How the Jews won the Battle of Charlottesville

Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

“We have been working on the ground and behind the scenes leading up to, during, and after the rally.”
Anita Gray, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the high point in a period of increasing Alt Right confidence and activism, and it was the moment that marked our first major clash with the globalist hydra. In the wake of Charlottesville, the System that we now find ourselves in more or less open conflict with has followed its dissemination of false narratives of the day’s events with opportunistic boldness and a series of actions. In the first few days after ‘Unite the Right’, an event which saw the apparently co-ordinated ambush of White Identitarian attendees, various arms of the Alt Right have suffered logistical attacks on their internet-based activities, Steve Bannon has left the White House, the myth of the ‘right wing extremist’ has been resurrected with a vengeance, and dangerous precedents have been established on the vital issues of internet freedom and freedom of speech. We are, to a greater degree than any point in recent memory, backed into a corner.

However, despite these strained circumstances, and the hectic and confused media coverage of events in Virginia, it is crucial to understand that none of these actions and reactions against the Alt Right have been spontaneous or ad hoc. Rather, what we have witnessed is the culmination of intensive efforts by our opponents to forge a hegemonic anti-White interface encompassing Jewish ethnic activists, the police, all levels of government, Antifa, and the incentivized agents of globalism and Cultural Marxism. In the following essay I want to step back from the finer points of events in Charlottesville in order to illustrate and contextualize some of the broader patterns of Jewish activity that are in evidence.

The most important aspect of the ‘Unite the Right’ rally was that it wasn’t allowed to go ahead. In this regard, we are supposed to believe that local police botched the placement of opposing factions, and then had a knee-jerk reaction to the resultant early disturbances, subsequently (and conveniently) declaring a state of emergency and ending the rally before it began. The apparent surprise of leading Alt Right figures to this forced abortion was puzzling to me, not least because the actions of Charlottesville police were entirely predictable in light of emerging patterns of Jewish-orchestrated law enforcement indoctrination, and the fact that the expression of White Identitarian ideas are on course to be exiled beyond the bounds of legal protection. Setting aside the fact that police forces throughout the West are now politicized to an unprecedented degree, they are now regularly subjected to intensive indoctrination with propaganda produced and disseminated by Jewish organizations, the ADL and the Jewish-funded and Jewish-staffed SPLC foremost among them. Moving forward as a movement, it is imperative that the complicity of law enforcement in hostile actions is anticipated and taken into account when formulating street actions and other areas of political and social strategy.

The involvement of Jewish activist organizations in the politicization and weaponization of law enforcement, in the form of ‘race training,’ is little discussed in our circles, but it is well-attested. The earliest forms of ‘race training’ were pioneered by Jewish academic Judy Katz, who formulated a program called ‘White Awareness Training,’ also the title of her handbook published in 1978. The program was built on the premise that “racism is a pathological condition from which white people suffer, and by which they are subsequently immobilized. The program concentrates on enabling white people to take responsibility for tackling their own racism and that of other whites at a personal level, and to act on this in their subsequent lives.” The format was eagerly adopted by the Anti-Defamation League, and by 2013 the ADL began describing itself as “the foremost non-governmental organization in the United States that offers law enforcement training on terrorism, extremism, and hate crimes.” During the period 2003–2013 the ADL claims to have trained “well over 100,000 federal, state, local and military law enforcement officers.” This ‘training’ consists of the intensive indoctrination of attendees with the ADL’s own hyperbolic and extremely biased ideology on matters such as White identity politics and multiculturalism; it is offered free of charge as an added incentive for departments to participate. Far from involving mere beat cops and detectives, even the very highest ranks are drawn into the ADL’s ‘education’ network.

The ADL boasts that “more than 1000 law enforcement executives and commanders” have graduated from its programs, which includes a course on “implicit bias” and another titled “Lessons of the Holocaust.” The ‘lessons’ in question are that everyone involved in law enforcement has a duty to ensure a ‘tolerant,’ ‘diverse,’ and ‘multicultural’ society, and the definition of these terms is of course fully in keeping with Jewish interests. Agencies subscribed to this program include “the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Secret Service, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, while local departments include the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department, the Philadelphia Police Department, and dozens more, … It has also been incorporated into the curriculum of the FBI National Academy, the FBI National Executive Institute, and the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar. In addition to the original program in Washington, DC, it is also now offered in Los Angeles, Tampa, Nassau County (NY), Houston, and St. Louis.” In short, every influential arm of American law enforcement is now under the propaganda reach of one of the most malicious and insidious Jewish activist groups.

Such ‘educational’ links breed wider and deeper associations and levels of co-operation. The ADL, by its own admission, was working intensively “behind the scenes” with police and government networks in Charlottesville. Anita Gray, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, told one Jewish media outlet in the aftermath of ‘Unite the Right’:

We have been working on the ground and behind the scenes leading up to during and after the rally. Our Center on Extremism has been collaborating with law enforcement for weeks, providing intelligence on the various white supremacist groups who subsequently showed up in Charlottesville, and investigating specific threats in real time. We remain in close contact with law enforcement, elected officials, community leaders and others and continue to provide critical research, resources and community support. All of our offices have been working around the clock to respond, inform and take action [emphasis added].

Gray’s statement can be interpreted with little effort as meaning that the ADL stepped up its ‘educational’ efforts with law enforcement in Charlottesville, saturating both the local police department and presumably also the state police with horror stories warning of dire potentialities at the hands of White Identitarians, no doubt invariably described in their seminars as ’domestic terrorists.” Even if the shambolic handling of the opposing factions in the city was not pre-planned — a theory I am reluctant to totally discount, it was pre-ordained by virtue of the fact that law enforcement had been primed by Jewish ethnic activists to view the event as being potentially violent on a catastrophic scale. This for a rally of moderate size intended merely to protest the removal of a historical monument.

Media exaggerations aside, and despite the placement of opposing sides in close proximity, the aborted event was not the scene of catastrophic violence or city-wide disturbance. More destructive violence has been witnessed at Black Lives Matter rallies or, indeed, in any given weekend in cities like Detroit or Chicago. However, in a media masterstroke, Charlottesville became the subject of a carefully orchestrated ‘moral panic,’ which was relentlessly stoked until it was ‘hot’ enough to be tactically useful to Jewish interests, and to the achievement of Jewish goals which have hitherto proven elusive.

I have to confess to being taken aback by the skill with which this ruse was presented. I was in Europe as events unfolded in Charlottesville, but on the day of the rally I was in close contact with a number of participants. I followed proceedings via a combination of their communications, a separate live feed, and the mainstream media. A disparity between what was actually taking place, and the mainstream media narrative was almost immediately apparent. In the European mainstream media, the rally was presented exclusively as a ‘hate rally’ organized by neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan, and was very often linked to a putative ‘rise in hate’ caused by the election of Donald Trump. The steady erosion of the White racial presence in America — the broader theme of ‘Unite the Right’ — was totally absent, as was the exceptionally restrained behavior of the overwhelming majority of Identitarian attendees. The mass audience was thus primed from the beginning to perceive events in a biased manner.

Although I despise his Marxist affiliations, I’ve always agreed with Slavoj Žižek that the Left is addicted to its failures and notions of victimhood in order that it might deny that it is in, or has ever genuinely held, power. Such a position, described by Žižek as a ‘comfortable position of resistance,’ is what permits the Left to indulge in such fantasies as “real socialism has never been tried” or “Communism would have worked if only….” It also permits it to assert un-ironically that we currently live in a quasi-fascistic society.

Taking the ideas of Žižek further, I argue that radical factions of the Left make even more of a fetish of victmhood. As such, the radical Left craves situations in which its members may be killed — the ultimate form of victimhood, and perhaps the only one remaining to it since the Marxist social form is now, by all cultural and political metrics, in power. It is my contention that many of the highly neurotic White elements of Antifa, often from wealthy backgrounds yet preaching ‘class warfare,’ engage in extreme violence primarily in order that they may have extreme violence visited upon them. Antifa’s intellectually and emotionally dubious act of obstructing and attacking moving vehicles is an excellent case study in this regard, and in Charlottesville the Left received its martyr will gory glee, screaming through the tears with an apparent mixture of horror and satisfaction.

The hagiography of the British M.P. Jo Cox illustrated well the fact that the Left cherishes its martyrology. It is so rarely confronted with victims by its opposing ideology that it can name them, praise them, remember them, and bestow secular sainthood upon them. By contrast, the untold millions of faceless and nameless victims of Communism, and the untold tens of thousands of forgotten victims of multicultural and Islamist violence, are simply too much for the Right to fully digest and venerate. We drown in the glut of our martyrs while the Left glories in the personal touch afforded by the paucity of its fallen. The death of Heather Heyer, detached in Leftist minds from its questionable circumstances, was somehow much-needed ‘proof’ that the Alt Right really were ‘domestic terrorists.’ This ‘proof’ in hand, the media, the political establishment, the hostile cultural apparatus, the ‘deep state,’ and the technocracy in Silicon Valley could move into over-drive in their generation of, and response to, an entirely artificial moral panic.

On the whole, European mainstream media attention to the non-event in Charlottesville lasted an astonishing three full days, and at time of this writing some newspapers are still trying to drain a few more drops of coverage and commentary. In air-time and spilled ink it approximates coverage devoted to instances of Islamic terror and eclipses Western coverage devoted to serious terrorist incidents in the Middle East. Much of the reason for this can be found in the way Charlottesville has been packaged for mass consumption. Media narratives have been attempting to spin the banned rally as some kind of defining historical moment — a litmus test for the tolerance of contemporary society and the tattered, rotting remains of Obama’s ‘post-racial’ vision of America.

Jews have clearly been prominent in this ‘packaging’ process. Most recently, Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee announced he is introducing articles of impeachment against President Trump, citing his grievance with the latter’s response to events in Virginia. In a lengthy statement, predictably full of misrepresentations and hyperbole, Cohen said:

I have expressed great concerns about President Trump’s ability to lead our country in the Resolution of No Confidence (H.Res. 456) that I introduced in July with 29 of my colleagues; however, after the President’s comments on Saturday, August 12 and again on Tuesday, August 15 in response to the horrific events in Charlottesville, I believe the President should be impeached and removed from office. Instead of unequivocally condemning hateful actions by neo-Nazis, white nationalists and Klansmen following a national tragedy, the President said ‘there were very fine people on both sides.’ There are no good Nazis. There are no good Klansmen. …When I watched the videos from the protests in Charlottesville, it reminded me of the videos I’ve seen of Kristallnacht in 1938 in Nazi Germany. It appeared that the Charlottesville protesters were chanting ‘Jews will not replace us’ and ‘blood and soil,’ an infamous Nazi slogan, as they marched with torches that conjured up images of Klan rallies. None of the marchers spewing such verbiage could be considered ‘very fine people’ as the President suggested. …As a Jew and as an American and as a representative of an African American district, I am revolted by the fact that the President of the United States couldn’t stand up and unequivocally condemn Nazis who want to kill Jews and whose predecessors murdered 6 million Jews during the Holocaust, and could not unequivocally condemn Klansmen whose organization is dedicated to terrorizing African Americans. President Trump has failed the presidential test of moral leadership. No moral president would ever shy away from outright condemning hate, intolerance and bigotry. No moral president would ever question the values of Americans protesting in opposition of such actions, one of whom was murdered by one of the white nationalists.

While there is much that could be unpacked from this vulgar, disingenuous, and ultimately subversive document, the stand-out features for our purposes are that Cohen presents the ‘Unite the Right’ rally as a post-modern Kristallnacht (historians now agree that the original Kristallnacht was itself a media-exaggerated moral panic), and the context in which it took place as being one in which the imminent genocide of Jews in America is a distinct possibility. Cohen’s emphasis on Trump’s duty to be a ‘moral president’ (the phrase is notably repeated) is intended both to underscore the expectation that holders of public office or influence (much like the indoctrination of law enforcement) have a duty to the new ‘moral’ paradigms of tolerance and diversity underpinning the modern multicultural globalist state, and to signal to the general public that this criterion should dominate their own political and social behaviors.

The framing of Charlottesville as a serious moral crisis has also enabled influential figures in Silicon Valley to abandon previously held principles such as free speech and freedom of the internet. This is potentially the most catastrophic consequence of events in Virginia because the precedent has now been set for internet censorship based on the same interplay of ‘morals’ and politics espoused by Cohen. Much like the indoctrination of law enforcement by the ADL, the foundations for internet censorship had already long been laid by Jewish activist organizations. During the last four years the ADL and similar organizations in Europe have lobbying against ‘cyberhate’ and forming ‘working groups’ with access to the highest levels of leading internet providers, civil society, the legal community, and academia. Multiple consultations have also been held with representatives of Facebook, Google/YouTube, Microsoft, Twitter, and Yahoo. The Southern Poverty Law Center and affiliated groups have also lobbied financial platforms such as PayPal with the goal of having access to those platforms denied to organizations deemed to be ‘hate groups’ by multiculturalists. Until Charlottesville, intensive Jewish lobbying for internet censorship hasn’t been as successful as those behind it might have hoped (I’ve previously written in more detail about this topic). However, the moral panic surrounding Charlottesville enabled these Jewish groups to finally claim a number of prominent scalps in record time, with internet-based actions taken by Google, PayPal, CloudFlare, and Facebook against the Daily Stormer, the National Policy Institute, Radix Journal, Identity Europa, VDare, Counter-Currents and many individuals and smaller associations linked to the Alt Right. Again, while the moral panic provided the indignation and immediate emotional cover for these actions to take place, the ideological foundations for such moves against internet freedom were pre-existing.

Jewish agitation against the Trump administration also pre-existed Charlottesville, but the moral panic appears to be hitting the White House hard. The full details of the departure of Steve Bannon from the Trump administration are yet to be divulged in full, but it appears a tremendous coincidence that Bannon, long smeared as a racist and anti-Semite by the Jewish press, should leave within a week of the media swindle on Virginia. It has certainly been greeted as another Jewish victory, with the Huffington Post even adopting the headline “Goy, Bye!” to celebrate Bannon’s exit. Organized Jewish groups in Congress, the media, and society have also, like Steve Cohen, taken Charlottesville as their cue to commence renewed attacks on Trump, who continues to refuse to grovel to the extent dictated by Jewish tastes. Trump’s inclusion of Leftist agitators in his denunciation of Charlottesville, and his insistence that there were  still some good people on both sides, led the Republican Jewish Coalition to issue a statement “calling upon President Trump to provide greater moral clarity in rejecting racism, bigotry, and antisemitism.” Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Los Angeles Simon Wiesenthal Center was given a media platform to utter the banal and meaningless remark: “No one, whether Republican, independent or a Democrat … wants to see the Klan or Nazis parading down the streets of the United States, as if they’re taking over. No one could ever compare neo-Nazis, the Klan and white supremacists to demonstrators that are demonstrating against them. To equate the two sides is preposterous.” Rabbi Elazar Muskin, president of the Rabbinical Council of America, returned to Steve Cohen’s ‘moral leadership’ devices for his statement, in which he argued that “There is no moral comparison. Failure to unequivocally reject hatred and bias is a failing of moral leadership and fans the flames of intolerance and chauvinism.”

Whether or not Charlottesville was a battle in the physical sense, it certainly became so in the immediate aftermath of the day’s events. In the battle for narratives and results, it is an unfortunate fact that Jewish interests, at time of this writing, appear to be triumphant. This is largely the case because of the manner in which Charlottesville played into longer-term Jewish strategic efforts. This is not, and should not be, a ‘black pill’ moment, or a cause for undue despair. Charlottesville was, after all, merely a single battle in a broad conflict older than any of us. There will be other battles, and the war is far from over.

It is crucial, however, that some lessons are learned. A summary of lessons from Charlottesville should include the realization that law enforcement are not there to protect your rights or keep you safe. They are pre-programed by our opponents to despise you and your ideology, and they will always view you, despite all evidence to the contrary, as the primary danger.

Another realization should be that our internet activity, the élan vital of the contemporary movement, has a half-life in the sense that our opponents will try to further restrict our online presence. We will need to be creative in developing a Plan B. A further realization should be that the primary importance of street activity is always going to be in relation to internal impacts — the development of cohesion and trust. As long as mass narratives are determined by the hostile media, our street activities, no matter how benign and polished, will be invariably portrayed as the worst of the worst. Perhaps a final realization is that we should make hay while the sun shines, by which I mean that entrenched interests are simply not going to rest until Trump fails utterly in even his most modest attempts to resist globalism, and disappears from political life. I believe that although Trump isn’t perfect, with Bannon gone, he is effectively all that we have left in terms of a powerful political figure at the top level advocating for ideas even remotely congruent to our own. We need to capitalize on every minute he is in power.

For now, our primary focus should be on letting our opponents know that we’ve weathered the storm. They’ve raised their game, and the spotlight is now on us. If they wanted an escalation, they should know that we aim to please.

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160 Comments to "How the Jews won the Battle of Charlottesville"

  1. John King's Gravatar John King
    August 21, 2017 - 2:53 pm | Permalink

    Excellent analysis!

  2. David Ashton's Gravatar David Ashton
    August 21, 2017 - 3:03 pm | Permalink

    The groundwork for suppression may have been laid, but there was every reason to avoid pressing its “Nazi” trigger. Keeping one’s ammunition dry for too long is not as fatal an error as gratuitously supplying it to an enemy.

    • Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
      August 21, 2017 - 7:31 pm | Permalink

      Hear, hear! Richard Spencer’s unaffected, preppy look is almost unassailable. He looks comfortable in his own skin.

    • Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
      August 21, 2017 - 8:47 pm | Permalink

      Along the same lines, invoking “White Sharia”, even in jest, paves the way for the psychological linking of the (((widely-promoted))) Islamic terror meme to WN. Arguably, the former was created precisely to empower the State to crush the latter. All that is missing is the nexus.

      • Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
        August 21, 2017 - 9:27 pm | Permalink

        Overt Jewish triumphalism is one positive. “Goy, Bye!”, a taunt invested with a distinctly racial tone. There must have been much mirth over that one.

      • Michael Adkins's Gravatar Michael Adkins
        August 22, 2017 - 7:53 am | Permalink


        “invoking “White Sharia”, even in jest, paves the way for the psychological linking of the (((widely-promoted))) Islamic terror meme to WN.”

        And there is no better example than Stuart Wexler’s book, “America’s Secret Jihad.”

        • August 26, 2017 - 8:04 pm | Permalink

          Brilliant column, as usual by Andrew Joyce. But paragraph length should be shortened to make TOO articles more readable.

          This is a digital magazine. Not a PhD thesis archive. How am I going to convince high school students to read it?

          People in their 30s and 40s can read it. But new generation cannot.

          • Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
            August 26, 2017 - 10:43 pm | Permalink

            Dr. Joyce’s paragraphs are as well organized and as long as they need to be. If you think they are too long, it isn’t just the “new generation” that has reading comprehension problems.

            Yes, TOO may, I suppose, be characterized as a digital magazine, but it is certainly under no obligation to be a lowest common denominator website. Thus, smartening up, not dumbing down, ought to be the goal, especially your goal and that of the students you speak of.

      • Livonia's Gravatar Livonia
        August 23, 2017 - 5:08 am | Permalink

        True. I was aware that it will not end well for Andrew Anglin with that ,,fat slut” for Heather, dead girl. There are some thing in White culture which shouldn’t be ignored, even if in jest.
        It was painful to read that stuff.

        • John Walton's Gravatar John Walton
          August 23, 2017 - 12:52 pm | Permalink

          (Mod. Note: Enough black pills from you for now, “John”. Pay attention to what “Pierre” said earlier: “…needless intramural division…” isn’t in our interest. One of the signs of a *troll* is repeated obsession over tactical details, derailing the discussion from strategic interests.)

    • freespkr's Gravatar freespkr
      August 28, 2017 - 7:34 pm | Permalink

      My first post here, so I don’t want to tread previously covered ground, but what is the purpose of 1920s costumes and 1930s symbols? You might as well wear a sign on your butt that says “kick me” or “hate me.” I understand that many of these clowns are provocateurs, but did the entire event consist of provocateurs? I think the whole thing was a setup, but who can you believe? I’m confused.

  3. Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
    August 21, 2017 - 3:22 pm | Permalink

    (Mod. Note: “Pierre” anyone who calls you a “grammar ‘nazi'” should be shot. You are in fact a “Grammar God”, among the few eagle eye’d TOO readers who catch and notify me of typos which can possibly “confuse the author’s meaning”. Thank you for that. Your “catches of the day” are now well prepared for *accurate* enjoyment by discerning minds. Please inform me about “eye’d” above: a latter day Elizabethan construct? Is it another of MY Grammy Errors???)

    • Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
      August 21, 2017 - 5:30 pm | Permalink

      Thank you, M. Very kind of you to say so.

      The adjective “eagle-eyed,” so spelled (i.e., sans apostrophe), has a usage history in print dating from the early seventeenth century and can be found in every standard dictionary of British and US English. My suspicion is that people were using the expression in speech for three or four centuries longer, whether admiringly or facetiously.
      (Mod tips hat …)

  4. August 21, 2017 - 4:18 pm | Permalink

    ” The apparent surprise of leading Alt Right figures to this forced abortion was puzzling to me, not least because the actions of Charlottesville police were entirely predictable in light of emerging patterns of Jewish-orchestrated law enforcement indoctrination, and the fact that the expression of White Identitarian ideas are on course to be exiled beyond the bounds of legal protection.”

    This is nothing new. George Lincoln Rockwell had similar experiences when he held demonstrations in Washington, D.C. and New York City. In D.C. he was sent to a psychiatric hospital for 30 days’ observation. Those stories are told in his book This Time the World. The account of his experience in San Francisco, he told in his 1966 speech at Brown University. That experience closely resembles what happened at UC Berkeley (adjacent to SF) a few months ago, where the police made no effort to contain the Communists because that would provoke them. (It is surely not insignificant that Charlottesville’s mayor got his Ph.D. in political science at Berkeley.)

    So, what’s different today? Today you don’t have to wear a brown shirt and a swastika to get that kind of treatment.

    • August 21, 2017 - 9:14 pm | Permalink

      George Lincoln Rockwell – the FBI informant – did more than perhaps anyone else to discredit White Identity. Before Rockwell, America was a confident, openly White Nationalist society and segregation was popular and in many places the law.

      Rockwell was so useful to the Jewish anti-White cause he was turned into a celebrity and he was memorialized in song by anti-White Jews like Robert Zimmerman (aka “Bob Dylan.”)

      In fact, Rockwell was so useful to the Jewish anti-White cause that when he was murdered, they started hiring Jews to continue Rockwell’s gimmick:

      The best thing the White Identity movement can do is do pretty much the exact OPPOSITE of everything George Lincoln Rockwell, the FBI informant, did.

      In fact, it is only in the echo chamber of the internet that anyone can actually talk about George Lincoln Rockwell, the FBI informant, in a positive way and not be laughed out of the room. In the real world, in America, 99.99% of White Americans who are even slightly sympathetic to the White Identity message want nothing to do with George Lincoln Rockwell, the FBI informant, and anyone even remotely associated with his idiocy.

      • August 22, 2017 - 6:59 am | Permalink

        So, you think you’re hip? You say repeatedly that George Lincoln Rockwell was an FBI informant. That’s utterly ridiculous.

        An “FBI informant” has the purpose of trying to catch somebody in a crime, but Rockwell always told his people not to commit crimes. He announced in his 1965 Dallas speech to supporters that any member of his organization who persisted on advocating illegal activity would be reported to the FBI. An “FBI informant” does not make such announcements.

        Rockwell was no Jew either. His father was in showbusiness and had some friends in the business who were Jews. That does not make the Rockwells Jews.

        Rockwell had a flawed approach, mainly insofar as he was relying on mainstream media for publicity. The uniformed theatrics that he used to get that publicity had the unfortunate side-effect of attracting some unsavory people. This ended up being his downfall. But he also attracted William Pierce, who admired Rockwell and learned things from him. There is something to be learned from Rockwell. Among the lessons that Dr. Pierce derived were: don’t do uniformed theatrics and don’t rely on mainstream media to get your word out.

        The reason why I mentioned Rockwell was only that he had some of the same kinds of experiences that the Alt Right are having nowadays, and recorded those experiences. It’s important to know that the San Francisco Bay area, New York City, and Washington, D.C. have always been bad places for a pro-White demonstration, and to profit from that experience.

        • August 22, 2017 - 9:04 am | Permalink

          @Hadding Scott

          That George Lincoln Rockwell was in constant contact with the FBI and gave regular updates to them on his activities and the activites of his group is a fact of history and not even denied by Rockwell’s fans.

          I simply repeat: it is only in the echo chambers of the internet that anyone is not immediately laughed out of the room for associating the White Identity cause with George Lincoln Rockwell and his idiocy. Rockwell set the pro-White movement up for 50 years of failure.

          I simply repeat: it is only in the echo chamber of the internet that anyone promoting George Lincoln Rockwell’s idiocy is not immediately laughed out of the room.

          • August 22, 2017 - 2:05 pm | Permalink

            I am sure that Rockwell had plenty of communication with the FBI. He spoke highly of them. That was back when J. Edgar Hoover was alive.

            Rockwell said that in his experience agents provocateurs that occasionally infiltrated his organization were not from the FBI but from other police organizations, and that his way of dealing with such troublemakers was to report them to the FBI.

            I can’t see what’s so sinister about Rockwell’s talking to the FBI when he made no secret of it, and warned people not to commit crimes. Maybe he was a naive though. That was back before the world knew about COINTELPRO.

            I doubt that the average American would sympathize with your argument that person A talks to the FBI therefore person A is bad.

            You allege “50 years of failure,” and you want to blame Rockwell for that. You can’t blame Rockwell, because Rockwell’s agenda was abandoned shortly after he died. Rockwell’s concept was to use uniformed theatrics as a temporary gimmick to gain publicity, not as an end in itself. It was not in Rockwell’s plan that this kind of publicity-seeking should continue as it did under Matt Koehl and others.

            On the positive side, Rockwell inspired William Pierce, and some other significant figures, I am sure.

            You keep carping at Rockwell while obviously knowing very little about him. I doubt that you’ve ever listened to one of his speeches.

            At least you’re not still claiming that he was a Jew.

            Incidentally, the 50th anniversary of Rockwell’s death will be three days from today.

        • August 22, 2017 - 5:09 pm | Permalink

          At least you’re not still claiming that he was a Jew.

          I never, not one time, claimed the George Lincoln Rockwell was a Jew. I’m not the least bit surprised that his fans make up absurd lies to smear critics, however.

          You can’t blame Rockwell, because Rockwell’s agenda was abandoned shortly after he died.

          That is obviously false, as documented in the link I posted above. Rockwell’s “theatrics” – i.e., his clownery – has been a prominent and defining feature of the movement that Rockwell started and it was fully present at the Charlottesville rally.

          I doubt that you’ve ever listened to one of his speeches.

          Of course I’ve listened to his speeches and read his books. Rockwell was a miserable failure, a thoroughly compromised individual, and the movement that he started has done nothing but harm the interested of White people.

          It’s only in the echo chamber of the internet that his partisans are not laughed out of the room.

          • August 23, 2017 - 2:05 am | Permalink

            That is obviously false, as documented in the link I posted above. Rockwell’s “theatrics” – i.e., his clownery – has been a prominent and defining feature of the movement that Rockwell started and it was fully present at the Charlottesville rally.

            You didn’t read what I wrote, and if you read Rockwell’s This Time the World, you somehow didn’t absorb what he wrote either, or you didn’t think about it.

            The uniformed theatrics were supposed to be a temporary gimmick for gaining attention. It was part of a four-phase plan. After the first phase, the organization was supposed to move into a more serious mode.

            Rockwell had just started moving his organization out of Phase I and into Phase II shortly before his death in 1967. William Pierce complained that after Rockwell, under Koehl, the NSWPP lapsed back into Phase I and wasn’t moving beyond it.

            On that basis I can say that people like Frank Collin were not following Rockwell’s example, but Koehl’s. Collin only got into the game after Rockwell’s death.

            Even apart from this question, I think that your blaming “50 years of failure” on George Lincoln Rockwell shows an absurd lack of perspective. Blaming Koehl or Collin or the NSM would also be absurd, since their influence has been very limited. The general problem has been that our people preferred to avoid conflict and mind their own business rather than stand up for their race. White racial advocacy has mostly been sublimated into approved but ineffectual channels like the demand for “less government.” That’s the big problem. Rockwell represented the opposite of that kind of conflict-avoidance.

            Rockwell did inspire some people. The work of William Pierce was like a revised continuation of Rockwell’s project of educating the public. The influence of William Pierce is familiar to us all.

            To call Rockwell a miserable failure when he was cut down in the midst of his efforts seems to me facile and self-congratulatory. It’s always nice for people who won’t go out on a limb to belittle somebody who did.

          • David Ashton's Gravatar David Ashton
            August 23, 2017 - 4:52 am | Permalink

            Maybe the classic case was Dan Burros whose “Free American” gloried in “racist” atrocity photos and who was later unveiled as a member of the Hebraic persuasion.

            When the ADL or the FBI says: “You are sadistic Nazi psychopaths”, the correct response is NOT to wave the “Yes, we are – so what?” Swastika.

          • August 23, 2017 - 2:00 pm | Permalink

            When the ADL or the FBI says: “You are sadistic Nazi psychopaths”, the correct response is NOT to wave the “Yes, we are – so what?” Swastika.

            I think we’re all sadistic Nazi psychopaths now. Trump is, at least. You saw that Heil Trump video from last year, right?

            The best short-term response is to laugh.

      • August 23, 2017 - 2:36 am | Permalink

        Before Rockwell, America was a confident, openly White Nationalist society and segregation was popular and in many places the law.

        The anti-White agenda was underway and Segregationists were already in retreat well before Rockwell started attracting major attention in 1960. You have an inaccurate timeline.

        Rockwell was so useful to the Jewish anti-White cause he was turned into a celebrity and he was memorialized in song by anti-White Jews like Robert Zimmerman (aka “Bob Dylan.”)

        The song is called “Talkin’ John Birch Society Blues.” It’s a general attack on anti-Communism. Rockwell is mentioned once. The fact that he was attacked at all is surely a mark in his favor, but the song was not particularly about him.

        You are magnifying some small things while overlooking some large things.

  5. Stephen Dudas's Gravatar Stephen Dudas
    August 21, 2017 - 5:29 pm | Permalink

    Whoever is in a position, by virtue of his power & influence, to define an issue has by that fact alone won half the battle. Universal suffrage, or the state of affairs where every brow, high & low, has a right to every problem, lugs along with it the concomitant undesirable consequence of bad laws & worse policies; &, most unfortunately, the loathsome phenomenon of empowered idiocy entrusted with the high calling of governance. Even Winston Churchill felt compelled to wryly apologize for democracy by calling it the worst form of government known to Man, except for all the rest. Thus even a bleary-eyed Martian, landing in Charlottesville, Virginia, yesterday, would have been able to immediately notice that, swarming on either side of the so-called racial divide, there were small-minded humans exercising virulence & violence, egged on by agents provocateurs, as is always the case. But since the slanted, acquisitively engineered, & sensationalistic reportage of the Fifth Columnists of the Leftist-extremist Mainstream Press in America is the only “viewpoint” on tap, it is all that far too many Americans are able to any longer apprehend or lend their miserably short attention spans to, & so they are unable or unwilling (for, in the main, they are lazy thinkers, assuming they are able to think at all) to expose for their own benefit, & thus for the benefit of America as a whole, the bald fact that the Mainstream Press in America has a near absolute monopoly on how all issues, of whatever make & model, are defined. That is to say, owners & top editors of the Mainstream Press in America promote their own ideological agenda (as minions of the globalist powerbrokers), which is to subvert our three-tiered system of government as soon as possible by unrelenting floods of disinformation (always aping special interests) so that prehensile “open society” globalist billionaires, hedge fund gurus, & assorted multinational financier-investors can more easily & more readily muscle in on our turf. Comprehensively put, they are out to divide & conquer America; & Charlottesville, VA, has now been added to the blood-soiled catalogue of their ongoing successes & victories.

  6. August 21, 2017 - 5:30 pm | Permalink

    It is crucial, however, that some lessons are learned. A summary of lessons from Charlottesville should include the realization that law enforcement are not there to protect your rights or keep you safe. They are pre-programed by our opponents to despise you and your ideology, and they will always view you, despite all evidence to the contrary, as the primary danger.

    I think that this is completely wrong, and a disastrous attitude to take.

    Police may have been influenced by propaganda from the ADL, but they are not machines that can be programmed. Police will also be informed by their own observations and in general by some concept of fairness.

    The nature of the ADL’s influence, I believe, is that they present police with certain stereotypes. They have stereotypes like the violent right-wing extremist. It means that police might be nervous and paranoid when dealing with somebody who seems to be a right-wing extremist. It means that if you somehow give the appearance of a right-wing extremist, you need to be softspoken in dealing with police, until they understand that you are not going to pull a gun on them. (I have had that experience.) It does not mean that police will deliberately create problems for you in a calculatedly underhanded way as happened in Charlottesville.

    Whoever deliberately arranged the way police handled the rally in Charlottesville did so in obvious bad faith. You don’t get bad faith just from believing what the ADL tells you. In most jurisdictions in the USA, with or without influence from the ADL, I do not believe that this would have happened, for the simple reason that most jurisdictions still are not controlled by ideological or racial enemies of the White race.

    • Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
      August 22, 2017 - 1:26 am | Permalink

      Police will execute their political paymasters’ orders while protecting their own guild. Soviet police assisted in maintaining the status quo and collaborated with the NKVD in eliminating “counter-revolutionary” elements. Plus ça change…

    • Pero Ercegovac's Gravatar Pero Ercegovac
      August 22, 2017 - 3:01 am | Permalink

      @ Hadding Scott

      I agree totally with your observation. Tactically it would be a grave error to let the police go. Communist Jews back in the 1960s saw that they had to change the attitudes of cops in order to gain ground in the field of protest activism. Universities courses were designed, especially in sociology and political science, to create a new generation of activists who would become the generation to “re-educate” the police. What we need is a means to de-indoctrinate them and the best way is to this on a personal level. Talk to them, if you have a friend amongst them try to get to know how they feel about the situation. And more importantly show them how our ideals are closer to theirs and how those of the communists will only lead to the creation of a society that has values diametrically opposed to theirs.

      • August 22, 2017 - 7:10 am | Permalink

        Antifa are fundamentally hostile to law and order. They regard the police themselves as fascists. When they can’t attack the intended targets of their wrath, they redirect their energy into insulting or attacking police, which of course has the tendency of bringing police closer to us.

        We have to be the people of law and order, because it’s a great strength for us.

        • Pero Ercegovac's Gravatar Pero Ercegovac
          August 22, 2017 - 8:10 am | Permalink

          Exactly, I agree with you fully. Where they have out moved us has been in creating space within law enforcement to propagate their ideas. Antifa are anti-establishment in terms of their foot soldiers nonetheless they have a small elite within the institutions of education who specifically deal with re-education and public opinion creation within the schooling system. It creates a generation that seems to be law abiding, though we know they are not. We have to retake the space with law enforcement and the army.

    • August 22, 2017 - 3:07 am | Permalink

      there is no “Left – Vs – Right”…..

      there is only {{{{THEM}}}} and Us…

      {{{THEY}}} hate Truth & Justice…

      {{{{THEIR}}}} “religion” is BAD FAITH !!!

      • T. J.'s Gravatar T. J.
        August 22, 2017 - 1:48 pm | Permalink

        February 18, 1966

        NEW YORK (Feb. 17)

        Two Jews, who said they are members of the John Birch Society, announced here today that they are forming a new organization, called the Jewish Society of Americanist. The men are Samuel Blumenfeld an employe of the John Birch Society, in Boston; and Alan Stang, of New York, author of a book linking the civil rights movement with Communism.

        They issued a statement of principles declaring that the society’s aim will be “to demonstrate to our fellow Americans and coreligionist that the Americanist principles, beliefs and aims of the John Birch Society are based on the very precepts of Judaism.”

    • pterodactyl's Gravatar pterodactyl
      August 22, 2017 - 4:11 am | Permalink

      ” It means that police might be nervous and paranoid when dealing with somebody who seems to be a right-wing extremist. ”
      But Henrik from Red Ice Radio said that the police were friendly and chatting to them for hours before the atmosphere changed. The police knew that they were the more law abiding lot, ie more easily controlled, more likely to take orders from them.
      There is a story in the Daily Mail yesterday about 400 locals versus a small number of gypsies in a clash. Guess whose side the police took? – The gypsies. Yet I am sure that every officer did not deep down side with them. They side with them not because they think they are right, but because they know their own bosses do, and the officers on the ground want an easy life. They read the dispersal act out to the 400 law abiding locals and threatened to arrest them if they did not disperse. They knew these are law-abiding people who will lose their jobs if they are arrested, so they in effect bully them and leave the gypsies alone.

      Here is another example – I was at a demonstration organised by Tommy Robinson in Manchester after the Manchester bomb. The police could easily see that our lot were law abiding and peaceful, apart from the 10 or so individuals that the press followed round and photographed doing the usual drunkeness and giving the press the photos they wanted. The point I make is that the police were fully aware that our crowd was harmless to them and co-operative, so we need to explain why they sided with the antifa lot at the demonstration. (The police tried to saboutage the speeches as described by TR, eg refuesed to let him erect a stage, so the PA sound system was on the floor and only reached about 10 rows back).

      The answer to why the police sided with the antifa lot is that their bosses told them to, and the only priority of the lower ranks is their job and promotion. (Like the Roman legionnaires killing every tenth man). Their bosses told them to arrange the antifa lot to stand near our lot in a long thin line as there were not many of them, to shout and throw things at our group, which was corralled into a circle. We were like sardines whereas antifa were spread out. You could tell by their body language that the police felt no threat from us. Eg as we dispersed at the end they chatted with each other and drank coffee from their vans and never looking over their shoulders, as they knew we were the law-abiding lot. Basically, they take the Shekels and do what they are told.

    • Marlene Lerner-Bigley's Gravatar Marlene Lerner-Bigley
      August 22, 2017 - 4:08 pm | Permalink

      I am agreeing with you, wholeheartedly! SPLC is run by not just Jews but a rainbow of colors which was not mentioned in this article. This organization, years ago, proclaimed that the ADL is a hate group within itself and you know what? It is! The members are just as violent and destructive as these White Only groups. For me, as a Jewish independent thinking woman, it is unconscionable that one even supports them. My allegiance is to the SPLC who represents ALL people who have been abused.

  7. F. Roger Devlin's Gravatar F. Roger Devlin
    August 21, 2017 - 6:00 pm | Permalink

    This essay brings up something insufficiently discussed on our side: the privileged relation of Jewish advocacy groups with American law enforcement. The impropriety should be obvious of allowing an organization such as the ADL, representing the special interests of 2% of the American population, to help “train” law enforcement for the entire country. Yet the ADL brags openly about it on their website! Why do so many prefer to speculate about hidden Jewish conspiracies when open outrages like this are occurring in broad daylight?

    • August 21, 2017 - 9:31 pm | Permalink

      @F. Roger Devlin

      An excellent point, and the obvious solution would be for Whites to form a political lobby like the ADL that would counter the ADL’s anti-white propaganda, and educate law enforcement ourselves.

      I notice that there is not a single “leader” in the White Identity movement or the “Alt Right” that suggests anything but “street protests” and publicity stunts for the anti-White media. The idea of a serious political lobby is simply never discussed or suggested. At one time, the National Policy Institute was poised to fill that role, but instead chose to hold “street protests” and publicity stunts for the anti-White media.

      • Maple Curtain's Gravatar Maple Curtain
        August 22, 2017 - 8:09 pm | Permalink

        You’re being seriously disingenuous.

        The ADL has clout because of Jew money. NPI has no clout because it has no Jew money. The ADL can bring behind-the-scenes pressure on cities and police forces; the NPI cannot.

        The ADL can ruin careers; NPI cannot.

        Stop being a Hasbara troll.

        • August 23, 2017 - 7:27 am | Permalink

          @Maple Curtain

          The reason the ADL has “Jew money” is because they spend all of their time fundraising and organizing. The reason why NPI doesn’t have “White money” is because they do not.

          Any reader of TOO knows that Jews are far more ethnocentric than Whites – however, Whites have an advantage – numbers – that could be leveraged to even the playing field.

          NPI has, so far, chosen not to go that route, instead choosing high profile publicity stunts as opposed to the boring but productive work of organizing. I’m sure they have their reasons and I have no doubt that they are sincere in their calculations, whether they are ultimately right or wrong.

          The ADL can ruin careers; NPI cannot.

          NPI will never have to power to ruin careers like the ADL can if they don’t organize. NPI does, in fact, have enough money to protect at least a few staffers from economic retaliation, building on that power would likely prove quite effective.

          Stop being a Hasbara troll.

          Screaming “Jew” will not make what I said any less true, which is why you had to resort to that.

          • John Walton's Gravatar John Walton
            August 23, 2017 - 1:18 pm | Permalink

            I have to disagree with you. There’s no way you can duplicate the clout of the ADL by raising money since people on the right don’t have any money and if they get money they know better than to associate with the right. I think the theatrical route, especially on the internet, is their only chance. Even the Daily Stormer, ugly as it is, may have benefitted from the publicity, since the general public learns about the website and the arguments over whether it should be allowed to exist and a lot of respectable people are taking the position that it should and that the standard tactics used to ‘shut down hate’ and the orgs that espouse them pose a danger to free speech for the rest of us. The excesses of Antifa seem like a dangerous gamble to me and I find it hard to believe that a mastermind like Soros is behind them. Maybe I’m not smart enough to grasp his plan or maybe he has lost control of the monster he has created? I am reminded of the (true?) story that Jews created Islam to serve as a second force against the Byzantines, but after a while they probably wished they hadn’t.

          • Franklin Ryckaert's Gravatar Franklin Ryckaert
            August 23, 2017 - 9:29 pm | Permalink

            @John Walton

            I don’t know how many donors the ADL has, but to get an idea : AIPAC has about 100,000 donors and in its own sphere AIPAC is as much powerful as is the ADL. If 5,5 million American Jews can produce 100,000 donors, can 200,000,000 White Americans at least not do the same ? If 100,000 White Americans would donate $1000 a year, then that would mean $100,000,000 a year for the NPI. Surely that would give it some clout.

    • Freey's Gravatar Freey
      August 22, 2017 - 12:51 am | Permalink

      All the faux concern over ‘Russian’ influence. Presumably then it’s agreed that any undue foreign influence is a matter of concern. a thorough investigation of the matter should proceed starting with Israel/Jewish subversion.
      Furthermore white interests awareness training should be provided on the same footing as that provided by the ADL etc. A thorough training in recognising examples of anti white hate.
      I note the use of the phrase ‘white identitarian’. Fantastic. Largely uncritcizeable.

    • pterodactyl's Gravatar pterodactyl
      August 22, 2017 - 4:31 am | Permalink

      F. Roger Devlin – the masses have no idea of what is going on. There is no article in any MSM newspaper or TV station saying what the ADL are doing, so therefore the people do not know about it. They just need to say the ‘H’ word and then no-one is allowed to criticise them on TV or the newpapers. Do you think people who are mainly interested in sport or what clothes celebs are wearing today are going to bother to go to other websites, which is the only place this business of the ADL is mentioned? Most would never bother to do this, and if they did, and read what the ADL are doing, it would go in one ear and out the other. It only registers with them if it is on TV or in their newspaper that is pretending to be on their side like the DM in Britain.

      However, even having said this, things are changing. The end of the MSM monopoly of the news caused by the internet is causing a rapid shift in the views of those who are fair-minded and thoughtful (those who concentrate on celebs’ clothes will never think much anyway). But you can see the ignorance in Youtube or Breitbart comments, even among the thoughtful. That is why it is important that we go to such places and leave comments. The reason I found this site was due to one person leaving a comment on Breitbart saying ‘Kevin MacDonald gets it’.

      Re the shift in views to the right – those who comment on the DM articles are the more politically aware, so I am not saying most readers are on to their bias, only those who comment are, but the encouraging thing is that as far as those who comment go, they are not taken in by the MSM agenda. Eg here is a DM anti-Trump piece, but the comments underneath show the readers are NOT taken in by the DM anti-Trump narrative. The vast majority side with Trump. Just look at the biased wording of the link below.

      Read more:

  8. Kilroy's Gravatar Kilroy
    August 21, 2017 - 6:37 pm | Permalink

    It seems to me that one obvious conclusion is that we should have strictly non violent rallies in the manner of mahatma Ghandi. This would only require activists who are willing to take blows willingly for the cause without retaliation. In the age of camera phones this would be doubly effective.
    What holds us back is only the macho poses and unsophisticated outlook that have failed the WNational movement so many times in the past.

    • JJ's Gravatar JJ
      August 22, 2017 - 8:02 am | Permalink

      A ladies auxillary for this purpose? To protest the removal of the statues.

    • Maple Curtain's Gravatar Maple Curtain
      August 22, 2017 - 8:14 pm | Permalink

      Charlottesville was a non-violent rally. How’d that work out?

      Ghandi was able to use non-violence because the Brits, for tactical if not ethical reasons (i.e being massively outnumbered in India by something like 500-1), chose not to use violence against his protests.

      Terry McAuliffe, the Jew Mayor, the racist Negro deputy mayor, and Antifa planned to use violence against the Alt Right, and did.

      Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

  9. anarchyst's Gravatar anarchyst
    August 21, 2017 - 6:54 pm | Permalink

    The Charlottesville situation was precipitated by the left-wing agitators that were “bought and paid for” by those on the left. A jewish-owned company, “Crowds On Demand” was contracted by the leftists to both cause trouble as leftists, AND to regale some of their paid protestors with Nazi and KKK regalia in order to demonize the “alt-right” demonstrators. Notice that the Klan robes and Nazi flags were new and still had creases in them from being recently unpackaged.
    To add insult to injury, the head of the “alt-right” demonstration was himself an 0’bama operative. THIS, in itself, PROVES that this whole event was a set-up by the left.
    This whole Charlottesville operation was a set-up from the word “go”. Its goal was to demonize EVERY WHITE person in the country, President Trump, included. Of course, the so-called “mainstream media” could not let “a crisis go to waste”, and almost to a man, blamed the violence on whites–FOX news included.
    This disturbance needs to be carefully evaluated the the blame put on those who were the perpetrators of these violent acts.
    As to the driver of the car that ran over that poor woman, he was scared for his life. Watch the videos of the black protester hit the back of his car with a sledgehammer. The driver only accelerated after being attacked. Initial police reports have said as much. Of course, the driver will probably be charged, and offered up as a “sacrificial lamb” to satisfy the left.

    • Floda's Gravatar Floda
      August 21, 2017 - 11:48 pm | Permalink

      I agree with you on the panicked driver, there were large ‘dings’ on his car before he ran into a crowd of angry Hutus.I wonder what outrage follows if he’s acquitted from any blame at a trial?

    • John Walton's Gravatar John Walton
      August 23, 2017 - 1:32 pm | Permalink

      Disagree. The Alt Right “big names” give the appearance via their posts and videos and interviews that they are happy to fly Nazi and Fascist flags or at least march alongside people who do. If the flags were new, that’s because this was the first Alt Right demonstration. Now it’s possible that the whole bunch of them are FBI agents, from Richard Spencer to Baked Alaska to Andrew Anglin (who wasn’t there) but maybe Trump himself is a Soros operative, and Hitler a willing tool of Jewish bankers, etc. etc. etc. David Icke has a cool theory about space lizards — quite plausible, really.

      • Phil's Gravatar Phil
        August 27, 2017 - 2:38 am | Permalink

        “Now it’s possible that the whole bunch of them are FBI agents, from Richard Spencer to Baked Alaska to Andrew Anglin (who wasn’t there) but maybe Trump himself is a Soros operative, and Hitler a willing tool of Jewish bankers, etc. etc. etc. “

        a) You’re being sarcastic or b) you’re full of doo-doo.

  10. Luke's Gravatar Luke
    August 21, 2017 - 10:08 pm | Permalink

    The idea that our most visible and vocal spokesmen should learn from the mistakes that were made in Charlottesville is sound advice, but it has to start with these spokesmen moving beyond their own egos and admitting to their audiences that they made a number of very serious mistakes.

    Let’s take the case of Jason Kessler and his easily uncovered history of being a two time Obama voter and Occupy Wall Street left wing activist. The gang over at The Political Cesspool, most notably James Edwards, clearly got played by Kessler – who I am convinced was sent by the conspiring left to the Cesspool radio show in order to use our media to promote the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, where the left and antifa and the ADL (it is now revealed) had a prearranged and cleverly planned trap waiting for them.

    I decided to download and listen to the Political Cesspool radio show from Saturday, August 19th because I wanted to see whether or not the Cesspool team would man up and admit that they screwed up by not bothering to check the background of Jason Kessler before allowing him to appear on their radio show.
    They didn’t.

    What I heard instead made me sick to my stomach. James Edwards did admit that he knew nothing about Kessler’s background before receiving a request from him to appear on their radio show, and as we now know, Edwards didn’t bother to devote an hour or two online researching this guy, before agreeing to his request to appear. In other words, he naively took the guy’s word that he was a legitimate Alt-Right, pro-White activist without bothering to investigate his credentials.

    For those who have a strong stomach and would like to listen to the sickening gloss over “spin” that James Edwards and Keith Alexander tried to put on the whole Kessler faux pas – download hour #2 and fast forward and listen to the 24:00 to 36:00 minute segment of the audio file.

    At no time did I hear either James Edwards or Keith Alexander mention Jason Kessler’s leftist history or involvement with previous leftist activism or express any suspicions about how a guy with that background could suddenly flip flop 180 degrees in the opposite ideological direction and why that amazing flip flop shouldn’t have been a clear warning sign that maybe the guy was not to be trusted. At least not blindly trusted.

    I commend Andrew Joyce for his excellent, in-depth, and very thorough postmortem analysis of the Charlottesville disaster, particularly because it clearly demonstrates that the enemy are fighting are willing to devote considerable time, energy, and resources in order to lure us into a carefully and diabolically created ‘kill zone’. They are also willing to use moles, trickery, deceit, infiltration and entrapment flavored tactics against us – and, as Joyce points out – these tactics can have devastating success against us.

    I heard nothing coming from the Political Cesspool team that indicated that they even knew that Kessler had played them. Quite the opposite, in fact. James proceeded to praise Kessler as if he was a legitimate guy who is ‘on our side’ and make excuses for Kessler’s recent bizarre behavior, for which he has been catching flak from the left and kicked off of twitter.

    Why does it always boil down to – jews playing chess while Whites are always playing checkers? No wonder we are always losing these battles. Our innocent, child-like naivete and blind willingness to extend trust to people who we have not bothered to investigate is going to be the reason we lose this battle.

  11. tadzio308's Gravatar tadzio308
    August 22, 2017 - 12:24 am | Permalink

    The ADL boasts that it was “providing intelligence on the various white supremacist groups.” Forever Jewish groups have decried the government keeping tabs on the political actions of leftists, anarchists, antifa, etc. All in the name of liberty and privacy – a moral high ground. But it is OK for Jewish/leftists to do the exact same thing and feed the government agencies the very intelligence that should not be gathered by the agencies. The result is that the government police agencies are the tool of Jewish interests only. If it is unacceptable for the police to gather certain types of data data it is more unacceptable for the police be the recipients of limited, biased data of the same nature.

    • shredder's Gravatar shredder
      August 22, 2017 - 9:05 am | Permalink

      Suggestion: There has been a suggestion that the leadership was compromised by a hostile informant. A suggestion about who gets into a leadership position of any nature in any movement or organization. Have them over for dinner with their wife or girl friend with your wife present. Our movement is mainly male. Our women, if we chose the right ones, will see things that no FBI actors can hide. Might take it a step further at all events and have cell phones removed and do a scan to detect recording devices.

      • August 22, 2017 - 10:04 am | Permalink


        Many of the organizers had a “chat room” that they used to plan the event for months. There was an anti-white posing as a pro-white in the chatroom the entire time, recording the chat and taking screenshots.

        Of course the organizers spent most of their time in the chatroom making Daily Stormer style “neo-Nazi” jokes, including jokes and memes about running over protestors with their cars. The day after the Charlottesville rally, the entire chat log was released to the media and you can imagine how bad it made the organizers look – it is being spun as if the organizers had *planned* on running over protestors with their cars.

        Such is the juvenile idiocy of the Daily Stormer style “neo-Nazi” internet trolls, who are nothing but a counter-productive menace to the pro-white cause.

        Yet in the echo chamber that is the internet, some extremely foolish people excuse this juvenile and counter-productive behavior. Anytime this nonsense leaks into the real world it sets the White Identity movement back. The White Identity movement will continue to fail – as it has for 50 years – as long as we are associated with these neo-Nazi/Daily Stormer clowns and trolls who may as well be having their checks signed by Morris Dees – if they in fact are not already.

        Only people who spend all their time in echo chambers online think this crap flies in the real world.

        • Maple Curtain's Gravatar Maple Curtain
          August 22, 2017 - 8:21 pm | Permalink

          Thanks for the virtue-signalling. Race war against Jews is not a parlour game. There are no rules, and the herd will follow once enough momentum has been gained. If anyone is an infiltrator, it is you. You appear on every alt-right blog in order to punch to the right and pose as the wise, all-knowing, father figure as you try to demoralize everyone.

          • August 23, 2017 - 7:35 am | Permalink

            @Maple Curtain

            That wasn’t “virtue signaling.” That was “effectiveness signaling” or perhaps “intelligence signaling.”

            It is all fun and games to posture as hardcore from the safety of your computer desk, and it is easy to get trolls to give you meaningless and worthless internet points by denouncing peaceful protests.

            Neo-nazi clown act and violent rhetoric have been the entire “strategy” of the White Nationalist movement since the days of George Lincoln Rockwell, and it has always, 100% of the time, failed miserable. Those who want to continue to legacy of failure and the ones that want to continue the Daily Stormer/George Lincoln Rockwell gimmicks.

            Speaking of “hasbara trolls,” it’s quite telling that the ADL itself, and Jews in general, have been the leaders and promoters of the George Lincoln Rockwell neo-Nazi strategy.

            For those interested in facts as opposed to childish online rhetoric, a quick look at the history of the ADL funding, staffing, and promoting Rockwell style “neo-Nazi” groups is thoroughly documented:


            As the record clearly shows, the “hasbara trolls” and the ADL are typically the ones promoting violence, extreme rhetoric, and “neo-Nazi” gimmicks.

      • mari's Gravatar mari
        August 23, 2017 - 10:45 am | Permalink


        Rather than inviting an ally who suddenly appears with money, ideas, plans and a job that gives him infinite time to devote to the White cause to dinner, why not just pay $25.00 for a years member ship in any of the numerous people finder type websites?

        It can be surprising what comes up when one checks up on a person.

    • Me's Gravatar Me
      August 22, 2017 - 8:35 pm | Permalink

      Everything the Jews complain of others doing they are doing. Everything they say that happened to them (lies) they are doing to everyone else (reality).

      Never, ever are they shown in a negative light. That’s a mathematical impossibility except for when you control the narrative.

      You go to jail in numerous countries for stating this. The Hate Crimes were introduced by them to be used against everyone else.

      They care about no one other than themselves. And the majority of people don’t yet see it. But over 100 countries warned us. Again, what other group has been thrown out of 100 countries. They can’t all be wrong.

      • EthnocentricPaternalist's Gravatar EthnocentricPaternalist
        August 24, 2017 - 12:27 pm | Permalink

        I found this quote a few days ago and it’s been in the forefront of my mind ever since: “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.” It was (mis)attributed to Goebbels, but I’ve since learned is actually a centuries-old Polish proverb. How little things have changed!

      • Phil's Gravatar Phil
        August 27, 2017 - 4:16 am | Permalink

        “Everything the Jews complain of others doing they are doing. Everything they say that happened to them (lies) they are doing to everyone else (reality).”

        It’s called projection. Jews are notoriously famous for it same as the Bolsheviks who were (surprise!) predominantly Jewish and used this technique to their great advantage.

  12. Steelback's Gravatar Steelback
    August 22, 2017 - 12:56 am | Permalink

    The desecration of public monuments that sparked the disturbances should be the subject of investigation.

    Andrew Joyce is absolutely right to finger Jewish political power as the prime mover in a campaign to use the Confederate flag and monument issue as a weapon against the Alt Right movement. He is also right to identify internet censorship as a principal goal in the endgame they envisage.

    Remember how the fake terror in the Black Episcopal church in S. Carolina was used to ban the Confederate flag. Likewise, resistance to the removal of Confederate monuments is being smeared by the Jewish media as a “white supremacist hate crime”.

    Here’s NYT: “The amazing thing is that the president is doing more to endanger historical monuments than most of the protesters. The alt-right is producing a world where there is more pressure to remove monuments, rather than less.”

    It’s a well-orchestrated offensive that targets Trump and the Alt Right.

    If they have their way the Jewish subversives will be closing down Arlington because it was designated a National Memorial to Robert E Lee.

    Hell, they’ll be banning Forest Gump and all those Southern parents who insist on naming their children after Confederate generals!

    The Alt Right needs to be Jew-wise that’s for sure…..

    • John Walton's Gravatar John Walton
      August 23, 2017 - 1:42 pm | Permalink

      The best way to protect the statues is to announce that you will distribute 1000 free copies of The Secret Relationship to black youths for every statue that is removed. Call me Machiavellian or Alinskyan, but I think it would work. Of course you would need a budget.
      (Mod. Note: [snark] John, wouldn’t there have to be people who can actually READ in order for your book offer to be effective? [/snark] )

  13. Forever guilty's Gravatar Forever guilty
    August 22, 2017 - 1:24 am | Permalink

    Actually existing “White Awareness Training,” and its scale is simply astonishing. In ideal world it should be top news. We should thank author for bringing it to attention. Its open in face anti White racial discrimination. Is it even legal in USA? Police should be impartial and apolitical. But Jews just don’t care.

    What kind of epileptic reaction would be on CNN if there was “Jewish Awareness Training’ for example about some innocent Jewish profiting activities?

    And by the way, why expression like “White Trash” is pretty acceptable? But, if you try to say “Black Trash” or (oh horror!) “Jewish Garbage” …

    • John Walton's Gravatar John Walton
      August 23, 2017 - 1:47 pm | Permalink

      I once complained to NPR about a Top 10 list read on Car Talk by the younger guy – the one who’s still alive. It was Top 10 signs you are Trailer Trash. I wrote that poor whites like cars and one of their kids might actually have sat through that and walked off crying. Didn’t get a reply. But I did hear about an English graduate student who was lectured by a Jewish professor for casually using the term ‘redneck.’ So it’s not as if all Jews are indifferent to this contradiction.

  14. Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
    August 22, 2017 - 2:16 am | Permalink

    Virgil had it right:
    “The only safe course for the defeated is to expect no safety.”

  15. pterodactyl's Gravatar pterodactyl
    August 22, 2017 - 2:44 am | Permalink

    A specific example of the involvement of ADL in preventing people sending money to Robert Spencer by stopping his access to PAYPAL::

    Because of its “extreme hostility toward Muslims,” the website is considered an active hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League…. ” etc etc

    Sometimes I despair at the stupidity of the masses in tolerating the way the left control the MSM and now also the internet monopoly businesses – Google PAYPAL Facebook Twitter. PAYPAL decides to ban websites that the far-left do not like and THE PEOPLE DO NOT CARE and PAYPAL’s billions are hardly dented. Most people are so selfish and stupid in the way they (a) do not get angry (b) do not care when this happens. Sometimes I think all they are interested in is their house price and will let the left do whatever they want as long as their house price is intact. Basically the left are slapping them in the face all the time and they do not even notice. They have some awareness that the left are getting more and more aggressive and demanding but they do nothing and go along with it for a short-term easy life. They observe the left have the upper hand, and they just bow to them for an easy life, totally oblivious to the longer term consequences a few years from now for themselves and their children. To be quite honest, when it comes to this lot of selfish whites who do not care, I am glad about what is coming to them, especially the day their house price collapses and their neighbourhood is no longer safe and white. It is just a pity that the rest of us have to go down with them. One thing that annoys me most though is that the main instigators of our downfall are the most wealthy and might not have to join in the economic collapse due to being able to transfer their wealth out. I cannot see Zuckerburg ever having that smug grin wiped off his face.

  16. Pero Ercegovac's Gravatar Pero Ercegovac
    August 22, 2017 - 2:51 am | Permalink

    Andrew Joyce’s article is a good one. From here in Europe it has been interesting following the aftermath and the panic in the eyes of many alt-right activists. This battle was not a loss. Following the death of the woman on the other side I also noted here in Europe many antifas shocked. Why? Well even here where often there are street fights there has yet to be a death of one of their activists. I would say the reaction that led to counter rallies is one of fear. Note how brave they were in harassing Richard Spencer and Baked Alaska but once the incident occurred they were running around like chooks without a head. There should be no back pedalling, nor apologies. Clear statements should be made and lines in the sand drawn. This is the only language communists understand. Here in Central Europe we know this through experience.

  17. Jude's Gravatar Jude
    August 22, 2017 - 2:57 am | Permalink

    Aren’t there photos on Richard Spencer’s twitter feed showing the guy who carried the Nazi flag at Charlottesville attending a leftist rally? And the heavily armed Rambo wannabes in the camouflage fatigues at the the rally that the msm made so much capital out of were actually opposing the alt-right.

    In my view the alt-right should focus on the way the antifa never disrupt the rallies of Neocon warmongers like the Bushes, Lindsay Graham, John McCain and Mitt Romney. Some of them may claim to be opposed to western Neocon wars and the state of Israel, but the folk they target and fail to target tell a very different story. After all they are the folk who insist that action, not words, define one’s political stance. So their actions make it clear that they avidly support Israel, the Neocon agenda and the western military industrial complex which services this agenda. In practice they are street enforcers for the policies of permanent war, open borders and corporate transnational hegemony.

    • August 22, 2017 - 8:35 am | Permalink


      Yes, Spencer “re-tweeted” a picture supposedly showing the man holding the “Nazi flag” at the Charlottesville rally earlier attended a leftist rally, but I don’t think it’s conclusive.

      It shouldn’t matter, the NSM (National Socialist Movement) is almost certainly a Jewish led astro-turf group, likely being paid by the ADL. The actual number of “neo-Nazis” actors in America is tiny. The NSM, which is the largest such group, has at most 400 “members” – but the cast of characters that show up for virtually every event and are always covered by the media are about a dozen in number, at most.

      These dozen people travel around the country to any event that is even remotely pro-white and are immediately made the focus by the media. Considering that such people are likely not even able to get a job, yet have the funding to travel around the country and stage events for the media, you have to wonder who is paying them. One look at the history of the “neo-Nazi movement” in the United States shows that it is the ADL that funds these groups.

      In real life such characters are not welcome at anyone’s event, online there are various people who advocate for such groups and attack anyone who speaks out against them as “punching right” or being “cucks” or “not hardcore enough.” I suspect that most of these people are employees of the “Jewish Internet Defense Force” yukking it up from their desks in Tel Aviv.

      • Jude's Gravatar Jude
        August 22, 2017 - 1:39 pm | Permalink

        Hipster Racist: As a complete non-expert on the alt-right I have no firm view on the number of shills in the movement, but I agree that this whole “not hardcore enough” stuff is very dangerous. The only times I’ve ever felt any sympathy for the antifa in my life is when reading one “hardcore” Neonazi website. I’m sure many other normies (most of whom would be well to the left of me) would fall straight into Antifa arms metaphorically speaking after reading it. Apologists for this particular site tend to talk of moving the Overton window to the right. I totally get the idea of pushing against the boundaries of poliltical correctness but I think the verbal thug foul-mouthed approach pushes the window further to the cultural Marxist left.

        • T. J.'s Gravatar T. J.
          August 22, 2017 - 4:20 pm | Permalink

          Do you mean this one?

          I saw it yesterday, with the part about the overton window.

          • Jude's Gravatar Jude
            August 23, 2017 - 3:59 am | Permalink

            T.J. I was referring to another more notorious site. I don’t want to name it because there’s enough people out there attacking it already. I’ve heard the Overton Window approach discussed on Duke’s show many times. As I said before I get the idea completely, but being nasty for its own sake is in my view pushing the window further to the thuggish left. People join Antifa (those who aren’t paid operatives that is) because they like to hate, and using the term “haters” against those they attack is a very method of to obscuring this truth. For me Duke was pushing the Overton window way to the right by talking about the hypocrisy of Zionists/Neocons/Clintonistas who support open borders for the West and ultra-racism and immediate deportation of African asylum seekers for Israel. And even plenty of non-whites were beginning to see his point. I notice that whenever Zionists were confronted with this glaring disparity they were rendered pretty much speechless – as with Spencer’s brilliant riposte to the Rabbi at the conference last
            year. The “hardcore” merchants on the other hand appear to think making lame jokes about fat women is more effective in advancing their cause.

          • Jude's Gravatar Jude
            August 23, 2017 - 4:06 am | Permalink

            TJ – My previous reply was a bit garbled in places – I’m blaming the Lenovo I’m using at the moment. The point I meant to make about Antifa’s (and their msm supporters) use of the word “haters” is that it’s a rhetorical pre-emptive strike – they use it against their enemies to prevent their enemies from using it against them.

      • peter's Gravatar peter
        August 22, 2017 - 3:09 pm | Permalink

        it is easy to prevent these clowns attending. Just state in the rules of attendance no Nazi insignia or flags or KKK garb. Anyone who shows up has multiple pics taken by the organiser and are barred with immediate effect.

        • August 22, 2017 - 5:42 pm | Permalink


          That is indeed a solution, and it has been tried. There are two ways that the subversives have worked around your solution:

          1. Even if they don’t show up wearing with Nazi/KKK flags and outfits, it’s still impossible to stop them from running to the media and doing “Hitler salutes” and giving the media soundbites about “the Holocaust.” The celebrities associated with the Daily Stormer have proven effective at this tactic – they won’t wear the costumes, because that is too obvious, but they will still purposefully collaborate with the media and take stage directions from the media to discredit the cause. It’s very difficult to stop them. For instance, no one had any idea that Chris Cantwell was going to invite the anti-white media at Vice into his hotel room and do a performance for the anti-white media showing off his guns and endorsing violence.

          2. There are some “leaders” in the movement that purposefully work to include groups like the NSM, and these “leaders” are the ones that are well-funded and get all the anti-white media attention, precisely because they are so detrimental to the cause.

          I don’t have any solutions for those problems yet.

          • Luke's Gravatar Luke
            August 23, 2017 - 7:48 am | Permalink

            ” For instance, no one had any idea that Chris Cantwell was going to invite the anti-white media at Vice into his hotel room and do a performance for the anti-white media showing off his guns and endorsing violence.”

            I watched that video and came away from with only two possible reasons for him doing. One, Cantwell has an IQ in the low 70s. Or, two, Cantwell is in the employ of our #1 enemy and made that video in order to help our enemy reinforce their typical negative and demonizing stereotype of the ‘evil and dangerous White male racist who owns an arsenal of deadly weapons’.

            Later, maybe a day or two later – Cantwell delivers another Z-grade acting performance by uploading video of himself sniffling, whining and fighting back boat loads of wimpy tears and probably soiling the pair of little girl panties he was wearing, saying how terrified and emotionally on the verge of a nervous breakdown he now is, because he heard a rumor that there is a warrant out for his arrest. Again, this performance by Cantwell was right in line with the way jews want to depict and demonize and emasculate White males who are racially proud and racially healthy. In a nut shell, the idea is this: White males pretend to be tough and macho, showing off their gun collections and shaved heads and Swastika tattoos – when trying to impress some white female reporter – but, if they hear a rumor that the cops are after them and want to send them to jail where they’ll be placed inside a 8X10 foot cage with 2 or 3 homosexual 240 pound black thugs, they turn into the disgusting, crying, little White wussy character that Cantwell portrayed in his crying video.”

            Cantwell could have an IQ of 70. But, if not, he is on the SPLC /ADL payroll.

          • Curmudgeon's Gravatar Curmudgeon
            August 23, 2017 - 8:45 am | Permalink

            The solution lies in treating the demonstrations like a workplace.
            – Have official numbered badges to register participants.
            – Have a code of conduct, signed by every participant agreeing to it, and enforce it. This code will include acknowledging the only officially designated spokespeople are authorized to speak, and all questions will be referred to the official spokespeople, who will have badges identifying them as such.
            – Have a dress code with an identifying trait, and enforce it.
            – Freely circulate the unsigned code of conduct.
            – Notify the media, in advance, of the designated spokespeople.

            If anyone with a “participant” badge and identifying dress code speaks to the media, whether positively or negatively, it is easy to disavow what they say, as they speak for themselves, not the organization. If someone speaks without the badge and identifying dress code, it will be easy to declare them frauds.

  18. Jude's Gravatar Jude
    August 22, 2017 - 3:11 am | Permalink

    Also, whatever the merits of total non-violence, the idea that it would lead to the alt-right acquiring a better public image is very naive in my view. The corporate media would simply say “look what cowards these haters are. They preach hatred of others but when they’re physically confronted by the noble warriors of the antifa they pathetically play the pacifist card.” The difference between Gandhi and the alt right is that he had fairly broad sympathy from the media and the commentariat of his day – the alt-right have none.

    • Luke's Gravatar Luke
      August 23, 2017 - 8:03 am | Permalink

      Yes, I agree that no matter what sort of clean up the Alt-Right decides to do to improve it’s image, the jewish controlled media will still continue to demonize us.

      But, here is the thing. By removing the Nazi images and KKK images and the Swastikas and all the other garbage that helps them smear and demonize the Alt-Right brand – once all of that crap is gone, all they have left to demonize us about is our White skin. And, our desire to survive.

      I think that puts our enemies at a disadvantage. It also helps smoke them out and forces them to reveal their anti-White hatred in a manner that cannot be camouflaged or wrapped inside some symbol from WW2 or from a Klan rally that happened 80 years ago.

      It pains me to admit this, but the vast and overwhelming majority of White people are just not very intelligent or intuitive enough to see beyond the camouflage that the jews always put up to mask what their true motivations are – which is their genocidal hatred of White Europeans as a race.

      But, when our fellow whites tune in and see clean cut, decently dressed, well groomed White men and women who look just like themselves, peacefully marching or protesting in defense of our race, our history, our culture, and our heroes – and they see zero examples of these negative symbols or behaviors – I think they will be drawn to our cause by the millions, instead of by the dozens.

  19. Jude's Gravatar Jude
    August 22, 2017 - 3:17 am | Permalink

    My comment above was the second part of my reply to Kilroy. I mistakenly deleted the first part, but the gist of my point was that while strict non-violence may seem very noble, how many people will consent to have potentially lethal chemical agents thrown in their faces, or any other potentially deadly or disabling violence, without seeking to defend themselves? And that’s without getting into the moral duty to defend those not able to defend themselves – e.g. the elderly etc.

  20. pterodactyl's Gravatar pterodactyl
    August 22, 2017 - 3:35 am | Permalink

    “We remain in close contact with law enforcement,”

    A subset of these in the police authorities are actually true lefties themselves and fully support this message from the ADL. I would guess that this is actually a small proportion, although at the high ranks a much higher proportion, due to the way appointments are made.

    Another subset (the majority) within the police have little inner political awareness, yet they KNOW they are obeying the orders of bad people, and for this group, they weigh on the balance on one side their principles, and on the other side they balance this against their promotion and job …. and the outcome is that their priority is their job and income and an easy life. This is how they think – selfishly, they give their allegiance to whoever they perceive as having the upper hand, ie the villains.

    They do not realise that they have taken the 30 shekels for now, but the dreadful consequences of going into the bad camp just because they seem to have the upper hand, will come much sooner than these fools think. They stupidly think they will retire in 25 years to a safe neighbourhood in a house worth a lot of money and everything will be pretty much as it is now, and has been for all their lives. They think their going along with the villains will not affect them personally.

    These police officers bow down to the far-left leadership, then they go home and watch a Western in which the lone hero takes on the evil landowner and the evil sheriff, and they imagine they are the lone hero, when in fact when they watch these films they should realise that the Alt-right are the lone hero, and they are actually the hired hands of the villain, the ones in the film who set on fire the homes of the hard-working ordinary people, and who run along behind the evil sheriff to give him backup, and as for the stupid cowardly population in the town who hide behind their curtains whilst the lone hero takes on the baddies – well, the masses are the same today as in the film – doing nothing, even though all we are asking of them is to stop voting for the enemy within, so we are not asking much of them.

    The only comfort I can take as we sit back and watch the impeding economic crash is that these cowards who KNOW they are siding with bad people for an easy life – they will participate in the misery that is coming.

    The good news is that maybe one day after the coming strife, populations can separate into different types based on patriots in one part and diversity-lovers in another.

    And as for Israel itself – when the USA collapses economically, or into civil war, at that stage they will find there is no longer a golden goose to give them a golden egg every day, ie money and protection. They must have some awareness that this will be the final outcome. Yet they still keenly want this path. This proves that they are NOT acting number one in their own interest, they are acting number one out of hostility to ‘rival’ tribes, which must exist in their genes, ie a hatred for all other tribes, even those that give you friendship and golden eggs every day.

    This shows that hatred from the genes is stronger even than self-interest. The genes provide the tribal individual with both features (hostility to other tribes, self-interest) , but clearly the hatred component is the stronger of the two. Some might argue ‘natural selection would not do that – would not give them genes that are stronger than self-interest’ – well, why not, as natural selection operated in the past under different circumstances (Old Testament tribes) and the genes from that time have been ‘frozen’ and fixed and transferred to modern times, like a fish out of water, and there is no way that natural selection says ‘sorry – these genes of tribal hostility are harmful in modern times as you will kill the goose that lays the golden egg, so I will remove them before they do any damage to the population’ – this does not happen, they have them now and they will have to be removed by nat selection AFTER the consequences manifest themselves (ie the goose is dead) and not before this happens. Nat sele does not do planning and anticipation, it does trial and error. The tribal genes are being tried out, and are doing very well for now, but soon we may find in the next phase (the golden goose is dead) that they were not actually helping the tribe in the long run!

    • Stritchplatte's Gravatar Stritchplatte
      August 23, 2017 - 9:28 am | Permalink

      Ezra pound mentions in 1943 that the Jew headquarters is in Moscow and moving to the USA and the jew will stay in the USA until the Barbarians wake up. Then they will move on to South America or somewhere else. If you have not read pound read his “Guide to Culture” He can be hard to take, it took me three years to finish that book because he pissed me off so much. What is amazing is his opinions and the leads to greater knowledge he provides will astound you. At least once you read a little of what he has to write you discover why he never smiles.

      • pterodactyl's Gravatar pterodactyl
        August 24, 2017 - 7:54 am | Permalink

        Stritchplate – thanks, I have looked him up and seen his legacy. Obviously the West fighting each other in 1914 did not stop the West doing the same again in 1939, and the RINOs and Democrats would love for us to do it again a third time – Russia vs US is the one they would like most.

        I just cannot accept that making your friends and allies multiracial as so many Jews are doing to the USA and the West can be in their interest. So there has to be something other than self-interest as the motive. Logic and reason will tell them it is a bad move in terms of their self-interest (not immediately, but in a few decades), yet they still do it.

  21. pterodactyl's Gravatar pterodactyl
    August 22, 2017 - 3:44 am | Permalink

    “They’ve raised their game,”
    Something to note is how everything is becoming more in the open, eg actors saying ‘refugees welcome’ openly – decades ago no-one knew the actors’ views. eg Hollywood deliberately putting themes in films that they know will make them less profitable (all current action films in the cinema this week in Britain have women or blacks as lead heroes), which a few decades ago they would not have done, or would have done more subtly. Abandonment of subtlety helps the right as it helps awaken the stupid masses, who can at last see that there are two sides here.

  22. Curmudgeon's Gravatar Curmudgeon
    August 22, 2017 - 6:09 am | Permalink

    That the ADL has been allowed to “train” police about “right wing extremists”, raises a question of equality before the law. Training police, by extension, trains prosecutors, as the evidence submitted by police is sought and interpreted through the lens of ADL “training”.
    While that happens on a functional level, I believe that the average cop is no different than the average American voter. That is, the political views of 1000 cops will correlate closely to the views of 1000 non-cops where all other demographic criteria are the same.
    The failure of the policing in Charlottesville is not the failure of those on the scene. Much is made of the actions of those on the scene with cries of ‘they are only worried about their pensions’. Failure to follow directives, in any workplace, is cause for dismissal. In the military, the consequences are much worse. Dismissal means not just pensions, but livelihoods and careers which negatively affect their families. I suspect that if proper whistle-blower legislation were in place, there would be plenty of police coming forward with their stories of corruption at higher levels.

  23. August 22, 2017 - 7:15 am | Permalink

    James Fields did not attack the mob. The mob attacked HIM. He tried to get away (and succeeded) without giving up the shelter of his car.

    He turned himself in after he got clear of the mob.

  24. RmaxGenactive's Gravatar RmaxGenactive
    August 22, 2017 - 8:15 am | Permalink

    This is what the organisers at Charlottesville should have done …

    The far-right group waited inside a government building until the standoff ended.

    Police quickly declared the left-wing counter-protest illegal, citing “violence and vandalism

  25. Michael Adkins's Gravatar Michael Adkins
    August 22, 2017 - 8:16 am | Permalink

    I suggest passive resistance (I realize this is hard). White activists should knee and pray to whatever god or gods he or she profess. Let the enemy be the aggressor. Let the hateful actions committed by those men and women be recorded.

    After all we are a “peace” movement.

  26. August 22, 2017 - 10:04 am | Permalink

    A spot-on analysis, my friend. I was on the very front lines in Charlottesville with The League of the South and I can personally attest that what you say about Law Enforcement is true in spades. Moreover, we have been on the SPLC’s and ADL’s “hate list” since 2000. We are veterans of the Jew war against white, Christian civilization. May God strengthen us for this fight and give us victory.

    • August 22, 2017 - 12:44 pm | Permalink

      Who decided how the security for the event would be handled? I am sure that it wasn’t decided through a vote of rank-and-file state troopers.

    • Luke's Gravatar Luke
      August 23, 2017 - 8:20 am | Permalink

      I admire Michael Hill a great deal, and respect him more than just about anyone else in the leadership ranks of our movement.

      But, I feel like I have to ask him this question. After the jewish Bolshevik Communists seized control of Russia in 1917 and proceeded to impose the most evil and totalitarian system of government upon the White Christian people of Russia and eventually nearly half of Europe – and as those jewish Communists began their systematic mass slaughters of dissidents, which according to Solzhenitisyn’s estimates, reached as high as 66 million – why didn’t God answer what I am sure were a huge number of prayers from the Russian Christians? He looked the other way, as the jewish Bolsheviks orchestrated the biggest mass murder in the history of mankind.


      Evil has triumphed over good for the last century almost without any interruption. Despite having the blood of 66 million Christians on their hands, when the USSR fell, or as it began to fall – those same jewish Communists fled out of the USSR and most came to America or to some other White Western Christian nation and today, we are watching a Communist radical revolution unfolding here in the United States.

      How can it be possible for jews to take over two White nations within a short span of a century and have so little opposition to their lusts to Communize them?

  27. JRM's Gravatar JRM
    August 22, 2017 - 12:10 pm | Permalink

    Excellent article. And when tallying up the victories the Left achieved in this action, the removal of White heroes’ monuments wasn’t even figured in. What a moral victory for the forces that hate Whites to have these monuments attacked physically by youths and removed officially and in shame by their elders. Propaganda victory of the century- so far.

    If a history of the decline of the White race gets written, the sober fact that the statues were removed before the people themselves were likewise removed will be clearly visible.

    Random thoughts:

    Much back and forth here about where the loyalties of the police lay; they lay with those who sign their paychecks. Further theorizing on this topic is wasted time.

    What is the point of these marches, like the one in Charlottesville? We are enemies of the State; we should be fighting behind aliases on the internet right now, not going into the street to pointlessly stomp through town, inviting all manner of doxing, feces-flinging, injury, and betrayal by the assigned protectors, the police.

    More good has been done in the cause of education on the JQ and the danger of White genocide by the writers on websites like this in one day than all the marches, starting with GLR right up to last week in Boston, combined. This marching with signs business was well-applied when the Civil Rights movement was putting Negroes into the streets- they were reinforcing the Writ of Law, and intimidating Whites into complacent acquiescence. The dynamics were different, and very much in favor of public demonstrations. We should stop fixating on their tactics and think about something more germane to our situation- like underground resistance movements.

    Not to mention that the preoccupation with marching in public not only set us up for disaster, it even threatens our internet sites and blogs- the one place where we were winning. Remember how the elite media didn’t expect Trump to win? There were more people sympathetic to his message that the elite could see, and they made their mark in the privacy of polling booths. Anonymity and privacy are our friends.

    • John Walton's Gravatar John Walton
      August 23, 2017 - 2:33 pm | Permalink

      I disagree. The right needs to get out of the closet and into the hurly burly of media coverage. In the last couple weeks I have already seen coverage begin to fragment into multiple viewpoints. In the age of the internet, the MSM is not all-powerful, and thanks to the vilification of Trump as racist it is easier than before to hold fringe right positions. I could be wrong, but I suspect a fair number of people will oppose Antifa, and in the act of doing so will become more open to right-wing positions, moving the Overton window. The Alt Right’s excesses fuel greater excesses by Antifa, so they are ‘profitable.’ However, Nazi symbols may be more embarrassing than necessary, taking on ‘overhead’ and hurting the bottom line.
      btw the marchers did not wear masks in part because it is illegal to do so in Charlottesville. The Antifa ignored this with impunity – another talking point for some future legal proceeding. It seems unfair that they should be exposed to a lifetime of ostracism and harassment while their hard left counterparts have no such worry.

      • JRM's Gravatar JRM
        August 24, 2017 - 4:34 pm | Permalink

        @ John Walton I appreciate your reasoned disagreement; I acknowledge that there is a powerful sense that standing up for one’s principles in public is a noble act.

        But……where you say “The right needs to get out of the closet and into the hurly burly of media coverage”, I can only respond that “media coverage” in the country is far from a level-playing field, and the right will always be portrayed as either an eminent threat or a group of buffoons, whichever approach is being used at a given time.

        Also, when you say “The Alt Right’s excesses fuel greater excesses by Antifa, so they are ‘profitable'”, I fear once again that it will only be the right’s excesses that will be acknowledged. Leftist Antifa was highly violent at Charlottesville, but the media and apparently a sizable segment of the population holds as an act of faith that the Left were behaving themselves peacefully, a position which should not be able to withstand a fair look-around on YouTube. Yet to say “both sides did wrong” is to become a heretic.

        I doubt many people have been persuaded to our side by seeing a march, or listening to a speaker trying to make himself heard over the shouts of the virtue-signalers. What does bring people over? Good books and websites. We are a reasoning and debate-loving group, and our best foot is forward when we can calmly engage using ideas developed with the written word.

        Another effective tool, which can be used anonymously, is to comment on mainstream sites and point out anti-White bias and over-reliance on worn-out SJW tropes about minorities.

        We are the survivalists now; we win this game, in my estimation, by forming strong bonds with reliable women, having White babies; inculcating racial pride and a sense of history into them; homeschooling them if at all possible, and preparing ourselves to go public when the time is more favorable.

        For this cultural moment, we need to be a “resistance” movement; resistance groups rarely publicize their identities. We have a few brave souls like those who operate this website; we can point to them with pride. Unless you have credentials that make your opinion germane to the struggle, I think you can do the most good staying out of the public square and devoting yourself to your own family, and maybe a small trusted circle of like-minded friends. And looking for opportunities to challenge and puncture the State Mandated Anti-White Religion while keeping yourself and your family out of the line of fire.

  28. Rickie's Gravatar Rickie
    August 22, 2017 - 12:11 pm | Permalink

    Charlottesville was a giant FBI honeypot… if Trump and Sessions are on our side, they need to get the FBI off our backs. Is Trump on our side, or was he put in the White House to undermine our movement? He says all the right things, but there is still no Wall and no mass deportations.

    • sailorbill's Gravatar sailorbill
      August 22, 2017 - 10:29 pm | Permalink

      All smoke & mirrors = 911 is still the BIGGY

    • Luke's Gravatar Luke
      August 23, 2017 - 8:28 am | Permalink

      I am starting to get the feeling that Trump is like a gigantic bull shitter and he thinks he can B.S. his way through his entire first term of office – like the rally he did in Arizona the other day, where he gets up in front an audience full of gullible White numbskulls and runs through his standard rehearsed stump speech – repeating all the same talking points he did last year and which we all believed he was serious about – but, after the speech and rally are over, he is doing this behind our backs:

      McClatchy: Trump Aides Plot Big Immigration Deal — That Breaks a Campaign Promise
      by Breitbart News22 Aug 20177,479

      “Anita Kumar writes at McClatchy DC that the moderate/globalist faction of the White House is pushing President Donald Trump toward an immigration “deal” that would reduce the president’s key campaign platform — a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border — to a “bargaining chip” for more amnesty.”

    • John Walton's Gravatar John Walton
      August 23, 2017 - 2:35 pm | Permalink

      It is our job to hold Trump’s feet to the fire. One argument we can use is that Trump will actually have an easier time of it if he punches back and rallies his base with realities rather than by now hollow-sounding rhetoric.

  29. David Ashton's Gravatar David Ashton
    August 22, 2017 - 1:27 pm | Permalink

    The “antifa” cadre organizers, like their financial and media supporters, live and learn from their mistakes and successes, after decades of experience and adaptation.

    Would that the same could be said of their current targets and recent victims.

  30. August 22, 2017 - 1:47 pm | Permalink

    About the Charlotteville things:
    Firstly I give my deepest condolences for the dead young woman,
    Heather Heyer
    She was a lovely person. She could not do any harm. Maybe she was brainwashed. She was one of us. She was in the middle of our folk (I am German, she has a German name and a German-like appearance. We Germans are quick in embracing such people into our heart, the passport is not of importance in such cases). It is very sad that this women lost her life. She is a victim, not the first and not the last, in a war that is about the destroying of our race, of our folks. She is one of us! Political differences are not relevant.
    — — — —
    Secondly: The overall things are a very huge success. — The film with the march with the torches is in the internet. — The pictures that show
    “behind enemy lines in Charlotteville”
    make clear what kind of mind and body the “leftists” are. More or less poor at body and brain. Very similar in Germany! But please mind: Most of them are not utmost evil. They can be part of our folk. And they will go with us as soon as we have sucess. And please think: Those people who have seen not so much good things in life need a home nonetheless. Today the left gives them that emotional home. But at the price that they take part in the process of destroying the white race and the white folks. How much would these poor people prefer if they would be accepted by us, by the normal people. If they could have their emotional home not in the “subculture” of dirt and drugs and castles in the sky, but as a normal member in a normal society. So my plan is to get these people on our side. But not with discussions. They are to silly for that. They have an emotional blockade against this. They are brainwashed. They must accept that all their life has been a ly.
    We shall get these people easily as soon as we have sucess. There is no need to call them: They will come. —
    In Germany we usually think that we are five or ten years beyond (later as) the USA. But in some areas we Germans have the leading edge. In Germany, the leftists do not dare to speak loudly their deadly nonsense. In most cases there will be a normal (straightforward) German, who will loudly disagree with them.

    • Michael Adkins's Gravatar Michael Adkins
      August 23, 2017 - 6:56 am | Permalink


      Although I consider Antifa members thralls, I agree with your concept of return. I have one caveat, that each individual prove (genetically ) that he or she is European as defined by our community both in Europe and our Diasporas.

      • August 23, 2017 - 12:31 pm | Permalink

        Michael Adkins, thank you for your thoughts. Your caveat is a matter of course in Germany.

      • Curmudgeon's Gravatar Curmudgeon
        August 23, 2017 - 1:51 pm | Permalink

        A thrall is a slave. Other than living in our debt slave economic system like the rest of us, she was no slave. Either she joined of her own free will or she was mentally ill.

    • Luke's Gravatar Luke
      August 23, 2017 - 8:39 am | Permalink

      “She is a victim, not the first and not the last, in a war that is about the destroying of our race, of our folks. She is one of us! Political differences are not relevant.”

      Yes, she was a victim and it’s sad that she died – but if you think that she was one of us and that political differences are not relevant – then, you clearly do not understand the intricacies of the battle we are in for the survival of White Western European man kind.

      This woman, according what I have read, was on the other side of this debate – she was an enemy and opposed our cause. That didn’t mean she deserved to lose her life, at least not at this particular juncture in this battle – but, if this fight continues to where most people are now saying it is heading – such sentimental notions as yours are notions that I want no part of or want anywhere near me.

      Pacifistic clap trap and this wimpy turn the other cheek or love your enemies baloney is not going to get me killed, not if I have anything to say about it.

      You sir, are not invited to share my foxhole when the ruckus finally starts.

      • August 23, 2017 - 12:36 pm | Permalink

        Luke, thank you for your thoughts. It is all right that we have different views about the methods that we need for our survival. But it is important that we have the same aim: The 14 words, survival of the white folks, the white race.
        I explain my thoughts to you and the other readers in more detail here: It is not pacifistic, but it serves two goals. One is that we make ourselves higher and greater in case that we offer a helping hand to those of the other side, who are ethnically our own folk, but are only brainwashed and to silly or to weak to open their eyes by their own inner will. That action uprises us. Not so much morally. But that we see us able to do it, is a sign of power.
        Secondly, and this is the most important thing. The real enemy is maybe one or two percent of the population. And they hide within the silly 85% (In Germany we have 85% silly people. They are real Germans, good people, but cowards, sheep-herd-people). I want that many of them come to our side in order to make it impossible for the 1% real folk-dead-bringing criminals to hide behind them.
        In case that you see my thoughts from that angle, it is clear that with or without sentimental feelings there will be the same conclusions. Nonetheless, I have sentimental feelings when I look at the picture of the late Heather Heyer.

    • Phil's Gravatar Phil
      August 27, 2017 - 2:44 am | Permalink

      “She was a lovely person. She could not do any harm. Maybe she was brainwashed. She was one of us. ”

      WRONG. She was an anti-White, white. That makes her ugly. Very ugly. You should read some of her Tweets (if her Twitter account is still up). Heather was NOT “one of us.”

  31. Alan's Gravatar Alan
    August 22, 2017 - 1:53 pm | Permalink

    Faceberg deletes tens of thousands accounts
    in Germany because of the coming “election”,
    like they did it in UK and France before.

  32. Lynda's Gravatar Lynda
    August 22, 2017 - 2:03 pm | Permalink

    Hollywood might be an assembly line of jew kulturecrap for White Americans but their stupid movies do offer plenty of scripts which workshop their political tactics.

    Like in Star Wars, the Judaic Supremacy always captures the top and then plays the ‘outer rim’ [which finances and recruits] against the mass and the middle.

    The Judaic Supremacy now holds the top positions in terms of all branches of local government and law enforcement. It can co-ordinate its efforts with the ‘outer rim’ Soros funded activism. They can virtually hand any White group (however innocuous) a script, direct the movie from many operative units (directors 1,2, 3 and 4) and then run it on the jewscreen for the grazers.

    Reminds me of those long lines of ISIS (Israeli secret insurgent services) oil tankers streaming out of Kirkuk to Turkey guarded by ZOG Blackhawk helicopters.

    We have the bad guy script in a jew movie.

    • sailorbill's Gravatar sailorbill
      August 22, 2017 - 10:27 pm | Permalink

      you took the words right out of my mouth, they even incorporated 911 in many films , cartoons . I do believe the ending is WW3. Pity seems the saying-By deception we will wage war is very appropriate, particle in the USA .AIPAC is the real enemy.

  33. Rosa's Gravatar Rosa
    August 22, 2017 - 3:02 pm | Permalink

    Charlottesville is the nth replica of what used to happen in Europe (continental) in the aftermath of WWI and the Bolshevik Revolution.
    In some countries such things were handled in a way, in other in different ways, more successfully at that moment.
    Again we continental Europeans saw similar facts after WWII end and then in 1968 and following years, until the USSR collapsed.
    But unfortunately they are up again, this time paid by Soros et alii, who live quite well in US ( UK too, but perhaps there they’re starting to fear their “friendly Muslims”).So please get rid of them, so both sides of the Atlantic can finally be back to the period in which we ruled and ((( they))) served. As it must be.

  34. peter's Gravatar peter
    August 22, 2017 - 3:03 pm | Permalink

    The analysis is spot on ; the left won the battle of Charlottesville.They have used their victory to shut down the alt right on the internet.The responsabilty for the defeat lies with those on the respectable right who thought they could participate in a rally which was organised and headed by a person of very dubious personal qualities namely jason Kessler. Anyone who had looked into Jason Kessler’s past would have seen someone who was an Obama supporter before he embraced the right in 2016. Where were the marshalls? Surely rules were in place to prevent ” Hollywood Nazis ” , and people wearing KKK costumes who have unstable personality disorders attending ?
    Better discipline and professionalism next time . Sorry it cant be led in such a shambolic way if the right has any future.

    • John Walton's Gravatar John Walton
      August 23, 2017 - 1:45 am | Permalink

      I tend to disagree. Censorship of the right was growing anyway. What the rally did was to get the left to move rapidly and convulsively, and it’s clear that a lot of people are publicly worrying about the left who weren’t previously. When you are sinned against that is raw material and it is up to you to exploit it, just as the left exploits real and imagined sins against it and its constituencies. Think in terms of frog boiling and in terms of the judo practitioner who uses his opponent’s momentum against him. As for the ‘respectable right’ aren’t those the guys who have accomplished less than nothing over the last 50 years!?

      • August 23, 2017 - 11:08 am | Permalink

        @John Walton

        I agree that the anti-whites have overreacted and that the publicity now being given to AntiFA is poison for the anti-White left. We already see the Democrats in a panic because of the NRA commercial and the latest Fox documentary on AntiFA precisely because it makes the left look extremely bad – “as bad as the Nazis” in fact.

        It is possible yet to wrest some advantages out of the Charlottesville fiasco.

        As for the ‘respectable right’ aren’t those the guys who have accomplished less than nothing over the last 50 years!?

        You could not be more wrong about this. The “respectable right” has accomplished virtually everything they have wanted in the last 50 years, and aside from the fact they do not particularly like Trump, the “respectable right” has absolute power politically in America right now – they control the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and nearly 2/3rds of the state governments. The “respectable right” has gotten virtually everything they have ever wanted: the labor movement is destroyed, the borders are wide open, mass immigration of scab labor is at an all time high, and the financial powers and corporate America are in undisputed control of the American empire.

        If that is not victory, what is?

        It is, in fact, the “not at all respectable” pro-Whites that have accomplished virtually nothing for the last 50 years. George Lincoln Rockwell, William Pierce, David Duke, “the Order,” the entire “14/88” culture, and various other pro-Whites – it is they, not the “respectable right,” that have accomplished nothing in the last 50 years and in fact have helped the anti-whites while harming the White people of America.

        If anything, we should look at how the “respectable right” achieved power and do pretty much the exact opposite of the “WN movement” of the last 50 years.

        If we want to actually win anything, that is.

        • John Walton's Gravatar John Walton
          August 23, 2017 - 2:53 pm | Permalink

          What the ‘respectable right’ has accomplished was achieved by cloaking the agenda of Wall Street in the rhetoric of Main Street. The ever-faithful evangelical conservatives did a large part of the lifting despite being routinely sold out and patronized. The ‘Reagan Democrats’ also swallowed the lie promoted by talk-show clowns like Limbaugh that the GOP was serious about redressing their grievances. To me, the epitome was a Limbaugh broadcast during the Ruby Ridge standoff where Limbaugh did not say a single word about it but audibly thumped the table as he reassured listeners that ‘Republicans will stand firm against the plan to tax undistributed income of limited liability partnerships.’ I wish I had the songwriting talent to pen an appropriate battle hymn.
          But a tactic that works to con the Main Street rubes while doing the work of the Wall Street elite is not something the rubes can copy. Is it?

          • August 23, 2017 - 5:36 pm | Permalink

            @John Walton

            But a tactic that works to con the Main Street rubes while doing the work of the Wall Street elite is not something the rubes can copy. Is it?

            Here’s an idea. They say “politics is downstream from culture.” Right now, no one is going to win a single office anywhere in the country by suggesting he wants an all white country and will deport non-whites. It’s just a non-starter.

            So how about embracing Trump style “civic nationalism” – as a political platform – while building an explicitly pro-white culture, online and offline. That way, when we win the culture with explicit appeals to whiteness, in the future, that will eventually move “downstream” and we’ll be able to propose an explicitly pro-white political platform.

            Even the Daily Stormer trolls could help: they could continue to bait the anti-whites by being a comical parody of the “neo-Nazis” of their nightmares. But the Daily Stormer trolls would have to stop attacking anyone and everyone who is explicitly pro-white who also does not actual like a “Hollywood Nazi.” So far, the Daily Stormer trolls spend most of their time attacking anyone and everyone pro-white who won’t play-act as a “Nazi” and they invade every single pro-white online space screaming “cuck counter-signal don’t punch right!” Instead of moving the Overton window in our direction, they close the Overton window to anyone pro-white that isn’t a Jewish stereotype of a “Nazi.” The Daily Stormer would also have to reign in their JIDF faction and explain to the 14 years old that, no, there isn’t going to be any “civil war” and posting violent fantasies online hurts, not helps, the cause.

            Pro-white rallies and protests would have to be something that appeals to normal white people, not led by insane sounding freaks like the Daily Stormer’s “Azzmodor” who likes to perform his monkey-act for the Jewish media, complete with “Hitler salutes” and diatribes about “the Holocaust.”

            I think this strategy could work very well – the few times it’s been tried, it actually has worked somewhat. Normal white people get very angry at the double standards and increasingly are even willing to say they are “proud to be white.” But whenever such explicit pro-white culture begins to emerge, the “neo-Nazis” – often funded by the ADL – show up to hijack everything and collaborate with the anti-white media to drive normal white people away.

            You see it in action on EVERY pro-white online forum and at EVERY real life pro-white event, and so far no one has had the courage to stand up to these obvious subversives who are working with the enemy.

    • Phil's Gravatar Phil
      August 27, 2017 - 2:50 am | Permalink

      “thought they could participate in a rally which was organised and headed by a person of very dubious personal qualities namely jason Kessler.”

      Are you that dumb? The mayor of the town and co-conspirators were hell-bent on NOT allowing this rally to take place. Do I have to explain it further??

  35. Martin's Gravatar Martin
    August 22, 2017 - 4:23 pm | Permalink

    As a footnote the police have on occasion acted forcefully against other system opponents, eg against Occupy in Oakland in the winter of 2011-12.

  36. Fenria's Gravatar Fenria
    August 22, 2017 - 7:15 pm | Permalink

    At the end of the day, though, what and who are we fighting for? The reality is that the bulk of the people who oppose us are our own traitorous kinfolk. Why do we stand against the tide to be hit with slings and arrows for this dross? Stop! It’s time for ethnostates. Let these communists have their urban death traps. Let them have their “vibrant” (violent) multicultism. Let them enjoy their crumbling superstates and jewish overlords. It’s time for us to buy up all the land we can, all over the world, and start our own ethnostates, where all the energy we expend is for our own benefit and that of our people. OUR people. Not these useless white traitors who spit in the faces of their own ancestors. Don’t expend another drop of sweat or blood for these fools. Do not fight to save that which willingly leaps from cliffs to its own demise.

    • Maple Curtain's Gravatar Maple Curtain
      August 22, 2017 - 8:32 pm | Permalink

      The U.S. had one Civil War already in which one side just wanted to go their own way and be left alone. The other side destroyed them.

      Whites have nowhere to hide from the next civil war – even if you succeeded in this plan, you will be hounded and crushed by the Jew-run federal state.

      Stand and fight, or perish.

    • pterodactyl's Gravatar pterodactyl
      August 24, 2017 - 9:21 am | Permalink

      Fenria – “Not these useless white traitors who spit in the faces of their own ancestors”
      I too have no enthusiasm to help the whites who are anti-white. They really need to experience the consequences of what they want – ie to live in full-on multiracialism and all the subsequent full-on racism against them and all the corruption and poverty that will go with it. The way S.Africa is going. I would love to see Zuckerburg forced to live there too, with no wall round his house and no guns for his security team. The elite think this will never happen to them personally.

      But some/most of the traitors (traitors in the way they currently vote and Tweet) are not actually anti-white deep down in their wiring, and are just exhibiting ‘individualistic’ behaviour, which includes absorbing without thinking the current dominant culture, which is at present a culture of hating themselves, taken from the TV and their school. I am ‘prepared to forgive’ this group.

      But as for the true left. those who are not just absorbing the culture of self hate and really do hate whites for the ‘crime’ of being superior, as for these whites, they have the genes of hate that are bringing us down, and the only way whites will stop the self-destruction will be if these ones with the bad genes are removed to their own areas after the civil war (that they are causing). Ie move them to a multiracial ‘paradise’ run on their principles. ie separation based on gene types. Let them shout ‘racist’ at the patriots’ nation as they, while they are shouting ‘racist’ to the nationalists, experience personally the true meaning of racism in their multi-racial hell-hole.

      Obviously, it will be sad for some patriotic whites when they realise that their children have self-hate genes and will have to go and live in the part where the white-haters and lovers of the third world live. But unless there is migration and gene separation, the poison genes can never be removed. If not separated out, they will cause the entire white race to be brought down, as that is how natural selection will operate ultimately. On a positive note, I observe the Alt-right types uniting in all the different parts of the globe and forgetting about silly animosities based on what happened in European and Western Wars recently (WWII) or further back as in the case of British/USA animosity based on the War of Independence.

      PS The gene separation can never be ‘planned’ prior to civil war, it will be a natural outcome of the civil war that the globalists are causing. It will be natural processes, ie one that is inevitable, just as the takeover of the West by the left was inevitable once certain factors came into play, as now we can choose our career. In the past lefty haters could not put their hate into practice, now they can.

      Our main enemy in my opinion is our own 5-15% true lefties (or whatever percentage they are), not the immigrants who can be easily told to stop causing problems, and relocated if they do, and encouraged to leave if their loyalty is elsewhere, neither are those Jews who want top make the West multiracial a problem, as they can only succeed whilst they share this aim with the elite, and when the elite changes, the Jews who hate us will have no more power.

      • Phil's Gravatar Phil
        August 27, 2017 - 3:03 am | Permalink

        “They really need to experience the consequences of what they want – ie to live in full-on multiracialism and all the subsequent full-on racism against them and all the corruption and poverty that will go with it.”

        Yeah, but that’s the problem: these closet “racists” live in lily-white towns and communities far from the ‘wonders’ of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” they so enthusiastically espouse.

        The only way white Americans will ever wake up (and many will never in spite of overwhelming evidence) is when virtually every lily-white area in this country is “diversified.” By then it will be too late to ever fix this mess in a peaceful manner–if it could be fixed at all.

        But it didn’t ever have to end up this way. However, it most likely will turn out like this because the white majority, i.e., “lemmings”, minds influenced and controlled largely by the the (((television))) tells them would “rather die than to do anything that would be considered racist”, to paraphrase the late, great Dr. William Luther Pierce.

  37. Cuxervative Therapy's Gravatar Cuxervative Therapy
    August 22, 2017 - 8:51 pm | Permalink

    “The full details of the departure of Steve Bannon from the Trump administration are yet to be divulged in full”
    – I would reword this

    • T. J.'s Gravatar T. J.
      August 23, 2017 - 11:29 am | Permalink

      I would be glad to reword the sentence, but I don’t see what’s rong with it.

  38. Allison McPherson's Gravatar Allison McPherson
    August 22, 2017 - 9:29 pm | Permalink

    “Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee announced he is introducing articles of impeachment against President Trump, citing his grievance with the latter’s response to events in Virginia”.
    I am reminded of an earlier Jewish senator from Tennessee, Judah P. Benjamin. He owned a large plantation and was a slave owner. The Jews were heavily involved in the African slave industry. Jewish scholars have recorded the details. Senator Judah P. Benjamin argued on the senate floor for the institution of slavery to continue, using chapter & verse from the Torah & New Testament in slavery’s defence. Senator Benjamin later served as the Secretary of War for the Confederacy and you can find his image on Confederate money. After the Civil War ended, Judah P. Benjamin fled for England, where he was employed as a barrister, no doubt under the protection of the Rothschilds. Afterall, he had done his best to protect their financial interests. The Jews were largely responsible for bringing Africans to the Americas, and now they use Critical Race Theory infecting academia & purchasing mainstream media, for divide & conquer tactics. You see, this kind of suppressed history is why the ADL & Southern Poverty Law Center exist. They are terrified the truth will spread. That is why they are moving so fast to kill free speech. Fear is their chief motivator. Since they fear/hate all races beyond their own, they they aim to control all races. Heck, the Jews even made a religion based on racism. Israel recently deported 10,000 Africans back to Africa. And the Israelis have built a wall separating themselves from Muslims, yet gleefully promote multiculturalism on the West. Yom Kippur will arrive soon. To the Jews I say this, no I don’t forgive you. What you have done and are doing now is evil. Eventually evil destroys itself. I might not live long enough to witness the return, yet cause & effect is one consistent factor of this life. It might seem that nature in all its routine is set, yet their is always the unexpected, unplanned for sudden shift, the murmuration of a stampede. That is what the Jews fear the most, that one day their evil deeds shall be revealed for all to see.

    • pterodactyl's Gravatar pterodactyl
      August 23, 2017 - 2:29 am | Permalink

      Allison [email protected] “Israel recently deported 10,000 Africans back to Africa. And the Israelis have built a wall separating themselves from Muslims, yet gleefully promote multiculturalism on the West.”

      If you play with fire you will get burned. If you try and set your neighbour’s house on fire, in the end the flames will devour your own house. The Jews will find that if they preach an anti-wall message for others, in the end this message/fire will spread to their own country, and their own wall too will be brought down, just as they seek to remove the walls of others. In Israel they are living very close to hoards who will swarm all over them, and yet still they spend their time and money and effort in removing the walls of others. Therefore. this anti-wall policy for others is not in their own best interests. And surely they must know this? So if they know this risk, but cannot stop themselves doing it, it shows that their desire to harm other countries (who are their friend) must be stronger than their own self-interest.
      The fact that their hostility is even stronger than self-interest will in the long run be their downfall.

  39. sailorbill's Gravatar sailorbill
    August 22, 2017 - 10:18 pm | Permalink

    WOW a real well written post defining the facts as they REALLY are & not censored by Jewish owned MSM proper gander Thank you sir for the truth . 911 is still the Biggy.

  40. John Walton's Gravatar John Walton
    August 23, 2017 - 1:36 am | Permalink

    You have to look at events in terms of the frog-boiling analogy. The left seems to be over-playing its hand rather nicely and taking solid hits from Tucker et al. Daily Stormer has gotten millions of dollars worth of free publicity and there is surprising pushback against the notion that hate sites, even DS, should be driven offline. People are starting to complain about Google. ADL and SPLC are being openly criticized and so is the mayor of Charlottesville. The spate of Antifa violence and intimidation following Charlottesville strengthened the case that the violence in Charlottesville was being ‘spun’ by the left. If some unpleasant truths came out about the unpopularity of Alt Right ideas with young people, it’s better to know them. Potential energy was converted to kinetic, so it can now be dealt with. Meanwhile it remains true that Trump won the white male vote overwhelmingly, so we should not rush to the conclusion that millions of Antifa are poised for battle. As for Bannon, he will be in a better position to influence events firing missiles from Breitbart. All in all, it’s hard to say whether these recent events should be seen as good news or bad by nationalist/ populists/ identitarians/ paleocons.

    • T. J.'s Gravatar T. J.
      August 23, 2017 - 1:42 pm | Permalink

      “. . .in terms of the frog-boiling analogy. . .”

      The story is about hot water, not boiling water. My father recounted it to me in 1965 and I recall the true version. Probably apocryphal.

      Scientists placed the first frog in hot water- too hot for survival. The frog recognized the danger and hopped out to safety.

      A second frog was placed in room-temperature water. The temperature was raised very slowly. The water became too hot for survival, but the frog did not hop out, as he had acclimated to temp changes and could no longer perceive danger. He expired.

      This is a story of blocking distinctions through gradualism. Today seems like yesterday- the civilizational collapse is not visible. Until very recently, that is. Events are accelerating and, at long last, danger is being perceived.

      Fabian Socialism openly uses the gradualist approach.

  41. Al Ross's Gravatar Al Ross
    August 23, 2017 - 3:22 am | Permalink

    Post Charlottesville , we may see Google excise the ‘Triumph of the West’ videos. There are thirteen of them, delivered, of necessity in broad brush strokes with Oxonian pellucid prose by Dr John Roberts, the former Warden of Merton College , Oxford.

    Here’s a specimen :

  42. PaleoAtlantid's Gravatar PaleoAtlantid
    August 23, 2017 - 3:36 am | Permalink

    Before we contemplate escalation it is opportune to heed the advice given by Sun Tzu; ‘in any battle know yourself and your enemy and you will not suffer defeat’.
    The enemy has a clear grasp of our strengths and weaknesses, indeed they are becoming fearful of our growing influence, but we, at least until Charlottesville foolishly thought the police etc. would play by the rules. Big mistake!
    Street marches with placards are 60s and passe, new tactics are needed. Let’s follow the guerrilla tactics of Europe’s Identity Movement. They successfully placed an anti-immigration message high on the Brandenburg Gate, and a burka on a statue of Empress Maria Theresa. Both achieved great visibility and much publicity at minimal risk to a handful of dedicated patriots.

  43. August 23, 2017 - 7:15 am | Permalink

    Although Andrew Joyce has given us a good analysis of the details of the “Battle of Charlottesville” and the poisonous effects of organised jewry manipulating that event to further their anti-White agenda, I think it is flawed.

    Flawed in that it takes as a given that Trump is someone, somehow on our side. I really don’t think that is the case.

    Trump, like previous presidents, has been put into power to serve jewish interests. Taking that as a given, and that also all the anti-Trump media is merely a smoke and mirrors charade for a larger agenda, then it looks as if that agenda is to create deep conflict within American society to justify the ever expanding jewish police state.


    RAMZPAUL: The Alt-Right – What Went Wrong? — TRANSCRIPT

    • Michael Adkins's Gravatar Michael Adkins
      August 24, 2017 - 1:37 pm | Permalink


      I think you should expand your definition of the police state to include all the Abrahamic religions.

    • Phil's Gravatar Phil
      August 27, 2017 - 3:13 am | Permalink

      “Trump, like previous presidents, has been put into power to serve jewish interests. ”

      Wrong. Dead wrong. If Pres. Trump was put into power as you incorrectly claim, the (((media))) would not be attacking him as viciously as they have been all throughout the 2016 campaign season on through his presidency starting from day one down to this very day. They’d be lauding him instead.

      I’ve learned long ago to support and listen to any one that the (((media))) and other Leftwing rodents don’t. That stance has never disappointed my once. And I’m no newbie.

      • August 29, 2017 - 4:44 am | Permalink

        The media is a tool used by the (((oligarchs))) to promote their agenda. If their agenda is to put Trump in power while simultaneously having their media attack him (which they did in mostly childish ways) then they will do that.

        Since the (((oligarchs))) created the whole left/right idea to create as a false division to play one part of society against the other, the idea that you can simply go for who they currently don’t support, doesn’t work, as both parties originate from the same (((tribe))). It’s Tweedledee vs Tweedledum.

        The likely agenda here is to use Trump’s selection as President (among many agendas not yet known) to promote conflict and division within society, that will then justify the ramping up of the jewish police state tyranny over the longer term.

        See: Trump as j-Tool?

  44. PPight1931's Gravatar PPight1931
    August 23, 2017 - 7:51 am | Permalink

    “…the placement of opposing sides in close proximity….”

    I’m given to understand the event had its permit pulled shortly beforehand but that was reversed by order of a Federal Judge who confirmed it might proceed. Therefore the policing and marshalling of the event as conveyed in the quote above was arguably in contempt of that order, particularly as regards frustrating the order by corralling the opposing sides near to each other. May legal repercussions ensue for the Mayor and his minions.

    And if they don’t, that will be more evidence that the U.S. has lost the Rule of Law.

    Speaking of which: assuming the facts of the following article to be correct concerning the attempted influencing behind the scenes of District Judge Zani, is it surprising that the District Judge did not himself visit the contempt, inchoate or otherwise, with punishment? Perhaps the alternative course described in the article below was chosen to preclude any claim of partiality, however perverse that claim might be.

    “Ex Zionist Fed boss tries to buy District Judge’s favour”

    After all, there is precedent in the UK for the savage punishment of any interference with the criminal process. The one that springs to mind here is the case of John Hill (77 Ripple Effect) who was imprisoned for months awaiting trial only to be acquitted, having sent copies of his DVD not to the jury but to the Court.

  45. BlackedOut's Gravatar BlackedOut
    August 23, 2017 - 8:09 am | Permalink

    Marches rarely accomplish anything. US involvement in Vietnam continued for years despite numerous street marches. The “civil rights” legislation was written and passed behind the scenes (plus some staged incidents to generate legal actions such as Rosa Parks). Marches are a tool of the Left since they are consistent with their belief in mass movements as forces of historical change. The reality is that change is made by small numbers in coherent groups. Sometimes this is overt as in the American Revolution where only about a third actually supported independence. Usually it is covert and behind the scenes until the way is paved for more overt action.

    Without control of the media, marches can be spun by opponents who do control the media even if the marches are ostensibly successful. And they are tempting targets of provocateurs since they must be publicly advertised to achieve their purpose.

    Leave the marches to the Left.

    • Phil's Gravatar Phil
      August 27, 2017 - 3:18 am | Permalink

      “Marches rarely accomplish anything. ”

      Are you paying attention? The UniteTheRight event on 8-12-17 was not a “march” but a RALLY to protest the ongoing removal of Confederate monuments and deconstruction of white American history.

      • Curmudgeon's Gravatar Curmudgeon
        August 27, 2017 - 8:07 am | Permalink

        While there was a rally on August 12/17, there was a torchlight march/parade on August 11/17. I am acquainted with self-proclaimed small “l” liberals, who compare Antifa to the Taliban for wanting to remove statues. They have commented that the march would have made Goebbels proud and from that, they concluded everyone attending the rally was a (enter pejorative term here) fanatic.
        It doesn’t matter what Goebbels may have thought or done, the image of the torchlight parade was the opportunity used by the media to tar everyone with the same brush and discredit those genuine in their concern.

  46. T. J.'s Gravatar T. J.
    August 23, 2017 - 9:21 am | Permalink


    At first I blew this off as unconfirmed rumor, but it is FINALLY CONFIRMED.
    This is being driven by forces of evil that are beyond what normal people can think about – Representative Louis Gomert, (R-TX)

    August 21, 2017

    In the following clip from Fox News, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) talks about what happened on August 12 in Charlottesville, placing special emphasis on the fact that demonstrators for the Ku Klux Klan and Black Lives Matter arrived at the event on the same bus.

    He also stresses the need for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate who paid for sending all those different groups to Charlottesville, and who ordered the stand-down of the police.


    Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

  47. John's Gravatar John
    August 23, 2017 - 10:15 am | Permalink

    I wanted to donate to TOO today but when I clicked on the Paypal link I got the message: “This recipient is currently unable to receive money”. What gives? Are our (((powerful friends))) at work again? How can I donate?

  48. Earl's Gravatar Earl
    August 23, 2017 - 11:50 am | Permalink

    The powers that be have closed my favorite sites, Ambrose Kane and SBPDL. This is truly criminal. When something is too good to be true, it is.

    • Poupon Marx's Gravatar Poupon Marx
      August 24, 2017 - 4:45 am | Permalink

      I noticed. And I noticed there is no general uproar or disapproval. Whites are passive these days, accepting the latest blood letting from the Chews with a sign and as “Oh, well, what can I do”?

      Who are the “powers that be”, and is it possible for AK and SBPDL to find a new host?

  49. joe six pack's Gravatar joe six pack
    August 23, 2017 - 1:18 pm | Permalink

    The ACLU went to court to force the mayor of Charlottesville to give Richard Spencer a permit.
    The mayor is Jewish and has a Phd from Berkeley. He aint no good ol’ boy and C-ville ain’t no southern city. It is a progressive sore in central Virginia’s itchy backside.

    The NYTimes says:

    The American Civil Liberties Union was under severe duress. Hate mail poured in, death threats, and the executive director was spat on.

    That moment, 40 years ago, fought over a planned rally by a small group of neo-Nazis in Skokie, Ill., would become one of the organization’s most notable cases, and to some, among its finest moments. The A.C.L.U. cemented its reputation for fighting for civil liberties, even, or especially, if it meant, in the words of its director at the time, “defending my enemy.”

    That philosophy came into renewed focus last week as the organization went to court to fight for the right of white nationalists to hold a rally at Emancipation Park in Charlottesville, Va.

    I think the ACLU thought they would get Skokie reviews for C-ville defense but the woman died so the tragedy blanket was pulled over everything and now I believe the ACLU will no longer defend free speech for YT.

    Personally I speculate the mayor set the Alt right up. I believe he herded Spencer into an barricaded area then used his Mayoral authority to unexpectedly and suddenly end the demonstration prematurely, and then he had his coppers push the Right into the Left. The mayor got what he wanted…. the question is, will anyone examine his actions?

    • August 23, 2017 - 5:48 pm | Permalink

      @joe six pack

      What that story fails to point out is that the “Skokie March” was actually led by a Jew, Frances Cohen, pretending to be a “Nazi.” Cohen’s entire “Nazi party” was a fake, set up by the ADL, in order to make white people look bad. The anti-white media spent months covering the story of “heroic Jewish lawyers” fighting for the rights of even people that hated them.

      Of course Frances Cohen, the Jewish “Nazi” and his band of actors were simply the villains, and all the Jewish counter protestors were featured in the media as innocent victims of “hate.”

      The same thing happened in the 1990s with a Jewish “Nazi” named Andrew Greenbaum, who called himself “Wolfgang Hawk.” The anti-white media turned Greenbaum into a media celebrity as he staged ridiculous stunts on college campuses designed specifically to make anyone pro-white – or skeptical of Jewish power – look like an unhinged lunatic.

      It doesn’t seem to matter how many times Jews pretend to be “Nazis,” even when they are caught, the media will still pretend they are “real Nazis” and pro-white people are afraid to openly say: the emperor has no clothes.

      Whenever this history is brought up on ostensibly pro-white internet forums, you can be assured that JIDF trolls will accuse you of “virtue signaling” or being a “cuck” or “not hardcore enough.” Jews do not want this particular scam exposed as the entire “neo-Nazi hate crimes” narrative is very useful for them.

      • T. J.'s Gravatar T. J.
        August 24, 2017 - 10:16 am | Permalink

        (Mod. Note: “T.J.”, the comment here which I’m overwriting with this Mod. Note was a hearsay opinion attempting to “dox” another TOO commenter by trying to prove his/her “real name” in this public blog. For that reason, this moderator will not be approving any of your comments in the future. Totally unacceptable behavior at TOO.)

    • Phil's Gravatar Phil
      August 27, 2017 - 3:23 am | Permalink

      “That moment, 40 years ago, fought over a planned rally by a small group of neo-Nazis in Skokie, Ill., would become one of the organization’s most notable cases..”

      Led by (((Francis Joseph “Frank” Collin))).

      “Collin was born and grew up in Chicago, Illinois. His father Max Collin later said that he was a Jewish survivor of the Nazi Holocaust (zzzzzzzz…..) and had anglicized his name from Cohen or Cohn after settling in the United States.”


      • Pero Ercegovac's Gravatar Pero Ercegovac
        August 27, 2017 - 5:57 am | Permalink

        @ Phil

        Gave himself a good Irish Catholic did he not? Is he related to John Kerry? Sorry Kohn?

  50. Stritchplatte's Gravatar Stritchplatte
    August 24, 2017 - 6:21 am | Permalink

    Could the propaganda that the jews use to indoctrinate the Police be copied and printed here so we could all read the poison and be aware of exactly the Police are reading and being told. It just be public information since public officials and employees read it. I’m going to the local Police station and ask to see it.

  51. Stephen Dudas's Gravatar Stephen Dudas
    August 25, 2017 - 8:35 am | Permalink

    “Society suffocates liberty merely by existing, and it must exist, and all its members are equally its slaves. The individual may elude the feeling, though not the fact, of subjection to society either by a willing conformity or by a mental reservation…For society is factious and friable…God, the Church, the Ancients, the poets afford so many social sanctuaries to which you may escape from ordinary society.” — Santayana (Dominations and Powers: Reflections on Liberty, Society, and Government)
    Given the brittleness of present-day American & European society, & the engineered pulverization of Occidental Man’s noblest legacies & traditions at the moneyed hands of alacritous villainy — is there any wonder that sober intellects withdraw into solitude to live amongst the classic models of thought of lasting importance & high value: retreating from the cacophony of contemporary society (as I so often do myself — as perhaps I too often do myself) to sojourn there in perfect silence with Plato, Plutarch, Montaigne, Shakespeare, the Authorized King James Version of the Bible; or sunning the soul in Santayana’s light. And the way things are going, even the pantheon, in which tower the statues of the best human minds, is now, alas, set to crumbling, with the active participation of the worst in Man, which is fast gaining the upper hand over the last vestiges of reason, understanding, & good sense, or the best in Man, in the West.

  52. Captain Carrot's Gravatar Captain Carrot
    August 26, 2017 - 10:05 am | Permalink

    The first and other public servants subjected to “diversity training” back in the ’70s probably didn’t believe a word – although it was likely quite “mild” back then (classic frog-boiling technique) but knew that unless they assented to this nonsense, their jobs were on the line.

    August 26, 2017 - 10:55 am | Permalink


  54. August 26, 2017 - 10:52 pm | Permalink

    To the non-German readers a very short film from Germany, 5 minutes long. It shows a demonstration of a pro-German group, named “Dritter Weg” (“=third way) for the survival of the German folk, and the leftist counter-demonstrators, and the police. It is “Charlotteville in small”. You can see, that the leftists are 95% German, the police and the pro-German-group is 100% German. — The police is watching both sides, but 90% of the police has their eyes directed onto the leftists, they know why. — Also you can see, that the leftist are not hardcore leftists. You can see that by looking at their faces and their clothing. Within the leftists is a small group of “anitfa” with black clothes. The big rest are normal Germans with leisure clothing, at a sunny day in the middle large town Fulda.
    At minute 2:11 to 2:21 the leftists say: “No Germany again” (Nie wieder Deutschland). But it is only a group of ten people, hard core leftists. The big majority of the leftists is silent at this point, they do not support this.The Dritter Weg group says. “Wer Deutschland nicht liebt, soll Deutschland verlassen” (Those who do not love Germany should leave Germany) in minute 2:28
    You can conclude from all this that the decision about our future will come from a fight within the German folk, the foreigners in Germany not being the decisive part. —
    We Germans can handle our future alone, but it must be so that at the same time others (USA) solve their problems also. All countries must do it at the same time in order that there will not be a copy of the second world war. — Please look at the police men and women. Policemen have decent wages, they belong to the small middle class in Germany. And they look this way exactly: average Germans.
    Demo Fulda (der Dritte Weg 2017)

    • August 26, 2017 - 10:54 pm | Permalink

      Correction: That is the 5-minute-Film

    • pterodactyl's Gravatar pterodactyl
      August 28, 2017 - 1:58 am | Permalink

      Karlfried “All countries must do it at the same time in order that there will not be a copy of the second world war”
      Correct, the danger will be that any countries that break free from the current domination by their lefty traitors will be turned on my the others still in the grip of their own traitors. In fact now the EU is turning on Hungary for refusing to accept muslim refugees. The only thing stopping the rest of Europe attacking Hungary with military force is that the EU never got to the EU army stage.

      An example of such an attack is the way NATO intervened in Bosnia. This is the main danger to any country that has had enough of the Left and hostile Jews and hostile muslims, and finally decides to stop committing suicide, and where the people finally waken up and vote for a right-wing government – at that point, the main danger is not Islam or Jews, it is (a) their own left (b) other lefty-run countries with armies and financial power to bankrupt the ‘rebel’ nation.

      As for hostile muslims and Jews, this is a problem that can EASILY be dealt with as soon as the people want to deal with this problem (in a humane way). But for now the people are rich and pampered and cannot even see that there is a problem. (Or they can see a problem, but decide not to bother to object, as they imagine everything will continue as it is, ie their lifestyle).

      • Pero Ercegovac's Gravatar Pero Ercegovac
        August 28, 2017 - 8:10 am | Permalink

        @ pterodactyl

        I would just like to correct you on something which is a disturbing error being repeated on the right that is simply a falsehood. NATO did not intervene in Bosnia. They intervened four years later in Kosovo. It was us Croats who “intervened” in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995, in a pincer movement that lasted four days from August 5 to August 9, and liberated Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina from Serb occupation. No one helped us nor the Bosnian forces. We did on our own. In fact NATO spent four years, along with the UN, telling us from 1991 til 1995 that we could not do it and we would just have to accept Greater Serbia and the loss of one third of our republic (which was already the rump of what had been Croatia in 1918) to them. Naturally, knowing that we are strong ethno-nationalists to the core of the national body polity and good soldiers to boot we told them in the vernacular where to go, then did it ourselves. Naturally after our victory the world took note. Kosovo is another matter and there NATO did it themselves.

        • Curmudgeon's Gravatar Curmudgeon
          August 28, 2017 - 3:07 pm | Permalink

          Serb occupation? Why wouldn’t there be Serbs in Bosnia, Slovenia, and Croatia; Croatians in Bosnia, Slovenia, and Serbia, etc.
          A couple in my former neighbourhood are from the former Yugoslavia, one Croat, one Serbian. A former neighbour, Amir and his wife, both tall and light couloured hair, were from Bosnia. They got along fine with the Croat/Serbian couple. It was Amir who summed up the situation as being “one language, three religions, it’s stupid”. None of them felt “liberated”. The Serb admitted his brother became involved in a paramilitary group when a Muslim neighbour in Bosnia told him to leave or he would be killed.
          The breakup was needed to destroy non-aligned Yugoslavia to turn it into another (((occupied territory))) for a proposed pipeline from the Caspian basin, and opium from Afghanistan flying to Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo. (((They))) specialize in turning group against group by blowing up minor differences into irreconcilable ones.

          • Pero Ercegovac's Gravatar Pero Ercegovac
            August 29, 2017 - 12:04 am | Permalink

            @ Curmudgeon

            Because Yugoslavia was a federation of republics (six in fact) put together by the western world at Versailles. That is why it was dead in the water by 1991 and hence when we separated on our own accord the communists from Belgrade aligned with Serbian nationalists and sent the army into the other republics and for the first months of the war we literally fought them with hunting rifles, whilst wearing jeans and sneakers. After three months our diaspora gave us the monies to purchase proper military uniforms and weaponry from the former Soviet army bases throughout East Germany and Hungary. Mixed marriages like your neighbours were rare, never more than 5%. This is the reason why they left and are now our neighbours. The war did not happen in Serbia but in Croatia and Bosnia. They used their minorities to attempt to expand Serbia when Yugoslavia broke down. One side of the country lived 500 years under the Turks, the other in union with Austro-Hungary. Historically one side moved into Bosnia and Croatia as refugees from the occupation of their lands under the Turks and stayed. Unfortunately they did not assimilate and once their home country got independence in 1878 they have been used willingly to expand that nation’s territories into our historic territories. This is the reason why Croats and Bosniaks/Musim fought two world wars with the Germans and the other side with the Russians. Different histories, different people (shown btw in haplogroup DNA). It would be like joining Germany with France. It is ridiculous. No one denies that the Muslims are not blonde, especially us Croats who share the same ethnicity with the Muslims, we know our brothers are white, as we are. But the fact is that on the ground, especially in Bosnia, that there are now three nationalities and each are represented by nationalist parties. There is no political identification outside of ethnic, hence the three largest parties are ethno-nationalist and not civic. A Bosniak does not vote for Serbs nor vice versa, same with the Croats. We have separate cafes, nightclubs and even areas of town. Mixed marriages were common amongst communists, i.e., those who held to the communist dictator Tito. The fact that 93% of Croats in Croatia voted for independence before the war and 98% of Croats and Bosniaks/Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina voted for Bosnian independence, whilst the Serbs did not take part in the referendum suggests something, no? Your neighbours are part of a ruling elite who lost their country, the rest of us gained ours. This is reality on the ground. Actually in the diasporas the majority hold to their own clubs and churches and do not mix. I know from personal experience in Australia a long time ago.

            But I do not wish on an American site to discuss such issues. I was just pointing out an error in a comment. NATO did not liberate Croatia nor Bosnia-Herzegovina. We Croats and Bosniaks did. NATO liberated Kosovo. And btw these Albanians are also white with blonde hair and 30% of them are Christian. Just a quick correction as I have noted amongst white nationalist groups in the USA a tendency to push a propagandist line of one of the combatant sides that they are not. Amusing really when that side has actually always been pro-Jewish and communist accusing the rest of us as being genocidal Nazis, now apparently we are not. Go figure?

          • Curmudgeon's Gravatar Curmudgeon
            August 29, 2017 - 12:34 pm | Permalink

            By your own reasoning – Serb expansion into Bosnia and Croatia – NATO did not liberate Kosovo, they seized it for the Albanians who had moved into Serbia, albeit, over a longer time frame.
            On a different note, I’m looking forward to RT’s take on Croatia today. The promo’s have several people expressing, in different ways, that Croatians are no longer in control, internationalists are.

    • David Ashton's Gravatar David Ashton
      August 30, 2017 - 2:48 pm | Permalink

      The trouble with “antifa” is not its small core of directors, but its ideological sympathy from the media, the anti-fascist state rules not only in Germany but in Britain, and the use of FASHION and ENTERTAINMENT in attracting revolting “students” and gullible youth.

      • Pero Ercegovac's Gravatar Pero Ercegovac
        August 31, 2017 - 12:16 am | Permalink

        @ David Ashton

        Not just in Germany and Britain but the antifas are in the media all over Europe. Even in the former communist countries.

  55. Tony Clifton's Gravatar Tony Clifton
    August 27, 2017 - 10:29 pm | Permalink

    Check out The (((Ford Fischer))) video at Charlottesville.

    • David Ashton's Gravatar David Ashton
      August 29, 2017 - 4:40 pm | Permalink

      Re Charlottesville comment by Tony Clifton:

      Problems “white nationalists” have always had include (1) agents provocateurs or plants used to discredit others by violent or publicly deprecated attitudes, and (2) suspicions of such infiltration, true or false, to undermine common action and loyalty. One can only judge people by what they actually do, and the results of their actions in helping or hindering the general cause.

      Richard Spencer has been named here. What has he done wrong? And what is his reply?

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