Learning from the SPLC

It may enrage most all readers to hear it — but I like the$PLC. Let me revise that statement — I like the website of the $PLC. I have never, and will never give them a dime. I have never, and will never buy any of the junk they sell on their stupid corner of Cafe Press. Though I would certainly buy a t-shirt with the $PLC logo on it should I ever bump into one at a second-hand shop or some such — the irony of it would be too rich to pass up.

I must also admit that I loathe the $PLC itself a great deal. Trust me, I write under a fake name and they would love to reveal my real identity to the whole world in attempt to make me as destitute as possible. Jared Taylor, Wayne Lutton, and many others have commented on how vile the group is, and how they seem much more interested in financially destroying those who disagree with them as opposed to convincing in any way. Even staunch leftists have written about how the group is a shamelessly self-promoting money racket.

But everybody reading this is well aware of everything I am saying. The point is, that despite all of the above, their website is great. I genuinely recommend it to everyone reading this. No one does a better job of writing about all the different websites and authors I thoroughly enjoy — and they do it all in once place! Granted, you have to put up with the polemical tone and their archives can be difficult to navigate, but in the end no “blog roll” I can think of holds a candle to the lists of intellectuals and organizations that are to be found at splcenter.org.

For my disbelieving readers, let me provide an example. Into the Mainstream by Chip Berlet was an “Intelligence Report” published about ten years ago, and it still serves as a great list of recommendations for race-realists looking to expand their reading list. With well over a dozen different organizations listed in the report, you are bound to find something previously absent from your browser history. When I discovered that “report” I thought I had struck gold. In all honesty, it is how I learned about both The American Cause and Chronicles Magazine.

Many criticize the $PLC for not differentiating among their very diverse targets, and that critique is apt (lumping the American Enterprise Institute and the National Alliance into the same generic label of “hateful” makes little sense). However I like variety in my reading, so when using the $PLC to find good authors, it is quite nice that they paint in such broad brushstrokes.

Another great “Intelligence Report” from the $PLC is The Ideologues, which provides a neat list (with brief profiles) of several well-educated academics that are worth checking out. I promise that regardless of how well read and informed you are, there will be at least one or two authors on this list that you have missed. The collected bibliography of these “ideologues” is an Amazon Wish List waiting to happen.

Looking for something more in the way of punditry? Not a problem. The $PLC has that covered too. Check out 30 New Activists Heading Up the Radical Rightnot even a year old, and you are certain to find someone on the list that you can get into (though again, the range is bizarre — Alex Jones and Pam Gellar are both on it).

I could go on and on, but you may as well check out the website yourself — rest assured the people who work for the $PLC check out “our” websites, so do not feel guilty about visiting the enemy. Their write-ups sometimes even prove thought provoking — never before had I considered moving to Montana.

Should the $PLC bring about my undoing in some way or another, I will certainly look upon this piece with bitter irony, but even then I will have to admit that it was the $PLC that helped get me here to begin with — the $PLC giveth, the $PLC taketh away, I suppose.


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