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For Whom the Gaza Bell Tolls — Part 2

“Palestine is not the ultimate goal of the Jews; the world is. Palestine is just the place for the world state headquarters.”  Israel Shamir in Cabbala of Power “The United States is well on the road to being dominated by an Asian technocratic elite and a Jewish business, professional, and media elite.”  Kevin MacDonald “We had […]

Naming Neocons

“It is anything but an anti-Semitic canard to label neoconservatism a largely Jewish phenomenon. Neoconservatism is ‘ineluctably Jewish.’” Jacob Heilbrunn, quoted in Evan R. Goldstein, “Fight Makes Right,” The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 18, 2008 Just last week, in my first TOO column, I wrote that we were never going to hear about the […]

For Whom the Gaza Bell Tolls

“The Israelis can kill whomever they want whenever they want.” —Paul Craig Roberts I sometimes think that it’s pointless for Americans to talk much about recent events in Gaza because we know how it will play out — America will do absolutely nothing to interfere with the ongoing massacre. British journalist Robert Fisk reminds us […]