God Helps Those Who Help Themselves: The Beginnings of White Victimization in Multicultural America, Part I

Today’s column addresses the ongoing slaughter of Whites and yet again tries to fathom why so few Whites are moved to defend themselves, individually or as a group.

My own perspective may not be especially useful here, for I came to The Jewish Question prior to becoming a race realist. What opened my eyes was reading Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements. In particular, Chapter Two revealed how anthropologist Franz Boas and his acolytes had set the stage for the eventual triumph of the nonsensical belief that “race is nothing but a social construct.” Further, having been subjected to Stephen Jay Gould’s The Mismeasure of Man I was especially happy with the way MacDonald tore Gould apart for the scholarly fraud Gould perpetrated—with massive backing from Jews in media and academia—in his war on non-Jews.

Thus primed, I was ready to face the fact that the entire mainstream American media is complicit in a campaign not only to exaggerate the sins of White men (when the culprit is a White woman, confusion over how to treat the story reigns) but to utterly bury stories of the most shocking brutality against Whites.

It was just after Christmas 2000 and I had finally gotten the Internet hooked up at home. Somewhere I ran across a story alleging that two Black men had raped, beaten and murdered four or five young Whites. If this were a real story, I thought, CNN and other sources would certainly report it. I checked and there was nothing, so I concluded the original reports were false.

Soon enough, however, I discovered two awful truths: One, the reports about the murders were true, and two, the mainstream media had (and continue to) absolutely cover it up. I’m sure that like many of you, such a combination of discoveries induces a mixture of rage, confusion, disbelief and even despair. But for me it was a necessary epiphany.

Let me briefly recount the story of the Wichita Massacre or 2000 as told by Pat Buchanan. In his book The Death of the West, he described the crimes that took place on the night of December 14, 2000:

Five young people were at a party when their home was invaded by brothers, ages twenty-three and twenty. The five were put into a car, driven to an ATM machine, forced to withdraw their money, and taken onto a soccer field. The two women were forced to strip and were raped. Then the victims were forced to have sex with each other at gunpoint. All were made to kneel down. Each was shot in the ear. The three young men and one woman died. The other woman, left for dead, ran bleeding and naked for a mile in the cold to find help, as the brothers drove back to ransack the house.

One of the victims had decided to become a priest. Another had bought an engagement ring and was about to propose, but “in the minutes before he died, Jason Befort was forced to watch as the woman he hoped to marry was raped.”

American Renaissance has an excellent account of the story, including photos:

Jonathan (left) and Reginald Carr.

The Four Murder Victims of the Wichita Massacre

Though it’s been almost ten years since the atrocity, it still bothers me immensely, including the fact that our entire Establishment—led by the media and academia—continues to ignore these depressingly common Black-on-White horrors.

So again today I was moved to write by a new account of Blacks murdering Whites. As is my custom, I visited James Edwards’ site for The Political Cesspool to link to his wonderful radio interviews. Here is what I found:

John White survived Iraq, but not Diversity

John White was a young white man who had served in Iraq, and was working on a second master’s degree at Kent State University, in small town Kent, Ohio. Unfortunately, Kent isn’t far from Akron, or as many folks call it, Crackron, and Akron blacks like to drive over to Kent and beat white college students for fun. In January, John White’s number came up. He was savagely beaten on January 23rd, and finally died from his injuries a few days ago. John White is the second white KSU student beaten to death by Akron blacks in the past few months. Two Crackron thugs beat Christopher Kernich to death back in November.

John White and Christopher Kernich, RIP.

And if you want an eye opening revelation, do a search on Google to see how KSU is responding to this crisis of black on white violence. In the last three months, four KSU students have been attacked by blacks, and two of them have died from their beatings. But you’d never have a clue that there’s any problem by the lack of the university’s response. Good luck finding anything. Compare that with the university in San Diego that went into full fledged crisis mode last week after a few white students held a ghetto themed party, which was all over the national news. The administration issued several press releases denouncing the kids, held emergency meetings with black students, and caved in to one demand after another from the blacks on campus wailing about how they don’t feel safe on campus. They even promised the blacks that private parties that they don’t approve of will no longer be tolerated. But four white students attacked in three months by blacks, and two of them dying, and the university and media are completely silent.

Edwards also posted a story about Hispanics attacking Whites in the small Pennsylvania town of Shenandoah. Along with three Hispanic men, Miriam Leticia Malave attacked several patrons at a bar. For her part, Malave went after a female bartender. Hate crime? The authorities haven’t decided, even though Malave was heard yelling “All whites will die tonight!” while leading an attack armed with baseball bats. If hate crime charges are not filed, it will be no surprise since, as Edwards noted, “Eric Holder explained to Congress during hearings on the most recent hate crimes bill, white people aren’t a protected class under hate crimes law.”

This story struck home because my own family ran a business that spanned four generations. Though ownership has since passed out of the family, we continue to identify with it to some degree. Last year, a young woman was working there late when she was attacked and raped by an illegal Hispanic immigrant. The whole extended family knew about it, yet no one has talked about it, let alone made any progress toward understanding the context as it relates to race and the danger we Whites face.

In particular, I can’t understand why relatives with young daughters refuse to buck the Establishment-imposed command that Whites not protect themselves or see themselves at risk because of their race.

Soon after that attack, one of my sisters, who lives in a town outside Raleigh, North Carolina, had this race message driven home further when a 14-year-old neighborhood boy was attacked by a gang of Black “youths” near my sister’s house. He was dragged from his bicycle and stomped to death in the middle of the nearly all-White neighborhood. Again, not the slightest hint that any racial lessons were learned. Instead, I saw in the local newspaper the standard idiotic candlelight vigil clueless Whites held, much like this image:

It reminds me of Amy Biehl, a White woman who was murdered by a mob of Africans in 1993. Rather than reacting with righteous anger and an understandable desire for revenge, her parents established the Amy Biehl Foundation Trust, established “to develop and empower youth in the townships, in order to discourage further violence.”

I strongly suspect my experiences with family and friends in trying to lift the veil of ignorance surrounding the facts of hundreds of anti-White crimes parallels that of readers. Constantly I wonder “What could be a more emphatic message about the risks you as a White person face than outright murder by a non-White?” Sadly, I can’t properly answer the question, but I do have some ideas.

First, as I’ve argued routinely in my writing, Jewish-led movements have been successful in portraying all White societies as racist and immoral, inciting rage in allegedly sinned-against non-Whites. Recall that Jews, winners of the Russian revolution, were able to say to the losers, “You were the masters before, now it’s our turn!” As The Black Book of Communism relates, “The Bolshevik leaders encouraged anything that might promote this aspiration to ‘social revenge’ among the masses seeing it as a moral legitimization of the terror, or what Lenin called ‘the just civil war.’” Constant media attention given to White-on-Black transgressions (generally more of a verbal than lethal nature) is the counterpart in today’s America.

I can further explain the process by referring to a column I wrote in 2008 called Letter of Termination to the White Race. It dealt with a brief and boastful letter written to Whites of the world. The letter tersely describes why the White race is toast. The ninety-two percent of the world’s population that is not White is being led by an “out group” that has been using our own “media and government, academia, and law enforcement organizations” to “terminate” us. Consider this passage:

By carefully controlling and managing the schools, universities, media, and press, this “out group” has managed to convince the great bulk of your racial kinsmen that not only is resistance futile, but that it is immoral, barbaric, depraved, and unworthy of a “thinking” individual. By promoting the stereotype of a “racist redneck resistance”, they have made the idea of a struggle for white Identity a veritable sin in the minds of nearly every white person. In short: they have convinced European-derived peoples that a prolonged suicide is preferable to the unmitigated evil of “racism”.

When I read the author’s statement that “you whites have become a neutered, egoless herd of cattle, easily manipulated and posing no threat to the Out Group,” I couldn’t help but think of the countless family members and friends I have who fit that description.

Thinking about The Wichita Massacre or The Knoxville Horror (in which a young White couple were raped, tortured and murdered by five Black men), I had a shudder of recognition when I read his next statement. “We will beat and murder your sons; we will rape your wives and daughters.”

Though we Whites are the victims, “the Out Group will use their media to label you with shocking epithets and broad smears: racist, hater, bigot, neo-Nazi, nativist, white supremacist, domestic terrorist, etc.” I’ve written about this very thing previously in this space, and Kevin MacDonald has shown how White identity has became pathologized by the success of several Jewish intellectual and political movements.

What makes this all so demoralizing is the fact that, as the author so cruelly reminds us, a good portion of the White population welcomes our demise. “Adios, white man! You had a good, long run, but your day is over . . . and your race is no longer wanted here. . . . Besides, many of you are even anticipating this with something akin to sick glee. After all, that’s how the TV set told them to feel. The brainwashing is almost complete, and the sheep are in line to shear.”


Edmund Connelly (email him) is a freelance writer, academic, and expert on the cinema arts. He has previously written for The Occidental Quarterly.