Dmitry Rogozin: Within the Russian Mainstream

An article in the Financial Times adds some interesting details about Rogozin and the situation in Russia (“Medvedev appeals for ethnic tolerance“). First, things are definitely heating up:

Opinion polls show that 55-60 per cent of Russians support the slogan “Russia for the Russians”, and nationalism threatens to become the new centre of gravity in domestic politics ahead of the December 4 elections.

The murder of an ethnic Russian by a gangsters from the Caucasus last December has resulted in mainstream politicians “flirting with nationalist messages.” Rogozin is said to in talks to join a group led by Vladimir Putin that would provide candidates for United Russia, the main political party in Russia. At a high level conference of Russia’s political elite “Rogozin [predicted]  the death of multi-culturalism in Europe and Russia in the wake of the London riots and the rise of far-right parties. ‘Immigration of huge numbers of unqualified workers has created immense pressures on our cities. … Multi-culturalism has not led to integration of minorities but to a creation of a fifth column from the south.’” (Medvedev, on the other hand, seemed to be doing his best David Cameron or Angela Merkel imitation, warning about the rise of “semi-fascist parties” in Europe.)

Rogozin’s views are now mainstream:  “Rogozin does not lie outside the [Russian] political mainstream,” Sergei Markov, a parliamentary deputy, told Izvestia newspaper on Thursday. “His formulations may be tougher, but in general he reflects the concerns of many people.” And Rogozin himself noted that after 5 years away from Russia as a diplomat, he feels that he is “more moderate than most of the people I’m talking to here.”

I have the feeling that Russians have not internalized the sense of shame so common among Western political elites. They don’t seem to have the pathetic sense of guilt and moral righteousness that so paralyzes elites in the West on any topic related to race or immigration. The culture of the Holocaust has not permeated  the society, at least not anywhere near the extent it has in the West. Indeed, a major aspect of Putin’s revolution in Russia was to break the grip of Jewish control over the media. As I noted elsewhere, “The neocons much preferred a democracy in which the Jewish oligarchs completely controlled the media and could buy large blocs of the Duma — in other words, a democracy that much more resembles our own.”

It’s not just the elites. The protests by thousands of young Russians against the killing of an ethnic Russian also show much more ethnic solidarity than we see in the West where killing of Whites by non-Whites is routinely suppressed by the media and  the vast majority of Whites are completely mesmerized by the anti-White narrative on any topic related to race.


The fact that these ideas could so quickly go mainstream is heartening indeed. I have said several times that the revolution would start in Europe. In particular, it’s a good bet that it will start in Russia. Exciting times.

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