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Can Trump red-pill America?

The only thing as unpredictable as Trump’s path to victory in the general election is perhaps his path out of it. Few can be sure of how Trump will hit the ground running after his motley of cabinet appointees and pledge to exculpate Hillary Clinton from prosecution. Some in the alt-right think that the honeymoon […]

Kooky Qatar — More dough than you can sheikh a stick at, Part 2 of 2

Part 1. Minorities have no chance to become refugees in the Gulf Arab states since they have scapegoated sectarianism from the start. With Druze you lose and what about that Alawite privilege? Christians and Yazidis have had their skin in the game from the beginning, and if a Tunisian report is to be believed, have […]

Kooky Qatar — More dough than you can sheikh a stick at, Part 1 of 2

Midway down the Persian Gulf, a small peninsula the size of Connecticut rudely juts out opposite the world’s largest gas field. This fateful geomorphic kiss has made the state of Qatar the Gulf’s own version of The Provisions State, amassing vast wealth since its amicable independence from the British in 1971. An overnight cornucopia of […]

Why Donald Trump should have held a Miss Universe pageant in Iran

You know American politics is broken when the wealthiest candidate is the populist. As the larger than life Donald Trump continues to outpace the cardboard cut-outs of the Republican field, perhaps a greater number of his critics should also “not have time for political correctness” in giving the real estate mogul an appraisal. As the […]