Letter to the ADL re Merlin Miller and the American Freedom Party


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TO:     Anti-Defamation League

April 1, 2013

RE: Mr. Merlin Miller, AFP  

Dear Madams, Sirs: 

When depicting individuals or scholars voicing concern about the multicultural experiment in the USA, the ADL seems to be quite at ease tossing around the locution “white supremacists” (“Extremists Flock to 40th CPAC Conference”). The ADL’s apparent intent is to associate the word “supremacist” with both violence and marginal lawlessness, and then with those who identify with their European-American heritage. The ADL’s effort to smear anyone who disagrees with their view that European-American identification is illegitimate but that Jewish-American identification is legitimate betrays the thinness–if not dishonesty–of the ADL’s position. We believe that European-Americans have just as much right to identify as European-Americans and pursue our interests in the American multicultural landscape as do Jews or other groups such as African-Americans and Latino-Americans. One cannot create a multicultural society without legitimizing the identifications and interests of all groups in the society, including European Americans.  

The individual who has most recently become he target of such conceptual errors–very similar to those in the ex-Soviet and ex-Yugoslav vocabulary–is my friend and colleague, the 2012 AFP presidential nominee, Mr. Merlin Miller. Aside from the fact that Mr. Miller, a West Point graduate and military veteran, is not a “supremacist” of any kind, he is a supremely qualified artist and accomplished movie maker who is concerned with the wellbeing of America. 

Neither Mr. Miller, nor our American Freedom Party advocate any kind of “supremacy,” or claim for that matter to be “supreme” leaders of other peoples or races. We are proud of our European heritage and we are aware that European Americans, like other groups, have interests. Based on our understanding of the consequences of the utopian mixture of different cultures and peoples, as occurred in the former Yugoslavia, we are deeply concerned that America is entering an age where multiethnic hatred and the balkanization will be the norm. 

If you have questions about the American Freedom Party, I’d be glad to answer them. 


Tom Sunic, PhD
AFP Board member
American Freedom Party




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