Recent Jewish and Muslim pro-immigration activism

Just in case there remained any doubt, non-White groups are leading the charge on legalizing the illegals and raising even further the numbers of legal immigrants. The latest things I’ve come across (in addition to Newsweek’s predictable puff piece on Rep. Luis Gutierrez (Dem, IL) “the most passionate, tireless, and nettlesome voice in Congress on immigration matters”) is a grant from the Ford Foundation to the American Jewish Committee:

The Ford Foundation has awarded a grant of $500,000, the second in two years, to support AJC programs to strengthen intergroup relations in the United States and mobilize for comprehensive immigration reform.

“We deeply appreciate the Ford Foundation’s generous support for AJC’s pioneering initiatives,” said Ann Schaffer, director of AJC’s Belfer Center for American Pluralism.

The new grant will enable AJC to expand its innovative Bridging America Project to four more communities –Atlanta, Colorado, New York and Washington, DC. The project was launched last year in Arizona, Chicago,Houston and New Jersey.

“Our goal is to strengthen Latino-Jewish relationships and to advocate jointly for reform of our deeply flawed immigration system,” said Schaffer, who is directing the Bridging America Project. “We need comprehensive reform so that it responds effectively to our nation’s economic and security needs, and reflects America’s fundamental commitment to democratic values and human rights.”

Ms. Shaffer has previously attracted our attention, in a video she made with the following comment:

The Jewish community has always worked on the premise that as a minority, our security, our strength, our well being in America is interdependent with those of other minorities. This is a Jewish issue. It’s very much a Jewish issue.

In other words, Jewish advocacy of massive non-White immigration has nothing to do with lofty universalist moral ideals (“democratic values and human rights,” as the announcement has it) carefully crafted to appeal to the idealism of Whites. It’s about providing safety in numbers—importing as many non-Whites as possible so that Jews will be safe against the threat of an anti-Jewish uprising. As noted in the blurb, this means cementing ties within the non-White political coalition that is rapidly becoming pretty much synonymous with the Democratic Party. Obviously, these efforts are very well funded and there is now a very large critical mass of non-Whites (around 100 million), the vast majority of whom are on board with these efforts.

Muslims are well aware of how the wind is blowing in American politics. They may have differences with Jews when it comes to the Middle East, but they are completely on board with the pro-immigration advocacy movement and its desire to make Whites a minority as soon as possible. A paper recently put out by the Muslim Public Affairs Council advocates the entire wish list of the anti-White coalition: Support for the DREAM act, providing illegals with an easy path to citizenship, and raising the numbers of legal immigrants (it blames illegal immigration partly on “unrealistic [i.e., too low] quotas]). It makes specious economic arguments based on data from the  Immigration Policy Center, a fanatically open borders outfit funded by George Soros.

The MPAC claims its views are a “faith-based” perspective that is remarkably congruent with their self-interest in getting as many of their people over here as possible. They talk a lot about “human dignity” and the “rule of law”–appeals to universalism that are right out of the Jewish play book that dates at least from the 19th century in the US and apparent in the AJC statement above. Nothing about jihad.

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