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Editor’s note: This was submitted as a comment but I thought it was of general interest and would get more visibility as a blog post. It is slightly edited from the original.

In Sweden the arguments from the elites are very similar.  Our elites claim that “structural racism” in the Swedish culture is a deep problem in our society.  At the same time our elite argue that Swedish culture and the Swedish people are social construction.

A very common argument is that “Swedish culture is the sum of all cultures”.  Often, our elite begin a debate with the rhetorical question: “Who is a Swede” when they argue for multiculturalism.   What they want to do is to tell us that we as Swedes do not exist. We, as Swedes can only exist when we discriminate against immigrants. This kind of argument was easy for the nationalist Swedish Democrats (SD) to reject. They just say, we exist as a people and as a people we have the right to decide who and how many people can come here to Sweden moreover, they should adopt our values.   In one debate, Congressman (SD) Matthias Karlsson just said “If we as a people do not exist, how can the Kurdish people exist, and how can you claim identity politics for them”. The journalist and his political opponent just gasp.

Before the election of 2010, our elites always used this “Who is a Swede”-argument. A more famous and still common argument is “If we did not have immigrants, we would not have any pizza”.  This is of course a hilarious argument!   When a Swede looks at America and sees the immigration debate, he soon understands that your debate is much more intelligent than ours.  Your elites know how to lie, they know their books and they can always refer to your “constitution”.  In Sweden valid academic arguments are seldom used when it comes to immigration or any politics.  Instead our political elites use very simple arguments and there is a reason for it.

Our political elites are incredibly poorly educated.  Of the eight parties in the parliament NONE of the party leaders have a post-graduate degree (Master or Doctorate).   Of nine leaders (Because MPs have to leaders) one has a Magister in Biology (Half a Masters degree),  one has credits for Magister in political science but no degree,  one is an officer-candidate (Major in the army) and one has a bachelor degree in economics.  The rest have just high school diplomas, often with poor grades.  Only five of nine have set their foot at a University and only four have a University degree.  This is true at all levels of the political elite. In the Swedish Parliament, one could easily say that the Nationalist Party, Sweden Democrats are overrepresented by people with University credits or degrees.

This is actually a tradition in Sweden and is well known in academic circles that study comparative politics.  The Swedish middle class is more educated then their politicians.  Why this is common in Sweden is because of our political system and traditions. Most Swedish politicians have never worked at all. They began in the Youth league, then they begin to study something at university until they are hired by their party or voted in by election.

When former Social Democratic Prime Minister Göran Persson (1996-2006) ran the country, one of his ministers (Bo Ringholm) had not even a complete high school diploma. He was minister of finance and he did not pass level B math at the High School level.  Göran Persson himself did not have any University education at all. Well, he did study a couple of months at a community college, until he was elected into a municipality.  The conservatives, Greens and the liberals have generally more educated persons then the socialists and social democrats.  It is because of the low education level that our political elite seldom use arguments that are difficult to rebut.

Of course, for the Swedish Democrats it’s a lot of fun to discuss issues with morons in the Swedish Parliament.  They have many young, elite educated, upper middle class pricks in their ranks that love to destroy moronic arguments. The congress debates are sent almost every day on TV.   In one debate the young congressman for the Swedish Democrats, William Petzäll (SD), pretty much looked on when an old and experienced liberal Congressman (FP) lost himself in mathematics.  This guy could not even use simple mathematics (Easy Fractions/percentage) on primary school level.  This has now become an internet joke.

In a debate in the parliament between Kent Ekeroth, congressman for Swedish Democrats  (SD),  Mr Ekeroth put forward arguments against “Interreg” (A European border system).  This was of course misunderstood by a Christian Democrat who said that Sweden Democrats were fascists because they were against the “Interrail” (European train-tickets).  This Christian Democrat did not even understand what Ekeroth said because it was too abstract for him. This mistake has also become an internet joke among those who follow politics in Sweden.

Before the 2010 election all the elites tried to attack the Swedish Democrats in different smear games.  They were not allowed to take part in the big debates but just a couple of days before the election they got 10 minutes on a “debate program” on state TV.  Jimmie Åkesson stood against the spokeswoman for Social Democrats “woman-section”, a Kurdish woman, famous for her support of Western feminism.  Her name is Nalin Pekgul. She was used because she is often seen as “anti-Islamic” and so is Åkesson. Let’s take a “moderate Muslim” who can destroy the bigoted Åkesson. None of the political leaders in the Parliament would talk to Åkesson. So Åkesson accepted this debate.

Jimmie Åkesson had years before destroyed the Social Democrats in debate when he was only in his later twenties. She was the leader of the Social Democrat party (Mona Sahlin) with years of experience as a minister of different state departments. Åkesson won against her.  He had won against everybody he went up against and this includes not only politicians, but many others from other fields of the elite including famous professors.

Many among the academic and cultural elite love him (of course in secret and not his politics) because this guy has actually read books that are not a bestselling thriller-novel.   Either way, Jimmie Åkesson has everybody against him in this debate against Nalin Pekgul. It is a setup.  The audience “experts” consist of a liberal journalist and a socialist journalist.  They are of course against him. The rest of the audience is against also against him (not all though). Only the “anchorwoman” (Debate moderator) is neutral.

Nalin Pekgul went into the same trap as former Vice Prime Minister (Maud Olofsson) did when she meet Jimmie Åkesson in a debate.  Pekgul thinks that if she plays that “sensitive and upset card,” Jimmie Åkesson will feel bad about his “evil conservative views”; he will immediately change into a “good” politician sensitive to the “needs” of minorities.   But what Nalin Pekgul did not realize was that she would not get help from the Anchorwoman, as Maud Olofsson, Mona Sahlin and others had previously gotten. Of course, Åkesson won those debates also, but he had to think twice sometimes.

Nalin Pekgul began by referring to an article written by Åkesson about the Islamification of Sweden and trots out all the usual all the bad arguments: Åkesson hates her children because they Kurdish and Muslims, Åkesson is as bad as jihadist, Åkesson is a Nazi, Åkesson hates Jews, and Muslims, Åkesson doesn’t care about women, Åkesson is against pizza because he is a nationalist (How can any sane person say that?). Pekgul also said that she wants the society to adopt Muslim holydays.

Jimmie Åkesson is smart as hell.  He takes popular liberal arguments and mixes them with a nationalist touch. For example: Our society should not adapt to Islamic norms like circumcision (of boys), segregated swimming classes (mandatory in primary school), pork shall not be taken out of school menus, schools shall have graduation ceremonies in churches (very common still) and the immigrants shall adopt to the host peoples culture (implicitly the religion) because it is our land.

Nalin Pekgul began to cry.  She is crying on TV.  A grown woman, member and leader of the largest political women’s organization in Sweden. She is one of the highest ranked social democrats in Sweden.  Jimmie Åkesson had taken cultural issues that are deeply rooted in Swedish society, combined it with citizen’s identity politics (normative multiculturalism) and a dose of liberalism. In the end he presented his own identity politics that Sweden is our land.

We see more and more of these tactics from the Sweden Democrats. They know that Sweden is extremely liberal and that Swedes are extremely humanistic when it comes to many things. This includes children’s rights.   The Swedish elites have always played heavily on Swedish humanism when it comes to immigration issues.  But having a multicultural society means you have to give rights to minorities, which include the legalization of Kosher slaughter, circumcision for boys, the right to walk around in a burkah in School, the right to beat your children and many other things that conflict with those humanistic ideals.

Åkesson knows that these anti-humanistic laws mandated by multiculturalism make Swedes very angry.  So he just takes those liberal, feminist and humanistic issues and makes them his own. Then he slams all this “humanism” in the face of his opponent and they have no response except to cry, which Nalin Pekgul did. He made this terrible crypto-Kurdish Nationalist and “liberal-feminist” into a monster who does not cherish the Swedish humanistic culture. Also, Åkesson is the one that looked, acted and talked as a serious politicians. Which he is.

At he end of the debate the journalists slammed Jimmie Åkesson (they were invited to do so). But Jimmie Åkesson, addressing the anchorwoman, said just “Why have you invited two experts that both call my views disgusting? Do you call this unbiased television?”  The anchorwoman said she was sorry and some in the audience came in Åkesson’s defense in the “After debate”.  Nalin Pekgul would not even shake Åkesson hand after the debate and she did not wanted to take part in the “after debate”, which was broadcast on the Internet.

The Swedish Democrats got into the parliament with more than 300,000 votes (5.7 percent); they are now larger than “The Left (Communist party) and the Christian Democrats.  They are expected to double their support in the 2014 elections. But our political elites have recently made multiculturalism and the European Union part of our constitution so even though the Sweden Democrats may be a 20 percent party in 2018, they must change the constitution in order to achieve their political goals. Like in Belgium, the elites will not go down easily here.  In Denmark, the nationalist party there is now normalized and now they even debate whether they should halt all immigration from the Third World.  The Swedish Media calls Denmark a “cancer tumor” of the European Union.

The mainstream conservatives (They are liberals either way) have understood that Sweden Democrats are an intelligent party, with more and more support among the middle class and in some parts of Sweden (especially Scania) even among the Upper-Middle Class. The elite have tried to portray the Sweden Democrats as “White Trash racists”, but they have failed.

The Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said to a newspaper: “I can only win a debate against Åkesson if he comes drunk to the studio and begins to beat people.” The Prime Minister has good reason to fear Jimmie Åkesson.  Not because he takes conservative votes, but because Åkesson is an extremely good debater and a reasonable intellectual. When Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt stood against Congressman Matthias Karlsson (SD) in a debate, just after the election, he lost.  Mr. Karlsson pretty much won the debate and Karlsson is not one of the better congressmen in the Swedish Democrats when it comes to debates.

The mainstream conservatives plan is to defend “Swedish Values.”  Our political elites cannot pull out of “post-structuralism” arguments anymore.  A high-ranking member of the Conservative Party said “We look like morons when we tell the Swedes they don’t exist as a people”.   Their plan is to pretty much look at how the Party Venstre (In Denmark) and Sarkozy (France) navigate around the nationalists.

They do not want to take the Venstre Position (Do what the nationalists tell them to do) and they do not want it to look that they copy the civic nationalism of France, because then they could lose voters.  In the midsts of all this, the libertarians (they are not libertarians when it comes to economics but only on value issues) have begun to be more vocal. They are critical of “group-rights” (normative multiculturalism) and the Peoples Parties Youth League even wants to ban circumcisions of boys.  Most of them draw from liberal academics critical of multiculturalism, such as Brian Barry.

Fredrik Reinfeldt and the “conservative” elite know that they must do something to stop the Swedish Democrats. But what? Well? Prime Minister Reinfeldt now says that they need to say to the Swedes that to be Swede is to be a liberal and that Christianity is a part of our history. But the state church shall not be re-institutionalized (it was so until 2000).

Four years ago the Prime Minister said that Swedes were savages, speaking to a group of immigrants on TV. This was after people in their community had raped a girl, then rioted against the police, firing bullets into the local police station.

They (mainstream conservatives) have learned from the Swedish Peoples Party (liberals/libertarians) that they do not have to do anything–just say loudly that they support Swedish values (which is of course multicultural and liberal in their view). Flag waving Swedes just hear “Swedish values” and becomes happy.  But the morons in the Christian Democrats and the Center Party don’t seem to keep up with the agenda of the Conservatives (M) and the Peoples Party (Fp), even though they are in the same government.  The fallacy is that the Center party and the Christian Democrats are comparable in size to the Swedish Democrats and they fear they will get under four percent in next election, which would force them to leave the Congress. Today, there is a crisis in those parties. The election went terribly for them.  It is actually the same thing in the Social Democratic party, even though they are the largest party in the parliament.

Another issue is that the Swedish Democrats are now allowed to take part in the internal debate in Parliament. They are a watchdog on every issue and force the other parties to seek support over bloc borders.  Even the media are forced (pretty much) to let the Sweden Democrats publish debate articles in the media and when the Conservatives and the Liberals try to sell “Burkah ban” –- the Swedish Democrats are there and say: “Great! When can it be done?”  The Peoples Party (liberals) has played this “say populist things but do the opposite game” for almost ten years now.  If they don’t get 100 percent support in the governing coalition, they cannot issue any laws or regulations.

So Sweden is slowly moving forward just three months after the election. Today, the elite used a lot of numbers (often flawed numbers) when they debate immigration issues, with mixed results.  This “post-structuralist rhetoric” is likely to be unpopular.  Today the old radical post-colonialist professors are marginalized.  They have been for at least a couple of years.  They are not welcomed. The liberal media is now attacking the department of discrimination, calling it unfair and close to racism because it takes culturally relativistic positions.

The next election is in four years. The elites are now cleaning up and reloading their PC-guns.  The Right Wing and Liberals are going to sell “Swedish values” next election, which will be a mix of liberalism, multiculturalism and anti-Islam arguments.  Immigrants shall learn Swedish, learn feminism, liberalism and they will not wear the Burkah. Of course nothing is going to be mandatory. No more post-modernism. We Swedes actually exist nowadays! The communists are going to be more radical and more anti-zionist, anti-racist and more socialist.  The Social Democrats are in a crisis. They are going to follow up the Right Wing and the Liberals in their economic policies.  The Green Party is just happy that everybody loves their hippie-ideology of “Flower Power”.  They are not the third largest party. Funny as it is, they now have radical Islamists among them, and one is head of their parliamentary group.  This party rides on the Climate change propaganda so their madness will be excused by the nature-loving Swedes.

The Swedish Democrats, how is it going for them?  They are now rich. They receive now over 300 million (43 million dollar) kronor from the state each year. This is actually what the state grants to parties of their size so they don’t seek support from private companies.  They have 612 mandates (4,91%) in 245 municipalities (There is a total of 290 municipalities in Sweden), 68 mandates (4,58%) in 15 county councils of Sweden (There are 20 counties in Sweden) and they have 20 seats (5,7 percent) of 348 seats in the Parliament.  They are now larger than the Christian Democrats at the local (municipality) level and are slightly larger than the Christian Democrats and the Left party (communists) in the parliament.  They have more money than they can spend. The other parties have nice salaries for their leaders and many are on the “payroll”.  Jimmie Åkesson is the highest paid member in the Swedish Democrats. He makes about 150.000 US dollar a year.  The media tried to depict him as “greedy.” But in fact he is paid 60.000 US dollars a year from the party and the rest is paid by the state (as a parliament salary).  Before the 2006 election he made half of that amount as a salary. This is not even close to what the others make.  Only the leader of the “Left party” makes less.

Either way: Now the party is building a new organization with many smart young and individuals.  The Liberal Party has been so “Friendly” that they have left the floor in the Parliament where the Swedish Democrats have their “Parliament office.”  The liberals did not want to share floors with “Nazis.” Jimmie Åkesson will not be invited to the Noble Prize Dinner because he does not “share the values of Alfred Nobel”. This is the first time in history that this has happened.  Not even New Democracy (a populist elite party that was called xenophobic) was excluded from the Noble Prize festivities.

The good news is that more academics, journalists, businessman and people with influence support Jimmie Åkesson and his cultural nationalist party.  One of them is former New Democracy leader Ian Wachtmeister. He is one of the highest noblemen in Sweden, he has written many books, has been a part of the populist-right since establishing the anti-immigration populist-libertarian New Democracy,  a party he founded 9 months before the election of 1991. He entered parliament. But such an elitist party (like Geert Wilders party) was destroyed by internal conflicts.  The media hate him, but he is one of the few left of the old nobility. We are talking about a man (he is over 70 now) who was presented in front of the King when he was a child so the king should have friends to play with. You don’t mess with a guy with influence in all parts of the society, with lots of money and is well-educated both academically and socially.  Most Swedes (even the socialists) like him. He is friendly, funny, well-behaved and reactionary in the populist sense. He is actually invited on TV-shows and is treated with respect even when he slams all those politically correct morons including the journalists who host him.  A couple of days ago he talked at Sweden Democratic event and the media was in a spin, but not in a negative way.  There are many closet supporters of his sort (not as well known, though) out there.

Moreover, the largest antiracist institution EXPO (much like Searchlight in England or SPLC in America) is now getting lots of funds to fight the “Nazis” in the parliament.  One Union gave them 300 000 kronor (42 000 Dollar) this year.  Now they don’t have to take out a fee to go to a public institution to talk about the Swedish Democrats. The institution has only five people working full time for them so the funds are very limited comparing to the Swedish Democrats with their 300 million kronor a year.  The media care less and less for them. The large media corporation just goes straight to the Swedish Democrats. That means that Expo is getting largely marginalized.  The Sweden Democrats do not see Expo as “press”, so they are not invited to their public announcements.  The Sweden Democrats still talk with them, but on their terms.  They even have each other on Facebook.  This is why you can talk about marginalization of the “anti-racist” movement.  Today they put out a short article each week and often it’s written in a very neutral manner and sometimes even friendly. It has gone so far that Expo nowadays even writes about “Whites who are discriminated against in South Africa and Zimbabwe”.

The Sweden Democrats now have a fulltime staff working for them and they have begun to build up international ties with other cultural-nationalist parties in Europe. We are seeing two political movements in Europe, or maybe it is three.  First it is the “White Nationalist” parties like BNP, France National and Jobbik.  Then you have the large cultural-conservative-nationalist movements including Sweden Democrats, Danish Peoples Party, UKIP (very soft),  Orthodox Rally, Lega Nord and many others.   The third part is the Libertarian-anti-Islam movement, which Geert Wilders is the prime exponent.

The Swedish Democrats are now trying to find their place. There is some ideological struggle in the party over where they want to go. They are a more ethnic (implicit whiteness) party then many among the ethnic nationalists think but less so than depicted by the media.

My view is that Swedish Democrats are perfect for the Swedish political climate and for the Swedish culture.  Swedes have been in this multiculturalist dogma since 1994, so the Swedish Democrats take it slowly.   If you are a liberal, why should you accept this kind of cultural expressions that are bad for women and children, like wife-beating and genital mutilation? Vote for us and we will restore harsher child protection laws.  If you are a Christian, why should you accept Christianity taken out of the schools? If you vote for us, we will reinstate the state church, all children will be born with a membership in the church as before and we will have more Christian morals and traditions in schools.  If you are a conservative, why should you accept high crime rates and immigrant groups running amok? We want to decrease immigration from the Third World with by least 90 percent and we will work so all the immigrants who don’t adapt to our society return home.  We will also be very tough on crime and we will reinstate conscription to the army, so our children learn respect and can defend our land.  This is pretty much the program of the Swedish Democrats, including no wars in Afghanistan or Iraq. No NATO, no European Union, no support for any state except the Norse.

Sweden Democrats are “paleo-conservatives”.  They have a small Zionist movement in the Sweden Democrats that wants to drive the party to the Geert Wilders camp. There have been some official meetings on this subject.

Kent Ekeroth is one of the most famous “Jews” in the Sweden Democrats.  His mother is a Russian Jewess, but he was raised as a secular-Christian. He is actually not very Jewish at all and seems to be against many Jewish traditions.  He thinks kosher is barbaric, circumcision of boys is barbaric and he thinks Sweden should be a Swedish nation.  Actually, he is one of the more “radical nationalists” in the party, sometimes leaning toward “White nationalism”.

Now he is a congressman so they sometimes have to tell him to stop being so “nationalist,” you scaring the middle class liberals away.  The rest of the “Jews” in the Sweden Democrats are also of mixed background and have pretty much the same views.  They are positive about Israel, though.  If you read the blog “Gates of Vienna” but tone down the love for Israel, you understand the Sweden Democrats. Most members of Sweden Democrats care nothing for Israel. It is just a country in the Middle East where a lot of those Muslims (very disliked here because of the crime rate among the group) are fighting with Jews.  Just 30 years ago many Swedes saw Italians, Greeks and Spainiards as “savages”.  Still you can walk around part of Sweden that is almost 100 percent ethnically homogeneous.  In middle of 1950 there were less than “50” Muslims in Sweden. In 1965 the Social Democratic Prime Minister Tage Erlander said: “We Swedes are living of course in an infinitely happier situation. Our country’s population is homogeneous, not only in terms of race but also in many other respects”.

Then came Social Democratic Prime Minister Olof Palme who turned our state into a feminist, multicultural, drug-using, anti-Christian, anti-American society.  In 1975 multiculturalism was institutionalized as a state ideology. After 10 years of this, the Social Democratic Party, including the conservatives regretted the mass immigration and in 1988-1989 they stopped immigration.  But in 1991, one man, a liberal and leader of the Liberal party named Bengt Westerberg said to the conservative government that he would not support them if “this nonsense about stopping immigration” was not rejected.  Since 1994, the results have been catastrophic.

As you understand, Swedish nationalism has always been very isolationist even when it comes to Whites in Europe.  The future of the Sweden Democrats is to struggle to restore the country that is today driven by the worst socialist, liberal and multiculturalists in the western world.  It is a very unique party with an extremely strong grounding in the Swedish mentally and culture.  Therefore it will always be very different from the rest of the nationalist movements in Europe. It will be about Swedish nationalism.

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