Employment Agency to Labor Union

If there is someone out there who has the time and ability, and is in the right location, he or she or they should do an employment agency for Americans.

If I had the time I would do it where I live. Here’s the deal — perfectly competent and hard working Americans are making 9 to 12 dollars an hour, while illegals are making 15 an hour working on farms and rock quarries.

What you need to do is find a pool of only the best Americans to do these jobs; people who understand that if they fail at this job, the employers will go back to Mexicans and never look back.

What are the stakes? Here’s a quote from Baaltanit from wnthinktank.wordpress.com

Even if you live in a lily White neighborhood today, it will have a sizeable Mexican population within 20 years. You cannot compete for manual jobs with these people. They stand at attention when their boss is present and call him “sir”. They work every minute as if they were afraid of receiving lashes. If there are laws dictating that they receive extra pay, they give it back to their employer. They go to their employer’s house on the weekend and mow his …  lawn. They form cliques and then say negative things about you to their boss. You will not get a job as a White man! If you have one now, you will lose it later!

This is a real danger. We could have a situation where there are literally no jobs for White Americans, while Mexicans et al enjoy full employment, AND the welfare gets cut off.

Of course when this happens, there will be riots in the streets. But we will have a much stronger position if we start fighting for these jobs, and getting our own people in these jobs NOW.

There are still Americans with a work ethic. If you do such an employment agency, you will have to follow all laws and if Jose or Tyrone or Vong Phanananorath applies and has the right to work in the US, you have to make a good faith effort to place him.

However, it’s all in the recruiting. It is legal to approach people at the Department of Labor office, or even in the parking lot of the Department of Labor office. If you are a bona fide employment agency, you will not be arrested for loitering for hanging out in the parking lot of a DOL office during business hours. And this is how you can pick and choose your labor pool. They cannot bust you for approaching some people and not others.

So you get your pool of workers. Then you approach the businesses and farms in a very businesslike way. Show up in person to each such business once a month, and tell them you have good people who are legal to work in the US and “have permanent ties to the community” (aka US citizens) who are hungry for work and very competent. You want to subtly instill a combination of guilt, pity and fear in the local employers.

You should be aggressively canvassing dozens if not hundreds of businesses. It’s all a numbers game. Eventually, you’ll start placing people, making money, and getting those jobs secured for Americans.

When the employment agency is big enough, you, ahem, “let the workers organize into a labor union.” So you don’t connect your employment agency with the labor union. You find a good, competent street leader, someone like Matt Parrott, to organize the labor union. The labor union pressures politicians and businesses to hire AMERICANS! What a concept!

Eventually, if necessary, Americans can be picketing businesses and forcing politicians to “heel, boy!” to secure these jobs for us, like the labor union struggles of the past.

A precedent for the employment agency to labor union idea is Samuel Gompers. Yes, Gompers was Jewish, but he was a very effective immigration restrictionist and we should use him as a model:

Gompers, like most labor leaders of his era, opposed unrestricted immigration from Europe because it lowered wages, and opposed all immigration from Asia because it lowered wages and represented (to him) an alien culture that could not be easily assimilated. He and the AF of L strongly supported the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 that banned the immigration of Chinese.[23] The AF of L was instrumental in passing immigration restriction laws from the 1890s to the 1920s, such as the 1921 Emergency Quota Act and the Immigration Act of 1924, and seeing that they were strictly enforced. At least one study concludes that the link between the AF of L and the Democratic Party rested in large part on immigration issues, as the owners of large corporations wanted more immigration and thus supported the Republican party.

We have to create a new labor union from scratch. If you want to be a street organizer, forget marching around brandishing controversial symbols. Organize White American Labor (but just call it American Labor).

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