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Why America Has Fallen into Despair: A Very Short History

The United States recently became the first medically advanced country with shortening rather than lengthening lifespans.  Princeton University economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton in their 2020 book Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism associate this decline in life span with economic inequality rising to levels not previously recorded. To find a very […]

Dissident relationships:  Reply to Kevin MacDonald

Editor’s note: This is a reply to my article “Ideas on Maintaining Relationships with the Less Committed in a Dark Age.” My comments are in bold. As a White, female spouse of a male TOO contributor, I read with special interest Kevin MacDonald’s recent essay on how to maintain relationships among the less-committed.  His essay […]

A Dissident’s Guide to Cryptocurrency

With various tech and financial companies cracking down on dissident voices, it is becoming more important than ever to support the leaders and organizations who are working to save our people. They are making the necessary personal sacrifices that the rest of us cannot afford to make. They need our financial support. Although there are […]