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“Dejar de ser Blanca”: Irlanda y el Activismo Radical Judío

“Cinco judíos llegaron desde el mar con regalos para Tairdelbach [Rey de Munster], y fueron devueltos nuevamente al mar.”             Anales de Inisfallen, 1079 d. C. “Propongo una interrogación sobre cómo la nación irlandesa puede dejar de ser blanca (cristiana y estable), privilegiando las voces de los racializados y subvirtiendo no sólo las políticas estatales […]

A Race War Prophecy

Ethnic Apocalypse: The Coming European Civil War Guillaume Faye Arktos, 2019. “A confrontation has become indispensable if we are to resolve the problem, remediate the situation and free ourselves.”                                                          Guillaume Faye, Ethnic Apocalypse The celebrated French far-Right intellectual Guillaume Faye passed away in March, after a long battle with cancer, but not before leaving […]

Dugin Viewed from the Right

  Political Platonism: The Philosophy of Politics Alexander Dugin Arktos, 2019. Ethnosociology: The Foundations Alexander Dugin Arktos, 2019. Until a few months ago, I knew very little about Alexander Dugin despite coming across references to him with increasing frequency. This ignorance was partly the result of the nature of those very references, which have been […]

Exclusive Interview with Andrew Clarke on the National Action Trials and His 18 Months in Prison

Introduction. Several weeks ago, Andrew Clarke, a former member of Britain’s National Action, walked free with no criminal convictions after 18 months in prison. During that period of time, Andrew, along with some of his former colleagues, was subjected to two trials at the direction of the Crown Prosecution Service, neither of which convinced a […]

Trump’s ‘Thatcher Effect’: Obstacle to White Nationalism?

“While anti-fascists had eroded the organisational capacity of the National Front in the late 1970s, Margaret Thatcher had stolen their ideological clothing. As prime minister, she had successfully held together a coalition of support with her blend of jingoism and watered-down Powellism. Daniel Trilling, Bloody Nasty People: The Rise of Britain’s Far Right (2012) A […]