Some recent news stories from up north

The MV Sun Sea with 492 people on board.

This has been a crazy few weeks for Canada, where a number of ridiculous events worth discussing took place. Earlier this month, a ship with close to 500 Tamils on board entered Canadian waters to demand refugee status. This is yet another boat people story reminiscent of Jean Raspail’s novel The Camp of the Saints. Of course, if the past is any indication, they will eventually be granted refugee status or will disappear into Canada’s large Tamil community—the largest in the world outside Sri Lanka—and the flood will likely intensify. As a matter of fact, last October, another ship going by the charming name of Ocean Lady, brought 76 Sri Lankans to Vancouver. All have now been released and have applied for refugee status. None will likely be deported.

VDARE posted a good story on this new arrival while the mainstream media spitted its usual useless nonsense. Citing an “international expert on human smuggling”, the Globe and Mail, Canada’s leading newspaper, reported that  the country “has an obligation under international law to accept the vessel and process refugee applications” and that “calling them illegal immigrants is simply wrong. They are coming here to seek status . . . we have a process for refugee determination and they will go through it.”

The Tyee, a British Columbia-based journal, published an article literally called “Why Tamil Boat People Should Be Let into Canada”. The Globe and Mail, in another article, lectures Canadians with catch phrases like “apprehension about the sea-borne Other — a primal form of xenophobia — has led to some dark episodes in our history.” This emotional, guilt-ridden line of thinking accurately sums up the tone of the Canadian press on this story. It has repeated ad nauseam boat people stories from the first half the 20th century in which ships were forced to go home. The most often-repeated example was that of the St-Louis, a boat carrying Jewish refugees in 1939. Another one was the story of the Komagata Maru, a ship carrying Sikhs in 1914.

The National Post, Canada’s “conservative” paper, seems concerned with the safety of the migrants making the trip and with blaming the smugglers who “exploit” them. The Vancouver Sun was likewise troubled by the death of a single Tamil passenger (out of 492) during the trip—which lasted months—whiletelevision networks focused on the refugees’ human rights and health issues. The only kind mild criticism in mainstream media articles was the concern that some of the refugees could be linked to the Tamil Tigers, officially recognized as a “terrorist” organization — and implying that the other ones represent no danger at all! This is worthless criticism, as the political views of these aliens are irrelevant. The bottom line is that Canada’s demography is permanently altered.

As usual, the only common sense came at the very bottom of online articles, that is to say, postings from ordinary people exasperated by the ongoing invasion of their country.  

Another ridiculous story that recently hit Canada was the capture of suspected “terrorists.” It is too early to tell what this story is really about. However, much more shocking than the accusations of “terrorism”, is the fact that one of the suspects was a contestant on Canadian Idol—the local variation of American Idol. The following picture shows the lamentable state of the “multicultural” junk culture that brainwashes the Canadian populace. It is hard to imagine something more repulsive. The Youtube video is here.

Canadian Idol contender Khurram Syed Sher, now suspected of “terrorism”.

This Pakistani-born man also attended medical school in Canada. While the thought of being treated by someone like that in a Western hospital is rather disturbing, even more deplorable is that universities are now largely filled with such third-worlders. This happens at the expense of our own people, as when Whites do not fall victim to affirmative action for “protected groups,” they are often literally crowded out of graduate schools by unimaginable numbers of applicants from developing countries. It is a disastrous situation, in which our academic institutions — especially in technical disciplines — now largely serve the interests of non-White foreigners.

Of course the nonsense doesn’t stop here yet. A recent topic in the Canadian media was the publication of a “report” accusing the Montreal police of racial profiling because they arrest Blacks in disproportionate numbers. We know that this is a common trend in every country with a Black minority due their higher propensity to committing crimes. That doesn’t matter to silly journalists whoexcoriated the police with vitriolic pieces accusing them of systemic racism, discrimination and all the other childish clichés. Police “brutality” is a recurrent theme in the Canadian mainstream media. A recent outburst of accusations occurred in late June, when the police tried to contain the violent anarchists, far-left rioters and arsonists who caused much chaos and damage during the G-20 summit in Toronto. As we know, in these demonstrations those hooded thugs provoke and assault the police. They then accuse them of brutality when the latter try to keep order.

It is enlightening to see what Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper is doing in the meantime. Believe it or not, he is touring the Yukon and the rest of the Canadian north claiming that the country’s “Arctic sovereignty” is threatened! He tours the Arctic every year on the pretext that “For far too long, Canadian Governments have failed in their duty to rigorously enforce our sovereignty in the Arctic. […] As a result, foreign ships may have routinely sailed through our territory without permission. Any such voyage represents a potential threat to Canadians’ safety and security.”

This is not a joke. These quotes are taken from his first annual Arctic trip in August 2006. What he calls a “threat” are some trivial boundary disputes with Denmark near Greenland as well as minor navigation rights issues with Russia in certain parts of the Arctic Ocean. Adding to the insult, he even dubbed his 2010 Arctic tour “nation building”! According to the Toronto Star, he also said: “This is the frontier. This is the place that defines our country.”

Canada’s prime minister Stephen Harper taking an ATV ride in the tundra during his 2010 “Arctic sovereignty” tour.

Of course, any fair-minded person should understand that Canada is threatened by the wide-open immigration policy and the insane multicultural/human rights ideology that has turned its institutions against its majority. Canada has a per capita (legal) immigration rate twice as high as that of the United States. Of course the Canadian government is more concerned with extraditing a few “holocaust revisionists” than sending back boatloads of hundreds of non-White refugees. The former have even been called a “threat to national security” by the government while no one in polite society is allowed to regard the massive demographic transformation as a threat to national security, much less to national survival.

William Davis (email him) is a freelance writer.