worked with Jews to smash Libya and Syria.

    trump’s pandering to homos is sick, sick, sick.

    Even stupid Sharia is better than Gayria.

    And even if we end Muslim immigration, we have Mexican, African, and Asian immigration that are bigger and just as anti-white.

    Also, even without a single Muslim in America, we have Jews, homos, and Negroes waging cultural terrorism on whites with gangster rap, homo propaganda, pornification of pop music and TV, and promotion of drugs.

    And the worst Americans are black citizens who turned Detroit into something worse than a war zone without tanks and bombs.
    Blacks have terrorism in their genes.

    • Ritchard's Gravatar Ritchard
      June 17, 2016 - 3:46 pm | Permalink

      He is running for president trying to get votes from the American public. Would you tell them the whole truth if you wanted to win?

      • Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
        June 18, 2016 - 5:25 pm | Permalink

        Would I participate in a rigged contest where lying consistently is a basic necessity? To win and then tell the truth? Let’s be serious.

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