Black Racial Privilege and White Displacement in Education in the New South Africa

The old South African educational system was racist. The new system is now also racist just that now Whites are the group that are subject to racial discrimination. The new South Africa does not judge on merit, but on your race…. so the more things change, the more they stay the same.

If you wish to read a good overall view of education and race in South Africa, see the South African Institute of Race Relations.

There are multiple levels of racial bias in the educational system. Let’s begin with the one that is a hangover from the old apartheid system. Education in SA starts in the mother tongue and then before high school it switches over to English or Afrikaans. Thus native English or Afrikaans speakers have an advantage over non-English speakers. Thus to compensate , on a racial basis, even if all your education has been in English you are given a number of extra marks when you take exams.

This means that a bright Indian student can achieve or exceed 100% after the racial adjustments have been made. The adjustments can be substantial and are made on a proportional basis to your marks received.  According to the newspaper reports, the adjustment is limited to about 10%, but this is substantial when competing for places.

The next level of racial preference is that students in rural areas are given a greater amount than in urban. But in reality the urban schools remain superior to those in rural areas due to the greater human talent and parental involvement.

At universities, the government is now operating an increasingly stringent quota system. Medical schools, veterinary departments, legal departments, dentistry, and architecture, are operating on quotas. So for instance to be able to get into medical school, at matric Blacks require a mark above 72, coloureds (mixed race) and Indians above 78, and Whites above 92 in order to enter medical and veterinary school. And remember the additional marks are also added, so a Black could be getting into medical school with an actual mark of 62.

Other areas of higher education are not on such a strict quota system, but the pressure to reduce educational opportunities for Whites is escalating as the national democratic revolution expands.

At university, lecturers are being judged according to the number of Blacks that they manage to pass. In past 2 years, since Zuma came to power, the pressure has increased substantially so that lecturers are being forced to simply pass a number of Blacks irrespective of their actual ability. I know a number of lecturers who have resigned in disgust, and know some who continue because they simply need the money but struggle with their sense of integrity. The consequences are becoming increasingly apparent. My own mother-in-law when she was sick was passed to a Black doctor and even though we told him that she was prone to clotting during operations, he did not respond and hence she had the thrombosis we feared which severely shortened her life. I was talking with a physiotherapist who refuses to treat patients of a Black doctor who does hip replacements as she knows they will fail and she gets the blame. South African doctors used to be able to work in the UK without taking any extra exams, but that is no longer true because of the deterioration in the quality of the degree.

Another anti-White policy since Zuma is the racial displacement of lecturers. Basically no White lecturer can now be added to the faculty at government universities. Those who are already working can keep their jobs, but none additional may be employed (although there is always some manipulation of the system if you have the necessary contacts). There are not sufficient SA Blacks to fill the posts. The response of the recruiters is to seek lecturers from places like India, whom they regard favourably but are expensive, or from African countries such as Nigeria whom they view as basically lazy and incompetent but they have no choice over.  Any Black from the rest of Africa is favoured over a White South African. Because the management of universities is also being racially cleansed, the level of incompetence is increasing by orders of magnitude. The mood of pessimism and cynicism amongst lecturers for all except the most liberal is extreme. Universities are giving professional counseling to provide some recompense for the situation.

Similar racial displacement (transformation) rules are now prevalent in private industry, government, and para-statal organisations  (Quangos for the British) also as the government pursues its national democratic revolution (Black fascism?) .  The racial cleansing of departments means that, even if competent people are employed as consultants, the ability for the organization to learn and improve is being lost. There is not an understanding that in destroying the system you are destroying the prospects for all.

The consequence will be that in a generation, South Africa will go into a terminal decline without the ability to revive itself.

John Lilburne (  is a pseudonym for a South African engineer interested in Calvinism, Human Biodiversity and Economic History. He lives in Johannesburg behind big walls , big dogs and electric fences.

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Editor’s note: This article appears on the same day as the South Africa Project staged demonstrations to protest White genocide in South Africa. The Los Angeles demonstrationat the South African consulate drew 20 people. The Sacramento demonstration drew around 50 people and received national media coverage when demonstrators were attacked by members of Occupy Oakland; two police officers were injured, and the police arrested three members of the Occupy group.


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