The War on White Australia: A Case Study in the Culture of Critique, Part 3 of 5

Brenton Sanderson

Walter Lippmann – The Jewish architect of Australian Multiculturalism

While the Minister for Immigration in the Whitlam government (1972-1975), Al Grassby, is widely renowned in politically correct Australian circles as the “father of Australian multiculturalism,” the real architect of this poisonously anti-White ideology and policy in Australia was Walter Lippmann, a German-Jewish refugee who settled in Melbourne in 1938. Lippmann was a businessman and a prominent member of Melbourne’s Jewish community who by 1960 had become president of the Australian Jewish Welfare and Relief Society.

In his advocacy of multiculturalism in Australia, Lippmann tore a page out of the writings of the pioneering Jewish-American multiculturalist Horace Kallen. Lippmann deeply resented the assimilated culture of the Australia he entered in 1938, and believed Jewish immigrants had left one type of oppression behind only to be subjected to another: the Australian expectation to assimilate. Kallen had described the corresponding expectation in the early twentieth century United States as “the Americanization hysteria” or the “Americanization psychosis.”[i] The multiculturalism espoused by Walter Lippmann in Australia, a toxic blend of postmodernism and Marxism, implied “a rejection not only of the attempts to promote an amalgam of cultures but also of any assumptions of Anglo-Saxon superiority and the necessary conformity to English-oriented cultural patterns.”

In an article entitled “Australian Jewry – Can It Survive?” published in the Jewish community newspaper The Bridge in January 1973, Lippmann argued that “The positive value of a multicultural society needs promotion in the Australian environment.” His argument was developed against the background of news that Lippmann found deeply disturbing, namely that “for the first time in the history of Australian Jewry, the 1971 Commonwealth Census has disclosed a decline in the number of Jews identifying as such.”[ii] Lippmann identified three major reasons for the decline: the post-WWII migration of Jews had mostly consisted of the middle-aged, the relatively low birth-rate of Australian Jews, and the relatively high rate of marrying out.


Walter Lippmann

Lippmann suggested that two interconnected developments needed to take place to ensure the long-term survival of Australian Jewry. One was the organization of a Jewish community relevant to the Australian political context. The other was recognition by government that Australian society was “suffering from an ambivalence on the vital ‘unity through diversity’ aspect of nation building,” and was “imposing upon immigrants pressures to conform, so that they can establish themselves.” Stratton notes that it was in this context that Lippmann argued for a change in government policy. Lippmann argued that “For a Jewish community to survive in the Australian environment, it is necessary that Jewish separateness be defined for and imbibed by coming generations.” Australian Jews were to have their ethnic and cultural separateness strengthened and normalized through the power of government. Jewish ethnic identity was to be affirmed, and equivalences made between, for example, the Jewish and Greek ethnic Diasporas. For Lippmann, the future of the Australian Jewish community depended upon “a recognition of cultural pluralism in Australia.”[iii]

In reality, as Kevin MacDonald observes, multiculturalism, like neo-Orthodoxy and Zionism, is simply another Jewish response “to the Enlightenment’s corrosive effects on Judaism” which likewise involves the creation of a “defensive structure erected against the destructive influence of European civilization.”[iv] It is an attempt to resolve the “fundamental and irresolvable friction between Judaism and prototypical Western political and social structure.”[v]

Lippmann’s goal was to transform Australia from a racially and culturally assimilated White society into a multi-racial, multicultural society with wide variety of religions, cultures, and linguistic groups spread across the country’s landscape and accorded equal status by government. According to the Jewish Australian academic Andrew Markus, Lippmann’s basic message was: “that you’re not advantaging a specific group until you’re advantaging the whole society. You’re enriching the whole society. You’re freeing up potential, you’re freeing up human potential. Instead of people being locked away, denied opportunities, everyone benefits by opening up opportunities and by welcoming and recognizing diversity.” This vision of a new multicultural paradise where all kinds of racial, ethnic and cultural groups live in peace and harmony was laughably utopian, and heedless of the long catalogue of failed multicultural experiments around the world.

MacDonald notes that the problem with this multicultural scenario from an evolutionary perspective (or even a common sense perspective) is that “no provision is made for the results of competition for resources and reproductive success within the society.”[vi] The inevitable racial, religious and cultural conflict that “cultural pluralism” would inevitably provoke was ostensibly regarded by Lippmann as an acceptable price to pay for guaranteeing Jewish ethnic continuity. Thus, even if the multicultural utopia is never attained and Australia became a nation of warring tribes, the policy will at least have ended the hated “hegemony” of the old White Australia and ensured the survival of Australian Jewry.  Lippmann, like Kallen, was a strongly identified Jew and Zionist, and it was hardly surprising that his ideal for Australia was a form of social organization that conforms to Jewish interests and compromises the interests of White Australians; with multiculturalism being, at its core, “a social form that guarantees the continued existence of Judaism as a social category and a cohesive ethnic group while at the same time, given the characteristics of Jews [high IQ, high levels of education etc.], guarantees Jews economic and cultural pre-eminence.”[vii]

Walter Lippmann’s ethno-political activism

Through Lippmann’s membership and connections in the Australian Labor Party, he was appointed chairman of the influential Committee on Community Relations of the Federal Department of Labour and Immigration when it was established in 1974 by the Whitlam government. Lippmann also secured board positions on the Commonwealth Immigration Advisory Council, the Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS), the Victorian Ethnic Affairs Commission, and a host of other bodies involved in shaping government policy.

There was considerable disquiet within the Department of Labour and Immigration following his appointment as Chairman of the Committee on Community Relations, with the Department official Andy Watson recalling that “The Department regarded Lippmann as an ‘empire builder’ for the Jewish community’s benefit. The Department was sceptical of Lippmann’s personal ambitions.”[viii] Lopez notes that “Lippmann regarded his appointment in strategic terms as a major breakthrough in advancing his pluralist cause. His appointment gave the proto-multiculturalists their first formal access to the [Immigration] Department’s system of generating policy advice. He intended to use his position of influence to achieve ideological change in settlement and welfare policy.”[ix]

Lippmann used his simultaneous membership in the numerous organizations and committees that made submissions to the Committee on Community Relations to ensure that his own (and the Jewish community’s) views prevailed in the committee’s final report. Essentially Lippmann was using organizational sock-puppets to make submissions to the government committee that he himself chaired. Under this arrangement, the recommendations of the committee inevitably represented the views of Lippmann and the Australian Jewish community. Lopez notes that:

Lippmann was the most skilled of the multiculturalists at using his numerous committee memberships, both government and non-government, to gain tactical advantages in seeking to influence government policy. …  Sometimes Lippmann used his position in several committees in a coordinated campaign such as his campaign for a closed seminar to articulate an ideology of multiculturalism. He launched the campaign in ACOSS [the Australian Council of Social Services], using his position as the Chairman of the ACOSS Joint Committee on Migrant Welfare to make a submission to the Immigration Advisory Council. This proposal was presented not as a Lippmann proposal but as an “ACOSS” proposal. He then used his position in the Immigration Advisory Council to argue for the acceptance of the ACOSS proposal. Once the proposal had been formally discussed in the Immigration Advisory Council it was presented to the Minister as an Immigration Advisory Council proposal. When the proposal was defeated due to a combination of ministerial indifference and opposition from senior department officers, Lippmann used his committee memberships to work towards establishing a place for a multiculturalist manifesto within the environs of the Department.

When the National Population Inquiry, chaired by Professor Borrie, became a public inquiry he used his position in ACOSS to submit a multiculturalist manifesto as an ACOSS submission. It failed to influence the Borrie Committee so Lippmann tried again, using his position as chairman of the IAC Committee on Community Relations to attempt to insert a statement of multicultural ideology into that Committee’s report. To historians unaware of the maneuvering by a leading multicultural activist, like Lippmann, the documents left in Lippmann’s wake may seem to indicate a consensus among ACOSS and several IAC committees on a particular multicultural idea. What can seem to be a consensus is actually a trail left by a few, or one activist using multiple committee memberships as a vantage point to gain influence.  [x]         

The multicultural ideology that Lippmann so zealously and cunningly foisted on generally unreceptive White bureaucrats and politicians, and consequently on the Australian nation, amounted to support for everything that the organized Jewish community in Australia wanted—namely, official acceptance of the idea that ethnic groups in Australia should form their own communities, maintain their own distinctive cultural beliefs, languages and customs, and that government and taxpayers should support them in all of this.

Furthermore, rather than expecting migrants to change to fit Australia, Australian society should change to fit the migrant. Markus notes that, for Lippmann, “It was a mistake to base policy on an assumption which could never be realized, the assumption that ethnic identity would be obliterated and replaced by so-called Australian cultural norms.”[xi] Instead, invoking Horace Kallen’s “polycentric” ideal for American ethnic relationships, “Lippmann urged acceptance of multi-dimensional identity, a recognition of the culture of immigrants and Aboriginal peoples, the open embrace of cultural pluralism. …  Australian society would benefit and advance on the basis of a ‘cultural mosaic whose strength and beauty lies in its diversity.’”[xii] MacDonald notes that “a consistent theme of the intellectual rationale for this body of ethnic activism emphasized the benefits to be gained by increased levels of intergroup harmony – an aspect of idealism inherent in Horace Kallen’s conceptualization of multiculturalism – without mentioning that some groups, particularly European-derived, non-Jewish groups, would lose economic and political power and decline in cultural influence.”[xiii]

Under Walter Lippmann’s leadership and behind-the-scenes influence, the final report of the Committee on Community Relations in 1975 recommended that Australian government social policy be henceforth formulated on the basis of four key elements.

First, the task for political leaders was to promote understanding and respect for difference and our common humanity. Second, legislation was required to outlaw racial discrimination and uphold and promote rights through the establishment of a human rights commission. …  Government services would be culturally sensitive and provided in community languages. Third, schools would teach their students to respect the culture of others, provide knowledge of traditions, history, literature and geography of the countries of the major immigrant groups. …  Fourth, the mass media had the responsibility to further the understanding of cultures and provide meaningful communication between the various groups that constituted Australian society.[xiv]

In response to the Committee’s (which were essentially Lippmann’s) recommendations, “multiculturalism” was adopted as official government policy in Australia in the 1970s, and extended under the Fraser [1975-1983] and Hawke governments [1983-1991] in the 1980s. Based on the premise that migrant problems stemmed from the low self-esteem they suffered in a society that was hostile to racial and cultural difference, multiculturalism launched countless government programs catering to ethnic communities, using taxpayer’s money to help them preserve their cultural practices and resist assimilation. The most expensive of these programs was the Australian multicultural broadcasting service SBS.

Prime Minister Bob Hawke and wife Hazel with Walter Lippmann (far right) in the mid-1980s

Historian James Jupp notes that Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke “was strongly in favour of multiculturalism, which was not necessarily true for all his ministers. He was particularly close to the Jewish community and personally intervened to liberalize Soviet policy towards Jewish emigration. … Influential individuals such as Walter Lippmann, James Gobbo and Peter Abeles [who was also Jewish] had direct access to the prime minister.”[xv] Bronwyn Hinz likewise notes that:

The introduction of multicultural principles and rhetoric to the Whitlam government via the prime minister and his staff, and their institutionalization under the Fraser government, were perhaps the most pivotal in the construction of Australia’s multicultural policy framework. In the 1980s, the ECCV [Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria] worked closely with Prime Minister Bob Hawke, a personal friend of ECCV founding Chairperson Walter Lippmann. As the representative of Melbourne’s most ethnically diverse electorate, Hawke was especially cognizant of the value of close connections with the peak council, its activists and member groups, accepting most invitations to their functions, and providing Lippmann and other ECCV activists with direct access to his office. In the first year of the Hawke government, the ECCV’s lobbying culminated in the reduction of citizenship waiting period to two years, the replacement of the term alien with ‘non‐citizen’ in the 1983 Migration Act, and an increase of the refugee intake.[xvi]

Once the Jewish-inspired ideology of multiculturalism had obtained the imprimatur of government, it became a runaway success with Australia’s alienated liberal intelligentsia, who became zealous missionaries of “diversity.” Conservative historian Keith Windschuttle notes that: “Any academic with a project to change the ideas of Australians about an aspect of race or migration found research grants readily available. Book publishers, film makers and various other cultural producers found government departments willing to subsidise them and their output.” By the 1980s, multiculturalism had become “a White collar industry of substance. …  Aspiring members of this in-group soon realised that correct views on race and the composition of the migrant intake were essential barriers to entry. To question immigration was to step outside the circle of acceptability.””[xvii]


Australian Anti-White Propaganda Poster

The ideology of multiculturalism created a great divide between the intellectual class and the majority of the Australian population, and the intellectuals supporting multiculturalism quickly “established a terminology that soon became the only publicly acceptable discourse on the topic. Although they professed their motives were social justice and political progress, the same intellectuals held an overt contempt for the majority of White Australians, who they thought remained mired in materialism and shrouded in xenophobia… ”[xviii] In order to achieve the goals of multiculturalism, its promoters felt compelled to ban and punish speech that was critical of the values or practices of non-White minority groups. The new politically correct speech code was soon enforced by the weight of law with the enactment of racial and religious vilification laws that criminalized dissenting speech. Australia’s liberal intelligentsia urged Australians to define themselves anew by developing close ties with East Asia, opening their doors to migrants from all countries, and creating a multicultural society. Windschuttle notes how:

The sixties generation supported a version of multiculturalism that sought to use immigration to change the host society itself. By advocating the preservation of their cultures intact, radical multiculturalists encouraged immigrants to withhold loyalties and affiliations to the host nation. They also aimed to destabilise Australian traditions, values and institutions by censuring the nation’s original character. Although they advocated the relativist doctrine that all cultures are equal, and none could be judged better than others, only different, their position was always hypocritical. The one culture that was not regarded as equal was that of traditional Australia. In the version of history advanced by the multiculturalists over the last thirty years, Australia is deeply and shamefully tainted by its racism towards non-European immigrants and its indigenous people.[xix]

If races and cultures really were as equal as multiculturalists sanctimoniously claim, then there would be no need to change the White Australian society and culture by introducing other races and cultures. That they routinely degrade White Australia and its traditional culture utterly belies their argument that all races and cultures are equal. Of course, the reality is that it is the very European-derived people (so loathed by the Jewish-dominated intellectual elite) which made Australia and other Western nations so successful in the first place. And it is precisely these people and their culture that the promoters of multiculturalism seek to destroy.

The Benefits of Multiculturalism for Australian Jews

That large-scale non-White immigration and multiculturalism are perceived by Australian Jews as having been of enormous benefit to them is illustrated by an extraordinary speech given by the editor of the Australian Jewish Times, Susan Bures, at the opening of the Sydney Centre for Intercultural Studies at the Sydney Jewish Museum in 1997. Bures rejoiced in the exalted place that Jews were now able to occupy in the new multicultural Australia, noting that:

Being Jewish in Australia today means a group such as this can attract the state’s governor to launch this centre. Being Jewish in Australia today means that the state governor is not just a guest – he’s Jewish too. Being Jewish in Australia today means the state’s premier has sent a representative to honour the occasion. Being Jewish in Australia today means that this function is held in a multi-million-dollar museum founded and funded by a man who came as a penniless refugee some fifty years ago. It means meeting in a museum that attracts thousands of visiting school children whose teachers know that the Jewish experience has lessons for all Australians. Being Jewish in Australia today means that this centre has been formed because a sufficient number of Australian scholars and students are teaching and learning Jewish history, philosophy, language and culture; and it means not all of these scholars and students are Jews. Being Jewish in Australia today means that both state and federal governments have welcomed the service of many Jews like me on its authorities, commissions and boards. To be Jewish in Australia today means we can welcome publicly a representative of the first Jewish state in nearly 2000 years. … In the entire history of the Jewish people outside their ancestral land of Israel, never before have Jews had the freedoms, the protections, the rights and the obligations to participate which they have in Australia.[xx]

In accounting for the unprecedented growth in the wealth, power and influence of Australian Jewry, Bures highlighted the importance of state-sponsored multiculturalism and of legislation outlawing racial discrimination. Andrew Markus proudly observes that “Jews were amongst the leading advocates of the enactment and extension of racial vilification and anti-discrimination legislation by the federal and state parliaments.”[xxi] In truth, the achievement of the twin Jewish goals of ending the White Australia policy and instituting state-sponsored multiculturalism were attained with the passing into law of the Racial Discrimination Bill of 1975 which stated: “It is unlawful for a person to do any act involving a distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin.”[xxii] Journalist Paul Kelly notes that the abolition of the White Australia Policy was “a reform that pretended to be no reform.” According to Kelly: “The reason is manifest: any declaration that White Australia was being abolished would have provoked a public outcry. The issue was never put to the people.” Instead, Kelly points out that “The White Australia policy was dismantled by stealth” through maneuverings that amounted to “a smoke and mirrors exercise.”[xxiii]

In practical effect, the passing of the Racial Discrimination Bill in 1975 was the Australian equivalent of the drastic rewriting of American immigration law in 1965. In both cases, the gates were opened to non-White immigrants from the Third World with racial and cultural backgrounds very different from the majority European-derived population. In her book Ideology and Immigration the Australian sociologist Katharine Betts states that the dismantling of the White Australia policy was the result of an elite conspiracy: “Public resistance,” she notes, “was circumvented by the use of administrative procedures and secrecy rather than open debate.” The final phase of the abolition, which involved the enactment of Racial Discrimination Act by the Whitlam government, was “a political victory” for the cosmopolitan elite, which while failing to convert White Australia’s supporters “by reason and evidence,” left them “unconverted but outmaneuvered.” [xxiv]

In 1976 the relentless Walter Lippmann led a delegation to Canberra which lobbied successfully for the introduction of Australia’s first dedicated refugee policy. Bronwyn Hinz notes that:

Meeting with senators and senior government officials the delegation strongly recommended the federal government increase its humanitarian intake, and that this intake be separate from the regular immigration intake to allow the acceptance of refugees on humanitarian grounds even if they did not meet immigration criteria or if immigration quotas had been met. Within a few months of Lippmann’s lobbying, the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence acknowledged the “complete lack of policy for the acceptance of people into Australia as refugees rather than as migrants”, and using Lippmann’s arguments, recommended as a matter of urgency “a comprehensive set of policy guidelines and the establishment of appropriate machinery” to be applied to refugee situations, including those currently unfolding.[xxv] 

The first Indo-Chinese and Vietnamese boat people started to arrive in Australia in 1976, and in the 1980s Chinese immigrants started to arrive in response to the discriminatory policies against the Chinese in Malaysia (i.e., failed multiculturalism). By the 2001 census there were approximately 170,000 Indo-Chinese in Australia, and Asians comprised approximately four per cent of the population. Ten years later the 2011 census has revealed a rapidly expanding Asian population, which, including those born in Australia, now easily surpasses 10 per cent of the Australian population.

The consequences of Multiculturalism for White Australia

As in other Western nations, those migrants from Asia (predominantly China) and their offspring are increasingly out-competing White Australians at gaining admission to the best schools and universities, and consequently in obtaining prestigious high-income jobs. The long-term result of this trend will inevitably be “that the entire White population (not including Jews) is likely to suffer a social status decline as these new immigrants become more numerous.”[xxvi] Like the United States and Canada, Australia is well on the road to “being dominated by an Asian technocratic elite and a Jewish business, professional and media elite.”[xxvii]

Chinese students replacing Whites at Australian universities

 This Australian Jewish business, professional and media elite has been enlarged over the past two decades by the thousands of Jews who have fled the post-Apartheid South Africa that so many of them agitated to bring about—including the daughter of ANC activist Joe Slovo. By 2001, South Africans comprised 12.5 per cent of all Jews living in Australia. Suzanne Rutland notes that these South African Jews “arrived with a strong sense of Jewish identification and a very low intermarriage rate” and that “many are still coming, largely because of the high level of crime and a sense of insecurity”[xxviii] (another failure of multiculturalism). This experience has not, unfortunately, prevented many of the new South African Jewish arrivals from becoming actively involved in anti-White activism and agitation in Australia—proving, if anything, that their atavistic hatred of Europeans certainly runs deep.

At the other end of the spectrum from the Jews and Chinese, significant numbers of low-IQ refugees from Africa (mainly Sudanese and Somalis) have arrived in recent years. They are almost totally welfare-dependent and are vastly over-represented, along with Pacific Islander groups, in conviction rates for violent offences. Multicultural activists routinely blame the social pathologies of these groups on White “racism.” Muslim immigration has also expanded in recent years, and Australian security services require ever growing budgets to monitor the activities of would-be terrorists from within this alienated and heavily welfare-dependent group. Gun crime among middle-eastern gangs has become a major problem in parts of Sydney and Melbourne.

Muslim immigration has created major headaches for Australian law enforcement

As a result of the weakening of Australia’s border protection laws by the current Labor government, Australia also has an increasing problem with illegal immigration by sea. Boatloads of Pakistani, Afghan, Iranian and Sri Lankan “asylum seekers” are taking advantage of what is effectively an open-door refugee policy to gain access to Australia’s generous welfare system. People smuggling from Indonesia (in close collaboration with ethnic communities and refugee advocates in Australia) has become a thriving industry. A recent attempt by the Australian government to deter illegal arrivals by arranging a refugee swap deal with Malaysia was torpedoed in the High Court after a challenge by the Jewish “refugee advocate” David Manne (nephew of Robert; see Part 2). From Walter Lippmann to David Manne, Jews have been, and continue to be, pivotal in driving the social and demographic transformation of the Australian nation.

Go to Part 4.


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    “nobody truly wants to see the demise of the Caucasian people and nobody is trying to outbreed them, or genocide them”.


    “That’s willful dissembling at the very least and utter bunk/rot at most.”

    When a chastised child of parents exercises their right of corporal punishment on the said errant child, amid the sounds of sobbing and foot stomping, it isn’t unheard of to hear the child blurt out that he or she hates their mother or father and wishes they were dead.

    A good parent would follow up any chastisement with an explanation, conversation and further instruction and a hug having received confirmation that the child recognizes boundries and respect for his or her authority.

    We accept the emotional ramblings of a punished child, as the litmus paper indicating how well our governorship is working. Parenting, in my assessment, is a work in progress that can have best practices.

    With that in mind, I seek to find out what could possibly make you conclude that my statement was in anyway bunkum!

    Perhaps it’s the rantings of Mugabe, which the Jew media edit suitably, so as to garner support from Caucasians to engage in a new war they will have to fight on behalf of the Talmudist?

    Could it be the Jew trained and well paid, race baiting provocateurs of the “New Black Panther Party”, who run around committing the crime of incitement to “kill white babies”, BUT NEVER GET ARRESTED?

    Remember, the original Black Panther Party was NEVER a racist organization, it was anti “The system” and very anti the enforcers of that system, namely the racist cops/pigs!

    Of course the Jew media would have spun that discourse, so as to CREATE racial conflicts.

    Perhaps you speak of the Jew funded and promoted La Raza movements?

    Think about it, if God created all, who is it that seeks the demise of one?

    A Jew may look at what I write and wrongly conclude that I hate them and wish to have them harmed in some way.

    I conclude that the Jew will hate, agonize daily, lament, complain, gnash his teeth, wrench his clothes, throw himself to the floor, offer all his ill gotten gains. To avoid being sentenced to live by himself, work for himself, pollute his own, deceive his own and never ever to have contact with the wider human family!

    Not one hair of his head should be harmed and even that, you know the Jew would still claim I hated him, or would seek to genocide him at a later date, such is the fear I believe he ultimately has of our right to resist any of his tricks,

    I digress, only to say that, how an ignoramous with a microphone, on camera espousing nonsense, or race hate, or murder gets past the proverbial radar of the intelligent, to the point that the intelligent alter their high moral plain, to fit morals and tone of the said ignoramous?

    Perhaps I have missed something.

    Please provide some evidence to support your charge.

    Remember, if you draw conclusions based on the rantings of the uneducated, poor underclass, it may not help your standing on this issue.


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    @Noble Lord: “There is room enough for all peoples, nobody truly wants to see the demise of the Caucasian people and nobody is trying to outbreed them, or genocide them…..Apart from perhaps the Jew, who’s nipple many WN’s cannot see they continue to suck.”

    There is “enough room for all peoples”, NB, but I take exception to your claim “nobody truly wants to see the demise of the Caucasian people and nobody is trying to outbreed them, or genocide them”.

    That’s willful dissembling at the very least and utter bunk/rot at most.

    “…perhaps the Jew, who’s nipple many WN’s cannot see they continue to suck.”

    …although I can’t find a flaw in this statement of yours.

    They’re mostly drawn around by their nose rings like emasculated bulls…deluded fools every one.

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    @Pierre de Craon: Thanks for your support M. Craon.

    Though I’m not averse to bigotry, whether of the anti-Catholic variety or anything else, I am in favour of an informed bigotry. If the Calvinists on this thread could at least attempt to get their facts straight then we might make some progress towards a *rational* racism.

    Here is an old post on the rationality of racism versus bigotry:

  9. thm's Gravatar thm
    August 20, 2012 - 11:45 am | Permalink

    @Alice Teller:

    The future belongs to those who reproduce.

    And among European ethnic people, the people who reproduce, who replace themselves and more, are, consistently, the devout Christians, across the whole spectrum, from Mennonites and Amish to Catholic, to Orthodox, Born Again Evangelicals etc. That is why the (very effective) organized Jewish effort to destroy religious faith among White young people, through the media, “entertainment” industry promotion of hedonism, casual sex, low morality etc, ACLU attacks etc. has been so devastating. And explains how Whites went from having many babies per couple during the fifties and earlier to the catastrophic demographic situation we have today.

  10. Alice Teller's Gravatar Alice Teller
    August 20, 2012 - 10:35 am | Permalink

    We can have a fine old time, maligning and blaming each other, none of which will help our situation one little bit. The simple truth is that the vast majority of white folks, of all religions and no religion have embraced the culture of death. The only solution which will work is to have more babies. If we abandon life, our posterity and future, who can blame any church for looking for followers elsewhere? The future belongs to those who reproduce.

  11. Noble Lord's Gravatar Noble Lord
    August 20, 2012 - 8:57 am | Permalink


    I found your response interesting and rather difficult to respond to, because there is much you say, that leads me to believe you have some views that differ from commonly held beliefs.

    As I am not firm with the historical narrative that is widely touted as fact, with regards to the “Out of Africa” theory, perhaps it’s the best there is, but I get the feeling you may have an alternative theory.


    “Point being is this. All the oldest remains in the Americans show the white man (as of now) was the first people here. Even the Indians in North and South America admit this in their lore.”

    I must add that I am not an archeologist, anthropologist, geneticist, or any other scientist, merely a truth seeker of the human family, so forgive me for posting a wikipedia entry.

    It appears to me that this Solutrean theory, is fairly modern and not very well received.

    Are you comfortable with the “Out of Africa theory”?

    Are you of the belief that the “Garden of Eden” is in Mesopotamia and not Africa?

    As I’ve already said, I struggle with much of these ideas and it is not my area of expertise, for want of a better phrasing.


    “If you follow even modern history one will see one group or sub group displacing another. One will see mixtures creating sub groups who do the same. One will see the “originals” of their racial category spreading out and then being pushed back- in the case of whites; to the 4 corners of the earth.”
    Instinctively I think your position here is a bit too simplistic, as by using the term “displacing” has unsavory connertations, when we consider modern day displacement by colonialists and invaders of the last 2000 years.

    I prefer to believe that perhaps thousands of years ago, families/communities/tribes decided to move and settle and form their identity as they engage the climate, terrain, flora and fauna of where they ended up. The population of the world, back then I would guess was nothing like it is now, so meeting others in those times, would have been a major issue, but not necessarily a battle for survival.

    I get the impression you are superimposing the morals and ways of modern colonialism and its barbarity, on those ancient peoples who would not have needed to move into another persons territory and use any form of violence to keep it. That is a modern invention, by modern I speak of Greek/Roman empires etc.

    I note that you mention “White Christian Culture”, but that too is fairly modern and even if your theory of Caucasians being the first to inhabit America is true, it certainly would mean that they were NOT Christian!

    We have a problem, not just you and I, but the entire human family, if we seriously wish to seek truth with regards to our historical origins, as the Talmudic Banking criminal cabal hold sway on all information related to archeological, genetics and issues of truth past, present, therefore future.
    It follows that none of us should push hard at each other over such issues, until collectively we have removed that which has us both enslaved and hard wired to go at each other so much so that we are left exhausted, hurt, scarred, whilst he is entertained, enriched and empowered.


    “Thus, it is useless to condemn the white man for colonialism because it was written long ago that by his will and to fulfill his blessings upon his people (Physical/Spiritual Israelites-whites/Christians) he would spread them to the 4 corners of the earth but in the last days (end of this particular age) he would gather them from those places and plant them back in the land that he gave to them and their forefathers as an inheritance; and that this Kingdom would be the Lords.”

    Colonialism may appear to the Caucasian to be a good deal, go in, kill, push about, take control, years past, THEN the true planners, the true investors, the true architects, the pied pipers, who originally called the tune, want there bounty and Igor is left reeling, having to accept what ever the Demon general wishes to toss aside.

    What you complain of now, was always part and parcel of the trick, I thought you had some knowledge of Ancient Rome and Greece and their demise?

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana.

    Colonialism was not a blessed act by God and has been fraught with injury to the souls of the human family. Spiritually we will be worn down enough to realise our folly and challenge an out of control ego, which pays our early acts ten fold in miseries.

    The bully may be goaded into hitting the little kid, but Gods time teaches that bully a lesson, when the kids bigger brother meets up with him.

    Some call it Karma, I call it our life story, remember Germany and how it has been plagued by the Jew holocaust lie and fleeced?

    Think Berlin Conference 1848 and subsequent terror reign upon the Congo.


  12. Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
    August 20, 2012 - 8:50 am | Permalink


    Are there any less talented than Whoopi and Maya Angelou?

    That’s easy. On the black side, any of several hundred hip-hop “artists”. On the Jewish side, the environment is just as target-rich. How about Steven Spielberg and Jack Black for starters?

    Less jocularly, I consider Alice Walker an even more deplorable example of black talentlessness than Maya Angelou. In the upmarket literary community, no one thinks of MA as anything but a media creation, but Walker has won virtually every prestigious award that is on offer—and some people genuinely seem to think she deserves them! She is at least as widely anthologized as MA, too; hence, Walker’s scribbling contaminates the minds of the young imprisoned in America’s schools.

  13. Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
    August 20, 2012 - 8:40 am | Permalink

    Calvinist white America is going down the tubes.

    Evidently not yet to such an extent as to have taken shark and other fans of the witch burner of Geneva with it.

  14. DMS's Gravatar DMS
    August 20, 2012 - 1:34 am | Permalink

    Satan sement l’ivraie (premier planche). (Satan Sowing Tares). 1878.
    By Félicien Joseph Victor Rops. 1833-1898.

  15. 90404's Gravatar 90404
    August 20, 2012 - 12:32 am | Permalink

    @Mark White:
    And 40? million blacks.
    Yet the media so ‘blackifies’ Yahoo, TV, Rap n Hiphop, etc.

    Are there any less talented than Whoopi and Maya Angelou?

  16. August 20, 2012 - 12:16 am | Permalink


    Whites should stay united in the face of all odds. This is not about Protestant, Catholic, Mormons anymore.

    But self development is very important. If we keep talking about Jews, but do not acquire wealth, power, technical knowledge we will not succeed.

  17. Brenton Sanderson's Gravatar Brenton Sanderson
    August 19, 2012 - 11:53 pm | Permalink
  18. Brenton Sanderson's Gravatar Brenton Sanderson
    August 19, 2012 - 11:48 pm | Permalink

    Further to the pernicious consequences of non-White immigration and multiculturalism in Australia:

    “SUDANESE and Somali-born Victorians are about five times more likely to commit crimes than the wider community, a trend that must be addressed to prevent Cronulla-style social unrest, police warn.”

    Read more:

  19. TyronRobertParsons's Gravatar TyronRobertParsons
    August 19, 2012 - 11:28 pm | Permalink

    @Pat Hannagan:

    The Vatican City Corp has owned the City of London Corp (Crown/Jewish Bankers) since 1213-15.

    The City of London Corp has owned the District of Columbia-formerly the Virginia Trading Company, since the first colonies in America. The City of London Corp has own the UNITED STATES Corporation since 1871. This Corporation in turn claims to own (although completely unlawful) all “US Citizens” even if the resided outside DC and this due to unlawful and fictitious adhesion contracts fixed to the straw man Corporations they set up in everyone’s name through capitalizations of their lawful name. This SCAM is how the Vatican/London/DC have conspired together to set up another fictitious entity, the “state of Israel” in a bid toward the “Jews” world dominion plans.

  20. JA's Gravatar JA
    August 19, 2012 - 9:33 pm | Permalink


    You takin’ the piss Ralph? Just jokin’. It does have a certain dated, Sunday Schoolmamish quality of presentation.

    Actually in my searches to find remnants of our best years I had stumbled upon it a few months’ ago.

    No “spot the Aussie” games needed there eh?

    There were a sprinkling of Asians, (and Africans) many of whom were personal friends, most going back home with what our rigorous, tough education system had given them, to be used for the benefit of their less economically fortunate nations. Who would object to the very slow, steady process of selective Asian immigration as occurred then? Today it, and, even more, African and Middle Eastern Muslim “migration” (outside our region) has become an affront to patriotic Australians, though not to the Quislings in our midst.

  21. shark's Gravatar shark
    August 19, 2012 - 9:21 pm | Permalink

    Catholics in this country have aided and abetted the Joo at every turn, and not merely third world immigration.
    The Joo is like the Mafia. Not everyone can see him. You know how Hoover denied there even was such a thing as Cosa Nostra.
    The Papist is more invisible because he is our fellow christian and his name doesnt stand out like Stein,Baum,Berg,Roth,etc.,etc.
    They are more like the ‘Ndrangheta. Much bigger and unseen but very powerful with their sick Augustinian multiracial Cidade de Deus they try to implement. Hey Papists it doesn’t work. Go to Brazil,they fittingly have a favela named after the City of God. They even made a movie about it.
    2 percent and 15 percent(white Catholics) of the population control the Supreme court and probably over half of Congress. Epecially if you include their accomplices,Episscopals and Lootrans. Scary.
    Calvinist white America is going down the tubes.

  22. JA's Gravatar JA
    August 19, 2012 - 9:13 pm | Permalink

    @Pat Hannagan:

    Thanks for your courteous reply to my provocative question.

    The point I suppose I wished to make on personal, free-willed conversion was not that you, I, or Shark too, have no worthy beliefs and faith, but that the circumstance for the free exercise of that amongst the Christian peoples of the West diminish with each passing year. If the invasion were to stop now, I think that it might be almost manageable – at least in some nations. But even this incredible economic collapse has inspired no attenuation of the process, ideologically or politically. The state of things already has engendered mass feelings that take us back to the formation of nation states, to a situation where the nation state becomes the central issue once again. Wise – real – Catholics, like those who wrote the document you url’d have not forgotten the reality that, for all its Universalism, Christianity’s mighty fortress was/is the West*, today its nations and its people. Historically that was won and defended with the sword. Let us pray that it doesn’t get to that again. But if it does we should know whose side we and ours must be on, warts and all.

    *though this comes out only indirectly, obliquely, in the short but very readable document:

  23. Tom's Gravatar Tom
    August 19, 2012 - 9:11 pm | Permalink

    @Pat Hannagan:

    Yeah, Pat I would have to call a speech made by the Pope to 250,000 people, the news media of Australia, and the news media of the world condeming the White Australia Policy a little more than agitation. LOL.

  24. Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
    August 19, 2012 - 8:48 pm | Permalink

    @Pat Hannagan: A very admirable string of comments, explanations, and rebuttals, not to mention plain facts in response to bigotry-driven lies and lunacies. I thank you, and I applaud you.

  25. Mark White's Gravatar Mark White
    August 19, 2012 - 8:32 pm | Permalink

    @briton: American society has been extremely Judaized, from Liberalism to Neoconservatism, from finances to the media, I almost can’t believe that there is only 5 million of Jews in America…

  26. Pat Hannagan's Gravatar Pat Hannagan
    August 19, 2012 - 8:29 pm | Permalink

    @Tom: No, he didn’t.

    It is one thing to call for the end of the White Australia policy, and another to agitate for its end. In this series so far you have been given detailed examples of Jewish agitation, political back room work, and academic undermining of White Australia.

    In the comments you have also had explained to you the perversion of Catholicism since the time of Vatican II. There are contrary statements since that time with regard immigration from various pontiffs. See Regensburg Address above, as well as Cardinal Pell’s statements re Muslim immigration.

    If you wish to argue that Catholics have held sway with government policy formulation, even though we do not have the numbers or political and media clout to make great inroads, then at least give credit where credit is due.

    For example: opposing and succeeding in that opposition to conscription in WWI, which Cardinal Mannix correctly termed “”just a sordid trade war”.

    Opposing Communism in Australia:

    We should note that for a faith that you think has such a large hold on the public’s conscience, to the point of influencing govt. policy, we sadly have had little to no success with our opposition to abortion, homosexual marriage, no-fault divorce, contraception, feminism, masturbation, and sundry other vices now mandated by the Catholic Church driven Australian government.

    Why oh why do they only listen to us with regard “open door immigration”?!

  27. Tom's Gravatar Tom
    August 19, 2012 - 8:14 pm | Permalink

    I hope all of you read the Pope’s condemnaton of the White Australia Policy which he made in December of 1970:,169458&dq=white+australia+policy+catholic&hl=en

    You should also read, in the same article, why the Catholic Bishops of the Pacific i.e. Oceania wanted the White Australia Policy ended!

    Did the Pope open the political door to Australia for the Jews?

  28. Pat Hannagan's Gravatar Pat Hannagan
    August 19, 2012 - 8:04 pm | Permalink

    @JA: Whatever the faults are with the Catholic Church, and they are many, on the whole we are not the nation wrecking rabble that constitutes the atheists and non-Catholic Christian faiths.

    The Catholic Church does not support “open doors immigration”, as referenced above re. Pell and Ratzinger. Any such support for immigration comes with qualifications and, given that the Catholic Church does not set immigration policy, the government sets immigration policy, adapts her position to such policies.

    The Fairfax press does support “open doors immigration”, is a major proponent of “open doors immigration”, as well as being fundamentally opposed to anything Catholic, going on daily witch hunts against Catholics.

    With regard converting to any religion, no I would not. It is enough to note that any Christian faith must serve its flock, which is first and foremost her kith and kin. If it does not then it cannot be Christian. I judge it upon that score. Just so, should the Catholic Church instruct me to serve those who are not mine first and foremost over my own, then I see no cause to convert to any other religion. That would have nothing to do with the matter.

    Were I to convert to Judaism then I would be right back in the same position that I was with the church that denied my own family, but worse. Now I would be serving a people that are openly hostile to my own kith and kin.

    “The figures you give are census figures and reflect nominal adherence to the particular religions.” Not necessarily. The “no religion” classification would cover a large proportion of Whites who were raised in an Anglican milieu, as well as lapsed Catholics.

    The figures are what they are and demonstrate for our dimwitted Calvinist that Australia is not, and never was, a Calvinist land.

  29. JA's Gravatar JA
    August 19, 2012 - 7:41 pm | Permalink

    @Pat Hannagan:

    ALL of the Churches are supporters of open doors immigration, especially Third World and Multiculturalism. They ALL are Big Business operators, today expanded as a component of the national economy, and haven’t opposed the ideology of Globalisation and its implications.

    The figures you give are census figures and reflect nominal adherence to the particular religions. Ethnic Catholics (mostly Irish Catholics) are more likely to claim “Catholic” than ethnic Protestants to claim “Protestant”. That is because a fairly high proportion of secularising Catholics attend Catholic schools whereas the same category of Protestants attend government schools and more readily lose any connection with the religions of their fathers. They are far less tribal (identifying) than Australian (“Irish”) Catholics. Of course none of this is absolute.

    *Easter Christianity is the laudable exception, being at the core of the origins of Greek, Serbian…. and now Russian, nation states. This is reflected in their political behaviour, actively opposing the degradations of the New World Order and standing up for their nations. Long may they run. As to the others: I don’t much care, though respect for individual beliefs and aspirations and the best of their clergy is elementary.

    Personally I’d voluntarily convert to ANY religion, and fight for sincere belief, even including Judaism, and then fade away happily, if we could have our country back!

    You too Pat? And you Shark?

  30. Pat Hannagan's Gravatar Pat Hannagan
    August 19, 2012 - 7:33 pm | Permalink

    @shark: In any case, you declared “I thought it was only the Joo who wanted Calvinist lands brown” whereas Australia is not a Calvinist land.

    You do not know what you are talking about with regard Australia and would be best advised to stfu.

  31. Pat Hannagan's Gravatar Pat Hannagan
    August 19, 2012 - 7:30 pm | Permalink

    @shark: You may like to familiarise yourself with Benedict XVI’s Regensburg Address with regard the Church’s outreach to European elites who are driving the immivasion of European lands. Here is the atheist philosopher Lee Harris’ explanation:

    The overall point here, Shark, is that your perceptions of a “Katholic” intifada against the White West is demonstrably incorrect. Should you wish to blame Christianity for our decline then I suggest that you look first to your own nation, founded by Calvinists, who today stand alone as the world’s one and only super-power.

    Perhaps this is too obvious and you prefer to pretend that the Vatican has 3 carrier fleets, 4 nuclear submarines, and bases of ICBM off the coast of New York waiting to strike should you not bow down to our demands for democracy, freedom, liberty and the right to pursue happiness.

  32. Pat Hannagan's Gravatar Pat Hannagan
    August 19, 2012 - 7:29 pm | Permalink

    @shark: We are well aware of what a debacle Pope John Paul II was in terms of leading the Catholic faith. There are many sources for commentary on where he erred, I recommend this one for starters:

  33. Pat Hannagan's Gravatar Pat Hannagan
    August 19, 2012 - 7:28 pm | Permalink

    @shark: We are well aware of what a debacle Pope John Paul II was in terms of leading the Catholic faith. There are many sources for commentary on where he erred, I recommend this one for starters:

    You may like to familiarise yourself with Benedict XVI’s Regensburg Address with regard the Church’s outreach to European elites who are driving the immivasion of European lands. Here is the atheist philosopher Lee Harris’ explanation:

    The overall point here, Shark, is that your perceptions of a “Katholic” intifada against the White West is demonstrably incorrect. Should you wish to blame Christianity for our decline then I suggest that you look first to your own nation, founded by Calvinists, who today stand alone as the world’s one and only super-power.

    Perhaps this is too obvious and you prefer to pretend that the Vatican has 3 carrier fleets, 4 nuclear submarines, and bases of ICBM off the coast of New York waiting to strike should you not bow down to our demands for democracy, freedom, liberty and the right to pursue happiness.

  34. shark's Gravatar shark
    August 19, 2012 - 7:10 pm | Permalink
  35. shark's Gravatar shark
    August 19, 2012 - 7:08 pm | Permalink

    Does he kiss the Koran like the Pope and let them build one of the largest Mosques in Cantebury like the one in Rome yet? I’m sure he will…in due time.

  36. Pat Hannagan's Gravatar Pat Hannagan
    August 19, 2012 - 6:47 pm | Permalink

    @Pat Hannagan: As for “Most Anglicans would trade thier Pope in Cantebury for the one in Rome in a minute probably.”, well, why wouldn’t they?

    The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, supports sharia law in the UK, is a proponent of homosexual marriage, is a feminist, opposes “creationism”, and is a proponent of the equality of all religions.

  37. Pat Hannagan's Gravatar Pat Hannagan
    August 19, 2012 - 6:37 pm | Permalink

    @shark: “I thought it was only the Joo who wanted Calvinist lands brown. (Sarcastic mode off)”

    Australia is not a “Calvinist land” Shark. Never was.

    According to your own definition in the other thread, “Proddys are Calvinists. Technically this disincludes Anglicans/Episcopals and Lutherans. The right wing of the Anglican church call themselves Anglo-Catholic. … Most Anglicans would trade thier Pope in Cantebury for the one in Rome in a minute probably.”, Australia has been since the outset what you term a “Katholic” nation.

    From the 2011 census, 25.3% of Ozzies are Catholic, 17.1% Anglican making for a combined total of 42.4% of the population being “Katholic”. 22.3% of the pop. defines themselves as having “no religion” (probably Calvinists).

    What do you classify as a Calvinist religion, Shark? Perhaps the Uniting Church, ” formed on June 22, 1977, as a union of three churches: the Congregational Union of Australia, the Methodist Church of Australasia and the Presbyterian Church of Australia.”?

    That church makes up 5% of the population. So, as you can see, Australia, and especially White Australia, never was and still isn’t, a Calvinist land.

    However, this is what your church stands for:

    “What we do

    The Uniting Church’s commitment to love of God and neighbour has sometimes drawn it into controversial situations. It has long taken a role in the political arena, encouraging moral, social and ethical integrity. The Uniting Church has been at the forefront of Aboriginal rights issues including the Native Title debate and reconciliation.

    It has taken a stand on environmental issues, and supports the equality and dignity of marginalised people such as ethnic minorities, disabled people and homosexual people.

    It is a multicultural church, striving to treat people on an equal basis and seeking to give a voice to the poor, outcast and needy.”


    In short, you’re an idiot.

  38. briton's Gravatar briton
    August 19, 2012 - 5:41 pm | Permalink

    This is but Step 1. Whenever Jews enter host societies that are monocultural, the attempt is made to dilute the homogeneity of the host so that all will consider themselves equally powerless minorities.

    Step 2 kicks in when the host society has already been sufficiently diluted. And this phase is currently underway in the US. In this phase, many Jews begin to portray themselves as the quintessential avatars of western civilization. Their mission them becomes to lead European peoples away from their past association with Christianity and into a new culture where they themselves will become embodiments of the Nietzschean Ubermensch.

    This tendency is increasingly apparent in many pro-European sites and publications. And the Gentiles are falling for this ruse in the same manner in which they fell for Step 1.

  39. Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
    August 19, 2012 - 2:28 pm | Permalink

    @Lew: Very good answer! 100% agreement with your first paragraph. As for the second, I strongly suspect that wasn’t LL’s intention, but I certainly agree that it could easily be read that way.

  40. JA's Gravatar JA
    August 19, 2012 - 1:36 pm | Permalink


    “When you factor in infrastructural problems in many of Australia’s major population centres , of which there are many reminders , and with expected future resource based wars and disturbances to supplies of these (food and energy) resources , it might be difficult to understand why people would want to choose Australia as a destination for immigration. It would seem that people are often ill-informed and largely ignorant of these issues; however, it might also testify to the increasing desperation of immigrants to escape their troubles overseas, or to have simply ‘made it’ in a supposedly modern country. Rampant greed is another possibility.”

    I don’t think it’s any of these. Australia – currently – has a generous welfare system for which “immigrants” get priority over Australians and/or jobs that pay say 50 times that of the Third World.

    That is what pulls them to Australia, very few being genuine refugees. If they were genuine refugees, what’s with the trips back home to show off their ill-gotten wares often within less than a year or so? That is the real, as opposed to “UN” endorsed myth, and is the basis of the strong case case for temporary protection visas of claimants of Refugee status, which we had under the previous government. Upon a pro-Australian committee (not one captured by Zionists/Big Business or their agents) demonstrating that the coast is clear for the refo to return home safely – off he goes! No dragging over “the family” – on average 5/”refugee” – to gain near instant Australian citizenship.

    And the truth is that for Indians and Chinese (“tell me what you want me to know”) who fill our “universities”, they displace middle class Australians in accessing the professions, a displacement hidden by the market, but very real indeed.

    In fact very often the “legals” who are recruited to migrate because they are “skilled” there is also a racket. Aside from those trained in the fake training institutions – in say manicure, pubic hair removal, many of the “skills” are not derived from any formal training which also may not be required for Australians. Just one example of very many in the building industry is interior tiling which is becoming dominated by Chinese coolies – recruited and employed by developers and living sub-standedly in the project till completion and then moved on to the next. No trade certificates even needed. This further marginalises unemployed and low status Australians. This is a capitalist’s dream world handed to them by Liberal or Labor governments in any of the States or Territories and federally.

    Then of course we have the very large trade in 10’s of thousands of legal Asiatic prostitutes who now fill the Sex “worker” (Jesus what a travesty!) category. Of course many are illegals and come in on Tourist visas.

    Homelessness is a massive issue in Australia today and getting worse. Guess who miss out on the housing commission homes to prioritized “immigrants” and who constitute by far the majority of homeless? It isn’t the blow-ins but the up to 7th generation Australians.

    At these levels of population, its not raw resources that are lacking but it’s the real economy and the impact on Third World immigration on marginalising Australians. That is before we get to the cultural/genetic impacts.

  41. Ralph's Gravatar Ralph
    August 19, 2012 - 1:30 pm | Permalink


    Sydney in the 1960s before the non-European immigrant flood:

  42. Ralph's Gravatar Ralph
    August 19, 2012 - 1:22 pm | Permalink

    “As in other Western nations, those migrants from Asia (predominantly China) and their offspring are increasingly out-competing White Australians at gaining admission to the best schools and universities, and consequently in obtaining prestigious high-income jobs. The long-term result of this trend will inevitably be “that the entire White population (not including Jews) is likely to suffer a social status decline as these new immigrants become more numerous.”

    Australian scientist and writer Dr. Peter Wilkinson examined this trend in his book “The Howard Legacy: Displacement of Traditional Australia from the Professional and Managerial Classes”.

    Wilkinson is blunt in his assessment:

    “In 1994 the acerbic Lee Kuan Yew, then Prime Minister of Singapore, forecast that Australians were destined to be the poor white trash of Asia. Today one can say that white Australians are destined to be the poor trash of Australia.”

    He notes that

    “Australia has become the first ethnic European nation to openly invite in distinct ethnic groups to provide the skills required in today’s knowledge economy. The need arises because governments have not been prepared to provide the necessary finance and motivation to sufficiently educate our own children. They have allowed ideologues in the education system to persuade parents and children that achieving certain skill levels does not matter. Recent arrivals are not fooled, they exploit existing Australian human and physical capital at the expense of the long-standing Australian families in our schools and universities. The intergenerational transfer which has been an integral part of our society has been denied to many long established families without them realising it.”

    Wilkinson makes the obvious recommendations: immigration should be reduced, universities should not have to depend on full-fee paying foreign students for cash, and a degree from an Australian university should not be a ticket to citizenship. He even suggests preferences for native-born white Australians.

    Sadly, none of this seems likely.

  43. TyronRobertParsons's Gravatar TyronRobertParsons
    August 19, 2012 - 1:08 pm | Permalink

    @Noble Lord:

    Thank you for your honest answer. I asked it knowing that it would probably stump you. Most don’t ask this question but had they, they would understand that even if one believes in evolutionary theories or creation- both lead to an original source- an original family, starting in a original location.

    Both sides maintain different places of origin in their many theories and I have mine as well- as I am sure you can imagine it is way outside mainstream thought and theory.

    Point being is this. All the oldest remains in the Americans show the white man (as of now) was the first people here. Even the Indians in North and South America admit this in their lore.

    Anyhow- the white man had to come from some place. The black man had to come from some place as did the Asiatic families as well.

    If you follow even modern history one will see one group or sub group displacing another. One will see mixtures creating sub groups who do the same. One will see the “originals” of their racial category spreading out and then being pushed back- in the case of whites; to the 4 corners of the earth.

    A friend of mine once commented about America that America (USA) is the white man’s- IF we can keep it.

    So while one can go on about the evils of “colonialism” one must understand that everyone has engaged in it in some form or another. No peoples are exempt.

    Having said that- I hope we are all grown up enough to realize that to simply take something that is not yours is unlawful.

    What type of displacement, relocation, colonialism, re-inhabitation etc is lawful or unlawful? What peoples are justified or not?

    Well, we can all speculate on this but as a white Christian Creationist I know the final arbiter in these disputes is the prime creator himself. He is the owner of this planet and he uses the different races and nations to accomplish his will.

    Many will think this statement naive. My retort is- no, it is not. It is factual and if one understands the “relationship” between the prime creator and his enemy who has practical (illusionary) control of this earth right now they will come very close to understanding why things are happening the way they are and how the prime creator is innocent of all charges against him. This is because the prime creator ALLOWS the enemy to do certain things while he stops him from doing others. This means that ultimately- all peoples, racial or national survival is completely contingent upon the will, grace and blessings of the prime creator.

    Thus, it is useless to condemn the white man for colonialism because it was written long ago that by his will and to fulfill his blessings upon his people (Physical/Spiritual Israelites-whites/Christians) he would spread them to the 4 corners of the earth but in the last days (end of this particular age) he would gather them from those places and plant them back in the land that he gave to them and their forefathers as an inheritance; and that this Kingdom would be the Lords.

    Only faith is justifed.

  44. Ralph's Gravatar Ralph
    August 19, 2012 - 1:02 pm | Permalink


    “In Australia you won’t see assimilation of other European communities into the Anglo-majority. There was none of that even before the 1970s.”

    Yes and no. Many of the German, Dutch, Baltic and Polish immigrants who arrived in the post-war years assimilated seamlessly into the Anglo-Celtic Australian majority within a generation or two. In fact, the Dutch and Germans were viewed as “invisible immigrants” because they assimilated so well. Greeks, Italians and other Southern European ethnic groups, on the other hand, never really assimilated and served as “useful idiots” for multiculturalists seeking to undermine traditional Anglo-Celtic Australia.

  45. thm's Gravatar thm
    August 19, 2012 - 12:52 pm | Permalink
  46. Noble Lord's Gravatar Noble Lord
    August 19, 2012 - 12:46 pm | Permalink


    That is a tough question for me to answer to the fullest and correctly, if there is a full and correct answer.

    I will say that there have been communities and individual tribes of families of all nations that have set up roots, if you will, with lands that can even be rather hostile to the average Joe if you will.

    Take the Kalahari bushmen for example, albeit they are being bullied off their profitable land now!

    The Aboriginees have occupied Austalia and managed an existence in a very hostile territory, using many foods, i’d probably turn my nose up

    I think people collectvely set up roots and due to the smaller populations of the world, didn’t need to shove others aside.

    In Africa, tribes had demarcation points, whereby tribes were aware who or what tribe held sway and that understanding didn’t mean instananeous war etc.

    Tyrone, you can see i’m struggling here, but i am answering to the best of my ability.

    I merely believe that we ought to consider our strengths and cease being exclusive over what others have. The Caucasian has settled in Australia full stop.

    There is no movement i am aware of to have them kicked out. It’s a diverse world, albeit i do not like using Jew terminology!

  47. thm's Gravatar thm
    August 19, 2012 - 12:40 pm | Permalink


    Brendon O’Connell got into a hot discussion about how Israel treats Palestinians and got sentenced to three years in prison! In Australia!

    The Jewish victim of a verbal racial attack says a three-year prison term given to the man who called him a “racist, homicidal maniac” outside a Perth supermarket is not enough.

    Story covered on TOO:
    Brendon O’Connell’s Ordeal — Kevin MacDonald

    Anyone know what is happening to him now?

  48. TyronRobertParsons's Gravatar TyronRobertParsons
    August 19, 2012 - 11:57 am | Permalink

    @Noble Lord:

    Name on single people who grace the face of the earth that occupied the land they are in now since the beginning.

    In other words, name one people who are the original inhabitance of the land they occupy today.

  49. Lew's Gravatar Lew
    August 19, 2012 - 9:59 am | Permalink

    @Pierre de Craon:

    I don’t think Tom is worth answering. There is no thought in his comments only monomania. He has been spreading his anti-Catholic bile a long time. He probably has Tourette’s syndrome.

    Lancashire lad’s remark showed classic “blame whites, divert attention from Jews” approach. The only reason for bringing up “monocausalism” is to divert attention from Jews, exonerate Jews, and blame and demonize Whites.

  50. shark's Gravatar shark
    August 19, 2012 - 9:05 am | Permalink

    @ Tom said: “Ah, the 1970′s. Didn’t the 70′s start with none other than “The” Pope condemning the White Australia policy in a speech in Sydney?

    Didn’t the Pope say that White Australians shouldn’t be selfish, but, share Australia with non-Whites:”

    You gotta be kiddin’ me. I thought it was only the Joo who wanted Calvinist lands brown. (Sarcastic mode off)

  51. Transhemorrhoiddism's Gravatar Transhemorrhoiddism
    August 19, 2012 - 8:18 am | Permalink

    Agreeing with JA’s comment. Australia is a mostly dry and infertile landmass . Supporting the approximately 23 million people there now (probably higher if you include over-staying students and others on various visas, illegal immigrants) relies on modern agricultural methods that are mostly unsuited to Australian soils and water quality , including many parts of the Murray-Darling Basin, the premier crop growing region for many of Australia’s crops and livestock. Additionally, there is the influence of the ENSO, which regularly causes droughts or flooding for significant areas of Australia. Essentially much of Australia’s ‘ worthwhile’ living and agricultural areas with ‘dependable’ rainfall are located along a narrow and thin strip along most of Australia’s east coast and in Western Tasmania. When you factor in infrastructural problems in many of Australia’s major population centres , of which there are many reminders , and with expected future resource based wars and disturbances to supplies of these (food and energy) resources , it might be difficult to understand why people would want to choose Australia as a destination for immigration. It would seem that people are often ill-informed and largely ignorant of these issues; however, it might also testify to the increasing desperation of immigrants to escape their troubles overseas, or to have simply ‘made it’ in a supposedly modern country. Rampant greed is another possibility.
    The situation will probably continue to worsen in most of Australia, with the larger media, corporate business interests and politicians continuing to craftily disguise deeper issues, and ordinary Australians – Anglo-Australians, Asians, Mediterranids and others not newly arrived (the indigenous population is already very poor) becoming increasingly poorer, frustrated and harassed. Lastly, remember that many parts of Australia would be a difficult to escape from if someone didn’t have the resources to escape from them due to a super-structural collapse along Australia’s eastern coastline (and to a lesser extent, its western and southern coastlines).

  52. JA's Gravatar JA
    August 19, 2012 - 7:13 am | Permalink

    This – OK “genre” – is more to my liking. And they were very popular in their time and taught to school kids. My grandfather, who was a pioneer, miner, grazier, railway worker…etc etc..used to sing such songs along with ones he composed himself. If one doesn’t bring a tear for a fading Australian culture then…

    Note the strong plebeian content and sympathies, thanks to the people stopping cheap labour and to our relatively mono-cultural history. This is what Australia was, and still is, to a much smaller degree.

    In chronological order:

    The Sundowners Bush Band – Bound For Botany Bay.

    149. The Wild Colonial Boy (Traditional Australian)

    The Sundowners – The Ryebuck Shearer

    Tania Kernaghan – A Bushman Can’t Survive

  53. JA's Gravatar JA
    August 19, 2012 - 6:54 am | Permalink

    As you Americans say: “not my thang”, but this Bad News
    is going mainstream: so that’s Good News:

    “Mark Farner, former lead singer of Grand funk, sez:
    “It’s in the hands of Mr. Money and Mr. Money happens to be the European families who own the Federal Reserve and have no patriotic interest in the United States of America. Their interest is in destroying the potential for freedom because we were getting strong with our factories. We were getting debt free. We were getting towards that when they pulled the rug out from beneath us. We were getting to be a strong nation but they control us by the issuance of our currency. The fact that they are all Jewish families is not coincidental and the fact that we are kicking the crap out of Palestinians in Afghanistan and in Iraq and they’re rattling the saber to go into Iran. It’s them in control by virtue of television to confuse people and put us in a state of disinformation and we base our opinions on B.S. Well, what does that say about our opinions?”

    Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad) – Paranoid

  54. JA's Gravatar JA
    August 19, 2012 - 6:35 am | Permalink

    @Eli Moore:

    “Obviously, something like this has never happened before.”

    In degree perhaps: but what about the continual importation of African slaves into the plantation economy of the South. Didn’t that marginalise the plebeian white pioneer stock? (I will not mention the barbarian invasions of Rome, or that of the Asiatic Huns and the like into Europe), though I understand that in the former case there were Invitations!)

    In Australia those same to-be-marginalised people were responsible for the ending of Convict (near slave) Transportation – they stopped ships carrying convicts from landing in Sydney (at Circular Key) in the 1840’s. These ships turned around and dumped their cargo at Brisbane (Morton Bay) and NSW had no more convicts from then on. The American Revolution ended British Convict Transportation, but were slave ships ever turned around? I think not.

    And in Australia the trade in indentured Chinese labour was drastically curtailed/stopped by the same social forces as was that of Pacific Island Melanesians in the plantation economy, and more, of Queensland.

    Australia was, and to some degree still is, (though it is fading fast) the land of the common people. The United States, if ever it was, is certainly not that today. To move from the status quo for the common people of the USA to that of Australia would require a social revolution. Not that that is the solution, nor the goal, the target could hardly be one so downwardly mobile!

    Just one thing a little off this subject: though there are those, who, not without reason, write it off , I think that until the USA straightens things out, we are all doomed. However, it may do that as a result of the example of the peoples of one or more European countries, even Australia.

  55. Noble Lord's Gravatar Noble Lord
    August 19, 2012 - 6:03 am | Permalink

    Oops Typo alert, typo alert, typo alert!

    Overhaul, as opposed to my hastely OVER HALL.

    By all means havce a laught at my expense, it was a typo, that’s my excuse and i’m sticking to it. lol

  56. Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
    August 19, 2012 - 6:00 am | Permalink

    @Rerevisionist: All contemporary national monetary systems are fiat money biased, featuring fractional reserve lending – giving rise to the business cycle – and central banking. More than Ron Paul’s mooted stopping aid to Israel, his campaign to audit/end the Fed was what the elite really feared.

  57. JA's Gravatar JA
    August 19, 2012 - 5:37 am | Permalink


    No but it corresponds with this as related by the great patriotic Australian historian Geoffrey Blainey (All for Australia, 1984, Methuan Hayes). This very widely read economic historian said, incurring the wrath of the whole national-genocidal industry at the time and for years after, almost all on Multiculturalism and Asian migration that was needed at the time, alas, to little avail:

    Australia faces unusual dilemmas as a land for Immigrants. In area it is so large that it seems capable of containing migrants by the tens of millions. It is as large as the United States of America, excluding Alaska. It is nearly as large as China or Brazil. A land with so much space, but containing so few people, seems a natural rnecca for immigrants. Anyone living in Europe and consulting a map of the world is inclined to conclude that, of all the relatively empty places, Australia is the most promising. Asians have the same idea. I have been at formal dinners in China when the conversation has turned to Australia, and the Chinese present say, with animation: ‘All that space and so few people!’ When we explain that much of Australia is desert and that the longest rivers would seem like half-dry canals to anybody who has sailed down the Yangtze, the Chinese blink. It can’t all be desert, they say. And if it is desert, then perhaps water should be sent to the fertile soil along new irrigation channels. Where, we reply, will the water come from? A map of Australia is produced by a diligent Chinese, and there stand the lakes — Lake Eyre, Lake Torrens and many others. And we have to explain that the lakes are usually dry, and when they are filled with water are salty. The Chinese are not altogether convinced. Moreover, they know that Australia is rich in minerals and that many mines lie in that sparsely populated tropical zone.*
    Many Australians know only too well that their land, settled so sparsely, is inviting to people…

    *In August 1983 I had a long conversation with Ji Pengfei, who was China’s minister for foreign affairs in the 1970s. He spoke about his early years in the communist army in west China, the difficulties of the dry terrain, and observed that Australia has no desert — or hardly any. I begged to disagree. His statistics were suddenly at his fingertips and he added that China had 2 million square kilometres of desert. I said Australia probably had even more. ‘Not real desert,’ he said firmly.”

  58. Noble Lord's Gravatar Noble Lord
    August 19, 2012 - 2:48 am | Permalink


    There are times i find Ram Z Paul hilarious and to be quite honest, much of what he says, about “those people” is true and on the money.

    I agree with Vladimar Putin also, but i think he should lean on his judiciary and increase the sentence, since they have sought to have their sentence lowered!

    They should have held their concert in a sin agogue and who would have given a shite?

    As for the whining about Austrailia and immigration, well the minute one people set foot in another peoples land, then they have created the Multicultural process end of!

    Let’s get this straight, i am all for whites maintaining their identity, but if the identity they wish to maintain, or resurrect, is the identity handed to them by the Jew, which used the Caucastian to invade, enslave, genocide, steal and usurp the resources for the Jew to ultimately show his hand and laugh at the Caucasion for his folly, then i don’t support it.

    Cease harking back to a time, when the programe was wrong in the first place.

    There is room enough for all peoples, nobody truly wants to see the demise of the Caucasian people and nobody is trying to outbreed them, or genocide them…..Apart from perhaps the Jew, who’s nipple many WN’s cannot see they continue to suck.

    I repeat, the minute you step into a land inhabited by another peoples, you have begun the multicultural process. Cheap labour, slave labour, a corporate class, a criminal banking cabal, you name it, you’ve done it.

    WN’s need a complete over hall of their thinking and only then can i see true progress and perhaps an understanding of what the role of each people of the human family has.

    I hope my commentary is not deemed offensive to all who peruse this commentary.

  59. 90404's Gravatar 90404
    August 19, 2012 - 1:51 am | Permalink

    Does anyone remember CHICK ‘COMICS’?
    The lil Religious Tomes? 40 years ago I found one and it stated that ‘In China the schools teach the young that Australia is ‘New China’.

  60. Fenria's Gravatar Fenria
    August 19, 2012 - 1:43 am | Permalink

    Jews will destroy ANY civilization in order to promote their own interests. They will flood the entire western world with third worlders in order to break the white power structure, because even though they dearly want to live in the western world, they have far too much pride and ego to willingly assimilate into western culture, so they seek to destroy it even though destroying it will mean their own destruction as well. Jewish over reaching. Par for the course.

  61. Felix's Gravatar Felix
    August 19, 2012 - 1:28 am | Permalink

    Total segregation is the only possible solution.

    While letting them enjoy their separateness to themselves and letting the normal world continue in peace seems like the most obvious solution, they cannot survive on their own but must live adventitiously on vital societies and cultures drawing sustenance from them.

  62. Felix's Gravatar Felix
    August 19, 2012 - 1:25 am | Permalink

    @Istvan: Agreed. The more I learn of their history, the more I realize that opposing them is purely a matter of survival. That they have been expelled from every country in which they’ve squatted comes as no surprise to anyone who’s studied their history and behaviour.

  63. Bobby's Gravatar Bobby
    August 18, 2012 - 11:56 pm | Permalink

    So then, the message I’ve gotten from the first, second and third installments of this excellent series, is that, DUMMY WHITES ARE AND WERE THE SAME IN AUSTRALIA AS THEY HAVE BEEN IN THE REST OF THE WESTERN NATIONS THAT THEY ORGIGINALLY BUILT UP AND MADE GREAT. GOT IT. Just trying to get to the gist of the problem.

  64. Wolfhound14's Gravatar Wolfhound14
    August 18, 2012 - 11:50 pm | Permalink

    @fender: Not ALL of us whites are fools, many of us have been saying exactly that jews most certainly are a deadly societal virus, a cancer also a disease.

    Make sure to spread this truth far and wide as it is necessary in order to apply the antidote. This all should have been nipped in the bud before it got started. I had to grow up in a poisonous jewified America, and my children are already being poisoned by it.

    What is happening is nothing to take lightly, nor is treatment which is necessary to treat this affliction.

    Total segregation is the only possible solution. Jews must be contained. The only place where such containment is possible is South Georgia Island, east of the Falklands.

  65. Blake Watts's Gravatar Blake Watts
    August 18, 2012 - 11:08 pm | Permalink

    I think we better fight back NOW before it’s too late.

  66. Eli Moore's Gravatar Eli Moore
    August 18, 2012 - 10:43 pm | Permalink

    @Eli Moore:

    I’m talking about America of course — but the situations in America and Australia are pretty similar.

  67. Eli Moore's Gravatar Eli Moore
    August 18, 2012 - 10:40 pm | Permalink

    How long can this go on? Are there any sociologists out there who can predict how long whites are going to remain confused, clueless, and passive?

    Obviously, something like this has never happened before.

    I know for a fact that as soon as I was hit with multiculturalism in college, I immediately got sick. I spent all my time in the library (sometimes till 3:00 a.m.) reading about liberalism, then Marxism, and then eventually discovered the pattern that most of the key intellectuals of the whole system were Jewish.

    My negative experience in college, in fact, is the the only reason I ever got into politics.

    But, that’s just me.

    I was always skeptical of things. I rejected Christianity when I was 14 while sitting in Sunday school, simply because it didn’t seem right to me — stories about Jewish wanderers in some desert that I’ve never seen but am supposed to listen to and pray to a man (who is actually superhuman) by telepathy.

    I also know a lot of white people, mainly girls, who are just devoutly religious about this stuff.

    I would like to walk up to some of these liberalized whites and just say to them “What the heck are you? Who are you, and what do you belong to?”

    I know they’ll just say “I’m human, like every other human on earth.”

    The truth though, according to Gallup, ONLY about 20% of Americans are actually “liberal.”

    Most people (whites and non-whites) are moderate (or apolitical), while a the rest are conservative.

    So the reality is that the MAJORITY of people are NOT hypnotized by this ideology. They are either being passive and letting these intellectual elites get away with their experiment at colleges, or they are implicitly standing up for their identity (like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh followers).

    Further, of those 20-something percent liberals, remember that that probably includes a big portion of the black and ethnic minority population — who simultaneously believe in multiculturalism and their ethnic identity because it allows them to benefit from white society without being white.

    So, indeed, I think that the actual percentage of people who truly believe in multiculturalism and diversity is small.

    How long will this go on?

  68. August 18, 2012 - 10:04 pm | Permalink

    Impressive detail. There should be university departments studying Jews.

    I’d be interested to know if the money system in Australia resembles the ‘Fed’ – i.e. paper money lent at interest on face value of the more or less worthless notes. If so, it gives the controlers of the system enormous advantages. Much easier than working for it – it’s the sort of top end of the taxpayer support system.

  69. Pierre de Craon's Gravatar Pierre de Craon
    August 18, 2012 - 9:55 pm | Permalink

    @Lew: I understand your irritation, Lew, and frequently share it. Don’t you think, however, that in this instance it would be rather more aptly directed at Tom, who is, as always, eager to blame “Catholics”—actually Jew-corrupted postconciliar neocatholics—for everything but excessive humidity?

  70. Lew's Gravatar Lew
    August 18, 2012 - 8:43 pm | Permalink

    @Lancashire lad:

    No one is being “monocausal.” Quit trying to divert attention from Jews.

  71. Mark White's Gravatar Mark White
    August 18, 2012 - 8:29 pm | Permalink

    @Sandman: There is no freedom of speech with jews.

  72. Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
    August 18, 2012 - 8:28 pm | Permalink
  73. Sandman's Gravatar Sandman
    August 18, 2012 - 7:07 pm | Permalink

    Australian Patriot Brendon Oconnell’s imprisonment for “racial vilification” is a prime example of a country which puts the Jewish agenda far above personal liberty such as freedon of speech. He claims,and rightfully so, that the Israeli government has enormous power in Australia today and engages in massive spying as well. The Israeli government is awarded the most lucrative government contracts including highly sensitive military and communications contracts. Oconnell was sent to prison for about 7 years for telling the truth about organized Jewry and the Israeli connection, and a vague statment in which he implied that their time in power is limited. Twisted into a threat, the authorities immediately worked with Jewish pressure groups to imprison him and they used plenty of dirty tactics to do it. Shows a bit about what the present and future will be like for Whites if they continue to accept collective guilt for things their people never did and to remain servile to the people who hate them to this degree. Loss of social status is just the beginning. Imprisonment and worse are definately on the table. And in our lifetime too.

  74. Igor 27's Gravatar Igor 27
    August 18, 2012 - 5:39 pm | Permalink

    The level of hatred the Jews have for us is truly astounding. God save us from the Satanism of multiculturalism.

  75. Istvan's Gravatar Istvan
    August 18, 2012 - 5:07 pm | Permalink

    One of my grandmothers said, many years ago, that “the Jews have raped every country they have been allowed in”. Shocked me at the time but seems so correct now.

  76. ethnonationalism's Gravatar ethnonationalism
    August 18, 2012 - 4:58 pm | Permalink

    It is a mistake to compare Australia to America in any way.

    In Australia you won’t see assimilation of other European communities into the Anglo-majority.
    There was none of that even before the 1970s.

    As far as I know, all of the non-Anglo (i.e. non-British) groups in Australia are quite happy with the multiculturalism…

    You even have entire football leagues based on ethnic clubs…;jsessionid=4DCAC97AF32A1790190A61BA5D4429DF

  77. Mark White's Gravatar Mark White
    August 18, 2012 - 4:42 pm | Permalink

    South African Jews @Stogumber: The muslim immigrants will make the Jews regret their plans… Who I’m kidding! They probably will blame White Australians like happened in France.

  78. fender's Gravatar fender
    August 18, 2012 - 4:20 pm | Permalink

    Whites are fools not to regard the jew as a virus, or perhaps a cancer. It’s the same story in every nation throughout history: the jew moves in, the nation dies.

  79. TabuLa Raza's Gravatar TabuLa Raza
    August 18, 2012 - 3:10 pm | Permalink

    I’ll put this here. Pastor Manning claims Obama is going to send all blacks back to Africa! The die is cast!

  80. Stogumber's Gravatar Stogumber
    August 18, 2012 - 2:02 pm | Permalink

    On the long run, will East Asians be content being a mere technocratical elite? And will the unskilled African etc. newcomers be no danger to Jews? Even the Jews’ trees don’t grow to the sky.

  81. Blake Watts's Gravatar Blake Watts
    August 18, 2012 - 1:39 pm | Permalink

    I don’t anticipate hopeful notes in four and five. Barring a massive awakening and a world wide anti-Jew protest, white countries are on a downhill slide. It’s funny how they can so easily label us as “conspiracy theorists” when in fact the Jews really HAVE been up to no good in ALL of the white countries all over the globe. It’s truly stunning. Even more stunning is that they haven’t gotten a well deserved beat down, but it’s surely on the way.

  82. Lancashire lad's Gravatar Lancashire lad
    August 18, 2012 - 1:03 pm | Permalink

    We should not be monocausal here. Paul Keating was alienated from the Australian establishment as he identified as Irish for example, before the “Anglo-Celtic” idea was coined. The engagement with the Pacific economies grew following Britain’s entry into the European Economic Community in 1973 and the need to sell mining output to China. John Anderson in Sydney spoke about competing groups as a critic of Marxism. That says, there’s some real meat here for the group evolutionary view of things, Jewish influence included. Hopefully there are some more hopeful notes in parts four and five.

  83. August 18, 2012 - 12:18 pm | Permalink

    “First, the task for political leaders was to promote understanding and respect for difference and our common humanity.”
    This is a Jewish tactic. Placing the lie at the beginning of a number of “tasks” that are “required”.
    We have no common humanity. The whole notion of 1 common ancestor from the middle of Africa is ridiculous not just on its face, but in its science.
    Years ago, my daughter cautiously asked me asked me about the “Out of Africa” theory being promoted in high school. My answer to her was that I suppose that could be possible, but would that mean all of the smart ones left? She couldn’t stop laughing. She could see through the BS even then.
    I should add that this was well before the discovery of the mummies in the Tarim Basin of Western China, the more recent discovery of the “Cloud People” in Peru.
    Whites build civilizations, the dark people destroy them.

  84. Sean's Gravatar Sean
    August 18, 2012 - 11:09 am | Permalink

    @Tom: @Tom:

    That would be the same Paul VI who called the United Nations “the last hope for mankind.”

    Neither is a Catholic position.

  85. Tom's Gravatar Tom
    August 18, 2012 - 10:45 am | Permalink

    Ah, the 1970’s. Didn’t the 70’s start with none other than “The” Pope condemning the White Australia policy in a speech in Sydney?

    Didn’t the Pope say that White Australians shouldn’t be selfish, but, share Australia with non-Whites:,169458&dq=white+australia+policy+catholic&hl=en

    Btw, Beaver Falls, PA is a very majority Catholic area…

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