Review of The Transgender-Industrial Complex by Scott Howard

The Transgender-Industrial Complex
Scott Howard
Antelope Hill Publishing
Paperback (447 pages) available through the Antelope Hill websiteAmazon, Barnes & Noble

It is certainly apropos that Antelope Hill Publishing moved the announcement of the release of Scott Howard’s debut book The Transgender-Industrial Complex to one of the seemingly-infinite LGBTQ “holidays”—the Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20th). The bot or low-level 30-something behind Joe Biden’s official Twitter account proclaimed that:

At least 37 transgender and gender-nonconforming people have been killed this year, most of them Black and Brown transgender women. It’s intolerable. This Transgender Day of Remembrance, we honor their lives—and recommit to the work that remains to end this epidemic of violence

Beyond the fact that we know who is doing the killing in large part, Howard comes out swinging debunking this asinine talking point—and so much more. From the intentional undermining of humans’ sexual dimorphism to the experiments conducted on children, Howard refuses to shy away from any of the hideous aspects of the agenda. Whether it be the overwhelming Jewish influence specifically—perhaps more pronounced here than any other arena, which is saying something—or some of the less-obvious aspects, this book considers it and covers it. It is a comprehensive tome with tremendous detail, but it accomplishes the feat of as the book description states, being “at once wide-ranging and specific, advanced and accessible,” and I agree with this assessment. Howard does an excellent job providing the historical context dating to the fourteenth century for where these ideas come from, as well as fully covering how it has become institutionalized and where it is going and for what ends.

Of the many cogs in this machine is the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), so fond of libeling this very publication. They have a recommended LGBTQ reading list for children as young as four, which includes the collaborative effort of Jewish authors Jazz Jennings and Jessica Herthel’s transgender children’s book I Am Jazz. The ADL also produces guidelines for “Toys and Gender” aimed at kindergarteners, and their buddies at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)—who have decided a publication such as The Occidental Quarterly is worthy of a “Hate List” (you know, the kinds of lists people like Jennifer Rubin are so fond of)—proclaims that objections to the Drag Queen Story Hour are evidence of “escalating white nationalist threats against transgender people.” White nationalist, as we all know, is just one of the many buzz words used as a negative to stoke the mob into unthinking hatred of whites who want their own countries and want them free of this poison.

Speaking of white countries, Howard does an impressive job in size and scope covering the agenda well beyond the United States; in fact, I believe if not every European or European-derived nation is covered, then the vast majority, and in great depth in many cases. This is a testament to the research and attention to detail present that the issue is considered both locally from municipalities in Iceland and Andorra to the whole global picture, because, after all, the globalist agenda is just that—global. But it must also destroy every tie that binds from local communities to the family, and Howard not just understands this, but evidences it in great detail. What is particularly impressive, beyond the depth of research, is how seamlessly Howard connects everything; this is a book that would appeal to the most advanced of TOO readers, but could also be given to someone unfamiliar with the issue, where they would be lead from A to Z in a compelling and understandable fashion.

Howard structures and paces the book like a novel, which makes for an extremely engaging read. In so doing, the pay-off in the conclusion—which I won’t spoil here!—is jaw-dropping. There are many such moments in the book, actually, where the true depravity of the ruling class, which is totally on board with this agenda of experimenting on children and literally retarding their development and mutilating and sterilizing them, is on full display. Howard quotes Jill Stark regarding the Gender Dysphoria Clinic introduced to Queen Victoria Hospital by Trudy Kennedy and Herbert Bower, “the only child of Austrian Jewish parents [who] grew up in the Vienna of Freud”:

Patients with psychiatric problems have been wrongly diagnosed as transsexuals and encouraged to have radical gender reassignment surgery. The Sunday Age has been told at least eight former patients of the Gender Dysphoria Clinic at Melbourne’s Monash Medical Centre believe they may have been misdiagnosed. Some have tried to commit suicide while struggling to live as the opposite sex after the irreversible operations. But as the clinic has limited patient follow-up, it is difficult to determine how many patients may have been adversely affected by the surgery…One former patient, “Andrew”, who was 21 when he had his penis and testicles replaced with a false vagina, was awarded damages after claiming Dr Kennedy misdiagnosed him as a transsexual in the late 1980s…Since the surgery, he has twice tried to take his own life and has undergone operations to reconstruct a penis and remove breast implants. He says he will never be able to have children, is unable to work and feels like a “mutilated freak”…Countless patients were given sex changes without proper mental health checks before or after surgery…Dr Kennedy claims the same “political forces” that tried to shut down abortion clinics are trying to close the gender dysphoria facility, which has performed sexual reassignment surgery on more than 600 people—a third of all referrals—since it was founded in 1975 by Dr Kennedy and Austrian-born Dr Herbert Bower.[1]

Like the work of many TOO contributors, Howard (who does cite such authorities as Kevin MacDonald and Andrew Joyce) prefers to use the words of the organizations responsible to show that, despite the inevitable attacks on this book given its subject matter and unwillingness to concede reality, it is not “baseless” by any means. As we’ve seen with the gaslighting about the Great Reset, a conspiracy theory is only the wrong person bringing the right facts to light. Howard does that, and he’s only the “wrong” person insofar as he refuses to compromise with evil. This is commendable.

Another vital element that Howard covers is that the transgender movement would not have been possible without the preceding dominoes of “civil rights,” feminism, and “gay rights.” As he shows in many different contexts, these are always these preceding steps with this particular modus operandi of the ruling class. Thus, we cannot fight transgenderism without fighting the totality of neo-liberalism and, by extension, the system itself. How do we know the system is totally on board with this and that it feeds into their overall transhumanist globalist dystopia? Well, Howard writes in Chapter Nineteen:

In December 2017, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) completed the development of 51 LGBTI Inclusion Index indicators in five strategic inclusion areas for “development efforts that are inclusive of LGBTI people.” The support of the Swedish LGBTQ NGO RFSL, OutRight Action International, and ILGA were instrumental for the completion of these consultations, which were done in partnership with the World Bank. ILGA has UN Economic and Social Council consultative status. Over the course of 2020, OutRight Action International launched the COVID19 Global LGBTIQ Emergency Fund with founding partners Microsoft, Gilead Sciences, Calvin Klein, and the Dunn Family Charitable Foundation, which focuses on “poverty alleviation and social justice globally.” Other contributors to OutRight’s COVID fund include the Open Society Foundations, Salesforce, the Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, the Horizons Foundation, Visa, Warner Music Group, PepsiCo, and the Council for Global Equality. We can see how everything is consciously being linked under the auspices of a nebulous “justice” that somehow only benefits these major stakeholders. They can fly to Davos in their private jet, but you have to live in a pod next to forced “diversity” and eat plants and bugs. It’s the only way to stop the apocalypse you know!

 With the frightening moves made by the ruling class this year, this is becoming increasingly obvious, and it will require us to move beyond the political realm—not forsake it, but move beyond it as well—into meta-political considerations, which Howard also acknowledges. If I may take a slight liberty here, understand that Satan is the great deceiver, the inverter of all things. What is transgenderism but the inversion of truth, the lie that men can become women, and women can become men? Or that there is a whole buffet of choose-your-own-adventure/gender/species/whatever for us to choose from? Even if one is not Christian, surely they understand that this is not just deeply unnatural and will lead, as we are seeing, to catastrophic outcomes, but is, in fact, evil? You cannot tell me forcibly sterilizing and mutilating children is compassionate or being done for the good of the child, or humanity, or whatever the thin justifications may be. It is the same with the consequences of “diversity” and the industrial-scale rape and endemic violence. This is being done to us, not for us.

Consider that Johnson & Johnson, one of the major players covered in Howard’s book,  is appealing to the Supreme Court a $2.12 billion damages award in Missouri to women who blamed their ovarian cancer on asbestos in Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder and other products; a 2018 Reuters investigative report that found Johnson & Johnson knew for decades about asbestos in its talc with evidence showing that from at least 1971 to the early 2000s, their powders tested positive for asbestos and were still brought to market. Or that one of the virologists awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for discovering the HIV virus stated that the SARS-CoV-2 virus came from a lab and is the result of an attempt to manufacture a vaccine against the AIDS virus, which intersects with the research presented in Howard’s book regarding the same coronavirus “vaccine” manufacturers efforts along the HIV/AIDS front.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough; in fact, I would go so far as to say that it is one of the most consequential books to come out in a long time, and that it is an authorial debut is all the more impressive. Anyone wanting to understand the state of play and where the ruling class is trying to take us should get this book, and get a copy for friends and family!

[1] Stark, Jill, “Sex-change clinic ‘got it wrong,’” May 31, 2009. The Sydney Morning Herald.

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  1. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    Yes. The transgender MYTH–a redder herring has never swum–is of course among the threats to White/West Eurasian heritage, since in fact there is no sex change: complete “sex-reassignment” is transition not to the opposite sex but to NEUTER; it means only the loss of the sex with which one is born, never the acquisition of the sex one might wish to embody. If actual sex-reassignment were possible, the transformation of a reproductive-age male into a reproductive-age female would enable the subject to reproduce in another way. But the victims of the hoax never and cannot reproduce, because to remove the male reproductive system is not to install the female reproductive system; ditto vice-versa..

    There’s no heritage without reproduction. Encouraging youngsters to neuter themselves has become one of the ways of impeding our continuance; and telling small children that sex change is real, that sex or gender is a choice and not a destiny, should be viewed as a CRIME against our society. The Orban government in Hungary has officially withdrawn legal recognition of “transgender” persons: all praise and honor to it, and may all Western lands follow suit in time.

    There are no transgender people.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      Viktor Orban is a KMac with political power. In fact, as for politicos, he’s the greatest W in our era. If he were in the White House you’d see the Obama shadow gov. and her network eradicated. You’d see the FBI and CIA along with other anti-majority Deep State departments cleaned out and replaced.

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          You might’ve added that Andras Heisler, a leader of Hungarian Jews, said last year that Hungarian Jewry’s relations with the Orban government are “incredibly positive.” And now tell me whether any other Western land has done what Hungary has done:
          1, end asylum applications;
          2. criminalize the aiding of migrants to enter or remain in Hungary;
          3. build an anti-migrant border barrier;
          4. militarize the Tisza River border with a fleet of anti-migrant patrol boats;
          5. maintain dismal detention facilities for invaders;
          6. withdraw legal recognition of “transgender” persons, legally defining gender as a matter of genitals and chromosomes;
          7. economically incentivize and subsidize Hungarian reproduction, promoting a higher native birthrate;
          8. declare that Islam is not good for Hungary and acted on it, becoming able to say that there are NO Islamic migrants in the land;
          9. reject the globalist UN Compact on Migration;
 effect oust Soros and his globalist university.

          You think he’d have done better if he also said “Fuck Israel and Netanyahu–the Jews are our misfortune” and thus opened up another and unnecessary war front?

          All you’ve done is show that maintaining cordial relations with Jews is not incompatible with preserving national/racial/cultural heritage.

          Hungary is arguably the heart of Free Europe and Budapest is the capital. It’s done so much for Whites, and yet YOU only see that Orban isn’t at war with Jews and talk as though he’s sending Hungarian boys to die for Israel.

          Hmmm…. what exactly are your politics….

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Good points, Mr. Vanini. Like you, I’ll side with the kids. There is no fence-straddling on this hideous issue.

      Archeologists have unearthed countless human remains spanning many millennia. To date, the remains have been either male or female. Amazing, is it not?

    • Sbaker
      Sbaker says:

      Orban is a leader with honor who represents the interests of his country and people. Every sovereign nation should be so fortunate. Adults who decide to undergo genital mutilation should not be making replicates of themselves. Mental diseases of this serious nature should not be propagated in society, period. As far as encouraging such mental disorientation in children; this is the worst form of child abuse and is consistent with a capital offense. Castration should be the mildest form of punishment, along with withdrawal of the steroids.

  2. bakos abel
    bakos abel says:

    a small detour from subject, but in what way is the current elite making a “Transhumanist globalist dystopia”, I think it’s just a regular dystopia. Trans-humanist advocate for in the long run super intelligence, super longevity and super happiness. I don’t think the elite are making us any more intelligent (look at the taboo over eugenics / genetic enhancement), longer lives (Bill Gates has explicitly stated life extension is a waste of resources) nor improving our well-being (except among transgender activist, people’s ideal lives don’t involve children being subjected to needless suffering or being read children’s books to drag queen). It seems to me that transhumanism is more fringe then transgenderism, even though it has goals that everyone ostensibly agrees with.

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      I chose to pay $2.00 more to buy it from Antelope Hill (apparently an independent publisher) than to help lift Bezos out of poverty.

  3. john
    john says:

    The LGBTQ movement is allied with the Left (including Democrats, of course), Jews, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and cowardly Republicans.

  4. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    J. Q. Publius’s review does what every author and publisher hopes a review will do: make the book look irresistible to its target audience. Given what the review reveals about the book’s contents, the references Publius makes to Satan seem far from hyperbolic.

    All in all, as Scott Howard evidently doesn’t cotton much to pointless repetition or hyped overstatement, the fact that he requires 447 pages to cover the topic is pretty damn scary all by itself.

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