The Wilders Syndrome: Jews, Israel, and the European Right

I have an article, “The Wilders Syndrome: Jews, Israel, and the European Right” posted at Alt Right.  The bottom line is that I think the progress of these  parties bodes well for a European revival. However, these parties will not be effective in recruiting Jewish support because they quite rightly fear a slippery slope that ultimately questions the legitimacy  of Judaism. Nevertheless, the philo-Semitic rhetoric of these parties may well be useful in convincing non-Jews that voting for these parties is not an affirmation of National Socialism, anti-Semitism, or racialist sentiments. And because of the abject terror that most Whites have of being associated with those ideas, it may well be an effective strategy that could, in the long run, lessen the inhibitions that Europeans now have about preserving Europeans and their culture. “As tensions with Muslims continue to mount and as Europeans see that they really must choose between expelling Muslims and preserving a livable society, Jews may be powerless to stop the ultimate success of these parties.”

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