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Ferguson: Media Images in the Service of White Dispossession

“Look, folks, policing is done this way. You may like to live in Santa Monica and have your little wine party in the backyard and drive your Jaguar and do your little barbecue…. Know that the reason you are allowed to do that in the safety of your community is because police Officers go out […]

Reestablishing the Significance of Race: Nicholas Wade’s “A Troublesome Inheritance” rebuts the pseudoscience of race denial

Nicholas Wade’s A Troublesome Inheritance is the latest setback for the pseudo-scientific claim that race is meaningless. In lucid prose, Wade establishes the validity of race from converging lines of scientific inquiry. The gist of A Troublesome Inheritance is that races are biological formations, race differences are genetically based, and human evolution didn’t end with the ice age. Wade’s conclusions rest […]

The Sensible Realism of a Bygone Generation: George Kennan’s Attitudes on Race, Eugenics, and Multiculturalism, Part 2

Part 1. George F. Kennan is best known for his role in shaping American foreign policy toward the Soviet Union in the aftermath of World War II. The turning points in Kennan’s career—the “Long Telegram” of February 1946 and the nom de plume “X” article, “The Sources of Soviet Conduct,” published a year later in […]

The Sensible Realism of a Bygone Generation: George Kennan’s Attitudes on Race, Eugenics, and Multiculturalism, Part 1

The Kennan Diaries by George Kennan, edited by Frank Costigliola New York: Norton, 2014, 768pp The newly published diaries of George Kennan contain numerous passages that indicate the distinguished diplomat, scholar, Russian authority, and foreign policy sage also had a firm grasp of adverse racial, ethnic, cultural, and domestic political trends, which he clearly viewed […]

Reflections on Nelson Mandela and a Post-Mandela South Africa

The death and funeral of Nelson Mandela have triggered a tsunami of commentary — an endless orgy of eulogies and tributes — from media talking heads, assorted scribes, and politicians. Beltway “conservatives,” such as Newt Gingrich and Ted Cruz, have praised Mandela. Bill O’Reilly even noted that Mandela was “a communist” before concluding that Mandela […]

Richard Dawkins and the Beltway Celebrity Culture

Book signing at the National Press Club hosted by Sally Quinn, the quintessential gossip columnist and D.C. socialite Richard Dawkins has been making the rounds on the celebrity-author circuit with the release of his newly published memoir, An Appetite for Wonder, the first of a projected two-volume autobiography. Dawkins addressed a standing-room only audience at […]

A Tale of Two Trials: What the George Zimmerman and O.J. Simpson Verdicts Reveal About Racial Denial

One transparent outcome of the “not guilty” verdict in the George Zimmerman trial is the racial disconnect between the average American and the nation’s powerful elites (the mass media, politicians, and “civil rights” leaders). The ever-widening gulf between racial reality and racial fantasy—the daily repetition of Black violence in contrast with the media-driven narrative of […]

Guns, Profiling, and White Males: Explaining the Left’s Obsession with Gun Control

The tragic mass shooting of innocent children in Newtown, Connecticut has prompted a renewed zeal for gun and magazine bans by gun control advocates. The nation’s liberal elites, from pundits to politicians, have seized on this heartbreaking slaughter and depicted it as—first and foremost—a gun control crisis. Members of the NRA and other defenders of […]

The Politics of Non-White Ethnic Coalitions: Tipping Point of a Changing Electorate

Anyone who remembers the early 1960s—a period that Charles Murray describes as the zenith of American society—knows that our country is not the same. The America that Baby Boomers fondly immortalize is reaching the point of no return. It is the same America that Obama rebuffed when he criticized Mitt Romney for attempting to return […]

Remembering a Scientific Pioneer—Arthur R. Jensen (1923–2012)

Jen-sen-ism (jen’se niz’em), n. the theory that an individual’s IQ is largely due to heredity, including racial heritage. [1965-1970]; after Arthur R. Jensen (born 1923), U.S. educational psychologist, who proposed such a theory; see -ism]—Jen’sen-ist, Jen’sen-ite’, n., adj. — The Random House and Webster’s Unabridged Dictionaries Arthur Jensen’s death on October 22 is a pathetic […]

Race Relations 101 with Ann Coulter

Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama Ann Coulter Sentinel (a division of Penguin), 2012 $26.95, 326pp. In more ways than one, Ann Coulter stands out among “conservative” commentators. Her feisty, tart, hard-edged prose and photogenic allure — coupled with her gusto to address issues most “conservatives” deliberately avoid — have generated a loyal […]

Nature and Nurture Revisited: A Chronicle of the Landmark Minnesota Twin Study

On August 15, 1992, Arthur Jensen delivered a well-received speech to a packed audience at the Centennial Convention of the American Psychological Association in Washington, D.C. Jensen’s invited address, “The Cyril Burt Scandal, Research Taboos, and the Media,” focused on the investigative findings of two meticulously researched books (Robert Joynson’s The Burt Affair and Ronald […]

The Limits of Decoding a Nation’s DNA

Review of DNA USA: A Genetic Portrait of America, by Daniel Sykes In the foreword to Madison Grant’s The Conquest of a Continent, Henry Fairfield Osborn writes, “The character of a country depends upon the racial character of the men and women who dominate it.” The Olympic games offer a natural display of Osborn’s truism. […]

The case for Obama: Why four more years may be less disastrous than unrestrained GOP rule

Shortly after Mitt Romney locked up the GOP nomination, tried-and-true political axioms fell right into place. With the state primaries over and the August convention looming, Romney’s presidential campaign moved Left, a common window-dressing tactic intended to appeal to “moderate” and independent voters. GOP insiders, primarily advocates of the “Big Tent” Republican Party, believe that […]

Who are the Jews?

Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People Harry Ostrer Oxford University Press: 2012 288pp., $24.95 Are Jews a religion or race? This is the age-old question that medical geneticist Harry Ostrer tackles in his concise but informative book, Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People. As Professor of Pathology and Genetics at Albert […]

The Menace of the New “McCarthyism”

On June 25, the Huffington Post “reported” that a Cambridge University academic “responsible for mentoring students” has “come under pressure” to resign his position. Guess which allegations resulted in Martin Sewell, a supervisor in the Faculty of Economics at Cambridge University, coming under intense scrutiny: (a) Rapist (b) Pedophile (c) Serial killer (d) Flash-mob thief […]

National Suicide: Review of Pat Buchanan’s “Suicide of a Superpower”

Pat Buchanan, Suicide of a Superpower (New York: Thomas Dunne, 2011, 496pp.). Pat Buchanan takes the gloves off in his new book. During a question and answer session after his Bradley Lecture on “the State of White America,” author Charles Murray called on Sam Kazman, general counsel of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. He prefaced his […]