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America: the Land of the Free and the Brave or of the Oligarch and the White slave?

Editor’s note: John Lilburne’s article on White slavery reminds us that for long stretches of the history of England, elites have behaved in a viciously exploitative manner toward others, including other Whites. In the Fall 2013 issue of The Occidental Quarterly on White pathology (print version in press, electronic version available now), Yggdrasil notes of the […]

Black Racial Privilege and White Displacement in Education in the New South Africa

The old South African educational system was racist. The new system is now also racist just that now Whites are the group that are subject to racial discrimination. The new South Africa does not judge on merit, but on your race…. so the more things change, the more they stay the same. If you wish […]

Forget the Rhino, save the White man

In the 1980’s in South Africa there was a saying, “F*** the rhino and save the White man.” Given the turn of events in South Africa, it appears that the fate of the rhino and the Whites are probably intertwined. The history of rhino hunting parallels the changes in attitude of Whites and their power […]