The Fairness of Whites as a Critical Weakness

Editor’s note: This is a comment on Colin Liddell’s Plasmagoord and the Sigma Signals.

Here is the essence of what I feel is the primary weakness that has somehow been implanted within the genetic makeup of White European people. This foolish idea that seems to exist within the vast majority of our people’s minds – our Aryan sense of fairness, and the clearly stupid idea that Whites can expect to receive fairness and be treated honorably by non-Whites, if only we can manage to explain to them how they are being unfair to us. Our enemies, primarily the Jews, but in the long run – all non-white races who constitute our racial competition – have very cleverly sensed this weakness in our people and they have done everything possible to pour fertilizer on it, to make sure that it blossoms and flourishes among our demographic group. For it is this weakness, this Aryan sense of fair play and honor – that hands these opponents the means by which they can exploit and take advantage of our natural tendency towards treating others fairly, as we mistakenly think they will treat us if they wind up in power and rule over us. It is this stupid and clearly suicidal notion that leads Whites to vote for non-White candidates who are seeking to obtain political power and dominance over societies and nations which Whites built. Incredibly, these kinds of Whites never seem to be able to grasp the extremely deadly and potentially fatal danger of turning over political power to their racial competitors.

News flash: These non-whites have not at any time in world history, and will NEVER treat our race with any sense of fairness at any point in the future, because non-whites are not genetically engineered to possess these kinds of traits.

Yesterday, I was watching the latest speech by Jared Taylor who was invited to speak at Texas A&M University a few days ago. Taylor ran through his usual talking points about how diversity is not a strength, but a source of incredible conflict and misery and that everywhere on Earth where diversity exists, racial, ethnic, and cultural tensions are always at very strained and tenuous levels – and more often than not, these tensions erupt into very bloody violence between ethnic groups. The standard Taylor stump speech.

Anyway, the video never panned across the audience, so the viewer had no way of knowing whether any non-whites were in attendance. During the Q&A session which followed the conclusion of Jared Taylor’s remarks, all of the voices that were heard asking questions seemed to sound like they were coming from very polite, very cordial-sounding White people who were in the audience. This was quite a contrast from the speech Taylor gave at Towson University a few weeks earlier. In that one, for the length of time I could bear to watch it – every single questioner was a minority, and they were all very hostile to the ideas that Taylor had expressed during his talk – and it was pretty clear to me that non-Whites do NOT approve of Whites being able to express their perfectly legitimate, perfectly natural and normal, ethnic specific interests. The racial deck is stacked in their favor and they want it to stay that way.

So, what’s the point behind my mention of the Texas A&M speech and other speeches made by Taylor? It is this: When a White spokesman stands up in front of an audience, whether it is populated by all Whites or by a combination of Whites and non-Whites and then proceeds to try to appeal to a ‘sense of fairness’ that clearly does not exist within the genetic blueprint of non-Whites and when that White spokesman tries to point out the unfairness that goes along with this hypocritical double standard – he or she may as well be barking at the moon.

Not only does this approach bounce off of the heads of non-whites, making it both ineffective, as well as a little bit comical – it also gives the impression that Whites are pleading with non-Whites to see and respect our point of view and to make allowances and concessions that address our legitimate concerns. This is not going to ever happen, in the first place and in the second place – it reinforces the idea inside the heads of these aggressive and highly predatory non-Whites that the White man is scared, weak, on the defensive and that they have got him on the run. So, they immediately think: Why should I compromise now, when we are so close to our final and ultimate victory over the White race?

Believe me when I say that the only way to deal with this existential threat to the survival of White European people is from a position of strength and confidence and with an attitude of uncompromising determination. We will not ask minorities for their permission or for their approval in matters that relate to the survival of White European people – that is the formula and template that will yield results in our struggle, friends. Initially, minorities might not like this approach – because it will mean that the White man will no longer let himself be intimidated by the race card, and that will be a shock to their ability to scam the system. But, as I said – we have to drop this suicidal desire to seek the approval of our racial competitors; we will never get it. What we need from our racial competitors – is respect, and perhaps even a little dose of fear to go along with that respect – because, after all, in the third world that these minorities belong in – fear and respect go hand in hand.

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