In a truly chilling essay on the Israeli-American plan to decapitate potential leaders of Iraqi nationalism, retired sociologist James Petras describes both the plan and its effect.

Entitled The US War against Iraq: The Destruction of a Civilization, the tract documents how “Top Zionist policymakers who promoted the war did not initially directly pursue the policy of systematically destroying what, in effect, was the entire Iraqi civilization. But their support and design of an occupation policy included the total dismemberment of the Iraqi state apparatus and recruitment of Israeli advisers to provide their ‘expertise.’” In other words, “The dismantling of the secular civilian bureaucracy and military was designed by the Zionists in the Bush Administration to enhance Israel’s power in the region.”

I would hope readers have read at least one of his four indispensable books exposing the massive power of Zionists in America and the world at large (see books 1, 2, 3, & 4)

The current essay delineates an age-old strategy of neutralizing an enemy nation by knocking them back into a more primitive form. As Petras writes,

The ‘divide and rule’  tactics and reliance on retrograde social and religious organizations is the commonest and best-known practice in pursuing the conquest and subjugation of a unified, advanced nationalist state. Breaking up the national state, destroying nationalist consciousness and encouraging primitive ethno-religious, feudal and regional loyalties required the systematic destruction of the principal purveyors of nationalist consciousness, historical memory and secular, scientific thought. Provoking ethno-religious hatreds destroyed intermarriages, mixed communities and institutions with their long-standing personal friendships and professional ties among diverse backgrounds. The physical elimination of academics, writers, teachers, intellectuals, scientists and professionals, especially physicians, engineers, lawyers, jurists and journalists was decisive in imposing ethno-religious rule under a colonial occupation.

To establish long-term dominance and sustain ethno-religious client rulers, the entire pre-existing cultural edifice, which had sustained an independent secular nationalist state, was physically destroyed by the US and its Iraqi puppets. This included destroying the libraries, census bureaus, and repositories of all property and court records, health departments, laboratories, schools, cultural centers, medical facilities and above all the entire scientific-literary-humanistic social scientific class of professionals. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi professionals and family members were driven by terror into internal and external exile. All funding for national, secular, scientific and educational institutions were cut off. Death squads engaged in the systematic murder of thousands of academics and professionals suspected of the least dissent, the least nationalist sentiment; anyone with the least capacity to re-construct the republic was marked.

What really draws one’s attention is Petras’s insistence that we are witnessing a premeditated “systematic elimination of intellectuals in Iraq.” Alert readers will immediately recognize this brutal tactic, as it has been employed by the same tribe in both smaller and larger cases.

For instance, during and after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, the heavily Jewish leadership eliminated millions of competing non-Jewish leaders and members of the middle- and upper-middle class, as Yuri Slezkine so brilliantly exposed in The Jewish Century. In fact, Slezkine even called such Jews “Stalin’s willing executioners,” a point Kevin MacDonald picked up on. No wonder, since, as Slezkine tells us, quoting Leonard Schapiro, “anyone who had the misfortune to fall into the hands of the Cheka stood a very good chance of finding himself confronted with and possibly shot by a Jewish investigator.” Estimates are that up to twenty million non-Jews died during that awful period.

Another example of the elimination of the elite of a conquered people is the Katyn Forest Massacre, which even the sometimes squeamish Wikipedia admits “was a mass murder of thousands of Polish military officers, policemen, intellectuals, and civilian prisoners of war by Soviet NKVD. … The number of victims is estimated at about 22,000.”

Tomislav Sunic, author of Homo Americanus, was born and raised in Eastern Europe under communism and knows the effect this genocidal campaign had on non-Jews in those lands. As he noted in an interview with a guest on his radio show, the Jewish-led onslaught of communism took a drastic genetic toll on the peoples of that region, something which points to an intent as clear as that currently on view in Iraq. As Sunic notes, the result was “aristocide”:

Although the true body count of Bleiburg is subject to emotional disputes, one thing remains certain: Bleiburg meant the violent disappearance of the Croat middle class in 1945.

The word “aristocide” first entered into the English vocabulary thanks to Nathaniel Weyl, a former American Communist of Jewish origin, who became a celebrity in the fifties after converting to a radical anticommunist and a denouncer of his former communist comrades. In his essay “Envy and Aristocide,” Weyl describes how envy prompts less intelligent people to criminal behavior and malice.

Weyl’s concept of aristocide makes it easier to comprehend the real reasons for the sanguinary behavior of Yugoslav Communists, who, in the aftermath of WWII, carried out gigantic killings against civilians of the Croatian, Serbian and the ethnic German middle class. In their incessant purges the Yugoslav secret police, the OZNA and the UDBA, were not only motivated by ideological reasons, i.e., the famed ‘class struggle,’ but rather by primordial emotions of envy and knowledge that many anticommunist and nationalist Croat intellectuals, were more handsome, more intelligent, or had more moral integrity than themselves.

One of the more fascinating accounts of the deliberate culling of high-IQ people comes in Biblical scholar Richard Faussette’s essay “Race and Religion: A Catholic View,” which appeared in Race and the American Prospect, edited by the late Sam Francis. Though Faussette situates his arguments in the Old Testament, his analysis is a sociological one in the mold of evolutionary psychologist Kevin MacDonald’s theory on group evolutionary strategies. (See also Faussette’s companion piece here.)

Faussette describes how Cyrus the Persian let the Hebrew people go to rebuild their temple in 538 B.C. The “father of history,” Herodotus, was born in 485 B.C. and completed his signature work, The Histories, around 425 B.C., roughly a century after Cyrus ended the Babylonian exile. In The Histories Herodotus illustrates the savagery of biblical antiquity:

[Periander] sent an agent to Thrasybulus to ask what was the safest kind of government to establish, which would allow him to manage the state best. Thrasybulus took the man sent by Periander out of the city and into a field where the crops were growing. As he walked through the grain, he kept questioning the messenger and getting him to repeat over and over again what he had come from Corinth to ask. Meanwhile, every time he saw an ear of grain standing higher than the rest, he broke it off and threw it away, and he went on doing this until he had destroyed the choicest, tallest stems in the crop. After this walk across the field, Thrasybulus sent Periander’s man back home, without having offered him any advice. When the man got back to Corinth, Periander was eager to hear Thrasybulus’s recommendations, but the agent said that he had not made any at all. In fact, he said he was surprised that Periander had sent him to a man of that kind – a lunatic who destroyed his own property – and he described what he had seen Thrasybulus doing. Periander however understood Thrasybulus’s actions. He realized that he had been advising him to kill outstanding citizens, and from then on he treated his people with unremitting brutality.

Faussette goes on to describe how warfare among tribes in the 6th century B.C. sometimes entailed “murdering the finest of your own people who stood up to you and the same or a refined genocidal strategy for any people you conquered [emphasis added].” He then asks us to consider the Persian treatment of the Ionians:

Whenever the Persians took one of the islands, they ‘trawled’ for the inhabitants. Trawling involves forming a chain of men with linked arms across the island from the northern coast to the southern coast, who then traverse the whole length of the island hunting people down…

When they [the Persians] had conquered the settlements, they picked the best looking boys and castrated them, cutting off their testicles and turning them into eunuchs; they also took the most attractive girls and sent them to the king as slaves.

The victors then gave the Ionian land to others. “For all practical purposes; the Ionians had been ‘spewed out’ of the land. . . . Groups posing a potential threat were subdued and domesticated.”

Okay, the 6th century B.C. was a long time ago. But what if a similar strategy is again being pursued — and we Whites are the target? Personally, I think there is abundant evidence to support such fears. Last year, for example, I posted an article in TOO titled, The Washington Post’s Willing Executioner? (which the ADL somehow found less than amusing.)

In that column I observed how a writer for the Post averred that “whiteness is a huge problem.” Now, that kind of printed claim worries me, especially since I appreciate how the radical turn in Russia nearly a century ago resulted in rivers of non-Jewish blood. Now Jews have risen in America. Ominously, as Kevin MacDonald has noted, “If there is any lesson to be learned, it is that Jews not only became an elite in all these areas, they became a hostile elite—hostile to the traditional people and cultures of all three areas they came to dominate.”

Elsewhere, MacDonald expanded on this theme, noting that the current American regime is “maintained less by brute force than by an unrelenting, enormously sophisticated, and massively effective campaign to constrain political and cultural activity within very narrow boundaries.” A violent communist death is not yet necessary because dissenters “are not yet trundled off to jail or beaten with truncheons, but are quietly ignored and marginalized. Or they are held up to public disgrace, and, wherever possible, removed from their livelihood.”

In Homo Americanus, Sunic, however, envisions a worse scenario for any group in America that might be targeted: “Thus, in order for the proper functioning of future Americanized society, the removal of millions of surplus citizens must become a social and possibly also an ecological necessity.” MacDonald identifies what sectors might be targeted “and therefore worthy of mass murder by the American counterparts of the Jewish elite in the Soviet Union—the ones who journeyed to Ellis Island instead of Moscow.” They are the European-derived whites populating vast areas of the American nation, particularly in the so-called “red states.”

Can’t happen in the Good Ol’ U.S. of A., you say? Well, why do we read stories such as “Army combat unit to deploy within U.S.”? Further, why does the Army have something called Field Manual No. FM 3-19.40? Have a look — you can learn all about “MILITARY POLICE INTERNMENT/RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS.”

Getting back to James Petras on Iraq, he wrote: “The US had decided to adopt and expand the Israeli Mossad’s covert operation of assassinating selected key Iraqi scientists on an industrial scale.” Why do I find the pairing of “assassination” and “industrial scale” so terrifying?

In any case, even if my fevered imagination needs a rest, there is still abundant evidence that we Whites are being “spewed out” of our lands. For instance, one California resident who has been following population trends points to the “The Inland Empire,” a two-county area east of Los Angeles. Last Sunday the New York Times triumphantly profiled what is happening to this population of four million.

As coastal areas around Los Angeles become exorbitantly expensive, many Whites opted for the more affordable areas of the Inland Empire, causing the population to triple.

As has happened elsewhere in Southern California, Latinos and others have followed Whites, as the Times documented with respect to Moreno Valley. According to my informant, heavily White areas like Temecula and Murrieta Valley are also undergoing “Mexicanization.”

Steve Sailer added his own perspective to this unhappy story. The mortgage default rate is so high, Sailer notes, that the region is “ground zero for the mortgage meltdown.” My informant tells me that as well-paying jobs disappear, “foreclosure rates are skyrocketing.”

Huge homes are being abandoned, then purchased to be used as rentals, which attracts Mexican families. “These high school classes will be majority Mexican and non-white in a few years. It’s a pattern that has repeated itself across California. The demographic profile of the Murrieta Valley Unified School District tells the sad story of white displacement.”

For instance, from a high of 63.2% in 2001/2002, White enrollment has fallen to only 50% two years ago. Thus, he concludes, “We’re past the tipping point here in Southern California.”

Are we “past the tipping point”  for America in general?

Edmund Connelly (email him) is a freelance writer, academic, and expert on the cinema arts. He has previously written for The Occidental Quarterly.