The Beauty and the Beast: Race and Racism in Europe, Part II

The word and epithet ‘racist’ and ‘racism’ are usually hurled against White nationalists, never ever scathing other racial non-European outgroups.  Over the last fifty years, no effort has been spared by the Western system and its mediacracy to pathologize White Western peoples into endless atonement and perpetual guilt feelings about their White race. The intended goal was to create a perception that all non-European races and outgroups are immune to sentiments of xenophobia or racial exclusion. The incessant anti-White propaganda and the idealization of non-Whites has attained grotesque dimensions, resulting in clinical self-hate and neurotic behavior among the majority of Whites.

Were such sickening attitudes of White Europeans and White Americans not suicidal, they would appear laughable at best. The sense of territorial imperative, the seething interracial hate is far more salient and violent among and amidst non-Whites than among Whites.

Beauty of the Beast

Mexican Americans do not like African Americans (see here, here). Neither do American Asians like African Americans and Mexican Americans combined (see AmRen’s list of racial conflict in the US). In a likely scenario of Whites becoming a displaced minority in the USA and Europe, other races would soon be at each other’s throat with violence surpassing the imagination of White peoples.

Similarly, in South Africa, the influential Xhosa tribesmen, who hold important political positions, resent Zulus, but so are they themselves the target of hate by Ndebele and Kwazulus. In Rwanda, Tutsis, who consider themselves more “European” and more civilized, hate Hutus, but so do Hutus hate Tutsis. Generally, Arab-speaking populations in northern Africa and the Middle East resent dark, Black neighbors below the Sahara belt.

The Sikhs in Punjab consider themselves the best looking people on the Indian subcontinent, ridiculing as less human the populace in neighboring Rajasthan. It is a common practice among Indian women, but also among women in the Middle East, not to expose themselves to sun, as White skin has more charm and provides huge social prestige. The ex-president of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, with her quasi-Euro- Mediterranean facial traits and complexion, gave her country an enormous sense of pride.

Benazir Bhutoo

A  Mexican cabbage picker from Salinas in California’s Central Valley is often encouraged  by do-good US liberal White attorneys to yammer about being discriminated against by Whites, and, of course, this is standard procedure for organizations like the anti-White ADL. Yet it would never cross the cabbage picker’s mind to voice similar grievances or ask the ADL to remedy his lot in his native Mexico. It is considered an unwritten rule that the bulk of the Mexican diplomatic corps should be made up of Whites, ‘hidalgos’ of sorts, so that a California “cholo” never dares to envisage his niche amidst them. He knows very well his socio-racial place, and if not tempted by robbing or stealing he can only dream in his barrio about having his sister or daughter married to a light skinned Anglo. Former Mexican president Vicente Fox (who did his best to make the US a non-White country by ridding Mexico of its dark-skinned citizens) looked more like a picture perfect antebellum “gringo” than like an LA “beaner.”

Vicente Fox

In Turkey high social positions and political perks, as well as diplomatic postings are the protected turf of individuals whose ancestry goes back to White slaves from 16th-century Southeastern Europe and the 18th-century Transcaucasia—not to the steppes of Turkmenistan. There is no worse insult for a Turk or an Iranian to dub them “Arabs” — which they are not.  In the Red Light District of Istanbul, Aksaray, a stupendous 6-foot White Russian hooker is very, very pricy indeed, whereas a ride with a tiny Philipino woman costs almost nothing. The father of modern Turkey, Kemal Pasha Ataturk, was a tall man with blue eyes of either Illyrian or Slavic ancestry, who spent more time brooding over  modern Turks as hypothetical descendants of the Indo-European Hittites than recounting the exploits of pillaging Asiatic horsemen. It would never ever cross the mind of a stocky half-Mongoloid, unibrow  blue collar worker in Ankara to ask for his share of Turkish social glitz — except when he arrives to Germany or Belgium with already good premonition of Germany’s self-hate and its tax payers’ largesse.

Kemal Pasha Ataturk

“We” vs. “They” — the “Other” is the basic conceptual pillar in the studies of racial psychology, whereby every racial group or subgroup dreams to be a bit more of the Other, provided that the Other is genetically better equipped. Thus an attractive White European or American woman with recessive Mediterranean genes may nervously pluck the stubborn hair on her upper lip or depilates her widow’s peak. Or a short Alpine-headed man from southern France may purchase high-healed boots. These are often issues of social acceptance or social rejection.  Sometimes they can be matters of life or death.

One can only imagine the dramatic self-perception of non-Whites landing in America or in Europe, however modest or low their IQ may be. After all, which non-European mother, be it  in Berlin, Stockholm, or San Antonio, does not strive to see, or at least project her son or daughter into a better gene pool, however much she may envy or hate her White host? And if her son is already doomed to be a victim of poor heredity, then some hyper-real surgical trick might do the job— as witnessed by the facial escapades of the Western hero, the late pop star Michael Jackson.

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The Painful Otherness

The normative concept of beauty and the general code of social and political conduct and civility are exclusively of European origin. This includes the famous “body language” practiced by White liberal politicians and avidly mimicked by non-white politicians. Hence the norm for all peoples, of all races world-wide is to accept White Otherness either by emulating or mimicking its phenotype. The Western heritage, regardless of whether it is despised or loved by non-Europeans, is viewed either consciously or subconsciously as the ideal type and role model for all.

The major crime of the liberal system and its human rights pontiffs is that on the one hand it preaches diversity and uniqueness of each culture and each ethnic group, while on the other hand, because of its egalitarian, levelling and procrustean tactics, it fosters discriminatory policies against all races and all peoples wordwide. The liberal ideology of global ‘panmixia’ destroys individual cultures of different peoples while imposing feelings of cultural and racial inferiority on all. Thus, many non-Europeans, especially if cultivated, are implicitly forced to be ashamed of their roots, while accepting something which is alien to their psychophysical and cultural heritage.

While Europeans of different ethnic origins and with different facial traits (Dinaric, Alpine, Mediterranean, Nordic) do not have trouble in blending in, non-European races have considerable difficulties. This often results in feelings of racial exclusion, and consequently in criminal activities, especially among younger new comers to the USA or to Europe.

In a little known, yet highly significant preface to the second edition of his once famous book (Rasse und Seele [Race and Soul], 2nd edition, 1943), and following the attacks by the Vatican clergy against the racial laws of Nationalist Socialist Germany, the once-famous German psychologist and anthropologist Ludwig Ferdinand Clauss,  wrote:

We have been accused of considering only the Nordic race as worthy and all other races as inferior. Wherever such “evidence” was believed, it has affected us negatively.

This is especially true because the word “Nordic” is easily misunderstood and misinterpreted by laymen, which has created all kinds of mischief. This was entirely mistaken and unnecessary.

It is true that in Germany and elsewhere, a number of books and booklets have been published that assert this sort of thing. From the beginning, the psychology of race clearly teaches us that each race finds ultimate value in itself. … In the final analysis it is the only factor that determines racial-spiritual values.

Every race bears within itself its own value system and standard of excellence; and no race can be evaluated by the standards of any other race. … Only a person who could stand above all races and transcend race would be able to make “objective” statements about a given human race. … Such a person does not exist, however, because to be human means to be conditioned and determined by race.

Perhaps God knows the true hierarchy of races, but we humans do not.

The German Volk or Nation is a mixture of various races, in which the Nordic race clearly predominates. However, there is an admixture of “Blood” in the German Volk (for example Mediterranean). Today it is no longer possible to sow mistrust between friendly peoples. … Each step in international and colonial politics confirms the tenets of racial psychology and increases its usefulness (practical utility) in dealing with different peoples. Its goal is not to divide and separate nations, but rather to connect them by objectively establishing enlightened understanding between them.(my translation)

Ludwig Ferdinand Clauss

Clauss is labelled a “Nazi scholar” by his Jewish and liberal detractors, although some of his remarks run counter to Hollywood custom-designed “Nazi Nordicists” and self-proclaimed Aryans, all the more because Clauss, like many German anthropologists, wrote much about Bedouins, and is still considered an authority on Arabic culture.

The Jew vs. the Same

It would be interesting to find out what was crossing the mind of the Jewish American author Susan Sontag, who famously said that “the White race is thecancer of human history.” If one grants that the White race is a cancer, Sontag is putting herself in an awkward position. Does she reject being White? Implicitly she suggested that Jews are not Whites, which only confirms the thesis of hundreds if not millions of of White racialists that Jews constitute a uniqueracial/ethnic group — and not just a different culture or a different religion.

Consequently, can Sontag’s Jewish compatriots be Whites —  in the sense their White Euro-American liberal friends want them to be?  Her defamatorycomments on Whites imply that Jews do not fall into the category of Whites. But as practice has shown in Jew-Gentile relationships all over the West, neither do they like being called “Jews” by non-Jews —  except  when they need to capitalize on their Jewishness, both figuratively and financially. Yet implicitly,many Jews, while rejecting Whiteness in its “anti-Semitic” “right-wing,” or “Nazi” connotation — are not at all opposed to displaying their Whiteness. The late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, with his feigned self-assertiveness, must have been well aware that his quasi-Nordic facial traits would be popular with his fellow Jews.

Yitzhak Rabin

Many Jews quite rightly resent the German word and the concept of “Mischlinge” (crossbreeds)  or “Mauscheljude”  (trickster Jew or hidden Jew). At the same time, many Jews like to conceal as much as they can their original Turko-Kazharic-Semitic features. As I wrote earlier, the more things look hyper-real,the more real they get eventually.  By the same logic, if Jews get upset by anti-Semites, why not call Jews Semites? Most likely this would be an offensive  word for them too.

Tons of books on this subject are very difficult to obtain, especially if written in German. As a result, this most incendiary topic of our times is debated only in private or avoided completely. One thing is when Jewish authors like Salcia Landmann (Die Juden als Rasse, 1981) and Jon Entine (Abraham’s Children: Race, Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People) write objectively — albeit from a Jewish perspective — about the “Jews as a race.” Yet it is quite a different story when a famous German anthropologist and eugenicist, also dubbed a “Nazi,”  Otmar von Verschuer,  writes about “the Jewish race.” It appears that the expression and the concept “the Jewish race” can only have safe passage and scholarly legitimacy when used and discussed by Jews.

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Tom Sunic (www.tomsunic.info is an author, former political science professor in the USA, translator and former Croat diplomat. He is the author of Homo americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age ( 2007). Email him.

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