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Freedom of Association and the Right of Exclusion: The Rights Before All Others, Part 3

Part 1 Part 2 The Legal Landscape American law deals frequently and expansively with the topic of race[1]. The Constitution itself has three amendments that implicate race.  The 13th Amendment outlaws slavery, though it does not explicitly mention race.  The 14th Amendment requires governments to give citizens the “equal protection of the laws.”  It also […]

Freedom of Association and the Right of Exclusion: The Rights Before All Others, Part 1

What follows is a 2005 exchange between Justice Stephen Breyer of the Supreme Court and Joshua Rosenkranz, an attorney arguing for the unconstitutionality of a law that denied federal funding to law schools that barred military recruiters from campus.[1] Justice Breyer: — So, in fact, to be clear, you also think schools that are angry […]

The Death of Sarah Burke

White people, more than other racial groups, seem to enjoy taking big physical risks. I was reminded of this upon hearing of the death of White Canadian female halfpipe skier, Sarah Burke. She was White, beautiful, 29 years old. Great physical shape, obviously. No children born. But she was willing to fling her body into impossible […]

Joseph Flom as a Stereotypical Jewish Success Story

Joseph Flom, a name partner of the massive law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, died recently. Flom fit perfectly a certain Jewish stereotype—rising to the top with a powerful combination of intelligence, interpersonal aggression, and lack of a moral sense. He was “a lawyer whose expertise and ruthlessness in corporate mergers and acquisitions […]

Ancient Resistance in Red, Black and White: The “Anti-Semitism” of Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Fairy tales, for me, have always evoked powerful feelings of the mysterious and mist-shrouded history of European peoples.  Both before and after coming to White racial consciousness, there was always something “enchanting,” to use a word, about the tales and their faraway castles, strange creatures and ever-present dark woods.  Like a non-Jewish version of the […]