Nietzsche (ᛣ 1900–2020): System Virtue-Signaling vs. the Great Replacement

Friederich Nietzsche (1844–1900) on his deathbed

To each his own Nietzsche. With this sentence one could start yet another discussion on this famous and famed thinker. Given the staggering number of works about him it is essential to raise the question: which Nietzsche should one read first? Should one read Nietzsche’s own prose first, or should one first read works by other authors who have written about him? And which work and by which author? The problem is all the more serious as there are no two works, no two authors among tens of thousands that are in agreement on the same interpretation of Nietzsche’s ideas. Of course, the same remark could be leveled against my own interpretations of Nietzsche. My understanding, interpretation and choice of words regarding Nietzsche’s thoughts may be different from those of other authors who claim to be his best interpreters. Consequently, I may be accused of using interpretations that may not be shared by Nietzsche or his countless interpreters.

What needs to be highlighted, however, is the link established by Nietzsche between Christian values ​​and their secular offshoots used now by the ruling class in the West as a legal and psychological basis for the arrival of non-European migrants into Europe. The System, through its sermons about human rights, whose ideological origins go back to early Christianity, is quite successful in destroying European peoples and cultures.

Aside from being an influential philosopher Nietzsche was also a philologist who understood well the subtleties of political language. Therefore, one should first single out some of his words and find out their conceptual equivalents in the French and in the English languages today, especially in the realm of higher education and high-level political rhetoric. One must keep in mind that his denunciations of Christian morality are contrasted with his praise of combative virtues of the old Greco-Roman “virtù” stripped of any modern “(moralinfreie Tugend) [i]. Nietzsche invented the word “moraline” in order to combat the excessive moralizing of the Church and the ruling class of this time. Strangely enough the word “moraline” is never used today in the modern German language, having also no adequate substitute in the English language. The great  German-American connoisseur and  translator of Nietzsche, H.L. Mencken translated “moralinfreie Tugend ” as “free of moral acid.” By contrast, modern French nationalists, when deriding the fake news of the modern System, often resort to the original German “moraline.” In the USA, however, this word could be substituted by its conceptual equivalent of  “virtue-signalling.”

When transposed into our own language Nietzsche’s words read like a harsh condemnation of the modern System with its invocations of words such as “humanity,” “peace” and “tolerance.” The goal of the System is to force citizens of European extraction to become prey to perpetual feelings of guilt. This is how Nietzsche predicted the modern unfolding of the System hundred and thirty years ago:

Almost everywhere in Europe today, there is a morbid over-sensitivity and susceptibility to pain, as well as an excessive amount of complaining and an increased tenderness that wants to dress itself up as something higher, using religion as well as bits and pieces of philosophy— there is a real cult of suffering. [ii]

In addition to his denunciation of Christian morality Nietzsche levels harsh criticism against Christian providentialism which manifests itself today in the gregarious spirit of mass democracy. Of course, the System needs to sugarcoat modern, secularized versions of Christian teachings in the mystique of human rights, in the myth of multiculturalism, in the decrees on race-mixing, and in the usage of politically correct verbiage. Pity for those who failed, for lowlifes, for criminals, including illegal Third World migrants in search of a better life in Europe, has become a mandatory vogue in political and media outlets. Professor Pierre Chassard, who could be ranked as first among French “New Right” interpreters of Nietzsche, defines Nietzsche’s criticism of Christian providentialism: “The wretched of the Earth, who are nailed to the cross, may be the only fortune tellers. Life misfits may be the elect of heaven. Only they are the good guys and others are the bad guys.”[iii] The list of self-engineered misfits could grow longer if one were to add numerous White politicians and academics burdened by self-hate and choosing therefore to become purveyors of the dogma of interchangeability of peoples, races, and genders. Such a self-hating behavior, of which Nietzsche was the first critic, is today the trademark of the System.

One could start with the expression “the great replacement.” This wording, coined by the writer Renaud Camus, is deemed unworthy by the System.[iv] Nonetheless, although Camus’ book is very useful, its title may be subject to misunderstanding. Instead of the expression “the great replacement,” one is tempted to use a more specific expression: “the great invasion.” However, even the term “invasion” harks back to the notion of the political of the previous centuries when its use was generally accompanied by an armed conflict—which is not the case for the time being with the floods of non-Europeans who are being adorned by the Western media with the sentimental title “refugees.” Understandably, the System and its scribes must avoid the usage of the terms “invasion” or “replacement,” preferring instead the romantic expressions such as “cultural enrichment” or “diversity”—terms which went global after having first appeared in the American language in the 80s of the previous century. Moreover, even if one were to agree on the label “invasion” when describing Afro-Asian migrants on their way to Europe, the choice of this word would take us far off into the field of polemology, a subject that can be tackled only in passing.

According to Nietzsche the moralization of politics leads to chaos which he labels with the word “democracy.” It is incumbent therefore upon his readers to study the effects of democracy peddled globally by the System if one was to grasp the incoming tide of chaos. To that effect it suffices to listen to the hypermoralistic language of the ruling class in order to realize that the true goal of their political experiments—dubbed “democracy” and “diversity”—is nothing else but a gigantic hoax. The outpouring of hypermoralistic narratives among Euro-American leaders, other than serving as a legal smokescreen for humanitarian actions on behalf of non-European migrants, also functions as a grand cover up for the repression against independent thinkers.

In Bismarck’s Germany at the end of the nineteenth century, Nietzsche did not need to confront mass migratory inflows of non-Europeans. Much earlier, however, he had grasped the origins and the global dynamics of the hypermoralistic mindset that had already taken root among politicians and intellectuals of his time—either in its liberal version or in its crypto-communist form. That early bourgeoning hypermoralistic endeavor, whose goal was the creation of the best of all worlds, or the shining communist futures, was bound to lead, a hundred years after Nietzsche’s death, to multicultural chaos observed today.

It is pointless to scorn migrants, the majority of whom are Muslim non-Europeans, without however deciphering moralistic, globalist, altruistic and ecumenical ideas that have been peddled around by the Church over the last two thousand years. It was Nietzsche’s merit to be the first to grasp that all our current political concepts, all abnormalities in the liberal system are just secular derivatives of Christian thought, “where(by) this morality is increasingly apparent in every political and social institution; the democratic movement is the heir to Christianity.”[v]

In the System today, which claims to be the best, any criticism of parliamentary democracy, or multiculturalism, let alone of miscegenation, is bound to enter the framework of the penal code or the demonology of its mainstream media executioners. While on the one hand the System prides itself on being tolerant, claiming to extend unrestricted voice even to its critics, while hiding behind the words of tolerance, diversity and humanism, on the other, it exerts total control of its population—a phenomenon hitherto unseen in the entire history of the West. From the point of view of modern languages, from the point of view of the notion of the political, the System is succeeding in reversing real European values and replacing them with surreal ones. Within the framework of these new moralizing and ecumenical values, described by Nietzsche and transposed now into the modern System, it can be expected that non-European masses entering Europe, will describe themselves as “poor refugees.” Incidentally, the term “refugees” is not of their choice; it is being bestowed on them by the System and its sycophant media.

This is how professor Alfred Baeumler, one of Nietzsche’s disciples in the first part of the twentieth century and later to become a high-ranking academic in National Socialist Germany, depicts the nihilistic message inherent in the language of liberal democracy in Europe between the two wars.

Nihilism, chaos, is the inevitable consequence of the belief in harmony without struggle, a belief in indiscriminate (gegensatzlos) order. True order only arises from the power relationship spawned by the will to power … . Only chaos is inhumane. The rule of tolerance and moral ideas, of reason and of compassion, in short of “humanity,” always leads to inhumanity. [vi]

*   *   *

Doubling down on his exotic Doppelganger

As a follow-up to such hypermoralistic endeavors conducted by the System one can observe its politicians being more and more inclined toward splitting their own selves — a process which they subsequently project on non-European migrants who are cherished now as the beacon of progress and innocence. Such a process of White self-denial is especially visible in Germany, a country which in 1945 was forced to remake its identity. As an illustration of German split-mindedness or “dopplengaegertum,” one could mention several authors of fantastic tales at the beginning of the nineteenth century who, by indirection, best predicted the fractured identity of Europeans and especially the German people two hundred years later. A good example is the famous horror story writer E. T. A. Hoffmann and his novella The Sand Man. [vii] The main character of his tale falls in love with a machine which resembles an attractive woman he had previously fabricated in his self-delusional mind. Toward the end of the tale the imaginary woman-automaton pushes the unfortunate hero to suicide. Today, we are witnessing a similar mechanical and suicidal fixation by great many German and European politicians, who, as a rule, must pretend to be enamored with fictitious and exotic Third World migrant imagery, and who are overjoyed at the thought of demolishing their own identity and replacing it with the newly borrowed make-believe Afro-Asian identity. This time around, however, men of the System are not only being themselves physically replaced by real Afro-Asian migrants; they themselves yearn to replace their original White identity by non-White surreal supra-identity.

One can provide some crass examples of such a mimetic Double while studying European politicians and their penitential pilgrimages to the holy places of world politics, namely Washington, Brussels and Tel Aviv. The Germans, however, must perform an  additional station of the cross by paying a penitential visit to Israel and recite a diplomatic chorus of mea culpa sermons. Two years ago, when German Chancellor Merkel visited Israel, she declared that “being aware of this responsibility (the Nazi crimes against the Jews, N.A.) is part of our national identity.”[viii] Without its Double, that is, without the forceful embrace of the Other, who was once either denied or colonized, the System and its do-gooders could not survive.

In the same vein, European politicians and intellectuals imagine themselves to be morally obliged to double down on their moralizing fervor on behalf of non-Europeans, assuming that they will thus better eliminate any external suspicion of their alleged neo-fascist or right-wing feelings, or better shed the label of their post-colonial crypto-nostalgia. Naturally, one could argue a lot about the benefits of this new doppelgangertum of European politicians, which has resulted in increased self-hatred, self-censorship and hypertrophy of false morals toward exotic strangers. Nietzsche grasped well this self-castrating mindset which has become today the main guideline of ​​the System.

With respect to this entire kind of priestly medication, the “guilty” kind, any word of criticism is too much. … One should at least be clear about the expression “be of use.” If by this one intends to express that such a system of treatment has improved man, then I will not contradict: I only add what “improve” means for me — the same as “tamed,” “ weakened,” “discouraged,” “sophisticated,” “pampered,” “emasculated” (hence always the same as injured).[ix]

The search for the mimicked Double, observed among Western rulers, has reached by now pathological proportions. EU politicians must double down on their benevolence towards Afro-Asian migrants in order to better rid themselves of possible charges of would-be anti-Semitism or of being guilt-free for their colonialist and racialist past. In the majority of cases, however, such mimetic behavior is the natural consequence of the Allied re-education since 1945, the aim of which was and still is the creation of new European species.

In this essay on Nietzsche one cannot dispense with the name of the German anthropologist Arnold Gehlen who wrote that “the hypertrophy of morality occurs when we accept each human being in his humaneness only, and provide him in this capacity with the highest rank of existence.”[x] Gehlen was perhaps the best connoisseur of Nietzsche during the cold war era, despite the fact that his analyses of the pathology of self-induced hypermoralism of German politicians had earned him lots of enemies on the Left and a great deal of ire among Frankfurt School reeducators. The moral hypertrophy of the early postwar System he describes is now being duplicated by European and US rulers and their “fake news” servicemen, both attempting to silence any voice of White dissent.

Neither is the Catholic Church and the papists the world over lagging behind. The most recent in the line of the moraline combat is Pope Francis with his sermons on the rights of immigrants and with his homilies that “migrants are the symbol of all those excluded from the globalized society .”[xi] When listening to Pope’s urbi and orbi, it is worth studying the reaction of would-be Afro-Asian migrants. Despite their modest IQ, they are not stupid. They know that they have powerful allies, not only in anti-fascist circles but also among the high Catholic clergy, both in the United States and in Europe.

Surely, George Soros and a host of left-leaning NGOs can be criticized for facilitating the flooding of the West by African and Asian migrants. However, the fact remains that African and Asian migrants follow only the unilateral welcoming calls from European politicians whose words had the prior blessing of the Pope and the high Catholic clergy. The latter is always diligent when mobilizing for migrants shelters or “sanctuary cities” – a gesture which only redoubles migrants’ appetite.[xii] In fact, the Church operates today as a sort of a counter-power vis-à-vis the actual legal power in place, which in any case is very lax with regard to migrants’ arrivals.

Beyond the moralizing phrases about the benefits of multiculturalism and miscegenation propagated by the System and the Church, the iron laws of biology and heredity cannot be ignored. In the years to come the states of the European Union will be exposed to multireligious and multiracial conflicts among and between new non-European migrants, conflicts of great magnitude and long duration. By their obsessive politics of self-denial, European countries, with Germany at the helm, will hardly be able to cope not just with the great replacement, but also with internal conflicts between diverse ingroups of non-European migrants themselves. Contrary to a wide misconception among EU leaders and many academics, racial intolerance and xenophobia is by no means the privilege of White nationalists. Racial pride and racial exclusiveness are by no means the monopoly of the White European stock. Low-level conflicts between and among nationals of Asian origin and nationals of sub-Saharan origin now residing in the West, will have a bright future. Worse, side by side with various moralizing social justice warriors and anti-fascist squads, the System won’t be able to persuade migrants to embrace the same liberal ukases, the same legal standards, the same scholastic tests, nor the same Western political concepts. Liberal rules and regulations, when forced upon non-White migrants, will always remain unacceptable to them. Thus, in the name of “diversity” the System keeps destroying not only the identity of European peoples, but also the identity of non-European newcomers.

Sooner or later multicultural states break up and terminate their trajectory in civil wars. Also, within the great replacement overhaul underway now, interracial wars among non-European migrants will be aggravated by large demographic changes. In addition, these hybrid civil wars looming large in the West now, will be accompanied by an increase in victimhood narratives by different tribes and ethnicities residing in Europe, each claiming, of course, the first place on the victimhood list. Mutual distrust, followed by the decline in civic solidarity and the dissolution of political order will become the order of the day. The hypermoralizing and masochistic antics of White politicians, among whom the German politicians are doing the surplus overbidding, are the logical outcome of the culture of guilt inherited from the fascist, colonial, Ustasha or National Socialist past. Following the incessant incantations by the System of “mea culpa, mea maxima culpa” – what would Nietzsche now say about our fatality? Long ago his answer was clear enough: ” There will come a day when my name will recall the memory of something formidable — a crisis the like of which has never been known on earth.”[xiii]



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  1. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    I guess the hyper-moralist Antifa, through some hyper-inversion of logic and commiseration feel obligated to attend the anniversaries of the February 45 bombings of Dresden: themselves staged three days apart for greatest cost-effectiveness; incinerating first responders from outlying municipalities with new napalm and inextinguishable phosphorous bombs developed at German Village, Utah, by almost exclusively German Jewish emigres.

    With placards, sarcastically embellished with the essentially Christian belief: ” Alles Gute kommt von Oben ! ” Everything Good comes from Above: i.e. Lancasters and B-17s. Additional placards thanking RAF Bomber Command’s ” Bomber Harris “.

    Merkel went one further than your quoted comment. She asserted, that Germany’s very raison-d’etre as a state, was Israel’s security; in other words Israel’s Einsatzgruppen against the Palestinians Good; Reinhart’s Bad.

    [ Our commenter Anne, from a farm in Canada, was horrified reading some of my comparatively mild personal experiences. I recommend that she google German Village, Utah. A small, replicated TYPICAL German town, down to the detail of German-type timber, imported from the USSR, original German-made wooden toys, as well as all furniture, bedding and drapery: and we mustn’t forget the cribs, making it Talmudic ].

    • Anne
      Anne says:

      Charles, I have googled according to your bidding. The story of the “German Village” in Utah, built “to perfect tactics in the fire bombing of German residential areas during World War II” (Wikipedia), is unfathomable.

      “The village was authentic down to the smallest details, including authentic German heavy furnishings, clothes hanging in closets and children’s toys…”

      The one thing that helps me wrap my head around this evil are the explanations of human demons given by Swedenborg in “Heaven and Its Wonders and Hell”:
      “… infernal fire means every lust for doing evil … a lust for injuring others who do not honor, venerate, and worship oneself; and in proportion to the anger thereby excited, and the hatred and revenge from that anger, is there a lust for venting one’s rage upon them… [his] hatred bursts forth into cruelty so far as he has power.”

      Swedenborg rarely mentions Jews specifically in his book, but if the shoe fits…

      (I have to correct you about my living on farm. Not quite. Our northern rural property is blessed with the microclimate of a large river, though, so that gives me latitude for getting my hands dirty in the garden. We have to scratch out a living in other ways, like renting a “Blockhaus” with all the mod-cons to worn-out urbanites. Not glamourous, but good for the soul!)

  2. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    Nietzsche was a great thinker. Jews, Jesuits (Christianity), Masons, plutocrats are coreliogenarians. Christianity as any religion or ideology of Jewish origin, will try to use original sin (Adam-Eve, Holocaust) as a psychological weapon, now its natural evolution to politics was classical Marxism of class struggle, then it was no longer enough with that They evolved into psycho-bio-Marxism where they unite and apply Freudian language to Marxism, adapting it to biological denial, labeling everything as a mere social construction, as races do not exist, gender ideology, feminism, LGTBI. The ultimate goal is Jewish supremacy for world domination. For that, it needs to undermine Ethnocentrism (basic racial survival force) by eliminating borders, nations, identities, cultures and societies. The West is already contaminated by the Judeo-Christian religion, NGO-Soros, false human rights, cultural Marxism (Frankfurt School), and pathological auto-masochistic goodness. I have yet to add absolutely corrupt and traitorous politicians. The time has come for territorial-political self-defense or we will not survive.

    • Tomislav Tom Sunic, PhD
      Tomislav Tom Sunic, PhD says:

      I agree with your point. In fact even this Corona scare is designed to whip us up into collective atonement frenzy. Nietzsche had some good premonitions about modern virtue-signaling, aka brainwashing. “VS” -nice term in English, but nonexistent in Fr and Ger.

      • David Ashton
        David Ashton says:

        The term “virtue signalling” appears to have been coined by James Bartholomew, a writer whose current project is trying to establish another “Holocaust Museum and Education Centre” – this one, however, about all the “Red” Holocausts from Lenin to Kim Jong-un. It refers to the fashionable recital of leftist causes by celebrities, and is not exactly a synonym of the nevertheless related “woke brainwashing” embodied in the British Equality Act and an “education”/TV system devoted to the “race, gender, class evils” of British Empire and West European history, and the cultural offensive that precedes demographic replacement.

        Nietzsche identified the early emergent features in this phenomenon – of ressentiment, decadence, lack of nerve, “underdog”-idolatry, religious self-abnegation, the “tyranny of guilt”.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        The Coronavirus Manufactured Crisis appears to be the grand finale trigger for the globalist ILLuminati jewmasters endgame population destruction agenda , for reducing the goyim populations , and the trigger for commensurate economic cancellations to facilitate the destructions of any vestigial nonzionist sovereign nations ; and the trigger for escalating mortality rates due to increasing homicides resulting from severe economic stresses , increasing medical deaths and increasing deaths from starvation or malnutrition .
        See the ” Club of Rome ” 1972 report on overpopulation at Wikipedia .
        See the 1984 videos on the ” Georgia Guidestones ” carved in granite stone world population limit on the YouTube channel .
        See the MIC website

        that shows an apx two-thirds reduction in the USA population by year 2025
        ; and no explanation for the reduction is given .

        Search for the video of the U of TX at Austin biology professor whom admitted that bioweapons were the most economical for population reduction agendas .

        See the original year 1901 Marsden English translation of
        ” The Protocols of the ILLuminati ”  ( aka Elders of Zion ) at

        et. al.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Translating the meaning rather than the precise words, I’d suggest “moralistische Einbildung” or “… Eigendünkel.” What do you think? “Virtue signaling,” after all, is really just a hipper, cooler, trendier way of saying what was formerly said using the expression “moral preening.”

        Not that “moralistische Einbildung” exactly rolls off the tongue …

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          Pierre – if I may ?
          01 Basically we can differentiate between ‘ein’ [in], and
          ‘aus’ [out].
          02 I.e. opposite directions.
          03 Followed by a verb or noun resulting in a new word.
          04 Finally it’s rote learning, especially connotations.
          Ein and Bildung [education] don’t add up to ‘self-education’, but rather to conceit; lacking outward projection. Ergo: ” moralistische Einbildung ” fails.
          05 ‘Eigen’ means ‘self ‘. “Eigenduenkel” heavily connotes the dullest light on the Christmas tree hectically stirring all matter into his cauldron, over an abundant fire: the soup generally unpalatable for outward distribution.

          Need to stop here since I’m busy 24/7 fashioning your crown as pre-eminent word smith on this site. It’s made up of two golden rings fastening human tongues at their roots, projecting upwards. Ran out of volunteer donors delaying, but not stopping the final product.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Mea culpa. As what I was doing was little better than fumbling in the dark with a language of whose intricacies I am far from being a master, Charles, I am happy to get detailed criticism from so savvy a native speaker.

            I am also happy to say—to grasp at the only available straw—that at least the “conceit” meaning of “Einbildung” was in fact what I was thinking of when I drafted the suggestion.

  3. Tom
    Tom says:

    What’s also going on with the European peoples is something akin to the adolescent psychosis we often see in teenagers who are confused about their self-identity, and so resort to intermingling with other troublesome teens who do indeed possess identities irregardless of the negative intentions of the latter. European liberals are basically adolescent basket cases, childish 68ers who’ve never grown up.

    • Ludwig
      Ludwig says:

      Tom says:
      March 25, 2020 at 3:26 pm

      “…….irregardless ….” Really?! “regardless” is sufficient

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          In a world where the evidence of one’s senses confirms that organized thought and clear expression are ever more widely and willfully scorned, the better to misdirect and befuddle the great mass of men, it hardly seems that one commenter’s correction of the grammar, usage, or vocabulary of another commenter is something worth making a fuss about. TOO, after all, isn’t a place where emulation of the moral and intellectual dishonesty and malpractice of the Establishment is or ought to be encouraged.

          If the point, rather, is that the snide “gotcha” tone of the correction is inappropriate, patronizing, or otherwise unsupportive of civil discourse here at TOO, that’s another matter entirely, and in the present instance it is plainly a fair rap.

          Even so, if tomorrow or the next day some other commenter should decide, before he hastens to hit Post Comment, that averting the potential annoyance or embarrassment of a snarky rebuke warrants taking an extra few minutes to double-check or reconsider whether what he has written (1) is what he truly means to say and (2) is genuinely worth the saying, the case for tolerating what you dismissively call English teachers becomes pretty defensible—if for nothing else as the lesser of two evils.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Ludwig is of course correct . ” irregardless ” is a good example of certified English language nonsense .

    • Panadechi
      Panadechi says:

      The Covid-19 is a false flag type event, since it is being used globally (plutocrats), to terrorize and create panic in the population, its level of mortality is very low, but the threat is magnified through the media controlled.
      Remember that whoever controls fear in the population has absolute power and submission.
      9-11 and climate change fulfill the same objective, the control and submission of society (slavery). In addition to the Jews and Freemasons, we must keep in mind the sinister order of the Jesuits who also advocate a world government without borders, and of course the evil UN and associated NGOs. They are all part of the same 100-head Hydra.

  4. 9593
    9593 says:

    After all of the decades of Jewish participation in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, a presumed alliance, we see today disenchantment in the Black community, as with Black politicians assailed for support of Palestinian human rights, and Black residents catching onto the Hasidic attitude in New York and Jersey City, suffering displacement, and subject to political takeover of the local government by bloc voting.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Do you ever read any of these pointless, uninformative links with which you regularly burden TOO’s comments section before you post them? I have seen no evidence that you do.

      Aside from the fact that there is no such thing as “the black community”—there are merely a great many communities rendered unlivable by the presence of blacks—nothing else in the present two articles either has or was meant to have remotely the impact of their fraudulent major premise: that Jews are suffering, suffering, SUFFERING terrible wrongs through no discernible fault of their own and the (((powers that be))) should long since have shelved all other concerns to show the offenders—whitey first and foremost—who’s boss. The no more than marginal complaints about black behavior are effectively psychoanalyzed away or otherwise excused or minimized.

      There is also the sad fact that anyone who believes the rubbish on display in the articles is equally liable to believe that Nietzsche has something useful and coherent to say to white men of today. As if …

  5. JRM
    JRM says:

    “My understanding, interpretation and choice of words regarding Nietzsche’s thoughts may be different from those of other authors who claim to be his best interpreters.”

    No need to fret; as far as I can tell your grasp of Nietzsche is firm enough. Nietzsche would have immediately seen modern “virtue-signaling” as the pitiful and preening display it is, and the danger it holds for a society which promulgates it.

    Nietzsche abhorred intellectual laziness and smug complacency. Some of his “troublesome” statements on race are due to encounters with pro-German pontificators whom he reviled for parroting other men’s words, and for their self-satisfaction. We should not allow Jewish writers to use his misgivings on this topic as a wedge to drive between us and him. Nietzsche should be read, and by all means jump right into his own works before you bother with another author’s interpretations!

    One concern I have about the power dynamics delineated by Prof. Sunic. The power structure now, as in the Middle Ages, is strongly biased towards the top. In the Middle Ages, most power coalesced right at the top, around Kings and Popes. We might not be fully understanding of these Kings and Popes if we assume they actually believed the social values they promulgated. Dropping further down the power grid, to the Priests, Guild members, Burgermeisters, Tradesmen, etc, all the way down to women who were not in trade (women who were in trade were higher), peasants, fools and children.

    True belief would roughly rise in some proportion as we drop lower and get to the bottom of the list. Possibly it would reverse back towards cynicism at the peasant level, as brutally exploited populations often see through the window dressing of their betters. Social order (both behavior and status) was more important than religious purity. At the very top, we have Machiavellianism in practice, and Christianity in theory and preachment. Somewhere around what would become the bourgeoisie we get our most faithful Christians.

    Today, it’s no different. At the top, amongst the Global elite, we have, quelle surprise: Machiavellianism! But only in practice; if asked, the members of the elite will swear allegiance to equality, refugee rights, Black worship, women’s rights, LGBTQ, and gender transition for children.

    Just like in the Middle Ages, the real belief in the Liberal Virtues is low to none at the top; please don’t think they really believe the stuff they say. But as you go down in power, encountering Governors, members of Parliament, Congressmen, University Professors, Public School teachers- at each stage of lessening power you will roughly get more true believers. At the bottom of our system, among brown and black refugees, black multi-generational welfare ghetto dwellers, and Mexican illegals, you come back across pure opportunism, zero idealism, and a great deal of hatred for their betters.

  6. D. Rocket
    D. Rocket says:

    Wee waa the jews the jews. The jews is not even a people its several peoples.

    Secondly shure nietsche has a point in his views on early PC culture as one may call it and the will of folks too bee good at all cost even if it leads to a holocaust of white people which is certainly an objective with many. Especially folks who have been back in the days their forefathers or members of their group enslaved or ruled by or imperialized by or whatever by whites.

    The gypsys have a word for everyone who is not a gypsy it means: THE ENEMY.

    Lots of folks in the media and politics are part gypsies (good at lying and often inbred and pervs supposedly makes them fit for that kind of occupation). Hence we are the enemy who enslaved them “forced” them to begg and so on, and in some countries sterilized some of them and threw them out of everywhere, they could not stay at one place had to be travelers and so on.

    Of course they and part this group want revenge on white folks. Blacks, shure they want revenge slavery imperialism suppression… Jews the crusaders murdered half the jews in Europe and then Hitler did the Holocaust. Their culture states an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. Whats the revenge on the holocaust on jews, holocaust on all the other whites. Revenge on the crusaders, take out the christians the gentile (documents elders zion).

    It’s not one group. It’s not even just etchnicity. Its mixed groups sick individuals who try to controll groups its racemixed folks who pretend to be of a group they may not belong to to any larger degree it’s history it’s people who sneakily in the hidden manipulated events to shape the future. It’s the mega fraud the ultimate deceivers and liars the pedophile inbred through pedophilia thieves liars and so on… It’s also culture and religion (jews didn’t accept jesus, or their leadership didn’t but Israel was under occupation by the romans with an half arab ruler. Then their religion was partially hijacked by racemixed satanists who pushed pedophilia into the religion and the snake sect thing, which is really pre jews in the middle east some kinda sect or whatever I don’t care really)…

    Nut blaming christianity comeon. KKK a bunch of weakling libtards righ, the crusaders, imperialist Europe what a bunch of christian weaklings. Oversensitive and PC and not at all ethnocentric (irony y’all).

    But shure the way christianity has been interpreted adn used to controll masses like going back to very early times has been used to push things that are very evil and dangerous.

    Humans could mix with neanderthals and vesovians (or whatevs). Aboriginals are like 14 neanderthal, how are they doing any great scientists, song writers, authors or painters? Haven’t heard of em. So we are probably lucky europeans didn’t mix with them more. What separates humans and neanderthals, it’s evolution. Whats separates whites and africans and arabs, evolution (and in the case of arabs tons of inbreeding).

    I mean why would whites mix with mexicans. They are mongol spaniards or whatever. It’s just STUPID. I respect africans work in music although inmany aspects there are primitive elements and a sloppiness that is irritating.

    The major problem and the thing that has pushed multiculturalism and that has heavily hurt the selfesteem of the averege white person has been the innovations in music and the achievements in music by blacks (you know the ones that used to be called negroes and coloureds, niggers in slang). People go, ohhh they make funky music we need them ti have something to dance too and so on. The multicultural society has been created by people who wants racemixing to take out the white race.

    The same reason feminism has been pushed by some, less kids, hatred for men, work before everything, all women are like men career first family is old the new thing is sex in the city (old women in expensive designer wear with gay, used to be called faggots friends, who never get a steady boyfriend, and will have very hard time getting kids because of age). And the show was by a homosexual gypsy jewish person who also did the 90s show about LA kids 97580 or whatever.

    But alot of it has been unique tellent from other races and people go, ohhh they aint stooopid I like their music.

    So it’s a combination of propaganda in moving pictures, hidden propaganda shaping peoples subconscios in order to kill off the white race and that combined with achievements by other races that then impress whites and make them thoroughly confused.

    I’m shure most churches are controlled by racemixed folks, be it part gypsy, part arab, part black or whatever and they push all the be nice stuff from the bible to weaken us.

    The bible is shurely stating that racemixing between real jews at the time (white folks) should not mix with non whites. If they did so the consequences would be super bad and so on.

    It’s just that racemixed people can be good at different things, hence their existance push for racemixing so do their achievements.

    This was what I think the people who pushed for slavery on order to have more racemixing with blacks and then pushed for ww2 and the holocaust knew. They were most likely racemixed and knew racemixed people could be sucessfull. Hence they then knew there would be racemixing from achievemnts and folks meeting folks from other races.

    Not even all people of other distinct etchnical groups hate whites. Alot of them are nice. But for the most part it’s a huge lie and the huge stress from the criminality and all the anti white hatred from non whites towards whites also makes whites more scarred confused and less likely to start a family and so on. So just having other races around to a too large degree is a huge danger and contributes itself to the ongoing holocaust of whites.

    Whites under 18 are already a minority in the USA. 17 % of whites starts a family with a person of another race. That means for people under 8, if 17 % do racemixing and 10 or 15 % of them are etchnically racially mixed. Some will be homosexual and not have kids, there will most likely be more non-white immigration. Means probably about between 30 and 35 % of them will start a family with another white person.

    And when whites are a minority how are they gonna control the police force, the military. Politics. It wont be a white person controlling the USA nuclear arsenal. How are whites gonna have their own region or country then, they will be nuked.

    People are confused by constant bombardement of fake fraudulent propaganda and the cultures of other ethnical groups.

  7. Eric
    Eric says:

    I remember reading “Beyond Good and Evil” and the “Genealogy of Morals” when I studied philosophy. I don’t think Nietzsche would — even in his wildest dreams — have predicted a voluntarily-undertaken “Great Replacement” of Europeans by Third World non-Europeans in the late-twentieth and early twenty-first centuries (the same, incidentally, goes for the Frankfurt School ca 1930-1980).

    I also think it is ironic that Nietzsche wrote about a loss of European confidence and self-assertion during one of the very pinnacles of European achievement — the latter half of the nineteenth century. This was a period that gave us extraordinary European achievements in art, music, literature, philosophy, mathematics, science, invention, and exploration.

    There is another irony in the sense that Nietzsche complained about Christianity at a time of rising secularism and declining religious piety.

    In this sense we have to ask, How relevant was Nietzsche, even in his own time?

    The same could be asked about two other thinkers of great interest to intellectuals today — Marx and Freud. They are only relevant because our intellectual class is obsessed with them, and that obsession is passed on from professors and teachers to a select number of students. Those students then enter the professions that one would expect them to enter: teaching, academia, journalism, the media in general, the arts, religion, law and politics.

    I submit that this intellectual class is utterly disconnected from average people in the sense that ordinary people just don’t think or care about what intellectuals care about.

    Unfortunately, however, their lives are governed to a large extent by these intellectuals. And I say it is unfortunate, because the distilled-down result of mediocre minds steeped in thinkers such as Marx, Freud and Nietzsche is contempt for the average person.

    The average person for Marx is a victim of false consciousness who must be socially engineered. The average person for Freud is an irrational person driven by unconscious motives who must be “cured” or socially engineered if a cure is not economically feasible. The average person for Nietzsche is a victim of false consciousness inculcated by Christianity and democracy.

    It would, of course, be unfair to Nietzsche to simply put him in the same category as Freud or Marx. Nietzsche has a real faith in man’s possibilities, both in a collective and individual sense.

    Eliminate the poison of Christianity and democracy, and man may become a superman. He may be restored to the classical ideal.

    What is the difference between the classical ideal and our modern ideal? It is the difference between virtue-signaling and real virtue.

    Our modern society is governed by two competing ethical principles: utilitarianism (the greatest good for the greatest number; individual interests and rights must bow before the collective) and Kant’s “de-ontological” rationalism in which individual rights trump group interests.

    The battle between Left and Right is a battle between those who prioritize the collective and those who prioritize individual rights and freedoms. But there is a third ethical doctrine, one that once exercised real authority. In contrast to the first two doctrines, which base ethics and morals on competing interests, the third bases ethics and morals on virtues. What are those virtues? They’re not mysterious. They are what the average man finds admirable: fairness, honor, courage, and achievement.

    Everyone has a different interpretation of Nietzsche, but my own interpretation is that he was trying to restore virtue ethics and dispense with interest-based ethics. In particular, he was trying to dispense with a Christianity that elevated and prioritized satisfying the needs and wants of the “underdog” at the expense of everyone else. He called this slave morality — but it was a slavery of the powerful to the powerless.

    Now, it is no wonder that Nietzsche has been called an “anti-Semite” by many Jews. He didn’t say much about Jews, and what did say was equivocal: sometimes critical, sometimes laudatory. But he brilliantly analyzed the “Jewish victim”-mindset, without actually calling it Jewish. The Jews fancy themselves victims (never admitting that it’s their behavior that causes them to become victims). So the psychology of the slave, as described by Nietzsche, applies to them more than to any other group.

    And this may account for Nietzsche’s equivocal attitude towards the Jews. According to him, enslavement (and one presumes, oppression in general) causes resentment (“ressentiment”), and this resentment is what creates a kind of “interiority” or a new dimension of “depth” in the human personality. To put it crudely, the “master” is a rather thoughtless and superficial sort who just goes about conquering, oppressing, and whacking off the heads of any prole who happens to get in his way. His mind is limited to waging war, games of various types, and satisfying his appetites for wine, women and song. The Jew — I mean the slave — on the other hand is seething with resentment, and imagining the many ways that he would like to turn the tables and avenge himself on the master. He is ever brooding, ever thinking, ever obsessing.

    And it is the slave who is the prototype for everything deep and profound, everything clever and intellectual, in the development of human beings. Well, is this not the self-styled image of the Jew today? He’s smarter than everyone else, “deeper” and more profound than everyone else. He has suffered — and what higher qualification can there be than that? Apparently, this suffering is heritable, or at least the profundity that it causes. The granddaughter of a Jewish “Holocaust survivor” deserves reparations, just as the great, great, great grandson of a slave deserves reparations.

    Everyone who is said to have suffered is to partake of the bounty that comes with suffering — this bounty of profundity, of “soul,” of “cultural enrichment.” Eventually, there is competition in the “suffering sweepstakes.” Blacks, browns, women, Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, transsexuals, and more to come! Competition creates hierarchy, and the hierarchy of today is called “intersectionality.” The more oppressed groups you’re a part of, the higher your rank in the Aristocracy of Grievance.

    Pale white man, step aside! You barely deserve to be considered human!

    • Wired Or
      Wired Or says:

      “I don’t think Nietzsche would — even in his wildest dreams — have predicted a voluntarily-undertaken “Great Replacement” of Europeans by Third World non-Europeans in the late-twentieth and early twenty-first centuries”

      Alas, you have not read all of Nietzche. Here’s a quote from Daybreak: “Perhaps we shall also bring in numerous Chinese: and they will bring with them the modes of life and thought suitable to industrious ants. Indeed, they might as a whole contribute to the blood of restless and fretful Europe something of Asiatic calm and contemplativeness and what is probably needed most Asiatic perseverance.”

      Google aphorism 206 of Daybreak.

    • Wired Or
      Wired Or says:

      Here is the text of aphorism 206 of Daybreak – it exhibits an elitist, aristocratic contempt for the white working class.

      “The impossible class. Poor, happy and independent! these things can go together; poor, happy and a slave! these things can also go together and I can think of no better news I could give to our factory slaves: provided, that is, they do not feel it to be in general a disgrace to be thus used, and used up, as a part of a machine and as it were a stopgap to fill a hole in human inventiveness! To the devil with the belief that higher payment could lift from them the essence of their miserable condition I mean their impersonal enslavement! To the devil with the idea of being persuaded that an enhancement of this impersonality within the mechanical operation of a new society could transform the disgrace of slavery into a virtue! To the devil with setting a price on oneself in exchange for which one ceases to be a person and becomes a part of a machine! Are you accomplices in the current folly of the nations the folly of wanting above all to produce as much as possible and to become as rich as possible? What you ought to do, rather, is to hold up to them the counter-reckoning: how great a sum of inner value is thrown away in pursuit of this external goal! But where is your inner value if you no longer know what it is to breathe freely? if you no longer possess the slightest power over yourselves? if you all too often grow weary of yourselves like a drink that has been left too long standing? if you pay heed to the newspapers and look askance at your wealthy neighbour, made covetous by the rapid rise and fall of power, money and opinions? if you no longer believe in philosophy that wears rags, in the free-heartedness of him without needs? if voluntary poverty and freedom from profession and marriage, such as would very well suit the more spiritual among you, have become to you things to laugh at? If, on the other hand, you have always in your ears the flutings of the Socialist pied-pipers whose design is to enflame you with wild hopes? which bid you to be prepared and nothing further, prepared day upon day, so that you wait and wait for something to happen from outside and in all other respects go on living as you have always lived until this waiting turns to hunger and thirst and fever and madness, and at last the day of the bestia triumphans106 dawns in all its glory? In contrast to all this, everyone ought to say to himself: ‘better to go abroad, to seek to become master in new and savage regions of the world and above all master over myself; to keep moving from place to place for just as long as any sign of slavery seems to threaten me; to shun neither adventure nor war and, if the worst should come to the worst, to be prepared for death: all this rather than further to endure this indecent servitude, rather than to go on becoming soured and malicious and conspiratorial!’ This would be the right attitude of mind: the workers of Europe ought henceforth to declare themselves as a class a human impossibility and not, as usually happens, only a somewhat harsh and inappropriate social arrangement; they ought to inaugurate within the European beehive an age of a great swarming-out such as has never been seen before, and through this act of free emigration in the grand manner to protest against the machine, against capital, and against the choice now threatening them of being compelled to become either the slave of the state or the slave of a party of disruption. Let Europe be relieved of a fourth part of its inhabitants! They and it will be all the better for it! Only in distant lands and in the undertakings of swarming trains of colonists will it really become clear how much reason and fairness, how much healthy mistrust, mother Europe has embodied in her sons sons who could no longer endure it with the dull old woman and were in danger of becoming as querulous, irritable and pleasure-seeking as she herself was. Outside of Europe the virtues of Europe will go on their wanderings with these workers; and that which was at home beginning to degenerate into dangerous ill humour and inclination for crime will, once abroad, acquire a wild beautiful naturalness and be called heroism. Thus a cleaner air would at last waft over old, over-populated and self-absorbed Europe! No matter if its ‘workforce’ should be a little depleted! Perhaps it may then be recalled that we grew accustomed to needing many things only when these needs became so easy to satisfy we shall again relinquish some of them! Perhaps we shall also bring in numerous Chinese: and they will bring with them the modes of life and thought suitable to industrious ants. Indeed, they might as a whole contribute to the blood of restless and fretful Europe something of Asiatic calm and contemplativeness and what is probably needed most Asiatic perseverance.:

      • David Ashton
        David Ashton says:

        The chief value of Nietzsche as a thinker, past and present, is that he makes others THINK. The “arch debunker” [Simon Blackburn] employs aphorism, poetry, hyperbole and sarcasm. The notion of liberating western workers from finance (capitalism) or government (socialism) in factories, whose mechanical drudgery was better suited to oriental mentality, by adventure in then emerging overseas empire, may or may not be taken seriously, but in any case Nietzsche should not be regarded as a political planner, or as an “authority” with instructions etched in granite. True, he consistently held an aristocratic ideal, and admired certain types of powerful achievers, but he invites criticism just as he expresses it.

        As one critic put it, “It would be stupid to regard his works as articles of a fixed faith; they invite an active intellect and a precise, lively sensibility to sort out this from that…. Nietzsche’s abasement before the great man shows an undemocratic contempt for common humanity; but it is also a reminder…of the necessity of leadership, personality, and superior brains…. But we need not demand of a philosopher either a party-line or a religious dogma. We can take what is fruitful and leave the rest. And, since Nietzsche himself encouraged such an attitude, he could scarcely complain if we apply it to him.” – Eric Bentley, “The Cult of the Superman” (1947), pp.134-5.

        • Wired Or
          Wired Or says:

          I agree, As an Episcopalian, I apply the same hermeneutic of selective use to the Bible. Can it be any other way? The only difference with the vermin that rule my church is that I retain those parts of the Bible that underscore traditional cisgender, hetero-patriarchal, natalist values. I tend to drop hyperboles such as original sin and “turn the other cheek”, or ghastly, decidedly obsolete, calls to the genocide of the unchosen Amalekites. Or for that matter, eternal damnation.

      • David Ashton
        David Ashton says:

        @ Wired Or
        There is also the preceding passage no 205, possibly his longest single most important statement on the Jews. I hesitate to reproduce it, setting a pigeon among the cats.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      Eventually, there is competition in the “suffering sweepstakes.” Blacks, browns, women, Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, transsexuals, and more to come! Competition creates hierarchy, and the hierarchy of today is called “intersectionality.” The more oppressed groups you’re a part of, the higher your rank in the Aristocracy of Grievance.

      Pale white man, step aside! You barely deserve to be considered human.

      Boy, oh boy, you have managed to encapsulate the fetid quagmire we find ourselves in today in just one paragraph. Just brilliant.

  8. Adûnâi
    Adûnâi says:

    An amazing anti-Christian essay from Tomislav Sunic! I have seen it reblogged by Chechar. But in the following sentence, there is a punctuation mistake – there should be no comma between a subject and a predicate.

    “…these hybrid civil wars looming large in the West now, will be accompanied…”

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Sir: With respect, I regret to say that there is little that is “amazing” in this essay by Tom Sunic. Rather, it expresses sentiments that are commonplace in Professor Sunic’s published writings, whether here at TOO or elsewhere. He is a careful, thoughtful, and frequently insightful scholar, and I have profited more than once from his perspectives. Yet his contemptuous disdain for Christianity, above all Catholicism, suffuses and, as often as not, distorts his work. In common with a great many other dedicated scoffers, he actively resists applying his otherwise lively reflective abilities to the cartoonish understanding of Christianity that he adheres to and promulgates.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” there should be no comma between a subject and a predicate ” except if you want to create a [ pause ] instead of a separation intended for clarity .

  9. JRM
    JRM says:


    “I also think it is ironic that Nietzsche wrote about a loss of European confidence and self-assertion during one of the very pinnacles of European achievement — the latter half of the nineteenth century. This was a period that gave us extraordinary European achievements in art, music, literature, philosophy, mathematics, science, invention, and exploration.”

    This is kind of the point about Nietzsche, though. At a time when the White race/civilization seemed to be at an apex, he saw the poisoned elements that lay almost hidden. He was one of the first to see just how deep the hypocrisy and self-delusion could run. His misgivings were truly portentous, which is why we’re still talking about him now.

    “There is another irony in the sense that Nietzsche complained about Christianity at a time of rising secularism and declining religious piety.”

    I believe he saw the metastasis of the Christian doctrines into the very cancers of Liberalism that plague the West now. Again, this is kind of the whole point in taking Nietzsche so seriously.

    Eric, I do agree with much of what you said. However, I do get the feeling you are a bit of a skeptic on Nietzsche, and I differ with you there. The man was brilliant, and his books are excellent reading.

    I see him as more of a social critic than a “philosopher” per se. Yes, he certainly touched on philosophical principals like the eternal recurrence (a truly frightening prospect for a pessimist like me); but he was a ruthless observer of society and herd behavior; as such, he is the social critic par excellence for me.

    Don’t construe this as an attack; your posts are some of the most sensible to be found here (which isn’t saying as much as I wish it was on some days, if you get my drift). I mean, come on; we still get Holohoax defense on here occasionally.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      JRM: Thanks. You make excellent points — Christianity morphing into liberalism, for example.

      I admire Nietzsche for reviving virtue ethics (I don’t know how many other people interpret him the way I do in this regard) and for his many psychological insights. Keep in mind, I’ve only read two books by him, many years ago.

      Hitler based German society on Nietzsche’s virtue ethics. The Jews aren’t wrong when they link Nietzsche to the Nazis. But they conveniently leave out the fact that ancient Greek and Roman societies were also based on virtue ethics. Oopsie!

      The Jews want to appropriate Nietzsche for themselves — just as they want to appropriate Heidegger, another “naughty boy.” So they turn both thinkers into their opposites — or cherry pick the things they like about them.

      There are as many Nietzsches and Heideggers as their are Jews who write about them. I don’t think you’ll find any consensus on N and H. They are what each new generation of Jews wants them to be.

      And because Jews love to argue with each other, there won’t even be agreement within these rising generations.

      That’s why you’ll see a typical Jewish book on these subjects with three “big names” in the title. Such as “[Title]: Nietzsche, Marx, Foucault.”

      This creates the latitude for bloviating without any serious commitment to the thinkers they are supposedly writing about.

      • David Ashton
        David Ashton says:

        @ Mr Eric
        Two interesting and worthwhile comments on Nietzsche, so you may be forgiven, for the time being, [redacted phrase] …

        Hitler personally was aware of Nietzsche’s views on anti-Semites, German nationalists, and his idol Wagner. Cultural degeneration: the philosopher’s eventual rage against the Bayreuth musician ironically has some resonance with criticism of the philosopher himself from Max Nordau (who is memorably quoted by Lothrop Stoddard in “Revolt against Civilisation). NS educators preferred Plato as an alleged model. Nietzsche’s writings were selected and sanitised by their publicists in the contemporary “racial” interest like Max Oehler, as they have been by Walter Kaufmann in the contrary “liberal” interest. Nietzsche’s attack on compassion for ugly and disabled people, and his recommendation of euthanasia for the elderly sick, are certainly contrary to the present woke-dystopia, in which welfare parasitism and biological incompetence are encouraged, almost as an entitlement, if not yet as a social aspiration.

        If Nietzsche was a commentary on the 19th century, the 20th century has been a commentary on Nietzsche. The current global plague of the 21st century is another “ball game” altogether.

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          In my ideal nation-state, the favored philosopher would be Aristotle. I like his organic approach. Alienation is all too characteristic of Western philosophy.– matter vs. mind/spirit, man vs. nature, the individual vs. society, group vs. group.

          I also like Kant and Hegel as systematic philosophers. Nietzsche is an interesting thinker, but not a true philosopher in my opinion.

          • David Ashton
            David Ashton says:

            Nietzsche not a (proper) philosopher? A matter of definition? He said that even philosophers were internally influenced by personal instinct and externally by the cultural milieu of their own time. He had much to say that remains worth reading, notably on “morality”.
            He is best read for his own words, bearing in mind that he often develops and revises opinions. He has been at the mercy of translators, editors, and especially (mis)interpreters: an endless “Widecombe Fair” procession of characters who bump against one another – Anthony Ludovici or Brian Leiter; George Brandes, Alfred Baeumler, Jean Baudrillard or Raymond Belliotti; Alfred Rosenberg, Alisa Rosenbaum or Bernice Rosenthal; and Uncle “Tom” Mosley an’ all.
            Has he anything to say to us today in face of social, economic and biological catastrophes? May I quote the cultural critic Peter Paik?
            “A society inured to the expectation of future abundance is prone to chafe at making the sweeping and often painful adjustments necessary to avoid even worse hardships in future….Nietzsche’s vision of the last men, for whom psychological and physical comfort become the supreme good, must be recognized as a prophecy of total war.” – “From Utopia to Apocalypse” (2010), p.181.

  10. Jim Kober
    Jim Kober says:

    Well written article. I enjoy the intellectual approach to this topic and I am sure when there are no more white people left that articles such as this will be read with interest by non-white historians in the future. I am also sure many of them will come to the same conclusions, (this scholarly article has presented) but they will name it for what it really is …genocide, White Genocide.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Christianity , except perhaps the Russian Orthodox version , is a religion of self-enslavement to the chosenite jewmasters . It sublimely enslaves Whites to their jewmasters . Therefore , it is obvious that the genocide against Whites will continue as long as christianity retains a sufficiently powerful grip on its many White adherents .

      • Trenchant
        Trenchant says:

        So, what you’re saying is that it’s not the ideology per se but its the application that qualifies as “self-enslavement”. The Spanish Inquisition doesn’t seem a pandering to Jews.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          You may be correct about that Trenchant . I am not sure . You certainly are correct about catholics , at one time past , were not self-enslaving to the chosenite jews . The zionists have conquered much since that time past .

  11. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    Off the subject question but does anyone know if KMac is Irish or Scottish? I thought that Mac was Scottish and Mc Irish but now I’ve learned this is not necessarily so.

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