Why I Write

I have been reading, with great interest, the articles recently popping up on TOQonline that answer the question, “Why We Write?”  I tend to concur with the assessment that the “most interesting thing about the writers of TOQ isn’t why we write, but why we came to write from the perspective that we have.”

Here I offer my own perspective on why I write (or, rather, why I have been prompted to write and why I wish to continue doing so).  It is my hope that you, the reader, will find my perspective not only interesting, but perhaps of some value also.

The first reason that I write is for the well-being of my children, and, by extension, for the future well-being of their children.  This “well-being,” or “flourishing,” can only occur within a culture created to nourish, support, and protect Whites.

The culture that we presently have is not a good environment for the cultivating of children of European descent.  Indeed, it is poisonous to them.  Our present “culture of critique” has done much to wither the roots of White families.  Not only can they not thrive in its soil, they cannot even grow in it.

Several years ago there was an arresting and informative article entitled, “Invasive Plant Secretes Acid To Kill Nearby Plants And Spread.”

The invasive strain of Phragmites australis, or common reed, believed to have originated in Eurasia, exudes from its roots an acid so toxic that the substance literally disintegrates the structural protein in the roots of neighboring plants, thus toppling the competition.

Phragmites is taking over the marsh world,” said UP plant biologist Harsh Bais. “It’s a horticultural disaster.”

Bais is an expert on allelopathy, in which one plant produces a chemical to inhibit the growth of another plant. He refers to these plants with the capability to wage chemical warfare as “natural killers.”

Walnut trees, pine trees, ferns and sunflowers are among the plants that release harmful chemicals to prevent other plants from growing too close to them.

However, Phragmites uses this strategy not so much to keep other plants away, but to aggressively conquer them and invade new territory.

The toxin works, Bais said, by targeting tubulin, the structural protein that helps plant roots to maintain their cellular integrity and grow straight in the soil. Within 10 minutes of exposure to the toxin in the lab, the tubulin of a marsh plant under siege starts to disintegrate. Within 20 minutes, the structural material is completely gone.

“When the roots collapse from the acid, the plant loses its integrity and dies,” Bais noted. “It’s like having a building with no foundation‑‑it’s on its way to self‑destruction.”

Indeed, “it’s like having a building with no foundation.”  The foundation to our building, or, if you will, the roots that support the flourishing of White families have been intentionally dissolved; they have been poisoned by the noxious ideas endlessly streaming forth from the mouths and pens of those who have created the culture of critique, with the inevitable result that the plant above can no longer be supported by the roots below.  Thus, our plant withers and dies, and its place and resources are taken over by the invasive species that killed it.

It goes without saying, of course, that the acid that Phragmites exudes does not destroy its own roots. That the culture of critique has destroyed White roots, however, is indisputable.

One root of that culture is Christianity.  For all the real and perceived faults of this religion, one thing that can be said about its moral teachings is that they will strengthen any group that will adhere to them.

Why?  Because races are based on families, and the more children that a family has, and the stronger and healthier those families are, the stronger and healthier the race will be.  I believe that Christianity fulfills these functions admirably.

Religious Christians are the only Whites who are reproducing at above-replacement levels. As Philip Longman notes, “In the United States … fully 47% of people who attend church weekly say that the ideal family size is three or more children, as opposed to only 27% of those who seldom attend church.” Indeed, in general, Muslims, Christians, and Jews who are more religiously fundamentalist have more children: Faith equals fertility.

As always, the future belongs to the fertile.  The problem for Whites is that formerly White societies have been invaded by other races and ethnic groups. White fertility then becomes a critical issue — far more important than if Western societies had remained overwhelmingly White. Quite simply, we are being displaced, and low fertility is a major part of the problem.

The Duggar Family of Tontitown, Arkansas. They are conservative Baptists. From their website: ” Lo children are a heritage of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is his reward.” (Psalm 127)

Christianity encourages familial responsibility:But if someone does not provide for his own, especially his own family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. (1 Tim. 5:8).  Powerful words, these.

It encourages respect for the husband, and love for the wife (Eph. 5:22-28). Children are to be obedient to their parents (Eph. 6:1) and parents are forbidden to provoke their children to anger (Eph. 6:2).  Sexual promiscuity and perversion are condemned.  Divorce, except for very specific reasons, is condemned.  So is addiction (how many White families, even intelligent ones, have been ruined by divorce, or drug addiction?  The entire “Drugs, Sex, and Rock & Roll” culture is antithetical to Christianity, and, by the way, to strong White families as well). Work is praised (“If you do not work, you do not eat,”), 2Th. 3:10.

Is there anything in the above that a White person, keen on the survival of his own race, would find objectionable?  Racial strength begins at the family level.  This is, in my opinion, the ground of battle.  If you lose here, you lose at the racial level.  All the books, articles, and pamphlets that you write will be useless.  In order for our race to survive, and flourish, White families need to survive, and flourish.  In Christianity, you have a ready built engine to power the race forward, but this engine has been sabotaged by those who invented the acidic culture that we now have, that is, the “culture of critique.”

This is why many Jews, who ought to praise Christians for their shared morality, instead ruthlessly attack them for it (e.g., feminism; porn; Psychoanalysis; art; music; education; media; anti-authoritarianism; economics; destruction of moral norms; post-modernism; diversity; tolerance; etc.).  Jews rightly perceive this morality to be a threat to their dominance. (They likewise are threatened by Christianity’s theology, but more on that in a different article.)

I also write because I think that my particular White culture (Protestant, Scots-Irish/English) is worthy to be protected.

I have an old picture (circa 1920’s) of my grandpa, who was a Texan, standing on a dusty, Texas road.  He is wearing leather chaps, a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, etc.  He is standing ram-rod straight and sitting on his left shoulder is a pretty woman, smiling.  In his mouth is a pipe, which he is smoking.  He is a handsome man, and there is an admirable air of manliness and confidence emanating from him.

His grandpa had fought for Texas during the Civil War, and had been wounded twice, once with a gunshot and the other with the slash of a sword.

In the 1930’s my grandpa came out to California with his family.  During the depression he boxed to make money, winning every fight that he entered (22), including his last fight in which he broke his hand.

When I was growing up my father had the Declaration of Independence prominently displayed on an antique desk located in our dining room.  Upon this desk was also situated a balance, which signified Fairness and Justice, two things that are wholly ignored nowadays when talking about the interests of Whites.

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I grew up thriving on the stories of the frontiersmen; mountain-men; cowboys; the heroes of the War of Independence; Andrew Jackson; and the heroes of the Confederacy.  I always knew that these folks were, if only distantly, my kin.

No one ever talked about hating the North, but I always knew who I was, and where I came from, and that we were, quintessentially (at least from our point of view), American.

I write to preserve pride in the White race and to be honest about our achievements, which are many.  I write to preserve my history, and the history of all those admirable men who fought and died for freedom, whether by the pen, or by the sword.

I write because I am a man.  I am not a slave.  I am not going to bow, God willingly, and lie and say that the naked emperor’s clothes are beautiful.

I write because I believe in Truth (yes, “Truth” with a capital “T”).  Races exist. Diversity does not work.  Some races are more intelligent than others.  Some races are more organized than others.  Some races are more violent than others.  Some races are more creative than others.  Jews have been the necessary but not the sufficient cause of our demise.  The sooner that we recognize these truths, the sooner things will get better for Whites.

I do believe in the Gospel, but the Gospel is not going to increase your IQ a standard deviation.  “The poor you will always have with you.”  IQs have consequences!

I write because I want to maintain the way of life that Christian Europeans created in America.  I grew up in a small, overwhelmingly White town in the West. Everybody had a basic understanding of the rules.  There was a great deal of trust within our society.  Most people were not pathological, or violent.  Most Whites wanted to own a home, settle down, and have a family.

Additionally, we did not have to continually bend over backwards to prove that we were not racists, and then bend over forwards to be screwed by the Minorities’ double-standards.

There was not the constant friction of an aggrieved group trying to get something from us by playing off our guilt.  The atmosphere was not permeated with the bitter acrimony that professional grievance massagers, like the Jews, generate wherever they go.

Some of my fondest memories come from Christmas, and from Christmas music.  I remember going caroling on cold, wintery nights with my Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, and Pentecostal friends.  Truly, everyone was of good cheer. No one turned us from their doors.  No neighborhood was “off-limits.”  No Jew gave us a nasty look and then showed us her Holocaust tattoo, reminding us that “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” led to the deaths of six million Jews.  Frankly, is there anything as heart-warming as “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” or as moving as “Silent Night” (especially the German version)?

I write because I love Western Civilization.  I love my kind.  I love what Whites have created.  I love their literature–everything from Homer to Sir Walter Scott.  I love their art; their music; their architecture; their engineering prowess; their genetically driven sense of awe, wonder, and curiosity.  I love their science; their energy; their yearning for political freedom; their dependence on logic; their warrior spirit; their sense of honor; their sense of beauty; their sense of justice.

Does anyone honestly believe that these virtues will continue in the forms that Whites have created/molded them when Whites are out of the picture?

Does anyone seriously doubt that Whites (especially White Christians) will not be severely persecuted when they become a minority?  Is it not highly likely that this persecution will be directed by those self-righteous haters, the Jews?  Have not Jews already demonstrated what they are capable of once they have gained power over a hated Christian majority (e.g., Russia, the Ukraine)?

In summary, I write in the hope that in some small way I can provide a defense against the toxins that are killing our roots.  I write for the love of family.  I write for the love of God.  I write for the love of my culture.  I write for the love of my way of life.  I write in the aspiration that some day there can be White towns again filled with White people who trust each other, who work for the common good, who practice their religion freely, and who create societies where the cultivation of their children is of the utmost importance.  In other words, I write for us.

Jack Spence (email him) is a family man, Westerner (with Southern sympathies!), and Protestant.