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Nowhere to Hide

As an undergraduate, I learned early in my college career that I would hate almost any humanities class I took.  Sitting through the lies of political correctness, in an environment where the only conservative event I ever saw was “Islamo-fascist awareness week,” was too much for this talkative, energetic, opinionated young man.  I innocently signed […]

A Review of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals

Few Jewish radicals have had as much influence over American politics as Saul Alinsky (1909-1972).  Born to Russian Jewish immigrants, he graduated from the University of Chicago and then went on to become a community organizer, being one of the first to bring radical politics to Chicago’s Black ghettos.  Hilary Clinton wrote her senior thesis […]

This Is Ridiculous: A Review of Game Change

A little explored area of human nature is our fascination with celebrities. In the checkout line at the grocery store you will find People and the National Enquirer in front of you, both magazines having been put there so that the consumer will splurge on one before he leaves.  Humans want to know every detail […]

The Trappings of Right Wing Culturalism

In his book We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism, John Derbyshire lists three ways of looking at the world, making clear his preferences are with the third: religion, culturalism, and biologism.  The religious viewpoint posits that mankind and what happens to it are the product of divine will. Culturalism proposes that differences between human groups […]

A review of Norman Finkelstein’s The Holocaust Industry

If you’re like me and have been through the American education system, you as a child may have never learned a word of Greek or Latin, the history of the Bible or been assigned to read a work by a great philosopher.  You probably do remember, however, learning about Martin Luther King, the Klan and […]

The Goddess of Implicit Whiteness: A Review of Going Rogue

The Sailer worldview: Sarah Palin’s intelligence = blank slate Every other person in the entire world’s intelligence: biologically determined. –Anonymous commentator at Steve Sailer’s blog It has been suggested that Sarah Palin is a sort of Rorschach test for Americans. The attractive, religious and fertile White woman drove the ugly, secular and barren White self-hating […]

Unequal Genes: A Review of Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race, and Family Life

Going through a humanities program at an American university, I learned that the evidence for hereditarianism isn’t so much argued against as it is ignored.  For example, a class would be given a paper to read on case studies of how words are used in middle-class and lower-class homes, and then the direct link would […]