MailOnline lies about anti-Semitism

Power flows from victimhood but what do you do when there is not enough victimhood to go around?  You have to manufacture it wholesale. That is the problem with anti-Semitism — demand always exceeds supply. So a certain sleight of hand is needed to make up the shortfall. First you need a stunt to create the necessary conditions.  Then you need to employ deceit  in its presentation. Finally you will need a suitably compliant media vehicle.

Presto! A spanking  new victimhood narrative which looks like real journalism if you don’t examine it too closely. So it is with the new video produced by London’s MailOnline in association with a new group called the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism which has already been much criticised by it’s own community for its flawed use of statistics.

According to the MailOnline, “British journalist Jonathan Kalmus” decided to walk around streets in Manchester and Bradford wearing a Jewish ‘kippah’ (head cover) to see what reaction he got. This stunt, marked “Exclusive” as if it was real journalism, is not even a new idea. The article admits that is following on from a similar prank only a few weeks ago in Paris when an Israeli journalist carried out the same exercise in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo killings.

Predictably Kalmus gets some grief from either  young Pakistani or various Middle Eastern types  and then attempts to ramp this up into the usual tale of widespread  anti-Semitic  persecution. Social media sites and services like YouTube are excellent platforms for manufacturing victimhood myths as they dispense with the tiresome need for balance, verification, accuracy or even facts. Emotional impact is all that counts.

Resources were clearly not an issue when the Mail decided to create this fiction. The same exercise was carried out with various Jewish “journalist/activists” in Berlin, Rome, Stockholm and Copenhagen and each delivered a fulsome report as to his experience.

Even Prime Minister David Cameron, Jewish power’s other reliable British poodle, was persuaded to furnish a quote. He “told MailOnline: ‘There are no excuses for the shocking anti-Semitism revealed in this report.’”

Naturally the article is replete with statistics showing that anti-Semitism is at record levels. And naturally there is no mention whatsoever of Israel’s devastating attack on the West Bank last summer which led to the deaths of at least 2,200 Muslim men, women and children.

So what is the big lie here? To see that more clearly we have to examine the first of these YouTube stunts from last year when a woman claimed she could not walk through New York without being repeatedly abused.

Close examination showed that it was overwhelmingly black and coloured men who were approaching her.  Moreover a lot of the approaches are of the innocuous “have a nice day” variety. A similar dishonesty informs the Kalmus video. Apart from a passing reference to the “Gaza conflict” as he refers to last year’s massacre, he does not reveal the reason he targeted Britain’s largest Muslim city. It is that only Muslims would provide the reaction he was looking for.

This is the big lie. Just as the feminist film maker at no time reveals that no — or few — White men accosted her. Hence the reason she filmed mainly in minority areas. At no time does Kalmus plainly and clearly say that he was never approached by Whites.  It is a lie of omission.

The reason for this deception is clear. The narrative that Jews are under threat from all and every other community  in Britain must be maintained. Blameless Whites are still the real enemy, the biggest threat and the main target for dispossession.  The Muslims are just a sideshow.  So the  inference that Whites too, are anti-Semitic,  must be maintained at all costs.

So,  just as dishonest shopkeepers in Victorian England  would  “adulterate” the milk with chalk and water or pad out the flour in their bread with a substance called alum to make it go further , so accusations of anti-Semitism have to be “adulterated” for the same reason.  This is done by conflating White and Muslim behaviour.

If MailOnline would like to report on a genuinely shocking street hatred story then here is a suggestion.  For years Christians in Israel have had to go about their business while being spat on by Orthodox Jews. A typical example involved a yeshiva student who spat at the cross being carried by the Armenian Archbishop during a procession near the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City. The archbishop’s 17th-century cross was broken during the brawl that followed.

Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic  nuns, Armenian clergy have all suffered this disgusting and vile display of prejudice.  Christians in Jerusalem do not venture onto the streets during the Jewish festival of Purim for this reason.  It has even embarrassed the ADL of all people.  The Israeli police are distinctly uninterested in taking action.  It is taking place in our holiest of Christian shrines so it is of widespread interest to many U.K. Whites.

So come on Daily Mail.  What is the excuse for not covering this story

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