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Jewish Paranoia: Scientific and Cultural Perspectives

“The term ‘Esau hates Jacob’ symbolizes the world which Jews experience. It is deeply embedded in the Jewish folk tradition.”     C.S. Liebman, “Myth, Tradition and Values in Israeli Society,” 1978.[1] “Increased rates of paranoid states are commonly found among migratory and immigrant groups.”     Maizel et al., “Folie à trois among two […]

Semitism and Capitalism: The Merits and Inadequacies of Middleman Minority Theory in Explaining the Jews, Part II

Go to Part I “American Jews do not fit the sojourner pattern, since their political involvement goes far beyond the support of Jewish causes. … Much Jewish political activity, whether right, center, or left, can be related to a perception of how to make America and the world safe for Jews. American Jewish support for […]

Semitism and Capitalism: The Merits and Inadequacies of Middleman Minority Theory in Explaining the Jews Part I

“The middleman and the host society come in conflict because elements in each group have incompatible goals. To say this is to deny the viewpoint common in the sociological literature that host hostility is self-generated (from psychological problems or cultural traditions).” Edna Bonacich, “A Theory of Middleman Minorities,” 1973.[1] An interesting accompaniment to Nathan Cofnas’s […]

The Transformation of Europe as an Elite Project: Review of The Blackening of Europe, by Clare Ellis

Clare Ellis The Blackening of Europe: Volume I. Ideologies & International Developments Arktos, 2020. “When this majority-minority shift occurs, there will be an unprecedented transfer of political power from European peoples to non-Europeans, essentially signalling the final endpoint of Europeans’ sovereignty over their ancestral homelands.” One of the great tragedies of modern times has been […]

Review of Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility

Robin DiAngelo White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism Beacon Press, 2018. I first encountered Robin DiAngelo three years ago, during my investigation of the Jewish origins and intellectual currents of Whiteness Studies. DiAngelo was then just another relatively minor speaker and academic on the university/consulting network in Whiteness […]