Honestly, What Will It Take?

This summer we had the Wisconsin State Fair with mobs of Black “youths” beating Whites. Then a far bigger Black uprising in London and other parts of England.  The Mainstream Media tried to spin it as non-racial but the imagery coming to us gave the lie to that.

Honestly, this brings me back to the perennial question “What will it take before Whites wake up?”

This has been a recurring question for us here at TOO.  For instance, two years ago August 30,2009)  we had Alex Kurtagic’s “What Will It Take?”

Many ask themselves, What will it take for White people to finally react and take decisive and effective action to change the status quo? How much worse does it need to get before they finally decide that they have had enough of this politically correct anti-White nonsense?

Ironic that he now has pictures from the current TOO lead article “London Feels the Strength” that look like the above.  Likely no chance that Whites will change their thinking or behavior due to what just transpired across England either.

I’m sure most other racially aware Whites have the same frustrating experiences with co-workers, friends and family.  They just don’t want to face what is happening. Last year I did a TOO article about it: “What Would It Take?

I believe Whites are willfully denying the clear and present danger we face. Whether it is through late or broken marriages, lackluster efforts at having replacement-level families, or feeble efforts at keeping the governing elite from importing a new (non-White) people, demographically, White Americans are in free fall.

Here, from another of my articles, is a personal story that still baffles me:

This story struck [about White victimization] home because my own family ran a business that spanned four generations. Though ownership has since passed out of the family, we continue to identify with it to some degree. Last year, a young woman was working there late when she was attacked and raped by an illegal Hispanic immigrant. The whole extended family knew about it, yet no one has talked about it, let alone made any progress toward understanding the context as it relates to race and the danger we Whites face.

In particular, I can’t understand why relatives with young daughters refuse to buck the Establishment-imposed command that Whites not protect themselves or see themselves at risk because of their race.

Soon after that attack, one of my sisters, who lives in a town outside Raleigh, North Carolina, had this race message driven home further when a 14-year-old neighborhood boy was attacked by a gang of Black “youths” near my sister’s house. He was dragged from his bicycle and stomped to death in the middle of the nearly all-White neighborhood. Again, not the slightest hint that any racial lessons were learned. Instead, I saw in the local newspaper the standard idiotic candlelight vigil clueless Whites held, much like this image:

This kind of thing goes on and on. For instance, a friend told me about this story from Dallas. He knew a 70-omething nice old White woman who often stops to eat at his favorite restaurant and then goes home to her house a couple of blocks into one of the few White enclaves in area.

The waitresses told him the following story:

The old lady walked out of the restaurant a few days ago.  A “youth” and his “ho” were lounging around leaning against the wall of one of the vacant buildings in the strip.

As she walked by BOTH of them attacked her. They could easily have just grabbed her purse but instead they slugged her and knocked her down.  They took her purse but then continued their attack. They kicked her knocking out two of her teeth and breaking her ribs. The youth stomped on her head twice. Then they took her keys and started to drive off with her car.  As they were getting into her car the bleeding old woman started to try to get up. Enraged, the youth ran back to where she was and kicked her and stomped on her again yelling at her “Don’t you try to get up, White bitch.”

After the youth and the ho stole the car and drove off, she came staggering into the restaurant covered with blood and spitting out her teeth. The waitresses called the medics. As she sat in the restaurant bleeding the old White woman sobbed:

“As bad as losing the teeth and being kicked and stomped and hurt is, the worst thing they did was call me ‘White bitch.’ I’ve always done everything I can to help Black people. I work as a volunteer mentor for Black youth in the schools with my Church and I contribute monthly to Black charities. I can understand them beating me up and kicking me but they didn’t have to call me ‘White bitch.'”

I guess what really puzzles me is less why today’s Whites rarely help other Whites than why they do nothing in the face of a clear and present danger to themselves. I mean, even with all the media shenanigans to hide the truth about race, etc. etc., most Whites in the world cannot miss what is going on. It’s not just here and there, either; it’s everywhere.

We can’t blame the educational establishment and mass media for everything.

In the example I cited where my sibling’s neighbor—a 14-year-old boy—was stomped by a group of Blacks, I heard not one word from anyone in that family about what had happened. And my sibling has two daughters just a few years older! This savage race murder happened to a family not unlike my sibling’s, yet it incited no need to do anything to protect themselves because they couldn’t even think about what the context was.

This is just incredible. I mean we’re talking about the boy next door who woke up and rode his bicycle like on any other day and he got his life stomped out of him by savages who were conveniently color coded. What a horrible way to die.

Of course I’m aware of the cultural Marxism explanation for this kind of mass inertia, but still that can only work up to a point. I mean, if I were in a classroom and a smooth-talking instructor convinced the boy next to me that losing fingers, toes, then limbs is actually good for him, and then the instructor proceeds to dismember the boy piece by piece, I would not be swayed by the instructor’s arguments no matter what they were. I’m going to protect myself. (To show how old fashioned I am, I would certainly help save the boy next to me.)

Incidentally, while writing this I’m listening to James Edwards’ interview Jared Taylor on last Saturday’s show where they’re talking about the firing of Frank Borzellieri from his job as principal at a Catholic School in New York City. Allegedly, he took White interests a little too seriously.

But why should anyone be surprised by this? It happens all the time. Hell, Mr. Taylor isn’t even allowed to have a peaceful gathering for AmRen. (And to be honest, when he suggested that the language used by many on the Left leads to “a bullet in the back of the head” for those demonized, I don’t think that is far fetched in the least. We’re getting killed indirectly by “random” street crime, etc. now, but I have no doubt that various pretexts will be found to start culling the White herd in the future. Tom Sunic had a great section on this in his book Homo Americanus. In all likelihood, we’ll wait quietly in line for our turn.)

Moving on, we’ve just had the England riots right in front of us. But what’s new? The 60s had plenty of “Burn Baby Burn” moments, which got our attention and caused us to act—to move the hell out of those neighborhoods. We’ve had our Seattles, our East Cincinnatis, our Wichitas, our Knoxvilles, our wildings, our flash mobs . . . This cannot be hidden.

And yet . . .

So I guess I’m left with the same question I started with: “What will it take before we wake up and DO something?” I don’t expect our enemies to stop using their deadly cultural Marxism, but at some point normal animal self-preservation has to kick in.

But when?

Ed.: As usual, the commentary to this article is excellent. Edmund Connelly asked me to emphasize the following comment by “Trainspotter”:


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Connelly: “I don’t expect our enemies to stop using their deadly cultural Marxism, but at some point normal animal self-preservation has to kick in. But when?”

Later than you’d think. We’ve seen countless examples throughout history of people going meekly to their deaths with barely so much as a grumble. This is deeply disturbing, and quite hard to imagine, but it is also reality. We’ve seen this play out in many ways and at different scales, from large numbers willingly submitting to genocide, to various groups failing to resist a solitary criminal. Why not rush the guy when there are ten of you and one of him, instead of just lining up and meekly awaiting a bullet in the back of the head? Yet many people will meekly submit, even fully grown adult men.

Of course, there are lots of answers to why this is. For example, there is a deep human tendency to believe, even against all evidence, that the bad thing is going to happen to the other guy, not us. Somehow, fate will save us at the last moment, the governor will call, God will intervene…something. Maybe YOU won’t make it, but I still have hope that I will. I may be in trouble, but my odds are still better than yours. That sort of thing.

That’s probably the case with the relatives that you mention. They just don’t think it’s going to happen to them, and statistically, they are probably right. Nobody is herding them into a concentration camp as of yet, and the criminal murderer has not shown any sign of coming after them. They are not looking at a certain death, by any stretch. For them, the threat is still a matter of probability, not immediacy.

So people do what they can: move out of areas that have come to be seen as unsafe, or simply put their heads in the sand and play the odds. They “know” that making an issue racial will go nowhere in today’s society, given that the system punishes dissenters. So why bother? And why take seriously those who do dissent, because obviously they are on the outs with the system, and by definition have little or no power. If they had power, they wouldn’t be dissenters.

Dissenters who appeal to reason run into a brick wall, because “realistically” they can’t compete with the system’s ability to mete out reward and punishment on a grand scale. In other words, you can’t beat the system on its own terms. However, you may be able to beat it by appealing to other things, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

All of this power, of course, makes the system seem invincible. And the system is invincible, until the day that it is not. Systems, despite their ability to deliver punishments and rewards, eventually fail. “Realistically,” that shouldn’t happen, but it does. When systems do fail, it tends to happen quite rapidly, at least in outward appearance. In reality, it involved a long term cratering of legitimacy. Point is that all of the things that you reference in your essay do in fact have a cumulative effect, but this effect is largely hidden due to human nature. Then it expresses itself outwardly in a period of just a few days or maybe years, when circumstances and effort converge to create the right situation.

Until white nationalists are in a position to mete out rewards and punishment in a way that challenges the system, our outward appearance will largely remain weak. But even as we type, our ideas are spreading. An intellectual movement is developing, quietly and with limited fanfare, but it is developing.

This movement that is gaining form can’t be all about charts and statistics, though of course such things have their place. People don’t man barricades, they don’t risk life and limb over statistics. They need a vision, a sense of destiny. Our cause is far greater, deeper and more beautiful than any scholarly tome. The intellectuals are developing the vision, but the artist must give it life and spread it. People must feel it, not just think it.

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