(Kevin, this is a version to test the linking to “ModBlurbs”, which are what will be inserted in a comment to access the final version of this page. The copy below is just a copy of my comment sent to you, not the final version. R.)

(Moderators’ Note regarding commenting guidelines)

Dr. MacDonald would prefer that comments to the articles he posts stay on topic, and not meander off into religious squabbles, criticism of other Pro-White activist groups, or personal infighting among commenters.

This moderator has probably allowed more of this to happen than should have been allowed. From this point on moderation will be more careful.

Even a whiff of an inter-religious spitball fight, no matter who starts it or how, will not be approved.

Most people who read TOO and comment are already familiar with “BUGS” and Robert Whitaker. If a “real BUGSER” is truly familiar with what “Bob” is all about, he will know that spamming TOO is not where “the Swarm” belongs. Take it to the enemy, or “take your toys and go home”. If you insist on commenting on the “Mantra”, pro or con, do it at Whitaker’s site and see what happens to you.

In addition to pro or con comments regarding “the Mantra”, snide side swipes at other sites and organizations which have respect for Dr. MacDonald are not appreciated here, and will not be approved. Don’t make the good Dr. look bad by making a mess in this space!

The commenters here are almost all very intelligent people, and part of the enjoyment I get from moderating is reading some of your brilliant and insightful comments. Please make my job easier by staying on topic and respecting the site Mission Statement at the top of the page. Also, please realize that your experience at TOO is improved due to moderators removing a lot of truly obnoxious garbage we have to read in the process of moderating. Sometimes “censorship” makes for a cleaner environment.

Thanks, and please keep on posting the “good stuff”!

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