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Freedom of Association and the Right of Exclusion: The Rights Before All Others, Part 3

Part 1 Part 2 The Legal Landscape American law deals frequently and expansively with the topic of race[1]. The Constitution itself has three amendments that implicate race.  The 13th Amendment outlaws slavery, though it does not explicitly mention race.  The 14th Amendment requires governments to give citizens the “equal protection of the laws.”  It also […]

Freedom of Association and the Right of Exclusion: The Rights Before All Others, Part 2

Begin at Part 1. Homogenous Societies Are Healthy Societies:  Why We Need a Right of Association It is time to affirm a White right of association.  To begin with, Whites simply desire it.  From decisions on which neighborhood to live in, whom to date and marry, and where to worship, Whites choose the company of […]

Freedom of Association and the Right of Exclusion: The Rights Before All Others, Part 1

What follows is a 2005 exchange between Justice Stephen Breyer of the Supreme Court and Joshua Rosenkranz, an attorney arguing for the unconstitutionality of a law that denied federal funding to law schools that barred military recruiters from campus.[1] Justice Breyer: — So, in fact, to be clear, you also think schools that are angry […]

Ancient Resistance in Red, Black and White: The “Anti-Semitism” of Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Fairy tales, for me, have always evoked powerful feelings of the mysterious and mist-shrouded history of European peoples.  Both before and after coming to White racial consciousness, there was always something “enchanting,” to use a word, about the tales and their faraway castles, strange creatures and ever-present dark woods.  Like a non-Jewish version of the […]

Activus Interruptus: All Pro-White and Nowhere to Go

It’s well-known that a major frustration for white advocates is the lack of opportunities for activism.  A person first makes the slow and sometimes painful transition from “conservative” or “libertarian” to racially conscious white person (as in “No, I’m not a hater of random black or Jewish people, but would you look at the raw deal whites in […]

AR Conference Cancellation: What About White Victims of Terrorism?

This weekend was to have been the American Renaissance conference, a fantastic gathering of white advocates from across the Western world.  Its cancellation was forced, as most know by now, because of pressure and terroristic threats received by three (or four?) hotels that were to have hosted.  The anti-white and left-wing elements are gleeful about […]

A Window on the Warping of Whites: The Swarthmore College Alumni Magazine

As a lonely state-school grad in a family of smarties, I get to read alumni magazines from more prestigious places:  Stanford, Columbia, Northwestern, Swarthmore.  High-powered and hard-left is the typical formula, but the October 2009 edition of Swarthmore’s was such a jaw-dropper, I must share. The cover, as you can see, is an artsy photographic […]

All Things Not Considered: Why NPR Won’t Tell Listeners Why It Fires Its Black Employees

National Public Radio has always struck me as a highly-polished jewel in the crown of hard-left, Jewish-dominated media. On my drive home from work, I listen to Robert Siegel, a quintessential liberal Jewish male, and Michele Norris, a quintessential liberal Black female, co-hosts of All Things Considered, the nightly news reflections program. All Things Considered […]

Media Watch Elie Mystal’s Lament: Politically Incorrect Comments on Above the Law

The legal gossip blog Above the Law is a juicy read for bored big-firm associates wanting to know who’s hiring, who’s firing, and whose bitter goodbye e-mail is now circulating the Internet. It’s also got enough interesting stuff for everyone else, like interviews with Sandra Day O’Connor or the “Lawyer of the Day” feature, for attorneys […]

Racist Babies? Not a Joke — An Actual Concern of the MSM

Major newsmagazines like Time and Newsweek have descended into increasing irrelevance over the years, each one looking more like People magazine than a serious journal of the times.  Shorter articles, more fluff. But I could not resist picking up the latest Newsweek.  With a picture of white baby’s face on the cover, it asks in […]

Deathways: Four Race-Ending Life Paths of Young Whites

Another family gathering has reminded me of the always-depressing shape of too many White family trees — a family of five children that begets two grandchildren, a family of three children that begets none, and so on.  We are a race that has been sapped of our very will to exist — concerned with the […]

Notes From Central Pennsylvania: The Very Long Arm of Egalitarian Propaganda

Life events have brought me into increasing contact with Central Pennsylvania, a vast tract of mountainous, rolling farmland stretching between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.  I think it was James Carville who derided Pennsylvania as those two cities “and Alabama without Blacks in between.” There is something to that description.  It is not a wealthy area, and […]

When Diversity Doesn’t Count: Adam Liptak and Linda Greenhouse Astride The New York Times (and Yale Law School, and the Supreme Court, etc.)

The most important newspaper in America is the New York Times.  The most important court in America is the U.S. Supreme Court.  And the most important law school in America is Yale Law School. So whoever finds himself straddling these three towering institutions has power on the order of say, being the Senate Judiciary Committee, all […]

Small Towns, Football and Close-Knit Whites: Monolith of Evil to the New York Times

Last August, I wrote about CNN’s predictably biased coverage of the beating death of Luís Ramírez, an illegal alien in the small Pennsylvania town of Shenandoah. The young White men prosecuted beat some of the charges, leading to yet another round of predictable media coverage.  Most stories I read began with that most ominous of […]

Anti-Semitic as a Matter of Law

John Sharpe is a writer and publisher who formerly ran the Legion of St. Louis and now runs IHS Press. He is also an editor of the two Neo-Conned books condemning the neoconservative war in Iraq. With a résumé like this, it’s not surprising that Sharpe would run afoul of the thought police. The $PLC describes […]