VOR Gets a Makeover

Voice of Reason Broadcast NetworkThe indefatigable Mike Conner has completely redesigned the Voice of Reason website, unveiling an attractive new look and rolling out a few new features and projects. VOR is the leading source for the best pro-White and traditional-right podcasts, and it’s inspiring to see the quality of the programming improving alongside the quantity of listeners. Countless essays and threads underline the critical necessity of developing our own independent media outlets for providing White folks with information and entertainment, and VOR is a prototype of how patience, hard work, and cooperation can empower us to translate that theory into practice.

Frequent TOO contributor Dr. Tom Sunic recently interviewed Alternative Right‘s Richard Spencer about the upcoming National Policy Institute “Towards a New Nationalism” conference on his weekly The Sunic Journal podcast on VOR. I plan to attend that, and look forward to meeting up with any other “observers” in attendance. A while back, while still doing my Radio Free Indiana show, I had an opportunity to interview KMac. If you’re looking for something more recent and more humorous, Robert Stark’s interview of RAMZPAUL is a smart bet.

VOR is first and foremost a labor of love for the hosts, but the costs of hosting all those media files adds up to real money, and they need your financial support. Your donation will not only go to helping keep the current project rolling, it will help support their new VOR Video Project, empowering them to bypass the strict political censorship of YouTube. A lot of folks don’t have the time and inclination to read the long and boring essays we churn out, and exploiting this multimedia technology empowers us to reach whole new audiences with our vision for a safe, sovereign, and self-confident future for our people.

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