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The Eurofiles: The EU as the Sick Man of Europe

April in Europe is what could be called Dark History Month. There are the morose commemorations of The Troubles in Northern Ireland, the Katyn massacre in Poland, the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine and the genocide in Armenia. And several Eastern European countries host their Jewish Holocaust memorials in April. Even the Rwandan genocide is now […]

The Merchants of Venice Beach

By now, almost everyone but the cardio-hemophilic liberal is aware that California is crashing and burning. Businesses are closing, families leaving and tourists abstaining. A sanctuary state for some and a failed state for others—the net population loss certainly suggests more of the latter. Now for the first time, crime and destitution are on the […]

Diplomacy in absentia: Trump searches for Russia G-spot and sundry other musings

The blame game surrounding Russia’s exclusion from the Group of Seven (G7) was just one of the many side stories piquing Western leaders in their recent display of irrelevance. It’s somewhat fitting that even the G7’s token communiqué was left in tatters—with all of its hackneyed neoliberal pledges for gender change and climate equality. Instead […]

Can Trump red-pill America?

The only thing as unpredictable as Trump’s path to victory in the general election is perhaps his path out of it. Few can be sure of how Trump will hit the ground running after his motley of cabinet appointees and pledge to exculpate Hillary Clinton from prosecution. Some in the alt-right think that the honeymoon […]