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Review of Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility

Robin DiAngelo White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism Beacon Press, 2018. I first encountered Robin DiAngelo three years ago, during my investigation of the Jewish origins and intellectual currents of Whiteness Studies. DiAngelo was then just another relatively minor speaker and academic on the university/consulting network in Whiteness […]

“Secure Tolerance”: The Jewish Plan to Permanently Silence the West, Part 2

Go to Part 1. 2012–2015: The National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance Between 2012 and January 2015, Dinstein and three other experts on constitutional law, backed by Kantor’s ECTR developed a draft 12-page pan-European “tolerance law” for adoption by the European Union. The law was intended to “criminalize ‘group libel,’ such as negative stereotyping, […]

“Secure Tolerance”: The Jewish Plan to Permanently Silence the West, Part 1

“The promotion of secure tolerance will be permanent and irreversible.” Moshe Kantor, Manifesto on Secure Tolerance, 2011. In 2010, Harvard duo Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons published The Invisible Gorilla, which detailed their study of the human capacity to overlook even the most obvious things. In one of their experiments, Chabris and Simons created a […]

Lorsque des auteurs juifs définissent le racisme

Publié le 27 juin 2020  dans Tour d’horizon Par Andrew JOYCE. En 1964, à l’issue d’un des procès pour obscénité les plus tristement célèbres d’Amérique, le juge Potter Stewart a absous un film français controversé avec une opinion qui est depuis passée dans le langage courant : “Je ne tenterai pas aujourd’hui de définir plus avant le type de matériel qui, à mon […]