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Ancient Resistance in Red, Black and White: The “Anti-Semitism” of Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Fairy tales, for me, have always evoked powerful feelings of the mysterious and mist-shrouded history of European peoples.  Both before and after coming to White racial consciousness, there was always something “enchanting,” to use a word, about the tales and their faraway castles, strange creatures and ever-present dark woods.  Like a non-Jewish version of the […]

Activus Interruptus: All Pro-White and Nowhere to Go

It’s well-known that a major frustration for white advocates is the lack of opportunities for activism.  A person first makes the slow and sometimes painful transition from “conservative” or “libertarian” to racially conscious white person (as in “No, I’m not a hater of random black or Jewish people, but would you look at the raw deal whites in […]

A Window on the Warping of Whites: The Swarthmore College Alumni Magazine

As a lonely state-school grad in a family of smarties, I get to read alumni magazines from more prestigious places:  Stanford, Columbia, Northwestern, Swarthmore.  High-powered and hard-left is the typical formula, but the October 2009 edition of Swarthmore’s was such a jaw-dropper, I must share. The cover, as you can see, is an artsy photographic […]

All Things Not Considered: Why NPR Won’t Tell Listeners Why It Fires Its Black Employees

National Public Radio has always struck me as a highly-polished jewel in the crown of hard-left, Jewish-dominated media. On my drive home from work, I listen to Robert Siegel, a quintessential liberal Jewish male, and Michele Norris, a quintessential liberal Black female, co-hosts of All Things Considered, the nightly news reflections program. All Things Considered […]

Media Watch Elie Mystal’s Lament: Politically Incorrect Comments on Above the Law

The legal gossip blog Above the Law is a juicy read for bored big-firm associates wanting to know who’s hiring, who’s firing, and whose bitter goodbye e-mail is now circulating the Internet. It’s also got enough interesting stuff for everyone else, like interviews with Sandra Day O’Connor or the “Lawyer of the Day” feature, for attorneys […]

Racist Babies? Not a Joke — An Actual Concern of the MSM

Major newsmagazines like Time and Newsweek have descended into increasing irrelevance over the years, each one looking more like People magazine than a serious journal of the times.  Shorter articles, more fluff. But I could not resist picking up the latest Newsweek.  With a picture of white baby’s face on the cover, it asks in […]

Deathways: Four Race-Ending Life Paths of Young Whites

Another family gathering has reminded me of the always-depressing shape of too many White family trees — a family of five children that begets two grandchildren, a family of three children that begets none, and so on.  We are a race that has been sapped of our very will to exist — concerned with the […]

Notes From Central Pennsylvania: The Very Long Arm of Egalitarian Propaganda

Life events have brought me into increasing contact with Central Pennsylvania, a vast tract of mountainous, rolling farmland stretching between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.  I think it was James Carville who derided Pennsylvania as those two cities “and Alabama without Blacks in between.” There is something to that description.  It is not a wealthy area, and […]

When Diversity Doesn’t Count: Adam Liptak and Linda Greenhouse Astride The New York Times (and Yale Law School, and the Supreme Court, etc.)

The most important newspaper in America is the New York Times.  The most important court in America is the U.S. Supreme Court.  And the most important law school in America is Yale Law School. So whoever finds himself straddling these three towering institutions has power on the order of say, being the Senate Judiciary Committee, all […]

Small Towns, Football and Close-Knit Whites: Monolith of Evil to the New York Times

Last August, I wrote about CNN’s predictably biased coverage of the beating death of Luís Ramírez, an illegal alien in the small Pennsylvania town of Shenandoah. The young White men prosecuted beat some of the charges, leading to yet another round of predictable media coverage.  Most stories I read began with that most ominous of […]

Anti-Semitic as a Matter of Law

John Sharpe is a writer and publisher who formerly ran the Legion of St. Louis and now runs IHS Press. He is also an editor of the two Neo-Conned books condemning the neoconservative war in Iraq. With a résumé like this, it’s not surprising that Sharpe would run afoul of the thought police. The $PLC describes […]

Media Watch: Explicit whiteness

Review of Stuff White People Like: A Definitive Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions, by Christian Lander. New York: Random House, 2008 From The Occidental Quarterly, vol. 8, no. 4 (Winter 2008–2009). (Click here for information on subscriptions to TOQ.) Does Christian Lander have our number? For a wide, mostly liberal swath of the […]

Media Watch: Who’s a White Supremacist?

Few terms are more beloved by the media than “white supremacist.”  It conjures an image of a tattooed skinhead barking “sieg heil” or a gap-toothed Klansman at a lynching.  Proper people recoil in horror. Every so often, a genuine moron pops up in the news who practically begs for the term, however many galaxies away he is from actual […]

Media Watch: Late Night too white, NYT’s Alessandra Stanley complains — Would she make the same complaint about Jews in the media?

Some whites might have thought that by casting a ballot for Barack Obama, they’d be treated to a few reverse turns on the vice-grip of white guilt in America. Even a few pro-white folks might have speculated an Obama win would serve to quiet the shrill attacks on whites as the source of all evil. […]

Media Watch: Mainstreamest of the MSM admits: Yes, minority loans stoked the economic crisis

For weeks, writers like Steve Sailer and Ann Coulter have been pointing out that the economic crisis was likely caused, in large part, by the massive drive to give mortgage loans to blacks and Hispanics. The reaction was easy to predict: Loony right-wingers and racists want to “scapegoat” minorities for economic problems that are really the […]

Media Watch: The audacity of black demands: Black president must be covered by black reporters

Before he’s even inaugurated, one question about the effect of electing Barack Obama is getting an answer. The question:  Will a black president quell black demands for affirmative action? The answer:  No. In a recent article on the new black-oriented, Washington Post-owned website “The Root,” writer Sam Fulwood fumes that “racism” has kept blacks from the White House press […]

Media Watch – Implicit whiteness, with pyrotechnics: Or, the night white people took over Washington, DC

The other night I saw AC/DC at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.  For those out of the know, AC/DC is an aging Australian hard rock band (founded 1973) famous for thundering, simple-themed songs that revolve around alcohol, women, and rock.  Its guitarist, a pale, slight Scotsman named Angus Young, is known for performing while […]

Media Watch – Now that’s Rich: Frank Rich comes to white America’s defense

When does a Jewish, liberal New York Times columnist come to the defense of white America?  Only when he thinks it’s not as “racist” as portrayed by his media brethren. In other words, only when whites wrest themselves from their natural instincts (and logical objections) against a black candidate for office and prostrate themselves before the Multiracial […]

Media Watch – Kannon Shanmugam: Unstoppable Ethnicity for the 21st Century

At 35, Washington, D.C. lawyer Kannon Shanmugam could very well have the most impressively perfect career of any living attorney his age:  a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School, clerkships for Michael Luttig and Antonin Scalia, a stint at the ultra-prestigious Solicitor General’s Office, and now, partnership with powerhouse firm Williams & Connolly. […]

Media Watch – For the media, the less whites think about their coming minority status, the better

About a month ago, the New York Times reported that the new projected “year of minority” for whites will be 2042, instead of 2050, as previously predicted. The next day, a vigilant Times reader telephoned the writer of the story, Sam Roberts, with a proposal.  The coming minority status of whites is a huge, absolutely […]

Media Watch – The Gray Wall of Silence: What White New York Times Readers Should Know About What’s Fit To Print

Earlier, I wrote about the New York Times’ newly announced policy of censoring racially conscious reader comment on the internet and the New York Times’ Magazine’s nearly all-Jewish editorial content, and how whites are excluded from the conversation. But the big paper itself — sometimes called “The Old Gray Lady” — has erected an impenetrable […]

Breaking Bottles Underfoot: The Continuing Jewish Takeover of the New York Times’ Wedding Announcements

As TOO readers are aware, one of my favorite targets for white advocacy critique is The New York Times.  There are many good reasons for this, one of which is the Times’ standing as America’s pre-eminent newspaper.  Sometimes, one can tell a lot about the direction of American society simply by looking at what the […]

Eye on the Media – NYT’s Kristof Admits: A White Mugabe Would Get Attention

The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof is a bit of an enigma:  an apparently white gentile male with solidly liberal leanings who occasionally flirts with the reality of genetic differences.  His big concern, as with many white liberals, is Africa. But Kristof is not quite the apologist that Walter Duranty was for the Soviet Union.  […]

Media Watch – 21st Century White Men and the Slave Mentality

The hair-curling humiliation of a Department of Justice official for ‘racially insensitive’ remarks demonstrates the reaches of anti-majority power in the United States John Tanner’s 15 minutes of fame, like that of so many white men, came about for stating a plain truth about race. Tanner, chief of the Department of Justice’s voting rights division, […]

Media Watch Bob Herbert Knows Who the New Massa Is

Bob Herbert is a black liberal columnist for the New York Times.  There’s nothing remarkable about his writing or much original about his ideas:  America is racist white country, Republicans are bad people, and so on.  (He could be on to something about the Republicans, though.)  His haughtiness during television appearances is off-putting. In what might […]

Media Watch – Vox Populi, Verboten

The New York Times is allowing select reader commentary on its Web pages.  Guess which types of comments won’t make the cut. New York Times’ “Public Editor” Clark Hoyt announced in his most recent column that our paper of record will soon begin allowing reader comments to be posted on its Web pages. See  Civil […]

Media Watch – The Nameless Whites of CNN’s Shenandoah Coverage: When Will Our People Speak Without Fear?

As one might expect, the beating death of a 25-year-old Hispanic man in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania by white teenagers took the top spot on CNN’s web page. And, as any white advocate (and most whites in general) knows, this is in sharp contrast to media treatment of obviously racial attacks on whites by other racial groups, […]

Media Watch – Top of the Masthead: How To Handle Walt and Mearsheimer

In 2003, when The New York Times found it necessary to address the issue of Jewish prompting for the war in Iraq, no less than the Editor — that’s the No. 1, capital “E” editor — wrote the piece himself. Said Bill Keller, the belief the the war is for Israel is “simple-minded and offensive”.  But […]

Eye on the Media – Before They Can Walk: Displacement of White Images in Baby Books and Toys

One good way to shove whites off the stage of the society they built is by displacing their image.  It’s noticeable everywhere:  advertising, television, magazines, billboards, movies and other media.  As a new parent, I’ve come to notice how this is happening even in a child’s world.  At the local Barnes & Noble the other […]

Eye on the Media – Lines Overlooked by the Times

This Sunday’s Week in Review section fronts with a non-groundbreaking quote corral on the Times’ favorite issue of late: Will whites vote for Barack Obama? Not if he’s too much of a black power fist-pumper, concludes black journalist Marcus Mabry, in what I would describe as a “revelation” fit to print only by the sliding […]

Cooter Obama, George Obama: The Onion (Inadvertently?) Beats Real Life to the Punch

The satirical newspaper The Onion, once a college campus mainstay out of Madison, Wisconsin that in recent years has moved its headquarters to New York for a more national reach, has a habit of creating spoofs that are one step ahead of reality. Last week, it ran a pretty funny piece on “Cooter Obama,” Obama’s […]

The White Elephants of Frank Rich

Only for today’s mainstream media is something illegitimate by virtue of being all-white.  Needless to say, something that’s all-black or all-Hispanic is vivid, authentic and inspiring;  anything all-white is stultifying, boring and evil. The New York Times’ Frank Rich, a Jewish liberal, complains Sunday that of the Republican Party’s 247 senators and representatives in the […]

Obama Squirms Under a New Light: Traditional (White) America’s

Wednesday night’s televised debate on ABC between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama was, as one might expect given recent campaign blunders, a mostly comfortable evening for Clinton and a surprisingly awkward performance from Obama. Moderators Charles Gibson and George Stephanopolous — but especially Stephanopolous — gave Obama a difficult time with questions about his anti-white […]

N. C. Aizenman: The Washington Post’s Reigning Champion of Illegal Aliens

The treatment of illegal immigrants by the MSM has been a tiresome spectacle for years:  They’re lovely beings.  The American citizens, whites or other opponents of their continued presence here are awful trolls. We constantly hear of the illegals’ plight.  We never hear about the people hurt by them, namely white Americans (and to a […]

Climbing Jacob’s Ladder: A White New York Times Editor Converts to Judaism

Just how powerful is Jewish influence over the prestige media in America?  So powerful, non-Jews are willing to sell their souls — literally, if selling a soul can be literal — to prove their fealty to Jewish power and achieve journalistic success.  Consider the revealing essay of Dana Jennings, a New York Times editor, appearing […]

ProPublica, or ProJudaica?

The journalism world is abuzz over an ambitious plan to reinvigorate investigative journalism through a group called “ProPublica,” described as a would-be staff of 24 in-depth reporters based in New York whose work will appear on-line, but possibly also in big dailies, as well. Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post provides the most recent update […]

Arun Gandhi: Another Casualty of Jewish Censorship

Just how unable are we to discuss Jews and their attitudes and behavior? An amazing admission from the Washington Post’s ombudsman recently tells it:  very unable.  As in, don’t even think about it, or you’ll lose your job. Deborah Howell, in a Sunday center-of-the-page column, responded to the controversy surrounding an online column by Arun […]

NPR’s Not-So-Fresh Air

“Fresh Air,” the midday talk show out of Philadelphia and broadcast on National Public Radio, is hosted by Terry Gross, a bookish liberal who tends toward typical NPR fare: Jazz, the Holocaust, poetry and poets, more jazz, and more Holocaust. Her inquisitive but sympathetic tone gives the feel of a comfortable but animated coffeehouse chat. […]

New York Times Spins Black Murders Into Excuse to Ban Homeschooling

Homeschooling is widely feared by the multicultural establishment because it is seen as a way for “racist” whites to shield their children from liberal indoctrination.  But arguments against it are difficult to make.  With few exceptions, most Americans consider the right to raise children as one sees fit as inviolable. Meanwhile, never-ending examples of black […]

Kind Words of ‘Conservatives’ for Obama

Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post tracks what he describes as the “conservative” press singing the praises of Sen. Barack Obama, winner of the Iowa caucuses. His first example?  A gushing quote from David Brooks, whom Kurtz calls the “conservative New York Times columnist.”  Yet Brooks, who like Kurtz is Jewish, is not, by the […]

Why Inherited Racial Difference Is the Most Frightening Topic Going

No concept threatens the state religion of diversity more than innate group difference.  Take the wattage generated by every political controversy in the United States – abortion, war, homosexuality – add it up and multiply by ten.  You still wouldn’t have anything close to the shock power of the idea that racial and ethnic groups […]

Charlene Morisseau: The Legal World’s Answer to Jayson Blair

Unless you follow the legal press, you probably missed the employment odyssey of one Charlene Morisseau, formerly an attorney for DLA Piper, one of America’s biggest law firms. Ms. Morisseau, who is black, filed a federal lawsuit charging racial discrimination after being fired from the firm.  Her lawsuit was dismissed earlier this month for reasons, as other bloggers […]

Media Watch – The New York Times Magazine: A Conversation Among Us Jews

The New York Times Magazine, the New York Times’ Sunday slick-page offering, is easily one of the higher-quality publications in America, with in-depth treatments of cutting-edge issues in medicine, science, foreign policy, politics and our sociological landscape.  But as with much of America’s elite media, there is a disproportionate representation of the Jewish community, its […]