The Nation-Destroying Naïveté of an American President

The dullness of President Bush needs no expanding here.  Critics right, left, racial-nationalist and otherwise have weighed in the utter obtuseness of our Commander-in-Chief.

But a recent item from a New York Times’ reporter’s notebook reveals the stunning depths of that naïveté.

In it, Bush, visiting Jerusalem as part of his tribute to Israel’s 60th birthday, was surprised to learn that Arabs and Jews do not date each other.  “No dances?” he asked. The American ambassador, Richard H. Jones, had to step in and tell him, as the item says, that society there is “more conservative.”

Reflect on that for a minute.  The leader of the world’s superpower, currently occupying Iraq and other parts of the Middle East in a military venture that has cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives, is so ignorant of even basic elements of ethnic hostility that he imagines Jews and Arabs, perhaps West Side Story-style, to be dancing giddily together and sneaking kisses under palm trees. Or … pick your musical.  Actually, West Side Story, a neat little bit of early Jewish “deracialization” propaganda, at least starts with the premise that whites and Hispanics don’t normally mix.

No wonder he’s easily controlled by Jewish advocates for Israel.  No wonder he doesn’t understand that you cannot turn Iraq into a democracy.  Of course, we didn’t really wonder about these things, but this anecdote is just too much.  What a dangerous, dangerous idiot this man is.

But not just a generally dangerous idiot — a man who, against every advice, belief and instinct of this website, does not understand that, truly, diversity is not our greatest strength.  We are not “all one race, the human race.”  We are a world of very different racial and ethnic groups, whose evolutionary course has made naturally hostile toward, and competitive with, each other.  No, Mr. Bush, we can’t all “just get along.”

Ah, but President Bush is the perfect product of years of steeping in minority racist advocacy, anti-white activity, and Jewish activism directed toward the deracination of whites against all others.  He probably does really believe that “race is just a skin color,” that ethnic and religio-ethnic conflict can be fixed with the right attitude, and that Mexicans are no different from white Americans, but for a darker shade.

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And behold the damage this has done, both to white Americans whose country is being dissolved with the help of his policies and beliefs, and to peoples around the world (save the Israelis) who suffer from American warfare.

The insistence of policy makers and political leaders throughout the West that racial and ethnic groups are fungible goods is probably the single most destructive idea of the 20th Century.  With the ascension of either Sen. McCain or Sen. Obama to the presidency, it will likely continue into the 21st.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist.

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