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Julien Langella’s Catholic and Identitarian

Catholic & Identitarian: From Protest to Reconquest Julien Langella Arktos, 2020. “The absence of anger is a sign of the absence of reason.” Saint Thomas Aquinas For better or worse, I’m fairly certain there hasn’t been a Catholic in my family tree since the Reformation, and I remain unsure about a strict definition of “Identitarianism.” […]

The Never-ending Story

“I command the Jews not to agitate for anything beyond that which they have hitherto enjoyed, and not from henceforth, as if they lived in two cities, to send two embassies — a thing which never occurred before now – nor to intrude themselves into games and elections, but to profit by what they possess […]

Portland Memories

“Miserable distorted block-heads, the generality; ape-faces, imp-faces, angry dog-faces, heavy sullen ox-faces; degraded underfoot perverse creatures, sons of indocility, greedy mutinous darkness, and in one word, of STUPIDITY, which is the general mother of such. Stupidity intellectual and stupidity moral had born this progeny: base-natured beings on whom the Genius of Darkness (called Satan, Devil […]

Four More Years Of …

All our political forms are exhausted and practically nonexistent. Our parliamentary system and electoral system and our political parties are just as futile as dictatorships are intolerable. Nothing is left. And this nothing is increasingly aggressive, totalitarian and omnipresent. Jacques Ellul, Anarchy and Christianity (1991) Look at them! Look at them, will you? Behold our […]

Jewish Paranoia: Scientific and Cultural Perspectives

“The term ‘Esau hates Jacob’ symbolizes the world which Jews experience. It is deeply embedded in the Jewish folk tradition.”     C.S. Liebman, “Myth, Tradition and Values in Israeli Society,” 1978.[1] “Increased rates of paranoid states are commonly found among migratory and immigrant groups.”     Maizel et al., “Folie à trois among two […]