Kevin MacDonald: Edmund Connelly on White Victimization

Kevin MacDonald: Edmund Connelly’s current TOO article (God Helps Those Who Help Themselves) is fittingly subtitled “The Beginnings of White Victimization in Multicultural America.” As he emphasizes, we can already see Whites being targeted by criminals because they are White, with little or no concern on the part of either the media or the government. But these trends are likely to increase in the future as Whites edge closer to becoming a minority with less political power. Anyone with common sense and an appreciation for the brutal history of ethnic conflict around the world must realize that voluntarily becoming an ethnic minority carries huge risks, especially when many of the groups who will collectively become a majority have historically conditioned grudges against the White population. Some of these historical grudges are real enough, while others are mainly the imaginings of ethnic activists intent on rewriting history to suit their current ethnic agendas. (My favorite is the lachrymose view of Jewish history in which for 2000 years Jews have been helpless, innocent victims of irrational hatred by Europeans.)

But in the end, it matters little.  Connelly makes an analogy to the Bolshevik revolution, quoting the Black Book of Communism, “The Bolshevik leaders encouraged anything that might promote this aspiration to ‘social revenge’ among the masses seeing it as a moral legitimization of the terror, or what Lenin called ‘the just civil war.’” Right now, the media ignores brutal Black on White crimes while fomenting moral panics when some college students at UC-San Diego failed to express officially sanctioned attitudes on Black History Month. (The LA Times has had 13 articles on this crisis, with no end in sight.) This demonization of Whites is the first step in large scale murderous revenge.

And yet the vast majority of White Americans would doubtless choose their own extinction rather than suffer the opprobrium of being called a racist for expressing their legitimate ethnic interests. The anti-White revolution has been internalized among Whites. It reminds me of a book by Jewish activist Alan Dershowitz. The plot of Just Revenge is that a Jew finds a German officer responsible for the death of his family and convinces the German to commit suicide in repentance for his crimes.  Decades of propaganda emanating from the most elite academic and media institutions has resulted in a White population that is overcome with guilt — guilt to the point of suicide. The first step is to change that. 

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