Can Trump red-pill America?

The only thing as unpredictable as Trump’s path to victory in the general election is perhaps his path out of it. Few can be sure of how Trump will hit the ground running after his motley of cabinet appointees and pledge to exculpate Hillary Clinton from prosecution. Some in the alt-right think that the honeymoon is over, whereas those in the alt-lite are delighted to see their civic nationalist president-elect signalling newfound moderation — the only exception being his UN-vote flare-up of Israeli irredentism. The party seems to be over and unfortunately it is not the GOP.

There are however still a number of promising permutations of a Trump presidency that could deliver much needed doses of political and ideological realism for a nationalist resurgence. The grounds are fertile in an America fatigued by wars, social problems and government overreach. And then there is liberal America. Where tens of millions truly believe that there is an epidemic of racist police shootings, that diversity is a strength, and that tougher gun laws will fix Chicago. They believe the media on Arctic ice predictions and the government on unemployment statistics. Many of these sentimental myths hang in the balance, along with several more macabre conspiracies that a Trump administration could blow the lid off to the horror of the incumbent establishment and their mainstream minions.

This is the origin of the effort to avoid a Trump presidency at all costs. The real Donald Trump is a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and man of the people, which is a good thing considering the decades of corruption stemming from the unbroken rule of groomed insiders. Washington elites are people who believe in social engineering, might is right, psy-ops, nihilism and plebeian profitability-disposability. Much of the post-election talk imploring Trump to act “more presidential” and “like an adult” is mere code language for getting with the program and being a team player.

Those who paid attention on the campaign trail heard Trump warn that this was the last chance to save the country, which was rightly said without the trademark hyperbole. It’s ironic to reflect on the smearing of Trump as little more than a populist demagogue when Barack Obama was arguably the emptiest suit of them all, his Hope and Change paper-tiger presidency now widely seen as a fraud and failure. Only the MSM continue to lionize him at a time when his signature Affordable Care Act goes to the hyenas.

American politics has become increasingly shadowy, unaccountable and filled with fakery, much like the corporate environment and MTV culture. Fake entertainment, fake talent and fake news — even presidents are inaugurated by lip-syncing performers. Unsurprisingly, virtually every item on the radical agenda sharpened under Obama’s reign, from more economic injustice and social agitation to more melting-pot madness and fake unity. Obama even had the impudence to claim that race relations have improved during his tenure.

If anything, the last eight years saw the evolution of the proposition nation further left into the projection nation: a construct of perennial future promise, when all the panglossian visions for post-racial harmony come true and bigotry is forever buried. The projection nation is defined by what elites claim the country should aspire to, rather than what it is. Acolytes of the Alinsky code see no problem in America drifting like an iceberg on the currents of globalism, convinced that the melting white snow composition is replaceable with the guano accumulating on top. Whereas the proposition nation argues that every bushman, fakir and sherpa can become a bona-fide American, the projection nation argues that America can become anything else — and still be America.

With such fanatics and partisan zealots at the helm, self-assured of their fraternally perpetuated hegemony, it was never thought that the complimentary abuse of power and ends-justify-the-means corruption would run the risk of exposure. But this is the prospect now looming for the incumbent establishment. The fear is real and so are the deep state’s efforts to destroy Trump before he is sworn in, as Glenn Greenwald argues. The CIA especially opposes Trump as the agency is heavily engaged in illicit conflicts, like the proxy war to oust Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria. It was somewhat surreal to hear Trump before the election accusing Hillary of taking money from those who fund ISIS, or calling Obama “the founder of ISIS”, but now even FOX News is hosting views that expose the establishment’s true foreign policy agenda. Just how many of Trump’s previously ridiculed conspiracy theories will be vindicated in the coming months remains to be seen.

Just days after the election, when popular-vote sob stories were filling the airwaves, Trump echoed the reasonable claims of voter integrity organizations that more than 3 million illegals voted. Political scientists have previously made the similar claims. Mendacity is a virtue of the far-left in masking their agenda and fig-leafing the outcomes of bad policies, so performing surgery on the definitions of what it means to be ‘unemployed’ or ‘deported’ were never a problem. With America’s institutions no longer subordinate to international socialist or neo-conservative administrations, a rude awakening lies in store for many. The baloney 5% unemployment rate and 11 million illegals figure are set for a reality check, with Trump at one time suspecting 30% unemployment. Though the restoration of empirical integrity will be met with fierce opposition by establishment media and partisan leftists who prefer Orwellian legalistics, many in the mainstream will be forced to reflect on who was telling the truth about unemployment or illegals. Let the rest suffer undocumented migraines.

As Trump is well aware, there is no low that the media won’t media won’t go to. One of the dirtiest smears in election history was orchestrated by the mainstream media in conjunction with the DNC when a cascade of women alleging sexual conduct made the October surprise. Though the Left have all but forgotten the allegations in favour of more plausible smears, Trump has vowed to sue all of the women, which would be a welcomed discrediting of the lying media.

But the greatest political scandal in America’s history is, however, still being portioned out. It is pizzagate — the conspiracy theory that refuses to go away despite the best efforts of the monolithic MSM to discredit it. The Podesta emails published by WikiLeaks contain so much known pedophilia code language that thousands of independent researchers and citizen sleuths have been emboldened to investigate further. The evidence is damning. A number of Washington venues, including Besta Pizza, Comet Ping Pong, Beyond Borders and L’Enfant Cafe, have been identified as likely fronts for child trafficking and prostitution. Until very recently, some of the establishments had pedophile artwork, performers, social media content and logotypes.

The reason that pizzagate will be bigger than Watergate is that number and rank of implicated Washington elites is immense. Hillary’s campaign manager and Obama’s Counselor John Podesta is at the center of allegations, along with lobbyist brother Tony Podesta. Powerful D.C. restaurateur James Alefantis is also involved and is tightly connected to the Podestas, Obama and Hillary — having also visited the White House multiple times at strange times. One astonishing email leaked by WikiLeaks suggests that Obama spent $65,000 flying “pizza/dogs” from Chicago for a private party at the White House using the “usual channels”.  Hillary Clinton is additionally associated with two convicted child sex traffickers in Haiti: Laura Silsby and her Sephardic-Latino lawyer Jorge Puello.

The broader scope of famous and wealthy elites participating in or financing operations include Jeffrey Epstein, Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton, George Soros, Herbert Sandler, Alan Dershowitz and ‘spirit-cooker’ Marina Abramovic. Even Stephen Hawking is also implicated, having been photographed on Epstein island and being the frequent butt of pizza-themed inside jokes on The Simpsons and Futurama. Hollywood writers have over the years taken for granted the clandestine cover of subtle pedophile innuendo, but now there is a cache of material being understood by millions of people in a way they are not supposed to. “It’s no big deal” sings Katy Perry in a 2014 hit that manages to combine ping pong and pizza — but it rapidly is becoming a big deal for average folks as her video watched 550 million times is now flooded with pizzagate comments. New York Times best-selling children’s author Adam Rubin, who looks more like a Stephen King collaborator, wrote a book entitled The Secret Pizza Party, and the storyline is incontrovertibly under the pizzagate rubric.

Though still largely unknown in the broader population, on the internet pizzagate has reached a sort of critical mass that is unprecedented. The media cover-up is proving to be a major recruiter of disillusioned citizen vigilantes. Though the movement is largely apolitical, there has been a concerted effort to pin pizzagate on the alt-right. Speaking to the Washington City Paper, James Alefantis blamed “white nationalists made up largely of racists, homophobic individuals”. A segment on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert smeared pizzagate as an “Alt-right Fever Dream”. But the “fake news” meme is no longer working: the video has a 39% thumbs-down rating. The legacy media’s attempt to discredit the alt-right and pizzagate conspiracy using each other is back-firing as concerned and open-minded moderates slowly empathize with the antagonized dissident right. A number of them are even using expressions like “red-pilled”, suggesting that pizzagate is becoming a gateway conspiracy theory that could certainly benefit the alt-right, especially once it is prosecuted.

The Trump administration is reportedly discussing the scandal, according to former Business Insider contributor David Seaman, but its enormity has no precedence. Its downfall would be a life-time red pill for Americans and others in the West, resulting in an irreversible skepticism toward big government and mass media. With boosted legitimacy Trump could proceed with other pertinent issues, from ending the Federal Reserve banking system to disbanding NATO and the American empire. One can only hope Trump’s interim pivot towards appeasement has been to facilitate a smooth transition — especially since his extended olive branches were spurned by the Left. It’s therefore time to adorn the winner’s kotinos and grab Hillary by her posse.

This is an edited version of a longer article appearing at Counter-Currents.


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