Valiant Swede: Some Good and Bad News from Sweden.

Editor’s note: I noticed that in the comments section of a previous blog there was another very nice comment on the election and the general state of things in Sweden. I have been unable to contact the author, but I am sure he won’t mind if give it a bit more exposure by posting a slightly edited version here.

Valiant Swede: It is not logical to open the door for millions of young Muslim men. Still this is going in all European countries, partly because of Jewish lobbying. The result has been that Jews cannot walk around with religious symbols, in cities like Malmo. In northern Europe Jewish religious clothing was extremely uncommon to see on the streets 30 years ago, but it is even rarer today. The Swedish Jewish community is not blaming ethnic Swedes for this persecution; they blame Muslim youth and partly the left wing communist establishment. In interesting thing is that parts of the media and politicians care less and less for Jewish sensitivities. On the other hand, they do care for the Muslim population, which is growing rapidly. The Social Democratic party did not travel to industrial cities and meet the workers. They traveled to immigrant ghettos, mostly Muslim.

Little more than a week ago, the paleo-conservative and cultural nationalist party “Sweden Democrats” (SD), was elected to parliament. Their main goal is to assimilate all immigrants and reduce immigration by 90 percent. Here in Sweden you are called a “Nazi” if you open your mouth and talk positively of assimilating immigrants. Our elite says that Swedish society must adapt to the immigrant culture and let it flourish alongside our own. But parts of the elite claim that Swedish culture does not exist, rather the Swedish culture is the sum of all the immigrant cultures. Swedish culture is just a social construction …. But on the other hand the same people claim that Kurdish, Islamic and African cultures exist and have distinctive characters.

Today, our elite are the most extreme in Europe when it comes to multiculturalism and mass immigration. All the media (even the state owned) are openly saying that they have a plan to stop the Sweden Democrats from further success. Sweden Democrats got 5.7 percent of the votes and are now a larger party then the Christian Democrats and the party of the left (Socialists). What is more important is that the success of the SD makes is impossible for the center-liberal alliance to rule the country without support from the Green Party (multiculturalists, hippie-liberals and radical Muslims). On other hand, the green-red Alliance (Green Party, Social Democrats and the Left Party) cannot rule the country either without support from Sweden Democrats, and the Center party and the People Party refuse to leave the center-Liberal Alliance. (Which is just called “The Alliance”?)

The election statistics show that if everything continues in the same path next election, the Christian Democrats and Center-Party would get less than four percent and be forced out from the parliament. This would mean that the conservative-liberal Moderate Party would be forced to work together with the Sweden Democrats, or they must give their hand to the Social Democrats and end 100 years of antagonism.

Yesterday, I heard the Sweden Democrats on the state-owned radio. The Sweden Democrat Member of Parliament and spokesman for “Cultural issues” really kicked some liberal butt. His debate partner, the general director for a Swedish-cultural heritage foundation, was in the end saved by the bell when the program ended.

This guy is the head of the largest Swedish cultural preserveation society, and yet he rejected money from the Sweden Democrats, calling them “Nazis” and claiming that Swedish culture does not exist — rather it is the sum of all immigrant cultures. When he was asked by the a Swedish Democrat MP if Kurdish culture exists and if it would be racist for them to preserve it, the General Director could not answer; instead he begun to shout and call this MP a Nazi pig. As always the journalist who moderated the session took the position of the general director.

This is pretty much how the elite debate with the Swedish Democrats. In every debate they take part in, the Sweden Democrats win. Even my very liberal-hippie friends agree with me that the mainstream politicians, journalists, academics and NGO-general directors lose all debates with the Swedish Democrats. Some of them try to say “Oh, how can you say that illegal aliens (who are called “paperless” by the elite) should not be eligible for free education and medical aid.” For most people, they would back down because they do not want to be called “heartless.” But the Sweden Democrats never do this; they never back down. They just smack down all arguments based on “stigmatization,” and they do it well — very well!

The Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland) now all have culturally conservative and nationalist parties in their parliaments. In Denmark the Danish People Party is cooperating with the government and immigration is dropping every year. In Denmark, half of the government with the support of the  Danish Peoples Party, are now talking about abolishing all “hate-speech laws.” A couple of weeks ago, they began to discuss how they can stop all immigration from the Third World. This discussion is actually taking place in the media, and it’s a seriously open debate.

In Norway, the paleo-libertarian Progress Party is the second largest party in parliament and they are now moving to reduce immigration from the Third World. The debate in Norway is much more open and now they discuss even “Race and IQ” in the open. This discussion follows the release of statistics showing that 100 percent of all gang-rapes in Oslo were committed by Muslims and other Third World immigrants.

In Finland, where just 3 percent of the population consists of immigrants, five members of the True Finns were  elected to Parliament in 2007, and politicians of all parties are partly in support of reducing immigration.

Of all European countries Sweden is the worst off, because here the elite is very aggressive and they do not back down, even if they lose votes, power and funding. This is why I think the Swedish Democrats will have 10 percent by the next election in 2014 and 20 percent by the election 2018. Sadly the clock is ticking very fast here.

Our political elite has opened the door for more then 100 000 immigrants per year (mostly from the Third World), and we only have a population of 9 million. Today, 20 percent of the population is immigrants or children of immigrants. Those children of immigrants are now having children, so we have a third generation of immigrants. They have many, many children. There is some natural assimilation among Christian and east-Asian immigrants. But in general, all kinds of “mixed-marriage” are unusual here.

This is partly because immigration is not dispersed over the entire country. It affects the largest cities, Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg and Uppsala, and most of our Third World immigrants live in ghetto-suburbs. They are not ghettos in the sense that they look like ghettos, rather the opposite. The state put in billions of kronor to build nice schools, soccer fields, libraries, swimming halls — the good life.

My parents live in an upper-middle-class area 10 km from one of those immigrant ghettos. Children there have nothing like the facilities that you find in the immigrant ghettos. But people here do buy alarms, have double locks, put up gates and surveillance cameras, and they have now a security company that protects their community. This is true in the four largest cities in Sweden. The middle class and young families—those who cannot pay almost one million dollars for a house—move an hour or two outside the cities. In Stockholm they move to the archipelagoes and buy old cabins that they make into a permanent home. This is the only way to escape the cities that now consist of Islands of “the Rich” and Islands of the “poor.”

This social democratic vision is long gone. People vote for more classical liberal policies because they refuse to pay for more social welfare and state-funded genital mutilations for Muslims and Black Africans. White people here keep to their own. The old European immigrants from Italy, Greece, Eastern Block and Spain also see our nation collapsing because of this growing Black-Muslim-Arab population. They (the European immigrants) are now joining the ranks of the Sweden Democrats.

Swedish society is breaking in the middle. The elite celebrated last week with a 4000-person demonstration against “racism,” mostly joined by radical Muslims, Third World immigrants and socialists after the election was over. The demonstration was partly funded by the largest newspapers.

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