The Camp of the Holy Ghosts

The incessant flooding of non-White immigrants into Europe and America raises the academic question of cause and effect. Certainly, the ongoing racial and religious changes in America and Europe are already having dramatic effects that will soon result in low intensity urban warfare. However, while it is relatively easy to study the consequences of non-White immigration and put the blame on non-White intruders and their liberal protectors, probing into the causes of the non-White immigration is far more delicate. The suicidal role of churches, especially the Catholic Church in the USA and in Europe needs to be critically examined, as does the opportunistic role toward Islam and Judaism of many White nationalists.

In all European countries, with the exception of Eastern Europe, the experiment with multiculturalism is getting uglier by the day. According to the estimates ofBritain’s Commission for Racial Equality, by the year 2011 the population of the city of Leicester in the United Kingdom will be 50 percent non-White. Non-European Muslim immigrants, mostly from northern Africa and Asia Minor, already make up more than 20 percent of the population in the French city of Marseille, the Dutch city of Rotterdam, or the Swedish Malmo. Referring to dangers presented by Lebanese, Kurdish and Turkish drug gangs, the chief of the Berlin police trade union, Eberhard Schönberg,  admits that “we no longer venture into some parts of the city”.

For fear of Muslims — and token Jews

Among White advocates, especially in America, Islam is often associated with menacing non-Europeans who are perceived to be racially and culturally light years away from any Whiteness. In contrast to ethnocentric Judaism, Christianity and Islam have been reaching out for centuries to different races worldwide. All of these three religions originated in the Near East — not in Europe. If one were, therefore, to follow this logic then one must dispense with Judaism and Christianity too, since these two religions are also non-White by birth.

Race cannot be the synonym for religion. Masses of pious and God-loving Mexican immigrants, streaming daily into North America are very Christian. But they are not White. In a similar vein many recent German converts to Islam, let alone millions of Bosnian Muslims are very European and White.
As long as Christian churches and White advocates and other right-wingers criticize Islam and Muslim immigrants, they can savour some modest success with Jewish opinion makers, or may even be perceived as doing a substitute work for them. Should they venture, however, into critical analyses of modern political beliefs, largely shaped by Jewish think tankers, all hell breaks loose. Therefore,  over the last couple of years, in an effort to gain some credibility, or a piece of the parliamentary pie, European nationalist parties, along with some prominent White Americans, have decide to toe the line of Jewish neocons and Israeli firsters — a gesture which they combine with virulent remarks about Muslim immigrants.
Islam bashing, especially after the events of 9/11, fits well into the agenda of American-Jewish opinion makers, because it deflects concerns about Jewish influence and it provides Israel with additional territorial legitimacy.
Token Jews come in handy for White nationalist effusions, as shown by the BNP posting of the Jewish councillor Pat Richardson on its board.  “I’m in the BNP because no one else speaks out against the Islamification of our country,” said Richardson. “Being Jewish only adds to my concern about this aggressive creed that also threatens our secular values and Christian tradition.”

Similar anti-Muslim and pro-Jewish words can be heard in continental Europe emanating from the influential nationalist party Vlaams Belang, whose chief, Frank Vanhecke said: “They say I’m anti-Semitic when the truth is I am one of Israel’s staunchest defenders in the European Parliament. I invite you to read my queries to the European Parliament concerning its unjust treatment of Israel, and about the support the same parliament is giving to Palestinian murderers.”
Such pathetic comments by the Vlaams Belang or the BNP, and by some American White advocates, won’t help their White constituents in the long run, nor will they appease their Jewish detractors. Quite to the contrary. Scared to death of the dreaded word ‘anti-Semite’, many European and American Whites assume that their anger at the rising tide of non-White immigrants, when couched in the eulogies of Jews and Israel, will give them extra mileage. They are wrong. They seem to forget the hard lesson German mainstream conservatives learned decades ago.  Despite crawling on all fours, bending backwards and forwards with the flurry of pro-Jewish and pro-Israeli disclaimers, Germany is not exonerated from making endless restitution payments to Jews or Israel.

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A hundred years ago, a famous scholar and political psychologist, Vilfredo Pareto, described in his thick volumes the non-logical actions of liberal political actors and their desperate methods of rationalizing their aberrant political decisions. His analyses could well fit into the study of the mindset of prominent White advocates and their neurotic attitudes toward Jews. Servility never disarms the tormentor; it only makes the servile victim look more despicable in the tormentor’s eyes.
Another backlash of proxy White identity can be spotted among Whites’ grotesque veneration of Palestinians. This is in particular true among French “identitarians,” who enjoy sporting the Palestinian flag — often as a subterfuge for their condensed anti-Jewish feelings. Many European nationalists like to exhibit bizarre humanitarian emotions for this alien out-group, while neglecting the plight of their own White kinsmen in their own neighbourhoods.

The Palestinian plight must be bewailed and bemoaned by Arabs only — not by White Americans and Europeans. Had the wealthy petro-sheiks from Qatar or Saudi Arabia more integrity and higher IQ, they could easily rock the boat and send oil prices into heaven on Wall Street, and thus help their brethren in Gaza or on the West Bank. Instead, they prefer yachting on the Croatian and the French Riviera on the look-out for White Christian women. The congenial lack of self-discipline among Arabs helps tiny Israel run the show in the Middle East — with the aid of American taxpayers.

Christian–Leftist Holy Wars

But I stand by my statement. Part of the mission of the Roman Catholic Church is to help people in need. It is our Gospel mandate, in which Christ instructs us to clothe the naked, feed the poor and welcome the stranger.

These are the words of the US Cardinal Richard Mahony, from his op-ed piecein The New York Times, although his words could easily be attributed to a leftist militant.

If anybody can break the law with impunity in Europe and America, it is the powerful Catholic clergy. Mahony openly snubbed the House bill against hiring illegal aliens. If one were to replace his words “Catholic Church” and “Gospel” with the words “Party” and the “Five Years Plan” respectively, one could read a carbon copy of the new Communist Manifesto. Frightened at the sight of the vanishing White flock and reeling from the pedophile scandals, the Catholic clergy in America must look now for less intelligent and more credulous faithful, notably among Latin American immigrants.

Almost without exception the French higher and lower clergy is known for its left-leaning, pro-immigration politics. Given that less than 10 per cent of White French attend Sunday mass, the French Catholic Church must search for new sheep among non-White immigrants. It is common to observe the French clergy break the law by providing safe havens on the church premises for non-European immigrants, including Muslims from North Africa. The words by the notorious French bishop, Jacques Gaillot, who is openly pro-homosexual, pro-Muslim, pro-Arab and pro-immigration, as related by the influential French left-leaning weekly Le Nouvel Observateur online forum, says it all:

Undocumented foreigners are honoring us when they knock on the doors of churches. When they come to St Hippolyte and at St Merri they ask the Church to support them and to make their plight known, because they know that the Church has common bonds with foreigners. And sometimes the foreigner evokes the words of Jesus: “I was a foreigner and you welcomed me.” We do not have to imitate what foreign countries could do to Europeans if they were to go to mosques. It is not because Muslim countries would not welcome Europeans that we have to be like them. We have the responsibility to host those who are human beings as ourselves.

Last year in May, Italy passed strict laws against illegal immigrants making it a felony to work and reside in Italy without proper documents. The Pope, however, could not wait to slam the right-wing Silvio Berlusconi government as “racist and xenophobic.”  In January this year, after race riots had broken out in Calabria, in southern Italy, the Catholic clergy promptly sided with the African immigrants.

But what else can one expect from the Catholic Church whose doctrine is based on the dysgenic idea of “love thy neighbor”?   The Pope’s spokesman reiteratedrecently that “the Church had always sought to defend the dignity of immigrants, particularly the weak and the feeble, around the world.“

Such priestly statements must be fine music for the ears of non-European  immigrants, and it would be naive to think that they ignore the consequences of Samaritan gifts provided by their Catholic hosts.

One would think that traditional Catholics affiliated with the Society of Saint Pius have more racial awareness, because, unlike the Vatican,  they resolutely attack the Islamification of Europe. Undoubtedly, the European Catholicintégristes command a certain respect among prominent rightwing French academics and politicians sympathetic to the French Le Front National. Yet the stance of the Society of Saint Pius on non-European immigrants and on race mixing is not much different from the one espoused by the Vatican. How can it be otherwise in view of St Pius branches and supporters scattered in far away non-European countries, such as the Philippines or Latin America?

Although fully obedient to Rome, Catholics in Slovakia, Hungary or Croatia are far more racially aware than their counterparts in Bavaria or Ireland. It is common to hear homilies by Croat Franciscan priests in the Catholic missions inPittsburgh, Sydney or Zagreb, implicitly urging young Croats to marry only within White Christian gene pool. East European Christians, particularly Christian Orthodox Serbs and Roman Catholic Croats have far less political compunctions about criticizing Muslim non-European immigrants than their Western equivalents — as shown by their ugly treatment of  Bosnians Muslims during the recent war in the Balkans. In Serb and Croat national sagas and myths, words like ‘Arab’ or ‘Turk’ are synonymous with evil. However, their own mutually exclusive nationalism, largely due to their past interreligious quarrels, makes any revival of an all-out, across the board White consciousness in Europe, at least for now, risible and far-fetched.

The Catholic Church in Central and Eastern Europe is a projection of local White national identity and not so much the symbol of spiritual salvation. Catholic Poland, Slovakia, Croatia and Hungary take special pride in calling themselves “antemurale cristianitatis”, or “antimurale occidentis — i,e,, the “bulwark of Christianity” and the “rampart of the West” — first against Turkic Islamic invaders, then against godless communism.  Seen in retrospect, communist repression in Eastern Europe strengthened the role of the Catholic Church and the White consciousness of its congregation. By contrast, in Western Europe the liberal system is now quickly turning the Catholic Church into a multiracial clearing house.

Certainly, in the very near future Christian meek shall inherit the old Earth — and the new Gulag.

Tom Sunic (; is author, translator, former US professor in political science and a former Croatian diplomat. He is the author of Homo americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age (2007). His new book of essays, Postmortem Report: Cultural Examinations from Postmodernity, prefaced by Kevin MacDonald, will soon be released. Email him.